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 Jul 13, 2021
Levin is great, but some of these shows are nothing more than extended commercials for his latest book.

 Mar 22, 2021
Excellent, I've learned a lot from Mark Levin about what's actually happening politically.

 Sep 25, 2020

 May 1, 2020

 Jan 11, 2020
I've learned more from Mark then anybody, while laughing every show, true Levinite "That's Right I Said It "


Mark Levin is one of the hottest talk radio hosts in America. A prominent conservative commentator, best-selling author and constitutional scholar, Mark offers fresh takes on daily news headlines and dissects important events of the day. Heard weeknights on nearly 400 radio stations, Levin is loved in every corner of America. He cuts through the noise with his passion and intellect, often saying things others won’t. Or as Mark himself would declare: “That’s right. I said it!”

Episode Date
Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 7/27/21
On Monday's Mark Levin Show, the January 6th committee is loaded up with Democrats and RINO’s who led an impeachment against Donald Trump. Why didn’t the Capitol police officers who let the rioters into the Capitol building testify? Nancy Pelosi is cherry-picking which officers testify or which do not. At no time did she hold a single hearing on the insurrection that happened occurred on federal courts in cities across the country. Instead, she called law enforcement officers "storm-troopers." Then, the media makes the case that it's solely Trump supporters that aren't getting vaccinated, but recent immigrants to the US are also very hesitant to the vaccine. Was it because they listened to President Biden and VP Harris bashing the vaccine in 2020? How many illegal border crossers were vaccinated? How many were tested upon entry? Democrats don't care about minorities, they just care about getting more political power. People from all over the world are coming through the southern border, not just Hispanics, and Democrats turn a blind eye to all of them. Later, school equity programs and critical theory are founded in the Marxist notion of egalitarianism. Curiously, the name Marx or the word Marxism isn't found anywhere in its definition. Yet this corrupt ideology is slipping into every facet of American culture and it's up to American citizens to change that. Afterward, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis joins the show to explain that the CDC doesn’t care about people coming over the southern border with COVID but US citizens have endless restrictions.
Jul 28, 2021
Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 7/26/21
On Monday's Mark Levin Show, tribute is paid to the life and legacy of comedic legend Jackie Mason. Mason was a patriot, a well-read constitutionalist, and a friend of this program. Then, it's circumstances that cause people to be passionate about causes. Whether it's liberty or the Olympics people take a principled stand on the issues that matter most to them. This is why red-blooded Americans are upset with the Democrats' failure at the border. Their uncertainty on whether the science says mask-mandates must be renewed or not. Whether the million people coming across the border are being vaccinated upon arrival or not- what is America to do? Later, Donald Trump gave a speech this weekend mentioning how disenchanted Americans have become with woke athletes in the Olympics and in particular the US women's soccer team. Trump shredded President Biden and reminded America that we must win the culture wars that it's faced with. The radical left attacks everything, including our words. To communists, language is an army of tools to resolve conflicts over their Marxist policies, hence why they incessantly hijack our language. Afterward, Sen. Chuck Schumer says that Trump is a despicable human being. He joins the ranks of Reps. Liz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger and nobody's falling for it. People see that so many areas of society are crumbling. All one needs to do is look at big cities with Democrat control to forecast what Democrats offer, crime, and massive government spending.
Jul 27, 2021
Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 7/23/21
On Friday’s Mark Levin Show, the left has eviscerated the local police under the canard of systemically racist policing and we now see the consequences of their poor choices. In Democrat-run cities they are now prisoners of their own systemic marxism. It's the Democrat Party that is systemically racist, and it has been since its inception but this isn’t reported in the news or taught in classrooms. The New York Times, and the media overall, have embraced every single Marxist movement in America, are destroying the 1st Amendment. It is the media that has given voice to mass-murderers like Stalin and Castro. Then, the abolish-ICE Democrats scored a win with a $4 billion cut to ICE's budget. This will flood communities with low-skilled labor which will only hurt the most economically vulnerable. This attack on the police and law enforcement has sparked a surge in violent crime across the country. Citizens must overwhelm the system by civilly suing ANTIFA, BLM, and even police officers suing the criminals if their agencies abdicate that responsibility. Later, the DOJ has refused to investigate the New York, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey nursing home scandals. Thousands of deaths will not be investigated here, but the DOJ is all hands on deck in their investigation of the January 6th riots.
Jul 24, 2021
Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 7/22/21
On Thursday's Mark Levin Show, America is back to the mask debate, mainly because public health bureaucrats enjoy flip-flopping on issues as much as they love the publicity. Now, President Biden says children need to wear masks in school and that people can't get the virus if they're vaccinated - which is inaccurate. Biden went on to say that more spending will reduce inflation. Biden is an extraordinarily stupid man that shouldn't be anywhere near the nuclear button. Then, crime in urban (Democrat-run) cities should be labeled a pandemic yet the Democrats in charge ignore the issue. This is why the American Marxist must be stopped. If Thomas Paine could reach 10% of Americans with a short pamphlet back in the early days of America, we can surely use that same strategy to reach our like-minded neighbors to become activists too. Later, was the FBI involved in the alleged kidnapping plot of Gov. Gretchen Whitmer? BuzzFeed is reporting that the FBI had an integral part from the inception of the plot itself. Setting up meetings and paying to facilitate meetings and activity leading to the culmination of the FBI's case. The Bill of rights and civil liberties of these defendants may have been egregiously violated. Afterward, Sen. Ron Johnson calls in to discuss big tech censorship and becoming engaged at every level to fight back against the Democrat Party.
Jul 23, 2021
Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 7/21/21
On Wednesday's Mark Levin Show, Nancy Pelosi rejected two Republican members of the House from serving on her January 6th inquisition (committee). Will Pelosi testify publicly and under oath so we can find out what she knew and when she knew it? House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy calls in and recounts how he told Pelosi that Republicans will not participate in her sham committee if she won't allow him to decide which Republicans will participate. She continues using proxy voting despite Republicans actually showing up to work. Members that reject America like Rep. Ilhan Omar and others are fueling the movement to re-elect Republicans in the House and Senate. Then, the teachers union pushes racial theories, while the non-existent media has become a cadre of self-aggrandizing propagandists that hold up the Jew-hating, lie-peddling and have the New York Times as their gold standard. The Democrat Party is the Party of slavery and Jm Crow and will do anything for power. They use the instrumentalities of government to steal money, destroy capitalism and free speech, corrupt our judiciary, and relentlessly perpetuate racism. But, their false claims of White supremacy will backfire and We The People will rise up and lawfully reclaim our nation from American Marxism. Afterward, Legal Scholar Randy Barnett calls in to explain that "court-packing" or changing the number of justices to change how the court rules is a violation of the necessary and proper rule. Barnett feels that the Presidential Commission on the Supreme Court will explore the idea of court-packing and how unprecedented this particular situation is. Finally, Pastor John Hagee calls in to discuss his new book, Absolute Power: Unlock Potential. Fulfill Your Destiny. Americans need a new dawn of hope regarding their own success. God's absolute power transforms personal problems and the fake news that clouds any individual's future. the past can't control your future.
Jul 22, 2021
Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 7/20/21
On Tuesday's Mark Levin Show, Democrats never give up, they will use anything including criminal law to crush their opponents. For example, it’s important for us to pushback against Ben and Jerry’s. The founders are being hailed as game-changers for the pro-Palestine BDS movement against Israel. We need to launch our own BDS movement against the left. Then, former Trump inaugural committee member, Tom Barrack, is arrested for alleged process crimes related to lobbying but it seems that his biggest crime was being a friend of Donald Trump's. While the media has already found him guilty, in reality, Barrack never got any official position in the Trump Administration to even commit the violations he's accused of. Later, Marxist thinking has been cloaked in environmentalism and income inequality aimed at destroying capitalism and the marriage of several of these areas like "environmental racism." Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is doubling down accusing Republicans of banning anti-racist training. Afterward, Sen. Rand Paul and Dr. Anthony traded barbs on the origins of the coronavirus, and point-blank asked him to retract his statement under penalty of perjuring himself before Congress. Fauci's semantics don't clear him from the truth revealed in the grant for the gain-of-function research.  Finally, Congressional Candidate Eli Crane (AZ-1) calls in to discuss the launch of his campaign.
Jul 21, 2021
Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 7/19/21
On Monday's Mark Levin Show, will the media bring back the on-screen charts recording deaths from the Delta variant? Will President Biden be charged with killing people because people died while he was president the same way they maligned President Trump? Will Biden use vaccines and mask-wearing to attack the civil liberties of American citizens? Biden is already a failed president and is looking to cast blame in every direction but his own. Then, 1619 project founder, Nikole Hannah-Jones is privileged and spreads lies, poison, and hate. As recently as 2019, she suggested that Cuba is the democracy with the most equality because it has the most equal amount of Black and White people and that's precisely why socialism works there. Later, for years the estimated population of illegal immigrants has been 11-12 million despite the stampedes of caravans poring in at the porous southern border. Will the media update their estimate? Having an open border will change the electorate and the citizenry. Afterward, CNN is dying because it has no significant ratings but its parent company will continue pumping money into it to continue their propaganda. It's a tool for the American Marxists in the media.
Jul 20, 2021
Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 7/16/21
On Friday’s Mark Levin Show, President Biden chose to run for president but would never release his medications list. Despite his many cognitive failures the media continues covering for his obvious decline. Using the guise of a COVID health emergency Biden's senior staff has no problem telling Facebook what social media posts they want to be censored. The fact is there isn't a single case of death related to anyone's Facebook post about the coronavirus. Now, Jen Psaki says if an individual is banned from one social media platform they should be banned from all. What's next, banning talk radio hosts or conservative commentary on cable news? Will dissent or disagreement be labeled as misinformation that kills people too? Then, Karl Marx was viewed as a prolific writer and fancied himself a journalist for the New York Tribune, this is why the Marxists in the media are a disaster and are indeed the enemy of the people. The American media have become special pleaders for the Americanized Marxist movement in various areas of our once open and free society. The silencing of opposition (repression) is their main tactic as they claim ideological purity. Later, Michelle Lette, a member of the Fairfax, VA Parent Teacher Association, called for the critics of critical race theory to be allowed to die. Even some parent groups have been compromised by the teacher unions. Afterward, Candidate for Governor of California, Larry elder, joins the show to discuss his run for Governor of California.
Jul 17, 2021
Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 7/15/21
On Thursday's Mark Levin Show, what senior Biden White House officials said was a game-changer for Donald Trump's Big Tech lawsuit. The best witness for his lawsuit is Jen Psaki who admitted today that the federal government is telling Facebook and other social media platforms which posts to censor on social media. The Big Tech companies can no longer say that they are independent when they are doing the work of the government. The first amendment does not speak of misinformation, it speaks of free speech. This assault on free speech by individuals wrapped in pseudo-righteousness will kill the competition of ideas including those of scientists. Then, "Patriotic Commerce" is the way to address the woke radicalization of corporations. For that, we look to a thought from Ayn Rand, which is expanded upon in "American Marxism." Indeed President Biden has hired numerous corporatists from social media oligopolies to further blur the lines and increase the virtue-signaling as they enrich themselves and China. Later, social movement theory, collective identity, and other collectivist ideas diminish the individual, and the Marxist needs censorship in order to promote this ideology. Teaching students to be combat-ready activists is done by teaching oppositional protest theory. All of which is rooted in disdain for America and its founding.
Jul 16, 2021
Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 7/14/21
On Wednesday's Mark Levin Show, President Biden has abused and bastardized immigration laws that allow for migrants to apply for refugee status for simply facing poverty or crime. Yet, Cubans fleeing the tyranny of communism have been told to not even attempt swimming to the US to seek refuge. Then, the American Marxists are silent or supportive of what's going on. What stands between the people and tyranny is the civil society. Biden has invited the most corrupt racist organization in the world, the United Nations, to investigate race relations in the United States. Parents must borrow a page from the left's BDS movement and apply it to their children's school to direct and guide what and how they learn. Keep in mind that the founders of critical race theory came from Ivy League colleges. Later, Democrat legislators in Texas fled to DC to meet up with DC Democrat leaders. The reason is for their exodus and abdication of duty was an unwillingness to vote on a bill that would strengthen the integrity of elections by increasing poll watchers and checking voter ID. The group then held a press conference on Capitol Hill and broke out into song singing the old civil rights hymn "We Shall Overcome." Afterward, Senate candidate, Josh Mandel, calls in to discuss his campaign for the US Senate in Ohio.
Jul 15, 2021
Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 7/13/21
On Tuesday’s Mark Levin Show, President Biden and the Democrats are doing everything possible to take control of voting and block Republican efforts to strengthen voter integrity. Democrats have proposed legislation that would turn America into one dark blue state where they would never lose power because that is the only thing that matters to them. Biden gave a Castro-like speech today in Philadelphia pushing a false narrative about standing up to the greatest threat to our Democracy, calling for no voter ID and no signature verification. Democrats want to ram through their voting agenda with a 50-50 senate a four-seat majority in the House of Representatives. The chaos at the border is all part of the plan, as they push to remove citizenship as a requirement to vote. They want to destroy our voting system and neutralize our vote by putting the Democrat party first and the country last. Also, we can no longer allow the government to control our schools. Community committees, parents groups, and activists must take a stand against their local school boards and the corruption of public education. Students should be taught civics and history as written by real historians, not 1619 project propaganda. Later, a new report came out that shows the U.S. Navy is not prepared for fighting a war but are well trained in diversity. This is what is happening to our military while the Chinese are building a naval fleet second to none. Finally, Marco Rubio calls in to discuss the ongoing crisis in Cuba. 100 activists are missing, people are being brutalized and murdered, and now some have had their internet connection cut to stop the spread of their uprising against their fascist government, all in the name of Marxism.
