Uncovering The Truth

By Dash Dobrofsky

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Category: Politics

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Fed up with the lies? Activist and social media sensation, Dash Dobrofsky, hosts a wide range of guests — from psychologists, politicians, cult experts, and other public figures to deep-dive into the latest cultural topics and societal issues. Buckle up!

Episode Date
KGB Spies, Epstein Crime Ring, Honey-Trapping w/ NYT Best Selling Author Craig Unger

New York Times best-selling author Craig Unger joins Dash to deep-dive into Russia's long-spanning history of planting assets in the United States through money laundering, business loans, and "honey trapping." Unger delves into excerpts from his hit book, American Kompromat, to further explore how the Jeffrey Epstein scandal is directly correlated to Russia's ties to Donald Trump; and how high-profile figures may be compromised by the alleged 'tapes.' Did Russia successfully permeate the underbelly of Washington? Has the KGB targeted a new batch of political elites as their next group of assets?


Link to read Craig Unger's New York Times Best-Seller, American Kompromat: https://amzn.to/3JOBm0O

Aug 12, 2022
Jim Jones, Tony Robbins, Undue-Influence w/ Cult-Expert Dr. Steven Hassan

Dr. Steven Hassan joins Dash to unpack the specific brainwashing methods cult-leaders use to indoctrinate their victims. From Neuro-linguistic Programming, to Hassan's BITE method, we delve into the tactics of L. Ron Hubbard, Jim Jones, Sun Myung Moon, and contemporary influential figures who may be operating under the radar as we speak. Has social media helped cult-like figures achieve their malicious agendas? Dr. Steven Hassan is the author of 4 major books on undue-influence, and hosts the Influence Continuum Podcast. To learn more about Dr. Hassan's work, visit his website, FreedomOfMind.Com

Aug 08, 2022
Hitler, Chimpanzees, De-Evolution w/ Psychologist Dr. John Gartner

Psychologist Dr. John Gartner joins Dash to break down the evolutionary reasons individuals may be drawn into authoritarian movements. Even Chimps showed an allegiance towards aggressive, authoritarian alpha-males. From 1930s Germany, to Yugoslavia, and the growing far-right wave in America -- differing ideologies and religions continue to be pinned against one-another by powerful demagogues. Are psychological factors --  that can be traced back to our primate ancestors -- still at play?

Aug 05, 2022