Self Obsessed

By Tam Kaur

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Category: Self-Improvement

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Tam Kaur’s Self-Obsessed is the ultimate guide to everything society didn’t want you to learn. In a world where women are criticised for wanting and being ‘too much’ it's time to change the narrative. Join our host Tam in learning how to be self-obsessed. After all, it’s only about prioritising your self-love, self-care, self-confidence, self-worth and self-growth. ‘Self-Obsessed’ simplifies the process of closing the gap between your current self and your desired self. Every episode is a straight-to-the-point carefully curated guide to help women everywhere fall in love with themselves. Each episode will provide actionable advice while navigating topics such as building confidence, embracing authenticity, setting boundaries, cultivating healthy relationships, and pursuing your passions. So, consider this your safest space on the internet as Tam gives you the life secrets no-one else ever shared. It’s time to be your own idol.

Episode Date
S2 EP9: how to trust yourself & be confident in your decision making
May 22, 2024
S2 EP8: building money confidence, financial independence + investing tips [simran kaur - girls that invest]
May 15, 2024
S2 EP7: how to reframe adversity to work in your favour + signs you're growing for the better
May 08, 2024
S2 EP6: listen to this if you aren’t sure what you want to do in life | why you feel lost and how to find your path. [Jemma Sbeg]
May 01, 2024
S2 EP5: mastering manifestation & self-love all at once [Roxie Nafousi]
Apr 24, 2024
S2 EP4: Dilemma Q&A - loneliness, self-growth and productivity
Apr 17, 2024
S2 EP3: how to create your identity, step into your authenticity and reject following social media trends
Apr 10, 2024
S2 EP2: reframing body image & building body confidence | fix your relationship with food and live as your healthiest self! [Carolina Salazar]
Apr 03, 2024
S2 EP1: how to stop chasing & start attracting | detachment, energy, self-worth
Mar 27, 2024
HOW TO BE THE PERFECT STUDENT | study strategy, consistency tips & mindset shifts to get straight As
Mar 06, 2024
how to deal with friend breakups | detachment, friendship standards, moving on
Feb 28, 2024
HOW TO MASTER SOCIAL CONFIDENCE | talk to anyone, develop extroverted traits and become magnetic!
Feb 21, 2024
how to EXIT YOUR LAZY GIRL ERA | productivity hacks, discipline secrets & mindset LEVEL UP
Feb 14, 2024
Feb 07, 2024
HOW TO BE A B*TCH | take your power back, become magnetic & stop being a people pleaser
Jan 31, 2024
EP10: How to be Self Obsessed
Jan 24, 2024
EP9: How to build your dream life and always be in control
Jan 17, 2024
EP8: Using stoicism to become the most confident version of yourself | stoic mindset shifts to level up your life
Jan 10, 2024
EP7: Mastering self-perception | understanding the influences, effects on your life and how to change it for the better
Jan 03, 2024
EP6: How to date yourself and be happy doing it | the ultimate guide to solo dating and romanticising your life
Dec 27, 2023
EP5: Dilemma Q&A - confidence, friendships, dating & life goals
Dec 20, 2023
EP4: Do you REALLY need to love yourself first? | self love while dating
Dec 13, 2023
EP3: Signs you’re in your masculine energy + how to tap into your divine feminine energy to reclaim your power
Dec 06, 2023
EP 2: How to reframe your mindset and transform your dating experiences
Nov 29, 2023
EP1: My self-love story: An intimate look into my life and how I got to where I am in my growth journey today
Nov 22, 2023
Podcast Trailer
Nov 22, 2023
how to overcome loneliness | causes, myths and REAL solutions
Nov 15, 2023
HOW TO END 2023 SUCCESSFULLY | end of year reset, 2024 goal plan and new habits
Nov 15, 2023
how to deal with HATERS | stop caring about what other people think and become MORE confident
Nov 15, 2023
listen to this for motivation.
Oct 23, 2023
how to deal with your toxic family | understanding signs, regaining power, new mindset + solutions
Oct 14, 2023
how to find your passion | REAL strategies, building the RIGHT mindset and what NOT to do
Oct 13, 2023
answering TMI girl talk questions ur too scared to ask ur friends *juicy* | part 2
Sep 25, 2023
HOW TO CLOSE THE GAP BETWEEN YOUR CURRENT SELF & DESIRED SELF | achieve your dream life in 6 months
Sep 25, 2023
HOW TO MASTER THE ABUNDANCE MINDSET | go from scarcity to creating an abundant life
Sep 08, 2023
how to CONQUER university | uni prep, study tips, friends, boys & mistakes
Sep 02, 2023
how to CONQUER high school | back to school prep: mindset advice, confidence, study tips & glow up
Aug 26, 2023
HOW TO GET OVER A BREAKUP FAST | forget your ex, move on for good and glow up.
Aug 25, 2023
HOW TO BECOME FINANCIALLY FREE IN YOUR 20s | money mindset, passive income & investing for beginners
Aug 25, 2023
listen to this when you feel sad.
Aug 08, 2023
Aug 08, 2023
how to romanticize your life (realistically) | be the main character & improve your daily life
Jul 20, 2023
Jul 09, 2023
how to HEAL from your emotional trauma
Jul 07, 2023
how to MASTER your emotions | emotional intelligence
Jun 15, 2023
How to CONQUER your 20s | habits, mindset, relationship and wealth advice in your 20s
Jun 15, 2023
HOW TO GLOW UP FOR SUMMER | healthy habits, beauty hacks, mindset shifts & success secrets
Jun 15, 2023
how to get out of a rut | regain motivation & get your life back on track
Jun 15, 2023
how to stop being jealous & comparing yourself to others and become obsessed with yourself instead.
Apr 30, 2023
how you can HEAL your attachment style for healthy relationships | anxious & avoidant to SECURE
Apr 22, 2023
how to DATE successfully for women | high value dating standards and how to get princess treatment
Apr 14, 2023
how to journal: tips for beginners, manifesting, self-growth, ideas + EXPOSING my own journal.
Apr 14, 2023
how to deal with TOXIC PEOPLE | 9 signs of a toxic friend and how to cut them out of your life!
Apr 14, 2023
answering your dating dilemmas | love & relationship Q&A
Apr 14, 2023
how to deal with fear of failure
Apr 14, 2023
how to make friends easily | tips for the socially awkward, healthy friendships, how to be likeable
Apr 14, 2023
how to emotionally DETACH | master detachment in dating, manifestation and life
Apr 14, 2023
how to REALLY be a high value woman | high value traits, what to avoid & femininity tips
Apr 14, 2023
how to stop overthinking EVERYTHING | detach yourself and overcome anxiety
Apr 14, 2023
How to Set Boundaries & Stop People Pleasing | Stop Feeling Guilty & Be Respected *with examples*
Mar 11, 2023
how to VALIDATE YOURSELF | stop seeking external validation, grow your self worth and level up!
Mar 07, 2023
Mar 07, 2023
how to *actually* be happy single | detach, love yourself, de-centre men & enjoy being alone
Mar 07, 2023
quick tips: how to become detached
Mar 07, 2023
HOW TO HAVE LUCKY GIRL SYNDROME: REAL tips to be the luckiest girl and attract your DREAM LIFE
Mar 06, 2023
how to build REAL confidence: self-worth tips, magnetic confidence, beat insecurities and glow up!💖
Mar 06, 2023