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Introducing Gardening Simplified, a new radio show and podcast from Proven Winners ColorChoice Shrubs.

Hosted by life-long gardeners Rick Vuyst and Stacey Hirvela, the Gardening Simplified show is designed to share our love of plants and gardening. Whatever your skill or experience level, you’ll find something interesting, useful, and just plain fascinating in every episode.

Episode Date
How to Make Your Garden Benefit Monarch Butterflies
Butterflies visiting your backyard is one of the true joys of gardening - learn what to plant and how to maintain your garden to make it a true haven. Plus, bees eating mushrooms to heal themselves? Yes! Hear all about it in this episode of Gardening Simplified.
Feb 04, 2023
The Buzz About Bees – How to Make Your Garden Bee Friendly, Interview with Beekeeper Don Snoeyink
It's the bee show! Rick and Stacey talk bees: honeybees, bumblebees, native bees, through the show and with special guest, beekeeper Don Snoeyink. Find out what bees eat through the season and what to plant to make your yard bee-friendly.
Jan 28, 2023
Dormancy vs Hibernation, Shrubs that Hit Snooze on Spring, and Frozen Succulents
Learn why plants go dormant yet animals hibernate, meet a flowering shrub that likes to sleep late on spring, plus succulent rescue after a freeze, and a harrowing video showing a man rescuing a deer with a paint can stuck on its head.
Jan 21, 2023
2023 Plants of the Year, Bulbs Emerging in Winter, and the World’s Oldest Chicken
Meet the 2023 Plants of the Year, learn about a colorful new option for attracting hummingbirds, why you needn't panic if your bulbs are emerging in January, and the antics of Elvis, the crocodile who stole a lawnmower.
Jan 14, 2023
Moon Gardens, Small Spaces, Cut Flowers – 2023 Gardening Trends and Puffer Fish® Panicle Hydrangea
Moon gardens, small spaces, growing your own cut flowers: these are 2023's garden trends! Plus, learn about Puffer Fish panicle hydrangea, whether you can really grow a mini-forest of pine trees from a pine cone, and a yellow cardinal sighting in Tennessee.
Jan 08, 2023
Lessons From the Garden, Viburnum Pollination, and New Year’s Traditions
From hot peppers to hot weather, Rick and Stacey look back on what they learned in the garden in 2022. Plus, viburnum pollination, houseplant questions from listeners, and New Year's food traditions from Spain and Grand Haven, Michigan.
Dec 31, 2022
Sounds to Listen for in the Garden and All About North Pole® Arborvitae
Buzzing bees and hummingbirds, the wind in tall grass: these are our favorite garden sounds! Plus, learn about North Pole arborvitae, pruning redbuds, and what it means to be doniferous.
Dec 24, 2022
Birds, Berries, and Astronomical vs Meteorological Winter with Meteorologist Ellen Bacca
Join us to learn about the joys of birdwatching in winter and learn what to plant to attract more of them to your yard. Plus, we interview meteorologist Ellen Bacca on the difference between astronomical and meteorological winter.
Dec 17, 2022
Celtic Mythology, Native Holly, and Plant Spacing
Gather 'round for the Celtic mythological tale of the Oak King and the Holly King while learning the surprising facts about oaks in the UK. Plus: native holly, plant spacing, and more.
Dec 10, 2022
Winter Care for Roses and Panicle Hydrangea Developments
Roses have come a long way - find out why you may no longer need to protect them over winter. Plus, experience the most enticing sound in the garden, get some holiday arrangement inspiration, and find out how panicle hydrangeas are getting easier to grow and enjoy.
Dec 03, 2022
Deer Resistant Plants, Boxwood Beauty, and Benefits of Mulch
Got deer? We've got plant suggestions! Plus, we talk about the beauty of boxwood, the benefits of mulch, and amazing owls.
Nov 26, 2022
Decorative Holiday Containers and Thanksgiving Favorites
Learn to make festive arrangements from what’s growing in your own backyard, a colorful, easy-care, native shrub, and more in this episode of Gardening Simplified.
Nov 19, 2022
Winter Containers, Moist vs Well-Drained Soil, and More!
Shrubs in containers over winter? In this climate? Yes, it's possible! Learn how, what to plant, and why. Plus, meet one of our most cold-tolerant evergreens, what it means to have "moist, well-drained soil," and a question on pruning hydrangeas - the first of many, we're sure!
Nov 12, 2022
Autumn Aromas, Gatsby Pink®, and Understanding IPM
