The Quantum Woman Podcast with Shamina Taylor

By Shamina Taylor

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Category: Entrepreneurship

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You are a high-achieving woman who knows exactly what it takes to be successful. Logically, you know you can have it all. You have all the steps, systems, and strategies. You’ve done it before. You have the results to prove it. A successful business, happy-enough relationships, comfortable home, you name it. Still, something isn’t clicking. You feel like a piece is missing. As though there’s more out there for you. Many of the women who come into my world already know they need something but don’t know what. You just know it has to be easier than this. Easier than the hustle and the never-ending tasks that have gotten you this far. And I’m here to tell you, that there’s a difference between knowing you can do and have everything… and actually believing it. I share my wisdom from experience. I was once exactly where you are now. Heavily in my masculine trying to control everything around me and letting perfectionism take over. I was unfulfilled, with a closed heart, and constantly running on autopilot. But, now I get to have it all. I created a life where I get to balance both work and play. I get to have the time and location freedom all while having a successful business. Nothing is off-limits to me and money is no longer a controlling factor but rather a never-ending source of abundance. I have a saying 'If She Can I Can' and I want to show you how you can have this life too. It's here for you. Tune in as show you my steps in becoming The Quantum Woman™. Shamina Taylor, Attorney turned Wealth Expert and Mentor, helps high-achieving women level up in their personal lives and in their businesses by teaching them how to become the most powerful, fulfilled, wealthy, and successful version of themselves. With over 20 years of experience, Shamina is a top industry leader and has helped hundreds of women build their businesses, both on- and offline. Her top clients are making up to $100k a month in recurring revenue and have multiple 7 figure businesses. Shamina herself has had a record-breaking year. Her business crossed the 7-figure cash received mark in less than 10 months. She’s also a recipient of the 2021 Two Comma Club Award for earning over one million with ClickFunnels. Shamina is the Host of The Quantum Woman Podcast and has spoken at Unfair Advantage Life, The Intuitive Entrepreneur, and The Smarter Income Stream. She is also the creator of numerous online programs including Infinite Wealth, Accessing the Quantum, Magnetic Power, and a high-caliber Mastermind designed to move women to their next level fast. With a combined social media following of over 50k, Shamina has been featured in Fortune, Yahoo Finance, and Medium, and on CBS’s Virginia This Morning, Washington DC’s ABC7, and ABC Sacramento’s Your California Life. Shop The Quantum Woman® Store: Work With Shamina: Find Shamina on Social: Instagram: Facebook: YouTube: Tik Tok:

Episode Date
52. Money Loves Speed
Dec 06, 2023
51. Your Network Is Your Net Worth & Collaboration Creates Abundance
Dec 04, 2023
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Nov 20, 2023
49. Making Money Is Never About The Money
Nov 15, 2023
48. Unapologetic Wealth
Nov 08, 2023
47. Owning Your Bigness and Stepping Into Your Power
Nov 02, 2023
46. Boundaries, Saying No & Having High Standards
Oct 23, 2023
45. How To Stop Settling & Raise The Bar with Victoria Alario, Confidence Coach, Founder + Designer of Vicsen The Label
Oct 16, 2023
44. Level Up with Top 0.01% Entreprenuer - Debbie Neal
Oct 09, 2023
43. Becoming The Millionaire
Oct 02, 2023
42. The #1 Thing to Do While Running a Business
Sep 25, 2023
41. How To Be a Billionaire Before Becoming THE Billionaire with Elena Cardone
Sep 12, 2023
40. Your Beliefs Create Your Reality: Are You Truly Living in Abundance?
Sep 04, 2023
39. Survival Mode: My Experience with Food & Fasting
Aug 28, 2023
38. Discernment: Is He Actually a Healthy Masculine?
Aug 21, 2023
37. Toxic Relationships and How It Affects Your Money
Aug 14, 2023
36. Not Everyone Is Created Equal
Aug 07, 2023
35. Women Get To Be Unapologetically Wealthy: If She Can I Can
Jul 31, 2023
34. Let's Talk Money and Ditch The Taboo Behind It
Jul 24, 2023
33. Wealth Is A State of Being and Fixing Your Money Mindset Is Not Enough To Get You There
Jul 17, 2023
32. Wearing Hard Work As a Badge of Honor and Why Bypassing Emotions Is Keeping You Stuck
Jul 10, 2023
31. Responding vs Reacting: Emotional Self-Mastery
Jul 03, 2023
30. The Power of Making Quick Decisions & How To Do It
Jun 25, 2023
29. Owning Your Personal Power: If You are The Problem You Are Also The Solution
Jun 24, 2023
28. Why We Stay In Relationships That No Longer Serve Us
Jun 24, 2023
27. Shift This One Belief and Access More Wealth
Jun 22, 2023
26. The Secret To Aging Backwards
Jun 21, 2023
25. Work Smarter Not Harder: Why Hard Work Is The Longest Path To Success
Jun 20, 2023
24. How To Slay A Narcissist With Rebecca Zung
Jun 05, 2023
23. What It Means To Be All-In
May 22, 2023
22. How Not Celebrating Creates Income Deficits
May 08, 2023
21. Its Easier To Make A Million Dollars Than Six Figures
Apr 24, 2023
20. The Biggest Income Leak in Your Business
Apr 23, 2023
19. High Ticket Pricing
Mar 13, 2023
18. Raising Conscious Children
Mar 09, 2023
17. Your Messaging in Business
Mar 06, 2023
16. Receiving: Tapping Into Your Feminine Energy
Mar 02, 2023
15. Money Mindset
Feb 27, 2023
14. How To Play With Time
Feb 23, 2023
13. Desires
Feb 20, 2023
12. Messy Makes Me Millions
Feb 15, 2023
11. Wealth Consciousness
Feb 13, 2023
10. First Steps In Starting A Business
Feb 10, 2023
9. Shifting From A Scarcity To Abundance Mindset
Feb 06, 2023
8. Finding Who & What You Want In Your Life
Feb 03, 2023
7. My Story: Building A Multi-Million Dollar Brand
Jan 24, 2023
6. Unhealed Trauma and Processing Your Emotions
Jan 23, 2023
5. Money Is Energy
Jan 22, 2023
4. Toxic Patterns, Toxic People, and Narcissists
Jan 21, 2023
3. How To Stop Caring About What People Think
Jan 20, 2023
2. Emotional Triggers
Jan 19, 2023
1. Emotional Self-Mastery
Jan 18, 2023