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Category: Society & Culture

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Every Monday and Friday, hosts Nate Hopkins and Adam Lantelme and their fascinating guests will be delving into the heart of what it means to be secure, healthy, wealthy, happy and free in a n uncertain world. We want you to feel confident in your ability to face life’s challenges head-on – whether growing a business, being a great parent, improving your health, bolstering your safety, or living a life of freedom and liberty.

Episode Date
#33: The War Over the 2nd Amendment
Jun 24, 2024
#32: The Impact of Trump on America's Power Structures
Jun 21, 2024
#31: Motivated by Layoffs: Building a Stable Future with Ryan Healy
Jun 17, 2024
#30: Taking the Plunge: Navigating Risks and Rewards in Life and Business
Jun 13, 2024
#29: Beyond the Blame Game: Ditching The Victim Card
Jun 07, 2024
#28: Overcoming Adversity: From Law Enforcement to Entrepreneurial Success
Jun 05, 2024
#27: From Setbacks to Success: The Wild Ride of an Unconventional Entrepreneur
May 31, 2024
#26: Everyday Carry Essentials: Mastering Concealed Carry and Holster Training
May 24, 2024
#25: Boosting Energy and Focus: Strategies for Resisting the Grind
May 17, 2024
#24: Sam Womack's Journey with Hyperbaric Healing
May 13, 2024
#23: Gratitude, Grit and Overcoming Life's Challenges
May 10, 2024
#22: From Obstacle to Opportunity: Maximize Earnings with Tyler Bossetti
May 06, 2024
#21: Hustle vs. Heart: Real Talk on Finding Success On Your Terms
May 03, 2024
#20: From Challenges to Champion: Brian Goldstein's Journey of Resilience and Impact
May 01, 2024
#19: Discipline and Freedom in Modern Life: Navigating Life's Challenges with Purpose
Apr 26, 2024
#18: Beyond Business Cards: How to Network Your Way to the Top with Bruce Cardenas
Apr 23, 2024
#17: From Darkness to Light: Finding Hope and Purpose in Challenging Times
Apr 19, 2024
#16: Paths of Valor: From Military Service to Entrepreneurial Success Bruce Cardenas
Apr 15, 2024
#15: The Mysteries of Existence: Quantum Entanglement, Manifestation, and Beyond
Apr 12, 2024
#14: The Power of Faith and Family: A Deep Dive with Ed O'Keefe
Apr 08, 2024
#13: Entrepreneurship, Identity, and Making a Difference
Apr 05, 2024
#12: Blending Business, Fitness, and Family: A Real Talk with Paul Lyngso
Apr 01, 2024
#11: Embracing Strength and Vulnerability with Paul Lyngso
Mar 29, 2024
#10: Conquering Fear: A Journey of Faith, Strength, and Purpose
Mar 26, 2024
#9: Leading with Responsibility: How to Restore Trust in Government
Mar 22, 2024
#8: From SEAL Training to Unschooling Advocacy with Chad Metcalf
Mar 18, 2024
#7: Love, Status, and Truth: Navigating Life's Ethical Decisions
Mar 16, 2024
#6: Shedding Light on Dark Realities: Human Trafficking, Exploitation, and Technology with Matt Murphy
Mar 11, 2024
#5: Mike Dillard's Journey from Near-Death to Triumph
Mar 08, 2024
#4: The Future Of America & The World with Jeff Ballabon
Mar 07, 2024
#3: From Field to Fortune: Empowering Athletes Beyond the Game
Mar 04, 2024
#2: Loving the Process: A Journey of Growth, Connection, and Insights
Mar 01, 2024
#1: Basketball, Battlefields, and Breakthroughs with Ed Rush
Feb 27, 2024
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Feb 26, 2024