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By Alex Wagner, MSNBC

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Alex Wagner brings an enormous breadth of reporting experience to her new show, where she’ll cover news of the day, politics, and the cultural trends shaping our country and ourselves, leaving viewers with a better understanding of what’s happening in the world.

Episode Date
Dangers of 'elite' police units get closer look after Tyre Nichols' death

...Plus, Ron DeSantis overhauls state college to be right wing indoctrination center

Feb 01, 2023
In police treatment of Tyre Nichols, an inability to see the human being in front of them

...Plus, Nichols family focuses on Tyre's 'assignment from God'

Jan 28, 2023
New report exposes Bill Barr abuse of DOJ power with Durham probe

...Plus, Expected release of video of deadly police beating of Black motorist puts nation on edge

Jan 27, 2023
Facebook ignores risk of Trump inciting violence with lifting of ban

...Plus, Florida county officials look to re-erect Confederate monument at courthouse

Jan 26, 2023
Georgia D.A. investigating Trump says 'decisions are imminent'

...Plus, Shootings bring new terror to Asian-American community already facing racism, violence 

Jan 25, 2023
Fox News, at apex of 'ecosystem of disinformation' faces potential legal comeuppance

...Plus, Backlash  against anti-abortion laws produces new legal strategies, more secure rights

Jan 21, 2023
McCarthy plays hostage game with U.S. economy, not realizing he's also a hostage

...Plus, Santos engages in brazen hypocrisy embracing Republican anti-LGBTQ agenda

Jan 20, 2023
DeSantis culture war on U.S. history threatens to backfire on Florida higher education

...Plus, Trump chief of staff John Kelly feared Bannon bugged his office: book

Jan 19, 2023
Officials see election complaints shift from political tactic to inspiring violence

...Plus, Fossil fuel industry takes gaslighting to new level with dark money campaign

Jan 18, 2023
Politically intimidated Garland overcompensates with Biden special counsel: Hasan
...Plus, As fishy finances come into focus, Santos' lies find comfortable surroundings
Jan 14, 2023
Trapped by politics, Garland appoints special counsel for Biden documents

...Plus, Reporters follow George Santos' money in increasingly small circles

Jan 13, 2023
Republicans invent fake procedure for symbolic anti-abortion vote

...Plus, Ozone hole on course to heal after global phase out of harmful chemicals

Jan 12, 2023
How MAGA culture infected Brazilian politics

...Plus, In Trump's classified documents case, the obstruction makes the difference

Jan 11, 2023
Principles, dignity no obstacles to McCarthy's ambition

...Plus, Georgia election workers honored for defending democracy; Trump continues baseless attacks

Jan 07, 2023
Do they know people are watching? McCarthy gives away his dignity in speakership quest

...Plus, Republican Party paralyzed by Trump-style politicians-as-brands

Jan 06, 2023
Second day of McCarthy failures highlights Trump impotence even among fans

...Plus, McCarthy adds campaign Super PAC promises to sweeten the deal for holdouts 

Jan 05, 2023
What's next after McCarthy's humiliating triple vote failure for the House speakership?

...Plus, AOC: Up to McCarthy whether he wants to approach Democrats to save his speakership

Jan 04, 2023
Jan. 6 transcripts show how mass resignation threats blocked Trump's coup plans

...Plus, George Santos draws attention of criminal investigators; GOP silent on the sidelines

Dec 30, 2022
'Perfect storm' of internal and external problems broke Southwest Airlines

...Plus, Christian nationalism conspicuously absent from January 6 report 

Dec 29, 2022
GOP governors with presidential ambitions court Trump's base with cruelty to migrants

...Plus, George Santos falls short in effort to explain away campaign lies

Dec 28, 2022
Democratic Congress outperforms expectations; braces for Republican control

...Plus, Happy Holidays from Alex Wagner, Rachel Maddow and the 9pm production crew!

Dec 27, 2022
Trump team's inability to remember anything from Jan. 6 strains credulity

...Plus, Behind the scenes: How the January 6 Committee operation came together

Dec 24, 2022
Cassidy Hutchinson transcript shows defiance of Trump team manipulations

...Plus, the January 6th Committee's full report is finally released to the public

Dec 23, 2022
House committee votes to release Trump taxes; IRS failed to perform audit

...Plus, Why did some Secret Service agents hire private attorneys instead of using free agency lawyers in the January 6th investigation?

Dec 21, 2022
Jan. 6 Committee considering three potential charges for Trump DOJ referral: NBC

...Plus, State Republicans try to cling to power for months despite being voted out in midterms

Dec 17, 2022
Trump makes a fool of himself hawking weird imaginary trading cards

...Plus, Anti-abortion activists take page from environmentalists' playbook in new tactic

Dec 16, 2022
As Pelosi is honored, McCarthy struggles to muster a coalition of support

...Plus, Sen. Murphy senses shift for anti-gun violence movement as voter tolerance of inaction runs out

Dec 15, 2022
Meadows texts show alarming number of GOP lawmakers addled by conspiracy theories

...Plus, DeSantis doubles down as Republicans pay price for vaccine rejection with higher death count

Dec 14, 2022
The real reason Kyrsten Sinema left the Democratic Party

...Plus, Who is the "bicycle assassin" Vladimir Putin wants in exchange for American Paul Whelan?

