Christian Dementia Caregiving: Conversations To Ease the Stress, Overwhelm and Burden of Alzheimer’s/Dementia Care From A B

By Christian Dementia Coach

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Are you a Christian Caregiver who is feeling overwhelmed and stressed while helping a family member suffering from Alzheimer’s disease or dementia? Want to make your dementia care easier and want real help as well as hope? This podcast is for you if you find yourself asking questions such as: How to survive dementia caregiving? What is dementia caregiving from a Christian perspective? How to care for elderly parents with dementia? How to deal with challenging dementia behaviors as a caregiver? How to cope with dementia behaviors with faith? What are common dementia behaviors and how to manage them? What are the stages of Alzheimer’s disease? Can you practice self-care while being a dementia caregiver? How do I know my parent has dementia symptoms? How to care for dementia patients with Biblical principles? What is a Christian response to dementia? How to find Christian dementia support groups? How to provide spiritual care for someone with dementia? When should someone with dementia go into a care home? What is Alzheimer’s disease and its symptoms? Let’s make dementia care easier and Glorify God despite a dementia diagnosis. We’d love to hear from you. Email us at or check out our website

Episode Date
146. How To Be The Best Caregiver For Your Loved One As A Young Adult Dementia Caregiver
Jul 19, 2024
145. How To Be The Best Caregiver For Your Parent With Dementia
Jul 17, 2024
144. How To Be The Best Caregiver For Your Spouse With Dementia
Jul 15, 2024
143. How Your Mindset In Dementia Caregiving Produces Positive Results
Jul 12, 2024
142. Dementia Caregiving Needs To Be Done, Not Perfect
Jul 10, 2024
141. How To Integrate Faith, Medicine And Dementia Into Your Healthcare Experience With Dr. Nakeisha Rodgers
Jul 08, 2024
140. How One Woman's Christian Perspective Changed Her Dementia Caregiving Journey
Jul 05, 2024
139. How Important Is Monitoring Dementia Caregiver Stress Levels?
Jul 03, 2024
138. Empowering Dementia Caregivers: Real-Life Strategies for Managing Challenging Behaviors
Jul 01, 2024
137. 5 Easy Strategies To Cope With Challenging Dementia Behaviors
Jun 28, 2024
136. 5 Tips How To Decrease Your Overwhelm In Dementia Caregiving
Jun 26, 2024
135. How to Easily Recover from Dementia Caregivers Grief With Heather Leigh
Jun 24, 2024
134. Debunking The Myth That Dementia Is A New Disease
Jun 21, 2024
133. One Simple Solution For Dementia Wandering Inside the House
Jun 19, 2024
132. How to Stop Family Conflict When Dementia Caregiving
Jun 17, 2024
131. How Do Dementia Caregivers Contribute To Their Caregiving Woes?
Jun 14, 2024
130. How to Know Whether Only Memory Loss Is The First Sign Of Dementia
Jun 12, 2024
129. Wine, Women and Dementia: How One Woman Found Community With Kitty Norton
Jun 10, 2024
128. How To Stage Dementia To Immediately Understand Challenging Behaviors
Jun 07, 2024
127. Why It Is Important to Tell People Someone Has Dementia
Jun 05, 2024
126. How To Find Your Community In Dementia Caregiving: Live Monthly Meet Up
Jun 03, 2024
125. How To Keep Your Brain Healthy As A Dementia Caregiver in 4 Basic Steps
May 31, 2024
124. Easily Help Your Parent With Dementia To Downsize and Move
May 29, 2024
123. Why It Is Important to Be Grateful During Dementia Care: Memorial Day Episode
May 27, 2024
122. How To Change The Outcome Of Challenging Dementia Behaviors
May 24, 2024
121. Memorial Day: 50 Easy Activities For Loved Ones With Alzheimer’s Or Dementia (Part 3)
May 22, 2024
120. Memorial Day: 50 Easy Activities For Loved Ones With Alzheimer’s Or Dementia (Part 2)
May 20, 2024
119. Memorial Day: 50 Easy Activities for Alzheimer's and Dementia Patients (Part 1)
May 17, 2024
118. Is It Important To Plan For Dementia Care Financially? With Will Hoffman
May 15, 2024
117. Building A Legacy Of Love: Thriving In The Sandwich Generation With Christy Yates
May 13, 2024
116. What You Need To Be A Good Christian Steward Of A Dementia Caregiving Journey
May 10, 2024
115. What Do Dementia Caregivers Need Most: A Christian Perspective
May 08, 2024
114. Talking About Caregiver Burnout With Michelle Gordon
May 06, 2024
113. Dementia Caregiver Tips: What You Need to Know About Ethical Decision Making in Dementia Care
May 03, 2024
112. A New Perspective: Navigating in Reverse During Dementia Care With Anna Edmonds
May 01, 2024
111. The Best Neck Pillow for People Living with Dementia With Janice Shokrian
Apr 29, 2024
110. What Are The 3 Things To Never Do With Your Loved One With Dementia?
Apr 26, 2024
109. 3 Practical Tips And Tricks For A Stress-Less Dementia Caregiving Journey
Apr 24, 2024
108. Immediately Track Your Stress For Dementia Caregiver Long Term Health With Cindy Sim
