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Steel and Shooter are just your everyday guys that begrudgingly fell into the Bravo world only to be entranced by the allure that is Bravo TV. On this show you’ll hear their takes on the hot topics from all things Bravo. A podcast by dudes for everyone!

Episode Date
Luau Drama and Luis' pajamas... (VPRs10ep07, RHOMreunion2, SumHouses07ep06, RHONJs13ep07)
Sup Bros? We are back with a packed episode this week as the Scandoval drama continues to heat up on Vanderpump. A pool party gets awkward when Katie won't give up her room to Scheana and Raquel takes a stand agains Lala. Ariana and Katie are making progress with the sandwich shop while the Tom's still cant open... In Miami, we get part two of the reunion which is a whole lot of screaming and a lot of questionable statements from Larsa... such as telling Dr. Nicole that Larsa has real jobs unlinke her... In Summer House, Carl and Kyle have a deep convo in 70s attire while tensions begin to rise between Danielle and Lindsay. Finally in Jersey we check in with Jen and a checked out Bill. Rachel Fuda talks some smack against fellow newbie Danielle, and Luis is wearing his dead father in-laws pajamas. All that and more! TIME STAMPS: VPR (16:00) RHOM (40:25) Summer House (54:21) RHONJ (1:12.28) This episode is brought to you by Care/of. Head to and take a brief quiz to get vitamins and supplements tailored specifically for you! And to get 50% off you first Care/of order, go to and enter code bravbros50. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Mar 24, 2023
Havasu or Bust! (VPRs10ep07, RHONJs13ep06, SumHouses07ep05, RHOM Reunion part 1)
We are still waist deep in The Scandoval and we jump right into a Vanderpump girls trip as Katie and crew head out for a divorce celebration. The crew gangs up on Raquel and turn into mean girls. In Jersey its Softball time as the ladies play ball in Brooklyn. Melissa calls Louie manipulative while Bill and Jen head to couples therapy. Summer house continues to let Shooter down because it appears we're gonna have a full summer of Barry's Bootcamp and a good nights sleep. Finally in Miami, Alexia is in the hot seat and Larsa chimes in on every single conversation for better or worse. And by that we mean worse. Time Stamps VPR (19:00) RHONJ (45:00) Summer House (1:02.43) RHOM (1:12.13) This episode is brought to you by BetterHelp. If your looking for a therapist look no further. Fast, easy and entirely online. Head to to receive 10% off your first month! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Mar 17, 2023
Scandoval (VPR, SumHouse,RHOM,RHONJ, RHOP)
Its been a long, difficult week for the Bravoverse. Tom and Rachel rocked us all. In today's episode we dive deep into the Scandoval drama as we sat down with an insider from the show that gave us the scoop... Then in Summer House, Kyle and Carl come to somewhat of a peace agreement. Meanwhile things heat up between Danielle and Amanda... In the Miami finale, Adriana may never make amends with Alexia and Marysol, but maybe she needs to put more energy into her actual friends (i.e. Julia...) In Jersey, we have a Barbie Birthday and Marge and Jen are making it impossible for the group to have a peaceful luncheon. Can they figure out their issues? Finally, we wrap up the Potomac season with a snoozfest of a reunion. We finally get the husbands out there for a very brief segment and ultimately at the end of the season... We got questions. Time Stamps: VPR (23:51) Summer House (43:00) RHOM(53:05) RHONJ (1:02:00) RHOP(1:20:00) This episode is brought to you by Nutrafol. To help prevent thinning hair and scalp cover, go to and use promo code BRAVBROS to save $15.00 off your first months subscription. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Mar 10, 2023
Semantics, Gizelle... (RHONJs13ep04, RHOMs05ep15, SumHousess07ep03, VRPs10ep03, RHOPReunionpt2)
Welcome back Bros! We're here for part 2 of the RHOP reunion. But FIRST! We jump into Jersey and things between Joe and Teresa are still rocky (as they have been for seasons). Jen feels unsupported by her husband Bill and Jackie is trying to do way too much as a friend of... Back in Miami, Adriana keeps putting herself in terrible situations. Her and Alexia may never recover from one of the worst comments ever made by a housewife... In Summer House, the Carl and Kyle drama is heating up. Danielle finds herself in the middle of it and after FaceTiming Carl and Lindsay she has a sit down with Kyle. In VPR Tom and Tom are still trying to get the bar open with their second soft opening. Raquel has a crush on Schwartz and Katie is attempting to get Schwartz to respect her boundaries. Finally in the RHOP Reunion, Andy goes in on Gizelle and despite her best attempts to avoid the conversation, Andy forces the issue. Time Stamps: RHONJ- (16:25) RHOM- (38:26) SUMMER HOUSE (44:51) VPR- (54:20) RHOP- (1.11:35) This episode is brought to you by ZocDoc. Go to to download the Zocdoc app for FREE! Then find and book a top rated doctor in your area today. Many are available within 24 hours! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Mar 03, 2023
