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By Sean Kelly

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Sean Kelly interviews celebrities, entrepreneurs, and industry experts. The episodes contain a mix of business advice, personal stories, and insights into how these people became successful. Support this podcast:

Episode Date
Leaving Wealth & Power Behind: The Inspiring Story of John Singson | Digital Social Hour #22

Welcome to the latest episode of the Digital Social Hour podcast. I'm thrilled to have John Singson as our guest today. John comes from a political family in the Philippines but left everything behind to make his own legacy in the USA. John's grandfather was a well-known and notorious Kingmaker and gangster who served multiple terms as governor. His family has over 20 members currently serving in government positions. John has an interesting business where he builds bomb-proof vehicles due to the dangerous conditions in the Philippines. He also owns a museum of stuffed animals in his backyard and has a personal liger. He comes from a wealthy family, and his grandfather owns six private jets. Despite all this, John chose to leave his family and wealth behind to make his own name in the USA, where he faced many dangerous situations due to his family's political ties. John believes in pushing oneself out of their comfort zone and into the unknown to grow and succeed. We discuss John's fascinating life journey, his views on open relationships, the value of family, and his real estate investments. He has a unique perspective on the use of social media and believes that AI is the next big investment opportunity. Join me as we dive into John's world and get a sneak peek into his projects, daily life updates, and words of wisdom. Listen to the full episode now!

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May 31, 2023
From Penny Stocks to Philanthropy: Timothy Sykes' Inspiring Journey | Digital Social Hour #21

Hey there, social media enthusiasts! I have got an exciting episode of Digital Social Hour lined up for you. In this episode, the hosts Sean Kelly and Wayne Lewis are joined by Timothy Sykes, who is a true veteran in social media and has been focusing on penny stocks for years.

Timothy Sykes talks about how many scammers exist in the penny stock market but also discusses the opportunities available for those who are meticulous. He also warns listeners about scammers in discord chat rooms, where there might be only three promoters chatting with each other under different usernames.

Timothy is a big believer in charity and has donated over $5 million to over 100 charities. He shares his experiences opening schools in various third-world countries for underprivileged children and talks about the need for effective recycling to protect the planet. The conversation also includes discussions about crypto, short-term trades, and the dangers of poaching.

This episode is packed with information about social media, charity, and environmental conservation. So don't wait and tune in now to this episode of Digital Social Hour.

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May 30, 2023
Twerking, OnlyFans, and the Music Industry: The Lexy Panterra Interview | Digital Social Hour #20

Hey there, podcast fans!

You're in for a treat with this latest episode, where we sit down with none other than Lexy Panterra, the singer, songwriter, dancer, entrepreneur, and daughter assistant whose twerkout class went viral and made her a household name.

We cover a lot of ground with Lexy, from her thoughts on cheating in relationships to her views on dating as a successful woman. She also opens up about her health struggles with Crohn's disease and how she's managing it, and the ups and downs of her music career, including her ultimate goal of winning a Grammy.

So, what are you waiting for? Give this episode a listen now and let us know what you think!

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May 29, 2023
Confessions of a Male Escort Turned Bedroom Coach with Sterling Cooper | Digital Social Hour #19

Hello listeners! In this week's Digital Social Hour episode, we have tantalizing discussions with Ari Gold, Sean Kelly, Wayne Lewis, and our special guest, Stirling Cooper. We delve into Stirling's exciting life as a porn actor and a straight male escort, where he explains how he used his natural ability to shine and refused to rely on drugs to enhance his performances.

We explore Stirling's profession as a sexual performance coach, where he provides expert advice on how to beat the four horsemen of the dick apocalypse: erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, delayed ejaculation, and performance anxiety.

As we continue our conversation, we touch on the intricate nuances of dating and the dating marketplace, where Stirling shares his experience and wisdom on what works and what doesn't. Swag and confidence are key to attracting women, and we learn that it's essential to learn boundaries and avoid oversexualizing oneself.

