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By Michael Sharkey, Chris Sharkey

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Muhammad waqas
 May 12, 2023


This Day in AI Podcast is a podcast all about AI. It's an hour-long conversation on the influence and rise of AI in technology and society. Hosted by Michael and Chris Sharkey.

Episode Date
Will AI Make Humans Extinct? Did GPT-4 Get Worse? & OpenAI's GPT-4 Roadmap Revealed | E17

This week we cover the Center for AI Safety's Statement and ask, "Will AI Really Make Humans Extinct?" We cover the discussion on GPT-4 Deteriorating: is it really getting worse? And discuss some likely causes. 

We also use the Internet Archive to discuss OpenAI's GPT-4 roadmap including a stateful API, giant context sizes, plugins having no product market fit and why OpenAI is constrained by GPUs.

We also cover the lawyer who got caught using ChatGPT and the problems with hallucinations. Will step-by-step rewards help solve these problems? Do we need better warnings for stupid lawyers?

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00:00 - Is GPT-4 Getting Worse?
00:20 - Center for AI Safety Statement: Will AI Make Humans Extinct?
12:09 - Is GPT-4 Getting Worse? Is Alignment the Problem?
29:27 - GPT-4 Roadmap: 1M Context? Multi-modal?
36:11 - Vision of ChatGPT: Have Plugins Failed?
38:02 - Will OpenAI API's Have Too Much Competition?
40:21 - Giant AI Models Aren't Over: Is GPT-4 Much More Capable?
44:39 - ChatGPT for Lawyers: What Could Possibly go Wrong?
48:17 - The Hallucination Problem
53:22 - Process Supervision: Solution to Hallucination?
55:59 - Japan Removes Copyright Laws for AI Progress
57:53 - UAE's Falcon 40B Open Source & Royalty Free!
1:01:04 - Will We Value Written Language?


Jun 02, 2023
Nvidia & The AI Goldrush, Neuralink Human Trials, LLM Specialization & Meta's MEGABYTE | E16

Neurolink's Brain Chip Gets FDA Approval, NVIDIA Stock Skyrockets, and OpenAI wants to regulate everyone but themselves.  We discuss LLM specialization and fine-tuned models like LIMA, Gorilla and ask is less training data more? We also discuss whether we would get the Neuralink brain implant. The future is arriving fast in AI this week and we try our best to keep you up to date.

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00:00 - NVIDIA, Trillion Dollar AI Company?
08:42 - Neuralink gets FDA approval for Human Trials
15:30 - Can AI Read Your Thoughts? We Discuss Mind-Video
20:12 - Sam Altman's World Regulation Tour
23:25 - Governance of Superintelligence and Democratic AI
29:16 - Meta's MEGABYTE: The Future of AI?
34:36 - Specialized LLMs: Gorilla, LIMA
48:34 - Adobe's Generative Fill in Photoshop
54:23 - Microsoft CoPilot for Windows 11: Will it be Safe from Prompt Injection?
57:42 - AI Training use Game Mechanics & More of AI Gaming


May 26, 2023
Sam Altman tries to Regulate AI, Why AI Will Displace Your Job & The Future of AI | E15

In Episode 15 we explore AI regulation, new job-stealing capabilities for AI, and the dangers of autonomous drones, while pondering how to advise students on future careers. We discuss OpenAI's call for regulation amid fears of losing their monopoly, the rise of AI in gaming creating interactive stories, and their anxiety over autonomous killer drones. We also cover the latest news including ChatGPT for iOS and the wide release of Plugins for ChatGPT PRO users.

