Rachel Goes Rogue

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Category: Relationships

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You’ve seen the story and read the articles. You may think you know me. But you don’t know anything yet. 


For the first time, I’m ready to tell you the real story. 


I’ve stayed quiet long enough, it’s time to come clean. On my own terms. 


This is MY story. I’m going to tell you what’s true, what’s false and the secrets I’ve been waiting to reveal. 


Yes, I’ve made mistakes. But what you think you know isn’t reality. It’s time to see “REALITY” through a different lens. 


And you might just be surprised by what you learn. 


I’ve stayed quiet for too long, but now…Rachel Goes Rogue.

Episode Date
Chapter 19: Why You Gotta Be So Mean?
Apr 16, 2024
Chapter 18: Going Rogue With Jo Wenberg
Apr 11, 2024
Chapter 17: I Made a Mistake...
Apr 07, 2024
Chapter 16: vPR Machine: What Happened When The Cameras Stopped
Mar 29, 2024
Chapter 15: Forgive and Forget???
Mar 25, 2024
Chapter 14: Rachel's Naming Names
Mar 22, 2024
Chapter 13: Fair Criticism???
Mar 14, 2024
Chapter 12: actuaLISAtion
Mar 11, 2024
Chapter 11: Vanderpump Rules, You're So Vain
Feb 27, 2024
Chapter 10: Talking About Her... And She's Not Even There
Feb 20, 2024
Chapter 9: Rumor Has It
Feb 14, 2024
Chapter 8: Does Tom Know What Love Is?
Feb 10, 2024
Chapter 7: What's REALLY Going On Here
Feb 05, 2024
Chapter 6: Rogue Recap
Feb 01, 2024
Chapter 5: Preparing For The Premiere
Jan 29, 2024
Chapter 4: The Questions Get Tougher
Jan 26, 2024
Chapter 3: Smile Like You Mean It
Jan 23, 2024
Chapter 2: I'm Ready To Respond
Jan 17, 2024
Chapter 1
Jan 08, 2024
Rachel's "Going" Rogue
Dec 18, 2023
Introducing: Rachel Goes Rogue
Nov 30, 2023