Cup Of Justice

By Luna Shark

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Category: True Crime

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 Jul 26, 2023
fantastic crime news podcast with reporters and lawyers.

 Jul 10, 2023

 Feb 27, 2023
I love this podcast. they might be slightly biased but they do search for the honest truth in whatever form it comes and they want the process to work. they also have fun doing it. cup's up.


We all want to drink from the same Cup of Justice... and it starts with learning about our legal system. With tales from the newsroom and the courtroom, co-hosts Mandy Matney, Liz Farrell and Eric Bland invite you to gain knowledge, insight, and tools to hold public agencies and officials accountable. Beginning as bonus episodes to the Murdaugh Murders Podcast with analysis of the trials of Alex Murdaugh and co-conspirators, Cup of Justice launched as its own show in January of 2023. Mandy Matney and Liz Farrell from the Murdaugh Murders Podcast and everyone’s favorite attorney Eric Bland take a hard look at everything from the state of news to important cases around the world. INVESTIGATIVE JOURNALISM Mandy and Liz are two of the most driven and talented investigative journalists who are revolutionizing how news is derived and delivered. Join them as they pull at threads and chase down leads to get the story straight. THE LAW With the expertise of Eric Bland, we empower listeners to understand their legal system in an entertaining format while providing tools to hold agencies and public figures accountable in order to give voice to victims and change those systems for the better. JUSTICE SYSTEMS We know that our justice systems are intimidating, but we will all encounter it at one point. Together, our hosts create the perfect trifecta of legal expertise, journalistic integrity and a fire lit to expose the truth wherever it leads.  Learn more about our hosts and mission at Support Our Podcast at: SUNscribe to our free email list to get alerts on bonus episodes, calls to action, new shows and updates. CLICK HERE to learn more: JcP *** Alert: If you ever notice audio errors in the pod, email and we'll send fun merch to the first listener that finds something that needs to be adjusted! *** Find us on social media: - - | YouTube *The views expressed on the Cup of Justice bonus episodes do not constitute legal advice. Listeners desiring legal advice for any particular legal matter are urged to consult an attorney of their choosing who can provide legal advice based upon a full understanding of the facts and circumstances of their claim. The views expressed on the Cup of Justice episodes also do not express the views or opinions of Bland Richter, LLP, or its attorneys.

