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The ChildPsych Podcast brings to you the top parenting & mental health experts in the world. Designed to educate and inspire you with current research &  concrete strategies that foster resiliency & healing in children and teens. Most importantly we’re here because we need to raise a generation of children who don’t need to recover from their childhoods.

Episode Date
The Brain and Parenting with Dr. Cindy Hovington, Episode # 6

In this episode, Tania and Tammy are joined by Dr. Cindy Hovington, founder of Curious Neuron. Listen to Dr Hovington break down neurobiological principles in easily digestible parenting guidance. In this enlightening podcast, she helps us to delve deeper into our child’s behaviour, explores the science behind co-regulation, and shares the three things that she believes every parent should be taught before leaving the hospital with a new baby.

Nov 23, 2022
Our Girls are More Than a Body with Dr. Lexie Kite, Episode #5

In this episode, we interview Dr. Lexie Kite. Dr Lexie Kite is the co-author of the incredible book "More than a body: Your body is an instrument, not an ornament". In this riveting interview, Dr. Kite explores body objectification in women and girls and how it impacts all areas of psychological functioning. She shares research and strategies to help children and families foster long lasting body image resilience. Inspiring and courageous, Dr. Kite leads us in helping girls to think outside the parameters of beauty and to own who they truly want to be in the world.

Nov 15, 2022
Shame Proof Parenting with Mercedes Samudio, Episode #4

We can no longer go about healing families and raising children by shaming their parents.

In this episode, Tania Johnson and Tammy Schamuhn, interview Mercedes Samudio who started the #endparentshaming campaign. Mercedes, a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, and Best Selling Author is a passionate advocate that parents are human too and that the shame and judging need to end. In her dynamic interview, she speaks of the development of the parenting identity as deserving of the same space and grace that we give when we learn other new skills. She takes us through the different steps in her "Shame Proof Parenting Framework".

If you have struggled with shame, guilt, or feeling judged in your parenting journey- then don’t miss this transformative podcast.

Nov 09, 2022
Radically Transforming Parenting with Mr. Chazz, Episode #3

"I was spanked as a kid and I turned out just fine!" Join child psychologists Tania Johnson and Tammy Schamuhn as they delve into parenting myths, generational shifts in discipline, and alternate ways to deal with challenging behaviour with Mr. Chazz. Mr. Chazz is a parent educator, motivational speaker, and teacher of teachers. This episode is energetic, engaging, and full of strategies- if you are looking for new tools in your parenting belt, don’t miss it!

Nov 02, 2022
Connected Parenting with Jennifer Kolari, Episode #2

Tania Johnson and Tammy Schamuhn- psychologists, play therapists, and moms- interview parenting expert Jennifer Kolari.

In this episode, Jennifer explains that children act up when they do not feel understood. She shares techniques that therapists use to help children through difficult behaviour and explains how to increase the parent-child bond. At the heart of Jennifer's work is the CALM technique which has been proven to de-escalate tantrums, reduce anxiety, and increase connection.

Listen now for step-by-step explanations to empower and transform your family.

Oct 15, 2022
How to Stop Yelling at Your Kids with Dr Laura Markham, Episode #1

Most parents think that if our child would just "behave," we could maintain our composure as parents. The truth is that managing our own emotions and actions is what allows us to feel peaceful as parents. Ultimately we can’t control our children or the hand life deals them—but we can always control our own actions. Parenting isn’t about what our child does, but about how we respond." ( Dr. Laura Markham)

Tania Johnson and Tammy Schamuhn - psychologists, play therapists, and moms- interview one of the world’s leading parent experts on how to stop yelling at our kids, how to put in limits while still being gentle, and on how to bring peace back to our homes!

Oct 05, 2022