Chris Bassett Interview: Post RHOP Reunion
What's up Bro's? This week we are joined by the one and only Chris Bassett. With part 2 of the RHOP reunion coming to a close last night, we wanted to sit down with Chris and hear his side of the story. We catch up with him and how life is after the reunion and season came to a close. Then he goes in depth about how he feels about Gizelle. How the situation and accusations affected him and Candiace's marriage as well as the professional ramifications. Then with the news about Robyn knowing about Juan's infidelity, we get to listen to Chris' take on how it felt to find that out. All in all, we shot the shit for over 3 hours and we had a blast. Listen to just a few BravBro's as we get the full story from Chris once and for all! Full Interview available in video form on YouTube! Go watch it there and subscribe to our page! This episode is brought to you by ZocDoc: Go to and download the ZocDoc app for FREE. Then find and book a top rated doctor today. Many available within 24 hours. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Feb 27, 2023
A Reasonably Slim Shady Reunion-(RHONJs13ep03, RHOMs05ep14, SumHs07ep02, RHOPs07Reunionpt1)
It's reunion time in Potomac... The Bros kick this week off with Jersey and things are getting more tense between the Gorga's and Teresa. Paul and Frank have a bit of an awkward interaction. Then the men of Jersey go to a dinner and Louis and Joe get into it... In Miami, Alexia and Adriana are at odds and Adriana may have said the worst thing in the history of housewives. And that's really hard to do. In Summer House, things between Kyle, Carl and Lindsay and Carl questions his future at Lover Boy... Finally, in Potomac Andy asks Garcelle about the rumors. Mia discusses why her businesses were taken from her. and Ashley is in the hot seat when asked about her current relationship with Michael. Time Stamps: RHONJ-(19:25) RHOM-(50:07) SummerHouse-(57:19) RHOP Reunion (1:06.25) Sponsor: for 10% off your first month of therapy Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Feb 24, 2023
Ain't No Party like a Mozz Party (RHONJs13ep02, RHOMs05ep13, VPRs09ep02, SummerHouses07ep02)
The Bro's are post Super Bowl loss but we're finally starting to recover... Up first we are back at the Summer House for a very rough start to the Summer. In an uneventful episode, Lindsay and Carl's relationship has changed the dynamic in the house. Kyle and Carl's relationship is strained and Carl considers his role in Lover Boy. In Miami, the ladies have a peaceful day on vacation minus some potential witchcraft. In Vanderpump, we finally get to see some movement over at Schwartz and Sandy's. Tom and Katie are still trying to navigate their relationship and Raquel is on a journey to find herself. Finally, in Jersey the drama with Teresa and Melissa continues. Marge and Jen have it out and the Mozz Making Party gets a little hectic... Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Feb 17, 2023
When You're in Love with a Jersey Girl (RHONJs13ep01, VPRs10ep01, RHOMs05ep12, RHOPs07FINALE)
What's up Bros! RHONJ is BACK and we are pumped! We kick it off with the Jersey Girls and their is a lot of tension in the group. Melissa and Joe are still at odds with Teresa and Luis. Jen and Delores refuse to talk to one another and Marge Jr. gets an apology from Teresa and immediately spills the tea to Melissa... In Vanderpump's premier we see a lot of new dynamics with a lot of newly single crew members. Schwartz and Katie address the divorce. James is already living with a new girlfriend and Rachel and Pete have some... chemistry? We check in with Miami at the Gringo dinner and it seems that after that fight, Nicole and Alexia are able to make nice before they head out on a trip next week. Finally, we say farewell to the ladies of Potomac until the reunion. Wendy sets the record straight with her and Mia's vacation interaction and we see Ashley make one more attempt to come at Chris during Candiace's music video release party... It all culminates with a Robyn and Juan wedding. Finally. Time Stamps: RHONJ(16:00) VPR(47:25) RHOM(1:03:25) RHOP(1:10:50) Brought to you by Nutrafol: If you want to prevent hair-loss or reduce thinning hair, go to and use promo code BravBros at checkout to receive $15.00 off and free shipping on your first order. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Feb 10, 2023
