Who Killed Strawberry?

By Audacy

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Category: True Crime

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A story about how the mayor of one of America’s largest towns – Detroit -- got connected by rumor to the death of an exotic dancer. Tamara ‘Strawberry’ Greene’s murder remains unsolved.

Episode Date
9: What We Know And What We Can Prove

In order to believe the murder of exotic dancer Tamara 'Strawberry' Greene had ties to former Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick, you have to believe the never-proven Manoogian Mansion party happened. And that covering it up was the motive. In this episode, host, reporter and producer Christy Strawser lays out the evidence for the party and explores whether any of it led to murder. Produced by Zach Clark.

May 04, 2023
8: The Lawsuit That Went Nowhere

You would never know from the outside that India -- a wholesome college student with an optimistic viewpoint and loving family -- lost her birth mother in a violent and terrifying way. India is the youngest daughter of Tamara 'Strawberry' Greene. Host, producer and writer Christy Strawser talks to India for the first time and reveals in this episode produced by Zach Clark what went on behind the scenes in the $150 million lawsuit brought by India and Greene's two other children in her death. 

Apr 27, 2023
7: Strawberry And The Governor's Race

At the intersection of the mystery surrounding Tamara 'Strawberry' Greene the murdered exotic dancer and former Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick is the state police investigation. Writer, producer and host Christy Strawser uncovers how controversy about the investigation poured gas on the fire of conspiracy theories and spread it to a campaign for the governor’s office. Also produced by Zach Clark.

Apr 20, 2023
6: The World's Biggest Small Town

To understand how Tamara 'Strawberry' Greene's life ended, you have to understand where it began. In this episode, host, writer and producer Christy Strawser visits the streets of Detroit with historian Ken Coleman and they hit all the hotspots in the lives of Kwame Kilpatrick and Tamara Greene. The clubs, the neighborhoods, even the houses where the alleged-but-never-proven party happened. You'll meet some characters along the way because as you'll find out, this place is a small town trapped in the body of a big city.

Apr 13, 2023
5: Old Theories And New Suspects

In this episode, writer, host and producer Christy Strawser and producer Zach Clark talk to the man police name as the main suspect in Tamara 'Strawberry' Greene's murder. So, 20 years later, why has he never been charged? That's one of the many twists and turns in 'Old Theories And New Suspects.' There's also the mystery of what's missing in the murder file, disappearing case notes, why police higher-ups seemed to want so many updates on the case and whether her murder had the hallmarks of a professional hit.

Apr 06, 2023
4: Where Murder Cases Go To Die

When exotic dancer Tamara 'Strawberry' Greene was shot to death, her case went cold and it has stayed that way for 20 years. But it's not the only case that was cold. In fact, only 11% of homicides were solved at the time of her death  In this episode of the true crime podcast Who Killed Strawberry, writer, host and producer Christy Strawser and producer Zach Clark dive into why the case was unsolved from the perspective of police experts and why so many other cases in Detroit suffered the same fate.

Mar 30, 2023
3: Whistleblowers And Torn Panties

In this episode of the true crime podcast Who Killed Strawberry, writer, host and producer Christy Strawser and producer Zach Clark reveal why police started investigating a connection between the homicide of Tamara 'Strawberry' Greene and a wild party at the mayor's mansion, and then what happened to them once they did. We also reveal new details about the depth of depravity among some cops at the time.

Mar 23, 2023
2: The Surprising Ties That Bind Tammy and Kwame

While single mother and exotic dancer Tamara  'Strawberry' Greene and one of America's most celebrated mayors at the time, Kwame Kilpatrick, may not have had anything in common at first glance, the story is more complicated under the surface. Writer, host and producer Christy Strawser and producer Zach Clark delve into how Kwame and Tammy's names became connected and what was going on beneath the surface in both of their lives.

Mar 16, 2023
1: The Curse of the Liar

Six months after she allegedly danced at a never-proven party at the Detroit mayor's mansion, Tamara 'Strawberry' Greene was shot to death. Was her death connected to covering up the party? Was it tied to money, a grudge ... or something else. Writer, producer and host Christy Strawser, along with producer Zach Clark, dive into one of Detroit's most notorious cold cases in this 9 episode series, exploring theories and uncovering evidence. It’s a story about the corrosive lure of power. How cover-ups backfire. How lies can spread like water on hot concrete in directions the liar in the middle of it all ultimately can’t control.

Mar 09, 2023
Who Killed Strawberry: The Trailer

The murder of Tamara 'Strawberry' Greene, one of Detroit's most notorious cold cases, remains unsolved after 20 years. Writer, host and producer Christy Strawser dives deep into the mystery in a nine-episode podcast that reveals new information, uncovers key witnesses and pieces together for the first time answers to all the major questions about the death of the exotic dancer. Was her death related to a wild party at the mayor's mansion? Was it over money, a grudge ... or something else? The first episode drops Thursday, March 9 with new episodes every Thursday. Written, reported and produced by Christy Strawser; Produced and sound engineered by Zach Clark.

Mar 06, 2023