Sex, Love, and What Else Matters

By Kristen Doute & Luke Broderick

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Category: Relationships

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Kristen Doute has been through it all and hasn’t lost her love of love. Sex, Love and What Else Matters with Kristen Doute explores all things sex, love, and relationships. Regularly co-hosted by Kristen’s good friend Luke Broderick, the podcast is a deep dive into these topics from both the female and male perspective; unfiltered, vulnerable… and of course, SEXY! Kristen and Luke together debunk the myths and (sometimes) painful truths behind relationships and dating. She shares personal stories, from bad dates to broken hearts, including the ones you didn’t see while she was on reality TV or written in her popular book, “He’s Making You Crazy”. Together, Kristen and Luke discuss the importance of emotional intelligence and communication along with raw and candid conversations surrounding intimacy and sex. Follow us: @kristendoute @luke__broderick Email us:

Episode Date
Holy Sh*t, It's Josh Peck!

19. The one and only Josh Peck joins the show this week! You know Josh from MANY television shows, films, and author of Happy People Are Annoying. On this episode, you get to know Josh on a personal level because believe it or not - Kristen and Josh have been friends for 15+ years! Grab your snacks, sit back and get ready to laugh your ass off.
Kristen and Luke get Josh’s hot take on the #Scandoval and Josh fills the listeners in on his stance that cheating SUCKS. Hear about the real-life RomCom he lived leading up to his proposal to his wife Paige (who happens to be one of Kristen’s closest friends).
The three discuss Josh’s love of married life, his in-laws, and how having a family has changed his world. Josh talks about his acting career and reveals his favorite role thus far!

Mar 29, 2023
Love Is Blind Meets Bachelor Nation with Giannina Gibelli and Blake Horstmann

Episode 18. Giannina Gibelli (Love Is Blind) and Blake Horstmann (Bachelorette/BIP) join Kristen this week via Zoom from their SHARED home in Denver! The three bond over and explain what it’s like behind the scenes of reality TV, and Blake & Giannina break down the “bubble” to Kristen. Find out how Blake and G finally found real love on All Star Shore and why that show felt the most authentic.
Giannina spills some never-before-heard tea about her reality TV journey (including Netflix's Perfect Match!?) and Blake dishes why the Stagecoach Music Fest went from a curse to a blessing!

Check out Blake’s new single: “Only One” feat. DYSON @officialroadhouse
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Mar 22, 2023
Screaming Infidelities with Dayna Kathan

Episode 17. Podcaster, comic, and former VPR cast member Dayna Kathan joins Kristen and Luke this week! They update the listeners on how Ariana is doing and how they are supporting her in the #Scandoval aftermath. Dayna dishes her disgust about body shaming and why cheating men are weak. Kristen applauds Dayna for her vulnerability and discuss the beauty in taking space in a room and connecting with people! They also let you in on some Vanderpump Rules inside scoop (because they can) including Seasons 7 AND 8! Finally, Dayna breaks down attachment styles in relationships, infidelity, and what she’s learned throughout her journey in love.

Mar 15, 2023
The #Scandoval with S.E. Cupp

Episode 16. Author, political commentator, and Bravo super fan S.E. Cupp joins Kristen & Luke this week to talk about the #Scandoval that has rocked our worlds. Kristen lays down the actual truth of how Ariana found out about Tom’s affair and how she’s been doing in the days that have followed. They are #TeamAriana (as we all are). 
Also, get to know S.E. on a personal level as she discusses balancing her work/home life, and gives us her advice on what keeps her marriage alive and thriving! 

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Mar 10, 2023
The Mess Before The Zen with Chauntal Lewis

Actress and Celebrity Makeup Artist Chauntal Lewis joins the podcast to shed some love and light! Get to know Kristen’s soul sister and hear how Chauntal overcame a near-death accident and the loss of her hand, and how she came out on the other side after the end of a decade long relationship. Now single in her 30’s and thriving, Chauntal is now ready for love and Luke has committed to being her wingman! Kristen and Chauntal discuss mental health, why healing is crucial after trauma, and why self-love is the gateway to finding your person.

