League ONe the Rocks

By Rich & Bryan

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Category: Soccer

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A USL League One podcast hosted by Rich and Bryan. Exploring the unfiltered and unedited opinions of USL League One.

Episode Date
Episode 13: Seeing Red Again

In a week that featured SO MANY red cards, Bryan and Rich get philosophical while they review last week's USL League One action, preview the upcoming action, and answer all of your questions.  Oh yeah, and they take a few detours along the way.  Enjoy!
Intro: 00:00 - 1:52
Last Week: 1:52 - 1:10:00
Next Week: 1:10:00 - 1:17:56
Q&A: 1:17:56 - 1:45:41
Rant: 1:45:41 - end

Oct 01, 2022
Episode 12: FC Tucson President Amanda Powers Interview

Bryan & Rich are ecstatic to be joined by none other than FC Tucson President Amanda Powers.  She gives great insight into the ethos of the club, how she builds bridges with the Tucson community, and hints at a couple of projects that she hopes to bring to fruition.

Sep 23, 2022
This Week's Episode: Up to 11!

Bryan & Rich review all of the action from Week 24, fan the flames of controversy, and answer all of your fine questions.
Intro 00:00 - 3:01

Week 24 Review 3:01 - 1:10:27

Previewing Week 25 1:10:27 - 1:45:53

Q&A 1:45:53 to the end

Sep 23, 2022
Episode 10: We'll do it LIVE!

Bryan & Rich, joined by special returning guest Gio, welcome anyone and everyone into the stream to hang out for a few hours.  We look forward to doing it again soon.  Thanks to everyone who joined and thank you, as always, for listening!

Sep 23, 2022
Episode 9: Back to Basics

This week we explore sexuality in the self-checkout lane and Bryan gives you not one, not two, but 3.5 rants this week!  It's all included in another fun episode of League ONe the Rocks, hosted by Bryan and Rich.



Last Week's Results - 00:05:00

This Wee's Schedule - 01:11:00

Hot Topics - 01:22:00

Q&A - 01:23:00

Rant - 01:56:00


Aug 26, 2022
Episode 8: Minglin' with the 'Mingos

Forward Madison's Evan Warwick (Director of Digital Content) and Chase Eagen (Director of Merchandising) join the pod to discuss the rigors of running a brand, who they think is the best candidate for the USL edition of the "All or Nothing" documentary series, and offer their opinion for favorite piece of merchandise.  At the 60-minute mark, we jump into a quick review of last week's action.  We had a lot of recording the episode and hope you have fun listening.  Enjoy!

Aug 19, 2022
Episode 7: Family Time with Darin Van Tassell

Bryan and Rich welcome Tormenta FC President and Co-Owner Darin Van Tassell to the program to talk about the exciting developments in Statesboro, we meet his dog Tessie, and Darin shares some tips on pickup lines ahead of Union Omaha's "Single's Night."  At the 1:25:30-ish mark, Bryan and Rich spend the rest of the episode recovering from the fun conversation with Darin and reviewing last week's action in League One.  Enough reading, now go listen to the episode!

Aug 11, 2022
Episode 6: Adventures with Peter Marlette

Rich and Bryan have a hard time containing their excitement as they welcome a special guest: Union Omaha General Manager Peter Marlette!  As an added bonus, Peter offered up 15 additional minutes, which turned into 30 additional minutes!  Check out all of his answers about the club, the league, and other random questions in this special episode of "League One on the Rocks."

Aug 04, 2022
Episode 5: Rudimentary Referee Studies

Another week of USL League One action means another week of commentary from yours truly!  Before reviewing Week 17, Bryan and Rich discuss their fun weekends.  Once they get back on track, the guys discuss Week 17 results, the latest news from every club, an interview with USL President, and finish off the evening with your beautiful questions.  Are you ready for some aural pleasure?

Intro - 00:00-7:33
Review of Week 17 - 7:34-56:51
Next week's schedule - 56:52-1:10:51
News - 1:10:52-1:21:40
Q&A - 1:21:41-1:44:27
Finish - 1:44:28-end

Jul 28, 2022
Episode 4: Re-Introduction to Human Anatomy

This one is a marathon episode, so settle in for a good time!  In this week's episode, Bryan and Rich welcome Gio for an in-depth discussion about the things that matter the most to the USL League One community: hair styles, hot dogs, and human anatomy.  This episode has so many topics, it almost matches Week 16's number of goals, cards, and penalty kicks...almost.

Jul 21, 2022
Episode 3: Revenge of the Fifth (Goal)

While working on recovering from the epic letdown of a ten-goal game (ending in a tie), Bryan and Rich refocus to bring you the latest news from around the league.  There might be an opinion sprinkled in here or there, but you'll have to listen for those.  Oh, and we offer up answers to all of your Twitter questions, as well.  If you're still reading this description, GO LISTEN!

Jul 14, 2022
Episode 2: The One with Group Therapy

Chip and Eboni from "Walkin' 90" join us to review Week 14 action and dive into some hot topics from the week.  What are we drinking?  How do Union Omaha fans get out of their doldrums?  Which Forward Madison kits are Bryan's favorite?  You'll hear those answers and more.  Check it out!

Jul 07, 2022
Episode 1: The Phantom Menagerie

It's the first episode of League ONe the Rocks!  Bryan and Rich take you through Week 13 of USL League One action, take a few detours along the way, and Bryan finishes off the episode with a rant that only Bryan could produce.  Check it out!

Jun 30, 2022