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Car Dealership Guy — the internet's viral car dealer and market commentator — engages in authentic and insightful conversations with auto industry leaders, innovators and investors. Watch and listen to new episodes every Tuesday and Thursday, and check us out on Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and YouTube for all the best moments from the show.

Episode Date
#100 Wholesaling 1.3M cars a year, Why the gap between buyers/sellers is widening, Buying cars at 2:00 AM? | Shiv Dutt, President, U.S. Marketplace at OPENLANE
Jul 11, 2024
#99 The Car Ad Maverick: Secrets to dealership profitability, Racing Porsches with VCs, is there a crystal ball for aged inventory? | Len Short, Co-founder of Lotlinx
Jul 09, 2024
#98 The Dealership Mogul: Leading a $2B dealer group, Addictions to the dealership, Will November make or break the car biz? | Aaron Zeigler, President of Zeigler Auto Group
Jul 04, 2024
#97 The Auto Tech Whisperer: The Next $300M Exit, Future of dealership technology, Rise of “vulture capitalism” | Mark Boyd, CEO of Boyd Ventures
Jul 02, 2024
#96 The TikTok Dealer: Livestreaming Car Negotiations to 1,000s, How dealers can kill on social media, Is the Cybertruck a flop? | George Saliba, Dealer Principal at J&S Mitsubishi
Jun 27, 2024
#95 Cyber attack testing a trillion dollar industry, “Spearfishing", Where do dealers go from here? | A special panel discussion with cyber security experts, dealers, and industry insiders
Jun 25, 2024
#94 Killing the dealership 'courtesy shuttle', Evolving the experience at dealerships, How dealers hacked Uber | Charles Mizrahi, Head of Automotive Partnerships at Uber
Jun 20, 2024
#93 Why automakers are building in the US again, What car brands make the most American cars, Something big is happening in Alabama | Jenni Newman, Editor-in-Chief of
Jun 18, 2024
#92 Leading the fastest-growing car brand in America, Investing $1B on new dealerships, Hyundai's solution for fast charging? | Randy Parker, CEO of Hyundai Motor America
Jun 13, 2024
#91 Why consumer financing is broken in the US, Handling $1.5B in auto loans, Why Tesla loan performance is so puzzling | Amitay Kalmar, CEO of Lendbuzz
Jun 11, 2024
#90 Why the Canadian Gov't is the best car salesman, Selling 7,000 cars a year in Quebec, Exporting cars to the US for massive profit | Jimmy Houle, CEO of Groupe Lallier
Jun 06, 2024
#89 Creating unusual profit opportunities in automotive, Why service claims for EVs are shocking, Growing cyber threats to cars | Tony Wanderon, CEO of APCO/EasyCare
Jun 04, 2024
#88 CDG Market Update: Why the car business looks like 2008, Selling cars on TikTok Live, Payment shock hits car buyers | Jessica Caldwell, Head of Insights at Edmunds and Zac Kinch, General Manager of Rohrman Toyota
May 30, 2024
#87 Exposing the Future of EV's, Why 70% of EV owners will never go back, Car market says “what recession?” | David Thomas, Director of Content Marketing at CDK Global
May 28, 2024
#86 Building a used car dealership empire, $125M in sales in one location, "Cigars and P&L statements", Turning recon into a profit center | Michael Kelley, General Manager of Bourne's Auto Center
May 23, 2024
#85 Transforming how dealers buy cars, Exiting for $300M, Surprising dealership growth hacks, Which retailers pay the most for customer trade-ins? | Nate Mihalovich, CEO of The Lasso
May 21, 2024
#84 Secrets to building the largest Honda store in the U.S., Betting big on small brands, 100% commission pay plans, Why leasing took over Florida, Philanthropist disguised as a car dealer? | Rita Case, CEO of Rick Case Auto Group
May 16, 2024
#83 From marketing star to CEO of 18 dealerships, Selling 20,000 cars a year, Where he's heavily investing, Fixing the Jeep Cherokee 4xe sales slump | Robert Ourisman Jr., CEO of Ourisman Automotive Group
May 14, 2024
#82 Solving the car theft epidemic, 1,000,000+ stolen last year, How theft is impacting auto insurance, Brands not at risk of vehicle theft? | Melissa High, Vice President of LoJack
