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Welcome to the Truth Hurts Show! Hosted by @Squints & @BrianGoldPhd, this show is all about taking about business, networking, life, the cold hard truths you need to hear!

Episode Date
Hollywood Insider Reveals the World of Unscripted TV | Truth Hurts EP 23

In this episode of Truth Hurts, Joey Carson talks about his long and varied career in Hollywood. He discusses his early days as a child star on The Tonight Show, his struggles with addiction, and his eventual comeback. Carson is a candid and honest guest, and his story is both inspiring and cautionary.

Here are some of the highlights from the interview:

Carson talks about his early days as a child star on The Tonight Show. He says that he was "groomed" for stardom from a young age, and that he "didn't have a childhood."

Carson discusses his struggles with addiction. He says that he started using drugs at a young age, and that his addiction eventually led to his downfall.

Carson talks about his eventual comeback. He says that he got sober in 1994, and that he has been clean and sober ever since.

Carson's story is a reminder that even the most successful people can face challenges in their lives. However, it is also a story of hope and redemption. Carson is a survivor, and his story is an inspiration to us all.

Watch the full episode of Truth Hurts with Joey Carson on YouTube today!

May 26, 2023
The $1 Million Verdict Formula: How This Lawyer Wins Life-Changing Claims | Truth Hurts Show EP 22

How does he do it? In this revealing interview, personal injury attorney Sean D. Jacobson spills the secrets behind his record-breaking million-dollar verdicts and settlements. Sean explains how he builds trust with clients, leverages cutting-edge technology and medical experts, and crafts a compelling case that leaves insurance companies no choice but to pay maximum compensation. Think you don’t have a case? Think again. Sean shares how he evaluates potential claims, determines liability, and fights to get accident victims every penny they truly deserve. The truth may hurt, but Sean’s clients never pay a dime. Learn how this legal mastermind became a champion for the injured in this eye-opening episode of Truth Hurts.

May 19, 2023
ULTIMATE Guide To Hydration, Vitamin Infusions & NAD+ Supplements From a Doctor | Truth Hurts EP 21

Are you looking for the ULTIMATE guide to hydration, vitamin infusions, and NAD+ supplements from a doctor? Look no further! In Truth Hurts EP 21, Dr. Jon Prince from Alpha Hydration and Wellness shares his expertise on all of these topics in an engaging and straightforward manner. Learn which supplements are essential for optimal health and why hydration is key for proper function. Get ahead of your health goals with this valuable information straight from a doctor! Tune into Truth Hurts EP 21 now.

May 12, 2023
Jimmy Rex On How To Conquer Your Fears and Unlock an Extraordinary Life | Truth Hurts EP 20

Fear can be debilitating, but it doesn't have to stop you from achieving your dreams. Join Jimmy Rex on Truth Hurts EP 20 as he shares powerful strategies for conquering fears and unlocking an extraordinary life! From identifying limiting beliefs to discovering a new paradigm of courage, this inspiring episode is packed with actionable tips to help you confront the obstacles in your way and turn them into opportunities..

May 05, 2023
Are EMFs Destroying Your Health? Biohacking for MAX Wellness | Truth Hurts Ep 19

Had on the show today Ryan CEO/ Founder of dropping the crazy facts.

Apr 29, 2023
How These Entrepreneurs Secure Loans Big Banks Won’t Touch | EP 18

Learning how to secure loans quickly and easily, along with how to get 10% on money invested via cash in the bank or your 401k! 

Apr 21, 2023
From Frat Hype Videos to Becoming “The Content CEO” - Roger Rojas | Ep. 17

On todays episode with are discussing the in's and outs of content creation with Roger Rojas better know as @ContentCEO . Roger also breaks down for us the advantages of turning around content for his clients ASAP, and the power of customer service and growth of your busniess.

Apr 14, 2023
The Power of Resilience: Mason's Story of Tragedy, Transformation, and Healing | Truth Hurts Ep 16

 Welcome to the #16 episode of the Truth Hurts Podcast, where
Mason shares his journey of overcoming tragic loss and finding healing through
resilience, emphasizing the power of seizing opportunities and healthy
emotional expression.  


In this episode of Truth Hurts Show, host Brian Gold and
co-host Squints interview guest Mason, who shares his story of tragic loss and
how he found healing through resilience. Using SEO keywords such as
"resilience," "trauma," "transformation," and
"healing," the episode delves into Mason's experience of losing his
family in a fatal car accident and his subsequent struggle to come to terms
with the loss. The podcast explores the importance of seizing opportunities even
in the face of tragedy and finding healthy outlets to express one's emotions.
Additionally, the conversation highlights the challenges of responding to
numerous messages from people seeking support or sharing their own experiences.
With a focus on the power of resilience, the episode offers valuable insights
for anyone dealing with trauma and seeking to find meaning in life's hardships.  

Apr 07, 2023
Merging The Masters with Modern Street Art Episode 15 Truth hurts
Apr 03, 2023
From Modeling to speaking the truth with @emilysavesamerica | Truth Hurts Ep 14

 Welcome to the #14 episode of the Truth Hurts Podcast, join
Brian GoldPhd, his co-host Squints, and a special guest Emily Wilson as they
talk about her journey from modeling to speaking the truth.

In this episode, We tackle hard-hitting issues like crime, politics, and social
challenges in Los Angeles. Listen in as we discuss the need for personal
responsibility, self-protection, and fostering genuine human connections in a world
where respect seems lost. We dive into the drawbacks of fame, gender dynamics,
and the consequences of weak leadership while emphasizing the importance of
traditional values in relationships. Discover the power of trust, intuition,
and honest conversations in bridging divides, building better relationships,
and forging a stronger society.  

