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By Alex Wagner, MSNBC

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Alex Wagner brings an enormous breadth of reporting experience to her new show, where she’ll cover news of the day, politics, and the cultural trends shaping our country and ourselves, leaving viewers with a better understanding of what’s happening in the world.

Episode Date
Complexities of a RICO case seen in wide-ranging Georgia investigation of Trump

...Plus, GOP frantic to pull political strings to get Trump out of trouble, gin up Biden scandal

Jun 03, 2023
Trump targeting of truth-tellers eyed in probe of effort to subvert election with Big Lie

...Plus, 'Our governor is a job killing moron': DeSantis immigration policy threatens state economy

Jun 02, 2023
Lordy! Special counsel reportedly has audio of Trump talking about secret document he kept

...Plus, 'Gimme a break!': Sen. Kaine vows to strip pipeline from debt ceiling deal

Jun 01, 2023
Trump's lawyers reportedly beginning to turn on each other

...Plus, Debt deal moves to next stage with McCarthy likely to rely on lots of Democratic votes

May 31, 2023
New reporting on documents moved at Mar-a-Lago suggests shape of case against Trump

...Plus, DeSantis attempts to redefine Trump to make room for himself on GOP's right wing

May 26, 2023
DeSantis faith in Musk for campaign launch results in humiliation; Trump gleeful

...Plus, a quiet Mark Meadows stirs a new stream of speculation

May 25, 2023
Is the special counsel poised for a Trump indictment or just 'playing with his food'?

...Plus, As legislative session ends, Texas ignores gun violence crisis for culture war issues

May 24, 2023
Fani Willis security precautions suggest big fish indictment

...Plus, New College class of 2023 celebrates graduation on their own terms; spurns Trumpy official speaker

May 20, 2023
House GOP appears to have reached 'nastiness' goal set by Gingrich

...Plus, Gun violence is top health concern among Americans: poll

May 19, 2023
Boosted by gerrymandering, GOP forces 12-week abortion ban on North Carolina

...Plus, GOP tries to prop up Durham report dud with attack on Adam Schiff

May 18, 2023
White House keeps positive face on debt ceiling despite GOP threats

...Plus, Crucial local elections take shape in Kentucky and Pennsylvania

May 17, 2023
White Christian Nationalism emerges from shadows of GOP politics

...Plus, Antisemitic speakers skip Trump stop on right-wing roadshow tour

May 13, 2023
Void in GOP leadership leaves Trump's corrupting influence intact

...Plus, Fox leans into fear mongering ahead of migrant surge

May 12, 2023
'Profoundly irresponsible': Ocasio-Cortez rips 'atrocious' Trump town hall

...Plus, Why Trump should be concerned about the George Santos fraud charges

May 11, 2023
Jury finds Trump liable for sexual abuse; awards Carroll $5 million

...Plus, The law catches up to George Santos with new federal charges filed

May 10, 2023
Georgia prosecutor transcript in fake elector case references 'the indictment'

...Plus, What can be done to fix the broken Supreme Court?

May 06, 2023
DOJ has cooperating witness in Trump documents case; issues 'wave of new subpoenas': NYT

...Plus, 'This is really a five alarm fire': Supreme Court in crisis after string of scandals

May 05, 2023
Controversial text reveals nature of Tucker Carlson's white supremacy on Fox

...Plus, Are the risks worth the rewards for Trump on GOP primary debate stage?

