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From the hit automotive counter culture website THE AUTOPIAN, The Autopian Podcast features your favorite writers: Jason Torchinsky, Beau Boeckmann and David Tracy. With great insider access, these three long-time friends talk car history, car engineering and the car industry. The Autopian is the ultimate car-culture website run by obsessive car nerds who want nothing more than to make people laugh while teaching them about geeky car minutiae. Founded by the two most-read Jalopnik writers ever, Jason Torchinsky (an artist and comedian) and David Tracy (an automotive engineer) — along with prolific businessman/TV personality Beau Boeckmann — the site places a strong focus on technical expertise, leveraging industry insiders to provide key insight into the automotive world. But as detailed as things get at The Autopian, the site’s main focus is to create fun, engaging content that fosters an inclusive, close-knit automotive community. Beau, David, and Jason literally created the website’s mission statement while sitting in a 1901 Sunbeam-Mabley, surrounded by postwar microcars like a Messerschmitt Tiger (see image above). That mission statement, by the way, is: The Autopian exists to serve the car enthusiast community by creating content that informs and entertains, while celebrating the unifying quality of automobiles.

Episode Date

What has a BMW, an incredibly irrepressible attitude in the volatile automotive industry and rhymes with Mack Slapman? It's Zack Klapman, of the Smoking Tire Podcast and a mainstay in automotive content and culture. Zack joins the Autopian team in more ways than one (wink wink) as he steps up on stage (that's right, we brought a stage to the L.A.A.S. so we're always above you peasants) to partake in our first live studio audience recording.

The Autopians are podcasting from the Los Angeles Auto Show, directly from their own Autopian exhibit of cars. David, Beau and Torch take on the car show, it's featured vehicles and an issue they have with the new Porsche 911 Safari production vehicle.

There is no substitute.

Nov 23, 2022
SPECIAL GUEST: Gale "The Turbo King" Banks

The fellas start a deep and comprehensive conversation with one of the most important people in hot rodding, drag racing, and automotive engineering: Gale Banks.

Gale talks about his background, influence, family and of course a smidge about forced induction.

Bold moves.

Nov 16, 2022
SPECIAL GUEST: Randy Nonnenberg the Cofounder of Bring a Trailer

Going once, going twice... SOLD to the ex-German engineer who worked on the Audi TT shifter knob! This week, the duo invites Randy Nonnenberg to the podcast to talk about the automotive auctioning cultural phenomenon "Duo?", you ask incredulously? Yes, Torch only joins briefly from a bougie airport lounge that he's snuck into for good WiFi and free White Claw. On his way to a Volvo event in Sweden, Torch decides to hang out for a bit to hear about Randy's amazing tales regarding some of the cars on the site, the site's incredible influence in the automotive marketplace and some tales about BaT that nobody's ever heard.

Precision crafted performance.

Nov 09, 2022
SPECIAL GUEST: Magnus Walker Talks His New Exhibit at the Petersen!

Magnus Walker joins the Autopian Podcast to talk about Mopar. No kidding... You think we're saying the P-word on this podcast? You're crazy. Well, maybe once or twice we mentioned the P-word with Magnus a living breathing walking icon of automotive. Over a decade after Urban Outlaw, Magnus is still red-lining with new "build" projects, unveiling a brand new expose on his P-words at the greatest automotive museum in the world, and his opinion on car culture has never been more refined. Yes, Magnus schools David on LA car culture.

There is no substitute.

Nov 02, 2022
SPECIAL GUEST: Kevin Williams - Is the Toyota Yaris the GOAT Used Car?

The three increase to four as they invite Autopian Kevin Williams whose forte is used cars. With the volatile market on used cars seeing historic numbers in value and inventory (or lack thereof), the importance of knowing what used car you're getting into is incredibly important. Kevin talks the rental car market, junkyards and dealership used car programs. What car is the best for its value? Find out. Also, David is late for a very important date... so he leaves the podcast early.

Don't worry... we finish strong(ish) with David. Actually, honestly, the end of this podcast is an unrivaled mess... similar to two pigs copulating. Enjoy!

Good car for good moments.

Oct 26, 2022
Vanlife! And Torch Absolutely Loses It on Cadillac (yes, it's about the glovebox)

Torch has been a pacifist his whole life. He cares about feral kittens, he washes his many cars with care and he lives a relatively peaceful existence in North Carolina as long as a car maker doesn't happen to design a glovebox button three strokes deep inside a digital dash menu that you can only use while stationary. Yes, Torch has taken up arms against Cadillac... if at least only for this podcast.

