The Story of London

By Saul

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Presenting The Story of London, a podcast dedicated to telling the history of London as a single narrative tale; from it’s birth until the present day. Each episode takes us along the tale of the most fascinating and vibrant city on Earth.

Episode Date
Chapter 15- The fangs of London (886-894)

London was about to discover it was no longer utterly helpless in the face of Viking raids. For the first time the residents of the town were empowered to mobilise as an army… and over the course of a war that is much overlooked these days, suddenly found they had teeth… a copy of the rough script of todays episode is available here

Nov 24, 2022
Chapter 14- The Chaotic Birth of the Fortress City (886)

We finally reach the year the City of London as we know it was created- 886. But the story behind it, and the confusion it seems to generate, are examined in a wild episode involving war, political gestures and Viking’s Vikinging other Vikings.

You can follow along the fought script used for this Chapter as well as links to support it here:

Nov 16, 2022
Chapter 13- Who killed Lundenwic? (Part 2/2) (872-886)

The second part of this bumper section, we now examine the actions of the other two candidates for the murder of London- the Viking leader Guthrum and Alfred the Great. Links to the rough script used in this episode (and all the others so far) to be found here:

Nov 09, 2022
Chapter 12- Who Killed Lundenwic? (Part 1/2) (872-886)

A special two part episode, as we try and work out who was responsible, ultimately, for the death of Saxon London as it was. In the first part, we examine the role of the King’s of Mercia and the great Viking Leader, Halfdan… Links to all the scripts found here

Nov 09, 2022
Chapter 11- The First Occupation (866-872)

The Story of London gets to the part where the Viking attacks increase as we explore two things impacting upon it- the start of the reign of Alfred the Great and the Great Heathen Army! And how the Viking’s came to occupy the town… draft script and pictures/maps available here

Nov 02, 2022
Chapter 10- Survivors… (852-866)

The Vikings had raided London… how did the survivors cope and how did this change them? The Story continues looking at both the aftermath and potentially what created the identity of the city of come. A rough script and support materials can be found here:

Oct 20, 2022
Chapter 9- The Violations of London (836-851)

An deep dive into both the evolution of the tactics and scale of the early Vikings and their impact upon London; how the small collections of pirates grew and escalated their attacks to the point they could take on huge towns, and accounts of the first two raids upon London in 842 and 851.

Oct 12, 2022
Chapter 8- Odin’s Fashionistas (Part Two- The dirty secret of the early Vikings) (820-835)

The second part of the special looking closely at the advent of the age of the Vikings; exploring why the residents of London would have seen these guys as highly fashionable merchants and not raiders for a whole generation… and exploring the complexity of the era in some depth. All music courtesy of

Oct 05, 2022
Chapter 7- Odin’s Fashionista’s (Part One- The decline of Mercia) (820-835)

The first of a two-part special; it’s 820, and London is part of the powerful and strong Mercian Kingdom; and yet within 15 years the world was to turn upside down, and on the horizon, something scary was looming…

Oct 04, 2022
Chapter 6- Offa’s Emporium (733- 820)

We return to the story of London with the tale of the most powerful of the Mercian King’s of the city, and why London was producing coins with faux Arabic script on them… all music courtesy of

Sep 30, 2022
Chapter 5- A Mercian Market (666- 733 CE)

The story continues as we look at how Ludenwic (London) thrived and grew due to it’s relationship with the Kingdom of Mercia; also look at some of the wider implications of the towns story so far. All music courtesy of

Sep 27, 2022
Chapter 4- The Mercian Takeover (627-666 CE)

The story of London continues as we look at how the weak kingdom of Mercia ended up taking over the town of Ludenwic, starting a centuries long relationship with the city. All music courtesy of

Sep 20, 2022
Chapter 3- Welcome to Ludenwic (450-627 CE)

The story of London continues with the tale of the formation of the Saxon settlement of Ludenwic, the market town built one mile west of the old Roman ruins, and the complicated and obscure changing world around it…

Sep 13, 2022
Chapter 2- The birth, life and (multiple) deaths of Londinium (47CE-450CE)

Welcome back to the second episode of the story of London; this one with added controversy. We do the entire history of Roman London in one episode. Why? Because… reasons…

All music courtesy of

Sep 08, 2022
Chapter 1- London BEFORE London

Welcome to the Story of London. Our opening episode quickly introduces the scale and size of what we will be trying to do, before getting stuck right into our first part of the story; an account of the region before the Roman’s came. What WAS there before London was built?

All music & SPFX courtesy of

Sep 08, 2022