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Become a smarter, better golfer — faster. Hosted by Golf Digest's Play and Game Improvement Editor Luke Kerr-Dineen, the GOLF IQ podcast is a twice-weekly game improvement podcast that will deliver golfers bite-sized doses of insight and analysis that will raise your golf IQ, and play better golf because of it.

Episode Date
What is early extension and how do you avoid it?
Jul 11, 2024
How to hit the ball straighter
Jul 09, 2024
The importance of ball position and how to nail it
Jul 02, 2024
How much can a PGA Tour caddie help an average golfer? (Part 2)
Jun 25, 2024
What it's like caddieing for Joel Dahmen in Scotland
Jun 20, 2024
An introduction to links golf
Jun 18, 2024
This is why so many pros putt from off the green at Pinehurst
Jun 13, 2024
This is why Pinehurst's greens are so diabolical
Jun 11, 2024
How much can a PGA Tour caddie help an average golfer? (Part 1)
Jun 06, 2024
What is a Handicap Index and how can you use one?
Jun 04, 2024
Matt Fitzpatrick's advice for playing hard holes
May 30, 2024
The reason Tiger Woods says he was so good
May 21, 2024
Mythbusting misconceptions about the putting stroke
May 16, 2024
The importance of nailing speed on the greens
May 14, 2024
What it's like playing Augusta National
May 10, 2024
Playing under pressure
May 07, 2024
How we're getting better this season
Apr 30, 2024
An expert's 3 club metrics you need to know
Apr 23, 2024
What a fitting revealed about my (and your!) iron game
Apr 18, 2024
Stop beating yourself up. Do this instead
Apr 09, 2024
Some simple early season goals for your game
Apr 04, 2024
Why the ‘low and slow’ swing thought is killing your swing
Apr 02, 2024
What you can learn from World No. 1 Lilia Vu’s incredibly relatable swing fault
Mar 28, 2024
This setup trick can help you reduce tension in your swing
Mar 26, 2024
Why chasing lag can ruin your swing
Mar 21, 2024
How to get width the 'right' way
Mar 19, 2024
Why Tiger Woods had these 5 goals for every round
Mar 14, 2024
Course-management tips from a strategy expert
Mar 12, 2024
Why I’m obsessed with hickory golf
Mar 07, 2024
How to use the ground to create speed and stability
Mar 05, 2024
This ‘foolproof’ aiming method will fix your alignment
Feb 29, 2024
A better way to read putts—especially if you're struggling
Feb 27, 2024
Some helpful swing thoughts to stop your dreaded 'over the top' move
Feb 22, 2024
This is the key to practicing smarter
Feb 20, 2024
2 things these equipment experts really want you to know
Feb 13, 2024
Things you need to know to sound smarter about your equipment
Feb 08, 2024
Beware these ball flight 'red flags' for better golf
Feb 06, 2024
A new way to think about your clubs which will make you a better golfer
Feb 01, 2024
So many golfers make these 'gapping' club mistakes
Jan 30, 2024
What is 'loft-jacking'? What you need to know
Jan 25, 2024
What you can learn playing from better players
Jan 23, 2024
A common sense guide to speed training
Jan 18, 2024
The best (and worst) ways to set golf goals
Jan 16, 2024
The slow-mo secret to better golf
Jan 11, 2024
Stop overlooking this putting setup key
Jan 09, 2024
A simple way to avoid this early golf swing mistake
Jan 04, 2024
It's an underrated part of your golf swing—how to fix it
Jan 02, 2024
Should you have an 'emergency' putting strategy?
Dec 28, 2023
What I learned watching golf's legends at the PNC
Dec 21, 2023
How to find your perfect play-your-best mindset
Dec 14, 2023
Why I’m obsessed with this awesome new golf swing drill
Dec 12, 2023
What I learned playing with a PGA Tour player (part 2)
Dec 07, 2023
How to trick your playing partners into giving you putts
Dec 05, 2023
The feisty social media chipping debate, explained
Nov 30, 2023
The layup shot mistakes golfers make—and how to avoid them
Nov 28, 2023
How to avoid 'Disaster starts' to your round
Nov 21, 2023
How AI is making you a better golfer (without you even realizing)
Nov 16, 2023
Can a computer fix your golf swing?