Episode Date
COJ #86 - Crime Analyst Expert Laura Richards Joins Mandy To Shine Light on Coercive Control
Jun 18, 2024
Cup of Justice Trailer
Jun 14, 2024
COJ #85 - The Law that Could Have Saved Mica Francis’ Life + JP Miller’s Attempt to Ruin His Wife’s Reputation After Her Death
Jun 11, 2024
COJ #84 - Becky Hill’s ENORMOUS Lineup of Ethics Charges + Mica Miller Case Keeps Getting Stranger
Jun 04, 2024
COJ #83 - Filmmaker Erin Lee Carr on Michelle Carter, Gypsy Rose and Mica Miller Cases
May 28, 2024
COJ #82 - How The Mica Miller Case Shows Dangers of Divorce Laws While Kicker's Comments Add Context
May 21, 2024
COJ #81 - Special Guest: Court TV’s Julie Grant Talks Victims-First Journalism and What She’d Change About the Justice System
May 14, 2024
COJ #80 - The Red Flags in Mica Miller’s Death + Sandy Smith Meets with Investigators, Colucci Trial is Almost Here
May 07, 2024
COJ #79 - Handling Disputes with Neighbors, Harvey Weinstein’s Resemblance to Alex Murdaugh + Bye Bye, Noncompete Agreements
Apr 30, 2024
COJ #78 - Attorney Mandy Powers Norrell Shines The Light On Colucci Trial Strategies And Gives Voice To Victims
Apr 23, 2024
COJ #77 - Sandy Smith and the Zen of Airplane Travel, Bowen Turner’s Monstrous Behavior on Dash Cam + Lawyer-Legislator Sued Over Forged Settlement
Apr 16, 2024
COJ #76 - Court TV’s Vinnie Politan On The Murdaugh and Colucci Cases And The True Crime Industry
Apr 09, 2024
COJ #75 - Alex Murdaugh Gets to Keep His Secret Money + Brandi Churchwell of the 13th Juror Podcast on the Karen Read Case
Apr 02, 2024
COJ #74 - Kate Middleton Backlash... Do Criminals Have Internal Monologues? + Feds Respond to Alex Murdaugh Co-Conspirator
Mar 26, 2024
COJ #73 - Redemption for Bowen Turner? Alex Murdaugh’s Big Bet, The Colucci Case and Kate Gate
Mar 19, 2024
COJ #72 - The Devil Is In the Details: How Solving Stephen Smith’s Case is Within Reach + Privilege Is Back on Trial in SC
Mar 12, 2024
COJ #71 - Tamron Hall And Why ‘The Unbiased Journalist Doesn’t Exist’ + True Crime Reporting & Her New Book
Mar 05, 2024
COJ #70 – Dr. Kenny Kinsey on Messy Crime Scenes, Connecting with Juries and the Stephen Smith Case
Feb 27, 2024
COJ #69 - Inspiring Women In the Justice System: Crossover Episode with Attorney Sarah A. Ford and Pesky P.I. Mackenzie Fultz
Feb 20, 2024
COJ #68 - Karma is a Relaxing Thought + Scratching the Surface on Alex Murdaugh’s Crimes
Feb 13, 2024
COJ #67 - What’s Next For Alex Murdaugh After Retrial Denied + An Update On Stephen Smith
Feb 06, 2024
COJ #66 - Toal Ya So Part Two - Justice Jean Toal (Finally) Denies Alex Murdaugh’s Motion For A New Trial
Jan 30, 2024
COJ #65 - The Presumption of Guilt - Defense Attorney Noah Pines Talks About Client Joey Watkins and Overturning Murder Convictions
Jan 23, 2024
COJ S2 E64 - 'Toal Ya So' - A Great Day for Justice Toal: Alex Murdaugh’s Chances Of Getting A New Trial Just Got Deflated
Jan 17, 2024
COJ S2 E63 ‘She’ll Be the Judge and the Jury’: What to Expect As We Edge Closer to Alex Murdaugh’s Hearing for New Trial
Jan 09, 2024
COJ #62 - Asking the Experts… Double Feature Crossover Episode with Attorney Emily D. Baker and Crime Analyst Laura Richards
Jan 02, 2024
COJ #61 - What to Know About Justice Jean Toal + Becky Hill’s Email Dump
Dec 26, 2023
COJ #60 - More Drama Surrounding Becky Hill Case + Alex Murdaugh’s Money Trail Heats Up
Dec 19, 2023
COJ #59 - Credibility, Defamation and the Rules of Civility: How the Takedown of Becky Hill Has Gone Off the Rails
Dec 12, 2023
COJ #58 - Deconstructing Alex Murdaugh 2.0: A Look at the World’s Most Bizarre Sentencing Hearing
Dec 05, 2023
COJ #57 - Alex Murdaugh to Face His Financial Victims + Why Is Law Enforcement Focused on Becky Hill’s Son and Not the Stephen Smith Case?
Nov 28, 2023
COJ #56 - Alex Murdaugh’s Plea Deal: Is This Justice?
Nov 21, 2023
Bonus: Kathleen Madigan & Mandy Matney - A Sunny Side Bonus Episode
Nov 17, 2023
COJ #55 - Team Murdaugh’s Jury-Tampering Lie Has Been Exposed + Are Certain Lawyers Untouchable?
Nov 14, 2023
COJ #54 - The Worst Thing Team Murdaugh Has Done So Far + Judicial Hearing for Bowen Turner Prosecutor This Week
Nov 07, 2023
COJ #53 - Who Has The Courage To Take on Alex Murdaugh’s Law Firm? + What Dick and Jim’s Latest Motion Might Tell Us About the Money
Oct 31, 2023
COJ #52 - Unpacking Alex Murdaugh's Chances of a New Murder Trial + Expectations For His Upcoming Financial Trials
Oct 24, 2023
COJ #51 - The Big Gall on These Guys: In Murdaugh and Bowen Turner Cases, the Good Ole Boys Can’t Seem to Stop
Oct 17, 2023
COJ #50 - Silence and Leaks in the Stephen Smith Case + Why Cory Fleming’s Mysterious Absence Could Be Significant
Oct 10, 2023
