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Just B Divorced is the deconstruction of a decade long divorce.

Ten years after her divorce nightmare began, Bethenny Frankel is ready to tell her story.

Bethenny is an unintentional expert on divorce. The time has finally come for her to share her story, her wisdom (heartache and pain) about this topic that most of us know all too well. The only thing that got her through the worst time of her life was the thought of helping people to never have to endure what she has.

This series is a cautionary tale for anyone who has been, is or will ever be in a relationship. This is a must listen for anyone and everyone going through it. If you’re on the verge of divorce or a breakup, or on the path to love, the wisdom you will gain could prevent years of grief and suffering.

If 50% of us will get divorced, let’s arm ourselves with this knowledge now to thrive when it happens or avoid it if at all possible.

Episode Date
It’s Me… I’m the Problem, It’s Me
Feb 29, 2024
ReWives ReRant: Would You Like the Receipts?
Feb 28, 2024
ReWives ReRant: Bravo Behavior
Feb 23, 2024
“Were people doing ​**** in your bathroom?” with Kathy Swarts
Feb 19, 2024
ReWives ReRant: Bend it Like Bethenny (w/ Christina Kirkman)
Feb 06, 2024
ReWives ReRant: Til Divorce Do Us Part
Jan 31, 2024
ReWives ReRant: What Happens in the Tub…
Jan 30, 2024
ReWives ReRant: Repeat Offenders
Jan 19, 2024
ReWives ReRant: Real Housewives Fans Only
Jan 12, 2024
ReWives ReRant: Salt Lake City Surprise Take
Jan 09, 2024
Happy 2024 from your friends at iHeartPodcasts
Dec 30, 2023
Happy Holidays from Bethenny Frankel
Dec 25, 2023
ReWives ReRant: Are You Talking About Me?!
Dec 20, 2023
The Upside Down Jacket (with Denise Richards)
Dec 18, 2023
ReWives ReRant: Difficult Realities
Dec 15, 2023
ReWives ReRant: Lisa-Lenny-Jody For Dummies
Dec 13, 2023
“Jealous of what? Your ugly leather pants?” with Mary Fitzgerald Bonnet
Dec 11, 2023
ReWives ReRant: Public Privacy
Dec 08, 2023
ReWives ReRant (with LadyGang): Most Iconic Housewives in History
Dec 06, 2023
“Somebody come get this little ant” with LadyGang
Dec 04, 2023
ReWives ReRant: A NeNe NoNo
Nov 30, 2023
“I want a divorce" with Cheryl Burke
Nov 27, 2023
ReWives ReRant: BravoCon-versation
Nov 15, 2023
"He wants me to pull her ponytail" with Elisa Donovan
Nov 15, 2023
ReWives ReRant: What Is and What Could Have Been
Nov 10, 2023
Denise Richards (Part 2)
Nov 08, 2023
ReWives ReRant: The Fallout from BravoCon
Nov 08, 2023
Denise Richards (Part 1)
Nov 07, 2023
ReWives ReRant: The BRAVOCONversation
Nov 03, 2023
BetheNeNe: A Limited Series with Bethenny Frankel & NeNe Leakes - Part 6
Oct 27, 2023
BetheNeNe: A Limited Series with Bethenny Frankel & NeNe Leakes - Part 5
Oct 26, 2023
BetheNeNe: A Limited Series with Bethenny Frankel & NeNe Leakes - Part 4
Oct 25, 2023
BetheNeNe: A Limited Series with Bethenny Frankel & NeNe Leakes - Part 3
Oct 24, 2023
BetheNeNe: A Limited Series with Bethenny Frankel & NeNe Leakes - Part 2
Oct 21, 2023
BetheNeNe: A Limited Series with Bethenny Frankel & NeNe Leakes - Part 1
Oct 20, 2023
ReWives ReRant: The Truth Is…
Oct 18, 2023
“Clip, clip, clip” with Tyler Florence
Oct 16, 2023
“This isn’t my Plate” with Suzanne Somers
Oct 15, 2023
“Why don't you start shaving your frickin' chin off” with Justin Martindale
Oct 09, 2023
ReWives ReRant: The NeNe You Didn’t Hear
Oct 04, 2023
ReWives ReRant: Watch What Happens Next
Oct 03, 2023
A Conversation with NeNe Leakes (Part Two)
Sep 29, 2023
A Conversation with NeNe Leakes (Part One)
Sep 29, 2023
“In a couple months, I might be single too” with Brian Austin Green and Sharna Burgess
Sep 25, 2023
ReWives ReRant: The Aftermath
Sep 20, 2023
Housewives University: Lisa Vanderpump 101
Sep 15, 2023
Reality Reckoning: Rachel Leviss (Part Three)
Aug 18, 2023
Reality Reckoning: Rachel Leviss (Part Two)
Aug 17, 2023
Reality Reckoning: Rachel Leviss (Part One)
Aug 16, 2023
“I Did not Spread a Rumor” with Catt Sadler
Aug 14, 2023
“Cause you are old” with Isaac Mizrahi
Aug 07, 2023
