In the Arena with the Eyre Sisters

By Saren, Shawni, Saydi and Charity

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Category: Parenting

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The Eyre sisters, mothers of 18 children ages 1-25 and daughters of best-selling parenting authors, share stories and discuss how growing up in an eccentric family has impacted their lives and their own parenting journeys.

Episode Date
6. Broaden: Sharing Our Passions

We love exploring ways to broaden our families. Growing up, our parents were passionate about broadening our minds - whether through travel, music & art, or setting goals. They encouraged us to push past our comfort zones and learn new things. They taught us that new people, places, and ideas are exciting! 

In today's episode, we explore what it was like growing up, and also how we've chosen to implement the idea of broadening in our own homes. In what ways do you help broaden your family? What will you do this week? Hop onto Instagram and let us know!

Oct 04, 2022
5. Citizens of the World: Embracing "Different"

This week's topic is one dear to our hearts. Just as our parents did, we feel strongly about teaching our children to be citizens of the world - to love and accept differences! Join us as we talk about our adventures growing up in England, Mexico, Japan, and the Philippines. We also discuss ways to be a citizen of the world from home. The world is wonderful, and there's so much to learn and embrace. How do you plan to bring this into your home this week? Plan a trip? Eat at a different restaurant? Attend a class about a culture you don't know about? Have international night at the dinner table? There are so many options - we just need to get creative and intentional. 

Sep 27, 2022
4. Rituals: Deliberate Touchpoints

Today we look back on rituals we had as a family - some daily, some weekly, some not-so-consistent. We talk about morning rituals, dinner rituals, car rides, Sundays, and nighttime. Some of our family rituals were pretty common - scripture study, mommy/daddy dates, and reading books together. Some are a little quirky, like our dinner speeches, nighttime visits from The Monster Man, and our Sunday award ceremonies. Whatever the rituals, the point is that they created a space for connection. Even small things can make a big difference. They help kids feel bonded and feel like they're part of something bigger than themselves. What rituals do you have in your family? 


Sep 20, 2022
3. Oregon: A Little Bit Crazy

Today we discuss the summers we spent building a log cabin in the middle of nowhere. We laugh about the living conditions and the creative cooking as well as discussing how being pushed outside our comfort zones taught us important lessons and how doing something a little bit crazy created amazing memories and connections. What can you do to bring some discomfort and out-of-the box experiences into your family life? 

Sep 10, 2022
2. Bear Lake: Place-Based Family Bonding

Join us as we describe the fun history of our family's favorite place. We talk about the days of buckets for toilets and carrying rocks and how Bear Lake evolved into a beloved annual summer gathering spot for 50+ family members. Special places are an important part of building a strong family - whether that place is a bench near your house or a cabin by a lake. What places are special to your family? 

Sep 09, 2022
1. Intro: Join us in the Arena

Get to know the Eyre Sisters and what we hope to do with this podcast. We talk about where the name came from, introduce the unique way we were raised and how that has shaped us as parents, and give you a glimpse into the topics we'll be covering as we move forward. 

Sep 08, 2022