Meredith Always Roots for the Underdog (RHOSLCs07REUNIONPT2, RHOMs05ep11, RHOPs07ep16)
We got Part 2 of the RHOSLC Reunion and boy are we glad this seasons over. We kick things off with RHOM and Alexia has it out for Nicole. The ladies also consult a lawyer to sort out some of their disagreements... In Potomac, their was some alleged "vagina bumping"(- Gizelle) going on between Mia and Dr. Wendy. However the bigger news out of Potomac this week was the confirmation from Robyn of Juan's infidelity. Thats all we know though since we didn't sign up for Reasonably Shady's patreon... Then it's back to the reunion to finally put an end to this season of Salt Lake. Whitney and Heather are still on the outs and for whatever reason Heather and Meredith continue to stand by Jen Shah... This episode is brought to you by BetterHelp. Give online therapy a try at and get on your way to being your best self.  This episode is sponsored by Care/Of. To receive 50% off your first order of vitamins and other health products go to and enter code bravbros50 Time Stamp: RHOM (20:10) RHOP (42:43) RHOSLC (57:50) Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Feb 03, 2023
Special K on Reunion Day (RHOSLC REUNION, SOHOs01ep08, RHOMs05ep10, RHOPs07ep15)
It's Reunion Day in Salt Lake! Before we get there, we start out with the finale of Southern Hospitality and this season has been a joy to watch. Joe gets in hot water with Mia and Maddi after confessing his love and Trevor has some words for him... In Miami, the drama between Larsa and Nicole is heating up after Nicole uninvites her via a gifted mirror and Alexia can't help herself from chiming in. In Potomac, Karen questions Robyn's upcoming wedding and then accuses Juan of stepping out with a Grande Dame lookalike. Robyn has receipts of her own regarding the fabled Blue Eyed Man. Finally, we have episode 1 of the RHOSLC Reunion and Heather continues to dig herself into a hole supporting Jen. Lisa defends herself to Meredith and the friends of get their turn to chime in... This episode is sponsored by BetterHelp. Give online therapy a try, and use for 10% off your first month of therapy Time Stamps: -SoHo 14:43 -RHOM 35:04 -RHOP 51:03 -RHOSLC Reunion Pt. 1:01:21 Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Jan 27, 2023
Would the Real Queen of Potomac Please Stand Up (RHOMs05ep09, SOHOs01ep07, RHOPs07ep14)
Whats up Bro's? On this weeks episode we had the pleasure of diving back into one of our new fav's, Southern Hospitality. Before we get there, we discuss the ladies in Miami and Larsa is causing a stir with Nicole. Julia makes a romantic dinner for Martina and everyone is checking in on their relationships due to the Lenny debacle. In SoHo, we get back up to speed on everyone. Mikel has had an inspiring journey becoming more open about who he is, and we see a friendship brewing between him and TJ. Maddi continues to lead our boy Joe and Bradley drama is brought back up with the return of Reagan. Last but certainly not least, we head to Potomac where Charisse and Karen take the main stage as we have to decide who the true Queen of Potomac is... Time Stamps: RHOM(18:45) SoHo(33:22) RHOP(52:49) Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Jan 20, 2023
The Jentencing- (RHOSLCs03ep014, RHOMs05ep08, RHOPs07ep13)
The Jentencing is upon us. RHOSLC wrapped up its sub-par season with a finale that finally addressed Jen's legal woes. The Bro's sum up the season and where it fell so short of the mark. Then its back to Miami where Adriana is having a music video shoot and Larsa confronts Julia about her potential make-out with a mystery man. Finishing up in Potomac, the ladies are in Mexico and tensions are high. Jaqueline and Mia have a falling out and we finally see Karen and Charisse square off at dinner... Time Stamps: RHOSLC (15:00) RHOM (29:20) RHOP (42:50) Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Jan 13, 2023
Can You Tell Me How to Get to Sesame Street?- (RHOP s07ep12, RHOM s05ep07, RHOSLC s03ep13)