Jul 14, 2021
Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 7/12/21
On Monday's Mark Levin show, Liberty gives people the liberty to destroy liberty and equality is still equality even when you're living in hell. The Cuban citizens are protesting their government's destruction of civil society. After six decades of a communist dictatorship, food rationing, and now limited medicine, Cubans have taken to the streets with their shouts for liberty. The Cuban government has shut down the internet to prevent the people from speaking out. The Biden administration blames Cuba's fiscal mismanagement and the pandemic as the catalyst for this crisis instead of calling it the consequences of communism. Then, "American Marxism" is the most important book Mark's ever written. Sadly, Marxism has become one of the most accepted ideologies on college campuses because it splintered off into several other movements promoted in classrooms by the teachers' unions. Theories like collective identity, social movement, oppositional protest, and combat-ready protest are widely taught on college campuses to galvanize mobs of brain-washed anti-American, Marxist sympathizers. Groups like BLM can no longer argue for a color-blind society because of the Farakkhan-esque separatism and Marxist agenda that is being taught in the name of equity. Later, former President Trump's class-action lawsuit against the big tech companies is solid and well written. While these tech firms are private they act on behalf of the Democrat Party and effectively engage in campaigning. Censoring the oldest newspaper in America and treating a sitting President as if he didn't exist toward the end of his term was only the beginning. The Democrats will hold onto all of the section 230 protections to shield their corporatist donors in Silicon Valley.
Jul 13, 2021
Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 7/9/21
On Friday’s Mark Levin Show, Nancy Pelosi enlisted Democrats and Liz Cheney to form a committee to investigate facts around the so-called insurrection of January 6th. They will not investigate what Nancy Pelosi and Mitch McConnell knew and when they knew it and what the FBI knew and when they knew it and why they didn't inform the White House of the intel they had ahead of January 6th. Former Dept. of Defense Chief of Staff, Kash Patel, asks why DC Mayor Bowser rejected thousands of troops when Trump offered them. Meanwhile, to investigate threats to members of Congress the Capitol Police is opening field offices in Florida and California. Interestingly, this is the only police force in America that is getting more funding, not being defunded. This federal police force is allowed to keep its qualified immunity. Congress now has a national police force that no one has voted on. Later, some critics will say that being a patriotic activist is violent, but this program has never called for violence - we condemn it! Yet, the left never repudiated the violent riots of 2020, the arson on federal buildings, and criminality plaguing Democrat-run cities. Not a single Constitutional conservative has supported the January 6th riots or any other form of violence, unlike the Marxists. Then, there is no guarantee that we can save America even if we're all united but we won't know until we try. The Democrats despise a free America and it's our job to expose the American Marxists. Just like in the days of the American Revolution there's a third of the country that wants to restore freedom, a third that wants to change it, and a third that just doesn't care. Americans must use politics to achieve their goal. Afterward, Democrats continue to spread the lie that Republicans are suppressing the votes of minorities. They spread the lie that they want all to vote but it's really all about a quest for power. 
Jul 10, 2021
Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 7/8/21
On Thursday’s Mark Levin show, the manner is which President Biden is leaving Afghanistan is a disgrace. We have Afghan interpreters who have helped us and the Biden administration won’t do everything they can to get them out. We can’t win wars if we treat our allies this way. Anyone who crosses the U.S/Mexico border is welcomed but those who are allied with us have to beg to get out of Afghanistan. Later, Rudy Giuliani's license was suspended for defending his client, Donald Trump. Despite all of the corrupt lawyers out there they chose Rudy Giuliani for his affiliation and allegiance to Trump. Then, John Heubusch, Executive Director of the Reagan Foundation, joins the show to announce the only in-person book signing for Mark's new book (to date) to be held at the Reagan Library. The left will try to discredit this movement by attacking this book, this program, and the facts. But, we must all be modern-day Thomas Paine's and get this message out to the masses. Afterward, Democrats across America have no idea what to do to fix the crime problem that they created in big cities across the country. The spike in crime is the result of leftwing judges, prosecutors, and mayors - appointed and elected - that have released criminals from prisons and refused to prosecute crimes in their communities. These policies harm communities of color more than any other community. It's not the police that are harming these communities it's the criminal elements within these communities acting with impunity because of these Democrat policies. Its always been illegal to kill and steal; Democrats have to realize that more laws won't stop people from committing crimes, more cops will.
Jul 09, 2021
Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 7/7/21
On Wednesday’s Mark Levin Show, Sha'Carri Richardson is a tremendous asset to the US Olympic Team and was charged with using marijuana, which is legal in many parts, and it's not even a performance-enhancing drug. She was honest and forthcoming yet she won’t be representing America in the Olympics. She was definitely poised to secure a gold medal, perhaps two. Richardson never turned her back on her country, unlike so many others. Yet our politicians will allow the borders to remain open and organizations like Black Lives Matter to destroy with impunity. Then, Donald Trump announced a federal class-action lawsuit against several tech giants to order an immediate halt to tech companies' shameful censorship of the American people. Trump's America First Policy Institute is seeking injunctive relief to restore free speech online. Later, the Democrat Party has become a largely Marxist operation using public education to promote racist propaganda. The NEA and the AFT teacher unions compete over members but they are one and the same - neither wants their members to compete on merit. Our children's education is jeopardized and it's entirely funded by the taxpayers through confiscatory taxes. Afterward, Jesse Watters calls in to discuss his new book, How I Saved The World.
Jul 08, 2021
Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 7/6/21
On Tuesday's Mark Levin Show, what do most people know about the National Education Association (NEA)? What do they know about teacher contracts? What do they know about how tenure is earned? We the People must inform ourselves so we can address things culturally, governmentally, and otherwise. How can American citizens expect the school board to do the right thing if the citizenry is not directly involved? Aristotle said that politics and culture are simultaneous and America needs to be active on both fronts. The Democrat Party exploits fissures in society and creates them where they might not exist. American Marxists use the ideological enterprise of the media as a mob, race, ancestry, gender, climate, economics, and anything else they can to Americanize Marxism. Then, Louis Farrakhan hates white people and America, and critical race theory is an attempt to write scholarship around his ideology. This is just a mechanism to spread their ideology to all aspects of society. Later, Olympian Gwen Berry is under fire again for racist tweets that were unearthed from her past. Berry maintains that the National Anthem doesn't represent her. Afterward, Jen Psaki says the wealthy should pay more in taxes to fund what the Democrats call infrastructure. Psaki and the White House don't realize that entrepreneurs don't all use the same loopholes that Biden did to pay fewer taxes including payroll taxes which Biden skirted on his book and tour. 
Jul 07, 2021
Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 7/5/21
On Monday’s Mark Levin Show, we bring you the best of Mark Levin. It’s all hands on deck for the politicians and first responders to help at Surfside, Florida. Yet, for the inhumane leftwing activists at the Washington Post, it's an opportunity to attack Governor Ron DeSantis with the hope that they can tie this to him somehow. Then, Olympian Gwen Berry was prepared with her "Activist Athlete" t-shirt this weekend to take a stand against the very country she was competing for. President Biden contributes to this destructive ideology with his hateful rhetoric which is echoed by Jen Psaki. Those who hate America will always focus on how to cast America in a negative light. Later, political indoctrination like Lat-Crit or critical Latino theory developed by white liberals suggests that white Protestant colonialists are the illegal aliens, not the indigenous people and Hispanics that originally that have inhabited the land. Moreover, critical gender theory professes that binary sexes have been replaced by 58 different gender types. This ideological oligopoly is supported by the media, academia, and big tech and will destroy history in the process. Then, do propagandists dressed up as tenured professors care about humanity and the crime wave that is sweeping the nation? The democrat party has unleashed an inhumane crime wave. The Marxist left displays a strikingly high degree of inhumanity primarily from cities run by Democrats with largely minority populations suffering at the hands of other minorities from the Democrat Party.  Finally, the climate change movement is just another of the Marxist Democrat's ways of controlling us and taking away our rights. This is an ideology that is dressed up in polar bears and melting ice caps in order to hide the iron fist. It is a grave threat to our existence, and the Biden administration has embraced a vast part of it.
Jul 06, 2021
Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 7/2/21
On Friday’s Mark Levin Show, Jefferson's final letter penned opposition to slavery while promoting the ideas of equality and unalienable rights. Even then, in the midst of the Revolutionary War, it was clear that the colonies had to choose between independence or subjugation, and chose to fight against the most powerful military on Earth at the time. Also, Eric Trump joins the show to discuss the bogus case that the New York City District Attorney and State Attorney General have brought against the CFO of the Trump Organization. The biggest offense that Mr. Weiselberg committed was having a corporate card and a company car. This is an abuse of power in keeping with their declaration to impeach Trump in the Washington Post, published just 19 minutes after Trump's inauguration. Eric added that his father is very strongly considering a 2024 run for the White House, hence the unending attacks against all things Trump. Later, the left continues to implement ideas that cause rot in the fabric of America's future as children are indoctrinated. Critical gender theory goes unchecked at many levels as children are taught about new gender identities.
Jul 03, 2021
Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 7/1/21
On Thursday's Mark Levin Show, the Manhattan District Attorney's office has been investigating Allen Weisselberg's private finances in an effort to cast an aura of guilt by association for his work in the Trump Organization and use of corporate apartments and company cars. This type of investigation is typically a civil matter but they are desperate to make it a criminal matter and put as many Trump associates in handcuffs as possible. Interestingly in the 2008 financial collapse, the Manhattan D.A.'s Office declined to prosecute many serious cases. New York State Attorney General Letitia James has sued Trump more than 70 times to try and make sure she kept her campaign promise to bring down Trump - this is the very essence of a political prosecution. After five years and millions of subpoenaed documents, this attack on corporate perks is the most egregious violation they could muster up. Then, Miranda Devine from the New York Post calls in to discuss how the media magnates are intertwined with the cover being provided to Hunter Biden. Devine explains how Hunter used his VP father's perks to pursue a deal with Mexican Billionaire Carlos Slim. Later, Arizona's State Attorney General, Mark Brnovich, joins the show to explain Arizona's win in the US Supreme Court regarding the States' laws on ballot harvesting. The Democrats challenged that voting outside of one's assigned precinct was discriminatory, however, the Court found that voting in your precinct was reasonable and did not impede one's right to vote.
Jul 02, 2021
Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 6/30/21
On Wednesday's Mark Levin Show, CNN lost half of its viewers in one year in its struggle to maintain cable television viewership in key demographic areas. Why would anyone watch a political operation like CNN or MSNBC? Then, former President Donald Trump joined Governor Greg Abbott at the Texas-Mexico Border, the same border that Kamala Harris wouldn't even get close to. Afterward, Kamala Harris never praises America but attacks it relentlessly as if it were an abstraction instead of our nation. Biden pushes an ideological agenda that destroys education, residential zoning, public safety, and how one identifies based on their biological genitalia. From the attack on capitalism to the redefinition of race radical Democrats are "re-imagining" everything they can get their hands on. Later, New York City's Democratic primary election has been corrupted and the results were removed by the board of elections due to a discrepancy of 135,000 duplicate rank choice votes. Is the traditional media now promoting conspiracy theories?
Jul 01, 2021
Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 6/29/21
On Tuesday's Mark Levin Show, do propagandists dressed up as tenured professors care about humanity and the crime wave that is sweeping the nation? The democrat party has unleashed an inhumane crime wave. The Marxist left displays a strikingly high degree of inhumanity primarily from cities run by Democrats with largely minority populations suffering at the hands of other minorities from the Democrat Party. These policies are especially hard on African Americans and despite the media lies hundreds of innocent Black people have been slaughtered by other Blacks and phony scholars like Ibram X. Kendi make millions on their lies and propaganda about oppression, and all of this is done with protection from the left within the media. Yet somehow, they still want to "re-imagine” their local police forces to gut them from within so these communities will suffer even more with less police protection. Then, school choice is ignored because the same Democrats that claim to care for communities of color actually prevent the educational advancement of the very same communities because of their own relentless pursuit for political power. The Democrat Party is incapable of doing what is right and putting an end to this crime wave. Later, Americans need to non-violently, peacefully rise up as activists to take back the nation. The media has effectively become a modern-day bullhorn for the leftist mob. Punks on the left are destroying the Democrat Party on their way to destroying the nation. 
Jun 30, 2021
Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 6/28/21
On Monday's Mark Levin Show, 10 victims have tragically died and 150 are still missing in the Surfside, FL building collapse. As for the politicians and first responders, it's all hands on deck to help. For the inhumane leftwing activists at the Washington Post, it's an opportunity to attack Governor Ron DeSantis with the hope that they can tie this to him somehow. Then, Olympian Gwen Berry was prepared with her "Activist Athlete" t-shirt this weekend to take a stand against the very country she was competing for. President Biden contributes to this destructive ideology with his hateful rhetoric which is echoed by Jen Psaki. Those who hate America will always focus on how to cast America in a negative light. Later, political indoctrination like Lat-Crit or critical Latino theory developed by white liberals suggests that white Protestant colonialists are the illegal aliens, not the indigenous people and Hispanics that originally that have inhabited the land. Moreover, critical gender theory professes that binary sexes have been replaced by 58 different gender types. This ideological oligopoly is supported by the media, academia, and big tech and will destroy history in the process. Afterward, Biden and Psaki are blaming Republicans for rising crime saying that they voted against bailouts for blue cities with failed budgets. The same cities that defunded the police and misused the state and local tax dollars they controlled. Local policing is not a federal issue. Democrats and their policies have destroyed these crime-ridden cities and their local police departments. 
