The 10X Capital Podcast: The Limited Partner with David Weisburd and Erik Torenberg | Startups, Venture Capital, and Limited

By David Weisburd, Erik Torenberg

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Category: Business

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The 10X Capital Podcast: Limited Partner is where we talk about venture capital through the lens of limited partners. The world of LPs is notoriously secret and private, but on this show, influential limited partners, VCs, and investors speak candidly about venture capital and how LPs are navigating the asset class today. Your hosts are David Weisburd of 10X Capital and Erik Torenberg of Turpentine. The 10X Capital: Limited Partner podcast is part of the Turpentine podcast network. Learn more:

Episode Date
E76: How FirstLook Picks the Top 10% of Venture Funds
Jul 11, 2024
E75: Insight Partners’ Direct and Fund of Funds Strategy
Jul 09, 2024
E74: How the $4B Kresge Foundation Invests into Venture - Venus Phillips
Jul 02, 2024
E73: John Merrill on GroveStreet’s $10.5 Billion Investment Strategy
Jun 25, 2024
E72: Investing in Top Emerging Managers with Jamie Rhode
Jun 18, 2024
E71: Interview with RAISE Global Summit & Akkadian Founder Ben Black
Jun 11, 2024
E70: How VC Fund of Funds Work with Alex Edelson
Jun 06, 2024
E69: How Texas Municipal Retirement System Deployed $1B into Venture Capital
May 29, 2024
E68: The Smithsonian Institution’s Venture Capital Edge
May 21, 2024
E67: Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta CIO - Muthu Muthiah
May 16, 2024
E66: Melinda Gates’ Pivotal Ventures on Investing in VC - Erin Harkless Moore
May 14, 2024
E65: CEO of Bitwise on How Institutions Access Crypto
May 09, 2024
E64: How Startups Can Access $13 Trillion in Retirement Capital - Eric Satz
May 07, 2024
E63: Chris Rizik on The Rise of Midwest LPs
May 02, 2024
E62: Babson College's $700M Endowment on Venture Capital
Apr 30, 2024
E61: Erik Iverson and Mike Partsch on WARF’s $3B Endowment Strategy
Apr 25, 2024
E60: Emerging Manager Alpha At Scale with Michael Downing
Apr 23, 2024
E59: How Jordan Nel Spots Winning Venture Funds
Apr 16, 2024
E58: Claude Grunitzky on Democratizing Access to Venture Capital
Apr 11, 2024
E57: Eric Poirier CEO of Addepar on Lessons from $6 Trillion in Assets
Apr 09, 2024
E56: Robert Rodriguez on Hollywood, Artificial Intelligence, & Film Finance
Apr 04, 2024
E55: Eric Sippel - Lessons from Investing in 45 Venture Capital Funds
Apr 02, 2024
E54: Morgan Creek Capital’s Endowment Style Investing – Frank Tanner
Mar 28, 2024
E53: Northwestern University - Harisha Haigh on Manager Selection
Mar 26, 2024
E52: StepStone's Hunter Somerville on How to Scale LP Capital
Mar 21, 2024
E51: How $1B+ Family Offices Generate Alpha in Venture Capital - Ron Diamond
Mar 19, 2024
E50: Founding GLG and Growing it into a $600 Million Revenue Powerhouse — Mark Gerson
Mar 14, 2024
E49: Top Tier Capital Founder David York on 30 Years in Venture
Mar 12, 2024
E48: The Ford Foundation on Returning 28% CAGR While Improving Society
Mar 07, 2024
E47: Sean Warrington of Gresham Partners on Avoiding False Signals in Investing
Mar 05, 2024
E46: Atul Rustgi of Accolade on What is LP Value-Add and Can it Lead to Alpha?
Feb 29, 2024
E45: Lindel Eakman on Whether Venture Capital Returns are Higher than Hedge Funds, Private Equity, and Buyout
Feb 27, 2024
E44: Chris Prestigiacomo of SWIB ($140B AUM) on What Pensions Look for in VCs
Feb 22, 2024
E43: Sasha Pieterse (Alison) of Pretty Little Liars Reveals Her New Venture Backed Startup
Feb 20, 2024
E42: 6 Questions You Should Ask LPs Before They Write a Check with Katie Riester
Feb 15, 2024
E41: How Everyday Investors Can Access Blackstone, Apollo, and KKR?
Feb 13, 2024
E40: Dave McClure on Delivering a 60x & 40x fund and Founding 500 Startups
Feb 08, 2024
E39: Guy Perelmuter on Generating Alpha in Deeptech
Feb 06, 2024
E38: Carrie Thome & Grady Buchanan of NVNG on How to Raise Capital from Corporate LPs
Feb 01, 2024
E37: Errik Anderson on Co-Founding 20 Biotech Startups Cumulatively Worth $10B+
Jan 30, 2024
E36: Masterclass on Portfolio Construction with Anubhav Srivastava, CEO of Tactyc
Jan 26, 2024