Mar 31, 2023
What Exactly is Still Life? | Truth Hurts Ep 13

Welcome to the #13 episode of the Truth Hurts Podcast, today
we will be talking Still Life and what exactly it is about.

This episode takes a deep dive into the world of business and entrepreneurship as we
explore the concept of "Still Life Inc." In this episode, we explore
the history and evolution of the company, from its humble beginnings to its
current status as a leading player in the industry. Join us as we uncover the
meaning behind the Still Life Inc. brand and discover the secrets to its

Whether you're an aspiring entrepreneur or simply interested in
learning more about the world of business, this episode promises to provide a
fascinating insight into the inner workings of one of today's most innovative
companies. Get ready to be inspired by the story of Still Life Inc  

Mar 27, 2023
Know Fear - from Martial Arts to a Business Mindset! | Truth Hurts Ep 12

 In this episode of Truth Hurts, we sit down with a martial arts expert turned successful entrepreneur to explore the power of knowing and overcoming fear in both personal and professional contexts. Drawing on his own experiences and insights, our guest shares practical tips and strategies for cultivating a fearless mindset, building resilience, and pushing past limiting
beliefs to achieve your goals. Whether you're an aspiring business owner, a seasoned entrepreneur, or simply someone looking to conquer your fears and unlock your full potential, this conversation is packed with valuable takeaways and inspiration. Tune in now to discover the secrets of fear mastery.  

Mar 13, 2023
Balance and Scale in todays Economy | Truth Hurts Ep 11

If you would like more information about Lending Bee Capital please go check out their YouTube Channel or go to their website:

Mar 03, 2023
Stock Trading with the Guru @StockMarketWolf | Truth Hurts Ep. 10

Welcome to the #10 episode of the Truth Hurts Podcast, today we will be talking about Stock Trading with the Guru @StockMarketWolf

Special Guest @krussell20

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Stock Market Wolf | Stocks & Options Trader :

Mar 01, 2023
Truth Hurts Episode 9| A Look Inside the Life of a Custom Sneaker Maker and Jujitsu Coach @easekicks

Welcome to the ninth episode of the Truth Hurts Podcast, today we will be free taking a look inside the life of a custom sneaker maker and Jujitsu Coach @easekicks

Feb 17, 2023
Truth Hurts Episode 8 | Uncovering Life Hacks with @Sidneyraz : Surprising Discoveries and Tricks

Welcome to the eighth episode of the Truth Hurts Podcast where we are Uncovering Life Hacks with Sydneyraz: Surprising Discoveries and Tricks

Feb 10, 2023
Truth Hurts Episode 7 | Struggles and Fears of starting your own Business

Welcome to the seventh episode of the Truth Hurts Podcast, today we will be talking aborigine the struggles and fears of starting your own business!
This video delves into entrepreneurs' common struggles and fears when starting their own business. From lack of funding and resources to doubts about one's own abilities, the video aims to provide insight and advice on how to overcome these obstacles and turn your business dreams into reality. Whether you are just starting out or a seasoned entrepreneur, this video will surely provide valuable insights and inspiration.
Let us know in the comments below what you would like to hear on the next episode or who you would like for us to have on the show.

Feb 06, 2023
Truth Hurts Podcast Episode 6 | Discussing the Benefits of Plant Medicine

Welcome to the sixth episode of the Truth Hurts Podcast, today we will be discussing the benefits of plant medicine.
Join us for episode 6 of Truth Hurts as we explore the world of plant medicine and its potential benefits.

From Ayahuasca to Psilocybin, we will discuss the different types of plant medicine and how they can be used for healing, self-discovery, and personal growth.

Our guests will share their personal experiences and insights on the use of plant medicine for mental health, emotional well-being, and spiritual development.

We will also discuss the potential risks and challenges of using plant medicine and provide tips on how to approach it safely and responsibly.

Whether you're curious about plant medicine or have already tried it, this episode is a must-listen for anyone interested in alternative forms of healing and self-improvement.

Tune in now and discover the truth behind plant medicine."

Let us know in the comments below what you would like to hear on the next episode or who you would like for us to have on the show.

Feb 03, 2023
Truth Hurts Podcast Episode 5 | Leveraging Relationships to Help Build Brands

Welcome to the second episode of the Truth Hurts Podcast, today we will be talking about how you can start leveraging relationships to help build brands.

Jan 16, 2023
Truth Hurts Podcast Episode 4| The Power of Parental Habits: How We Pass Them On to Our Children

Welcome to the fourth episode of the Truth Hurts Podcast, today we will be talking about noticing the habits we passed to our children.

Jan 13, 2023
Truth Hurts Podcast Episode 3 | How to Run a Business with Remote Employees

Welcome to the third episode of the Truth Hurts Podcast, today we will be talking about how to run a business with remote employees.

Jan 05, 2023
Truth Hurts Podcast w/ @Squints & @BrianGoldPhd Episode 2 Recognizing Depression & Overcoming it!

Welcome to the second episode of the Truth Hurts Podcast featuring Squints from the Sandlot to talk about recognizing depression & overcoming it!

Dec 09, 2022
Episode 1 - Truth Hurts w/ @Squints & @BrianGoldPhd

Welcome to the forst epsiode of Truth Hurts hosted by @Squints and @BrianGoldphd Better subcribe now if you want to hear about some amzing things to expand your wealth and network!

Nov 10, 2022