Live Beyond the Norms

By Chris Burres

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Image by Chris Burres

Category: Alternative Health

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You want to have a spectacular life.  You want to live longer as long as you are healthy mentally and physically.  
This podcast has been a vision of mine for the last two and a half years.  As I continue to share with people the astounding results, 90% extension of life in test subjects, reported in peer-reviewed published research about our molecule ESS60, I started to think about what it would be like to live longer.  Not just longer, but ALOT longer.  I also started thinking about how living longer would disrupt the vision many people had about their lives and the final years of that life.  
This podcast is big enough to cover all aspects of Living Beyond the Norms but it will start and probably focus on health and longevity and the cutting-edge research which promises significantly longer and healthier living.  It will also cover the unconventional strategies employed today by today's experts to help people Live Beyond the Norms.

Episode Date
What 105-Year-Olds in Blue Zones Taught This Filmmaker About Living Longer with Jason Prall
Jul 12, 2024
Thyroid Health: The Hidden Key to Longevity and Vibrant Living
Jul 09, 2024
What REALLY Causes (And Reverses) Alzheimer's and Dementia
Jul 05, 2024
The Overhyped "Longevity Supplements" That May Be HARMING You
Jul 02, 2024
The Secrets of Your Biological Age with Epigenetic Testing
Jun 28, 2024
How Sitting in a Sauna 4X a Week Can Make You Live 40% Longer
Jun 25, 2024
Transforming Medicine: Integrative Approaches and the Future of Health
Jun 19, 2024
Secrets of Living Better and Longer with Intermittent Fasting
Jun 18, 2024
Flipping 50: Secrets For Defying Aging After Menopause with Debra Atkinson
Jun 17, 2024
Unlocking the Secrets to Longevity with Biohacking Expert Jean Fallacara
Jun 15, 2024
How You Can Live 3X Longer with Stem Cell Therapy
Jun 14, 2024
Are You Over 40 and Struggling to Stay Fit? This Is Your Wake-Up Call!
Jun 13, 2024
6 Key Principles for Life Optimization and Longevity with Ben Greenfield
Jun 13, 2024
Live to 180! The Father of Biohacking Reveals The Secrets to Longevity with Dave Asprey
Jun 13, 2024
Why "Healthy" Foods May Be Making You Sick, And What To Do For A Healthier, Longer Life
Jun 13, 2024
Chris Burres Introduction
Oct 22, 2023