Thrive Like A Parent

By Dr. Brooke Weinstein

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This podcast is different from all the other parenting podcasts you've seen. Dr. B gets real and open about the true struggles of parenthood. It'll be messy, entertaining, educational and real! No quick band aid fixes but an authentic journey to THRIVING in parenthood. Think of Dr. B as a personal trainer for your brain. Cause this sh*t is REAL. She specializes in neuroscience based sensory and emotional regulation. But the good news is you don’t have to be a neuro science geek to learn all the brilliant tips and tricks to make your life so much easier in parenthood * New episode every Friday.

Episode Date
Building Your Career in the World of Social Media as a Mom

EP:22 Dr. B is joined by Emily Vondracheck on this episode of Thrive Like a Parent podcast to talk about the world of social media and what it's like, as a mom doing this.

Of course it's fun, and they get to get all of their creative juices out. But the truth is this is also a way for them to bring in finances into their home. That means it's a job, which requires time and energy and effort and what's behind all that. So if you are someone who also has a quote, side hustle or trying to build your career through social media, stay tuned and listen up, because Dr. B and Emily are going to dive into all of that.

Jan 27, 2023
What It Means To Be A Sensory Seeker?

EP:21 On this weeks episode of Thrive Like a Parent podcast Dr. B talks about what it means to be a sensory seeker.

Think of your brain as a car. There is the accelerator and the brake. And if you're in a manual, the throttle. If you are a sensory seeker, you're a gas pedal!

Sensory seekers crave a lot of stimuli.

Constant movement

High energy

Go from task to task to task.

Can't sit still at a desk

Brain constantly going.

Love strong strong flavors

Enjoy being close to people who wear perfume

Like constantant physical touch and intercourse tons.

This is a gas pedal. This is a sensory seeker.

When you live in a constant state of gas pedal, your brain will pattern itself to stay there. You will expend so much energy and deplete your gas tank to E.


Therefore we MUST create new patterns within your brain. We have to help your brain feel safe when throttling. We have to help your brain feel safe when stepping on the gas and stepping on the brake right like you have to be able to do that for yourself and feel that in figure out what you need and how to take care of your brain and body.

Listen until the very end for some tips that Dr. B has to start regulating your body today!

Jan 21, 2023
Myths of Conscious and Gentle Parenting

EP: 20 On this week's episode of Thrive Like a Parent podcast Dr. B will discuss the myths of gentle parenting and conscious parenting.

Dr. B will discuss the differences between the neurosensory based parenting method that she teaches versus principles of gentle parenting and conscious parenting.

Dr. B focuses on helping you understand what needs, support and guidance  your child requires to help them learn how to long term INDEPENDENTLY, support and regulate their nervous system.

That's where parenthood needs to get to. The bottom line is understanding your child's brain and understanding your brain will help you feel less burnt out and exhausted and depleted. Support your brain and your body to truly THRIVE in parenthood.

Jan 14, 2023
How to Release Guilt in Parenthood

EP:19 What does guilt mean?

Guilt in a noun form is the fact of having committed a specified or implied offense or crime.

Guilty in a verb form is to make someone feel guilty, especially in order to induce them to do something.

We as parents rip ourselves apart with guilt and shame. This creates that narrative or pattern within your brain, it's not going to do any positive.

If you are feeling that guilt every single day, ask yourself:

Is that guilt serving me?

Is it allowing me to see all the beautiful parts of me and what I am doing?

Is it allowing me to show up as my best self for my children and for myself in parenthood?

And change the narrative within your brain because the guilt and shame is causing anxiety, it's causing depression, it's causing a lot of mental health because you're ripping yourself apart.

Dr. B has gone through so much guilt through her own parenthood and had to learn how to release that through understanding sensory and emotional regulation, doing this on herself and doing this WITH her kids.

Join Dr. b on this week's episode of THRIVE Like a Parent podcast to dive into the work of releasing guilt in parenthood.

Jan 06, 2023
Finding Your Voice in Parenthood

EP:18 One of the biggest reasons Dr. B did this work for herself and one of the biggest reasons that she now unapologetically owns her voice in parenthood is because she wants to teach her children how to own their own voices.

The number one reason people stop themselves is because they say this feels selfish. The discomfort that shows up within their brain in their body stops them from allowing themselves to go after and get the thing that they know they most desperately need, want and longed for, which is support to figure out how to do this.

If you can start requesting your needs and allow your partner to also request their needs, you will find your voice, you will be able to show up for yourself, you will be able to support your brain and your body in a way that it truly needs. This shift will allow you to give so much more back to your partnership and to your children.

Join Dr. B on this week's episode of Thrive Like a Parent podcast to dive into her journey of finding her voice and unapologetically and authentically showing up for herself and her children.

