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By Bailey Van Tassel

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The Garden Culture Podcast is more than just a how-to garden podcast, this is a place where we let the garden inspire our lives, as well as get to know incredible people who infuse their own lives with the magic of nature and gardening. Follow along as we talk about what to do in the garden each month and interview interesting people who weave gardening into their lives. Our host, Bailey Van Tassel, is a home gardener and the founder of a national gardening club. Her goal is to get more people gardening, especially in suburbia and small spaces, as she has. Bailey's mission is to make gardening an American pastime and a part of our innate culture. Her hope is to have more families raise their kids with a reverence for nature and an instinct for growing their own food and flowers.

Episode Date
Balancing Home Life & Work with Lisa Bass of Farmhouse on Boone

Lisa Bass is with us today, the woman behind Farmhouse on Boone. She is a wife, mother to 7, and successful entrepreneur who has led many women through the ins and outs of blogging and YouTubing, yet also sharing her own simple living and handmade life. 

Lisa shares about what it takes and key decisions that she's made to allow for only working a few hours a day while homeschooling and homemaking. She talks about her approach to gardening, and overall "home life". 

We talk a lot about Lisa's amazing blogging course, which you can check out here. I highly recommend it to anyone wanting to start blogging or start taking it more seriously. 

For all things Lisa and Farmhouse on Boone:

Some things we mention: 

Nourishing Traditions book

YouTube channels for Eugenia Diaz, Her86m2, and Shay Elliott's The Elliott Homestead


For more info on Bailey Van Tassel:

For info on Bailey's monthly gardening membership,  The Kitchen Garden Society:




Feb 02, 2023
How To Have A Tiny But Mighty Farm with Jill Ragan

Jill Ragan joins us today with the good word on farming in a tiny but mighty space. She tells us her story of starting a farm from scratch with no experience farming or gardening at scale and going from market farmer to flower farmer to educator, and now author. She gardens year-round and talks about how she stewards herself as a gardener as well as seeks to educate others on their journey in growing.

Jill's book, The Tiny But Mighty Farm is a great resource for anyone wanting to grow in a small space with maximum yield. 

Some other books mentioned: 

The New Organic Grower by Elliot Coleman

The Lean Farm by Ben Hartman

The First Time Gardener:Growing Vegetables by Jessica Sowards


For more info on Bailey visit

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Jan 19, 2023
Seasonal Eating with Annette Thurmon of Azure Farm

In this episode, we dig into "seasonal eating" with one of my dear friends, Annette Thurmon, of Azure Farm. Annette has taught me a lot about eating seasonally and its benefits. We talk about how to eat seasonally, choosing what's in season first when planning meals, nutrient density, eating plant-based, and so much more! 

To find out more about Annette:

Annette's cookbook, The Harvest Table:

Annette's Membership:


For more about Bailey:

Jan 12, 2023
Gardening in January: The Winter Garden

The garden in January is Winter's garden, with a dash of longer days promising spring's return. Let's explore what's happening in the kitchen garden, for foraging, and inside the home as we lean into preparing for this beautiful year ahead of us. There is still a chance for starting seeds, finding wild foods, and also tending to our gardens even if not growing much. 


I have a product I'm excited to share!

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Jan 05, 2023
The Joy in the Journey of Gardening & Business with Chloe MacKintosh of Boxwood Avenue

In this episode of The Garden Culture Podcast, Bailey Van Tassel interviews Chloe MacKintosh of Boxwood Avenue. Chloe started a blog years ago with the aim to sell pillows and share about her ranch life. She soon turned that blog into a successful business and then an interior design firm, eventually a brick-and-mortar shop, The Boxwood Mercantile. Chloe still finds time to connect with nature, plant her garden each season, and lead international retreats.  She now shares with us her search for true meaning in the merchandise space, as well as the stories that go alongside the beautiful goods and wares that she finds. 

Chloe has been deeply inspired by nature since she was a little girl and shared the connection between gardening and life and business with us. 

Find Chloe here:

Some Links: 

Western Sunset Gardening Book

Savory Institute 

Epic Gardening


About The Kitchen Garden Society:

Join us for a ONE-TIME offer of an annual membership (at a discount) with code MASTERCLASS

Dec 29, 2022
A Look Ahead At Gardening In 2023

Let's take a peek into gardening in 2023, what we're talking about here on the podcast, what I'll be focusing on in the garden, and over in The Kitchen Garden Society. 

Things I do to take stock of heading into the new year: 

  • A personal download of the highs and lows of the year
  • Review my garden journal and take inventory of what worked, what didn't, what I want to change, and what I'm inspired about

Coming up: A Garden Planning Masterclass! I'm walking you all through my EXACT planning method for mapping out the garden. It's FREE. Sign up HERE

I have planned dozens and dozens of gardens for people, and this method has proved to work! 

