Things We Got Wrong

By Susie Meister & Sarah Rice & Wave Podcast Network

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Category: Self-Improvement

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Everyone makes mistakes. We're human. But the biggest mistake to make is not learning from things you got wrong. After over 600 episodes of The Brain Candy Podcast, Sarah Rice and Susie Meister realized their freewheeling, casual conversations didn't always get everything exactly right. And as they evolved and grew over the years and science developed, they changed their minds about a lot of things. So it's Things We Got Wrong to the rescue! This podcast is a celebration of humility, evolution, and growth, and says it's ok to make mistakes and change your mind. It's time to move forward by looking back!

Episode Date
EP2: The Great Debate--Feminism Revisited

Episode 5 of Brain Candy featured a debate with a woman named Cassie who does not share our feminist worldview. On today's show, we revisit the episode and talk about whether we should've even had her on the show in the first place. We discuss what we got wrong in approaching the debate and consider whether we were even effective or convincing in sharing our points of view. Susie discusses whether amplifying hate speech, extremism, or bigotry is beneficial or just makes the problem worse. We discuss how the concept of the Real World is the secret to open-mindedness and it's critical to expose yourself to other worldviews. 

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Sep 13, 2022
EP1: Married Sarah, Foot Fetish Brain, & Illegal Suicide

Hooray! Brain Candy's spinoff is finally here! In our very first episode of Things We Got Wrong we explain why we're doing this show, what our intentions are, and what people can expect. We begin with a discussion about how cringey it is to listen back to our first episodes (from seven years ago!) and how we've changed since the beginning. Sarah explains how her marriage informed her demeanor and why that was something she got wrong. We revisit a conversation about foot fetishes and try to decide whether we got anything wrong. Sarah claimed suicide was illegal in some states and Susie reveals whether this is true or not. Be sure to subscribe so you never miss an episode!

Sep 08, 2022