Nov 14, 2023
Our best advice for avoiding the dreaded 'reverse bounce back'
Nov 09, 2023
An underrated pre-round way of warming up
Nov 07, 2023
Breakthrough swing tips we love (part 2)
Nov 02, 2023
Breakthrough swing tips we love (part 1)
Oct 31, 2023
Why this is the most important move in the golf swing
Oct 26, 2023
The basics of playing college golf (part 2)
Oct 19, 2023
The basics of playing college golf (part 1)
Oct 17, 2023
Breaking 80 the first time (part 3)
Oct 05, 2023
Breaking 80 for the first time (part 2)
Oct 03, 2023
Breaking 80 for the first time (part 1)
Sep 26, 2023
Is it time to stop taking practice swings?
Sep 14, 2023
Forget your ideal shot, find your ideal miss
Sep 12, 2023
Use this checklist before every iron shot
Sep 07, 2023
A better way to read putts?
Sep 05, 2023
Should you try arm lock putting?
Aug 31, 2023
The difference between Swing Thoughts and Swing Feels, explained
Aug 29, 2023
Some basic match-winning strategies, explained
Aug 22, 2023
1 important iron distance for amateur golfers — and how to improve it
Aug 17, 2023
A few basics on getting your ball in play, every time
Aug 15, 2023
The interesting technique that could fix your putting
Aug 08, 2023
The killer mistakes golfers make on par 3s
Aug 03, 2023
The secrets to playing golf in the wind
Aug 01, 2023
The key to good putting is more boring than you think
Jul 27, 2023
1 pre-round stretch that tour players love
Jul 13, 2023
This ‘68% rule’ will instantly upgrade your practice sessions
Jul 11, 2023
What we learned watching LPGA Tour players
Jul 06, 2023
Why this type of warm up is more important than the driving range
Jun 29, 2023
The putting practice that pros are obsessed with
Jun 27, 2023
The mistakes to avoid if you want to be a good golf parent (part 2)
Jun 17, 2023
The fade formula, and why it works so well at the U.S. Open
Jun 15, 2023
Why this is the true key to being a happier golfer
Jun 08, 2023
When you have a bad warmup session, DON'T do this
Jun 06, 2023
The best thing to do after an unlucky break on the golf course
May 30, 2023
What I learned playing golf with a PGA Tour winner
May 25, 2023
The go-to golf swing stretches we do all the time at home
May 16, 2023
The mistakes to avoid if you want to be a good golf parent
May 11, 2023
This strange skill is a secret distance key
May 09, 2023
Our tips to help you find the best coach for *you*
May 04, 2023
The bizarre method that can help you hole more putts
May 02, 2023
It's golf's dumbest argument. These stats prove why.
Apr 27, 2023
Stats reveal the most common short game 'disaster shots'
Apr 25, 2023
The iron mistake golfers make more than 50% of the time
Apr 20, 2023
What these stats reveal about your blowup hole mistakes
Apr 18, 2023
A mental trick of the pros, explained
Apr 13, 2023
It’s boring, but there’s a reason every pro golfer does it
Apr 11, 2023
Rory McIlroy Q&A on living healthy and playing better
Mar 31, 2023
How to add speed to your swing (the smart way)
Mar 28, 2023
The most important area of your game if you want to improve
Mar 23, 2023
A fun and addicting way to improve your putting, quickly
Mar 21, 2023
A no-frills chipping strategy that will actually help
Mar 16, 2023
The stupid strategy mistake amateur golfers make all the time
Mar 14, 2023
Introducing: Golf IQ
Mar 06, 2023