Dec 30, 2022
Another Layer of My Grief Story

EP:17 Join Dr. B on this week's episode of the THRIVE Like a Parent Podcast as she shares another layer of her grief story.

If you yourself are struggling, if you are a caretaker, or a support to anyone who is not doing well, mentally, emotionally, physically this episode is for you.

Join Dr. B as she shares some of her personal stories about what it looks like to support a loved one through mental illness.

Dr. B believes that TALKING IS PROCESSING. You get to talk about the things that matter most, you get to talk about your deep, dark, and hidden.

Tune in with Dr. B as she looks back at what it was like supporting her husband while he battled severe depression and anxiety in hiding from the world outside their home.

Dec 24, 2022
Why It's So Hard To Set Boundaries With Our Children?

EP:16 On this episode of THRIVE Like a Parent podcast Dr. B will dive deep into why it's hard for us to set healthy boundaries with our children.

Why is it important?

How to support yourself when setting a boundary with your child?

And the emotional brain benefits of what it means to set boundaries with your children.

The hard part comes when they begin to show up as individual humans!

Dr. B personally believes that is the work of our PARENTHOOD Life. Helping our children understand how to have boundaries for themselves and you recognize how to step away, inch by inch, very slowly.

Your child's brain needs to learn that they can sit in discomfort and still be safe. And that's how we learn.

Join Dr. B on this week's episode of Thrive Like a Parent podcast to learn exactly HOW TO set healthy boundaries with our children AND support them through the discomfort of stepping into being a self-sufficient human.

Dec 16, 2022
Parenting in Widowhood

EP:15 Join Dr. B on this episode of the Thrive Like a Parent podcast to discuss the journey of parenting in widowhood. On this episode she will be joined by Emily Toledo, a fellow widow sister and a Thrive Certified Coach.

There is no Hall Pass for grief. We still have to get out of bed and show up for our children, there is NOT A HALL PASS so we have  to be able to step into looking at our children and sharing. I feel sad today or just crying in front of them or saying I just feel frustrated.

Allow it, let it out and show your children how to truly feel emotions.

Dr. B's hope is that this will help a lot of moms and dads and anyone who's listening to be able to know that it's okay to talk about and it's okay to have highs and lows and all the in between. All of our stories matter, ALL OF THEM MATTER.


Dr. B

Dec 10, 2022
How is Judgement on Social Media and Cyberbullying Affecting Your Child?

EP:14 On this episode of THRIVE Like a Parent podcast Dr. B is going to talk to you about judgment and cyber bullies and how that affects us as HUMANS and how that affects our children and the concerns that she has.

Social media has become a very influential part of the world we live in today. It especially affects our children and their particular generation.

There is so much hate and cruelty that Dr. B herself has experienced in the last few years as she slowly began to share her story. This is very concerning ESPECIALLY for our children. The world they are growing up in is NOT the world that we grew up in. We didn't have likes, dms, comments that could traumatically impact the rest of our lives.

There is no doubt that your child will one day want a social media page.

Therefore it's okay to have boundaries with that for your children because we don't know what our children do on their phones behind the closed doors of their bedrooms.

The only solution Dr. B sees in supporting our children through this, and making changes and shifts, is to support our children first and learning how to do that on a sensory level and supporting their mental health. Making sure that our connections with our children are strong.

If we help our children understand how to connect emotionally with others, the hate and the ripping apart of others and the judgment will slow down.

Focus on that, the rest will fade away and pan itself out.

Join Dr. B as she talks through her own experiences with cyberbullying and judgement through social media.

Dec 02, 2022
Why is My Kid Always Snacking?

EP:13 Today Dr. B is going to talk to you about why your kiddos snack so much, why they request snacks so much AND how to stop all the snacking.

Dr. B herself,  used to allow this in her home, way, way, way, way, way back in the day, because it was a simple, easy fix to get your kiddos to stop nagging you right when you're exhausted and simply done and they want something to be able to occupy themselves, right?

Dr. B will give you tons of information today about WHY they are doing that. And then how you can support them as well as what to do in those circumstances.

We want our children to have really beautiful healthy intake, and understand a really great balance of what it looks like to have a relationship with food.

Dr. B always says your body and your brain is your compass... This 100% implies to constant snacking for kids AND adults.

Tune in with Dr. B on this week's episode of THRIVE Like a Parent Podcast to learn how you can use neuroscience-based strategies to help guide your children to a healthy relationship with food that will create a foundation for the rest of their life.

Nov 28, 2022
How to Slow the F Down in Parenthood

EP:12 On this episode of the Thrive Like a Parent podcast Dr. B is going to be discussing how to slow the F down in parenthood.

We go from task to task to task where we feel like we're on a hamster wheel that never ends, right? That little ball that you think of when hamsters run around all over the place, it just NEVER ENDS.

So how do we figure out how to slow down? And how do we figure out how to enjoy our life in parenthood?