Jun 29, 2021
Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 6/25/21
On Friday’s Mark Levin Show, the Biden regime has turned the Department of Justice into an appendage of the Democrat party. They are going to sue the Georgia legislature for their existing voter laws. AG Merrick Garland is doing the dirty work of President Biden and he is the furthest thing from a moderate. It’s time for Republican Attorney Generals to stand up to Garland and the Biden Administration. It’s clear that these agencies have been politicized and cannot be trusted. Also, Jalen Rose is an EPSN commentator and might be a bigot, saying that having white player Kevin Love on the Olympic team is tokenism and that the USA should have sent an all-black team to the Olympics. If the races were reversed, this wouldn’t be tolerated for one minute, but racism only cuts one way apparently in this country. Later, Kamala Harris finally went to the border, but she went to the wrong border town. She went to El Paso, not McAllen, where the actual border crisis is happening. Kamala didn’t go to the border to see what’s going on or do anything; she just went to be able to say she went. Then, the climate change movement is just another of the Marxist Democrat's ways of controlling us and taking away our rights. This is an ideology that is dressed up in polar bears and melting ice caps in order to hide the iron fist. It is a grave threat to our existence, and the Biden administration has embraced a vast part of it.
Jun 26, 2021
Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 6/24/21
On Thursday's Mark Levin Show, Police and first responders are on the scene of a building implosion in South Florida. They ran into the building not knowing if more will collapse. This is why you don’t defund any first responders. Passersby are rescuing children from the rubble because that's what red-blooded Americans do. Another act of heroism involved a young man in Chicago taking a bullet for a young lady, not that it matters but none of these individuals were White. Then, an article in the Daily Caller made way for multiple hit pieces by Media Matters including two misrepresenting a statement made on this program. Comments that merely explained the 3/5 compromise of the United States Constitution were falsely made to look like a defense of the reprehensible. Later, Bernie Sanders and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s Green New Deal is a war on capitalism. The country doesn't need a conservative climate caucus, perhaps they should launch a free market caucus. The war on capitalism predates critical race theory and all of the schemes which exist to destroy the free market. Afterward, Rudy Giuliani is being targeted by judges in New York and they have temporarily suspended his law license. This action eliminates any protections that former President Trump had including representation, attorney-client privilege, and their work product. Judges seem to be selective about where they decide to enforce laws. Interestingly Democrat attorneys like Stacey Abrams and Benjamin Crump have not been suspended. Finally, former Ambassador David Friedman joins the show to discuss his upcoming book and the focal point of violent extremism in the middle east, and how the Abraham Accords alleviated that threat.
Jun 25, 2021
Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 6/23/21
On Wednesday's Mark Levin Show, anyone listening to this program for the last 3 months knows that a movement of the silent majority is afoot, a new tea party movement. A movement that requires hard work and commitment. When a County Sherriff’s deputies arrest a parent for peacefully speaking out against racism in their public school curriculum, it is a disgrace. America has witnessed BLM and ANTIFA burn and loot, but here a concerned citizen is nearly tackled and arrested. The left cannot continue to abuse red-blooded American patriots of all races. They will exercise their rights to free speech. Parents must be careful of hucksters that will stand on their shoulders to raise funds. Afterward, law professor Kimberle Crenshaw, a so-called pioneer of critical race theory and intersectionality, refused to answer whether or not critical race theory is Marxism. Later, John Lott, President of the Crime Prevention Research Center, calls in to explain how the anti-gun lobby now wants to go after the gun dealers and manufacturers for shooting liability. Yet there is no accountability for George Soros and the likes of similar activist donors electing passive district attorneys that are soft on crime and hard on gun owners and dealers. 
Jun 24, 2021
Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 6/22/21
On Tuesday’s Mark Levin Show, rather than get rid of the filibuster, we should get rid of the democrat party. It’s the democrat party that fought for slavery and abused the filibuster in the name of slavery and Jim Crow, and yet the Democrat party stands despite its support of racism. If HR-1 had been in the original Constitution, we wouldn’t have had a Constitution. Limits were intentionally placed out of grave concern that the federal government would take over the election process because the centralization of the voting process would lead to tyranny. The Bill of Rights, the thing meant to protect us from government, is constantly under attack from democrats and the media. Also, parents across the country are speaking out against Critical Race Theory. We are going to have to lead the movement against racism being taught in our schools. School districts are spending our tax dollars to train professionals to spread CRT. The American Marxists don’t understand that we won’t bow down to them because we are proud of our history, which is something most countries can’t say. Later, President Biden and the democrats don’t have the answers for gun violence in inner cities, because they’ve been running them for decades. They are too busy attacking police and law-abiding citizens, and will never talk about black-on-black crime despite it being a horrific fact. The evil is in the person using the gun, but democrats will always attack the gun and the manufacturer.
Jun 23, 2021
Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 6/21/21
On Monday's Mark Levin Show, most Sunday shows are propaganda operations, including Chuck Todd, a former Democrat operative, and George Stephanopoulos, a former communications person for President Bill Clinton. Todd makes it his business to anticipate the counterpoints that don't go along with the Democrats' agenda and he never pushes back against radical Marxists. Todd never invites dissidents like Professor John McWhorter, who calls tactics like Todd's, a debate team stunt. Then, critical race theory is a bigoted racial ideology that is like Farrakhan dressed as learning. Meanwhile, Sheldon Whitehouse is pressed by a reporter for his membership in an all-White beach club. The Washington Post is reporting on activists who encourage Whites to have "White accountability groups" and feel a deep sense of shame for being White. Later, the media ensures that one cannot even ask questions of whether the Constitution is being followed in the hundreds of cases of the January 6th rioters who are still being held in solitary confinement. This same incurious media hasn't even peeked into whether their civil rights are being honored. Afterward, House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy joins the show to highlight what the forefathers fought for, what the young man stood up for in Tiananmen Square, and what Americans are voting for in 2022. Finally, Sen. Mike Lee calls in to discuss how S 1 won't make it easier to vote, but rather would make it easier to vote illegally.
Jun 22, 2021
Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 6/18/21
On Friday's Mark Levin Show, massive spending by Republicans and Democrats from the Obama era and now will come home to roost. The Federal Reserve has indicated that interest rates may have to go up because there's too much of the cash, they printed, circulating. Combine that with expanded welfare called pandemic unemployment insurance and you've got a recipe for inflation. The federal government is crushing individualism through its massive apparatus and power. Economic Marxism will destroy the currency and the livelihoods of middle-class income earners. The only way to control this monster, once it is unleashed, is through even harder economic measures until their benefit is realized. If such austerity measures are not taken, an economic depression will be afoot. Democrats are vying for total permanent control and sadly they don't care what gets in the way of their thirst for power. Then, what are Democrats doing to make amends for Juneteenth? Biden didn't even know what Juneteenth was last year and Obama failed to make it a federal holiday. Later, the Democrats' latest scheme is to raid the Medicare Trust Fund for $716 Billion to "save" Obamacare. If any US citizen would make a Ponzi scheme maneuver like this on their taxes, they'd be in prison.
Jun 19, 2021
Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 6/17/21
On Thursday's Mark Levin Show, the Supreme ruled on the Obamacare tax case and effectively upheld it despite Justice Alito's brilliant dissent. Justices Coney Barrett, Kavanaugh, and Thomas voted on the wrong side of this issue. Then, a US Navy Admiral is insisting that all sailors read Professor Ibrahim X. Kendi's book which contends that capitalism is effectively racist. Military leaders that uphold these destructive teachings should be booted from the US military. Should we expect more divergent views, like racial supremacy, in the future? Later, the Court now says that the State of Texas cannot build its own border wall because it has no jurisdiction over federal issues like immigration. However, the Kelo decision written by Justice Sandra Day O'Connor allows states to use the 'takings clause' to obtain property for public purposes including the protection of a state's sovereignty. Afterward, President Trump's Advisor Stephen Miller calls in to explain that AG Merrick Garland is taking a series of steps to change the US immigration system through courts run by the US Department of Justice. Garland recently overruled two Trump policies on asylum, making anyone across the globe suffering from crime or gang violence eligible for asylum in the US.
Jun 18, 2021
Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 6/16/21
On Wednesday's Mark Levin Show, the media is upset about a vote to award the congressional gold medal to all of the officers that defended the capitol on January 6th. Yet it was this same media that shunned local police, federal police, and park police when they did their jobs to defend their communities and federal property from arsonists and rioters last summer. Speaker Nancy Pelosi and James Clyburn went as far as calling the brave men and women of law enforcement "storm troopers" (Nazis). In 1954, when four Marxist F.A.L.N. terrorists shot five Congressmen inside the Capitol building, no police were given medals. Democrat Marxists only seem to care about the Capitol Police, not the police that serves the rest of America. Then, President Biden is thin-skinned and gets frustrated with CNN reporters asking him legitimate questions. Meanwhile, Putin criticized Biden by focusing on all the shootings in the US. Afterward, Republican Conference Chair, Rep. Elise Stefanik calls in with a critique of Biden and his awful overseas trip.
Jun 17, 2021
Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 6/15/21
On Tuesday's Mark Levin Show, Jon Stewart is getting lots of attention because he's disagreed with Stephen Colbert on the origins of the coronavirus, but Conservatives don't need validation from the left. We embrace our ideas because they are solid, not because they are lauded by the left. A revolution is launched and won by the minority, not the majority of the population. The American Revolution, for example, was because the British governing system smothered liberty. The French Revolution was a cultural revolution to destroy and replace everything in their society, not just the governing system. Marxism is about power and centralized control of civil society. This is why conservatives must become, more aware, shrewder, and more engaged in the public discourse. Conservatives must take on the culture. Then, AG Merrick Garland is a radical dressed in judicial robes and now says that the greatest domestic threat to the US comes from White supremacists. If this is true, then President Biden and Garland's rhetoric about people that are White paints 60% of the US population with a very broad brush lumping all White people with radical violent militia groups and neo-Nazi's. Garland also lumped in anyone that took "overt steps based on beliefs that the United States has overstepped its Constitutional authority." Later, Terry McAuliffe is downplaying critical race theory to delegitimize his critics. In a classic example of going on offense, the Nevada Family Alliance is considering a proposal to have teachers wear body cameras. Parents and taxpayers have every right to know what's going on in these classrooms. Afterward, Zuhdi Jasser, President of the Islamic Forum for Democracy, joins the show and points out that the Democrats have given 'the squad' the green light to destroy the American economy in the name of a green new deal. Jasser added that Democrats are silent on anti-Semitism and human rights abuses in China and the Middle East just so that they could advance their anti-American political agenda. Jasser said that Islamists come to the Western world to proselytize in the name of jihad.
Jun 16, 2021
Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 6/14/21
On Monday's Mark Levin Show, a newly elected Virginia school board member, Abrar Omeish, made a fiery commencement speech that railed against White privilege and stolen land. The taxpayers of Fairfax county pay for these schools and their boards and deserve better than activists that embrace hatred for America. Then, the Pentagon is enforcing anti-extremism indoctrination that focuses on "privilege walks." Members of the military shouldn't have to abandon their own culture and heritage in order to embrace what the Pentagon is peddling. Later, Fox News Senior Correspondent, Charlie Gasparino, calls in to explain how the Securities and Exchange Commission wields considerable power over the financial industry. Gasparino added that Gary Gensler wants corporate America to accept extremely 'woke' policies and how he plans to use the government to do it. Irrespective of one's political affiliation all Americans should be concerned about this. Afterward, Julie Kelly, from American Greatness, calls in with an update on the imprisoned January 6th rioters that are still in federal custody and being punished with even more solitary confinement.
Jun 15, 2021
Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 6/11/21
On Friday’s Mark Levin Show, Mr. Call Screener and ‘This Is America’ podcast host, Rich Valdes fills in for Mark Levin. Democrats have perfected being the loud, squeaky wheel and getting what they want even if it’s not what the majority wants. Most Americans aren’t radical Marxists like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez or Bernie Sanders, most Democrats aren’t radical like them either and actually like America. When Kamala Harris takes international trips and fumbles like she did in Guatemala, we know we’re screwed. We have the Commander of weak in the White House, so Kamala has to lead and it’s not working out. Biden keeps giving us more reasons to laugh, first saying white supremacy is the greatest threat, only to change it to global warming. Also, Americans across the country are beginning to stand up to our kids from being indoctrinated by Critical Race Theory in schools. Mothers are speaking up and becoming champions for their communities, raising their voices against school boards pushing CRT. Moms are taking back America to defeat CRT and save the future of this republic.