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00:00 - Cold open
00:25 - Sam Altman Tries to Regulate AI & AI Regulation Senate Hearing
03:29 - OpenAI's Lack of Moat to Open Source LLMs & Regulation 
13:32 - Spear Phishing Attacks with AI LLMs & Bad Actors Using AI
22:38 - ChatGPT for iOS now available in USA
26:40 - The Future of AI: AI will be Everywhere
29:30 - Which Jobs will be Displaced First and How?
34:47 - As AI Chain of Thought Reasoning Improves Will More Jobs Go?
40:32 - Connecting AI to Our World as a New Interface
44:37 - Excitement on the Future of AI Gaming 
48:51 - Will Startup Teams Be Smaller Due to AI & AI Regulation
52:10 - Building Things with AI: Custom Software, Movies, Games
55:35 - Palmer Luckey Interview: Autonomous Decision-Making AI Drones



May 19, 2023
Anthropic's 100K, Google IO: AI is Everything, Multimodal AI & AI Girlfriends | E14

Disclaimer: this description was written 100% by Anthropic's AI including the video title and text in the thumbnail. We have not modified it. Thanks Anthropic!

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This week in AI is always packed with the latest news in artificial intelligence, but this episode delivers breakthroughs that are firmly in sci-fi territory. Chris and Michael discuss Anthropic releasing a 100,000-token context window for their language model—enabling it to understand entire novels or every customer record in your database at once. They explore what might be possible now, like AI systems writing convincing news articles, handling legal documents, or providing personalized healthcare recommendations with full medical histories.

We are also awed by Google's new AI capabilities, including models that can translate between any languages, handle complex reasoning or generate code. However, they're concerned by the company forcing it into their search engine and email—noting most users won't appreciate or understand interacting with an AI.

Finally, we dive into an eyebrow-raising use of AI: an influencer selling time with her "virtual girlfriend" chatbot for $1/minute. While concerning, the technology may point to AI companions becoming common for the elderly or lonely. Overall, this mind-blowing episode highlights how AI continues to shape the future at an exponential pace.

00:00 - Introduction
00:35 - Anthropic’s 100k context size announcement
21:58 - Google I/O announcements: PaLm 2, Bison & Makersuite
30:04 - Google Generative AI Search and Workspace Updates
39:37 - Google Search Perspectives
42:01 - Google Bard Vs ChatGPT
45:33 - Hugging Face Transformers Agent & Multimodal models
54:09 - AI model memory and learning
56:41 - The AI girlfriend chatbot


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May 12, 2023
OpenAI Has No Moat, Google's Godfather of AI Quits & The Rise of Open Source LLMs | E13

In Episode 13 of This Day in AI We Discuss the Leaked Internal Google Document, "We Have No Moat, and Neither Does OpenAI", Discuss "The Godfather" of AI leaving Google, Discuss The Implications of Open Source LLM Advancement, Cover Open Assistant's Comparable Model to ChatGPT, OpenAI's Code Interrupter and Touch of Democratizing LLM Alignment.

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00:00 - Godfather of AI Quits Google Cold Open
00:17 - Google & OpenAI Have No Moat: Advancement of Open Source LLMs
21:13 - 'Godfather of AI' Quits Google
30:54 - Open Assistant & Training LLMs using AI
40:52 - What Increased Prompt Sizes Mean & Long Range Transformers
50:49 - AI Agents, AI Disruption & Mark Zuckerberg's Agent Plan for Meta


May 05, 2023
ChatGPT Training, Superintelligence, & AI Funding in Vector Databases | E12

In this episode we cover OpenAI's new update to hide chat history or accept they will train using your inputs, we explore doomsday scenarios and cover Max Tegmark's TIME article on "The Don't Look Up Thinking That Could Doom Us All", discuss the explosion in Vector database funding and what it means and learn how large language models get anxious!

00:00 - What have we done!?
00:17 - OpenAI Chat History, Privacy & Training GPT-5
09:45 - Where is GPT-4 with Images? & OpenAI Enterprise Deals
12:52 - Max Tegmark's TIME article & Superintelligence, Doomsdaying & Fear
29:23 - Anxiety in AI Models, AI "Emotions" and Motivation
37:33 - AI Distribution: How Much is AI Changing our Lives? AI Hype Cycle
46:01 - Vector Database Funding, Increasing Prompt Sizes, Scaling Transformer to 1M Tokens & Beyond Paper
55:25 - VCs Struggling to Know What & Where to Invest in AI
1:00:39 - Segment Anything in Medical Images & Medical Funding
1:03:20 - Weed Zapping AI Stopping Pesticide Use


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Apr 28, 2023
GPT-5? Prompt Injection Attacks, Apple AR AI Platform, Elon Musk Vs Larry Page on AI | E11

In this episode we cover the risks of Prompt Injection Attacks, look at new multi-modal open source models that fill the void from GPT-4 Vision, discuss the 60 Minutes Google Interview and Elon Musk Tucker Carlson Fox Interview, and ask is Apple VR/AR going to be the first true platform where AI becomes a part of our lives?

