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Category: Self-Improvement

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After leaving the corporate 9-5 grind, I became the boss of my own spiritual business, helping others explore and navigate the human experience from insight, wisdom, and lessons learned along the way. Today, I help aspiring spiritual entrepreneurs gain the confidence to share their gifts with the world. Follow along, as each week, we’ll dive into incredible stories, thought-provoking discussions, and captivating journeys of strength, resilience & transformation. So if you’re ready for some serious breakthroughs, laughs and tears, and stories that will inspire you, you're in the right place.

Episode Date
#44: Claircognizance - when you just know
Apr 18, 2024
#43: Emotions: moving energy through the body + grounding meditation
Apr 11, 2024
#42: Your Podcast Comments & Voice Matter
Apr 04, 2024
#41: When A Pet Dies: Coping with the Loss of a Beloved Pet
Mar 27, 2024
#40: Facing the Truth: Growing Apart from Friends and Family
Mar 25, 2024
#39: Life's Unexpected Turns: Loss and Starting Over at 35
Mar 21, 2024
#38: Job Loss: The Emotional Rollercoaster of Being Laid Off
Mar 18, 2024
#37: From Stability to Survival: Coping with Being Kicked Out
Mar 14, 2024
#36: The Emotional Impact of a Health Scare: A Personal Reflection
Mar 11, 2024
#35: United in Grief: Shared Experiences on the Path to Healing
Mar 07, 2024
#34: Travel Podcast Talk, Finding and Healing Ourselves Around the World
Mar 04, 2024
#33: Anniversary of Mom's Death: A Raw Open Talk on Grief and Loss
Feb 28, 2024
#32: Psychological Effects of War and Personal Healing
Feb 21, 2024
#31: Behind The Scenes from Wedding Love Stories
Feb 14, 2024
#30: Why I Don't Want Kids - Child-Free by Choice
Feb 07, 2024
#29: Reframing Your Mindset: The Key to Starting Your Spiritual Business
Feb 05, 2024
#28: Spiritual Business Q&A: Unmotivation, Budget Friendly Tips, and Feeling Overwhelmed
Jan 31, 2024
#27: Instead of Finding Your Passion: Uncover Your Hidden Talents
Jan 30, 2024
#26: Why Embrace Imperfection When Starting Your Spiritual Business & Practice
Jan 24, 2024
#25: 35 Things I've Learned In My 35 Years Of Life
Jan 17, 2024
#24: Three Common Mistakes People Make When Starting Their Business
Jan 10, 2024
#23: Raising Entrepreneurs Fearlessly - Angela's Childhood Lessons to Success
Jan 03, 2024
#22: Quitting Medicine And Childhood Trauma, with Kristina Dela Cruz
Dec 27, 2023
#21: Is The Holiday In Your Heart? A Personal Reflection
Dec 20, 2023
#18: Which of the 5 Human Design Types Are You? (with Caitlin Pomeroy)
Dec 18, 2023
#20: What Are The Akashic Records? With Elizabeth Allen
Dec 14, 2023
#19: Finding Purpose: How A Healing Massage Business Saved a Former Addict
Dec 06, 2023
#14: The Truth About Grief: What People Secretly Wished You Knew
Nov 28, 2023
#17: Deeper Gratitude Podcast: What Keeps Us Going
Nov 22, 2023
#16: Breaking the Silence (PART 2/2): The Identity Crisis & Invisible Trauma of Being Asian American
Nov 15, 2023
#15: Breaking the Silence (PART 1/2): The Identity Crisis & Invisible Trauma of Being Asian American
Nov 08, 2023
#13: Hitting Rock Bottom From Addiction to Being A Psychic Medium, with Davina Avina
Oct 25, 2023
#12: US Teachers Abroad: A Global Perspective on Education with Maedeh Pourrabi
Oct 18, 2023
#11: Candid Conversations with LGBTQ+ Voices
Oct 16, 2023
#10: From Being Unemployed to Impacting Communities: The Journey of Emmanuel Morales
Oct 06, 2023
#9: Unveiling Single Parenthood: Navigating Separation, Divorce, and New Beginnings
Sep 27, 2023
#8: An Unintended Path to Freedom: Sara's Journey from Felon to Digital Nomad
Sep 20, 2023
#7: Immigrating, Surviving, and Thriving: From Pageant Kid to Real Estate Agent - Syuzi Hakobyan’s Remarkable Journey
Sep 13, 2023
#6: Having Fear to Becoming a Spiritual Techie - A Journey of Spiritual Awakening and Self-Discovery with Constantin
Sep 06, 2023
#5: Supportive Parenting: Tips for Nurturing Your Child's Mental and Emotional Well-Being with mindfulness teacher, Claudia Torres
Aug 30, 2023
#4: From Corporate to Canvas: Quitting Your Job To Pursue Your Love & Passion, with Angela Whitehall
Aug 23, 2023
#3: A Journey of Questioning, Hope, and Understanding, with Sam Williams
Aug 16, 2023
#2: Unveiling Resilience: From Being Abused At Disney To Finally Speaking Up For Myself
Aug 10, 2023
#1: From Scarcity to Soaring: A Journey of Resilience, Wanderlust, and Finding Happiness
Aug 03, 2023
The Happy Healing Shop Podcast Trailer
Jul 24, 2023