The hardest part about slowing down is recognizing that you need to. Most of the time you're just on autopilot. Slowing down may not even seem like an option. You continue to go through the motions. Pushing your body and your brain to a breaking point. You get stuck on the cycle of burnout!

AND there is a very special guest on this episodeHer name is Brittany Wood. Brittany has worked with Dr. B for a very long time. She now mentors other women in Dr. B's community. Brittany is an absolute bundle of energy.

Tune in to this week's episode with us to dive deep into what it takes to SLOW THE F DOWN in parenthood!

Nov 18, 2022
Navigating Hard Conversations About Uncomfortable Things with Your Kids

EP:11 Join Dr. B on this episode to talk about having the hard conversations with our children about the uncomfortable things.

Dr. B first had to tell her children and use the word divorce. Mommy and daddy are getting a divorce. That wasn't so easy. Then she had to navigate having to tell her children that daddy died. Daddy's gone.

There are so many other difficult conversations that come up for us as parents, that is why it is so important for you as a parent to understand how to approach those conversations.

We don't give their little brains enough credit for all the resiliency and all the unimaginable strength that they have as little humans, it's my biggest belief that our brain needs time to heal.

The reason Dr.B created the model of how she teaches you sensory neuro based parenting is because she wants your child's whole brain to be taken care of, on the logic and emotional brain side. Which means she wants our children to know boundaries, see them, understand them, respect them, and also be able to have them themselves.

Dr. B wants her children to know that no matter what, they can ALWAYS talk to her. And if we don't share the discomfort and show and model to our children that uncomfortable conversations are okay, they can take place and we are going to survive through them. It allows their brain at a very early age to find that resiliency within their brain to get through hard conversations.

Tune in with Dr. B as she shares personal stories about some heartbreakingly hard conversations she's had with her own kids.

Nov 11, 2022
Why Won't My Kids Listen to Anything I Say?

EP:10 Dr. B is going to talk to you today about HOW to get our kids to listen and WHY they don't listen. This is actually a two part kind of conversation.

What Dr. B will dive deep into with you today is NOT just how to understand how to get your kids to listen, but the reason WHY.

WHY ARE THEY NOT LISTENING?!!! That makes you want to pull your hair out right?! Dr.B knows it makes you want to literally run. Run away and just be done. You just can't anymore.

Dr. B will define a huge aspect that's overlooked. Sometimes it;s not that your child is not listening, it is actually COMPLIANCE. Understanding where their brains are at when we're asking them to do something. And Dr. B is going to give you a few tips and tricks and tools of how to help with that compliance.

Rule of thumb is less compliance, less words, if your child's talking a mile a minute and you're like I understand it, and you're trying to talk over them and you're trying to keep going and trying to explain it, that's going to do nothing except for expend a lot of energy on your part.

Join Dr. B on this episode to learn how to save your energy for logical, connective moments with your children. And how to truly connect with your child in those moments.

Nov 04, 2022
Sharing My Grief One Story at a Time

EP:9 The reason that Dr. B feels so compelled to share her story is really her why. She wants to be able to process it. And she wants to be able to heal it for herself. And she wants to be able to make sure that she feels very comfortable sharing her personal life, sharing that part of her life with so many.

Dr. B wants the human who goes to bed at night worrying that their partner is going to hurt themselves and wondering how much longer they can go on like this. And the person who loves their partner to death and wants to spend the world with them and is trying and trying and trying and trying and trying and doing anything and everything to help and this and just completely self neglecting themselves. She is not wanting that person to listen to this and run but Dr.B wants this person to find a little sliver for themself.

Dr. B's story is one of love and happiness, manipulation, emotional abuse, strength, courage, trauma, and a naive young girl, but it's okay. It's okay that it's all those things. Because what she's learned through that, and how much she's grown through all of that is unfathomable. 

Join her on this episode of her podcast as she begins to tell her story. It’s time to slowly share her story. It’s time to answer some questions. And Dr.B more than ready.

Oct 28, 2022
From "Yes" Parenthood to Thriving Authentically in Parenthood

EP: 8 Join Dr. B to talk about parenthood and doing all the things and being the YES PARENT. Trying to say yes at all costs. Doing it all and feeling just completely spent in the process.

And it's not just Dr. B today, she is so excited to have Maria Gonzalez join her. Maria is one of her support moms, she's currently supporting some of the other women that Dr. B works with today.

You're not going to only get an inside look into what it's been like for Dr. B to start saying no and show up for herself and not be the people pleaser that she feels that she used to be. But you're also going to get to hear from Maria and hear her story as well. You will get to hear from both of us on what it's been like to step away from constantly doo doo doo doo doing in GO SURVIVAL MODE and start finally enjoying their life in a completely different way than you would ever expect.