We wrap up the episode by digging into the exciting world of self-improvement, where Stirling shares his tips on building self-esteem and social skills, trying new things, and pushing oneself out of their comfort zone.

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May 24, 2023
From Single-Family Homes to Private Jet's | Kris Krohn's Investment Strategy Digital Social Hour #18

Welcome to this week's episode where we have a candid conversation with Kris Krohn, a successful real estate investor and entrepreneur. Kris shares his secrets on how he has built a real estate portfolio worth billions of dollars and how he plans to become a trillionaire while living to be 140 years old. He discusses his preferred investment strategy of buying single-family homes below the median price, using an algorithm based on six specific criteria. Kris provides tangible examples of finding off-market deals and how he has successfully navigated through the 2008 financial crisis. He emphasizes the importance of adapting to the new economy and the benefits of investing in real estate. Kris also delves into his healthy lifestyle routine, spending two and a half hours daily in the gym and taking supplements while maintaining hormone balance. His deeply spiritual journey is also discussed as he shares his beliefs on the afterlife and the power of divine inspiration. Although Kris's wealth is undeniable, he has also been inspired to help those in need by sharing his success. He discusses his foundation, the Chrome Breakthrough Foundation, and how they give back to society. With all this great information, you won't want to miss this episode. Tune in now to learn from Kris Krohn and our amazing guest!

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May 23, 2023
Sky High: The YPK Raye Interview Digital Social Hour #17

Hey there, it’s time for a new episode of Digital Social Hour and this week we have a very special guest with us, the amazing YPK Raye. In this episode, we’ll be talking to Raye about his passion for basketball and his journey to fame on social media.

We kick off our conversation by asking Raye how he’s liking his new life in Las Vegas. We dive into the weather and the basketball runs there while Raye describes his talent for jumping. He has a captivating story of discovering it in high school and the thrill of his first dunk in the 10th grade.

We then explore Raye’s background and his love for sports since he was just ten years old. He tells us about his highest vertical jump, almost 50 inches, and how he accomplished his first in-game dunk. Raye shares his social media success with us, talking about his videos based on his real-life experiences with basketball. We love his humor in real-life basketball situations and it’s no wonder he has over 1.6 million followers on YouTube alone!

We then delve into Raye’s future goals and aspirations to expand his brand. We talk about his plans to start his own AAU team and program to allow more kids to play. Raye's ultimate goal is to eliminate the politics and pay-to-play system in basketball.

We are impressed by Raye’s positive mindset and drive to create opportunities for others. We also discuss how social media has made it possible for athletes to make millions through branding and endorsement deals, and YPK Raye is no exception.

This episode is definitely worth a listen, we know you’ll enjoy our conversation just as much as we did. So, what are you waiting for?

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May 22, 2023
From Setbacks to Success: Zay Jones' Inspiring NFL Journey | Digital Social Hour #15

I am excited to announce our latest podcast episode with NFL WR Zay Jones - a rising star in the NFL as a receiver who is coming off a fantastic year. Zay grew up in Austin, Texas, and played for Division I, where he holds the record for the most receptions. In this episode, Zay talks about his rookie year, his struggles, and how he eventually learned to appreciate the challenges and love playing football again. He also emphasizes the importance of persistence and comfort with failure, crucial to success in anything. Zay never followed the usual college application process to get a job in the NFL despite having the confidence and drive to play football professionally. He joined the Jacksonville Jaguars through free agency after a successful tenure with the Raiders. In the podcast, Zay also shares his experience of transitioning from college to the NFL as a person and in business. Approximately 80% of athletes go broke after three years of playing in the NFL, making it challenging for young players to manage their finances well. Zay and Ari touch on the importance of building a personal brand in football based on playing well and enjoying the game. The goal is to be successful, wealthy, and have a great quality of life, not just to be famous. This episode is filled with remarkable stories and insights into the world of professional football. Zay's journey is inspirational, to say the least, and we know you wouldn't want to miss it! So, listen to the episode now and let us know your thoughts. Zay Jones can be found on Instagram at @zay. Shoutout to Chef Jones, Zay's photographer Eric Phan, and his wonderful family and friends who support and care for him.