COJ #49 - Russell Laffitte Is FINALLY Behind Bars + How Is Alex Murdaugh Paying Dick and Jim?
Oct 03, 2023
COJ #48 - Alex Murdaugh’s Latest Plot: Get Judge Clifton Newman Removed from His Case
Sep 26, 2023
COJ #47 - Judge Newman Isn’t Playing Games - Team Murdaugh Gets Knocked Down
Sep 19, 2023
COJ #46 - Dick and Jim Strike Again… But Will Their Scheme Work?
Sep 12, 2023
COJ #45 - Buster Murdaugh And The Latest Propaganda to Save A Family’s Reputation
Sep 05, 2023
COJ #44- Things Are (Finally) Getting Scary for Alex Murdaugh’s Co-Conspirators
Aug 29, 2023
COJ #43 - Cory Fleming Heads To State Court Wednesday + Why Police Raids Of Newsrooms Should Worry Us All
Aug 22, 2023
COJ #42 - 46 Months In ‘Club Fed’, Unpacking Cory Fleming’s Sentence + A Big Announcement
Aug 16, 2023
COJ #41 - What the Public Missed in Russell Laffitte Hearing + Dick and Jim's Retaliation
Aug 08, 2023
COJ #40 - Russell Laffitte’s Sentencing + When To Change The Rules of Law
Aug 01, 2023
COJ #39 - Mississippi Court Sends Message to Trolls + Russell Laffitte’s Prison Country Club Awaits
Jul 25, 2023
COJ #38 - Mandy's Defamation Dismissal, An Untimely Passing For Greg Leon, and Mallory Beach's Family Settles for $15,000,000
Jul 18, 2023
COJ #37 - Facing Threats In A Lawsuit Head-On + Do Killers Deserve Compassion?
Jul 11, 2023
COJ #36 - Latest on Stephen Smith Investigation Raises Questions, Justice for Grant Solomon + Bowen Turner Case
Jun 27, 2023
COJ #35 - Ethics Of Jailhouse Calls and The REAL Update About Stephen Smith's Case
Jun 20, 2023
COJ #34 - The Quest for Fame in the True Crime World
Jun 13, 2023
COJ #33 - Big Little Fact-Checking: The Lies Keep Coming in the Murdaugh case
Jun 06, 2023
COJ #32 - Cory Fleming Admits to Satterfield Heist, But What Does That Mean?
May 30, 2023
COJ #31 - Bland on Fire: Using the Legal System for Personal Vendettas
May 22, 2023
COJ #30 - In a Broken System, Victims and Their Families Get Absolutely No Respect
May 15, 2023
COJ #29 - Utter Disgrace: Alex Murdaugh and His Attorneys Go Even Lower with Latest Antics
May 08, 2023
COJ #28 - Murderer on the Lam: It’s One Major Mess After Another in South Carolina
May 01, 2023
COJ #27: How Did This Happen? Latest Scandal Shows Just How Much Secrecy Exists in Judicial System
Apr 24, 2023
COJ #26 - Pressure Mounts in Stephen Smith Case and Why Good Ole Boys Can’t Help Themselves
Apr 17, 2023
COJ #25 - The COJ Team Soaks Up the Sun with … Sheryl Crow!!
Apr 10, 2023
COJ #24: No Apologies: Stephen Smith Exhumation and What’s Next
Apr 03, 2023
COJ #23 Justice for Stephen Smith: We’re Finally Moving In the Right Direction
Mar 27, 2023
COJ #22: Getting Answers about Stephen Smith’s Murder and How to Solve Cold Cases
Mar 20, 2023
COJ #21: Randy Murdaugh Hits the Reset Button and Russell Laffitte Has Bills to Pay
Mar 13, 2023
COJ #20: The Monster Alex Murdaugh Became; The best, worst and pettiest moments of the murder trial
Mar 06, 2023
COJ #19: Trapping the Bear: Alex Murdaugh’s Big Lies Finally Do Him In
Feb 27, 2023
COJ #18: Modern Day Monster - The Most Damning Evidence Against Alex Murdaugh
Feb 20, 2023
COJ #17: Under Pressure: The Jury Finally Meets the Real Alex Murdaugh
Feb 13, 2023
COJ #16: ‘Dear Creighton’: Connecting the Dots on Alex Murdaugh’s Frame of Mind
Feb 06, 2023
COJ #15: Alex Murdaugh's Double Homicide Trial - How We See It Different From The "Experts"
Jan 30, 2023
Cup of Justice 14: The Most Aggressive Form of the Truth: Dick and Jim Push the Limits in Latest Motion
Jan 23, 2023
Cup of Justice 13: Terrified Jurors, Unprepared Witnesses and Dirty Money: Countdown To The Murdaugh Trial
Jan 16, 2023
Cup of Justice 12: What evidence will be allowed in the murder trial? + What the new charges could mean for Alex’s victims?
Dec 28, 2022
Cup of Justice 11: Days of Bowing at the Altar of the Good Ole Boys Are Over
Dec 26, 2022
Cup of Justice 10: Dick and Jim Win the Headline Game In Murder Hearing But What Really Happened?
Dec 12, 2022
Cup of Justice 9: The Vultures Are Circling But Will Russell Laffitte Be Found Guilty?
Nov 20, 2022
Cup of Justice 8: Big Moments and Bad Ideas: Week One of the Russell Laffitte Trial
Nov 11, 2022
Cup of Justice 7: The Truth Behind True Crime Documentaries Plus Russell’s Revenge
Nov 04, 2022
Cup of Justice 6: Leading Up To The War
Oct 28, 2022
Cup Of Justice 5: Motions, Motives & Mullen
Oct 19, 2022
Cup Of Justice 4: A Surprise Recording and The Sacrificial Loser
Oct 12, 2022
Cup of Justice 3: Motives and Motivations - What's Up Next For Alex Murdaugh?
Sep 30, 2022
Cup of Justice 2: Under Oath, But Above Consequence?
Sep 23, 2022
Cup Of Justice 1: Will The Murdaugh Murders Trial Happen In January?
Sep 10, 2022