ReWives ReRant: Rivalry Renewed
Aug 02, 2023
“I Will F**k Her Up” with Kaitlyn Bristowe
Jul 31, 2023
ReRant: Reality Strikes with Kaitlyn Bristowe
Jul 28, 2023
ReRant: Friendship Repaired?
Jul 26, 2023
A Bethenny Podcasts Special Edition: Housewives University: Jill Zarin 101
Jul 25, 2023
A Bethenny Podcasts Special Edition: ReRants with Jill and Bethenny
Jul 24, 2023
A Bethenny Podcasts Special Edition: ReWives with Jill and Bethenny
Jul 21, 2023
A Bethenny Podcasts Special Edition: Jill Zarin and Bethenny Frankel Reunited
Jul 18, 2023
ReWives ReRant: The Kyle and Mauricio Drama
Jul 12, 2023
Happy Fourth of July!
Jul 03, 2023
Housewives University: Luann de Lesseps 101
Jun 30, 2023
ReWives ReRant: What Goes Around
Jun 28, 2023
ReWives ReRant: Team B
Jun 23, 2023
ReWives ReRant: Sources Say…
Jun 21, 2023
“Apologize” with Maksim and Val Chmerkovskiy
Jun 19, 2023
Housewives University: Kathy Wakile 101
Jun 16, 2023
“Here’s your f*cking letter, b*tch” with Joel McHale
Jun 12, 2023
ReWives ReRant: Truth Bombs
Jun 08, 2023
Housewives University: Vicki Gunvalson 101
Jun 02, 2023
ReWives ReRant: Don’t Poke the Bear
May 31, 2023
"We laughed, we cried, we sh*t” with Leslie Bibb
May 29, 2023
ReWives ReRant: The Run-Ins
May 24, 2023
“That f**king piece of sh*t garbage wh*re” with Tinx
May 22, 2023
Housewives University: Sheree Whitfield 101
May 19, 2023
ReWives ReRant: RHONY Legacies
May 17, 2023
“Go to f***ing sleep now!” with Christine Taylor
May 15, 2023
ReWives ReRant: Kim Zolciak Bombshell
May 09, 2023
“Mention it All” with Leanne Morgan
May 08, 2023
Housewives University: Teresa Guidice 101
May 05, 2023
“If anyone is gonna cry here, it’s not going to be you” with Tori Spelling - PART 2
May 02, 2023
“If anyone is gonna cry here, it’s not going to be you” with Tori Spelling - PART 1
May 01, 2023
Housewives University: Ramona Singer 101
Apr 21, 2023
ReWives ReRant: Big Time Fail
Apr 19, 2023
“Bravo, Bravo, F*cking Bravo” with Margaret Cho
Apr 17, 2023
ReWives ReRant: RHONY Ultimate Girls Trip!
Apr 12, 2023
“Welcome Home” with Kate Flannery
Apr 10, 2023
ReWives ReRant: Same Time, Same Place
Apr 05, 2023
ReWives ReRant: Bizarre Discovery
Mar 29, 2023
“Sheree wraps her fingers around Kim’s wig” with Tig Notaro
Mar 27, 2023
ReWives ReRant: Worthy vs Worthless
Mar 22, 2023
“You just… be quiet” with Jenny McCarthy
Mar 20, 2023
ReWives ReRant: The Bitchy Blonde Housewives
Mar 08, 2023
ReWives ReRant: Inappropriate Texts
Mar 01, 2023
“You’re making up for all of us” with Nikki Glaser
Feb 27, 2023
ReWives ReRant: What a Sh*t Show
Feb 22, 2023
“Why don’t you have a piece of Bread” with Jay Pharoah
Feb 20, 2023
ReWives ReRant: Fantasy Housewives League
Feb 15, 2023
“This isn’t my Plate” with Suzanne Somers
Feb 13, 2023
ReWives ReRant: Caroline vs. Brandi
Feb 08, 2023
“Get Your Hand out of my Face” with Kristin Chenoweth and Kandi Burruss
Feb 06, 2023
ReWives ReRant: Bethenny Reveals Regrets
Feb 01, 2023
“I’m off the clock” with Dave Portnoy
Jan 30, 2023
ReWives ReRant: The Player and The Game
Jan 25, 2023
“Pay attention, please” with Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi
Jan 23, 2023
ReWives ReRant: The Real Royal Housewives?
Jan 18, 2023
“The only thing that is artificial or fake about me is THIS” with Paulina Porizkova
Jan 16, 2023
ReWives ReRant: Everything is Personal
Jan 11, 2023
“Ok, Mrs. Roper!” with Jillian Michaels
Jan 09, 2023
ReWives Rant: The Naughty and Nice List
Dec 25, 2022
ReWives ReRant: Who’s Kid is That?!
Dec 21, 2022
“You Stole My House” with Tori Spelling
Dec 19, 2022
ReWives ReRant: The Power of the Sidepiece
Dec 14, 2022
"Life is Not a Cabaret" with Griffin Johnson
Dec 12, 2022
ReWives ReRant: Toxic Environment
Dec 08, 2022
"Who Gonna Check Me, Boo?" with Suze Orman
Dec 05, 2022
ReWives ReRant: Bethenny Chooses a Husband
Nov 30, 2022
“It’s About Tom” with Kevin Nealon
Nov 28, 2022
ReWives ReRants: Unfaithful
Nov 23, 2022
“YOU’RE GARBAGE" with Jerry Springer
Nov 21, 2022
ReWives ReRants: Faces of the Franchise
Nov 16, 2022
"GO TO SLEEP!" with Elisabeth Moss
Nov 10, 2022