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May 20, 2023
Hard Work and Dedication: The Secrets to Zion Clark's Success | Digital Social Hour #16

Welcome to the Digital Social Hour Podcast, where this week we are joined by two incredible guests, Zion and Craig. These two have an amazing story to tell and impart profound life lessons that will inspire you to reach your full potential. Zion shares his journey as a fighter, wrestling champion, and member of Team Body Shop. He talks about his first fight and shares insights on how to throw the perfect punch in MMA. Craig shares his experience with entrepreneurship, building a brand, and prioritizing authenticity over everything else. In this episode, we also discuss embarrassing treadmill experiences and the importance of motivation and hard work. Zion reveals how he once hunkered down for three months straight to improve his wrestling skills and how this commitment led him to success despite being in danger of getting stuck in his hometown. Craig shares how he and Zion met and built an authentic and impactful brand that prioritizes a cohesive dynamic of friendship and mentorship.

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May 19, 2023
Living Longer and Healthier with Gary Brecka | Digital Social Hour #14

This week we delve deep into the human biology of aging and longevity with a special guest, Gary Brecka. With a background in biology, human biology, and neuroscience, Gary spent 22 years as a researcher for the life insurance industry, refining the science of mortality to where it can accurately predict the day, date, time, location, and cause of death for 370 million lives. But after seeing the biggest reasons why people were dying early and not having healthy lifespans were unhealthy lifestyles, exposure to toxins, and a lack of oxygen, he made a conscious decision to leave the industry and teach people how to live healthy, happier, longer lives.We explore the importance of oxygen in our health, with many chronic fatigue sufferers sleeping poorly because of less oxygen in their blood. Hormone therapy, particularly testosterone therapy, can positively impact people's energy levels, but Gary warns us that exposure to herbicides, pesticides, insecticides, and preservatives that sensitize the gonadal system can make testosterone deficiency a concern for men as they age.We learn that the human body is meant to thrive and strengthen under stress, so challenging our immune system can be crucial for maintaining good health. Gary shares many tips for doing this, including exposing ourselves to different stressors such as cold showers and weight-bearing exercises. We also dive into the impact of emotions on our health and how controlling our emotional state is essential to achieving our goals.This episode is filled with fascinating information on hormone balancing, breathwork, nutrition, and much more. So, what are you waiting for? Tune in now to get all the insider tips on living a longer, healthier, and happier life. Trust me, you won't want to miss out on this one!

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May 18, 2023
The Story of Howie Mandel | Digital Social Hour #12

Hey there, listeners! It's time for another exciting episode of “Digital Social Hour”! This week's guest is a multi-talented comedian, actor, and television personality, the one and only Howie Mandel. You heard it right - Howie appears as the host and guest of this podcast episode.

At the beginning of the podcast, the hosts discuss Howie's decision to shave his head and his experience with creating fun hair designs. Howie also shares his concern for not taking good care of himself and his use of an IV drip. He reveals how his OCD and mysophobia have affected his life and the role it played in his decision to shave his head.

The conversation shifts to Howie's role in the little monsters movie, where he spent 4-6 hours in makeup with rubber on his face in 100-degree weather. He also talks about being a game show host and the success of “Deal or No Deal”. However, Howie believes that success is waking up and doing something enjoyable, and money has no role in his success.

Howie shares his thoughts on NFTs, UFOs, and school experiences during the podcast. He talks about his experience with mental health issues, including anxiety, depression, and OCD. Howie believes that we should talk about mental health and that seeking help is the first step towards recovery. He also talks about social media's impact on mental health, causing people to compare themselves to others and feel inadequate.

The podcast covers a wide range of topics, including pop culture, the impact of social media, and the importance of finding something that excites and inspires you. Howie's sense of humor and life experiences make for an engaging and insightful conversation.

So, what are you waiting for? Tune in and listen to this week's exciting “Digital Social Hour” episode with the legendary Howie Mandel now!