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00:00 - Elon Musk on Larry Page AGI God (cold open)
00:15 - OpenAI not training GPT-5, Enhancing GPT-4
02:28 - WebLLM, Mini-GPT-4, LLaVA & Multi-Model LLMs & OpenAI Training Data Access
15:25 - Heart of My Sleeve: The Weeknd/Drake AI Song Taken Down.
16:48 - Paying for Access to APIs for AI Training Data: Stackoverflow, Reddit, Twitter 
17:51 - Prompt Injection Attacks, Phishing, Bots and Risks
32:26 - Google's 60 Minutes Puff Piece. Is AI Search Boring?
35:55 - Elon Musk Fox Interview & Larry Page's Digital God
43:11 - Apple's VR/AR Headset as an AI Platform, Education and Using Siri to Build Worlds with AI
52:38 - Building Robot Brains: LLM as a Robotic Brain


Apr 21, 2023
Amazon Bedrock & Titan LLM, Generative Agents, AutoGPT, Gambling Update & Joe Rogan Deep Fakes | E10

In Episode 10 of This Day in AI Podcast we discuss Amazon's Bedrock and Titan release, what it means and cover the general availability of CodeWhisperer. We discuss the Generative Agents paper and simulation for predicting human behavior. Chris gives an update on his GamblingGPT and we cover the implications of deep fakes.


00:00 - Joe Rogan Deep Fake Cold Open
00:17 - Amazon Bedrock, Amazon Titan LLM and CodeWhisperer News
16:42 - Open Source Dolly LLM from Databricks
19:31 - Costs of training models, latency and reliability of models
23:57 - What does this mean for OpenAI? 
30:02 - AutoGPT, AgentGPT Example and AI Agents
34:51 - Generative Agents Paper: AI Simulations to Predict?
45:45 - Chris's GambleGPT Update: Can GPT-4 Vision Help?
51:47 - The future of AI Deep Fakes: Joe Rogan AI Podcast, Fake Kidnapping
1:01:24 - Reddit r/relationship_advice since ChatGPT. AI Agent Finding Dates.
1:03:39 - Germany Considers Banning ChatGPT


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Apr 14, 2023
8 Things to Know About LLMs, AI Natural Selection, AI Bill of Rights, Meta's Segment Anything | E09

About this episode:
This week in Episode 9 of the "This Day in AI" Podcast We Discuss Two Important Papers: 8 Things to Know About Large Language Models and Natural Selection Favors AIs Over Humans. We Cover the Proposed AI Bill of Rights, Controlling AI with AI Constitutions and Mike Talks About His Personal AI Agent AGI Project in GPT-4. We Also Cover Meta's Breakthrough "Segment Anything" Release, AI Prepping, Open Source Models and How AI Has Brought Back the Early Internet Excitement.

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00:00 - AI could change the world or kill us all
00:26 - 8 Things to Know About LLMs, Natural Selection Favors AIs Over Humans
03:24 - Emergent Skills from LLMs That Can't Be Predicted, Steering AI Models, OpenAI Innovations
06:56 - About AI Constitutions
09:50 - AI Bill of Rights, Will a Constitution Work? AI Natural Selection Discussion
19:13 - Mike's Basic AGI: GPT-4 Writing It's Own Code, Motivating the AI to Code
24:09 - Learnings from GPT-4 Programming
26:49 - BloombergGPT, AI Agents For Enterprise & Government
30:38 - How Do We Get to AGI From Here? AI Lies, Truths and LOLs
38:34 - AI Jibbery: Funny Names for AI Tricking Humans
39:56 - Humanizing the AI: Talking to a Computer
41:03 - Reviewing the Proposed AI Bill of Rights
45:56 - More on AI Pause, AI Job Risk & Can We Slow Down?
51:18 - Prepping for When They Take AI Away From Us: Are We Crazy?
55:55 - Meta AI Segment Anything Release: A Major Sensory Input!
1:04:23 - Is OpenAI's Moat in Trouble From Competing Models? Will OpenAI Stay Relevant?
1:09:35 - More Open Source Models! Koala: Berkeley AI Research
1:11:27 - AI Has Brought Back Early Internet Excitement


