Hey Dude... The 90s Called!

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Break out your slip dresses, choker necklaces and throw your hair in a butterfly clip because we’re taking you back to the 90’s!

David Lascher and Christine Taylor, stars of the cult classic show ‘Hey Dude’ are going full rewind to the 90’s in their new podcast also titled…‘Hey Dude…The 90’s Called!’.  

So grab your Motorola brick phone and leave a code on your best friend’s beeper so you can figure out which Spice Girl you both are, because you won’t want to be left Clueless when the nostalgia starts flowing like a Hi-C Ecto-Cooler juice box. The ‘Hey Dude’ podcast will be chock full of interviews, co-stars, friends, cocktails and crushes. Each episode will rival the feeling of taking out the cartridge from your Gameboy, blowing on it and popping it back in. 

Best of all it’s available anywhere you get podcasts so you don’t have to worry about showing up to Blockbuster to find out you missed the last one. The ‘Hey Dude…The 90’s Called!’ podcast...more fun than frosted tips and Fun Dip.

Episode Date
Ben Stiller (That’s it. That’s the title because it's… BEN STILLER)

Ben Stiller joins Christine Taylor (spoiler alert: they’re married) and David Lascher for a candid conversation about the trials and tribulations of making it in Hollywood.

Find out what films Ben got rejected from, the big ones he let get away, and how he found success at an early age in the 90’s. 

Ben also shares insider stories about Something About MaryThe Cable Guy and reveals what part of Meet the Parents was actually playing out IRL while he was shooting it! 

Plus, the reason he and Owen Wilson almost never came to be…and who he credits for helping launch the career that thrives to this day!

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Jan 30, 2023
The White Squall Reunion

In 1996 David co-starred in the movie White Squall. This podcast is the reunion of that film. 

Jeff Bridges, Ryan Phillippe, Jeremy Sisto, Scott Wolf, Ethan Embry and Balthazar Getty ALL join David and Christine as they re-tell their tales of filming the movie. Drugs, electrocution, smuggling, hook-ups, stolen props and so much more. 

Unlike the voyage in the film, this reunion…is anything but ill-fated. 

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Jan 23, 2023
A Very Brady Reunion

It’s a story… many in fact about the Brady Bunch movies and the cast is here for a reunion to share all of them!  

Find out who only had to audition once and who had to do it 13 times, who snuck a peak at everyone’s salaries and who kissed when the cameras weren’t rolling! 

Plus, find out why the original Brady’s weren’t very fond of this bunch. It’s a story and you’re about to hear it!

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Jan 16, 2023
Back at the Ranch

The 90’s called and they want “Hey Dude” Back…and frankly so do we! Um...did someone say Hey Dude reunion episode!? 

Christine and David are joined by Kelly Brown, Jonathan Galkin, and Lisa Melamed as they saddle up to reminisce about the peak days of “Hey Dude.” Including what it was like to be teens in Tucson, living in a hotel, having fun and, oh yeah…also making a hit TV show.

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Jan 09, 2023
Hey First Love

Grab a bottle of Fruitopia and your Sony Walkman, because Christine and David are taking us deep into the behind the scenes depths of the dude ranch. 

Being on Nickelodeon before it was cool, playing second fiddle to the ‘Network kids,’ and…oh, did we mention…having your first love be your co-star! You read that right, Christine and David had an on set romance! But they haven’t spoken about the break-up…until now. AWKWARD!  

We won’t spoil any more except to say that hearts were broken and the only thing worse than a first love break-up is watching your Tamagotchi Die.

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Dec 12, 2022
Introducing: Hey Dude... The 90's Called!

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Dec 07, 2022