Dec 10, 2022
'Really hard choice': Biden admin faced tough choices in Griner release exchange

...Plus, NYT workers walk off job in 'shot across the bow' of what could come

Dec 09, 2022
'This is a chapter in the book': Manhattan D.A. puts Trump Org conviction in context

...Plus, Cory Booker cites gap between Republican voters and GOP electeds in midterm failures

Dec 08, 2022
Why reordering the Democratic primaries is a big deal

...Plus, Russia pursues war crime tactic targeting energy infrastructure in Ukraine as winter cold sets in

Dec 03, 2022
Appeals court tears apart special master review of seized Mar-a-Lago documents

...Plus, Congress demands answers on Supreme Court justice influence scandal; eyes solutions to 'accountability problem'

Dec 02, 2022
Coordinated scheme to influence SCOTUS shows susceptibility of justices to activists

...Plus, Dire economic stakes have Biden admin eager for rail labor resolution

Dec 01, 2022
Trump-supporting Oath Keeper leader guilty on rare seditious conspiracy charge

...Plus, Report exposes ease of access to schmooze Supreme Court justices

Nov 30, 2022
As investigators close in on Trump, the New York Times says Pence may speak to the DOJ about the January 6 attack

... Plus Alaska finally declares who won the House and Senate races and Twitter becomes vulnerable to hate speech.

Nov 24, 2022
The Supreme Court clears the way for House Democrats to get Trump's tax returns

... Plus interviews with the Club Q hero who tackled the shooter and a Club Q survivor still recovering from gunshots in the hospital.

Nov 23, 2022
Special Counsel appointed for Trump Investigations

... Plus Twitter layoffs and resignations call into question the future of the platform.

Nov 19, 2022
House Speaker Nancy Pelosi passes the baton to the next generation

... Plus Trump's 2024 presidential run weighs heavy on the Georgia Senate Race

Nov 18, 2022
Gluesenkamp Perez flips GOP district in Washington State

...Plus, Report suggests Trump 'at substantial risk of criminal prosecution' in Georgia

Nov 17, 2022
Republicans slow to learn obvious lesson of Trump's ballot burden

...Plus, candidacy offers no protection to Trump from ongoing criminal investigations

Nov 16, 2022
Democratic successes in Nevada carry hopes for a Senate win

...Plus, Even with control of Congress unsettled, speculation and jockeying for power begins

Nov 12, 2022
Republicans pay the price for right-wing extremism

...Plus, Will John Fetterman wear a hoodie to the Senate?

Nov 11, 2022
A post-election legal storm gathers for Trump (and candidacy won't protect him)

...Plus, Elon Musk appears to be in over his head with Twitter purchase

Nov 05, 2022
Election workers become heroes and villains in midterm spotlight

...Plus, New York attorney general uses Trump's publicity stunt lawsuit against him in court

Nov 04, 2022
In address, Biden appeals in Americans to support democracy

...Plus, a key Trump aide accepts immunity in exchange for testimony in Mar-a-Lago document investigation

Nov 03, 2022
GOP fixation on Pelosi produces dangerous dividends

...Plus, Tim Ryan on finding gettable voters in his campaign for Senate

Nov 02, 2022
Violent right-wing rhetoric makes targets of politicians and public servants

...Plus, DOJ adds new key player to team investigating Trump over Mar-a-Lago documents

Oct 29, 2022
Election conspiracy theorists focus attention on local precincts

Plus, Texas Republican stunt blocks police funding increase, other important spending

Oct 28, 2022
Frenzied base, spineless leadership make impeachment inevitable if GOP takes House: report

...Plus, Three convicted in assisting Whitmer kidnap plotters

Oct 27, 2022
PA debate: Fetterman wrangles 'elephant in the room'; Oz spotlighted for abortion answers

...Plus, What bothers Dr. Fauci more than personal attacks from Republican politicians

Oct 26, 2022
Details of secret material seized from Trump focus concern on intelligence sources' safety

...Plus, Republican state election chief walks fine line to assuage 'stop the steal' outrage

Oct 22, 2022
Election offices add protection against Trump 'stop the steal' conspiracy theorists

...Plus, Threat of abortion bans to women's health becomes reality

Oct 21, 2022
Trevor Noah on race, media, and how he wants to spend his heartbeats

...Plus, Judge calls out Trump for apparently lying in federal court... and that's a big deal

Oct 20, 2022
Trump's conspiracy theory collides with reality in another embarrassing Durham failure

...Plus, Ron DeSantis sows fear and confusion with election task force arrests

Oct 19, 2022
Scandals immaterial to Walker's supporters seeking Senate control

...Plus, Rep. Lofgren calls interaction between Secret Service and January 6th Committee 'cause for concern'

Oct 15, 2022
What to understand about the empty folders found at Mar-a-Lago

...Plus, Sparse precedent for Mar-a-Lago search could earn Supreme Court attention

Sep 03, 2022
Florida teachers afraid, confused as DeSantis politicizes curriculum

...Plus, Republican 'clown show' puts midterm Republican 'red wave' into question

Aug 20, 2022