13th Juror Podcast

By Brandi Churchwell

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Category: True Crime

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This podcast is made for True Crime & Justice Junkies! Brandi is a true crime enthusiast with a degree in Psychology & a talent for data visualization. She likes to take the info and court documents & break it down in a way that makes it less boring & easier to digest. "Conspiracy in Canton" Episodes: A deep dive into the controversial ongoing case of Karen Read- a woman arrested and charged with the murder of her boyfriend, Boston police officer John O'Keefe in January 2022. The prosecution says she hit John with her car and left him to die in the cold, however Karen's attorneys are alleging there's a coverup involving multiple law enforcement agencies. Every new piece of information brings new questions, and nothing is what it seems. These episodes are released weekly, follow along as this case unfolds. "Jury Duty" Episodes: Interested in the most current trials but don't have time to watch? Brandi breaks down it all down in Jury Duty episodes. Recaps of the witnesses, courtroom drama, evidence, and more. Main stream media only gives you bits and pieces of the story, Jury Duty episodes give it all. "Exclusive Interview Series": Listen in on interviews Brandi has done with some of the top names in the true crime and legal world. These are the audio versions of the interviews that can be found on Brandi's YouTube channel: http://youtube.com/@brandichurchwell For more information and epsidode guides, visit http://13thJurorPodcast.com

Episode Date
S2 Ep9: Conspiracy in Canton - 009
Apr 17, 2024
S2 Ep8: Conspiracy in Canton - 008
Apr 05, 2024
S2 Ep7: Conspiracy in Canton - 007
Mar 31, 2024
S2 Ep6: Conspiracy In Canton - 006
Mar 24, 2024
Exclusive Murdaugh Update with Mark Tinsley & Liz Farrell
Nov 23, 2023
S2 Ep5: Conspiracy in Canton - 005
Oct 21, 2023
S2 Ep4: Conspiracy in Canton - 004
Oct 11, 2023
S2 Ep3: Conspiracy in Canton - 003
Oct 03, 2023
Exclusive Interview Series - 005 - Murdaugh Madness with the Dream Team: Mandy Matney, Dr. Kinsey, & Mandy Powers Norrell
Sep 28, 2023
S2 Ep2: Conspiracy in Canton - 002
Sep 19, 2023
S2 Ep1: Conspiracy in Canton - 001
Sep 11, 2023
S1 Ep16: Jury Duty: Murder In Hollywood - 01
Sep 07, 2023
S1 Ep15: Jury Duty: Disabled Child Hot Car Murder - 002 - Cristina's Story
Sep 03, 2023
S1 Ep14: Jury Duty: Disabled Child Hot Car Murder - 001 - Cristina's Story
Aug 31, 2023
S1 Ep13: Jury Duty: The Widower - 007 - The Story of Thomas Randolph
Aug 25, 2023
S1 Ep12: Jury Duty: The Widower - 006 - The Story of Thomas Randolph
Aug 24, 2023
S1 Ep11: Jury Duty: The Widower - 005 - The Story of Thomas Randolph
Aug 23, 2023
S1 Ep10: Jury Duty: The Widower - 004 - The Story of Thomas Randolph
Aug 22, 2023
S1 Ep9: Jury Duty: The Widower - 003 - The Story of Thomas Randolph
Aug 22, 2023
S1 Ep8: Jury Duty: The Widower - 002 - The Story of Thomas Randolph
Aug 16, 2023
Exclusive Interview Series - 003 - Eric Carter-Landin
Aug 12, 2023
Exclusive Interview Series - 002 - Marc Shiner and Heidi Perlet
Aug 10, 2023
Exclusive Interview Series - 001 - Marc Shiner
Aug 08, 2023
S1 Ep7: Jury Duty: The Widower - 001 - The Story of Thomas Randolph
Aug 07, 2023
S1 Ep6: Jury Duty: Letecia Stauch Day 9 Recap
Apr 19, 2023
S1 Ep5: Jury Duty: Letecia Stauch Day 6-8 Recap
Apr 18, 2023
S1 Ep4: Jury Duty: Letecia Stauch Day 5 Recap
Apr 11, 2023
S1 Ep3: Jury Duty: Letecia Stauch Day 3-4 Recap
Apr 10, 2023
S1 Ep2: Jury Duty: Letecia Stauch Day 2 Recap
Apr 07, 2023
S1 Ep1: Jury Duty: Letecia Stauch Day 1 Recap
Apr 05, 2023