Jun 12, 2021
Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 6/10/21
On Thursday's Mark Levin Show, America is getting a clear-eyed view of what it's like to partner with our enemies and weaken our own economy and turn America into an un-developing country! A look at what it's like to falsely use critical race theory disguised as diversity to breed American-hating, Jew-hating Marxists! The Democrat Party does nothing to stop the radicalization of their Party when their members of Congress compare America to the Taliban. They hold on to bigotry to promote their political agenda while resurrecting "Jim Crow." Yet, Sen. Chuck Schumer, Kamala Harris, and Joe Biden say nothing to stop Rashida Tlaib, Ilhan Omar, or the other ‘birthing people of color’ because they are afraid of them. Then, $400 Billion have been ciphered from the U.S by unemployment fraud. But, Biden is parading through Europe saying that white supremacy is the greatest threat that America faces while the country faces inflation. From milk to cars Americans will spend five percent more. This is the fastest rise of goods since the Great Recession of 2008. Later, the media describes the dispute between the anti-Semite ‘birthing people’ and the Marxists concocting an entire nation of White supremacists that don't exist. American patriots are the counter-revolution in this culture war. While Nancy Pelosi calls federal police the old Nazi term "Storm Troopers" moms are attending school board meetings to tackle critical race theory because the Marxists will destroy this country Americans of all races. Afterward, more than 100,000 border crossers gained entry into the United States. Biden and Harris know what's happening at the border that's why they don't want to go to the border. FBI Director Christopher Wray says there's no question that drug cartels are pouring across the border.
Jun 11, 2021
Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 6/9/21
On Wednesday's Mark Levin Show, America would be better off without the corrupt media's lies. The Office of the Inspector General found that in June 2020, the US Park Police did not clear the park for President Trump's walk-through as the media erroneously reported. Instead, they were preventing more destruction of property and injury of officers by having a fencing contractor install a protective barricade to secure the park from violent BLM rioters and arsonists. Then, how many more examples of the fake news media maliciously lying to the American people to promote a false narrative do we need? Just like President Biden's latest lies about White supremacy and climate change being the biggest threats to America, he lied about Trump saying he tear-gassed peaceful protesters for a photo op at Lafayette Park. The report is clear that this was never the case. Later, Joy Reid is a radical kook that doesn't even realize how great America is when she says that America has used all of Central America as a plantation. So many hate this country yet benefit so greatly from it. Afterward, the Democrats and the birthing people are pushing forward with a budget proposal that focuses on one's race and gender. This type of redefinition of language is exactly how you dehumanize a society.
Jun 10, 2021
Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 6/8/21
On Tuesday's Mark Levin Show, Barack Obama got a softball interview with Anderson Cooper and of course, he doesn't get any hard questions. Instead, he reverts to demagoguery. Obama references changes in the Demographics of America and gets no pushback, yet this program receives hateful criticism for pointing out these same changes. Obama says some right-wing media outlets stoke fear and that White America is resentful of the changing population. Then, Obama cynically cites critical race theory as the biggest threat to the republic, the problem is that this is Marxism and Obama knows it. Herbert Marcuse is the ideological founding father of the new left movement and critical race theory. Later, President Biden and Antony Blinken have handed hundreds of millions of dollars to the Palestinians through intermediaries with no strings attached. Biden also ignores Rep. Ilhan Omar's antisemitism. Afterward, Michael Farris from Alliance Defending Freedom calls in to explain the facts of the Tanner Cross case. Cross was silenced by the Loudon County School Board after voicing his objections to using coerced pronouns that are against his faith beliefs.
Jun 09, 2021
Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 6/7/21
On Monday's Mark Levin Show, WREC radio host Ben Ferguson fills in and provides some reflection on why Joe Biden intentionally left out any mentions of the 77th anniversary of D-Day. The days of mutual respect are gone in the Democrat Party, now they pursue a weakened America and expect the public to rely on the government for food, water, and bread. The way you change a country in one generation is by ignoring the significance of historical events where one's countryman sacrificed their lives in service to America. The extreme left has become the mainstream Democrat Party. Then, Kamala Harris has flown to Guatemala and joined their President to warn Guatemalans to not come to the United States. Harris discouraged illegal immigration despite abandoning the border states where she has ignored the border crisis. Harris has still not flown to the border. Later, federal prosecutors have subpoenaed material related to Andrew Cuomo's book. They are interested in information related to nursing homes. Afterward, the media is now blaming former President Trump for their own failure to cover the lab leak story that Trump and Sen. Tom Cotton suggested early on. The media called virus skeptics crazy conspiratorial "Trumpers" and those actions benefited communist China, not the United States.
Jun 08, 2021
Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 6/4/21
On Friday's Mark Levin Show, one fearless and outspoken New York parent, Tatiana Ibrahim, blasted her school board accusing them of educational treason for teaching children to hate the police, to be labeled homophobic if they don't agree with the LGBT agenda, and for teaching them communism. This parent challenged them respectfully and directly pushing back on their policies of indoctrination and division. Then, it's highly likely that Anthony Fauci's organization funded a third party to make the coronavirus more lethal and there is a massive cover-up to hide the truth. This has been going on throughout our media and the government. Namely, the notion of man-made climate change. Big Tech and Big Media shut down any discussion regarding the origins of the virus. Later, this weekend is the 77th Anniversary of D-Day. Has the entire bureaucracy forgotten the sacrifice that was made in World War II? Many American soldiers died on the shores of Normandy, France. What exactly have our politicians done to advance the cause of liberty? Afterward, Jeff 'Mother' Zucker and Don Lemon from CNN continue presenting that which they disagree with as racist and that which they agree with as bi-partisan. Labeling the filibuster as racist will hurt America, it's not racist, it's basic civics.
Jun 05, 2021
Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 6/3/21
On Thursday's Mark Levin Show, it will be one of the most unimaginable and shocking ironies if the federal department responsible for protecting us from pandemics were actually responsible for funding it and covering it up. Science editor Nicholas Wade blew the lid off of the COVID origins findings that were unequivocal, that there was never any evidence that coronavirus came from an animal to human infection. The Wuhan Institute of Virology is suspected of increasing the lethality of coronavirus in its labs. Recently leaked emails show that Anthony Fauci was concerned about the virus having originated in a Chinese lab. However, the media went out of their way to discredit anyone that questioned Fauci on this point. Labeling President Trump and other skeptics as 'conspiracy theorists.' Even now, with all the control Democrats have in Congress not a single congressional committee has launched any oversight investigations into this. Then, every day the American Marxists figure out new ways to implement their beliefs which in turn destroys most Americans' way of life. The citizenry must come to grips with pushing back on the efforts of Marxists to change our culture through the entertainment industry, academia, and our government. Later, Democrats have not relented on nationalizing zoning codes to allow for higher occupancy in suburbs as an act of creating equity. School boards are being overrun with leftist ideas and now they want to federalize residential communities. Afterward, Naftali Bennett, a one-time aide to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, is now siding with the opposition in an attempt to become Prime Minister himself.
Jun 04, 2021
Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 6/2/21
On Wednesday's Mark Levin Show, former President Barack Obama is one of the most dangerous, narcissistic, anti-Semitic occupants of the oval office. A trained Marxist that hung out with radicals while his VP Joe Biden hung out with segregationists. Obama, in a braggadocious podcast tirade, insists that even when capitalism succeeds it's just a continuation of his economic policies and has nothing to do with the presidency of Donald Trump. Obama claims that the only reason that Trump made inroads with non-White voters was because of his presidency, not because of Trump's policies or outreach to people of color. Then, what would Reagan say about today? He would be shocked and demand that we push back against the very same Marxists that he pushed back against in Hollywood. Later, Democrats want to keep people angry and jealous so they can stir the pot and sell their ideas like Critical Race Theory. The people, however, are speaking out against "equity" and pushing back against racial disunity. Afterward, Anthony Fauci's emails show him to be duplicitous. His years in the bureaucracy taught him to use the system to his own benefit. It's now clear that Fauci was aware, more than a year ago, that the virus may have come from a lab and denied it anyway.
Jun 03, 2021
Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 6/1/21
On Tuesday's Mark Levin Show, President Biden seems to have glossed over Memorial Day and gone straight back into racism, excessive government spending, and how else the Democrats can control our lives. We can’t fix our history in Tulsa's greenwood district. But we can't pretend that program after program and more government intervention will change what happened 100 years ago. That's a damnable lie. This push for racism, after all of the good progress America has made in the civil rights movement, is unraveling the country. The Party that is led by White liberals is reconstructing its constituent groups and trying to rewrite history to advance a foreign concept to destroy American exceptionalism. Then, Biden says that empathy is the fuel of democracy, but he's wrong, it's liberty that is the fuel of this republic. The left self-righteously slaps the label of "reform" on anything that they wish to destroy. If the problem is the government, why would anyone want more of it? Will trillions of dollars in federal spending eradicate racism? Critical race theory teaches that whites inherently benefit from white supremacy. It focuses on equity measures outcomes, not inputs. This is the racializalization of Marxism. Later, a federal appellate court struck down a provision of Biden's plan to grant special treatment to specific racial groups and genders. The Democrats' institutionalized racism is being disguised as righteousness.
Jun 02, 2021
Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 5/31/21
On Monday’s Mark Levin Show, we bring you the best of Mark Levin on Memorial Day. The rise of Jew hatred and anti-Semitism is frightening. Open borders in Europe have created no-go zones for Jews and Christians in areas of Paris and London and it looks like the United States is following suit. Bigots like the Rep Rashida Tlaib, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, and the squad stir the pot and inspire anti-Semitism. This hatred can destroy a country and affects all Americans that believe in a Constitutional system. Later, Sen. Tom Cotton joins the show to reaffirm his support for Israel and question why Biden has been so weak in his defense of Israel. Cotton added that similarly, President Obama was also weak with Iran which has vowed to destroy Israel and the US. Cotton surmised that China's preposterous cover-up about the virus originating from a wet market is steadily being disproved as more evidence emerges regarding the Wuhan Institute of Virology. Afterward, the Biden State Department blocked any additional investigation by the United States into the origins of the coronavirus following Dr. Fauci's admission that his organization did in fact modestly fund some of the research grants at the Wuhan Institute of Virology and the Biden Administration is now covering it up. Later, the media mocked President Trump and Sen. Tom Cotton for suggesting the coronavirus leaked from the Wuhan Institute of Virology. Shouldn't the scientists know about which grants they have issued and to whom? However, eco-Health Alliance in New York did receive a grant and used it for gain of function research on the coronavirus. Fauci's response was dishonest.
Jun 01, 2021
Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 5/28/21
On Friday's Mark Levin Show, how about a commission to study the origin of the coronavirus? Anthony Fauci has been the leading critic of the idea that the virus was man-made and now the whole world knows that Fauci's group funded this very type of man-made virus research. Fauci has said that these viruses' must be studied because they could eventually come from nature, and so his office funded this research in China, of all places. This begs the question: what did Fauci know and when did he know it? Did Fauci purger himself in congress? Then, President Biden is now proposing the largest budget since World War II. Nearly eight trillion dollars by 2031. Democrats can't rename everything "infrastructure" just to get their way and spend more money. All while the indoctrination in our schools continues and Americans remain unemployed. Later, Debra Burlingame calls in to discuss why it's wrong to compare the January 6th riot to the September 11th terrorist attacks on America. Her brother was the pilot of Flight 77 and died in the Pentagon attack. She highlighted how members of Congress might have had a frightening day on Jan. 6, but on 9/11 some 200 people in the World Trade Center towers chose to jump from 80 to 100 floors above the ground rather than be consumed by fire.
May 29, 2021
Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 5/27/21
On Thursday's Mark Levin Show, the Biden family is corrupt! Hunter Biden brought then-Vice President Biden to dinner with his shady business partners. That means he lied during the debates and the media helped him lie about not being involved in his son's business dealings. NY Post columnist Miranda Devine calls in to give all the details about the Biden’s DC encounter. Devine added there is more evidence of Biden violating the Foreign Agent Registration Act (FARA) than there ever was with President Trump. Later, a climate change activist will sit on the board of ExxonMobile after a hedge fund lobbied to get him onto the board. Marxists suck the life out of every issue and institution that they set their sights on. However, these aren't climate activists, per se, they're de-growthers that work their way in to take over and destroy an industry from within. This is exactly how they took over public education, the government, and unions. Afterward, racism and the treacherous transgender movement are painfully damaging America. BLM believes that America is a colonialist, imperialist nation, yet most in our military don't believe that. As we approach Memorial Day and mourn the loss of soldiers who perished serving this great land, we must ask ourselves, will the NBA honor our fallen too? Finally, Nicole Saphier MD, calls in to discuss her new book, Panic Attack and explains why politicizing science hurts all Americans. Saphier added that following pseudoscience has hurt children to advance, caused adolescent crime to increase, and will likely outlast the virus's shelf life.
May 28, 2021
Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 5/26/21
On Wednesday's Mark Levin Show, the Biden State Department blocked any additional investigation by the United States into the origins of the coronavirus following Dr. Fauci's admission that his organization did in fact modestly fund some of the research grants at the Wuhan Institute of Virology and the Biden Administration is now covering it up. Later, the media mocked President Trump and Sen. Tom Cotton for suggesting the coronavirus leaked from the Wuhan Institute of Virology. Shouldn't the scientists know about which grants they have issued and to whom? Hower eco-Health Alliance in New York did receive a grant and used it for gain of function research on the coronavirus. Fauci's response was dishonest. Afterward, Sen Mike Lee calls in to discuss why the innovation and competition act is the wrong way to beat China. Instead of chilling innovation and competition, we ought to decentralize power and champion trust in the private sector. Lee added that Biden's nominee to head the ATF is one of the worst he's ever seen, especially on the second amendment. Finally, Curtis Sliwa, candidate for Mayor of New York City, joins the show to discuss how he will stop the crime in NYC.