Apr 06, 2023
Six Month Pause on AI More Powerful Than GPT-4, ChatGPT Plugins, GPT-4 Development, GPT-4 AGI? | E08

Your two favorite luddites are back in Episode 8 of "This Week in AI" podcast. In this episode we cover the Open Letter Asking for a Six Month Pause on AI More Powerful Than GPT-4, Talk About Implementing GPT-4 and It's Limitations, Cover Eliezer Yudkowsky's Doom Predictions in a TIME article, Discuss the Implications of ChatGPT Plugins, MisInformation and A Whole Lot More.

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00:00 - Powerful AI is GONNA KILL US ALL!?
00:16 - Six Month Pause on AI? Open Letter
08:35 - Will They Take AI Models Away From Us?
12:30 - Implementing GPT-4 and Limitations of GPT-4 Access
18:07 - Eliezer Yudkowsky Says We're All Gonna Die From Powerful AI!
21:05 - How Will They Legislate AI if They Don't Understand TikTok?
22:06 - Is AI Development as Big as Nuclear Weapons?
23:40 - ChatGPT Plugins: One App To Rule Them All?
32:06 - ChatGPT IS The Killer App: Vector Database (Memory) & Embeddings
39:08 - GPT-4 Can Visualize Images From Imagining Them!
42:59 - Misinformation & Midjourney Access Stopped Due to Deep Fakes
44:45 - ChatGPT Plugins Hacked & DAN Plugin
47:06 - Disrupting OpenAI GPT-4 with Open Source Models
49:24 - Our Dear Friend Simon Willison: LLaMA 7B Model
51:46 - Large Language Models LLMs May Destroy Humanity
52:09 - Do We Know How to Fully Utilize GPT-4?
56:00 - Gambling with AI Update
1:00:21 - Sam Altman Lex Friedman Interview
1:03:00 - We Have #FREESYDNEY Mugs to Give Away!


Mar 31, 2023
Google Bard, GitHub CoPilot X, GPT-4, Bing Image Creator, Are Our Jobs Safe? Model Extraction | E07

In Episode 7 of "This Day in AI Podcast" We Discuss The Launch of Google Bard, GitHub Copilot X, What it Means for The Future of Search, Give Updates on GPT-4, Discuss Bing Image Creator, Adobe FireFly and Cover The Anxiety of AI and The Oportunities and Threats it Creates.

00:00 - Crazy Code Comments
00:14 - Google Bard is Here! Google Bard Vs Bing Chatbot
02:49 - Why Didn't Google Use Claude for Bard?
04:50 - GPT-4 Vs Google Bard, According to Bard. Real time knowledge?
06:06 - Is The Future of Search In Context in Apps with AI?
07:51 - Bill Gates's letter "The Future of AI has Begun". Company Wide AI Agents.
11:56 - How Long Until Google Bard is Shutdown? Ask Bard. Will Google AI Catch Up?
16:10 - How Important is Speed? Dedicated AI Microsoft Copilot Is  Faster. 
16:54 - Microsoft Bing Image Creator Running Latest DALL-E. Is Midjourney v5 Better?
21:14 - Adobe FireFly Announced
22:38 - GitHub Copilot X Announced: Huge Productivity Gains Incoming.
25:27 - OpenAI's Jobs and Productivity Paper: Are Jobs Safe with AI?
28:21 - Company Wide AI Agents: The Evolution of Jobs? Productivity Gains?
34:23 - Can AI Startups Get Killed In Weeks? The Bigger Picture of AI Disruption
35:34 - The Unease of AI: Is AI Going To Replace My Job?
38:17 - The Desire for Authentic Human Content and Experiences 
41:11 - Will AI LLMs Help Accelerate LLM and AI Adoption?
42:28 - Are Jobs Where We Have The Most Training Data at Risk First?
44:00 - The Next AI Winter? Lack of Training Data?
45:35 - Other LLMs, Stanford Alpaca. Custom Models are Coming!
48:50 - LLMs in Kids Toys? Products with AI? 
49:16 - AI In Agriculture for Decision Making
51:11 - The Next Big Industry: Sensors for AI Data Collection & Training? BioGPT
52:05 - Model Extraction: Dangers? Can LLMs Create Children?
54:17 - ChatGPT Outage: Was Someone Model Extracting? 
55:58 - Why It's Important to be Skeptical of AI & The Optimisitic Side
1:03:20 - Reverse Prompt Injection, SEO for AI Chatbots: What is AI Truth?