I also have a deal for you for joining The Kitchen Garden Society - a one-time offer to join via an annual membership at a 20% discount. Use code: MASTERCLASS. 

Some gardening subjects I'm excited to dig into: 

  • Maximizing growing vegetables 
  • Cut flower gardening year round
  • Getting taller cut flowers
  • Biodynamics
  • Permaculture on a small scale
  • Landscape design (borders and hardscape)
  • Designing kitchen gardens 
  • Sustainable fashion 
  • Understanding glyphosate 
  • Agri-hoods 


Email me with requests! Guests, subjects to cover, anything! 







Dec 22, 2022
The Living Off The Land Challenge (Without Owning Property) with Jordan and Silvan

This episode inspired me so much! Wow. Jordan and Silvan have found some innovative ways to live off the land without actually owning any land! They also go into this seasonal challenge that they do, their staple crops, how and where they grow, and so much more. 

Jordan and Silvan are experienced farmers and sustenance gardeners who specialize in small-scale food production in an urban environment. After running a small organic CSA farm in North Carolina for a couple of years, Silvan and Jordan relocated to Pittsburgh and focused on making their home garden and community garden plots a source of abundant food and education. In addition to their popular Instagram and TikTok profiles where they share their journey eating what they grow, forage and hunt, Silvan and Jordan both write freelance gardening articles for the online publication Wild & Whole. They also just finished their comprehensive online gardening and preserving course, The Complete Guide to Growing Your Own Food. 

Link to their gardening course & website:


Their handle for both Instagram and TikTok is @homegrownhandgathered.


Books mentioned

Farming the Woods by Ken Mudge


The No-Till Farm by Daniel Mays


Incredible Wild Edibles by Sam Thayer


For more info on The Kitchen Garden Society:

This is Bailey's monthly gardening subscription where we get you your best season yet! It's where gardening meets life, saves you time, and keeps you inspired. 



Dec 15, 2022
8 Ways To Garden Without Land

There are plenty of ways to garden without any land! Believe me, I know from experience! I review eight ways that you can start gardening with no acreage, most of which I have tried and done myself! This could also be explained as "urban gardening", small space gardening, balcony gardening, etc. - anyone that doesn't have a lot of space or access to in-ground planting. 

First, thank you to my members in The Kitchen Garden Society - my monthly membership. We are staying on track in the garden together, as well as infusing our lives with the magic of seasonal eating, living daily in the rhythms of nature, and so much more. I'll hope you'll check it out!  

Here are the 8 Ways To Garden Without Land Tips: 

  1. Container gardening
  2. Vertical gardens 
  3. Community gardens 
  4. HOA garden approach 
  5. Appeal to the city you live in 
  6. Volunteer for someone else in their garden 
  7. Approach a restaurant or chef 
  8. Grow Indoor herbs and bulbs

Some links that I mention: 

Lettuce Grow vertical farmstand by Zooey Deschanel 

Small Space Gardening blog - behind the scenes on my designing a tiny 2'x4' garden:

Grow herbs indoors with something like this:


I hope you've been inspired by this episode! Share with someone who keeps talking about wanting to garden, and if you've loved this, subscribe! 







Dec 08, 2022
Getting Back to Historic Roots & Zero Waste with Kayla Lobermeier

Today I chat with Kayla Lobermeier, co-founder of Under a Tin Roof. Kayla has been a successful gardneing, and historical living blogger with various other gigs for about a decade. She is known for her amazing food and homestead-inspired videos on Instagram, as well as her prairie-core aesthetic. In this episode we dig into zero waste, living historically, and what the journey from market gardener and CSA to blogger looked like, as well as hear about moves from country to city to back again. 

For more info about Kayla, visit 

You can also find her on Instgram at


About The Kitchen Garden Society:

Thank you so much to our loyal members over in The Kitchen Garden Society, Bailey Van Tassel's monthly gardening membership where all US hardiness zones can stay up to day on what to be doing each month, get seasonal recipes, as well as learn more skills for in the garden.  




Dec 01, 2022
9 Holiday Gifts From The Garden

Today we're going through nine ideas for making homegrown/ from the garden gifts! These are all inspired by what's accessible right now in my own garden. Plenty of ideas to get you going, and there is no shame in purchasing some garden goods to gift - it's the though that counts my friends. 

I hope you enjoy and get into gifting something simple, thoughtful, and easy. 

