The How NOT To Make A Movie Podcast

By A L Katz

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Category: TV & Film

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"The How NOT To Make A Movie Podcast" is a celebration of collaboration - and what happens when good collaboration goes horribly off the rails. When movie making craft turns to crap. In Season One, we told the very personal horror story of making "Bordello Of Blood" - a movie none of us wanted to make. Most of the scariest stuff in the movie happened during production. In Season Two, we're expanding the franchise. Pretty much everyone in show business has horror stories like ours. And this podcast is where you're going to hear those stories.

Episode Date
S2E2: "What's Funny Is..."
Turns out, what's really funny is the paths we all took to show biz success.
Sep 28, 2022
S2E1: THE Crypt Keeper Interview
In this episode, the four people responsible for creating and producing one of the world's most iconic characters - "Tales From The Crypt's" Crypt Keeper - discus how that happened. The cool part? We've never had this conversation together. Ever. It's about time we did.
Sep 21, 2022
Season 2 Promo: The How NOT To Make A Movie Podcast
In season two, we expand the franchise. "Horror stories from across the movie-making trenches". More painful personal stories of movie-making craft turning into crap.
Sep 19, 2022
The How NOT To Make A Movie Podcast: Promo #2
"The How NOT To Make A Movie Podcast" is an object lesson in what happens when you do things for all the wrong reasons. Spoiler alert: nothing good. It's the outrageous, true story about what happens when craft turns to crap.
Jul 25, 2022
Episode 10: Can We Talk Sequel?
I'll close season one as a solo act with a few remaining "horror stories from the show business trenches". I'll tell more of those stories in Season 2! In this episode: a makeup special effects near disaster with actor Tim Curry playing three parts; how to tell an Oscar-nominated composer (Michael Kamen) you're not happy with his work; how to talk to Superman; how to get a studio tent pole movie green-lit IN THE ROOM!
Jul 21, 2022
Episode 9: Joel Directs!
As you’ve probably gained from listening to this podcast, working for Joel Silver was an adventure. So, if you like stories about Joel, you’re gonna love this episode. The Joel Silver Fan Club In this one, we tell the story of the time our boss, Joel Silver, directed an episode of HBO’s “Tales From The […]
Jul 20, 2022
Episode 8: The Martini
The classic Martini is simple. Elegant. Ice cold gin or vodka with a whisper of vermouth. It’s the perfect end of the day cocktail. This episode will feature another kind of cocktail – a lively conversation wherein the Dads From The Crypt will interview Tales From The Crypt. Dads From The Crypt First, let me […]
Jul 20, 2022
Episode 7: Tales About "Tales"
Get a bunch of people together who worked on a project and they’ll have stories. That’s what this one is – backstage stories from “Tales From The Crypt”. How to describe the experience of making “Tales From The Crypt“… It was unique, for starters! Back in the 1990’s when we made Crypt, the feature world […]
Jul 19, 2022
Episode 6: "The Cutting Room Floor"
The Cutting Room Floor is legendary in Hollywood. Whole careers have happened there. In fact, there’s a whole weird history in Hollywood of scenes and actors who famously never made “the cut”. Kevin Costner, for instance, was entirely cut out of “The Big Chill“. He plays Alex – the guy who’s funeral all the other […]
Jul 19, 2022
Episode 5: "Endings Are Never Pretty"
As the production of “Bordello Of Blood” stumbled toward its climax, we knew we’d leave Vancouver with an unfinished movie in hand. That was ironic because our unfinished movie had finished one relationship (between Sly Stallone and Angie Everhart) and was on its way to finishing another – the decade-long creative one between Alan Katz […]
Jul 19, 2022
Episode 4: "Special Effects"
In a horror movie, makeup special effects are everything. Get them wrong and your audience will hate you. It’s just how the horror business is: no guts, no glory. If Freddy Krueger had looked like 1953’s “Robot Monster” (with a gorilla body and a deep sea diver helmet head – with antennas), the whole “Nightmare […]
Jul 19, 2022
Episode 3: "Welcome To Vancouver/Can We Go Home Yet?"
This episode also could be called “Location, Location, Location!” Where you shoot your movie makes a huge difference. One surefire way to turn craftsmanship into crap is to shoot somewhere you have no organic reason to be. For “Bordello of Blood”, that location was Vancouver. Like the script for “Dead Easy”, “Bordello of Blood” took […]
Jul 19, 2022
Episode 2: How NOT To Cast A Movie
In a horror movie, the lead's important but the villain is more important than anything.
Jul 17, 2022
Episode 1: Sausage Making, Hollywood Style
"The How NOT To Make A Movie Podcast" is a jaw-droppingly absurd story of Hollywood excess. Outsized egos run amok while the movie's creative team slowly succumbing to the kind of madness only Hollywood can produce.
Jul 17, 2022
Preview: "When Coming Attractions 'Kill'!"

"Bordello Of Blood" - even 30 years after it's tortured making - stands as an object lesson in what happens when you do things for all the wrong reasons. Spoiler Alert: Nothing Good!

Mar 23, 2022