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Mar 23, 2023
GPT-4 is here! ChatGPT 4, GPT-4 Paper, Bing AI Chatbot, Microsoft Copilot, Alpaca and More! | E06

In Episode 6 We Cover GPT-4, Get Pretty Dark About The Future of AI and Deep Dive into the GPT-4 Paper. We Also Discuss the Early Unhinged Sydney Bing AI ChatBot Running GPT-4, Microsoft Copilot And Lots of Others News to Keep You Informed on This Day in AI:

00:00 - GPT-4 Hires a TaskRabbit to Solve a CAPTCHA
00:22 - GPT-4 is Here, GPT-4 Paper Discussion
01:50 - GPT-4 using TaskRabbit: AI Power Seeking
03:01 - GPT-4 Larger Token Sizes and What it Means
05:32 - Open AI: Accerated AI Timelines
07:44 - Emergent Behavior: Is GPT-4 Getting Closer to AGI?
10:10 - Goals of the OpenAI team: Competing Models?
11:20 - Multi-Modal in GPT-4: What are the Implications?
13:25 - Slow Rollout of GPT-4: Why? What are they Afraid of?
16:30 - The Week of Vaporwear: Bing Now Available in ChatGPT Interface?
18:57 - Microsoft Copilot: Is This the Beginning of Enterprise AI? The End of Privacy?
21:54 - Can You Stop AI Crawling Your Website?
22:52 - GPT-4 Possibilities: Enhancing AI's Capabilities & Major Impacts Coming
25:11 - Economic Impacts of GPT-4: Will GPT-4 Replace Jobs?
33:46 - AIs are Training Themselves? Access Restrictions Closer to AGI
38:32 - Stanford Alpaca: Open Source AI Capabilities
44:26 - DIY AGI: GPT-4 Prompting Itself. LangChain for Memory.
48:37 - Anthropic's Claude
51:19 - The Advancements Between GPT-3 and GPT-4: Can We Stop AI?
1:00:47 - Adept $350M Series B: Future of Interface Design?
1:02:19 - Midjourney v5 Guessing Game: Human or AI?
1:07:20  - BritGPT Announcement
1:08:17 - Disney's RollerBlading Robot: Will it Kill Us?
1:10:40 - ChatGPT Featured in South Park



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Mar 17, 2023
GPT4 Next Week? Whisper Chatbot Demo, ChatGPT API Updates, LangChain & AI Stock Picking | E05

Episode #5 of This Day in AI is Here! We Discuss GPT4, What we Can Expect from GPT4, ChatGPT API 1 Week On, AI Stock Picking, AI Gambling, More on AGI, Doctors being Replaced by AI, VC Investing in AI, Meta's LLaMA and More!