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May 14, 2023
The High Stakes Life of Banned Professional Gambler Mikki Mase : Digital Social Hour #11

Attention, fellow gamblers! Are you ready for a wild ride into the world of high stakes gambling? In this latest episode of The Digital Social Hour podcast, we'll hear from Mikki Mase, a controversial professional gambler who’s been banned from major establishments in Las Vegas. Mikki shares his journey into the world of gambling, detailing his experiences growing up as a child surrounded by high stakes gambler grandparents. Despite some poor decisions early in life, Mikki managed to turn himself into a successful businessman using his gambling skills. We’ll also hear from our hosts, Ari Gold and Sean Mike Kelly, as they discuss their experiences with gambling in Las Vegas and Los Angeles. They remind us that winning in casinos is not always the norm, and that only the 1% of gamblers have had a lifetime of winning. The conversation also touches on the issue of tattoos in the professional industry. Our guest speaker, Mikki, talks about how his face tattoos and visible ink once affected his corporate career and led to judgmental views. Our hosts also chat about investments, such as cryptocurrencies and hard assets like Rolex watches. But the highlight of this episode has to be Mikki's fascinating stories about his encounters with A-list celebrities, including Logan Paul and Lil Baby. He even won a million dollars on camera for Logan, Mike, and Ryan, but his fame brought with it a lot of unexpected baggage. So if you're intrigued by the world of high-stakes gambling, tattoos, and celebrity encounters, tune in now to The Digital Social Hour podcast, hosted by Ari Gold and Sean Mike Kelly. Don't miss out on this wild discussion! SPONSORS: Manscaped - - Use code "DSH" for 20% Off + Free Shipping! LISTEN ON: Apple Podcasts: Spotify:

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May 10, 2023
Owning a Night Club at 19 to Getting Banned on OnlyFans | Tony Toutouni Digital Social Hour #10

Hey there, podcast listeners! This week's episode of the Digital Social Hour is a must-listen featuring none other than the man himself, Tony Toutouni.

Toutouni has a vast and storied career in the nightlife industry, and his interview with Sean Kelly and Shawn Chase is one for the books. From starting his career at 19 by opening a nightclub with someone else as a front, to owning a telemarketing company that sold hair products online and doing infomercials on TV, Tony's journey to where he is today is nothing short of fascinating.

He talks about how the club scene has changed over the years and how posers and wannabes have taken over, and how the girls who used to be strippers have now moved to OnlyFans and other bigger opportunities. Speaking of OnlyFans, Tony also opens up about his ban from the platform and how he felt about it. He even discusses his love for Halloween and how he builds haunted houses in his house.

As the interview progresses, Tony discusses relationships, honesty, and transparency, and how he believes that women who seek out nice guys end up regretting it and coming back to him. Through it all, he remains true to himself, never claiming to be the best, the richest, or the most well-endowed guy around.

So what are you waiting for? Tune in to this week's episode and get to know Tony Toutouni on a deeper level. You won't regret it!

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May 09, 2023
Spin Your Way to Success: The Forbes Riley Story | Digital Social Hour #9

Welcome to Digital Social Hour. In this episode, we are joined by Forbes Riley and Joshua Self. With a discussion that ranges from pitching to relationships, there's something for everyone in this episode. Forbes Riley is a pitching coach, and she shares her tips for effectively presenting your ideas and products. Forbes believes that people need to give clear and concise information when presenting their products to sell them effectively. She also talks about her experience transitioning from traditional business to online business and how she built a company that helps people become entrepreneurs. The speakers share personal stories of inspiration and success as the discussion continues. Forbes shares how she met her partner, who is a professional bodybuilder and the story behind the Spin gym. Forbes has sold two and a half million Spin gyms on home shopping for those who have not heard of it. She proceeds to demonstrate how it works. Forbes also teaches a training called Breakthrough, where she helps heal people who've been molested, or hurt. The training has been running for 28 years, and the healing concept is one of the most dramatic things you've ever seen. The speakers talk about relationships, sharing tips and advice on finding the right partner and nurturing a healthy and happy relationship. They emphasize the importance of being specific about your partner preferences and expressing appreciation for each other's little efforts. To wrap it up, the speakers encourage listeners to focus on their dreams and evaluate what they want to be remembered for in life. They also stress the importance of learning from mentors, listening to podcasts, and contributing to those in need to improve one's life. So, what are you waiting for? Listen to the full episode now, and get inspired to make positive changes in your life. Thank you for tuning in to Digital Social Hour.