What's up fellow BravBros! On this week's episode we had an extremely disappointing showing from Salt Lake, the Bro's dive into why this season is a flop and why they may not continue on with RHOSLC... Either spill the beans on the black eye or move on! In Miami, Guerdy wants to shake up the group dynamic, Lisa and Lenny's mom have a luncheon date and Adriana is getting ready to film her music video... Finally back in Potomac, the Chris debacle finally comes to a head thanks to some back up from production and Candiace is pushed too far at an evening with the Grande Dame. Time Stamps: RHOSLC (21:46) RHOM(31:29) RHOP(58:59) Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Jan 06, 2023
Bienvenido a Miami- (RHOM s05ep05+06)
Welcome to Miami! After countless requests to cover Miami, we took your advice and dove in head first... And the Bro's are in love. On todays episode we start our first foray into RHOM and give a recap of our first impressions of the franchise (its amazing). Before we get into it, we talk Ashley and Luke calling it quits and someone called the fun police on Andy and Anderson for NYE... Then we discuss the Lenny and Lisa divorce drama that's been all over our feeds for months. Alexia and Julia get into it over a very questionable statement from Alexia about Julia and Russians overall... Join the Bro's as we recap episodes 5 and 6 and start what is looking to be one of our new favorite franchises. Time Stamps: (RHOM 20:24) Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Dec 30, 2022
Heather's Eye is Reasonably Shady... (RHOPs07ep11, RHOSLCs03ep12, Winter House S2 finale, SoHos01ep05)
We are BACK and still buzzin' from the live show. But we had a wild week in the Bravoverse. Jen shah gets raided and its nothing but counterfeits. RHONJ trailer dropped and we cannot wait. Winter House finally wrapped and the Bro's have some thoughts on how it went... Soho (Southern Hospitality)  continues to be a pleasant surprise as Steel sees more glimpses of early VPR. Then we are back to Salt Lake and we have more Meredith SEC talk about Lisa. But the burning question remains... What happened to Heather's eye? Last but certainly not least we go to Potomac where we get to see a live Reasonably Shady. Karen plans for her show and we dive deeper into Mia and Jaqueline's relationship... We are also extremely excited to announce that we have joined Cloud10 Media and iHeartRadio to bring you guys even MORE BravBro's content. Thank you all as always for the support, we wouldn't be anywhere without all of youse! Time Stamps: Winter House (17:42) SoHo (24:40) RHOSLC (33:06) RHOP (50:47) Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Dec 23, 2022
Is That a Bluetooth Speaker?- (RHOPs07ep09, RHOSLCs03ep10, SOHOs01ep02)
We had an eventful week on Bravo this week. In Southern Hospitality, we start to learn more about the cast. Mikel shares some very personal information with his church brother Anthony. Grace Lilly aka G. Lilly... has some words with TJ, and Joe seems to be in the friend zone as Trevor joins the crew at the Fun Park. In Salt Lake it was pure chaos. Heather continues to be ride or die for Jen Shah even after Jen tosses Angie K's $1500 shoes off the boat. It ends with a wild dinner where Lisa has some words for Jen and Heather is fed up. Back in Potomac the ladies split up. One crew gets to drive Lambo's while the other gets to pedal a bar cart around the harbor with 7-11 sandwiches. Then we get some music with dinner as Robyn shares an Instagram rant from Candiace...  Time Stamps: (15:00 Southern Hospitality) (30:30 RHOSLC) (47:10 RHOP) Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Dec 09, 2022
A Grande Dame Good Birthday- (RHOPS07E08, RHOSLCS03E09, SOHOS01E01, Winter House S02E06)
The Bros are back after a solid Thanksgiving vacation and damn it feels good. Carl and Lindsay finally make their way to the Winter House, but not before Austen drops a huge bomb. Then in Salt Lake, Jen is pouring drinks... on people. Angie K. makes some claims regarding Coach's birthday party. Finally we are back in Potomac with the Miami vacay continued. More drinks are spilled as Mia tosses her drink on Wendy. Then we see a house divided as some side with Mia while others stand with Wendy. Most importantly, Happy Birthday Karen Huger. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Dec 02, 2022
The BravBros Holiday Spectacular LIVE- Worldwide Digital Experience presented by Moment