Apr 22, 2024
107. Where To Look For Emotional Support In Alzheimer's Caregiving: Dementia Caregiver Tips
Apr 19, 2024
106. Overcoming Fear, Frustration And Fatigue: A Christian Perspective On Dementia Caregiving
Apr 17, 2024
105. How One Widower Found Loving Purpose After Dementia Caregiving With Dennis Dulniak
Apr 15, 2024
104. Is Resilience Important as a Christian Caregiver in Dementia Care?
Apr 12, 2024
103. The 3 Most Common Mistakes Christian Dementia Caregivers Make
Apr 10, 2024
102. How Designing Your Home Care Team Immediately Relieves Dementia Burden With Mike George
Apr 08, 2024
101. How to Prevent the "Battle of the Bathing" in Dementia Caregiving
Apr 05, 2024
100. Walking By Faith: One Christian Caregivers Dementia Care Journey
Apr 03, 2024
99. How One Simple Tool For Professional Healthcare Providers Can Make Dementia Caregiving Easier With Chris Kelsey
Apr 01, 2024
98. One Mistake A Dementia Caregiver Makes By Not Traveling With Kathy Smith Shoaf
Mar 29, 2024
97. How Your Faith Informs Your Dementia Caregiving Journey
Mar 27, 2024
96. How & Where To Find The Best Caregiving Resources With Christina And Cindy Hardin-Weiss
Mar 25, 2024
95. Do You Need to Plan Ahead When Dementia Caregiving?
Mar 22, 2024
94. Are You One of the 60% of Dementia Caregivers Still Working Full Time?
Mar 20, 2024
93. Is It Important To Have A Dementia Specialist On Your Team?
Mar 18, 2024
92. How To Decrease Your Stress As A Dementia Caregiver Through Coaching
Mar 15, 2024
91. 4 Ways How to Find Support and Respite While Caring for a Loved One with Dementia
Mar 13, 2024
90. How To Cope with "Challenging" Dementia Behaviors Part 3 of 3
Mar 11, 2024
89. How to Communicate Well in Dementia Caregiving Part 2 of 3
Mar 07, 2024
88. How To Decrease Your Stress As A Dementia Caregiver: Angela Verrips' Story
Mar 04, 2024
87. Can You Be Ready To Be A Dementia Caregiver?
Feb 29, 2024
86. How to Find Reliable Dementia Caregiving Resources With Traci Lamb
Feb 26, 2024
85. How to Know You Are a Dementia Caregiver
Feb 22, 2024
84. How to Prevent the "Battle of the Bathing" at Home with Jodi Bellam
Feb 19, 2024
83. How To Navigate Dementia Caregiving with Less Stress in 4 Steps
Feb 15, 2024
82. What is All Home Care Matters? With Lance A. Slatton
Feb 12, 2024
81. How To Confidently Make Medical Decisions For A Person With Dementia - Brittany Lamb
Feb 08, 2024
80. How One Tool Prevented Medication Errors in Dementia Caregiving with Kimber Westmore
Feb 05, 2024
79. How to Use Art in Aging and Dementia Caregiving With Mary Beth Flynn
Feb 01, 2024
78. Music and Memory: How to Make Meaningful Connections in Dementia Care
Jan 29, 2024
77. Why Someone With Dementia Really Needs Rehabilitation Therapy
Jan 25, 2024
76. How to Navigate End of Life as a Family Caregiver with Betsy Wurzel
Jan 22, 2024
75. Do People With Parkinson's Disease Always Develop Dementia?
Jan 18, 2024
74. How to Advocate for Parkinson's Disease as a Family Caregiver: An Interview with Dr. George Ackerman
Jan 15, 2024
73. How One Family Caregiver Managed 3 Dementias At Once: Deb Compton’s Story
Jan 11, 2024
72. How To Maintain Your Own Health and Well-being as a Caregiver
Jan 08, 2024
71. How to Know What to Do First When Someone Is Diagnosed with Dementia
Jan 04, 2024
70. How to Manage Dementia-Related Anxiety During the New Year
Jan 01, 2024
54. The Dementia Made Simple Framework
Dec 29, 2023
69. The Truth About Dementia: Debunking Myths and Providing Solutions
Dec 28, 2023
68. How to Understand Getting a Diagnosis of Dementia
Dec 25, 2023
55. Navigating Dementia Care with Compassion and Understanding
Dec 22, 2023
67. 3 Tips on How To Engage A Person With Dementia In Activities During Christmas
Dec 21, 2023
66. How to Communicate with a Person with Dementia During the Holidays
Dec 18, 2023
65. How to Care for a Person With Dementia: 3 Tips for Caregiving at Home During Christmas
Dec 14, 2023
63. How to Prepare New Dementia Caregivers for the Journey Ahead
Dec 11, 2023
63. Helping Families Build Lasting Relationships While Navigating Dementia
Dec 08, 2023
63. Beyond Burnout: How to Stress Less in Dementia Caregiving
Dec 07, 2023
62. Dementia With Grace: Insights To Elevate Your Quality Of Life
Dec 04, 2023
61. Is ”Therapeutic Lying” A Good Way To Help Challenging Dementia Behaviors?
Nov 30, 2023
60. What are ”Challenging” Dementia Behaviors and How to Fix Them
Nov 27, 2023
Bonus Episode: Unlocking the Key to Successful Caregiving
Nov 24, 2023
59. 3 Ways to be Thankful in Dementia Caregiving
Nov 23, 2023
58. How to Manage Dementia Caregiver Guilt and the Holidays
Nov 20, 2023
57. 4 Courageous Plans for Effective Dementia Care
Nov 20, 2023
56. Beyond Overwhelm: A New Path in Dementia Care
Nov 20, 2023
Take Off: Families Navigating Dementia Care Together
Nov 13, 2023