Pablo Torre Finds Out

By Pablo Torre, Le Batard & Friends

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Category: Sports

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 Sep 6, 2023
Amazing podcast by Pablo with the Lebatard crew.


Award-winning journalist/gasbag Pablo Torre is finally free to f*** around. Follow him down the rabbit hole as he seeks big answers to urgent questions. Each week will entail in-depth reporting, plus heady conversation on the juiciest stories in sports and news — all with a cast of curious friends, including Dan Le Batard (aka Pablo's boss). Watch and listen to new episodes every Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday — and follow us on every conceivable platform (YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, Twitch, Facebook) at @PabloTorreFindsOut ... and on whatever Twitter is now at @PabloFindsOut ... and sign up for Pablo's free (!!!) newsletter at WWW.PABLO.SHOW

Episode Date
Share & Tell (Screaming Sh!t-Monster Edition) with Mina Kimes, Dan, and Pablo
Sep 22, 2023
'The Reason To Get the F**k Up': Domonique Foxworth on Diabetes of the Ego (and the Job He Wanted)
Sep 21, 2023
The Teenage Athlete at the Heart of America's Culture War... Isn't Very Good at Sports
Sep 19, 2023
Share & Tell with Katie Nolan, Dan & Pablo
Sep 15, 2023
Stephen Glover on His Secret Star Wars Movie, Inventing Memes with Donald, and Inspiring Atlanta
Sep 14, 2023
Why Mark Zuckerberg and the Tech Bros Are So Obsessed with Mixed Martial Arts
Sep 12, 2023
I Think I Solved the Mystery of the NFL's Secret Scammer and a $5 Billion Check
Sep 08, 2023
Share & Tell with Katie Nolan and Dan Soder
Sep 07, 2023
PABLO TORRE FINDS OUT Premiere: Le Batard’s Lost Trump Tapes, Revealed
Sep 05, 2023
PTFO Sneak Preview Part Deux: Share & Tell with Dan, Pablo, and Mina Kimes
Aug 30, 2023
PTFO Sneak Preview: Share & Tell with Dan, Pablo, and Mina Kimes
Aug 16, 2023
Here's the Thing About 'Pablo Torre Finds Out' — Premiering September 5
Aug 09, 2023