Come Over for Dinner!

By Bess

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So you've told someone, "Come over for dinner!" What's next? Experienced hosts and hostesses share their best advice for planning a meal to serve and help you with detailed tips so you can re-create their amazing dishes in your own home. You'll learn how to make your home warm and welcoming where your guests have a great time and you do too! Find all of the recipes and must-have kitchen items at!

Episode Date
Bess - Steak and Potato Soup

Today's episode is a bit mixed up! There is a guest host interviewing a very familiar guest. Join Bess to hear all about her journey to perfect sweet potato casserole and her journey away from most other casseroles. She shares multiple hosting fails as well as inspiration for her podcast. Bess delves into the importance of hospitality whether you host at a fancy home or a double-wide trailer and how manners are a key ingredient. Stay tuned for her must-have kitchen item! (Visit for the recipe, product links, and more!)

Nov 24, 2022
Jen - Butternut Squash Soup with Thyme, Oven-Barbecued Beef Brisket or Balsamic Quick-Braised Pork Chops

Today's guest is full of talent and stories. Join Jen to learn about no-till farming, a Frenchman knighted for his baking skills, and the best way to cook bacon. She shares a delicious menu that includes a soup she's made for 15 years. Jen gives great advice for hosting guests as well as her newest cleaning secret. Stay tuned for her must-have kitchen items! (Visit for the recipe, product links, and more!)

Nov 17, 2022
Kathryn - Pork Loin with Plum Chutney

As a business owner and mom, Kathryn has hosted many events, large and small. She shares a delicious menu perfect for fall and gives lots of fun ideas for creating a memorable outside event. Learn how to use a spreadsheet to size recipes up as well as tips to make your event kid friendly.  Kathryn shares an inspirational cookbook idea and lots of great advice. Stay tuned for a funny story and her must-have kitchen items! (Visit for the recipe, product links, and more!)

Nov 10, 2022
Danielle - Harissa Chicken with Roasted Sweet Potatoes

The wife of an artist, Danielle tells us about a delicious dish she serves to the art students invited into her home. She recommends a book that will inspire you and gives tips on how to use music and lighting to create the right vibe for your event. Danielle shares ideas to get small children involved and excited to have people over. Her advice will give your entire dinner an artistic flair. Stay tuned for her must-have kitchen items! (Visit for the recipe, product links, and more!)

Nov 03, 2022
Sam - Perfect Pulled Pork

Invite friends and family over for a great meal and warm fellowship around your table. Serve them Sam's pulled pork recipe that has been perfected over time to serve a crowd. You'll learn all of the techniques to re-create this mouth-watering recipe in your own home. Sam shares two different menus you can serve from this one simple recipe. Hear advice to make it less daunting to welcome people into your home. Stay tuned for not one but TWO must-have kitchen items! (Visit for the recipe, product links, and more!)

Oct 27, 2022
Bel - Imitation Jamie Oliver Sheet Pan Recipe

Today's guest has coordinated events ranging in size from 12-1,200! She shares a comfort meal and tips to put your guests at ease. Learn how she does meal prep, plans her trip through the store, and why you should leave your bathroom light on! We discuss hosting in a small space and share a bonus dessert recipe. There are 2 hot tips for newlywed gifts! Stay tuned for her must-have kitchen item and why you need it! (Visit for the recipe, product links, and more!)

Oct 20, 2022
Holly - Red Beans and Rice

Today's guest will give inspire you to dust off your instant pot! We discuss a delicious menu, look at the pros and cons of having groceries delivered, and agree on the benefits of creating a white tornado. Tune in to learn how to create one yourself! Keep listening for Holly's must-have kitchen item and a suggestion for further readings on hospitality. You don't want to miss it! (Visit for the recipe and more!)

Oct 13, 2022
Samantha - Chicken Spaghetti

Join us as Samantha tells us all about her favorite menu to serve to a hungry group of guests, including chicken spaghetti! You'll learn her shortcuts and tips that help make this an easy yet delicious dish to prepare. She adds seasonings that set this dish apart from other chicken spaghetti recipes you've made before. You'll hear make-ahead directions and hostess secrets so you can be ready to be relaxed and enjoy your guests when they walk in. You will all end up having a fabulous time! Stay tuned to hear her must-have kitchen item and a baking disaster that will make you laugh!

