The Puzzler with A.J. Jacobs

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Finally, your daily puzzle fix—in audio form! Every day, in 10 minutes or less, New York Times bestselling author A.J. Jacobs and his celebrity guests will puzzle–and laugh–their way through new spins on old puzzle favorites, like anagrams and palindromes, as well as quirky originals such as “Ask Chat GPT” and audio rebuses. 

Plus, Chief Puzzle Officer Greg Pliska joins A.J. each week to present new puzzles from the Puzzle Lab. And there’s a daily Extra Credit Puzzler for our Puzzlers at home. (Answers revealed in the following episode.) 

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"The Puzzler with A.J. Jacobs" is distributed by iHeartPodcasts and is a co-production with Neuhaus Ideas. 

Our executive producers are Neely Lohmann and Adam Neuhaus of Neuhaus Ideas, and Lindsay Hoffman of iHeart Podcasts.

The show is produced by Jody Avirgan and Brittani Brown of Roulette Productions. 

Our Chief Puzzle Officer is Greg Pliska. Our associate producer is Andrea Schoenberg.

Episode Date
"P-p-p Poker Face" w/ A.J. & Greg
Mar 01, 2024
"Title Drop" w/ Dax Shepard and Monica Padman
Feb 29, 2024
"Fact-Checking" w/ Dax Shepard and Monica Padman
Feb 28, 2024
"Armchair Export" w/ Dax Shepard and Monica Padman
Feb 27, 2024
"Earbuses" w/ Dax Shepard and Monica Padman
Feb 26, 2024
"Which Is It?" w/ A.J. & Greg
Feb 23, 2024
"Retronyms" w/ Stephen J. Dubner
Feb 22, 2024
"Find the Link" w/ Stephen J. Dubner
Feb 21, 2024
"Fact-Checking" w/ Stephen J. Dubner
Feb 20, 2024
"Ants in France" w/ Stephen J. Dubner
Feb 19, 2024
"Political Insults" w/ Andy Borowitz
Feb 16, 2024
"William Snakespeare" w/ Andy Borowitz
Feb 15, 2024
"Candy Hearts" w/ A.J. & Greg
Feb 14, 2024
"Anagrams" w/ Andy Borowitz
Feb 13, 2024
"Rhymer in Chief" w/ Andy Borowitz
Feb 12, 2024
"It's De-Lightful, It's De-Lovely" w/ A.J. & Greg
Feb 09, 2024
"Faith, Hope, and Love" w/ Faith Salie
Feb 08, 2024
"Absolute Joy" w/ Faith Salie
Feb 07, 2024
"Syllable Charades" w/ Faith Salie
Feb 06, 2024
"Word, Word...Don't Tell Me!" w/ Faith Salie
Feb 05, 2024
"Leader of the Pack-age" w/ A.J. & Greg
Feb 02, 2024
"Magazines, Literally" w/ Joel Stein
Feb 01, 2024
"Name That Mating Call" w/ Joel Stein
Jan 31, 2024
"Stein's Rhymes" w/ Joel Stein
Jan 30, 2024
"Kid Riddle Peril" w/ Joel Stein
Jan 29, 2024
"Univocalics" w/ A.J. & Greg
Jan 26, 2024
"Ask ChatGPT" w/ Mike Reiss
Jan 25, 2024
"Taking the Simpsons to the Bank" w/ Mike Reiss
Jan 24, 2024
"Uniting Nations" w/ Mike Reiss
Jan 23, 2024
"Master of the D'oh-main" w/ Mike Reiss
Jan 22, 2024
"Odd One Out" w/ A.J. & Greg
Jan 19, 2024
"Lend Me Your Ears" w/ Bethany Joy Lenz
Jan 18, 2024
"Lenz Lens" w/ Bethany Joy Lenz
Jan 17, 2024
"One Tree Skill" w/ Bethany Joy Lenz
Jan 16, 2024
"RuPaul Revere" w/ Bethany Joy Lenz
Jan 15, 2024
"My Summer Job at the Bookstore" w/ A.J. & Greg
Jan 12, 2024
"History, Ridiculous" w/ Ben Bowlin
Jan 11, 2024
"Hidden Birds" w/ Ben Bowlin
Jan 10, 2024
"Ridiculously Wrong History" w/ Ben Bowlin
Jan 09, 2024
"Let's Go Bowlin" w/ Ben Bowlin
Jan 08, 2024
"The Surprising History of 'Where's Waldo'" w/ A.J. & Greg
Jan 05, 2024
"Wide Opposite World of Sports" w/ Jay Bilas
Jan 04, 2024
"D-U-K-E" w/ Jay Bilas
Jan 03, 2024
"Palindromania" w/ Jay Bilas
Jan 02, 2024