May 27, 2021
Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 5/25/21
On Tuesday's Mark Levin Show, do you know the names of the police officers including African Americans and Hispanics that were killed in the line of duty? Why doesn’t the nation doesn't mourn the deaths of these minority police officers? Why doesn't the White House honor these fallen heroes? Do all deaths matter? William ‘Billy’ Evans was a Capitol Hill Police officer murdered by Jihadist Noel Greene. But the corrupt media, the Biden Administration, and the Democrat Party cherry-pick which deaths they will highlight as long as it promotes their divisive narrative. The Squad and Marxists like the Squad are getting people killed in America by opposing the police. Then, border facilities continue to house tens of thousands of children that are interned in these camps, and the poisonous media won't fairly report on it. The same way they wouldn’t report on how the Wuhan Virus escaped from a Chinese lab. Later, Joe Biden is already a failed president! Crime is up across the country. The border is out of control. The nation's finances are a disaster as is the country's foreign policy. Congress entertains demands to remove qualified immunity for cops while on duty, yet all members of Congress have qualified immunity while they are on duty. Afterward, Christopher Rufo, Sr. Fellow at the Manhattan Institute, joins the show to discuss how public schools are training children to become race-conscious revolutionaries. Finally, Dr. Marc Siegel calls in to discuss the fear of COVID, even though it’s on the way out.
May 26, 2021
Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 5/24/21
On Monday's Mark Levin Show, retired Science Editor at The New York Times Nicholas Wade questioned how much Dr. Anthony Fauci knew about the Coronavirus in an interview with Mark Levin on the Fox News Channel. Wade outlined the case that it was not likely that the coronavirus was transferred from animals to humans. The bats at the wet market was a cover-up promoted by the Chinese Communist Party and the media was too happy to blame President Trump to even look into it. Conversely, currently available scientific information supports the hypothesis that the virus leaked from a lab at the Wuhan Institute of Virology. What will the Biden Administration do anything about China’s role in the virus? Jen Psaki says there is no underlying data available to take any action. The White House will rely on the World Health Organization. Serious economic pressure must be out on the Chinese government and Fauci and the US must also get to the bottom of who signed off on third-party funding. Later, not a single mosque was attacked in the United States amidst the Hamas attacks on Israel but several synagogues and Jews across America have been terrorized for publicly gathering to support Israel. Similarly, leftists that embrace Critical Race Theory continue attacking the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King's concept of a color-blind society. Finally, Governor Ron DeSantis discusses his legislation against Big Tech censorship. If Big Tech censors enforce rules inconsistently and discriminate in favor of the dominant Silicon Valley ideology, they will be held accountable in Florida.
May 25, 2021
Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 5/21/21
On Friday's Mark Levin Show, the rise of Jew-hatred and anti-Semitism is frightening. Open borders in Europe have created no-go zones for Jews and Christians in certain areas in the Middle East and it looks like the United States is following suit. Bigots like the Rep Rashida Tlaib, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, and the squad stir the pot and inspire anti-Semitism. This hatred can destroy a country and affects all Americans that believe in a Constitutional system. Then, Palestinian groups in the United States have been attacking Jews in major cities across America. While we've heard of Islamophobia over and over again, yet we've heard nothing from President Biden, VP Harris who is married to a Jew, or Senate Majority Leader Schumer who is a Jew as well. Shockingly they are all silent. The FBI recently reported that 62% of all hate crimes are against Jews. Will the Democrats do anything to stop this radical wing within their Party? Later, Sen. Tom Cotton joins the show to reaffirm his support for Israel and question why Biden has been so weak in his defense of Israel. Cotton added that similarly, President Obama was also weak with Iran which has vowed to destroy Israel and the US. Cotton surmised that China's preposterous cover-up about the virus originating from a wet market is steadily being disproved as more evidence emerges regarding the Wuhan Institute of Virology. Afterward, isn't it interesting that when Donald Trump says that an election is rigged, people are asked to be quiet but when Stacy Abrams claims that an election was stolen, refuses to concede she is asked to make her case? It's a ridiculously unfair double standard.
May 22, 2021
Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 5/20/21
On Thursday's Mark Levin Show, WJNO host Brian Mudd fills in. A cease-fire was announced between Israel and Hamas but those arrangements rarely end well when dealing with terrorists that are committed to eradicating the state of Israel. Hamas never would have attacked Israel while Donald Trump was President. In fact, after decades of threats about terrorism entering our Constitutional republic, sadly it has happened. President Biden had one brief encounter with Squad member, Rashida Tlaib and immediately called on Israel to stop defending themselves. What's up is down and what's down is up? Then, school kids are being taught that there are more than two genders. Former AG Bill Barr spoke today and accurately pointed out that President Obama never stood up for school choice. It is school choice that will combat the systemic inequality that Democrats have weaved into America's public school districts. Afterward, Biden shut down the Keystone Pipeline in the US but turned a blind eye and allowed Putin to start selling Russian oil and gas to its European neighbors.
May 21, 2021
Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 5/19/21
On Wednesday's Mark Levin Show, President Biden is pressuring Israel to relent in the face of 4000 rockets being fired by Hamas and proxy-funded by Iran. Consequently, Biden has been working to restore funding to Iran by restoring the JCPOA. Israel's military operation called guardian of walls is shaping up to be one of the most accurately executed in military history. Despite minimal civilian casualties, and of course, all lives should be protected, the Israeli Defense Forces have gone through every effort to protect civilian lives. The House of Representatives voted against a Resolution to condemn Hamas's terrorist attacks on Israel and every single democrat defended Hamas and voted against the Resolution, while all the Republicans voted for the measure. Later, Major Doron Spielman, spokesman for the IDF, joins the show to explain that one Hamas official had a rocket launcher hidden in his home because Hamas hides in plain sight amongst their own civilians. Spielman added that Hamas has also suffered friendly fire including their own power plant and killing their own people in Gaza. Then, Critical Race Theory didn't just happen, it's been creeping into society and now the people are accepting it. This poisonous thinking has slipped into the US military and the highest levels of law enforcement. Let alone, the damage that's been done in our college and university system and newsrooms. Afterward, the prosecutorial misconduct continues as the civil probe into former President Trump's business, the Trump Organization, has been leaked to be a criminal probe. The left and the media are creating controversy to scare innocent people into buckling and admitting to crimes they did not commit. Zero charges have been filed against Trump. This is the kind of prosecution that is seen in third-world dictatorships. Finally, Breitbart's Alex Marlow calls in to discuss his new book "Breaking the News: exposing the Establishment Media's Hidden Deals and Secret Corruption."
May 20, 2021
Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 5/18/21
On Tuesday's Mark Levin Show, President Biden aims to eliminate carbon dioxide emissions. However, plants, via photosynthesis, have eliminated the threat that was once claimed to have existed to the Amazon. Now that Democrats are in power there are no more images of polar ice caps melting because they are now on phase two of their de-growth agenda - to unleash a war on free-market capitalism. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, John Kerry, and Biden will do to the economy what they've done with gas prices. This was never about climate change, it was always about Marxism. Then, as a result of the industrial revolution, more people are alive today because of the wondrous machines, highways, and technology created by America. The climate change movement has joined with other Marxist movements like environmental racism, LATCRIT, and Critical Race Theory, all of which are toxic to the human spirit and expect mankind to bow to them. Later, Biden and the Democrats are trying to make aspects of the $1.9 trillion coronavirus package permanent. The democrats want the child tax credit to become permanent and be delivered by direct deposit monthly. This will only encourage dependence on the welfare state. Afterward, Julie Kelly from American Greatness calls in to discuss how January 6th detainees are being held in prison without showers, and other basic needs. Kelly added that the DC Circuit kicked back a case for pre-trial detention and is slowly letting the non-violent offenders out of solitary confinement after months of incarceration. Finally, Rep. Mo Brooks joins the program to discuss his run for the US Senate.
May 19, 2021
Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 5/17/21
On Monday's Mark Levin Show, the American media has fully displayed how corrupt it is. The entire profession of journalism is a disgusting joke. America needs a free press but, lamentably, doesn't have one. CBS News's John Dickerson grilled Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, over their response to the Hamas rocket attacks, and did so by only asking accusatory questions. Hamas relies heavily on propaganda to influence its media narrative. For example, the implosion of a building that housed media outlets including Al Jazeera and the Associated Press was leveled by the IDF and there wasn't a single casualty due to Israel’s diligence to protect civilian lives. Then, the head of Space Force has been removed from his position for citing how Marxism and Critical Race Theory have seeped into the US military. Marxism and holocaust denial has been a staple in the American Media and even the Associated Press misinformed the citizenry back in the days of World War II by collaborating in a Nazi cover-up. Indeed, similar misreporting is happening now when Hamas terrorists dressed as civilians were killed in military action their deaths were listed as civilian deaths, not as enemy combatants. Later, Richard Weaver wrote about the modern press in "Ideas Have Consequences" remarking that it was a negative force that appears omniscient but isn't. Afterward, the reason America is beating the coronavirus is that we are reaching herd immunity and because of the vaccine that Donald Trump pushed for. Trump was a superb leader and he followed the science of herd immunity and vaccines. Joe Biden can't even figure out when or where to wear a mask.  
May 18, 2021
Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 5/14/21
On Friday's Mark Levin Show, the debate over America's history with slavery should not be conflated with the current push for critical race theory. It should also be abundantly clear that the Democrat Party started the Ku Klux Klan, Jim Crow and fought against the Civil rights act. Karl Marx despised socialists because they gave cover to the capitalists. Marx felt that capitalism must be destroyed and started anew. This is why the Democrats pretend to fix things that can't be fixed. Critical Theory gets applied to all areas of American life, not just race. This type of collectivist thinking damages the psyche of all races through the victim/oppressor dynamic that Marxism thrives on. Then, in a strategic military maneuver, the IDF faked a ground surge and 160 Israeli fighter jets dropped 450 bombs on Hamas terrorists that were hiding in a series of underground tunnels beneath Gaza City. This triggered Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez gave a passionately naive speech on the floor of the House condemning Israel for defending itself. Later, Why is Stacy Abrams important? Liz Cheney is more important than she's ever been because she's been stirring the pot against Donald Trump. Abrams hasn't won an election but she's a perpetual thorn in the side of Republicans which helps Democrats so the media will embrace her. In her interview with Anderson Cooper, she disparaged the Arizona vote audit, yet she never conceded her own electoral defeat because she felt her race for governor of Georgia was stolen from me. Afterward, prosecutors are pressuring the current CFO of the Trump Organization, Allen Weisselberg, by going after his grandson's school donations to find any 'dirt' they can on Trump. Neither Trump nor Weisselberg has done any wrongdoing; this is simply a fishing expedition in search of anything they can make look like a crime (because they don't have one). Until Republicans treat Democrats reciprocally, this injustice will not end.
May 15, 2021
Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 5/13/21
On Thursday's Mark Levin Show, the CDC and President Biden told the country that masks are no longer required for fully vaccinated individuals, as much as Biden wants to take credit for this it was Donald Trump’s Operation Warp Speed that got us this far. It was the leadership of state Governors like Ron DeSantis who led Florida through this pandemic without destroying their economy or denigrating citizens. Then, Economist Milton Friedman taught that capitalism is a necessary condition for political freedom. The less economic freedom we have the less political freedom we have. This is why the left uses the climate change de-growth movement to change the American economic system through Marxist ideas. Now the economy is suffering, pipelines are getting hacked and ransom is being paid, and America's energy infrastructure is much less safe as a result. The Green New Deal will be much worse than this current cyber-attack. Biden is a human pandemic and the ransomware president! Later, the Muslim Brotherhood, a terrorist organization, is praising the anti-Semitic wing of the Democrat Party for abandoning Israel amidst an onslaught of rocket fire. Yet, Speaker Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, and Biden have done nothing to stop or condemn members of Congress for going against an American ally and rooting for terrorists. Synagogues were burned and rockets were fired at apartment buildings by Hamas. Interestingly, no mosques were targeted by the Israelis. Afterward, Bill O'Reilly calls in to discuss his new book, Killing the Mob: The Fight Against Organized Crime in America.
May 14, 2021
Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 5/12/21
On Wednesday's Mark Levin Show, Republicans that trash the Tea Party and stand against liberty are the problem. America is facing a movement that is destroying the country and Rep. Liz Cheney and the Bush family are attacking Trump supporters because they have no clue of how serious the threat is. The issue with Liz Cheney is not about Liz Cheney, but its illustrative of a larger problem. A RINO problem that predates Trump and has been antagonistic toward Constitutional conservatives for decades. Liz Cheney should stand up for Liberty instead of claiming some false mantle of never-Trump leadership. Later, Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy calls in with his reaction to Liz Cheney's ouster from GOP leadership. McCarthy explained that out of all America's problems Liz Cheney was focused on Trump, not on Biden's weakness on China, the impending inflation, or our out-of-control border. McCarthy quipped that even Sen. Bernie Sanders is more conservative than Joe Biden. Then, educational materials are being used to indoctrinate students under the dangerous guise of critical race theory. These curricula pose questions like "is everyone equal?" Parents are speaking up and one mom in Virginia gave an eloquent rebuke of Critical Race Theory to her school board. Afterward, Former Israeli Ambassador Ron Dermer joins the show from Israel to describe what the recent terrorist rocket attacks were like. Dermer added that a heavy price must be exacted on Hamas to restore deterrence not just restoring security. This was done by eliminating several Hamas commanders. Hamas commits war crimes in these attacks by targeting Israeli civilians and launching these rockets from Hamas bunkers hidden next to schools and hospitals where they use civilian women and children as human shields. Hamas does this with the hope that Israel will be portrayed as the aggressors by propagandists in the media. Dermer added that much of Hamas' support comes from Iran and any deal that leads to nuclear Iran destabilize the entire Middle East region.