A started bulb in water vase link HERE

Herb Garden Aluminum container: Walmart 

Tea bags in tins - get tins HERE & bags HERE

Chive and rosemary salt herb glass containers HERE

Herbed wine blog post HERE

Link to Leah Larabell on Episode 3 HERE

Pressed flowers for bookmarks HERE


Learn more about my favorite natural cleaning product, Koala Eco HERE


For more info on Bailey Van Tassel, visit



Nov 17, 2022
Interior Design Guru Lauren Liess on Why She Gardens & How Nature Inspires

Lauren Liess is a wildly successful interior designer, author, shop owner, cook, mother, and so much more. Her design philosophy is deeply inspired by nature and her life pursuing the outdoors. Today we talk about how nature really speaks to her projects on all levels, how she makes time to garden and why it’s so important to her. 


For all things Lauren Liess go to where she shares personal musings, design, gardening, recipes, an amazing shop, and more. 


Some links from within the episode: 

“The Thoughtful Gardener” by Jinny Blom



“The Art of Outdoor Living” by Scott Shrader


Starbright Farms hydrosol


For more info on Bailey Van Tassel:


For more info on Koala Eco::

Or visit this link to snag some right now:


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Nov 10, 2022
November: Gardening, Nature, and Gratitude

Welcome to November in the garden, kitchen, forests, and home. This month we celebrate cool season crops, chestnuts, and much more - like my special twist on what we're thankful for this year. 

For more information visit: 

This podcast is all made possible by The Kitchen Garden Society, a monthly gardening membership that guides you through what to do and how to do it each month in the garden. 

Consider joining us this month for lessons, daily inspiration for seasonal living, expert takeovers, and more! 


Nov 01, 2022
Author Heather Webber on How Nature Inspires Her Writing & Flower Meanings

Heather Webber is a fiction author with over 30 titles to her name. She writes mystery, romance, and magical realism, weaving nature and folklore into all her stories. In this conversation, Heather talks about her stand-alone novels which involve a lot of herbalism, flowers, and plant magic, yet in a very real way. We chat about her writing, and how she got started with three kids under the age of six, writing during naptime. 

Heather is such a sweet voice and creates such great work for us. 

I'll even be sending out a copy of each of my favorites of hers to three of you who leave a review! 


For more information on Heather visit: 

To read her latest novel, In the Middle of Hickery Lane visit:


To check out the Broth Academy, visit the link below. It is a GAME CHANGER for your health and beyond worth it.

Also, use my code for $100 off! YEP, you heard that right! BROTHACADEMY100


To get more info on Bailey: for all her blogs, and recipes, and to listen to the pod. 


Oct 27, 2022
Eating Seasonally & the Flavor Gap with Boo and Sarah Simms of Lady and Larder

Twins and business partners, Boo and Sarah Simms share with us about their “little cheese shop”, Lady and Larder, and what makes everything taste so much better.

These sisters have done incredible things from partnering with Williams Sonoma to getting featured in Wall Street Journal. Just a few accomplishments among being mothers and entrepreneurs who support hyper-local sustainable food culture. 

We discuss eating seasonally and locally, the flavor gap, and what it means to find a sense of place. Boo and Sarah have incredible hearts for community and bringing gardening, local farming, and cheese-ing to the table. You will LOVE them. 


For more information on Lady and Larder:

For more information on Bailey Van Tassel:


Check out Bailey's monthly gardening membership, The Kitchen Garden Society here: 


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Oct 20, 2022
The Scoop on Garden Renovations & Working with a Contractor

Designing a garden and working with a landscape designer or contractor can be quite the journey. Listen in as I talk through my own renovation, the choices we made, and the mistakes too! 


To download your free ebook about cooking with broth, go here:

or go to 


For more information on Bailey Van Tassel:

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Oct 13, 2022
Slow Living with Herbalist, Farmer, and Author, Becky Cole

Join me for a refreshing chat with Becky Cole, a wife, mother, author, and farmer, as well as a self-taught gardener and herbalist. We dig into her childhood in Ireland, how she’s returned to a slower-paced life immersed in nature after fashion school, and the ins and outs of running a farm. Becky shares some tips for slow living as well as just beautiful conversation about the love of growing things and organic farming and gardening. This is a conversation to savor.

For more information on Bailey Van Tassel:

For information on The Kitchen Garden Society:

The Kitchen Garden Society is a monthly gardening membership to help you grow year-round in all US Hardiness zones and live inspired by the garden. 

For more information on Becky Cole:

Becky's Book, The Garden Apothecary can be purchased where books are sold, and here:

Visit Becky's Farm, Broughgammon Farm:



Oct 06, 2022
Welcome to Gardening in October

In this episode, we welcome the month of October. We go through gardening in October as well as foraging and hit the high notes of what is ready to be planted and what should be tended to. 

We also touch on some cozy and timely October traditions as well as the benefits of garlic and onions when it comes to natural healing and cold and flu season. 

For more information on Bailey, visit

For more information on our monthly membership, The Kitchen Garden Society, visit


We would love it if you subscribed to this podcast, and please leave a review to let us know what you think! We are so grateful that you came to listen. 