May 09, 2024
#81 Chairman of Hyundai Dealer Council speaks out, Selling 6,000+ cars in one county, Behind the scenes of Hyundai/Amazon partnership, Do dealers and car makers still need eachother? | Andrew Wright, Managing Partner at VINart Dealerships
May 07, 2024
#80 Building the dealership of the future, Selling 30K cars per year, Why AI isn't working today, Future of Carvana | Jeremy Beaver, CEO of Del Grande Dealer Group (DGDG)
May 02, 2024
#79 CDG Market Update: Can leasing save the car business, $25,000 Teslas, Negative equity crushing new car sales | Jessica Caldwell, Head of Insights at Edmunds and Gen Balouev, General Manager of Norm Reeves Honda Superstore West Covina
Apr 30, 2024
#78 Building the “Amazon” of car shipping, Dirty secrets of the $70B vehicle logistics industry, Saving dealers millions with faster car transportation | Royce Neubauer, CEO of Auto Hauler Exchange
Apr 25, 2024
#77 Secret "profit" weapon of car dealerships, Arrival of $300/hr labor rates, Biggest risks insuring EVs | Todd Sands, Senior Vice President at CNA National
Apr 23, 2024
#76 Scaling a $4.5B dealership empire, Future of the franchise model, The "15-minute" car sale | David Hult, CEO of Asbury Automotive Group
Apr 18, 2024
#75 Best service center in America, Profit pendulum swings again, Can dealers make more money without consumers paying for it? | Jim Roche, CEO of WarrCloud
Apr 16, 2024
#74 Can Hyundai challenge Toyota, Leaving $8M on the table, Selling cars on Amazon | Andrew DiFeo, Managing Partner of Hyundai of St. Augustine
Apr 11, 2024
#73 The man who guides 3,800+ finance departments, What keeps him up at night, AI in the car biz, Future of the Finance Manager | Scott Gunnell, President of JM&A group
Apr 09, 2024
#72 Biggest sleeper brand in automotive, Selling dealerships for $100M+, Most improving automakers, F-150 Lightning a flop? | Alan Haig, President of Haig Partners
Apr 04, 2024
#71 Building a winning Toyota store from scratch, Selling 1,200 cars on a "slow" month, Trailblazing as a female dealer principal | Julie Herrera, President of IDEA Auto Group
Apr 02, 2024
#70 How AI will fix the broken credit system, Is 40% of US overpaying for car loans, Blowing an engine at 24H Le Mans | Alex Rouse, VP, GM Auto at Upstart
Mar 28, 2024
#69 Disruption of digital advertising, His $1B dealership marketing playbook, Unlocking the secrets of a car shoppers mind | Ron Andrews, VP of Business Development at Cars Commerce
Mar 26, 2024
#68 CDG Market Update: Will used car prices rise again, Best and worst selling cars, Hybrids domination, A.I. chatbots selling cars | Jessica Caldwell, Head of Insights at Edmunds, and Kevin Frye, eCommerce Director at Jeff Wyler Auto Group
Mar 21, 2024
#67 Former NADA Chairman shaping the car business, When will Chinese cars come to US, Will FTC ruling cost consumers and industry $35B? | Geoff Pohanka, Chairman of Pohanka Automotive Group
Mar 19, 2024
#66 Becoming the world's most famous car salesman, Getting 60M+ monthly views on TikTok/IG, How much money he makes from content, His big announcement | RussFlipsWhips, Automotive Content Creator
Mar 14, 2024
#65 How luxury dealerships make money, Selling a Lamborghini for Bitcoin, His net worth, Biggest wins and losses | CJ Wilson, Owner and GM of Porsche Fresno
Mar 12, 2024
#64 Selling $200M/yr of used cars, Losing money on every car but still profiting, Can he succeed where other dealerships have failed? | Eli Hanna, Dealer Principal of Hanna Cars
Mar 07, 2024
#63 Crushing 70M+ vehicle recalls, From infantry officer to chief executive officer, Technology fatigue in the car business | Ryan Maher, CEO of BizzyCar
Mar 05, 2024
#62 Leadership masterclass from world's #1 Honda Dealer, Pushing $1 Billion in sales, the birth of the 24-hr service center | Brian Benstock, Partner & General Manager/VP of Paragon Honda
Feb 29, 2024
#61 Accounting mistakes costing dealers thousands, $800k stolen by a dealership controller, EV mandates clashing with consumer demand | Frank O'Brien, Partner at Withum
