Fast. Feast. Repeat. Intermittent Fasting For Life

By Gin Stephens and Sheri Bullock

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Category: Nutrition

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Whether you are new to intermittent fasting or an experienced intermittent faster, tune in each week to this motivational and down-to-earth podcast to get inspired, learn, and have some fun along the way. Gin Stephens is the New York Times bestselling author of Fast Feast Repeat, and host of top-ranked podcast Intermittent Fasting Stories. Sheri Bullock works in healthcare, and her passion is helping others live their best lives. Gin and Sheri are friends and intermittent fasters, and their shared goal is helping others navigate their own intermittent fasting lifestyles. You can make submissions to the podcast by going to

Episode Date
Episode 55: Why Am I Overeating?, A Powerful Why, Mindset, and More
Jul 17, 2024
Episode 54: Answering Common Questions, Fasting and Weight Loss as a Diabetic, and More
Jul 10, 2024
Episode 53: Insulin, Blood Glucose, and Metabolic Flexibility, A Year of Self-Care, and More
Jul 03, 2024
Episode 52: Struggling With Sugar, Fasting While Sick, Losing More Weight After Previously Dieting, and More
Jun 26, 2024
Episode 51: Protein and ADF, Fasting Insulin, When to Work Out, and More
Jun 19, 2024
Episode 50: Listening to Your Body, Inflammation, Too Much Coffee?, Summer, and More
Jun 12, 2024
Episode 49: The Power of Real Food, Fasting While Breastfeeding, Weight Loss Meds, and More
Jun 05, 2024
Episode 48: Building Muscle after Menopause, The Clean Fast Difference, and More
May 29, 2024
Episode 47: Is Fasting Stressful?, Overeating, Fasting While Dating, and More
May 22, 2024
Episode 46: Thinking About Food, Binge Behavior, Food Cravings, and More
May 15, 2024
Episode 45: Body Image, Finding Motivation, CGMs, and More
May 08, 2024
Episode 44: Defining OMAD, Desserts and Weight Loss, and More
May 01, 2024
Episode 43: The Power of Community, Making Dietary Changes Slowly, Structuring Your Up Day, and More
Apr 24, 2024
Episode 42: That Recent “Fasting Study”, IF While Eating Out, and More
Apr 17, 2024
Episode 41: Why am I Hungry?, Having Flex Days, The Power of Data, and More
Apr 10, 2024
Episode 40: The Power of Satiety, Plateau vs. Maintenance, Live Your Goal Lifestyle, and More
Apr 03, 2024
Episode 39: Making Dietary Changes That are Right for You, Fasting After Weight Loss Surgery, and More
Mar 27, 2024
Episode 38: Gin and Sheri Answer Some of the Most Common Fasting Questions, and More
Mar 20, 2024
Episode 37: PCOS and ADF, Eating Windows While on Vacation, Autophagy, and More
Mar 13, 2024
Episode 36: Hormones, Body Image, Food Quality, and More
Mar 06, 2024
Episode 35: Dietary Choices and Health, Sleep, and More
Feb 28, 2024
Episode 34: Weight Loss Expectations, Flipping Your Metabolic Switch, Measuring Ketones, and More
Feb 21, 2024
Episode 33: "Carbs" vs. Ultraprocessed Foods, Shift Work and IF, and More
Feb 14, 2024
Episode 32: Shifting Your Window, When to Have an Up Day, and More
Feb 07, 2024
Episode 31: Weight Loss Expectations, Accidentally Over-Restricting, Switching Things Up, and More
Jan 31, 2024
Episode 30: What is One Meal a Day?, Fasting for Weight Loss, and More
Jan 24, 2024
Episode 29: Fasting and Weight Training, Is ADF Right for You?, and More
Jan 17, 2024
Episode 28: Dr. Tabatha Barber, OB/GYN, and Fasting for Women
Jan 10, 2024
Episode 27: Fasting and Cortisol, Aging Backwards, Self-Talk, and More
Jan 03, 2024
Episode 26: The Healing Power of IF, Shakiness While Fasting, Changes as we Age, and More
Dec 27, 2023
Episode 25: New Year’s Community Fast Start, Lifestyle vs. Diet, and More
Dec 20, 2023
Episode 24: When to Tweak, How to Get Started with IF, and More
Dec 13, 2023
Episode 23: Plateaus, Gut Health, Accidental Over-Fasting, and More
Dec 06, 2023
Episode 22: Creating an IF Lifestyle You Enjoy, Finding Balance, and More
Nov 29, 2023
Episode 21: Blood Sugar Issues, Fasting for Health, Developing Consistency, and More
Nov 22, 2023
Episode 20: Avoiding Diet Brain, Tweaking for Weight Loss, Positive Self Talk, and More
Nov 15, 2023
Episode 19: Celebrating Victories, IF as a Lifestyle, Eating Until Satisfied, and More
Nov 08, 2023
Episode 18: Bio-individuality and What Foods Work for Your Body, What's Your WHY? and More
Nov 01, 2023
Episode 17: All Things ADF, with Special Guest Roxi!
Oct 25, 2023
Episode 16: Choosing Your Goal Weight, Eating to Satiety, Anticancer and Metabolic Effects of IF, and More
Oct 18, 2023
Episode 15: IF as a Lifestyle, Down Days, One Meal a Day, Alzheimer’s Disease Research, and More
Oct 11, 2023
Episode 14: Fasting Celebrations, Structuring Your Eating Window, Colonoscopy Prep, and More
Oct 04, 2023
Episode 13: What is the Clean Fast? Gin and Sheri Explain, and Answer Some Common Questions
Sep 27, 2023
Episode 12: Times of Stress, IF and ADHD, You Can Heal Your Life, and More
Sep 20, 2023
Episode 11: Choosing IF, Becoming Fat Adapted, Maintenance, Planning for Success, and More
Sep 13, 2023
Episode 10: Overcoming Chronic Pain, Delaying Wine, Fighting Inflammation, Dessert Strategies, and More
Sep 06, 2023
Episode 9: Sharing IF, Restarting After Time Off, The Importance of Community, Self-Talk, Self-Love, and More
Aug 30, 2023
Episode 8: Weight Gain Before Losing, Alternate Day Fasting, Willpower, Daily Weighing, and More
Aug 23, 2023
Episode 7: Unusual NSVs, IF for Health, Losing Diet Brain, Fasting and Muscle, Window Length, and More
Aug 16, 2023
Episode 6: Appetite Correction, Coffee and the Clean Fast, New Fasting Study, When Others are Eating, Uppish/Downish, and More
Aug 09, 2023
Episode 5: 28-Day Fast Start Success, A1C and Fasting Insulin, Cognitive and Behavioral Techniques, Mindset, and More
Aug 02, 2023
Episode 4: Switching Things Up, Waist-to-Hip Ratio, Down Day Meals with ADF, and More
Jul 26, 2023
Episode 3: Mindset, Stress, and Emotional Eating, Self-Care, The Tapping Solution, ADF, and More
Jul 19, 2023
Episode 2: Non-Scale Victories, Setting Goals, Plateaus, Focusing on Your Eating Window, and More
Jul 12, 2023
Episode 1: Maintenance, Listening to Our Bodies, Atomic Habits, and More
Jul 05, 2023
Episode 0: Meet Gin and Sheri
Jun 21, 2023