Also, the trio talks vans and sleeping in vans and customizing vans and vans, man, vans.


Oct 19, 2022
Hoarding Cars and Speaking to the Authors of a New Book About Odd Japanese Cars

Beau, Torch and David welcome one of the most infamous car collectors in America to the show, Myron Vernis. Myron's car collection is renown, boasting vehicles that not even Beau has heard of. Mark Brinker joins the conversation as well. Myron and Mark speak on their new Japanese Automotive Encyclopedia on the absurd they've published called "The Quiet Greatness". Mark also has a super power or ability to make you taller or shorter. We're not kidding.

It's a Skoda, honest.

Oct 12, 2022

Sorry, folks. Ian ran through Florida and then hooked a Louie over North Carolina where Torch lost his power, and many many others lost so much more. Due to these circumstances, all of them, we're delaying our next podcast to the following week. Firstly, we hope everyone stays safe out there and gets back on their feet sooner than later. Secondly, check out the website for some of the finest articles on automotive tea around. Thirdly, don't miss us next Wednesday for a special podcast focusing on the "hoarders" of the automotive wasteland... car collectors. Beau will have lots of questions when the "Trio of Geo" invite Myron Vernis and Mark Brister on the pod to talk about a major addiction they share with the Autopians... acquiring odd vehicles

But don't take it from me... here's a message straight from the Torch's mouth.

The Heartbeat of America.

Oct 05, 2022
Q&A! The International Autopians Field Questions from the Public

It's only the 14th episode and the Autopians are already answering sizzling questions from the public (with Autopian publisher Matt Hardigree!). The mailbag gets popped open and answers are flying, but we also get a big update from Beau in Vietnam after touring the Disneyland of Automobiles. David is still struggling to talk about fixing the ute. Torch has an average car in mind.

The Best Never Rest.

Sep 28, 2022
SPECIAL GUEST: Adrian Clarke - Autopians Talk Design

Autopians are everywhere. You pass them in the street, you're probably married to one, you may have even birthed one. They come from the four corners of the planet as is represented in this week's podcast. Los Angeles, North Carolina, Australia and the UK are represented on this week's pod as Beau, Torch and Ute-Crushed David speak to the in-house designer Adrian Clark who has worked with such automotive mainstays as Land Rover. Adrian speaks on a number of topics related to design such as explaining the new Defender's "pointless" window square, the new Mustang's evolutionary rather than revolutionary design and even weighing on Torch and David's dirty laundry as the foursome spin out into an argument about whether Quantum Leap is a recognizable television show.

Better Built. Better Backed.

Sep 21, 2022
Internal Combustion Engines Beware! The Autopians Are Talking About EVs!

EV! EV! EV! That's all anyone wants to talk about in the automotive space right now. If Maserati isn't announcing their newest GT electric, then the governor of California is announcing new mandates on production, or VW is launching the new hippie wagon that no contemporary hippie can afford, or maybe we're just running out of lithium! Either way, electric vehicles are not only coming on strong but they're here to stay and take over the roads and make a mess when trying to defend them. Beau, Torch and David have lots of opinions on this ever-present evolution of the automobile.

The Power of Dreams!

Sep 14, 2022
The Post Pebble Beach Podcast

Pebble Beach is in all of our rear view mirrors but Beau and Torch and David can't shut up about it. Apparently, there were a couple cars in attendance that naturally stoke conversation. Lucky you, we have a medium for that conversation.

We're driving excitement!

Sep 07, 2022
SPECIAL GUEST! Master Builder Dave Shuten

While podcasting at Speed Shop, the trio invite the talented inhabitant who is a master at building and rebuilding custom cars and historic vehicles. Dave Shuten joins the podcast for a big conversation ranging from George Barris' secret but obvious part of the Batmobile, the Mork n Mindy Eggmobile, and David and Dave's backgrounds coinciding more than they thought.

Move your mind!

Sep 07, 2022

The Autopians threw a car show and because more than one person showed up, Torch, Tracy and Beau are over the moon. They talk up all the rad cars that showed up and caused the car show to nerd out.

And then... David Tracy goes on a bender... he admits to falling in love with a car model from the 50s... he admits to turning in $10.00 to the local police... and tops it off with news about his ChevyTracker's "personal issues".