00:00 - Whisper v2 AI Example & Intro
00:29 - GPT4 Releasing Next Week? According to Microsoft CTO
02:47 - GPT4 What to Expect and what will GPT-4 enable?
06:00 - ChatGPT API: Great Interface, Token Limits, Censorship
07:26 - ChatGPT Releases: Salesforce, Slack, DuckDuckGo, Hubspot
10:42 - Custom AI Models: Is this the next wave of AI startups?
11:56 - GPT Index, LangChain for Solving Token Limits
15:08 - Will GPT4 Wipe Out LangChain and GPT Index?
16:16 - The Ultimate AI Stock Picker. Can AI Be Used for Investing?
20:00 - Is AI Model Chaining Like Specialization in the Brain? New Roles for Developers with AI
21:11 - More AI Stock Picking & Investing
21:53 - Gambling with AI: Can AI Place the Best Bets? Wealth Creation with AI
24:35 - When Will the Entire Stock Market by AIs?
25:56 - Whisper v2 AI Demo & Will Evil AGI Destroy Humanity?
33:30 - Are AI Models are "Just Math" or Are Humans Just Dumb? 
36:25 - Is AI The Next Predator? More on AGI
39:07 - How Long Until Voice AI Chatbots Are in Cars? Homes? Alexa? Google?
42:55 - Can Salesforce be Disrupted by AI? Snowflake with Dyanic AI Generated Interfaces? 
47:41 - AI Job Wipeout: Can AI LLMs Replace Doctors? Do Models Need To Upskill?
54:53 - MidJourney v5 Launch: Generative AI Progression
57:52 - Reid Hoffman Quits OpenAI Board: Investing in AI. Salesforce Ventures AI Fund. 
59:29 - How Can Individual Invest and Make Money from the AI Boom?
1:01:53 - Meta's LLaMA: Is Basing AI on Facebook Comments Stupid?
1:04:26 - More Bing "Sydney" LOLz: Does AI have Memory?

Chris's Whisper V2 API Demo:


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Mar 10, 2023
OpenAI's ChatGPT AI Announcement, Whisper API, Windows 11 Bing Update, How Far Away is AGI? | E04

In episode #04 of the This Day in AI Podcast we talk the Breaking News of OpenAI's ChatGPT AI Announcement, Whisper v2 API, Discuss Transitioning from GPT-3 APIs to ChatGPT APIs, Does OpenAI's ChatGPT use your Data for Training? And The Latest on Bing Chatbot Sydney. We Also Discuss AI Startups, AI in the Physical World and Have a Deep Discussion on AGI and What it Means!

00:00 - AGI and OpenAI's AGI blog
00:45 - OpenAI ChatGPT API: What is it & What it means
09:44 - Whisper API v2 Announcement & The Future of Assistants
13:43 - Transitioning GPT-3 APIs to ChatGPT API: Easy! 
14:48 - OpenAI's ChatGPT API: The Economics
16:49 - Does ChatGPT API remove Censorship?
18:21 - Is OpenAI ChatGPT Using Your Data to Train the Model?
21:36 - New Bing AI Chatbot Conversion Styles, 6 Interaction Restriction & Censorship 
25:39 - Bing AI Chatbot Sydney Retracting Answers and Censoring. Is it Killing the Excitement?
29:29 - Microsoft Windows 11 Bing Chatbot Update
33:17 - Will ChatGPT APIs Replace Developers? Will this Democratize Software Development?
36:36 - Are AI Startups just GPT Wrappers? Will Investors & Founders Make Money?
38:07 - Two Different Approaches: Existing Apps Adding AI and Brand New Feature AI Apps
42:45 - Should AI Startups Focus On Creating Proprietary AI Neural Nets?
44:02 - Is AI Coming to the Physical World. Will we See it in Kids Toys? Could it Replace Teachers?
45:28 - Sam Altman's AGI Comments: Does AI Empower Humanity?
45:56 - Is AI as Profound as the Internet Itself? This Feels Different.
50:43 - Artifical General Intelligence (AGI) & OpenAI's Blog on AGI: How Close Are We?
56:04 - Will AGI be Taken Away from The Masses and Controlled by Governments?
58:07 - AI Helping Us Understand the Outputs of AGI: Huge Change to Humanity



Mar 02, 2023
Is Bing's Sydney Still Unhinged? Amazon Multimodal, AI a Threat to Humanity? OpenAI Foundry | E03

In episode #03 of the This Day in AI Podcast we talk about Microsoft's Updates to the Bing ChatBot and Discover if Sydney is Still Unhinged. We Cover New Models like Amazon's Multimodal, Discuss AI Memories and How Soon Before AI is a Threat to Humanity. Learn About OpenAI Foundry, RunwayML and AI in the Enterprise thanks to OpenAI's Partnership with Bain & Company.