Feb 27, 2024
#60 Building the future of automotive retailing AI, Pivoting from fashion to cars, Acquiring a tech company in Eastern Europe | Devin Daly, CEO of Impel
Feb 22, 2024
#59 Becoming a #1 Volvo Dealership, $300M in revenue from "throwaway" brands, The "Great EV Recession" | Matthew Haiken, President of Prestige Collection Auto Group
Feb 20, 2024
#58 Leadership lessons from working for Elon, Raising millions to reimagine the dealership, why he has no exit plan | Jay Vijayan, CEO of Tekion
Feb 15, 2024
#57 Evolving the dealership service department, Adapting to a possible EV future, Getting acquired by a $7T company | Chad Brooks, Head of Dealer Development at Valvoline Global
Feb 13, 2024
#56 Building a $2B car auction app, "Gambling for car dealers", Artificial intelligence vs. actual intelligence | Joe Neiman, Co-Founder of ACV Auctions
Feb 06, 2024
#55 Double-digit increases in dealership auto theft, Adapting to the future of cars, Losing $10,000 a year in keys | Steve Baucom, President of KEYper Systems
Feb 01, 2024
#54 Leadership secrets of the world's #1 Toyota Dealer, Selling 25,000 cars a year, Lease returns crashing in 2024? | Doug Eroh, President and GM of Longo Toyota
Jan 30, 2024
#53 Solving the aging used car bubble, Saving dealers $48M with accurate appraisals, From porter to General Manager in 6 years | Brian Kramer, EVP of Cars Commerce
Jan 25, 2024
#52 Building a $6B car sales software empire, Electric vehicle revolution's slow start, China's strategy entering US car market | Brian MacDonald, CEO of CDK Global
Jan 23, 2024
#51 Secret weapon to dealership efficiency, Providing payment transparency to car shoppers, Solving dealership chokepoints, Lessons from building and selling a video game | David Domm, Co-Founder and CEO at Carmatic
Jan 18, 2024
#50 Rise of Lease Here Pay Here dealerships, Innovating payment affordability, Subprime consumer health check | Tim Lawrence, CEO of LHPH Capital
Jan 16, 2024
#49 How A.I. is changing car buying forever, Who's job is up for grabs, Predicting car shopper behavior, Buying a car in 2024 vs 2030 | Aharon Horwitz, CEO of Fullpath
Jan 11, 2024
#48 Buy Here Pay Here secrets revealed, Managing 40% loan default rates, Financing customers that banks avoid, Crazy customer horror stories | Tiger Okeley, President at Oak Motors
Jan 09, 2024
#47 Managing $500M+ in dealership ad dollars, Uncovering marketing budgets, Do gimmicky dealership mailers work? | David Regn, Co-Founder & CEO of Stream Companies
Jan 02, 2024
#46 Selling $5.5B+ worth of car dealerships, State of the auto market, Most and least desirable brands, What’s next for dealership profits? | Alan Haig, President & Founder, Haig Partners (Part 2)
Dec 28, 2023
#45 Building a $200M+ car parts empire, Solving the auto repair crisis, Most profitable parts, Using A.I. and 3D printing | David Meniane, CEO
Dec 26, 2023
#44 Making millions from Parts & Service, Dealership incentives, Economic concerns, Record profits and Daryl’s favorite auto franchises | Daryl Kenningham, CEO at Group 1 Automotive
Dec 19, 2023
#43 Building a $1.5B+ digital car auction, Peter’s car market predictions, OPENLANE's acquisition of Manheim Canada | Peter Kelly, CEO at OPENLANE
Dec 14, 2023
#42 Building an app store for 16,000 dealers, Pitfalls of direct-to-consumer, Dawn of the A.I. salesperson? | Phil Oriani, CEO at Shift Digital
Dec 12, 2023
#41 How CarGurus is evolving, Amazon’s threat to car dealers, Cracking down on fake car prices, Why he’s hiring former dealers | Jason Trevisan, CEO at CarGurus
Dec 05, 2023
#40 Secrets behind dealership franchise laws, Consumer-friendly auto brands, Dealers’ top legal concerns | Leonard Bellavia, Founding Partner at Bellavia and Blatt Law
Nov 28, 2023
#39 Predicting auto loan defaults, 96 month terms, Vehicle affordability, Will repos keep rising? | Betty Jotanovic, President of Chrysler Capital and Auto Relationships at Santander
Nov 21, 2023
Emergency Podcast: Amazon and Hyundai launching online car sales?
