"Moment of Zen"

By Erik Torenberg, Dan Romero, Antonio Garcia Martinez

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Category: Technology

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Every week, Erik Torenberg, Dan Romero, Antonio Garcia Martinez and frequent special guests discuss what's happening in technology, business, politics, and beyond. Moment of Zen is part of the Turpentine podcast network. Learn more: turpentine.co

Episode Date
E43: Ideas from Balaji and Curtis That Changed Our Minds
Sep 25, 2023
E42: Wonks vs Proles, Post Liberalism, and Politics as Religious War with Walter Russell Mead
Sep 16, 2023
E41: Balaji on How the Tech Tribe Can Save Our Cities - Part 2
Sep 10, 2023
E40: Balaji Srinivasan on the Tribal Lens, America’s Blunder, and His Plan to Save San Francisco
Sep 08, 2023
E39: Bull/Bear Case for Vivek and Erik’s interview with Vivek Ramaswamy
Sep 02, 2023
E38: Crypto Hour and IQ, the Next Great Culture War Issue
Aug 26, 2023
E37: Mike Solana on Peter Thiel, the Ideal Presidential Candidate, and Culture War Losers
Aug 21, 2023
E36: Religion, Canceled Thinkers, LARPing Liberalism, and The End of History
Aug 14, 2023
E35: Alex Kaplan on the LK-99 Superconductor: the Drama, Democratization of Science, and Future Implications
Aug 06, 2023
E34: Noah Smith on YIMBYism, California Land Use, and the Best-Run City
Jul 29, 2023
E33: News News Yum Yum with Marc Andreessen
Jul 23, 2023
E32: Twitter, Threads, and Remote Work with Eugene Wei
Jul 18, 2023
E31: Threads vs Twitter, Zuck vs Elon, and Silicon Valley’s Civil War with Mike Solana
Jul 10, 2023
E30: Affirmative Action, the Administrative State, and The Right's Victory in the Courts
Jul 02, 2023
E29: Brokenism, The Borg, and Bravery with Alana Newhouse
Jun 24, 2023
E28: Katherine Boyle and Mike Solana on Liberal Arts Debate, Tech Culture, and Saving San Francisco
Jun 17, 2023
E27: [Bonus] Marc Andreessen and Anton Troynikov on Why AI Will Save the World
Jun 15, 2023
E26: Silicon Valley's Civil War with Nadia Asparouhova
Jun 10, 2023
E25: Apple and Facebook, Crypto and VR, Open vs Closed Ecosystems
Jun 03, 2023
E24: Mike Solana on Twitter under Elon, Sam Altman's PR strategy, political polarization, and The Culture War's evolution
May 26, 2023
E23: Liel Leibovitz on Israel and US politics, the Palestinian conflict, and Israel’s future
May 18, 2023
E22: Twitter’s new CEO, Elon’s strategy vs Sam Altman’s strategy, Liberal depression, crime and prisons
May 14, 2023
E21: Ben Smith of Semafor on tech-media hostility, and the past, present, and future of media
May 06, 2023
E20: On Founders, Seriousness, and American Dynamism
Apr 28, 2023
E19: Michelle Tandler on how to fix San Francisco
Apr 22, 2023
E18: How to pick markets, why NFTs matter, what "disinformation" is actually about
Apr 14, 2023
E17: Mike Solana on SF politics, tech & media fights, Tik Tok policy, and AI wars
Apr 07, 2023
E16: AI open letter debate, "pausers", and what we're all scared of with AI with Anton Troynikov, Flo Crivello, and Nathan Labenz
Apr 01, 2023
E15: Nic Carter on Balaji's Bet, Operation Chokepoint 2.0, and the Fed's financial crisis
Mar 25, 2023
E14: Balaji Srinivasan on his $1M bet, Financial Crisis 2.0, Digital Devaluation of USD, and What Comes Next
Mar 21, 2023
E13: How SVB Unraveled and Whether Crypto Can Fix Finance with Byrne Hobart
Mar 18, 2023
E12: Effective Accelerationism and the AI Safety Debate with Bayeslord, Beff Jezoz, and Nathan Labenz
Mar 11, 2023
E11: America as a culture exporter, Egalitarianism eats the world, and why Social Justice isn't receding
Mar 05, 2023
E10: Disenfranchised men, AI Doomerism, and the Problems with Effective Altruism, with Amjad Masad
Feb 26, 2023
E9: Modern cold wars with China and Russia, the new right, and tech's cultural shift w/ Noah Smith
Feb 19, 2023
E8: Why is ChatGPT so woke, the arc of tech is centralization, and explaining the cathedral w/ Brian Chau
Feb 12, 2023
E7: Low vs High Culture, legacy vs new institutions, WWE, & Lex Fridman w/ Aarthi and Sriram
Feb 04, 2023
E6: The AI moment, AI vs crypto: a heated debate with Amjad Masad, Flo Crivello, and Nathan Labenz
Jan 29, 2023
E5 w/ The Realignment on Silicon Valley & DC, Trump vs DeSantis, and the future of media & politics
Jan 21, 2023
E4: USA vs Europe, Zeihan & Fukuyama, Reforming institutions vs starting new ones, and why we started "Moment of Zen"
Jan 14, 2023
E3 w/ Amjad Masad on AGI as religion for nerds, history as a series of conspiracies, and religion as a foundation for raising your kids
Jan 08, 2023
E2 w/ Marc Andreessen on Elon, Nietzsche, and America's Thousand Year Empire
Dec 30, 2022
E1: Moment of Zen E1 w/ Marc Andreessen on SBF/FTX, Twitter, and Open AI/Chat GPT
Dec 27, 2022