Sep 29, 2022
The Reality of Gardening to Replace the Grocery Store with Kate Schatt of Venison For Dinner

Gardening to replace the grocery store is a massive undertaking and one that Kate Schatt (of Venison For Dinner) and her family take seriously. Kate walks us through her journey from gardening being a chore to a beautiful act of service, as well as talks through what she and her husband grow. Kate and I tackle the issue of how to intervene when organic gardening and pests don't mix, and her philosophy on it.  

Where to find Kate: 



Her website here:

Some subjects we mention in this episode: 

Linda Gilkeson and her books:

@Ruthannzimm on Instagram

#Howmariusmetkate on Instagram to hear more of her and her husband's story. 


For more info on Bailey: 

For more info on The Kitchen Garden Society:


Sep 22, 2022
Fall Gardening in September & Failure

In this episode I'm digging into fall gardening and what exactly I’m doing and planting right now in the garden (mid-Sept).  I go through how I'm handling each plant. I'm also giving some tips for presence and savoring this in-between month, as well as sharing my sources for soil, where to buy garlic and the best farm for buying onion starts. 

I also talk about failure in the garden and how perfectly OK that is. Some edible flower info gets snuck in here as well. 

I hope you enjoy and subscribe! If you do, I would LOVE a review (the Podcast Gods love the reviews apparently)! 

For more info on Bailey:

Join us in The Kitchen Garden Society! You get instant access to the September info:

Number 2 Organics for bagged soil:

Weather site I like: 

Territorial Seed Co for garlic:

Dixondale Farms for onions (take note of short vs. long day):

My marigold sticky buns recipe:

Raised bed garden hoops:

Blank garden Journal:


Sep 14, 2022
From City Life to Farm & Garden Living with Misha Gillingham

Come get to know Misha Gillingham of Farm Luxe, an author, gardener, and philanthropist. She left the city in California (and her job in luxury travel) for an island in Washington State having never gardened or farmed before and then published a book about her stunning 12-acre farm. Hear her story of growing up barely making ends meet, ending up with a mission to donate all her profits to the food bank. You will love Misha's heart. 

Follow Misha on Instagram @farmluxe or pick up her book, Blooms & Dreams here:

Watch her show at 

For more info on Bailey:

For more info on The Kitchen Garden Society: 


Sep 08, 2022
BONUS: Why You Don't Need A Farm To Be Happy

Quick bonus episode! In this episode, I answer the top question that people ask me in interviews: "Do you still wish you had a farm?".

I've been known for the pursuit of living farm life (again) and settling instead in the suburbs.  I share my tips for finding contentment wherever you are and answer that big question. 

For more info go to

For information on my monthly gardening subscription:

If you love listening, I'd love a review!  Also, feel free to email with any questions! 


Sep 04, 2022
Herbalism for the Kitchen Gardener and Beating Cold & Flu Season with Leah Larabell of High Garden Tea

Visit for more information on The Garden Culture Podcast. 

You can find Leah and her herbs, teas, tinctures, potions, and books at on Instagram @highgardentea. 

Leah walks us through her personal journey to herbalism since she was not raised in a home with herbal knowledge. She healed a unique auto-immune disease using herbs. She also guides us through “using” herbs versus having a relationship with them, how herbs work with our bodies and with western medicine, what her top herbs are for the kitchen gardener, and what she recommends for beating cold and flu season. 

Leah is a wealth of knowledge and such a treat to hear from - she truly works as a healer and is such a guide for anyone wanting to develop their own herbalist journey, even if just in their own home apothecary. 

Some notes from the episode: 

Frontier Co-op for fresh organic herbs:

Sep 02, 2022
Welcome to September in the Garden

Welcome to Autumn! September is such a lovely month, transitioning us into a new season. 

To read more about what Bailey is growing this fall:

Some information listed in the episode: 

The Kitchen Garden Society:

Walker Apple Candles:


Great places to buy bulbs: 

Territorial Seed Co

American Meadows


Sep 01, 2022
An Introduction To The Garden Culture Podcast and Bailey Van Tassel

Welcome to The Garden Culture Podcast hosted by Bailey Van Tassel. 

Bailey is a busy home gardener, wife, mother, and small business owner. Her goal is to inspire a life filled with gardening and nature, bringing the outdoors in as often as possible. 

Bailey grew up on a hobby farm, but now lives in Southern CA in zone 10B. She is the founder of The Kitchen Garden Society (, a monthly gardening club subscription for all hardiness zones with daily inspiration for living seasonally, monthly tips for sowing and harvesting, to-do lists, timely gardening lessons, expert advice, and recipes. 

Bailey has a personal blog that focuses on home gardening and how to garden in a suburban setting. You can find that at  or find her on Instagram at @baileyvantassel 




Sep 01, 2022