Nov 20, 2023
#38 DealerRater’s unstoppable rise, Dealership incentives, Car buyer concerns, Secrets to Carvana | Jamie Oldershaw, VP of Reputation Strategy at Cars Commerce and GM of DealerRater
Nov 17, 2023
#37 Making millions from subprime loans, From the streets to $150K/month, Raising capital at Church, Acquiring stakes in dealerships | Bruce Miller, Owner at Miller Motors
Nov 10, 2023
#36 Car market predictions, Alex's acquisition playbook, Solving software fatigue, Will online car sales go away? | Alex Vetter, CEO of Cars Commerce (Part 2)
Nov 03, 2023
#35 Raising $300M+ for automotive venture capital, Rise and fall of Vroom, Hottest auto tech investments, His biggest wins and losses, AVs, EVs and A.I. | Chase Fraser, Founder and Managing Partner, FM Capital
Oct 31, 2023
#34 Secrets to successful dealership acquisitions, Tools for wealth creation, Industry trends he’s bullish on, Profiting $10M on Tesla stock | Daniel Crainic, Owner of Time Auto Group
Oct 27, 2023
#33 Launching a dealership with $40K, Profits and losses, Selling Teslas in the Midwest, Highs and lows of running a small dealership | Brandon Miller, Founder of Miller Auto
Oct 20, 2023
#32 Will the dealership survive, Where she's investing big, Tech's biggest challenges in the dealership, Vulnerable leadership | Barb Edson, Chief Marketing Officer, CDK Global
Oct 13, 2023
#31 Used car auction frenzy, Stumbling upon million-dollar classics, UAW & bankruptcy risk for car companies | John Clay Wolfe, Founder & President @ GiveMeTheVin
Oct 06, 2023
#30 Why auto loan fraud is rising, Riskiest types of dealerships, Novel credit repair scams, $8B “fraud” opportunity | Frank McKenna, Chief Fraud Strategist, Point Predictive
Oct 03, 2023
#29 Secrets to selling exotic cars, Rise of rich crypto buyers, Profits in the exotic business, Selling a company for millions | Jason Putnam, Co-Founder, Tactical Fleet
Sep 29, 2023
#28 Marketing with college athletes, Future of online car sales, Brewing auto lending issues, Creativity in an unsexy business | Rick Ricart, President of Ricart Automotive
Sep 22, 2023
#27 State of auto lending, Best and worst car deals, UAW strike, #1 issue for car shoppers, Winners & losers in the EV space | Jonathan Smoke, Chief Economist at Cox Automotive
Sep 15, 2023
#26 Secret sauce of used car wholesaling, Biggest threat to used car auctions, Viability of zero-fee auction, Elon Musk and A.I. | Robert Hollenshead, Founder of RH Auto Sales and Accu-Trade
Sep 08, 2023
#25 Raising $47M to simplify car shipping, How RunBuggy makes money, Solving the "cold start" problem, Growing repos in the car market | Kevin Malik, CEO of RunBuggy
Sep 01, 2023
#24 Acquiring 60+ dealerships within 7 years, Raising kids into generational wealth, Paying $200M+ for a Toyota store & Brett’s blunt message to Ford CEO Jim Farley | Brett Morgan, CEO, Morgan Auto Group
Aug 25, 2023
#23 Vegas meeting w/ Michael Rubin, Economics of mobile car care, Trick to hiring 600 technicians, Leveraging AI, Why EV maintenance is so profitable | Scot Wingo, Founder & CEO of Spiffy
Aug 18, 2023
#22 Gatekeepers of Automotive media, Carvana avoiding bankruptcy, Integrating AI into your car, Making EV batteries obsolete, CDG’s announcement for 2024 | Cliff Banks, Founder, The Banks Report