May 13, 2021
Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 5/11/21
On Tuesday's Mark Levin Show, war is breaking out in the Middle East because of President Biden's provocative foreign policy, which is being exploited by America's enemies. This conflict would end if the Hamas terrorists, funded by the Islamo-Nazi Regime in Tehran, would stop firing rockets into Israel and if the media would stop criticizing Israel for defending itself against Palestinian terrorist aggression. Then, the Democrat Party is the Party of American Marxism. In the name of expanding voting and eliminating so-called "Jim Crow", the Democrat Party is destroying America's election system. Democrats play by one set of loosely held rules and the rest of America obey another set of rules. Later, the cyberhackers have done to the Colonial Pipeline exactly what Joe Biden did to the Keystone Pipeline - they shut it down. The environmental movement is an off-shoot of the larger Marxist movement that sees inequalities and injustices such as environmental racism. Similarly, the de-growth movement is designed to eviscerate capitalism through a myriad of sub-movements. Afterward, freedom of the mind, our ability to reason and be an individual human being are all under attack by the new Americanized Marxism. 
May 12, 2021
Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 5/10/21
On Monday's Mark Levin Show, Israeli police have been called in to keep the peace in an uprising in Jerusalem. Hamas took advantage of the crisis and fired rockets into the region hurting hundreds. The Biden administration is causing great damage by pretending that both sides are at fault when this was clearly a one-sided attack. Then, a Russian front group has Cyber-hacked an east coast oil pipeline. Biden's softness is being tested and he's called for both the cyber gang and the energy company to calm down. Later, the IRS is claiming a backlog of tax returns because of faulty printers. The agency is behind by 32%. Yet, the crime of being a Trump supporter is clear. Individuals that merely attended the Capitol Riot are having their civil rights trampled and America is silent. 1500 inmates are kept in their cells for 22-hours per day as they await their trial. This egregious violation has made few headlines in Washington DC even garnering rebukes from Sen.'s Elizabeth Warren and Dick Durbin. Afterward, Biden claims that his American Rescue Plan is working yet unemployment is high, fuel costs are high, and the deficit spending has been unprecedented. 
May 11, 2021
Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 5/7/21
On Friday's Mark Levin Show, President Joe Biden predicted one million jobs this quarter and he only delivered 266K, while the country makes a significant return to inflation. Biden has destroyed our education system with indoctrination, destroyed race relations, college sports, and American-made energy. Biden is as close to a dictator as America has ever had and the Democrats strive to have one-party rule. If Biden knew that the dark days were coming, why would he create an economic catastrophe with the Democrats' massive deficit spending. Then, Sean Hannity calls in to discuss the importance of Mark Levin's new book "American Marxism." Hannity mentioned how destructive Biden's policies are to the causes of liberty, the free market, and the Constitution. Hannity added that Americans must use their passion to save their country. Regarding vaccines, Donald Trump moved heaven and earth to ensure the faster possible vaccine research and distribution without sacrificing quality. Yet, Biden just sits there and claims credit for Trump's vaccines while playing nice with his pals in communist China by trying to give them America's vaccine research by voiding patents. Afterward, Joe Biden is breathing life into the vile regime of Iran after Trump had weakened them. Biden's move to re-instate the old Obama-era Iran nuclear deal without seeking a treaty should have republicans seeking his impeachment. 
May 08, 2021
Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 5/6/21
On Thursday's Mark Levin Show, tens of thousands of migrant children continue to be placed in tents due to overfilled detention facilities. President Biden just keeps moving them to disguise the anarchy at the Southern border. Professors and scholars with a voice in Biden's administration are driving Marxist policies and ideas like internal colonialism. They claim that Americans and their leaders ignore history and are illegitimate because it's the migrants that are true inhabitants of this land, not citizens. This current illegal immigration surge is a push to change the US demographic to match the left's current Critical Race Theory propaganda." Then, Mara Gay from the NY Times Editorial Board spouts off that the GOP is only "animated" by Trumpism and "xenophobia." Gay neglected to address the inflammatory propaganda that her paper has published. Later, Democrats have created a schism that takes away jobs from American workers (including union workers), massive tax increases, and Americanized Marxism, and it's called the American Jobs Plan.
May 07, 2021
Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 5/5/21
On Wednesday’s Mark Levin Show, Rep Liz Cheney is a problem because she is throwing in with democrats and the media with her hate for Donald Trump. She threw in with the mob to try and overthrow Trump even before January 6th, and has no proof whatsoever that Trump instigated a riot. She is one of many Republicans to play into the leftist narrative that January 6th was an armed insurrection led by a sitting president, a complete lie. It’s Trump that has been the victim since before his presidency with one hoax after another. Facebook embraces the support from weak Republicans like Cheney, Mitt Romney, and Adam Kinzinger, and is using it to uphold their ban of Trump from the platform. Facebook and Twitter act like a government within a government, an oligopoly that threatens our right to free speech, and continue to abuse their government immunity and make it impossible to sue them. Jack Dorsey and Mark Zuckerberg became billionaires by selling our data, and used that money to influence the 2020 election. Democrats aren’t praising Liz Cheney because they like her; she’s just enabling their Marxist takeover. If we as Americans don’t take steps to preserve our country and our culture, it’s not going to happen. Also, Federal judge and Obama appointee Amy Berman Jackson that has targeted Trump officials like Paul Manafort and Roger Stone, and is now going after Attorney General Bill Barr and how he reached his decision to not charge President Trump. Everything about Jackson and her rogue courtroom is a disgrace. We have prosecutorial abuse of Trump and everyone around him, and Amy Berman Jackson is just the latest judge to continue the attack. We’ve already seen how Judge Emmitt Sullivan treated Michael Flynn, and they should all be disbarred for it
May 06, 2021
Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 5/4/21
On Tuesday's Mark Levin Show, what is the biggest crisis facing the US right now? Iran and the US are close to reaching a deal and the Biden administration is paying Iran to come to the table. The border is still not secure, there is still sexual assault and Texas is turning purple right before our eyes. Significant inflation is kicking in due to the profligate spending and confiscatory taxes. This prevents the most successful people from succeeding and will hurt many. Also, the Biden administration added 2.5 million residents to the 2020 census data. This determines how many Congressional seats are assigned to each state. There are currently only five vacant seats so three or four seats make a big difference on whether Democrats stay in power in 2022. Marxists have secreted themselves into every level of our culture and it's hurting our country. Then, American patriots cannot leave it to others to tell us how to live and whether our children will memorize America-hating curriculums. Silence, capitulation, or acquiescence to the Marxists will only embolden and strengthen them. We have allowed them to lie and indoctrinate children for 120 years and we can't allow a loud Marxist political minority to take over this country! Patriots like Jack Levin and Rush Limbaugh would say "Bravo!, Keep Fighting!" Later, why isn't there a poll that showed whether more Democrat voters or more Republican voters are on welfare? The Democrats would want to shut down welfare.
May 05, 2021
Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 5/3/21
On Monday's Mark Levin Show, the Democrats and their ally in the teacher's unions lobby the CDC which has become politicized and they're politicizing the classrooms of America's children and their health. Big Democrat cities obey the "follow the science" mantra to get the tax dollars of rural and suburban areas while they squander their own. Then, Hansjörg Wyss, a Swiss billionaire, is pouring hundreds of millions of dollars into the American political system by way of donations to groups supporting Marxist-Progressive ideas. While claiming to be apolitical, Wyss seems to solely support Democrat causes while the media chases Rudy Giuliani. Democrats pose the pretext of taking action on "dark money" while simultaneously allowing Wyss' foreign billions to build political infrastructure. Later, Levinites need to take their liberty back from Marxists and we need to do it non-violently because all Americans aren't Antifa. Nikole Hannah Jones, founder of the "1619 Project" claims Gov DeSantis and other critics of Critical Race Theory have not even read the teachings. This revisionist racist poison is spreading through academia, the media, and our government. This is a Marxist movement hellbent on destruction and violence wrapped in the patina of "free speech” instead of indoctrination and propaganda. Afterward, US Secretary of State Antony Blinken all but called on China to attack Taiwan. President Biden is a mix of our worst presidents - Carter and Obama. Finally, Dr. Kenneth Hartmann of calls in to discuss his annual online event honoring high school seniors enlisting in the U.S. armed services after graduation.
May 04, 2021
Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 4/30/21
On Friday's Mark Levin Show, there's a serious question as to whether the Biden Administration manipulated the census numbers to mitigate the negative fallout of Democrats losing seats in the house based on population. Nancy Pelosi claims she's not concerned that the latest census will eliminate Democrat house seats after the recent growth in Latinos because of immigration. No society can withstand mass migration; this is a concept that even Democrats once agreed with. For more than 50 years the Democrats have been deceiving the public about the elimination of immigration quotas from any one particular region of the globe. Cesar Chavez a prominent Democrat and agriculture labor leader vehemently opposed illegal immigration because of the detriment it had on Americans of Hispanic heritage. Then, Biden is stopping military veterans from meeting up in the pentagon parking due to COVID but allows thousands to cram into border facilities that are only designed to house hundreds at. Later, LatCrit is a theory that the U.S. has never belonged to White Europeans but instead to indigenous people and no White person can dictate that. Afterward, Oprah Winfrey's book calls for a strengthened sense of self-worth while she supports people that call most Americans racist. Finally, former Mayor Rudy Giuliani joins the show to reveal the truth behind the aggressive unconstitutional harassment and breach of his Attorney-Client privilege.
May 01, 2021
Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 4/29/21
On Thursday's Mark Levin Show, President Biden's speech had the worst ratings in recent history. Biden's senseless rhetoric claimed that January 6th, 2021 was the worst attack on American democracy since the Civil war. What about the Pearl Harbor attack, or the 9-11 attacks? Then, in chapter one of "American Marxism" Mark breakdowns how the dire growth of Marx's philosophy has taken root within U.S. culture. This is a movement that infiltrates institutions through propaganda and by dispiriting the public. That is their goal and death by a thousand cuts is their plan. Later, Critical Race Theory is spreading like cancer throughout all of America. When Biden says he wants to reimagine the economy he means destroying American businesses, and the people that support them, are the greatest threat to capitalism. Afterward, fuel prices are surging at the pump following John Kerry's reckless pseudo diplomacy. Biden won't stop until we live in a country that has to ration high-priced fuel and depend on electric cars.
Apr 30, 2021
Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 4/28/21
On Wednesday's Mark Levin Show, Oprah Winfrey and Lebron James are frauds because they support movements that destroy our country while they reap the rewards of the free-market system that they have profited from. Yet the left's mantra is "tax the rich." Tonight President Biden will give a Castro-like speech at his first joint session of Congress. Pontificating about racism and climate change and proposing that the federal government steal money, by way of confiscatory taxes, from a workforce that earned it to redistribute it to a workforce that hasn't. All in the name of ideas that Biden feels are noble. It's so much easier to propose these things than it is to correct and remove them once implemented. Marxism has always failed and always will fail. Then, Biden is a liar and is trying to make it look like he saved America from the coronavirus and that infrastructure means whatever he says. Rep. James Clyburn supports the left's reimagining of whatever they feel like as if the people working in government are the only ones that have a say, and not the people paying for all of this spending. Later, it has been leaked that in Biden’s speech he will say that the January 6th, 2021 riot at the US Capitol was the biggest attack on US democracy since the Civil War. The media will paint whatever picture they want to get their desired propaganda result. Afterward, the FBI raided the home of former Trump attorney Rudy Giuliani. Despite him and his lawyers agreeing to make themselves available to the FBI. However, the feds wanted to disregard any attorney-client privilege that Giuliani might have concerning the 45th President of the United States. Notice the disparate treatment between former Mayor Giuliani and Hunter Biden who has never been raided despite troves of allegations. 
Apr 29, 2021
Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 4/27/21
On Tuesday's Mark Levin Show, if you are vaccinated, you are immune – go live your life! Vaccines provide immunity from the virus so that people can finally live a normal life. The CDC has announced that vaccinated individuals don't need to wear masks outdoors and President Biden wore his mask while walking up to the outdoor podium to announce this. Democrats like Anthony Fauci have resisted "the science" around outdoor mask-wearing from the very beginning. Then, American Marxism is the title of Mark's new book and Levinites need to make sure they pre-order it before big tech censors try and limit access to it. American Marxists are taking America down a dark road and this book will arm patriots with what they can do to stop it.  Afterward, why doesn't Black Lives Matter invest in African American communities? Black and Latino business owners are emotionally distraught over the mayhem brought by BLM and American Marxists on the businesses and neighborhoods. Colleges are no longer bastions of free speech and academic freedom, they're like the old Soviet Union where only one ideology can be espoused. Finally, Ian Prior calls in to discuss his fight against school boards who are teaching our children critical race theory.