May 04, 2023
How Trump's pattern of behavior strengthens E. Jean Carroll's case against him

...Plus, what the writers strike is all about

May 03, 2023
Trump and allies work to water down meaning of 'insurrection' to excuse January 6 riot

...Plus, 'Exonerated Five' member wishes fair justice for Trump but recognizes 'karma'

Apr 29, 2023
Trump lawyers' disingenuous plea for help from Congress met with scorn

...Plus, Carlson firing sends Fox viewers to Newsmax in ironic reprise of election fallout

Apr 28, 2023
Trump lawyers ask Congress to save Trump from Mar-a-Lago investigation

...Plus, Right-wing tests corporations with pressure to roll back social consciousness

Apr 27, 2023
Warren rips Tuberville holding U.S. military hostage with anti-abortion agenda

...Plus, As Gorsuch joins Supreme Court scandal parade, Roberts gaslights on 'ethics principles'

Apr 26, 2023
Supreme Court keeps abortion pill legal ...for now

...Plus, Shoddy Musk management degrades Twitter as a public resource

Apr 22, 2023
Democrats get wise to standing up to GOP minority tyranny

...Plus, Lindell on the hook for $5M after losing his own bet on bogus 2020 data

Apr 21, 2023
The better Republicans get to know Ron DeSantis, the less they like him

...Plus, Some Republicans resist repeal of ban on unmarried couples living together

Apr 20, 2023
Jordan Klepper: ‘Trump needs to poop his pants’, humiliations threaten right-wing bubble

...Plus, 'Stand your ground' makes dangerous mix of guns and fear of young Black men

Apr 19, 2023
NRA boos Mike Pence; Timid non-Trump GOP candidates literally phone it in

...Plus, John Leguizamo pushes back on effort to erase Latin contributions from U.S. history

Apr 15, 2023
Trump deposed in NYAG case accusing him of 'staggering' business fraud

...Plus, Al Franken weighs in on the state of Republican politics: like a parody but not funny

Apr 14, 2023
Audio with Fox News shows Trump team privately admitted lacking evidence on Dominion claim

...Plus, Senator Raphael Warnock on defending democracy in Tennessee

Apr 13, 2023
New Bragg lawsuit brushes back House GOP's ploy to play shadow legal defense for Trump

...Plus, Republican book banning frenzy could shut down all libraries in one Texas county

Apr 12, 2023
How to understand the dueling abortion pill court rulings

...Plus, Clarence Thomas has staggeringly poor judgment for someone whose job is literally to judge things

Apr 08, 2023
Tennessee GOP expels two Black legislators; fails to remove white state rep.

...Plus, 'Ridiculous in nature': Fani Willis recognizes Trump's First Amendment rights; cautions against threats

Apr 07, 2023
Trump's criminal indictment merely an early chapter in what's coming to him

...Plus, DeSantis's own book could be a casualty of his censorship crusade 

Apr 06, 2023
U.S. fights to shore up democracy as challenges persist at home and abroad

...Plus, Former Trump Org CFO Weisselberg no longer represented by Trump-funded attorneys: WNBC

Mar 30, 2023
Pence grand jury testimony would shed light on Trump's state of mind, not his own

...Plus, Florida grows more extreme in allowing vocal minority to ban ideas, books, movies, art

Mar 29, 2023
Judge orders Trump aides to testify as privilege claims crumble

...Plus, Florida student's 'discomfort' causes cancellation of civil rights class

Mar 25, 2023
Republicans abandon pretense, weaponize Congress to save Trump

...Plus, Famous statue's nakedness too much for Florida parents; principal fired over lesson

Mar 24, 2023
What the heck is going on in the Mar-a-Lago documents case?

...Plus, Don't be fooled, Trump has a lifelong fear of being arrested, our guest says

Mar 23, 2023
For Donald Trump, legal dominoes may not be finished falling

...Plus, why the GOP can't quit Trump no matter how much he disgraces himself

Mar 22, 2023
Trump camp had report debunking 'dead voter' claim as Trump spread it: WaPo

...Plus, Legislator 'accidentally' recommends Confederate flag to list of approved Florida flags

Mar 18, 2023
How Trump would react to indictment raises concern for safety of prosecutors

...Plus, Town residents lose patience with 'stolen election' deluded board 

Mar 17, 2023
Why abortion rights advocates are anxious about the judge hearing the abortion pill case

...Plus, Chinese billionaire, influential with U.S. conservatives, arrested on fraud charges

Mar 16, 2023
Trump, DeSantis leave mainstream behind in pursuit of GOP base primary voters

...Plus, Man sues ex-wife's friends in first test of Texas abortion law

Mar 15, 2023
Trump struggles to with the growing burden of his own baggage

...Plus, Crazy like a fox... if it's a crazy fox... and actually, not a fox.