What in the world does "frim" mean, and what does it have to do with compost? Find out in this episode, as well as learning about our native oakleaf hydrangea, concerns about planting garlic, ground covers for sandy spots, and what IPM stands for and how it can help you manage insects and other pests without burning down your house.
Nov 05, 2022
The Canna King, Growing Garlic, and Brandywine™ Viburnum
In this episode, we talk cannas, planting and growing garlic (it's surprisingly easy!), a fabulous native viburnum for your landscape, and we answer listener questions on planting bulbs, privacy hedges where deer are an issue, and managing yucca.
Oct 29, 2022
Living Plant Fossils, Temple of Bloom®, and Ivy Issues
Did you know that evergreens are not truly evergreen? Learn why it’s normal to see pines and arborvitaes turn yellow and drop their needles in autumn. We also talk Metasequoia glyptostroboides, a living plant fossil, Temple of Bloom Heptacodium miconioides, seven-son flower, how to get rid of English ivy as well as how to get it to grow, and the salad-eating habits of the average American.
Oct 22, 2022
Daylight Saving Time, Legend of the Fall®, and More!
Fall color is at its most fabulous right now: learn the science behind it, and why each season is different. We present Legend of the Fall fothergilla, which brings the full spectrum of fall color to your garden. We answer listener questions, including revisiting a mysterious green pepper problem, and talk about a giant potato, Daylight Saving Time, and the cutest little tree library we’ve ever seen.
Oct 15, 2022
Decumbent Growth, All About Aronia, and Baby “Bloomers”
In this episode, learn about decumbent growth and get to know Low Scape Mound aronia, a native flowering shrub that exemplifies the concept. Learn how planting mophead hydrangeas can discourage insects from visiting your home, and growing hydrangeas for shade. We’re always ready to answer your garden questions, so don’t hesitate to reach out!
Oct 08, 2022
Garden Fatigue, Sassafras, and Record Breaking Pumpkins
Rick and Stacey’s discussion of the botanical phenomenon of heterophylly leads to sharing facts about the world’s record sassafras tree in Owensboro, Kentucky; Tortuga juniper, which also exhibits heterophylly, gets put on trial, we help listeners troubleshoot some issues with their peppers and zucchini this season, and in Branching News, learn about this year’s world record pumpkin, a deer caught in a hammock, and the elements of curb appeal.
Oct 01, 2022
Harvest Moon, Bioluminescent Mushrooms, and Smokebush
Fall is in the air on this episode of Gardening Simplified! Rick and Stacey talk about bioluminescent mushrooms, marram grass (Ammophila breviligulata), and also define the word “peduncle.” We talk about The Velvet Fog smokebush, a plant normally known for its summer display that also boasts excellent fall color. Rick and Stacey answer listener questions about apples, pruning butterfly bush, and rose of Sharon seed pods. Finally, in branching news, we talk about sorghum replacing corn in mazes, a Palestinian farmer’s discovery of an ancient mosaic as he planted a tree, and King Charles III’s new perfume.
Sep 24, 2022
Fall: Must-Have Colors and Must-Pull Weeds
In this episode of the Gardening Simplified Show, Stacey and Rick talk about how fall is for planting and why Mums are synonymous with fall planting. There are other great plants however for fall color and on today’s show, Stacey will teach Rick how to say Symphoricarpos, a plant with great fall color.

Take me to your weeder: Stacey and Rick discuss two prevalent weeds right now, nutsedge and pokeweed! When it comes to weeds, they have pull! A reminder that fall is an excellent time of year for weed control including winter annual weeds that germinate in fall. We discuss pokeweed’s stunning appearance.

Finally, a discussion on phytoplasma takes place as nutsedge has been discovered as a host. Yikes! No need to call Dr. Peter Venkman from Ghostbusters; We’ll address it in the branching news segment.

Full Show Notes with links can be found here:
Sep 22, 2022
Why Flower Color Fades in Summer
Introducing the Gardening Simplified Show, where Rick and Stacey share their love and knowledge of gardening. In our first episode, we talk about why roses get a new lease on life in autumn, how to keep cats from visiting your yard, and why flower color may fade at the height of summer. In our news segment, learn more about monarch butterflies, the invasive spotted lanternfly, and why some areas of California are paying residents to remove their lawns.

Complete show notes and links for this episode can be found here:
Sep 22, 2022