E35: Ben Gallacher of Cannonball on "Value per Dollar Invested" and How it Predicts Fund Performance
Jan 23, 2024
E34: Aakar Vachhani Fairview on What The Top 1% of GPs Share in Common
Jan 18, 2024
E33: Charmel Maynard, CIO of University of Miami on Building a Venture Book
Jan 16, 2024
E32: Ashby Monk, Stanford Professor on How to Become a Billionaire in Private Equity
Jan 11, 2024
E31: David Friedberg on How To Build a Billion Dollar Startup
Jan 09, 2024
E30: Alan Feld, Co-Founder of Vintage Investment Partners on How to Handle Succession in VC
Jan 04, 2024
E29: Lo Toney of Plexo Capital on How He Raised LP Capital from Google, the Ford Foundation, Mass Mutual, and other Top LPs
Jan 01, 2024
E28: Roland Reynolds of Industry Ventures on Investing $7 Billion into Startups and Venture Capital Funds
Dec 14, 2023
E27: Fernando Pontaza of Invariantes on Why 25% IRR is the Gold Standard in Venture
Dec 12, 2023
E26: Winter Mead of Coolwater on Building the YC for GPs
Dec 08, 2023
E25: Jeff Galvin, CEO of Addimmune on Finding a Cure for HIV
Dec 06, 2023
E24: Joshua Berkowitz of Berkocorp on Why LP’s Should Care about IRR% not TVPI
Nov 30, 2023
E23: How Israel’s Largest Hospital Delivers Care to Palestinians through its “Peace Through Health” Initiative
Nov 28, 2023
E22: Alex Edelson of Slipstream on The 4 Sources of Alpha for Emerging Managers
Nov 21, 2023
E21: Jake Paul and Joey Levy of Betr on How to Build a $100 Billion Company
Nov 16, 2023
E20: James Heath, dara5 on How Family Offices Access Top Venture Funds
Nov 14, 2023
E19: Raja Doddala, Head of VC at Churchill Asset Management ($47 Billion AUM) on How LP’s Should Diligence GP’s
Nov 09, 2023
E18: Avlok Kohli, CEO of AngelList on How He Turned AngelList into a $4 Billion Dollar Company
Nov 07, 2023
E17: Tracy Fong, Albourne Partners $700B+ AUA, on How Endowments Access Emerging Managers
Nov 02, 2023
E16: Beezer Clarkson on her new $1.4B Emerging Manager Fund with CalSTRS
Oct 31, 2023
E15: Scott Painter on His Relationship with Elon Musk and the Future of Mobility
Oct 26, 2023
E14: Jason Calacanis on How He Returned 4,000X ($25K into $100MM) on a Single Investment
Oct 23, 2023
E13: Shai Goldman on What Differentiates Venture Funds that Generate DPI and How Brex Generated $100M Using a Growth Hack Most Startups Ignore
Oct 16, 2023
E12: Jamie Rhode on Why 95% of LPs Can Only Achieve a 10% IRR when the Mean Return is 50% IRR | Why High Ownership % is Overrated | Investing into First Time Fund Managers
Oct 02, 2023
E11: Neil Datta, The Forbes Family Trust’s Approach to VC | Is there Alpha in Due Diligence? How to Signal Strength in Fundraising, and Should LPs be Fee Sensitive?
Sep 26, 2023
E10: Michael Kim | Founder of Cendana Capital on How Small VC Funds Can Return 200X+, Cendana’s New $340M US VC Fund, Whether VC’s Should Recycle Capital
Sep 18, 2023
E9: David Clark, Investment Director at VenCap | What Every LP Gets Wrong About Power Laws, Adverse Selection in VC, and What % of Startups Go to Zero?
Sep 12, 2023
E8: Apurva Mehta, Managing Partner of Summit Peak Investment | How the Top 5 Companies Drive 50% of Returns, Why Fee Sensitivity is Foolish, and Why Family Offices are the Best LPs
Sep 05, 2023
E7: Samir Kaji, Founder and CEO of Allocate | What VCs Get Wrong in Portfolio Construction, the Main Mistakes GPs Make When Communicating with LPs, What Fees GPs are Charging Today (2023 Q3 Update)
Aug 28, 2023
E6: Steve Chasan Head of Investments at the Rothschild Foundation | The Issues With Over-Diversification, How Emerging Managers Will Manage the Reset, and Do Entry Prices Matter?
Aug 21, 2023
E5: Jonathan Hsu | Why Companies Fail Without PMF, Examining Tribe Capital’s Proprietary Data Source, and What Experienced VCs All Regret
Aug 14, 2023
E4: Dr. Abe Othman | Why Large Portfolios Outperform Small Portfolios | IRR Games VCs Play | Quantitative Investing in Venture Capital
Aug 07, 2023
E3: Ramzi Samara | Saudi Arabia in the VC Ecosystem, Finding Alpha in Emerging Managers, and AUM vs Returns in VC
Aug 01, 2023
E2: Jordan Stein | How Cresset Partners Raised $40B and Invested in Andreessen Horowitz and Founders Fund
Jul 24, 2023
E1: Chris Douvos | Venture compared to other asset classes, the Solo GP phenomenon, and Chris's investing thesis
Jul 16, 2023