Mar 11, 2023
Why the Manhattan D.A. may be poised to make history with a Trump indictment

...Plus, Biden corners Republicans with proposed budget

Mar 10, 2023
Embattled Florida parents to America: You're next if DeSantis wins!

...Plus, Fox future questioned as disgrace deepens

Mar 09, 2023
New batch of documents shows extent of Fox lies about the 2020 election

...Plus, Women denied health care during pregnancy complications sue Texas

Mar 08, 2023
CPAC highlights grifter, huckster wing of the GOP

...Plus, Medication abortion becomes new battleground in war over reproductive rights

Mar 04, 2023
New College students steadfast in defiance of DeSantis buzzwords and politicized agenda

...Plus, Tennessee legislator shocks with lynching suggestion

Mar 03, 2023
New report exposes FBI reticence ahead of Mar-a-Lago search

...Plus, Eli Lilly caps insulin price at $35 amid mounting political, competitive pressure

Mar 02, 2023
McCarthy struggles to make sense with excuses for giving security tapes to Fox

...Plus, DeSantis turns his bullying tactics on Disney

Mar 01, 2023
Single Trump judge to decide fate of abortion rights for millions of American women

...Plus, Prominent conservative lawyer shreds Pence's legal delay tactic to duck DOJ subpoena

Feb 25, 2023
Former Arizona A.G. sat on report debunking Big Lie as he continued to spread it

...Plus, What's behind the rise in America's 'extremist, mass-killing problem'

Feb 24, 2023
'Clearly a dereliction of duty of the speaker': Thompson calls out McCarthy for Fox breach

...Plus, Do we need a piece of legislation to tell us that the AR-15 is the national gun of America? Nearly every mass shooting in this country shows us that it already is. And there is almost nothing that Congress has done so far that will change that.

Feb 23, 2023
Special grand jury foreperson shares details, drops heavy hints in Georgia Trump case

...Plus, From gerrymandering to abortion rights, huge stakes in Wisconsin Supreme Court election

Feb 22, 2023
Court brief exposes Fox News fear of fickle, Trump-supporting audience

...Plus, Feds bust company using child labor to clean meatpacking plants

Feb 18, 2023
New report raises questions about indicted former FBI spy chief's Russia contacts

...Plus, did the U.S. use a $400,000 missile to shoot down a $12 school science project balloon?

Feb 17, 2023
Trump chief of staff Mark Meadows received DOJ subpoena in January: reports

...Plus, DeSantis culture war stunts provoke protest in Florida capital

Feb 16, 2023
DOJ argues crime-fraud exception to force Trump lawyer's testimony

...Plus, Outside of balloon spotlight, Chinese hacks threaten U.S. infrastructure, national security, and individual Americans

Feb 15, 2023
Trump lawyers turn over more classified material, including digital copies

...Plus, Biden orders downing of flying object over Alaska

Feb 11, 2023
'This is a chapter in the book': Manhattan D.A. puts Trump Org conviction in context

...Plus, Cory Booker cites gap between Republican voters and GOP electeds in midterm failures

Dec 08, 2022
Election workers become heroes and villains in midterm spotlight

...Plus, New York attorney general uses Trump's publicity stunt lawsuit against him in court

Nov 04, 2022
Election offices add protection against Trump 'stop the steal' conspiracy theorists

...Plus, Threat of abortion bans to women's health becomes reality

Oct 21, 2022
What to understand about the empty folders found at Mar-a-Lago

...Plus, Sparse precedent for Mar-a-Lago search could earn Supreme Court attention

Sep 03, 2022
Florida teachers afraid, confused as DeSantis politicizes curriculum

...Plus, Republican 'clown show' puts midterm Republican 'red wave' into question

Aug 20, 2022