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May 03, 2023
The Secret to Multiple Successful Exits: Lessons from Derik Fay | Digital Social Hour #8

Welcome to the latest episode of the Digital Social Hour podcast! Today, I am excited to introduce our guest, Derik Fay, founder of 3F Management. Derik has built and sold almost 30 companies in various industries and considers himself a non-traditional venture capitalist. In this episode, Derik shares his expertise on providing a solid foundation, scaling well, and accelerating the trajectory of the founder or CEO and the operational team before demonstrating impressive exits. Derik has sold all companies at more than their value by following a presentation process and adding meaningful additional multiples to the exit. For someone looking to experience their first exit, Derik advises them not to go alone and identify the buyers who will pay the most. Negotiation tactics are essential for Derik, and he learned his skills at a young age in tough situations where everything was a negotiation. In this episode, you will learn how Derik sees things out of the box and creates opportunities that most people do not see. You will also hear about Derik's journey to success, including how he pivoted to social media and became more visible after negotiating a successful deal for a FinTech company. Despite feeling stupid at first, Derik continued with social media and received meaningful messages from people. Additionally, you will learn how Derik bridges the success gap for young entrepreneurs and helps them succeed. In this episode, Derik also shares his insights on topics such as networking, manifestation, and the importance of working happily. Derik Fay is looking for talented people that can work with AI to build a meaningful team to utilize it. Join us to listen to this exciting episode and gain valuable insights on business, negotiation tactics, and more. Don't miss out on this fantastic guest interview.

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Apr 27, 2023
Navigating Legal Challenges as a YouTuber and Real Estate Investor with Spencer Cornelia #7

Hey there listeners! This week, I had the pleasure of welcoming Spencer Cornelia on the Digital Social Hour podcast. Spencer is a real estate investor, YouTuber, and all-around entrepreneur who has accumulated considerable wealth in his young career. Spencer shares his love for his city, Vegas, and how he moved from the Bay Area to enjoy a lower-cost lifestyle. His investment strategy of house-hacking, where he has four properties with 18 tenants that he manages, has been influential in his success. Spencer offers an affordable rental option for those struggling to find affordable rent, where it costs approximately $700-$800 to move into one of his shared houses. Clever thinking, right?We discuss in this episode the future of the US real estate market and how Spencer sees it mostly as a renters' nation. He talks about the challenges people face while looking for affordable housing, and how this is impacting the overall economy. Spencer also shares his insight into the world of NFTs and his opinion about them – while he finds the potential for a good project to invest in, there aren't always good projects out there, and NFTs can be risky ventures. We also delve into fascinating legal issues and how Spencer dealt with them after posting videos on his YouTube channel. The speaker doesn't worry about getting sued as he's careful with his words, but legal issues have come up before, and he has learned a lot about law and defamation throughout the process. For new creators looking to join the ever-expanding world of YouTube, specifically the financial space, Spencer has some tips and tricks to help them succeed. He talks about his experience with agencies and sponsorships and gives insight into ways creators can make money off their YouTube channels.To hear more about Spencer and his thoughts on real estate, NFTs, legal battles, and building a successful YouTube channel, listen to this episode of Digital Social Hour on your favorite podcast platform now!