What's up fellow BravBros! Steel here to announce our live virtual show on December 15th at 8:00 pm EST. We have teamed up with Moment to bring you The BravBros Holiday Spectacular LIVE! This will be a fully interactive, 100% virtual live show. With appearances from Crystal Minkoff, Sutton Stracke and other Bravolebs, join us as we recap the year, play some games and mix up some drinks (and mocktails) with some of your favorite Bravo personalities! With our listeners being in all different countries, we wanted a way that we could celebrate with all of you. So get ready to call in, video chat with us and ask us anything and everything as we celebrate the holidays BravBros style! Head to to get your tickets now! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Nov 21, 2022
M.I.A. on the Bay- (RHOPS07EP06, RHOSLCS03EP08, WinterHouseS02EP06)
Welcome back fellow BravBros. This week we jump back into Winter House to discuss some potential drama with Austen extending an invite to Olivia. Jess and Kory finally hook up which leads to Kory letting Paige know that Jess feels excluded amongst the girls. In Salt Lake, their is distention in the choir as Whitney and Lisa still have unresolved issues with Heather. A new feud arises when Danna speaks out about not liking how Jen speaks to people. Last but not least we're back in Potomac where the issues between Ashley and Candiace are only getting worse. The ladies take a trip to Miami where we get the build up to what's looking like a huge blowup in the near future... Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Nov 18, 2022
The Burn Sesh (RHOPS07EP05, Winter HouseS2, RHOSLCS03EP07)
The Bros are settling down post Phillies playoff run but things are heating up between Ashley and Luke... Juan Dixon made the news this week as well with some unsettling allegations. Then we're back in Stowe where Craig's behavior is out of control and the strain is starting to get to Paige. Meanwhile things heat up in the house with a few of the couples. Out west, we check in with our RHOSLC cast and Heather seems to be at odds with everyone. Then we get an unnecessary bath tub seen with Seth and Meredith before we head to the finish with RHOP. Ashley and Candiace looked like they had some hope before things blow up at the end and it ends with HUGE allegations in a scene from next week.   Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Nov 11, 2022
The Finstagator- (WinterHouse, RHOSLCS03EP, RHOPS07EP04)
On this weeks episode the Bros finally get into Winter House. We meet some new faces among the cast and Luke starts this season off to a rocky start. Austen arrives at the house and we watch as the group repents. Then its off to Salt Lake City where Whitney and Justin are dealing with Justin being let go. Chris Harrington outs himself as the owner of the ShahXposed instagram page and we continue to see Heather blindsiding her friends with Angie H. Finally we're with the Housewives of Potomac and Robyn is throwing a Family Fun Day birthday party. Candiace and Gizelle continue to have issues and Karen makes it aware that she does not want to be near Charrisse. Ashley's separation gets leaked to the press and we have some theories on how that may have happened... Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Nov 04, 2022
A Rocky Richard's Reunion- (RHOBH Reunion Finale, RHOSLCS03EP05, RHOPS07EP03)
We did it... We made it to the end of Rob-Huh... In this weeks episode we start out with our fav's in Potomac. Chris is still in the hot seat for a situation that Gizelle claims made her uncomfortable at the reunion, although their are some questions about what really happened... Mia and Robyn try to clear the air over her Instagram posts. In Salt Lake, we go skiing with Lisa Barlow and Angie H. and things couldn't be rockier between them. Whitney gets her removal from the Mormon Church notarized and attempts to clear the air between her and Heather. Finally. and I mean FINALLY... we are in Beverly Hills for the last episode of the reunion. Andy questions Erika's behavior and the tension between her and Garcelle. We finish this episode with the drama building the entire season. Kathy and Rinna square off to Kyle's dismay as we watch the foundation of the Fox Force Five get a little shaky.  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Oct 28, 2022
A Reunion Unglued
Here we are for Round 2 of the Rob Huh Reunion... Before we tackle that, we start out with the ladies of Salt Lake. Its the final day in Scottsdale and Jen is catching the redeye to make it to her mock trial to practice being guilty while the remaining four discuss the issues between Heather and Whitney. Then were back with Potomac for another great episode. An oddly timed DM from Chris causes some stirrings in the group as Ashley feels obligated to tell Candiace. Gizelle decides to chime in and share an uncomfortable story with Candiace from last years reunion. We stop by quickly in Charleston to wrap up the remaining few pieces. Leva had a rough season overall but there's some hope with her new show on the Horizon. Finally... Beverly Hills. Garcelle stands firm against Diana and wants no part of the conversation. Then tensions finally boil over between Crystal and Kyle. Oh, and Rinna "apologizes" to Sutton. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Oct 21, 2022
