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Episode Date
A Teacher's Strike and Open The Books!
Steve chats with Mayor Bill Wells of El Cajon about a tragic crime that took place in his city, all because the state is forcing this tiny town to take on more homeless than their fair share. Twitter: @MayorBillWells

Then Steve chats with Jennifer Horn about the LAUSD's teacher strike and California banning skittles. Twitter: @JenniferHorn

Finally, Steve gets the scoop from Adam Andrzejewski, Founder and CEO of Open the Books, about Gavin Newsom's ties to Silicon Valley Bank.
Mar 23, 2023
Governor Newsom Throws More Money At the Homeless Issue
Steve chats with Susan Shelley about Governor Newsom's new plan to tackle the homeless issue which includes lots more money.
Then Steve chats with Leighton Woodhouse, of Public, to get another perspective on the new homeless plan and why it actually is a step in the right direction.
Finally, Steve chats with Hawk Jensen and Clifton Duncan about their new docu-series starring Clifton Duncan, about coronavirus and its related lockdowns in order to expose the truth about the detrimental impacts of the idolization of the pseudo-scientific processes implemented during the pandemic to stop the spread.
Follow The Science
Mar 21, 2023
Practical Solutions to Complex Issues
Steve chats with Mayor Richard Bailey of Coronado California to talk about how he solved the homeless issue in his city and the practical solutions that could work for the rest of California. Then Steve and Jen chat about Governor Newsom's ties to Silicon Valley Bank, Biden visits Monterey and San Francisco's crazy reparations plan.
Mar 16, 2023
The Fall of Silicon Valley Bank
Steve chats with San Francisco Chronicle's Emily Hoeven about SB 43, the desperate measures that Sausalito is taking to meet their targets set by the state, and a Republican law that Democrats should really champion to curb gun violence. Then Steve chats with Susan Shelley about the collapse of Silicon Valley Bank and how California regulators could be to blame.

Emily Hoeven

Susan Shelley
Mar 14, 2023
Newsom Vacations while Californians Freeze
Steve chats with Jennifer Horn about the "Hot Mess Express", Los Angeles District Attorney George Gascon's new challenger, and more power outages. Then Jennifer Van Laar joins Steve to talk about the tragedy unfolding the in the San Bernadino Mountains while Governor Gavin Newsom vacations.
Mar 09, 2023
California Regulations Favor Big Corporations
Steve chats with Chef Andrew Gruel ( about the cost of trying to run a restaurant in California in a post COVID world and why so many small businesses are going under. Then Steve catches up with Jennifer Horn, Host of The Morning Answer and The IE Answer on AM 870 The Answer and AM 590 The Answer and Utility Player at CRN Digital Talk to talk about the newest poll telling Gavin Newsom "thanks but no thanks.
Mar 03, 2023
Vivek Ramaswamy for President?
Steve chats with Vivek Ramaswamy about his run for president and what he thinks he can do to change America into a nation of meritocracy. Then Steve chats with Susan Shelley about Vivek's answer to her question and how Gavin Newsom extorts money from businesses for his inaugural ceremony.
Feb 28, 2023
Reaching Out To The Next Generation & Commonsense Solutions to Housing
Stave chats with Brad Polumbo & Hannah Cox to talk about how they're using their non-profit to reach out to younger voters who are getting all the wrong messages and how they're filling in a gap where traditional media is missing. Based Politics

Then Steve chats with Kevin McCarty (McCarty - NOT TO BE CONFUSED W/ MCCARTHY) to talk about a commonsense solution to housing that he just got passed.

Finally, Steve and Jen talk about the biggest California news stories of the day.
Feb 16, 2023
California's Child Trafficking Problem
Steve starts off the show with Susan Shelley ( talking about what exactly is being shot out of the air, who destroyed the Nord Stream pipeline, and Karen Bass' newest move to tackle homelessness.
Then Steve is joined by State Senator Shannon Grove to talk about the cost of Gavin Newsom's war on energy and her bill to stop the growing problem of child sex trafficking in California. Finally, on a lighter note, Steve chats with Alfredo Ortiz about his new book, The Real Race Revolutionaries: How Minority Entrepreneurship Can Overcome America's Racial and Economic Divides.
Feb 14, 2023
Larry Elder Wants to Fix America
Steve chats with newly elected Assemblymember, Bill Essayli (CA AD-63) about two commonsense bills that he's put forward and how you can help get them passed. Then Steve chats with Larry Elder to talk about the State of The Union and what he plans to do next. Finally, Steve gets into California news with Jennifer Horn.
Feb 09, 2023
An Outsider Goes to The Grammys
Steve talks to CPez (CPEZ Music) about his time at the Grammys and why it's annoying when celebrities use their platform "for the greater good".
Then Steve chats with Spencer Klavan, Daily Wire host and author of How to Save the West: Ancient Wisdom for 5 Modern Crises and they go deep into what ails current culture and what we can learn from the ancient wisdom of the West and the East!
Finally, Steve chats with Susan Shelley ( about getting censored by Instagram, and other California news.
Feb 07, 2023
Where Are All the Brave Conservatives?
Steve is joined by Kira Davis to talk about her book, Drawing Lines :Why Conservatives Must Begin To Battle Fiercely in the Arena of Ideas, to talk about why it's important for conservatives to speak up about their values in the public space.
Then Steve talks to newly elected assemblyman, Joe Patterson, who won Kevin Kiley's old seat. Finally, Steve is joined by Jen Horn, Host of The Morning Answer and The IE Answer on AM 870 The Answer and am 590 The Answer and Utility Player at CRN Digital Talk to talk about California news.

Kira Davis: Drawing Lines: Why Conservatives Must Begin to Battle Fiercely in the Arena of Ideas

Joe Patterson:
Feb 02, 2023
Steve Meets Dennis Prager
Steve chats with Dennis Prager for the first time ever. They have an in-depth conversation about what it means to be an American and the secret behind PragerU's success. Then Steve chats with Erica Gies, author of Water Always Wins, about the Slow water movement and how it can alleviate drought conditions all over the world. Finally, Steve covers some California news with Susan Shelley.

Dennis Prager:
Twitter @DennisPrager

Erica Gies:
Twitter @egies
Instagram @ehgies

Susan Shelley
Twitter @Susan_Shelley
Jan 31, 2023
Jim Jordan + Peter Schweizer On Biden's Corruption
Welcome to the new Steve Hilton Show and it's a big one!
First Steve chats with best-selling Author Peter Schweizer, and then, Congressman Jim Jordan, and then some California News with Jennifer Horn.
Jan 26, 2023
Introducing The Steve Hilton Show
Jan 12, 2023