Listen up as the guys geek out around some of the most classic customs in history.


Sep 07, 2022
SPECIAL GUEST! Leonard Yankelovich from Dartz Motorz

The trio morphs into a foursome when Latvian car builder Leo joins them to talk about "dictator mobiles". Leonard is the brains and brawn behind the company Dartz Motorz, renown for making impressive armored vehicles for world leaders and despots. Dartz has been involved with a number of film productions as well, boasting vehicles seen in the films The Dictator, The November Man and, if you listen to the podcast you'll discover, a brand new movie coming out soon that we think you've heard of!

The Autopians find out more about what it takes to build these incredible vehicles, diamond infused water and how many cups of caffeine Leo needs to get through the 2AM podcast from Riga, Latvia (hint more than two).

Listen up for "the ride of your life."

Aug 31, 2022
The Autopians Get Dangerously Close to Talking About Boats by Talking About Cars

Amphibious vehicles soak up the spotlight on this episode of The Autopian Podcast. The fellas roll up their pant legs and get moist when talking about boats that turn into cars and cars that turn into boats and cars that turn into cars that turn into boats. Either way, it's going to be a splash.

The talk takes a moment to turn south and their sights onto an automated pleasuring machine for the car that Torch received in the mail. You can imagine that it doesn't take long for things to derail gloriously. Guys and gals, buckle up for another terrible cliche when describing this week's episode of the podcast!

'Everything we do is driven by you!' (stolen directly from the Ford propaganda archives!)

Aug 31, 2022
SPECIAL GUEST... The Autopian's Own: Mercedes!

The fellas invite Mercedes to the podcast. Mercedes Streeter is one of The Autopian's favorite writers as she brings the knowledge when it comes to: Smart Cars, hard-to-find fiberglass trailers and large festivals featuring aeronautics and car nerds.

The four talk about Mercedes ridiculous car collections and then figure out who has the most inoperable cars.

Oh, what a feeling!

Aug 24, 2022
Swamp Coolers, Tanks and Whale Penis: We're Continuing Our Unbroken Streak of Keeping it Classy

This week, our three car nerds get wild when talking about leather made from whale penis used in opulent Russian dictator-mobiles. The racy talk doesn't stop there when Beau gets wet talking about how swamp coolers work on old Beetles. And just when you think the discussion can't get any spicier... the three friends start arguing over car culture: DETROIT v. LOS ANGELES. Listen up if you want to know which city boasts the best.

Aug 24, 2022
ELON VS TORCH: Whose Body Is More Physically Dominant?

In the third episode of The Autopian Podcast, the three amigos get feisty when comparing Torch's physique with that of Elon Musk's. The Russian Niva is making a comeback; and the three amigos fall over themselves when they talk miniature cars.. But wait there's more! The Ford F-150 Raptor R is broken down by the boys and Torch blows the dust off his art history degree and bucks up on anyone who wants to say automobiles are NOT art.

Listen up, Autopians!

Aug 17, 2022

The Autopians welcome filmmaker Joe Ligo, who quit his job to make a movie about the last great independent car company in America.

He's also an Emmy winning TV producer who enjoys learning great stories and sharing them with others. Oh! Lucky you! You get to hear them.

Listen up!

Aug 17, 2022

In the second episode of The Autopian Podcast, the trio continues breaking down the hottest automotive news from the website. They're talking futuristic Hyundai, they're shitting on subscription plans for cars, and they're wading into dangerous waters with a discussion about Beau's trip to Europe and David's trip to Germany. By "dangerous" we mean the discussion participants have the propensity to ramble.

Aug 17, 2022

Three of the biggest brains in the automotive space join forces for a weekly podcast that will jumpstart the mind.

Autopian Beau Boeckmann brings his incredible insight into the automotive industry and one of the craziest collections of cars around. Autopian "Torch" or Jason Torchinsky, as his byline likes to refer to him, has an encyclopedic brain when it comes to cars and car culture, and a scandalous appreciation for rear illumination. And David Tracy is the resident engineer, designer and wrench monkey, able to get any car running within 24 hours (that's kind of a stretch). He'll also tell you about his free Nash Metropolitan if you let him.

Together they bring totally different POVs when it comes to one singular discussion: car culture... and you get to be along for the proverbial ride, every Wednesday morning at 10AM EST.

Aug 16, 2022