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Apr 22, 2023
Exposing the Dark Side of Fame: Vitaly's Return #6

Dear listeners, you are about to immerse yourself in a story of a man who lost the love of his life. Vitaly found himself losing everything, including his green card and facing deportation, until he struck a deal with the court. Through his darkest moments, Vitaly overcame addiction and gained clarity about his motivation for success. He shares his journey of uploading his first video in three years, trademarking "Make Money, Not Friends", and launching a new clothing brand. However, Vitaly is not just fighting for his own success. He is going against the government to champion those who want to make a change. His story will leave you astonished, from his time in jail, advocacy for testosterone injections, and even using Seeking Arrangements. But through it all, he has found a new light of motivation and creativity. Vitaly's experiences are a testament that growth can come from any situation. And in his new podcast, "Make Money Not Friends", he plans to use his brand deals to help ordinary people tell their stories. So, listen now to Vitaly's journey and remind yourself, do not give up, only losers give up.

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Apr 19, 2023
Tales From The Strip: Inside the High-Stakes World of Slot Gambling with Vegas Matt #5

Are you ready for an exciting episode of the Digital Social Hour podcast? This time, we have an exclusive guest, Vegas Matt, who is known for his slot gambling and viral videos on TikTok. During the interview, Vegas Matt reveals his secrets to responsible gambling, his favourite casinos, and the hold on slot machines. We also hear about his plans for a fun gambling trip to Las Vegas, along with a proposed face-off against DLucky, the number one slot gambler on TikTok.But that's not all! Vegas Matt also gives us insights into his successes in network marketing and real estate, including tips on how to grow a successful team. Plus, we discuss the similarities between affiliate marketing and network marketing.So, come on in and listen to this exciting episode of the Digital Social Hour. Vegas Matt and I eagerly await your arrival. Remember to gamble responsibly. Thumbnail made by LavaLampLabs

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Apr 14, 2023
The Rise and Fall of a Crypto Trader: Lessons Learned from Zhi Ko | Digital Social Hour #4

Welcome to the latest episode of the Digital Social Hour podcast, hosted by Sean Kelly and Charlie Cavalier. This week, they're joined by the remarkable Zhi Ko. Zhi shares his passion for eSports and how he appreciates the business networking opportunities in Las Vegas. He talks about his tennis background and the Sports Academy he attended in High School.

Tennis, like any other sport, has its share of risks, and Zhi reveals how he coped with injuries from his days on the court. He discusses his college tennis years and how he gradually transitioned to doubles. Tennis is a mental sport, as he puts it, and he shares some of his favorite experiences playing even in wilting weather.

Zhi Ko made a remarkable transition to business life, thanks to the discipline and work ethic he picked up during his tennis career. He went on to become a cryptocurrency expert and shares his thoughts on the industry's potential and risks. He also provides some essential advice to upcoming tennis players.

Throughout the episode, Zhi shares his take on various subjects ranging from esports, health hacks, and social media handles. So why wait? Tune in now to listen to this fascinating episode of Digital Social Hour podcast.


00:58 Crypto regulations are necessary to ensure accountability.

03:48 Advice for upcoming tennis players

07:19 Mental conditioning is key in sports and business

10:37 The speaker made over eight figures in the crypto space in 2017 and lost some money later on due to greed

14:03 Slow grind up on Bitcoin is best conditions for making money

21:03 Mobile gaming is huge in Asia

24:14 Benefit from cupping therapy and dietary plan

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Apr 06, 2023
Inside the Mind of a Maverick: A Poker Pro's Journey to Building a Casino Empire with Eric Persson #3

Hey there, Digital Social Hour listeners! Today's episode is an insightful conversation with Eric Persson, who owns 31 land-based casinos across three states. He started with nothing and grew his empire with his partner, Justin Belcher, through sheer determination and initiative. In this episode, Eric shares his journey, including how he survived the pandemic and beat the odds in the casino industry, as well as his passion for poker and how he balances his career with being a parent. We dive deep into the world of poker, including how AI advancements are changing the game and the differences between cash games and tournaments. Eric shares his experience with risk assessment in poker and how it translates into the business world. He also touches on the importance of social media in building a brand and creating a strong presence in the gaming industry. But it's not all about work - we also talk about the humorous and eccentric things that happen at the poker table, such as players falling asleep or even getting into physical altercations. And let's not forget the interesting people you can meet while playing high-stakes poker! Overall, this episode provides a rare glimpse into the life and mind of a successful casino owner and poker player, while also touching on important issues such as problem gaming and the socialization benefits of casinos for older customers. So what are you waiting for? Listen to the full episode now and follow Eric's journey on his social media accounts.

