Lady Audaci-Tea

By Alex & Meredith

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Category: History

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Lady Audaci-Tea is the podcast where two moms and friends do a healthy amount of spiraling on everything from Meredith's obsession with the Royal Rota's relationship to the British Royal Family to Alex's thesis on why Kate and William are the royal parallel to Summer House’s Amanda and Kyle and more.

Join us every other week for the audaci-tea of it all.

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Episode Date
Spilling the Tea with Amanda of Matta of Fact Fame!

Our first guest EVER on Lady AudaciTEA is none other than Miss. Amanda Matta, better known online as Matta_of_Fact. Meredith sat down to talk with Amanda about everything from the good, the bad, and the troll-y about being a content creator to the hill she will die on when it comes to the British Royal Family. Alex and Meredith also get into the wildest stories of the week and discuss what's up next for the pod.!

Note 1: We heard your pleas, Alex did get a new mic, so we are getting there with audio! Thank you for your patience and understanding as we are but a two woman team with lotsa kids.

Note 2: Meredith misspeaks when she says our next episode in Jan. We would never make you wait that long, she meant June :)

Don't forget to follow Matta_of_Fact for all of her royal content on TikTok and Instagram. You can also find her podcast "Art of History" wherever you get your podcasts. Thanks again Amanda!

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Until next time, pinkies up!

Show Notes:

Royal Friends Mock Harry

Deleted Express Article About William's Temper

Little Mermaid Jibe

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May 23, 2023
Post-Coronation Episode: "The Crown is Heavy Darlings"

The crown is heavy dahllingggs (LVP voice).

Join us as we talk all things coronation - from hot takes, fashion, media coverage and more. We get into it all AND reveal our special guest at the end of the month and what we're covering in June!

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Show Notes:

Kate Dress Controversy

King Moving Toast to Archie

If William Wants to be the King's Liege Man

Princess of Wales Shows Us...

Mirroring Meghan

Exclusive: Charles' Sorrow at Prince Harry...

Spare's Ghostwriter J.R. For The New Yorker

New Protest Laws in the U.K.

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May 09, 2023
Pre-Coronation Episode!!

(Note: Alex had a sick kiddo home because we're moms and that's life! So, if you hear some extra joy in the background, that's why.)

It's our first episode and we are ALL in on pre-coronation drama. From the tiara tizzy, a look back at QE's coronation, the "thorn" in K&W's side, why the BRF needs to call in Kris Jenner, a shift in media coverage on Meghan Markle since her new representation was announced and more! Join us for equal parts info and gossip with a healthy spoonful of pop culture.

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Until next time...pinkies up!

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May 03, 2023
Introducing...Lady Audaci-TEA

Welcome to Lady Audaci-TEA the podcast where two friends and moms dive into all of our favorite topics: from pop culture to the British Royal Family, reality tv and history (but make it FUN!).

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Pinkies up...

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Apr 28, 2023