Women Who Dare To Believe

By Bonnie Keen and Nan Gurley

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Category: Christianity

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What if a media machine existed back in the days of the Bible? As the stories of the women of Scripture unfolded, what would the headlines have been? WOMEN WHO DARE to BELIEVE explores these women who walked in courage and pushed against their culture to take their place in the ongoing plans of God. Based on our two women musical and Bible studies Nan Gurley and Bonnie Keen invite you to a kitchen table conversation about the mothers, sisters and daughters of God who make up the crimson line of the Messiah. This is your hour. Will you dare to believe?

Episode Date
Episode 4: Jochebed, the mother of Moses

When Jochebed was in labor with baby Moses, the Hebrew nation was a mere 80 years away from throwing off the chains of slavery and beginning their journey into the joy and freedom of the Promised Land. But no one knows this as she labors on the birthing stool. Pharoah has ordered the midwives to kill every newborn Hebrew male. The river Nile has become a death sentence for these babies. Surrounded by danger, Jochebed hides infant Moses for three months and then launches him into this specific river of danger. She dares to trust Yahweh with her son and proves it with an astonishing act of faith. Join Nan and Bonnie as they think through what this cost her mother's heart and how Jochebed's example brings us strength today.

Apr 27, 2023
Episode 3: The Midwives Of Egypt

Pro-life Midwives Stand Strong, Defy Government Mandate

Find a baby in the Bible, find a barren woman or find a woman who faces danger for her family, and you'll find God is about to show Himself mighty and His promises unchanged. Find a baby in the Bible and you'll find God's agent for deliverance.

Exodus chapter 1 opens with a horrific mandate given by Pharaoh to the midwives in Egypt. Tutmoses tries to control the rising population numbers of the Hebrews enslaved under his rule and commands the midwives to kill all male children born in the Hebrew ghetto. In the first recorded act of civil disobedience these midwives choose to save the children and defy the government.

Grab your forceps ladies as we marvel at the courage of Shiphrah and Puah.

Mar 30, 2023
Episode 2: Deborah, judge and mother of Israel

Grab your combat boots ladies, because on this episode Nan and Bonnie follow Deborah into battle. From the book of Judges, we find this timeless example of a woman with a powerhouse impact on the history of Israel. She was a wife, mother, prophetess, judge, songstress and commander in chief. Spinning all manner of plates,  Deborah broke the glass ceiling in ancient Biblical times and stepped into 'her hour' on earth with calm courage in God. She was not a victim of womanhood. Her gender was not a barrier of weakness she had to rise above. Deborah was a person of faith, a woman who believed God would use her leadership to display His strength.

Judges 4

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Feb 13, 2023
Episode 1: The Life and Times of Esther

Episode 1: Grab your tiaras ladies because today we are looking at the life and times of Queen Esther.

Nan Gurley and Bonnie Keen explore the wild culture in the court of King Xerxes, the state of the state in ancient Persia and the unlikely choice of an unknown teenager God used to save a nation.

BREAKING NEWS: The Persian Pulse

National Beauty Contest to be held in Persia

King Holding Interviews For New Queen”

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Jan 29, 2023