00:00 Eric's story of how he leveraged everything to grow a casino empire 04:37 Poker could be solved by computers and software beats most humans. 08:30 Playing poker is mainly for entertainment and winning is not an expectation for everyone 12:08 Creating a successful brand through gaming and streaming 15:38 Poker is the best bet in the casino games 19:04 Having the drive to win is crucial for success 22:40 Casinos are about escapism and flexing wealth. 26:25 Finding a balance between family and business is tough

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Apr 03, 2023
Behind the Chair: Candid Conversations with Kara Fades | Digital Social Hour #2

In today's episode, we're joined by Kara Fades, the talented hairdresser who's been making waves on TikTok. Kara charges a cool $125 for her haircuts and even treats her clients to a hand massage while they sit in her chair. But today's topic of discussion is whether Kara should charge even more for her top-notch services. 

Along with co-hosts Matt and Ari Gold, we dive into a variety of topics, ranging from business ideas to the appearance of Daddy Long Neck. We even brainstorm some possible names for a new business venture that offers haircuts and adult services in Nevada. 

But we don't stop there. We also talk about the ups and downs of being an influencer, the potential market for butthole shaves (yes, you read that right), and the merits of OnlyFans beyond adult content. 

Kara also opens up about nicking a client's genitals during a haircut and confesses to doing one happy ending. But don't worry, she assures us that it's not as sexual as people might think. 

Intrigued yet? I thought so. So go ahead and listen to this wild and hilarious episode now. Trust me, you won't regret it. 

TIMESTAMPS: 00:00 Kara Fades charges $125 for haircuts and massages 03:43 A humorous conversation about a massage parlor's services 07:27 Men discussing micro-penises in the context of haircutting 10:55 Discussion about cutting hair and only fans 17:07 A conversation about Anthony Davis' unibrow and expensive facial treatment. 20:56 Possible business prospect combining haircut and strip club 23:55 Using TikTok as a platform to maximize accessibility and increase revenue

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Mar 14, 2023
How to Optimize Your Health: Advice from Sage Workinger 10x Health Systems | Digital Social Hour #1

Are you tired of relying on reactive medicine rather than preventive services? Do you struggle with mental health issues such as anxiety, depression, or ADHD? In this week's episode of Digital Social Hour, host Sean Kelly welcomes co-host Charlie Cavalier and guest Sage Workinger, founder of 10X Health Systems alongside her partner Gary Brecka. After being acquired by Grant Cardone, they plan to put a thousand clinics across the US in the next 36 months.  

 The conversation covers a range of topics from functional and holistic medicine to the impact of food on your gut and mental state. Sage discuss their gene and blood test that measures 64 biomarkers to get people back in balance and feeling normal. Sage attributes her health success to this test and how it can help those with mental health issues identify the right vitamins and diet to correct imbalances and lead healthier lives.  

Sage also discusses the benefits of staying away from unhealthy food sources, the benefits of the keto and paleo diets, and how to detect genetic breaks that could be causing mental health issues. Don't miss this informative episode of Digital Social Hour. 

TIMESTAMPS: 00:00 Intro 04:08 Expert in life expectancy decides to start wellness clinic 08:21 MTHFR gene mutation can cause anxiety and depression 12:26 Vitamins and diet helped improve relationship & family dynamics 16:04 Genetic screw-ups can cause health issues corrected with proper nutrition. 19:44 Seed oils are terrible for the body. 23:55 Processed foods with added vitamins are the main cause of anxiety, depression, and ADHD 28:04 Gene tests can identify specific deficiencies in vitamins and minerals that require supplementation.

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Mar 12, 2023