Join Dr. B and Maria today as they dive deep into this crazy beautiful journey of parenthood.

Oct 21, 2022
When Parenthood Takes a Toll on Your Partnership

EP: 7 Join Dr. B today to talk about when parenting begins to take a toll on your relationship. This is hands down not discussed enough, it is not discussed enough openly. And it is not addressed nearly as much as it should be in terms of the steps we can take in order to either prevent it, or to acknowledge it and support the rift or strain within your dynamic and your personal relationship with your partnership.

Dr. B has been through it all. And she is going to share with you a lot about her partnership today that she has never shared before.

She chose to share it so that you don't feel alone. So that you know that it's okay to struggle, that it's okay for your partnership to struggle. And the lessons that Dr. B learned through one heck of her own partnership. And not only just her partnership, but supporting other parents through their journeys.

Oct 14, 2022
Tackling Tantrums Vs. Meltdowns With Dr. B

E6: Do you know the difference between a tantrum and meltdown? Yep. That’s right parents! They are different. And understanding the difference matters to how you handle each of them. For yourself and your children. Tune in with Dr. B to learn how to reduce tantrums, support meltdowns, and create resiliency for our littles through emotional regulation skills. The best way to help our children “get over it” is to help them go through it”. Your child is not giving you a hard time. Your child is having a hard time. Remind yourself, I’m doing this now so I don’t have to do this later. Use these tangible step by step actions the next time a tantrum or a meltdown arise. 

Oct 07, 2022
Dr. Brooke Weinstein Dives Deep Into Her Own Personal Journey

E5: Have you ever wondered how to have at all in parenthood? How to fully be yourself step into the most authentic version of who you are? what you want out of your life and how to go get it?

Dr. Brooke Weinstein dives deep into her own personal journey of stepping away from the mask of the costume of who she thought she needed to be and into the light of exactly who she has always destined to become.

Take a journey with Brooke as she tells you about her own life, as well as gives you guidance into the first steps to take into finding yourself in parenthood and showing up as exactly who you are in every single day, no matter the situation you are in. This tremendous effort to explore yourself and dive deep into the most authentic version of yourself,  is beautifully expressed. Within Dr. B's emotional ride she takes you on. Enjoy diving deep with Dr. B. as she gets real. Trust me, you don't want to miss it.

Sep 30, 2022
Dr. B Dives Deep Into the Most Asked Question of All Time, How to Regulate Your Body

EP4: Dr. B discusses sensory and emotional regulation. However, the key that everyone asks is how to regulate your body period. Dr. B dives deep into all the steps, tips and tricks into what it looks like to begin the process of calming your brain and your body down to step on the brake and step off of the gas leading yourself into a happy, peaceful, calm, present life with your children and your family. Dr. B shares tons of personal stories, experiences, tips and strategies for you to begin the process of regulating your own body from home.

Sep 23, 2022
Take a Ride with Dr. B as we Step Back Into School, Its an All Things Transition

EP3: Have you ever been curious about why there's a struggle, lots of anxiety, stress and emotions surrounding school time, the packing of the lunches and the news, cool book bags and the first day clothing? and oh, don't forget the perfect picture that can drive a parent wild. Join Dr. B as she dives deep into how to support your brain, your body as well as your children's brain and your body and body through the transition phase of back to school.

You can also watch my topic "Power of Three" in my YouTube Channel.

Sep 16, 2022
Dr. B's Career Journey and Life Path That Has Led Her to Support Parent's All Over the World

EP2: This episode takes you into a deep dive of how Dr. Brooke Weinstein has gotten to this point in her career. Dr. B shares her career journey and life path that has led her to support parents all over the world. From neuroscience to sensory and emotion regulation, she dives deep into why this work that she now offers is so impactful in the life of her own as she has embarked on this widow journey, the lives of her clients and her clients family and down to all the children that are impacted through this work. Listen in as Dr. B takes you on a journey of loss, triumph and highs lows and career shifts and moves as she so longed to impact the lives of children which she now does.

If you've ever been curious as to how Dr. B built her method created her practice and why

her teachings impacted so many, this is the podcast for you.

Dr. Brooke Weinstein

Instagram: @brookeweinst

Youtube: Dr. Brooke Weinstein

TikTok: @brookeweinstein


Sep 09, 2022
Welcome to the Thrive Like a Parent Podcast

EP1: Welcome to the Thrive Like a Parent podcast! In this trailer episode Dr. B tells you a little bit about herself and how she got to this point in her journey. She tells her vision and theory on modern day parenting. She tells you about what to expect in upcoming episodes. She describes HOW and WHY neuroscience based brain training will allow you to truly THRIVE in parenthood.

Dr. Brooke Weinstein

Instagram: @brookeweinst

Youtube: Dr. Brooke Weinstein

TikTok: @brookeweinstein


Aug 30, 2022