Halloween Ends but Beverly Hills Won't- (RHOBH REUNION, SC REUNION, RHOPS07EP01, RHOSLCS03EP03)
'Tis the season for reunions. Before we get to Southern Charm and the long awaited Rob-Huh reunion, Potomac is finally back on our TV screens and it couldn't have come a minute sooner. Immediately we dive into the drama surrounding Ashley's divorce and the ladies of the Mid-Atlantic have some concerns over Mia's instagram post about a potential cancer diagnosis. Then its back to Scottsdale with RHOSLC and the drama between Meredith and Lisa is coming to a head. Unfortunately Heather got some collateral damage and gets into it with Whitney. After that we get to a very solid Southern Charm reunion and Taylor finally gets to say her peace to Shep. Meanwhile, the "relationship" between Austen and Olivia seems to have faded away but their does seem to be some sparks between Austen and some other cast members... Finally, we with the Beverly Hills crew in part 1 of the reunion. Garcelle and Diana are at odds due to some extremely poor judgement on Diana's part regarding Jax and the awful comments.  We see Crystal take center stage as Andy hits her with some tough questions and Kyle steps in to give her unsolicited (and unnecessary) insight on the matter. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Oct 14, 2022
Shook not Stirred- (RHOBH S12FINALE)
We have finally made it to the season finale of Rob-Huh. Beverly Hills was a marathon this year and it ends with some tension amongst the FF5. Before we get to our big finale, we had another finale this week as well. Southern Charm tied a bow on the year with a holiday bash thrown by Craig for Sewing Down South. But Leva has taken it upon herself to talk smack on Craig to his business partners because she couldn't sit at the cool kids table. Then we get back to our favorite ladies in Salt Lake, and Shooter's dream of a Housewives franchise in Scottsdale are coming true because the Salt Lake crew heads to Arizona to heal. Which still won't be enough for Meredith and Lisa to move on. Then we finish off RHOBH with a double party. Erika and Lisa have teamed up and Kyle just wants to move on. The dynamic duo won't let it go and it causes some serious tension in the OG clique.  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Oct 07, 2022
Does Lisa Pray? (RHOBH S12EP21 + RHOSLC S03EP01)
Welcome back the ladies of Salt Lake! In tonights episode we start off with a quick recap of Southern Charm as we continue to see tension between Naomi and Craig. Whitney has taken it upon himself to give Step dating advice which shows you how chaotic things are getting down South. Then Shooter gets his first taste of Salt Lake City and we see where Meredith and Lisa stand. Jen Shah is still proclaiming her innocence... while currently guilty... and throwing Coach a birthday bash. This season is shaping up to be everything we need it to be and more. Finally, we get into Rob-Huh where Lisa has put Kathy in her sights and she is not letting up.  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Sep 30, 2022
Never Decline a Conga Line- RHOBH S12E19
The moment we've all been waiting for... will be airing next week. In this weeks episode we discuss Rinna's claims about Kathy. Before we get to RHOBH though, we are back with our girls in Paris featuring a very enjoyable speed dating scene. We are also blessed with both a drink in the face, and the rarely seen French fry dump in the lap. Overall RGIP continues to be a joy to watch. Then were on vacay with the Southern Charm crew and Austin raises concerns to Taylor before the gang heads out for a weekend away. The Craig, Naomi drama continues after Craig over serves himself and lashes out over nothing. Finally we get to the RHOB-HUH of it all and are left wondering what the hell Kathy said, and most importantly, is Rinna telling the truth?  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Sep 23, 2022
The Battle for Beverly Hills- RHOBH S12E18