Apr 28, 2021
Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 4/26/21
On Monday's Mark Levin Show, former Sec. of State John Kerry has been named in a leaked tape of Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif who says Kerry informed him that Israel attacked Iranian interests at least two hundred times even after his role as secretary shifted. Kerry continued to represent the United States on the world stage which could be viewed as a violation of the Logan Act. Will the public Integrity section of the US Department of Justice open a preliminary investigation on this? Then, Hollywood leftists have destroyed the once great tradition known as the Oscars. Actor and Producer Tyler Perry publicly announced that he rejects hate against white, police officers, Asians, and others. Imagine if law enforcement refused protection to athletes, politicians, or other critics that don't respect them. Later, Rep. Liz Cheney has broken from the rest of the Republican leadership on the House concerning the panel on the Capitols Riot. Citizen activists in Wyoming must ensure that she is held accountable at the ballot box. Afterward, President Biden is spending like a drunken Marxist, taking credit for Trump's vaccine and he still can't get out of his own way. Kamala Harris is a stalking horse for Biden and has ignored the one job she's been given to resolve the issue at the border.
Apr 27, 2021
Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 4/23/21
On Friday's Mark Levin Show, what started as the ozone layer and global warming is now climate change - the new codeword for inviting the government into our lives and businesses to destroy them. We The People have a rendezvous with history and we must take action. Democrats will harm industry, education, and the economy with capital gains taxes that are above 50%. Punitive taxation on food could limit some American families to only consuming one (red meat) hamburger per month. Then, the outcome of the industrial revolution proved that Karl Marx was wrong and the proletariat army never overthrew anything. Instead, it created the strongest "middle class" known to man and provided a comfortable lifestyle. President Biden's energy plan is the biggest blow to the American economy the country has seen. Later, the state of Virginia is now keeping higher achieving students from advancing by eliminating advanced courses in an effort toward equity. Speaking of dumb, a CNN host spars with a State Representative over strengthening voter lists by removing voters that have moved or that have died from the rolls. Afterward, retired football star and sports broadcaster Marcellus Wiley corrected Lebron James on live television for his remarks and admonished him to just be quiet.
Apr 24, 2021
Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 4/22/21
On Thursday's Mark Levin Show, President Biden will commit the US to cut greenhouse gas emissions by 2030. This is an attack on what was the industrial revolution, yet another part of the degrowth movement. Ayn Rand predicted this in her book "The Return of the Primitive: The Anti-Industrial Revolution." Rand surmised that attacking technological progress is an attack on the innovative thought of the individual and limits the unknown and undiscovered. Joe Biden is allowing an attack on capitalism which is actually an attack on liberty because you can't have a free society without it. A plan to reach net-zero greenhouse gasses would destroy so many smoke-stack industries and associated jobs. This is a massive totalitarian affront on our liberty and it's based on crap science. Notice how the left has stopped talking about the Amazon because it's still there producing carbon dioxide which is protein for plants. Environmentalist leftists are part of a religious movement to destroy their own industries and many of them don't even realize it. Later, if Democrats pursue statehood for the District of Colombia then all non-federal areas of the District should be ceded back to the state of Maryland so that they can have a vote. In the past, part of Washington DC was ceded back to Virginia. So, the purpose of having a federal enclave was established in the Constitution because the framers didn't want the Capitol to exist in any state. Afterward, Lt. Gov. Mark Robinson got under Rep. Steve Cohen's skin today as he gave testimony to Rep. Chip Roy. Robinson cited how offensive it is for Congress to suggest that African Americans could survive slavery but not figure out how to get a voter ID card. Finally, Sen. Marsha Blackburn calls in discuss her bill that would force the Biden administration to submit any Iran nuclear agreement, including rejoining the 2015 deal, for Senate consideration as a treaty. 
Apr 23, 2021
Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 4/21/21
On Wednesday's Mark Levin Show, the Democrat Party as an institution has never embraced this country. It’s an institution with a history that rejects the founding and regressively focuses on systemic racism. The Democrat Party gets power by hating the country, encouraging others to hate the country, and by eroding the culture of the country. Are the police guarding the Capitol systemically racist? Are all of the African American police chiefs across the country systemically racist? Then, Ma'Khia Bryant was fatally shot after charging another teenaged girl with a knife. Every police shooting is not racist, yet Democrat race-baiters like LeBron James push this false narrative to inflame the situation while doxing a cop's photo threatening that he'd be "next." Exploiting these unfortunate events is wearing thin on the American public. However, Lebron and the democrats have said nothing about a 7-year-old African American girl who was killed in a gang-related shooting while at a drive-thru? The real question here is; who represents the American people who don't support riots, racism, and recklessness? Later, Jen Psaki and the media dwell in hypocrisy advocating for 16-year-olds to vote and then referring to them as children when they're involved in attacks on police. Racist Professors on the fringe of intellectualism like Ibram X. Kendi are making a fortune indoctrinating Americans to hate the White people. The media like CBS are there to help push this emotional anti-police and anti-American propaganda. Afterward, Elizabeth Warren is an anti-Semite and threatened Israel in comments she would never make about Iran, Russia, or North Korea at a J-Street conference. Warren threatened to cut off military aid to the Israelis. This is political blackmail to get the Jews to give up their native land. The Democrat party thrives on system anti-Semitism and the media is silent about it.
Apr 22, 2021
Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 4/20/21
On Tuesday's Mark Levin Show, Derek Chauvin was found guilty on all counts, his actions were sickening, this is not appropriate or normal police conduct. Rep. Maxine Waters and President Biden have not been held accountable for their incendiary comments. This case is not indicative of all police interactions in inner cities. The police aren't killing unarmed people all over the inner city -- people in the inner city are killing people in the inner city. The majority of Americans wanted justice in this case. Most agreed that George Floyd was murdered so what were the riots for? No one believed that Chauvin was going to walk, what happened was wrong and justice has been done. Yet, Minnesota Attorney General, Keith Ellison, says that this verdict wasn't justice, it was solely accountability. Later, Chief James Craig of the Detroit Police Department calls in to reject what Rep. Rashida Tlaib said about abolishing all police. Chief Craig shared that his officers have been under attack more than ever. He added that he appreciated the support he receives for his police work from the majority of people he's encountered across the country.
Apr 21, 2021
Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 4/19/21
On Monday’s Mark Levin Show, the media is stoking the flames telling the nation to expect riots after the result of the Derek Chauvin trial, while Antifa and BLM are watching and acting on it. This is the new normal in Minneapolis and Portland, and coming to the rest of the country. Rep Maxine Waters went to Brooklyn Center over the weekend to encourage rioters and urge them to keep it up, demanding a guilty verdict for Chauvin. This is another case of Waters’ directly inciting violence, but she won’t be impeached like Donald Trump, who had to have his words twisted to frame him for incitement. Nancy Pelosi is defending Waters, lying and saying that she shouldn’t apologize and wasn’t inciting violence. Lost in all of this is the idea of the American justice system. The mob is in charge now, and justice is served only to stop the mob from burning the country down. Also, members of the “squad” spent thousands of dollars in private security, showing again how hypocritical progressive Democrats are. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Ilhan Omar, Ayanna Pressley, and Cori Bush push to defund the police so you can’t be protected, but at the same time hide behind their own guards. Later, Dr. Marc Seigel calls in to discuss the harm from pulling the Johnson & Johnson vaccine.
Apr 20, 2021
Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 4/16/21
On Friday’s Mark Levin Show, how can you have bipartisanship with the Democrats when they are taking steps to destroy our culture, our economic system and separation of powers? President Biden and the Democrats aren’t interested in bipartisanship, which is why they need to be politically defeated. Then, it turns out that the reporting from the New York Times that Russia was offering bounties on American soldiers during the Trump Administration was a fake story. A lie to smear Trump who is an affectionate supporter of the US Military. Will the New York Times apologize for their false reporting? Despite the New York Times and the Washington Post being owned by Jewish families they largely ignored the Holocaust. Sadly, this is the gold standard of the left-wing in America. Later, Biden is making it possible for the Islamo-Nazi regime in Iran to obtain nuclear ICBM’s that can reach America. Afterward, The Democrat party is systemically racist and they despise the founding of America. Did Jim Crow Joe take his oath on a racist document? Finally, David Horowitz calls in to discuss the oppression of the Democrat Party as described in his new book "The Enemy Within: How a Totalitarian Movement is Destroying America." 
Apr 17, 2021
Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 4/15/21
On Thursday's Mark Levin Show, this program has been focused on what the democrats are doing with immigration and other critical issues for nearly two decades. Sixteen years ago the book "Men In Black" thoroughly explained how left-wing politics had eroded the Supreme Court. Now, Democrats have followed Chuck Schumer's lead to continue threatening the Court by expanding it to weaken it so that activist Justices can legislate from the bench. This program has always supported term limits for the Supreme Court, however, in the current political environment, it's being used to manipulate the power of the court not to protect its integrity. Democrats are using every instrumentality they can to move their unpopular agenda forward because they know they could never pass these measures legitimately. Then, James O' Keefe has been suspended from Twitter permanently. O'Keefe called in to discuss his plans to take legal action against Twitter for trying to silence him following the bombshell video his organization released on CNN's own admission of propaganda on hidden camera. Afterward, Dan McLaughlin from National Review calls in to discuss how the Democrat Party is wielding power through surrogates in big corporations. Finally, Congressman Lee Zeldin of New York joins the show to announce his campaign for Governor of New York and his plan to put NY back on track to save the state.
Apr 16, 2021
Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 4/14/21
On Wednesday's Mark Levin Show, it's shameful that a prosecutor would charge a police officer with manslaughter in the second degree. This is a crime that involves culpable negligence and consciously creating an unreasonable risk to endanger life. This standard wasn't but the mob is dragging our judicial system through the mud. Someone has to stand up for the police and this program is happy to do it. America doesn't need to "reimagine" law enforcement it needs to reimagine bail reform. Once the blue line is gone it's your front door that's next! Then, new facts have surfaced that Daunte Wright was wanted for aggravated assault and robbery as well as possession of an unregistered gun and was stopped for driving around with an expired license. Wright was facing 20 years in prison on his current charges.  Later, Sen. Ted Cruz calls to detail his experiences touring the over-capacity tent cities Biden built at the border. Migrants are sleeping on the grass and floors with a COVID positivity rate that is much higher than the rest of the state. Cruz added that President Biden's plan is to give the "crazies" in his Party whatever they want to get their support. This sacrifice comes with Biden and Kamala Harris turning a blind eye to the sexual abuse and humanitarian crisis at their border facilities as well as a terribly weak position on Middle East affairs. Afterward, House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy joins the show to discuss how House and Senate Democrats plan to introduce legislation to add four seats to the US Supreme Court. This is a scheme for democrats to hold onto power because they are afraid of losing their House majority in next year's midterm election. McCarthy added that despite all of Biden's talk about unity he's never spoken with McCarthy not even so much as a phone call.
Apr 15, 2021
Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 4/13/21
On Tuesday's Mark Levin Show, few in the media are condemning the looting, arson, and riots in Brooklyn Center, MN. When facts don't matter people will believe whatever they want to believe when they reject the facts. Despite the facts, BLM, Benjamin Crump, and the Mayor are adding fuel to the fire irrespective of the facts that are evident on the police body cam. The City manager has been fired for asking for due process, the Police Chief and the Officer involved in the shooting have both resigned. Interestingly, 81% of Black Americans do not want the police defunded and want more police according to a June Gallup Poll. However, some feel that the media enflames these situations by misrepresenting them and egging them on. Then, Democrats don't believe in infrastructure, they believe in empowering the Democrat Party and increasing the size of government. Also, former House Speaker John Boehner defends his sell-out tactics in Washington by taking shots at Mark Levin and Sean Hannity saying that their styles weren't conducive to his governing. Later, James O'Keefe's Project Veritas has caught CNN on hidden camera admitting to creating "propaganda" just to stop President Trump from being re-elected. CNN staff say that the directive comes from the top to "paint Biden" as healthy by showing clips of him jogging with his aviator glasses on during the campaign. The undercover video also reveals that activists have taken jobs at CNN just to get Trump out of office. O'Keefe suggests that CNN be honest and admit that they are the media arm of the Democrat Party.
Apr 14, 2021
Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 4/12/21
On Monday's Mark Levin Show, the fatal shooting in Minnesota was a horrific tragedy. The incident was caught on tape and is nothing like the George Floyd case. It clearly had nothing to do with systemic racism and the looters should be jailed accordingly. The mayor has fired the City Manager, Curt Boganey, for asking for due process. The media have already drawn their conclusions and done away with any form of due process.  When the Mayor fired Boganey he became part of the mob. Then, Tucker Carlson has been attacked by the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) for making 'White supremacist' comments. Yet, the truth is that Carlson's comments were based on the facts of what's happening at the border to change the voting demography of southern states. The ADL is led by a secular Jew and former Obama White House staffer that seemingly agreed with President Obama's anti-Semitic views. The ADL should fire their CEO, Jonathan Greenblatt! Later, Joe Biden is ramming through trillions of dollars that ultimately benefit his base, not the people. Everything is being done in the name of infrastructure even if it isn't. Congressional Republicans should reject any deals with the Democrats and play offense. Meanwhile, Democrats are seizing on the fecklessness of the GOP and working with large corporations to implement their leftist vision for voting laws.  