Aug 11, 2023
#21 Secrets of buying and selling dealerships, Best and worst auto franchises, Lessons from $5.5B of dealership buy-sell transactions, Have dealership profits peaked? | Alan Haig, President & Founder, Haig Partners
Aug 04, 2023
#20 Selling a company for millions, Why most car sales are private party, Online car marketplace economics, Dealership hazing stories | Brad Parker, Founder & CEO of PrivateAuto
Jul 28, 2023
#19 How Ghost is different than Tesla, Bringing true self-driving to every car, Raising $230M for auto tech | John Hayes, Co-Founder & CEO of Ghost Autonomy
Jul 21, 2023
#18 What's next for auto lending, When will car prices drop, How the FED really works, Receiving a call from Warren Buffett | Danielle DiMartino Booth, CEO & Chief Strategist of QI Research
Jul 14, 2023
#17 Shocking revelation about car dealer profits, Exploiting seasonality in the business, When CDG bought 100 cars with a credit card | Joel Bassam, President of Eastern Motors
Jul 07, 2023
#16 How much money auto repair shops make, Pros and cons of franchising, How to avoid big repair bills, Will robots start changing tires? | Brian Beers, President of Prenlyn Automotive Group
Jun 30, 2023
#15 Making money as an automotive influencer, Cars to avoid, Empowering families and consumers, Fixing the perception of dealerships | Kelly Stumpe, The Car Mom
Jun 23, 2023
#14 Family entrepreneurship, Building and exiting two startups, Simplifying car search for consumers, Innovating with AI | Pat Ryan, Founder & CEO of CoPilot
Jun 16, 2023
#13 Subscribing vs Owning, How Autonomy makes money, Future of mobility, Handling a $20M swing in value, EV predictions | Scott Painter, Founder & CEO of Autonomy
Jun 09, 2023
#12 Art of appraising cars, How much money auto wholesalers make, Cars to avoid, Building a 140K-person online car community | Chad Cunningham, Exotic Car Buyer
Jun 02, 2023
#11 Acquiring the domain, Signing up first 100 dealers, Pulse on the car market, EVs, DTC, Disrupting vehicle trade-ins | Alex Vetter, CEO of
May 30, 2023
#10 Dealer's secret weapon, How ChatGPT will change the car business, what dealers know about you, CDG's crazy car buying idea | Aharon Horwitz, Co-Founder & CEO of Fullpath
May 20, 2023
#9 Why we still have vehicle shortages, new and used car price predictions, when we’ll get back to normal & that time CDG bought 50 Chevys at auction | Jonathan Smoke, Chief Economist, Cox Automotive
May 12, 2023
#8 How much money dealers make, Secret to acquiring 15 car dealerships, Most profitable customers, Tricks to get the best car deal | Jake Lebowitz, Raceway Auto Group
May 05, 2023
#7 EV lifespan secrets, Tesla prices impact on car dealerships, Investment opportunities in the EV space, Bear case for EV adoption | Scott Case, Co-Founder & CEO of Recurrent
Apr 28, 2023
#6 Carvana’s secret sauce, what’s next for auto lenders, pros/cons of credit unions | Chris Coleman, Co-Founder of WithClutch
Apr 21, 2023
#5 Future of car-buying, will small dealers go extinct, investment opportunities in EV space | Steve Greenfield, Founder of Automotive Ventures
Apr 14, 2023