The Fox Force finally has some challengers... In this weeks episode we see Crystal take center stage as she goes toe to toe with the OG's of BH. Before we get there, we have drama between Nicki Minaj and Garcelle, Diana has Covid but still makes it to the aquarium and we check in with the lovely ladies of Paris. Then we get to see the Charming side of Patricia as she declares she too is just a B-List F&*k Boy. Its day 3 of the Aspen trip and there is a lot of tension amongst the FF5. More importantly, we see Crystal take a stand against the outrageous behavior that we've all been witnessing. Could this be the start of the rise of a new faction in Beverly Hills? Will the Fox Force 5 be dethroned? Welcome to the Battle for Beverly Hills... Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Sep 16, 2022
It's Expensive to be Mean- RHOBH S12E17
We're on day 2 of the Aspen trip and things are not getting better. Before we dive into that we take a LOVELY trip to Paris and dive into an all new franchise. The Girlfriends in Paris offer up a new opportunity for a new generation of Bravo watchers and the Bros are excited to see where it goes. Then we touch on Southern Charm and a little Summer House crossover where Paige confronts Naomi. Finally we get an insight into how Erika handled the earrings situation and it's less than stellar... Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Sep 09, 2022
Ski You Next Tuesday- (RHOBH S12E16)
Well BravBros we have finally made it to Aspen. Before we hit the slopes we check in on a lot of RHOBH drama in the headlines this week. Erika wins a major case, Diana is sending cease and desists letters to every Bravo account that's ever tagged her and Ring needs her phone taken away. Then we head to Salt Lake briefly to report on Jen Shah's feeble attempts to grab the spotlight while awaiting her sentencing... Then we dive into the much awaited Aspen trip to find a very different trip than we expected. It all ends with Sutton getting dragged in front of everyone in one of the worst housewives scenes to date. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Sep 02, 2022
Bronus Episode #2- Below Deck Ep 4+5
Welcome back on the boat with our second Bronus episode! This week we continue our voyage with the crew and welcome Simon aboard. We discuss the "sparks" (or lack thereof) between CJ and Sam. Then we recap Simon and his entourage of walking disasters. Kat gets thrown to the wolves at a dinner where Simon crosses so far beyond the line that it pushes Kat to jeopardize her career via alcohol.. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Aug 29, 2022
An Elevated Episode- (RHOBH update, Southern Charm S08E09+10)
The ladies of RHOBH took a week off but the BravBros certainly didn’t. In this weeks episode we discuss the appalling comments on Jax’s Instagram. Then we check in with the Vanderpump crew to talk about a potential new relationship brewing… Our “piece de resistance” this week (as Whitney would so smugly say) is catching up on the last two episodes of Southern Charm. Naomi shocks the world and we dive into a wide variety of drama amongst the cast members of Charleston. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Aug 27, 2022
Bronus Episode #1- Below Deck S01EP01
You asked, we listened! On our first Bronus episode we start from Episode 1 of Below Deck. As complete rookies to the yachting world we give our first ever takes on Captain Lee and the crew. In this episode we give you our first opinions of the cast members, our initial reaction to finally watching Below Deck and of course Johnny Eyelash. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Aug 22, 2022
Hopeless Not Toothless- RHOBH S12E15
In this episode of BravBros, the guys talk about a potential affair rumor that arose before attending a dog wedding in Charleston. Then, we head back to Beverly Hills for the culmination of everyone’s favorite Charity. Crystal opens up more about her struggles. We end up at a Rinna Beauty launch where multiple housewives continue to go after Sutton… Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Aug 19, 2022
Come To My Window and Get the F#@k Outta My House- RHOBH S12E13+14
We have a BravBros MEGA episode! We got two episodes of RHOBH to cover this week but not before we jump into Teresa’s wedding. Kathy makes another questionable remark on Live TV… We touch on the Joe and Melissa feud with Tre and Luis and discuss a new Bravo show coming soon. Capping it all off with major drama with Rinna and the ladies of Beverly Hills. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Aug 12, 2022
It’s The Chlebisode- (Southern Charm, Marge, Dubai)
