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By millyg_fit and emmafituk_

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Category: Health & Fitness

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Welcome to our exclusive girl gang, where we talk about all things health, fitness, relationships, social media and more. We uncover unheard truths, discuss certain taboo topics and dive deep into our fitness journeys. A few special guests may appear as well, so grab some snacks and chillax whilst we chat!

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Episode Date
EP 32: How to stop binge eating for good - break free from the restrict and binge cycle and find balance with food and your body
Feb 16, 2023
EP 31: listen to this is you want to laugh a lot | GUEST: Milly's Flatmate & Ex Gymshark Manager, Liv Gascoine
Feb 08, 2023
EP 30: Nearly getting kidnapped by a hinge date!? GUEST: Jasmine Otterwell
Feb 01, 2023
EP 29: "That one conversation changed my whole life" - GUEST Em the Nutritionist
Jan 25, 2023
EP 28: HEALTHY GIRL ERA without the weight loss + Milly's influencer drama...
Jan 11, 2023
EP 27: Healing Heartbreak - how to deal with rejection and get over someone
Jan 04, 2023
EP 26: 22 life lessons from 2022 - these are LIFE CHANGING
Dec 21, 2022
EP 25: Interviewing Milly's mum about her eating disorder for the first time ever...
Dec 14, 2022
EP 24: What we WISH we knew before getting into fitness - myth busting
Dec 07, 2022
EP 23: The science of sleep for ultimate health, happiness, sex & success
Nov 30, 2022
EP 22: Emma got in a car crash, Milly's Bali updates and Counting Calories on Christmas Day...
Nov 26, 2022
EP 21: The Christmas Period - Milly's experience with food guilt and her tips
Nov 16, 2022
EP 20: Bestie chats : binge eating, embracing single life and being your biggest fan
Nov 02, 2022
EP 19: Zoe Antonia - PCOS, hormones, cycle syncing, gut health and going through break-ups
Oct 26, 2022
EP 18: answering your sticky dilemmas
Oct 19, 2022
EP 17: 'Miles Nazaire talks eating disorders, OnlyFans FOMO and gender stereotypes
Oct 13, 2022
Ep 16: sex positions, losing your virginity and weight loss vs weight gain...
Oct 05, 2022
EP 15: "I never knew I needed therapy" - why therapy is changing our lives
Sep 28, 2022
EP 14: you couldn't make this sh*t up - Emma opens up about what she's been going through
Sep 21, 2022
EP 13: Misha Grimes - Pageant shows, being on Disney Channel and suffering with an eating disorder
Sep 14, 2022
EP 12: Is University worth it? Life advice in your 20s ft. Brontë King
Sep 07, 2022
EP 11: How to stop being a people pleaser, childhood rejection and dating
Aug 31, 2022
EP 10: Girly gym chat + fitness Q&A - supplements, rest days, body trends, fitness trackers, motivation, DOMs + more
May 16, 2022
EP 9: Turning down £6000!? What they don't tell you about being an influencer
May 09, 2022
EP 8: How to stop procrastinating and reach your full potential
May 02, 2022
EP 7: Reverse Dieting - does it even work?
Apr 25, 2022
EP 6: PART 2 - Milly's love island audition, Micro-cheating and mortifying dating stories
Apr 18, 2022
EP 6: PART 1 - Dating stories, Rejection and Catfishing
Apr 18, 2022
EP 5: From fetishes and fake tan, to cosmetic procedures and self love
Apr 11, 2022
EP 4: BBID - Bad Body Image Days
Apr 04, 2022
EP 3: Bananas make you go crazy
Mar 28, 2022
EP 2: Bullying, Body Building and Binge Eating - Emma's Journey
Mar 21, 2022
EP 1: The untold truth about Milly’s story
Mar 13, 2022