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Join noted author & pundit Molly Jong-Fast for irreverent humor that cuts right to the heart of our politics today as she discusses the top political headlines with some of today’s best minds. Known for being one of the few interviewers in politics to cut through the talking points, Molly reveals the personalities and issues tearing the country apart. She asks the questions no one else does, and gets the answers even her guests didn’t expect to give – and exactly what you want to know. Tune in every Monday, Wednesday & Friday for the funniest yet serious look at what’s ailing America.

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Kara Swisher, Max Rose, Monica Trannel & Mitch McConnell

Kara Swisher the host of Pivot & On With Kara Swisher drops by to give her take on the latest going-ons of powerful men who won’t stop making things worse, as well as how to see the tech anti-trust laws playing out in congress. Then we’re joined by two candidates taking on some of MAGA’s worst candidates. First, former congressman Max Rose, who is taking on Nicole Malliatokis in NY’s 11th district will tell us about his anti-lying pledge that he’s proposed to his opponent. Then Monica Trannel will tell us about her run in Montana’s 2nd district against former Trump Secretary of the Interior Ryan Zinke. If that weren’t enough, Mitch McConnell drops by to respond to former president Donald Trump saying he has a “death wish” (OK maybe it was just Rick Wilson prank calling us).  


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Oct 03, 2022
Sen. Bernie Sanders, Dahlia Lithwick, Susan Glaser & Peter Baker

Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders drops by to tell us about America’s growing inequality and how America can avoid the growing authoritarian movement that’s spreading across the globe. Then Dahlia Lithwick talks to us about her fantastic new book, Lady Justice: Women, the Law, and the Battle to Save America, which tells the story of women helping to preserve justice in our country. If that weren’t enough, Peter Baker & Susan Glaser drop by to discuss their latest jaw-dropping Trump administration tell-all The Divider

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Sep 30, 2022
Lt. Gov. John Fetterman, Jeet Heer & Ruth Ben-Ghiat

Lt. Gov. of Pennsylvania John Fetterman is running against America's least favorite TV doctor and he has thoughts. Then Molly hashes out the GOP’s terrible Contract With America Part Duh with The Nation’s Jeet Heer. Plus Ruth Ben-Ghiat gives a sobering look at the implications of Italy voting in a fascist leader and why we should be very concerned. 

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Sep 28, 2022
White House Chief Of Staff Ron Klain, Rick Wilson & Tim O’Brien

On the first episode of the pod we’re lucky enough to be joined by White House Chief of Staff Ron Klain. He tells us how the White House makes decisions to keep a big tent party happy, and how to deal with the unprecedented constant rabble-rousing of a former president pretending he is still the ruler of the free world. We also have the reunion that political junkies have been waiting for—after 20 months of being apart, Rick Wilson & Molly Jong-Fast get the band back together to discuss the midterms and Donald Trump’s very bad week. If that weren’t enough, Bloomberg Opinion editor and long-time Trump business expert Tim O’Brien breaks down the former president’s mounting legal troubles. Oh yeah, and we also learn what Trump’s dance moves are like when no one is watching.

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Sep 26, 2022
Introducing: Fast Politics with Molly Jong-Fast

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Sep 16, 2022