This week we tackle some other news around the Bravo world before diving into Southern Charm. We discuss Marge and RHONJ, we get a Dubai update and the prospect of Phaedra making a move, much like her RHUGT cast mate Taylor Armstrong… Then we go in on Southern Charm and a very eventful party at Olivia’s where Chleb pulls a WILD move. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Aug 05, 2022
I’ve Decided Not to Tell you feat. Asher (and Erika)- RHOBH S12E12
On this episode we got some new allegations against Erika to dive into. Then we recap the Austen and Chef Rachel drama before jumping into the finale of RHUGT. Meanwhile Shep is still Shepping… We top it off with RHOBH and get serenaded by Asher and Erika. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Jul 29, 2022
Chic AF- RHOBH S12E10+11
Buckle up BravBros, we got two RHOBH episodes to cover. Before we get to that we discuss some Southern Charm drama and check in at Bluestone Manor. Speaking of, one of our RHUGT free agents just got back in the league baby… Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Jul 22, 2022
Jen Shaht Herself in the Foot- (Jen Shah, RHUGT, Southern Charm)
Welcome to The Real Housewives of RIkers Island! In this episode, the guys talk about Jen Shah and her new guilty plea. Then we jump into Ultimate Girls Trip and check in with the Brandi vs Taylor nonsense before heading to Charleston with the Southern Charm Crew. Where Chleb and Kathryn are on thin ice and Madison is engaged according to Amazon Live… Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Jul 14, 2022
What in the Leg Lift?- RHOBH S12E09
In this episode we open with our fellow BravBros of Jersey and the calendar shoot that broke the internet. The Housewives of Jersey are switching up their loyalties… Then we discuss Rinna and her instagram problem before diving into some Southern Charm talk. Dubai is back as well (you may not have even noticed…) before Steel is forced to address some hard truths about Kyle and her behavior… Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Jul 08, 2022
You’re Birkin Up The Wrong Tree- RHOBH S12E08
In this episode we talk about the major changes to the Summer House cast… Then we dive into Southern Charm and whether or not Steel will learn to love it before getting into Garcelle’s Birthday Bash featuring Sutton vs. Diana. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Jul 01, 2022
Pink Wee Wee’s and Tee Tee- RHOBH S12E07
In this weeks episode of BravBros, we have the premier of RHUGT Ex Wives club which was ELECTRIC! Dorinda is back and thank the lord… We touch on Dubai before we dive into RHOBH where we may finally be seeing some resolve between Erika and Sutton… And most importantly, does Steel look like Miles Teller? Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Jun 24, 2022
Scuba Steve’s Always Watching- RHOBH S12E06
On Episode 6 we touch on the drama between Dorinda and Vicki, and The Charlie Sheen and Denise OnlyFans argument before diving into this week of Dubai and RHOBH. We got peeping scuba divers and more! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Jun 17, 2022
PJ’s on the PJ- RHOBH S12E05
This week we intro with Katie and Schwartz divorce, new franchise rumors and the Kathy v Rinna drama. Then we dive into Dubai before the main course of some serious Crystal drama on RHOBH! Plus listen in for details about our guest spot on #NOFILTER with Zack Peter! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Jun 10, 2022
Welcome to the RHOD Pod- RHOBH S12E04
We got a new franchise! We touch on Dubai before diving into the Crystal drama after she throws around some Sutton allegations… Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Jun 03, 2022
Don’t Gaslight the Gaslighter- RHOBH S12E3
On todays episode we discuss the prospects of Dubai and a new franchise… We play tag line freestyle to cement our place in the Bravo Universe before diving into RHOBH Episode 3! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
May 27, 2022
Barclays and Bumblebees- RHOBH S12EP2
On Episode 2 we dive into the climax of the Jersey Reunion before getting into Episode 2 of RHOBH and the thrilling arrival of a new housewife. Not to mention we go to the polls to answer some of our audience questions! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
May 21, 2022
Its All Relative- RHOBH S12E1
The Inaugural BravBros podcast. On todays episode we dive into the first episode of Season 12 of RHOBH. From Dorit’s traumatic robbery to Erika’s past behavior, we dive in deep. Plus a little check in on the Lindsay vs Page debacle on Summerhouse… Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
May 14, 2022