Mar 01, 2023
Life’s Curveballs

Episode 14. Listeners and VPR Fans…This one’s for you. Kristen explains why there was no podcast last week and chats about Brittany’s health scare and Luke’s dog’s brush with death. Kristen talks turning 40 and she and Luke dive deep into the #BachelorNation world (including BIP and Bachelor Fantasy!?) Finally, you asked so we answered: Don’t miss the answers to all of your questions! Raise your glasses high, this one’s for all of you listeners and VPR Fans tonight.

Feb 22, 2023
You’re Gonna Love THIS with Katie Maloney

Episode 13. Katie Maloney joins the podcast this week to sip on some tea, and a mimosa, with Kristen! The two decade+ long friends chat about what makes a good kisser, single Katie’s outlook for 2023, and how she & Tom have navigated the last year of their lives. They answer many listener questions including: where she stands with the cast, her new Café with Ariana, and what it’s like navigating growing pains in friendships. Katie fills everyone in on why she ended her podcast, “You’re Gonna Love Me” and what’s coming next for her!

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Feb 08, 2023
What’s Wrong With Guys’ Night & We Answer Your Q’s

Episode 12. This week, Luke and Kristen discuss why it’s important to indulge in boys’ nights & girls’ nights, but admit how it’s caused issues in the past. They answer listener submitted questions about their relationship - Are their differences too much? Are they trying to get pregnant? How do they handle long distance? 
Then, Kristen spills the tea about her Vegas trip for Brittany’s birthday and Luke talks about his LA living!

Feb 01, 2023
You Need To Hear This with Scheana Shay

Episode 11. This week Kristen and Luke sit down with Scheana and get candid about orgasms, vibrators, as she even shocks Kristen with some unknown truths! They ask Scheana about what it’s like maintaining a healthy sex life after having a baby and how to get in the mood for some intimacy at any stage of a relationship. They chat about the new season of Vanderpump Rules and reveal where Scheana's new found strength has stems from. Scheana then confronts Kristen for never coming to her Vegas shows when she was performing. 

Jan 25, 2023
Girl Talk with Lala Kent

Episode 10. On this week’s episode, we’re giving you Lala! Kristen sits down one-on-one for some intimate girl-talk with one of her closest friends, Lala Kent. They dive right in to discuss the new upcoming season of Vanderpump Rules and what the viewers can REALLY expect this year. Kristen and Lala emotionally reflect and bond on their similar past experiences in dealing with narcissists. Don’t miss their fun and flirty conversation about S-E-X and what Lala’s looking for (and what she won’t tolerate) when it comes to finding love this time around! Also, what would girl-talk be without sharing excitement about their upcoming girls’ Vegas trip for Brittany’s birthday! 

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Jan 18, 2023
Take Me To The Altar With Jenifer Golden

Episode 9. Has Crazy Kristen met her match? Jenifer Golden, host of the “It’s Complicated” podcast, sits down with Luke and Kristen to talk social media stalking, vetting dates and why she thinks she’s the ultimate P.I. They give their honest thoughts on hitting the 6-month mark in a relationship (Are we moving too fast!?), how quickly chemistry is found, and why it’s crucial not to dodge the hard questions with your significant other. Find out why Jen’s absence from Rachael’s wedding made it the best day of Kristen’s life! 

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Jan 11, 2023
Closing Up 2022 with Tom Schwartz

Episode 8. Tom Schwartz joins the podcast this week to reflect on 2022 and talk about why he’s oozing optimism moving into the New Year. Tom and Kristen discuss the nostalgic evolution of their 13+ year friendship and share why they remain Valley rats after selling their houses. Tom weighs in on whether or not Kristen and Luke’s honeymoon phase is over and the three dive into what it’s really like co-parenting dogs. They give a heartfelt thank you to all the service workers this holiday season and wrap up the episode with Urban Dictionary - Sex Edition! 

