Red Pill Your Healthcast

By Lauren Johnson (@naturalnursemomma) and Dr. Charlie Fagenholz (@drcharliedc_2.0)

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Category: Alternative Health

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A podcast from two healthcare providers challenging the norm, talking about the elephants in the room, and helping you to take charge of your family’s health.

Episode Date
Viruses gonna Virus

On today’s episode of Red Pill Your Healthcast with Dr. Charlie and Nurse Lauren- 

Viruses are going to virus, on this podcast we dive into our remedies and tools to increase your immunity to prepare for this season. 


Dr. Charlie





Nurse Lauren



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Breaking a Fever & Staying Hydrated

Infrared Sauna - Shop

Peppermint Essential Oil- Shop (Use enroller ID: 19383203)


We recommend coconut water (typically Harmless Harvest), electrolyte powder from Earthley (Shop Use promo code Lauren10 for 10% off) and Jigsaw (Fullscript Shop Use promo code naturalnursemomma for 10% off)

Trace Minerals- Shop

**Hack - drops of lemon juice on the tongue to allow cells to absorb water more efficiently

Improving Immunity

Raw Honey- Shop

Codliver Oil- Shop

Reishi Mushroom- Shop

Propolis Throat Spray - Shop

Echinacea- Shop

Tumer + Ginger Oil -Shop

(Use code naturalnursemama for 10% off)

Vitamin C- Shop

Oscillococcinum (Best for the Flu)- Shop 

Elderberry(For teas, syrups, etc.) - Shop

Elderberry (Tincture) - Shop

Elderberry (Dried)- Shop

Onion + Garlic Salve to open the chest

Saline- Shop

Nebulizer Machine- Shop

Saline Unit Dose- Shop


Long term Support Recs by Dr. Charlie:

Reishi Supreme- Shop

Astragalus Supreme- Shop

Illicium Supreme (For Flu + MRSA)- Shop

Broccoli Sprouts- Shop

InspiraCell- Shop

Schisandra- Shop

Golden Thread Supreme- Shop

Scutellaria Supreme- Shop

Immune-Rmor®- Shop

Immune Harmony Essential Oil- Shop

Olive Leaf Supreme- Shop


Lauren's Blog on Homeopathic Remedies for Viruses: Don’t Fear the Fever

Nov 18, 2022
Geoengineering AKA chemtrails...thoughts on RSV

The Dimming

Project Popeye from Vietnam



Air Doctor (the air inside your home matters just as much! Plus it's on sale this month! Best sale of the year!)

Lauren's link:


Dr. Charlie's link:

Ionic foot bath

Xlear nasal spray


Xlear Kids Nasal Spray


discount code: naturalnursemomma



Nov 11, 2022
Thyroid and are they connected and what to do?

we are working on help to provide show notes.. in the mean time, hang with us. has more info on radiation protection

Grounding bags from @curiouslypresent

more EMF protection links to come

Good article on toxins that impact the thyroid by Chris Kresser

we will provide links to all products mentioned. 


Nov 04, 2022
COVID.... the new happenings, long haulers, acute support, and more
Oct 21, 2022

Informative posts on hormone health:

Dr Charlie's estrogen dominance video

Queen of the Thrones castor oil packs


Supreme Nutrition link

Artichoke Extract


Dr Charlie's Membership

This is not meant to be medical advice. This is meant to be educational. Please speak with your healthcare provider before changing anything.

Oct 14, 2022
What’s the deal with allergies?

Lauren's Fullscript

Dr. Charlie's Fullscript

more show notes to come on each episode 

Oct 07, 2022
Tough Conversations and How to Detox

Not medical advice. Speak with your healthcare provider before changing anything. This is meant to be educational. 

Sep 30, 2022
The Elephant in the Room - Part Three

Polio, HPV, and MMR

Sep 23, 2022
The Elephant in the Room - Part Two

About each vaccine, history/info about the illness, what can be done/needs to be done to address it.....

Sep 16, 2022
The Elephant in the Room - Part One
Sep 09, 2022
Red Pill Your Healthcast - Episode 1

Our journey into holistic health and our plans for this podcast. 

Sep 02, 2022