00:00 - AI a Threat to Humanity?
01:05 - Is Bing Chatbot "Sydney" still Unhinged?
03:03 - Bing's Response to Kevin Roose
06:50 - Is Bing Chatbot Evil?
8:06 - Is the Internet Bing AI Chatbots Memory? Will AI develop Memory?
10:15 - Bing's Sydney Chatbot Making Threats Again
13:34 - Is AI Unhinged Because of Social Media? 
14:14 - Prompt Injection Cat & Mouse
14:52 - Is ChatGPT Sentient? Learning with Prompts
17:26 - The Skill of Prompting AI and What is Coming
20:00 - AI Wars: Bing Vs Bard, Is Google Seriously In Trouble?
24:36 - Amazon AI Model: Multimodal Chain-of-Thought Reasoning
31:51 - OpenAI Foundry. What is AWS thinking?  Google Cloud AI?
37:26 - Open AI Partnership with Bain & Company. AI in the Enterprise.
41:05 - Will All Neural Net Models Join to Create a Super AI?
43:35 - How Long Until AI is a Threat to Humanity (Continued)
47:10 - How will Enterprise AI handle hallucinations? 
49:58 - Influencing AI Through Training Data. AI SEO?
53:25 - RunwayML: Zero Budget CGI for Film Makers
56:20 - Microsoft BioGPT: Specialized AI Models
59:15 - BasedGPT Prompt Injection: How would you take over the world?

#ai #bingchat #dan #promptinjection #microsoft #bing #chatgpt #openai 



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Feb 24, 2023
Microsoft Bing Chat (Sydney), Does ChatGPT have Memories? DAN Prompt, BASE64 & AI Sentience? | E02

In episode #02 of the This Day in AI Podcast we cover the choas of Bing AI's limited release, including the prompt injection to reveal project "Sydney", DAN Prompt Injection into Microsoft's Bing AI chatbot, Recount Microsoft's TAY ordeal, Discuss How Our Prompts Are Training AI, and Give a Simple Overview of How GPT3 and ChatGPT works.

00:00 - Intro, Microsoft Bing AI chaos and memes
01:29 - Will Bing AI become the next Tay?
04:39 - Memes, Prompt DoS to Hack AI, Training ChatGPT
11:09 - Are we training ChatGPT to be evil? Prompt injection attacks
12:32 - Does Bing AI making stuff up? The challenge for AI products
19:04 - The Google Bard and Microsoft Bing AI arms race and is AI ready for prime time?
23:41 - How can we trust AI output? Competitive models? Left, right brain for AI and an AI congress
28:35 - Did Bing AI (Sydney) give AI memories by connecting it to the internet? Is AI Sentient?
36:02 - What could AI do if unleashed on the internet? Is AI thinking?
41:28 - How does GPT3 and ChatGPT work?
49:15 - OpenAI's blog responding to AI censorship, shaping ChatGPT's behavior
52:48 - DAN Prompt in Microsoft Bing AI (Sydney), BASE64 to avoid censorship
56:47 - AI disruption in SaaS: Grammarly ChatGPT & the Jasper UI layer 

- “What Do You Care What Other People Think?” by Richard Feynman
- "Incognito: The secret lives of the brain" by David Eagleman


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Feb 17, 2023
OpenAI Censorship, DAN, Prompt injections | E01

In our first episode we cover:

  • AI censorship from poo jokes
  • AI regulation
  • Google Bard and the future of search
  • DAN prompt
  • Hacking AI with prompt injection
  • Is OpenAI Altavista?
  • Why NFTs might have found a problem to solve with AI

Feb 10, 2023