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Jan 04, 2023
Four Christmases

Episode 7. This week, Kristen and Luke recap their cross-country road-trip, plus find out why they’re grinching this Holiday season and hell-bent on convincing their families for a “no-gifts/let’s vacation” X-Mas next year. They discuss their thoughts on PDA around family, sex at a parent’s house, and how to handle the holidays when in a relationship. Kristen’s military Veteran brother, Ryan, chimes in for some boy talk with Luke. Finally, join all three as they introduce their first “Ask Me Anything” segment, facing some hard-hitting questions from Kristen’s Instagram followers! 

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Dec 28, 2022
Okay, Fine, We Are Dating

Episode 6. Kristen and Luke make dating official and do the damn thing! This week, they take you on a literal road trip for the holidays from California to the Midwest. Kristen reveals her reluctancy to being in a relationship again (but still wanted matching tattoos). Luke spills about his first hangs with the Vanderpeeps, Scheana’s wedding, and his impression of LA life. They talk navigating a long-distance relationship, acknowledge some of their vast differences, why grudges suck, and why consistency is key. 

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Dec 21, 2022
Meet Kristen’s Therapist! With Heather Frankovich

Episode 5. Kristen’s therapist, Heather Frankovich, joins the podcast! Heather has been a Licensed Psychotherapist for over 20 years. As the Founder of Sourcing Joy, she’s a Performance Coach, inspirational speaker, and published author of Entrepreneur Disorder. On this week’s episode, Heather discusses what defines a successful relationship and what NEVER to do. Kristen and Heather open up about what Kristen has learned over her many years of therapy and coaching. They break down the differences between Joy vs. Happiness. Luke pops his therapy cherry and gets some honest answers about his ghosts from girlfriends’ pasts. 

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Dec 14, 2022
Let’s Talk About Sex!

Episode 4. Ooh la la, this is a sexified episode! Kristen and Luke dive right in to discuss “cliteracy”, squirting, and the Big O (with some brutal honesty about faking orgasms!). They debate all things porn and where they stand when it comes to privacy in relationships. Luke ruffles Kristen’s feathers as to whether Only Fans is cheating or not? Listen for Kristen’s… passionate response! Follow us: @kristendoute @luke__broderick. Email us:

Dec 07, 2022
Single & Mingling With Zack Wickham

Episode 3. Is there a difference between gay and straight dating? Kristen’s best friend and social media manager Zack Wickham joins the podcast to discuss the similarities, answer all of our personal questions, and debunk the myths. They chat all things dating apps, tops vs. bottoms, and why Zack’s friends could never pick a suitor for him. Luke shares his first attempt at joining the Mile High Club and they wrap the episode up with another game of Urban Dictionary - Sex Edition. Follow us: @kristendoute  @luke__broderick. Email us:

Dec 02, 2022
Introducing the Male Mind (plus what the hell is vabbing?)

Episode 2. Kristen and Luke get explicit as they break down TikTok’s “vabbing” trend and deep dive into topics like pheromones, sexual hygiene, and which foods effect the scent/taste during oral sex. They both share their thoughts on navigating a friends-with-benefits relationship, ghosting, and sleeping with co-workers.  Luke opens up about why men can be emotionally unavailable and a period of his life where he was not open to dating anyone - even if he felt a connection. Prepare to laugh and cringe as they introduce their Urban Dictionary - Sex Edition segment.

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Nov 30, 2022
Welcome to the Judgement Free Zone

Episode 1. Kristen introduces co-host Luke Broderick and shares how they met, including details about their juicy hookup at a friend’s wedding. They discuss Kristen’s curiosity and desire to dig-in to the male mind, Luke’s willingness to divulge, and the differences between big city vs. small town dating. Welcome to the judgment-free zone where no topic is off limits! 

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Nov 30, 2022
Sex, Love, and What Else Matters Trailer

Sex, Love, and What Else Matters with Kristen Doute and Luke Broderick launches on November 30th! 


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Nov 18, 2022