"Man of Letter" w/ Jay Bilas
Jan 01, 2024
"The First Crossword" LIVE w/ A.J. & Greg
Dec 29, 2023
"G.T." w/ Bomani Jones
Dec 28, 2023
"Weight Wait" w/ Peter Sagal
Dec 27, 2023
"Parenting Joke Jeopardy" w/ Ophira Eisenberg
Dec 26, 2023
"How Puzzles Explain WWII" w/ Jody Avirgan
Dec 25, 2023
"Off With Their Heads" w/ A.J. & Greg
Dec 22, 2023
"Big Foul Sports Teams" w/ Bomani Jones
Dec 21, 2023
"The Weird World of Sports" w/ Bomani Jones
Dec 20, 2023
"Know Your Jones" w/ Bomani Jones
Dec 19, 2023
"Ditloids" w/ Bomani Jones
Dec 18, 2023
"Consecutive Branch" w/ A.J. & Greg
Dec 15, 2023
"The Book of VI-CE" w/ Peter Sagal
Dec 14, 2023
"The Bill of Wrongs" w/ Peter Sagal
Dec 13, 2023
"Ask ChatGPT" w/ Peter Sagal
Dec 12, 2023
"Not Anyone's Job" w/ Peter Sagal
Dec 11, 2023
"Happy Hour" w/ Dan Harris
Dec 08, 2023
"Contradictions" w/ Juliana Pache
Dec 07, 2023
"Categories" w/ Juliana Pache
Dec 06, 2023
"Hidden Gems" w/ Juliana Pache
Dec 05, 2023
"Ditloids" w/ Juliana Pache
Dec 04, 2023
"The One You Weed" w/ Eric Zimmer
Dec 01, 2023
"Daily Shows" w/ Roy Wood Jr.
Nov 30, 2023
"The Chicago Cubes" w/ Roy Wood Jr.
Nov 29, 2023
"Chris Rock's Rocks" w/ Roy Wood Jr.
Nov 28, 2023
"Woody Goody" w/ Roy Wood Jr.
Nov 27, 2023
"Her Ripe Begonias" w/ Ophira Eisenberg
Nov 24, 2023
"Thanksgiving Feats" LIVE w/ A.J. & Greg
Nov 23, 2023
"Crossword Friend Battle" w/ Ophira Eisenberg
Nov 22, 2023
"Ohio My God" w/ Ophira Eisenberg
Nov 21, 2023
"Galahad's Bahamas Caravan" w/ Ophira Eisenberg
Nov 20, 2023
"Set, Game, Match" w/ A.J. & Greg
Nov 17, 2023
"Letters Witch" w/ Michael Ian Black
Nov 16, 2023
"Ask ChatGPT" w/ Michael Ian Black
Nov 15, 2023
"Name That Super Short Tune" w/ Michael Ian Black
Nov 14, 2023
"Misunderstood Movies" w/ Michael Ian Black
Nov 13, 2023
"Capital Gains" w/ A.J. & Greg
Nov 10, 2023
"ASMR" w/ Lisa Loeb
Nov 09, 2023
"Find the Link" w/ Lisa Loeb
Nov 08, 2023
"Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes" w/ Lisa Loeb
Nov 07, 2023
"Earbus" w/ Lisa Loeb
Nov 06, 2023
"Toponyms" w/ A.J. & Greg
Nov 03, 2023
"Odd One Out" w/ Mo Rocca
Nov 02, 2023
"Epitaphs" w/ Mo Rocca
Nov 01, 2023
"Spoooky" w/ Mo Rocca
Oct 31, 2023
"Joanie Loves Tchotchkes" w/ Mo Rocca
Oct 30, 2023
"Festival of Sport Films" w/ Mina Kimes
Oct 27, 2023
"Danube Art" w/ Baratunde Thurston
Oct 26, 2023
"Bucket Lost" w/ Baratunde Thurston
Oct 25, 2023
"Mandela's Umbrellas" w/ Baratunde Thurston
Oct 24, 2023
"Your Moment of Zen" w/ Baratunde Thurston
Oct 23, 2023
"Links to Links" w/ A.J. & Greg
Oct 20, 2023
“Title Drop” w/ Chuck Bryant
Oct 19, 2023
“No You Should Stuff” w/ Chuck Bryant
Oct 18, 2023
“Hidden Bugs” w/ Chuck Bryant
Oct 17, 2023
“Stuff You Should Blank” w/ Chuck Bryant
Oct 16, 2023
"Name That Game Show Sound Effect" w/ Ken Jennings
Oct 13, 2023
"Omni Omnibus" w/ Ken Jennings
Oct 12, 2023
"En En" w/ Ken Jennings
Oct 11, 2023
"In the Form of a Question" w/ Ken Jennings
Oct 10, 2023
"Pan in Panama" w/ Ken Jennings
Oct 09, 2023
“Rubik’s Magic” w/ A.J. & Greg
Oct 06, 2023
“Gorillas in the Mystic Pizza” w/ Chuck Bryant
Oct 05, 2023
“Hidden Mina” w/ Mina Kimes
Oct 04, 2023
“Ditloids” w/ Michael Ian Black
Oct 03, 2023
Preview 1: "Earbus" w/ Roy Wood, Jr.
Oct 02, 2023
Preview 2: “Mo Rocca Goes to Morocco” w/ Mo Rocca
Oct 02, 2023
Introducing: The Puzzler with A.J. Jacobs
Sep 26, 2023