Oct 06, 2022
Rachel - Mexican Enchiladas

Today's special guest is a top expert in hospitality and hosts a podcast of her own, "What Have You." Rachel shares numerous tips and recipes to create a fabulous Mexican spread. We discuss items you need to prep for a large crowd as well as advice on the clean-up afterward. She shares great ideas for hosting with kids, and we even branch out into the topic of bagels! Her must-have kitchen item is truly an item you must have. (Visit for the multitude of recipes, tips, product links, and more!)

Sep 29, 2022
Kristy - Meatloaf

Kristy shares her thoughts on the community created when we gather around the table. Her mother's tried-and-true meatloaf recipe is part of her go-to menu. If you're a recovering perfectionist who gets nervous about having people in your home, she has advice for you! Kristy shares her favorite recipe app to make planning easier. It may be what you're looking for! (Visit for the recipe and more!) 

Sep 22, 2022
Carolyn - Homemade Pasta, Sausage Ravioli Filling, and Killer Alfredo Sauce

Carolyn tells us all about making homemade pasta. Even beginners can follow her tips and re-create this special menu! You'll hear a great book recommendation, near instant dessert ideas, and why she likes family-style dining. Consider her prep and cleaning tips. They'll make hosting easier! She reminds us to watch our hearts closer than the messy bedrooms. Stay tuned for her must-have kitchen item! (Visit for the recipes (including a bonus one we forgot to talk about!), product links, and more!)

Sep 15, 2022
Kimberley - Tuscan Chicken Stew

Kimberley shares her perfected Tuscan Chicken Stew recipe along with a menu to serve it with! You'll hear about Myrtle, a place to find recipe inspiration, and cleaning stations. Learn how she welcomes guests into her home including inner-city gang members! Stay tuned for her must-have kitchen item and why you need it! (Visit for the recipe, product links, and more!)

Sep 08, 2022
Ruth - Honey Garlic Salmon Soba Noodle Bowls

Ruth tells us her current favorite one-dish menu to serve her guests. They will think they are at a 5-star restaurant! It's your secret how simple it is to prepare. She shares her shortcuts that make this recipe fast and affordable. You'll learn how to be a relaxed hostess who enjoys her own dinner party! Stay tuned for her must-have kitchen item! Ruth also shares a bonus tip - her favorite recipe app and a double bonus - a story about me. 

Sep 01, 2022
Bekah - Indonesian Chicken

Today's episode features a top expert. You'll want to hear all the tips! Join Bekah - mother to hungry young adults, cookbook author, and event coordinator for a college. She feeds large amounts of students and faculty as well as family, friends, and guests on a regular basis. Bekah is a gold mine of knowledge in hosting events, big and small. She shares a one-dish meal with all of her changes that have perfected this dish. She shares tips for easy clean-up, making friends with a local butcher, and even how to impress the little ones who come over for dinner with their parents. Stay tuned to the end for her must-have kitchen item. You don't want to miss it! (Visit for the recipe and more!) 

Aug 26, 2022
Katy - Perfect Pot Roast

Katy shares her super simple, perfect pot roast! It seems people usually love or hate pot roast. Those in the second category likely haven't had a good one! This version is tender and mouth-watering versus dry and hard to eat (learn which cut of meat to buy!). It is so easy to prepare that you'll find yourself making this again and again. You'll learn how to cook the perfect pot roast and which side dishes to add to make this a full menu to serve to your guests. Hear her tips to create a warm, welcoming home. Stay tuned for her must-have kitchen item and why you need one! (Visit for the recipe and more!)

Aug 18, 2022
Serena - Meatballs with Cream Sauce

Serena shares her favorite menu to serve to friends and family. The main dish is meatballs with cream sauce! Her passion for creating a welcoming environment for her family and guests will inspire you. You'll learn tips and secrets that will make this seem easy! She shares her top hostess tip, kitchen hack, and much more. To hear her must-have kitchen item, you've got to listen till the end! We're so glad you're here! (Visit for the recipe and more!)

Aug 10, 2022

Welcome to this podcast, Come Over for Dinner! Listen weekly to learn how to create a warm, welcoming home and table. You'll gain the confidence and expertise to be able to say to friends and family, "Come Over for Dinner!" During these episodes, you'll learn about a tried and true menu from a home cook like you. You'll hear time-savers, hot tips, must-have kitchen items, and more! Don't miss it! We're so glad you're here!  (Visit for recipes and more!)

Aug 10, 2022