Apr 13, 2021
Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 4/9/21
On Friday’s Mark Levin Show, the keystone to our Republic is the separation of powers! Biden's proposal to pack the Supreme Court is in direct opposition to what the founders of this nation intended. Democrats have historically been against the founding of this country, always trying to rejigger society. Whether it was their creation of the KKK, Jim Crow laws and their opposition to the Civil rights act, or their constant encroachments of the federal Constitutional. This was done to defeat the tyranny of the mob. Federalist 51 states, "This policy of supplying, by opposite and rival interests, the defect of better motives, might be traced through the whole system of human affairs, private as well as public. We see it particularly displayed in all the subordinate distributions of power, where the constant aim is to divide and arrange the several offices in such a manner as that each may be a check on the other that the private interest of every individual may be a sentinel over the public rights." Then, progressive like President Woodrow Wilson, a segregationist, have always embraced Karl Marx. Marxism is the most widely spread ideology of the 20th century and its responsible for the deaths and poverty of tens of millions. Later, Court-packing requires a Constitutional amendment. This whole fiasco led by the democrats is to threaten the current Justices on the court via the media. Leftist Democrats in the media have called for the resignation of Justice Breyer for speaking up to defend the independence of the Supreme Court. Afterward, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez makes a gross comparison of the previous four years of Trump's administration and the horrific slaughter known as the Holocaust.
Apr 10, 2021
Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 4/8/21
On Thursday's Mark Levin Show, Democrats sit on their hands as VP Harris does nothing while children are being sexually assaulted in federal facilities. They criticized President Trump for his bold action at the border, but never before have we seen a President like Biden who puts the sovereignty of the country in jeopardy because of his weak stance on national security. Biden won't call the border a crisis but he'll say we have a "gun crisis." Then, John Lott, President of the Crime Prevention Research Center, calls in to discuss the absurdity of Biden's comments on gun control. Lott added that crime is increasing due to "progressive' policies that have let criminals out of prison and back on the street as well as Democrat politicians defunding police departments across the country. Gun control won't stop criminals who don't obey the law. Later, Stanley Kurtz calls in to discuss Biden’s plan to end suburban single-family zoning. Afterward, Biden has all but agreed to end sanctions on Iran. Congressional Republicans put a hold on $75 million of the newly reinstated US aid to the Palestinians. Republicans argue that funding Palestinians violates anti-terror laws.
Apr 09, 2021
Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 4/7/21
On Wednesday's Mark Levin Show, Jim Crow Joe (Biden) is busy undermining this republic in every way that he can. Inhuman chaos at the border, massive debt with trillions spent every month, and crippling tax increases. Biden believes that using racist language will ingratiate him with the African American and Latino communities. Biden's next move will be on limiting the second amendment rights of law-abiding citizens. Biden is incapable of leading this great nation while our enemies are on the move. Russia, China, and Iran are focused on advancing their military and financial agendas while America has a weak leader. Later, now is not the time to be passive on the issues. America needs modern-day Thomas Paine’s. Don't be shy or silenced by your enemies. If the media attacks, you push back! Attend your school board meetings and demand to see the curricula so you know what your children are being taught. The holocaust-denying left wants to teach your children to hate themselves and their country. Afterward, on this 80th Anniversary of the Holocaust (Yom Hashoah) Biden is giving the green light to Iran to continue their nuclear program.
Apr 08, 2021
Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 4/6/21
On Tuesday’s Mark Levin show, President Biden is the dumbest, nastiest, President ever, he's a lair who doesn’t care about America. MLB has pulled their All-Star game from a city that is 51% Black to a city that is 76.1% White. The Democrat party has been a racist party since its inception and uses people because of their race. Democrats abandoned individual responsibility a long time ago. Yet, they lie and say that this isn't about taking over and weakening our voting system for their political gain, but that it is all about "new Jim Crow laws" - their actions speak louder than their words. Biden's history as a supporter of segregationists and his affinity for left-wing pablum is antithetical to the civil rights movement. Biden is obsessed with picking at the scab of race because Biden has always been a racist. In 1977 Biden worried that de-segregation would cause his children to grow up in what he called a "racial jungle." Later, Iran is celebrating as they move ahead with their nuclear program and Biden's team only helps them to achieve it. Iran and the US are now in agreement on their path to a nuclear program. Afterward, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis joins the show to explain how the media disreputably smeared him when they deceptively edited his comments on Florida's vaccine distribution with a very reputable retail pharmacy chain. DeSantis added that Anthony Fauci has never contacted him to learn how his administration was so successful in keeping the economy open and following the science to keep infection rates down. DeSantis says President Donald Trump is the one that deserves the credit for the vaccine.
Apr 07, 2021
Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 4/5/21
On Monday's Mark Levin Show, President Biden's administration is redefining language to justify his horrific policies. Marxists lie over and over again until people believe it. The word infrastructure has always meant physical structures like roads, bridges, tunnels, and airports. Yet, a big percentage of the bill has nothing to do with infrastructure. This is the biggest rip-off of the American people by redistributing the wealth of red states to blue states in order to weaken the Republican party so they can have one-party control. Democrats didn't just stop at redefining the meaning of infrastructure but they're redefining, racism, gender, and a plethora of others. The left defined the term trickle-down economics which does not exist, the American economy works from the bottom up because the consumers decide where and how they will spend their money, what Biden is creating is a trickle-down government economy that reaches the people last, not first. Then, why does George Soros attack America? Soros is so wealthy because he manipulates currency and is betting against America. Later, Lebron James would rather speak about systemically racist America than systemically genocidal communist China. Lebron is a typical liberal and a fraud. Major League Baseball has now entered into an agreement with a Chinese firm backed by the Communist Party of China. Texas Governor Greg Abbott rejects MLB in Texas from throwing out the first pitch to hosting an all-star game. Afterward, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis corrects the media's fake narrative on vaccine distribution after CBS News's 60 Minutes airs deceptively edited clip to push disinformation. DeSantis lauded the Publix supermarket chain and pharmacies as the most successful vaccine distribution option for Florida's seniors.
Apr 06, 2021
Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 4/2/21
On Friday's Mark Levin Show, a Capitol police officer was murdered in an attack outside the Capitol, strangely there was no mention of the attacker who drove his car into a barricade before attacking others with a long knife. The killer identified as Noah Green a follower of Minister Louis Farrakhan's Nation of Islam. In the recent Atlanta shooting it was immediately repeated by the media that the shooter was a white male, including in remarks from a visit from President Biden and Vice President Harris. This begs the question: what are the politicians doing to this country? Then, in response to the new voter laws in the State of Georgia, Major League Baseball (MLB) has decided to cancel their mid-season all-star game at the suggestion of Biden. The Georgia law expands voting times and prevents groups that are electioneering from influencing voters by distributing anything of value to anyone waiting in line. Later, Sen. Mike Lee calls in to explain the need to push back on these corporations like MLB that have monopolized their industries and potentially violated anti-trust laws. Corporations should not engage in the malicious propaganda known as woke-ism. Afterward, author Steve Deace joins the show to discuss his new book Faucian Bargain: The Most Powerful and Dangerous Bureaucrat in American History. Deace highlights Anthony Fauci's hypocrisy and how the data has always shown the death rate to be less than one percent. Deace is calling for Congress to assemble a 9/11-style commission to investigate Fauci-ism and lockdown-ism.
Apr 03, 2021
Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 4/1/21
On Thursday’s The Mark Levin Show, Joe Biden has been a race baiter his entire political career, and he’s doing it again now lying about the Georgia voting bill, calling it Jim Crow on steroids and un-American. Biden and Jen Psaki keep lying about how it restricts voting, despite expanding early voter access and making it easier to vote. Even the CEOs of Delta and Coca Cola are calling for boycotts to Georgian businesses. Woke-ism and the left is trying to make an example out of Georgia in order to stop other Republican state legislatures from daring to constitutionally take back their voting system. Also, the Biden administration is doing gymnastics to explain how the infrastructure bill barely contains actual infrastructure. Jen Psaki has to sell the bill as a once in a lifetime investment, taking a page out of the FDR progressive playbook. The infrastructure bill is just another way to empower centralized government and politicians. Later, the rampant inhumanity of small children being thrown over the border wall is disgusting, but President Biden and the media would rather continue to ignore this crisis. Biden’s reckless border policy is hurting Latinos on both sides of the border.
Apr 02, 2021
Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 3/31/21
On Wednesday's Mark Levin Show, Marxism is fascism for the elite dressed up as a people's movement. The Biden Administration and democrats are destroying this country and they're trying to raise taxes and run out the clock because they realize that they may lose some power in the midterms. President Biden is an autocrat that is implementing the neo-Marxist agenda of the radical left-wing of his party. Spending trillions of dollars and working to make permanent the changes they've made in the name of the coronavirus. America will pay a price for flooding the border zone with massive amounts of people as we erroneously attempt to spend our way into prosperity through the American Rescue Plan. This is about the United States of the Democrat Party, not the United States of America. Then, a recent Levin surge to stop Al Sharpton's propaganda has succeeded and your calls to Joe Manchin helped to oppose passing the huge bill on party lines. Biden now says that he is willing to break the bill into small bills to get it passed. Later, Economist Steve Moore joins the show to discuss Biden's horrendous infrastructure plan. Moore highlighted that the way Biden's plan is being presented isn't true and it's a clear display of big government in action. Moore says all of this absurd spending will lead to a crisis if the public doesn't rise up in another Tea Party movement. Afterward, Victor David Hanson calls in to discuss the detriment that inflation would have on the American economy as a result of Biden's atrocious tax increases and spending bills. Hanson remarked that Democrats reject the need for popular support from the people in favor of using raw power to push their measures by any means as if this were a socialist system.
Apr 01, 2021
Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 3/30/21
On Tuesday's Mark Levin Show, President Biden and VP Harris and absent from view and responsibility regarding the disaster at the southern border. The current crisis is a thousand times worse than anything that occurred under the Trump administration. Then, is it possible for former officer Derek Chauvin to receive due process? Even if jurors are sequestered, the general public is not and CNN and other media outlets have re-played the video incessantly. Witnesses testified in open court that they saw their loved ones in place of George Floyd while recalling the incident. Irrespective of Floyd's toxicology report, what Chauvin did here was abominable. Later, Americans have a right to know what our government is doing and the Neo-Marxist Democrats are doing whatever they want behind the scenes. They are trying to conquer the individual, free will, and our voting system by way of their government power. Afterward, a teacher is caught on tape coercing a student to say he sees race in a picture after the student simply said all he saw was two people. This flies in the face of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King's dream of people being judged by the content of their character and not by the color of their skin.
Mar 31, 2021
Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 3/29/21
On Monday's Mark Levin Show, Anthony Fauci deserves criticism for spending more time on television than at his desk studying infectious diseases. Fauci is only in charge of infectious diseases, not all science and public health, yet many might think he did. Now, Fauci is taking credit for the decision to develop the coronavirus vaccine. The fact is that he simply was not the decision-maker here, it was Donald Trump that made these decisions and for him to suggest that it was his choice is a bald-faced lie. Then, immigration continues to plague the southern border and President Biden remains ineffective while deflecting the blame on Trump. Sen. Ted Cruz was blocked from providing oversight at border facilities by a highly trained activist preventing any reporting or photography. Later, on March 26, 2020, a brave whistleblower called into this program and broke the story of what Gov. Andrew Cuomo was doing by executive order to the senior citizens in nursing homes in New York State. The deadly decision was a fatal failure for approximately 15,000 elderly patients, even though only 6,500 patient deaths were reported by the Cuomo administration. Afterward, Sen. Ron Johnson calls in to discuss how the left is comparing ICE to the Ku Klux Klan. Johnson remarked that the media plastered emotional messaging about 'kids in cages' during Trump's presidency but seem to give Biden a pass for doing much worse. Finally, Gov. Mike Dunleavy calls in to explain that Alaska is taking rightful ownership over navigable waters and other areas within Alaska that are currently federally controlled. He also announces that Alaska is considering becoming a sanctuary state because they will not help the federal government disarm Alaskans.
Mar 30, 2021
Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 3/26/21
On Friday's Mark Levin Show, President Biden is a pathological liar and did so intentionally at his press conference because he had it all written down on notecards. Biden lied through his teeth about the border. Imagine such an overwhelming strain on our system causing a collapse in America, would the Democrats treat American citizens the way they are treating the children at the border? Then, Democrats seek to weaken the election system to the point of destroying it, and if one dares disagree they are said to be supporting Jim Crow. This doesn't advance any cause, it's just plain evil. Later, the facts simply don't support any of the claims that the recent shootings in Colorado and Georgia were racially motivated. They were not. Yet, Biden will use these tragedies as an excuse for a political power-grab via Executive Order. Also, President Ronald Reagan's assassination attempt occurred 40 years ago this month. The media hated him, the RINO's hated him, and the diabolical movement with the left hated him. They haven't changed, they just have new targets - liberty and the American people. Afterward, former White House Advisor Stephen Miller calls in to explain how Biden's handler's engineered his press conference. Miller added that Biden's assertion that there isn't any increase is false and that the number of people pouring into the country amounts to an entire city high school per day.
Mar 27, 2021
Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 3/25/21
On Thursday's Mark Levin Show, at his very first press conference, President Biden learned from President Obama how to filibuster his answers by droning on and on. Biden falsely describes the HR-1 Bill as a remnant of Jim Crow. The Democrats don't have any principles and all they want is power. The filibuster has nothing to do with race yet Al Sharpton is going after two Senators for disagreeing with their Democrat colleagues on destroying the filibuster. All Americans should call Sen. Joe Manchin and Sen. Kyrsten Sinema and respectfully request that they support the filibuster and reject any moves to kill it. Then, Fox News contributor Joe Concha calls in to explain why Biden danced around the friendly questions from the social activists posing as reporters in his very first press conference. Concha agreed that it seemed very curious that in the four decades that Biden was in Congress he never took any action to change the filibuster. Later, the border is still a mess and the Democrats will not admit that they are bringing in immigrants to turn red states into blue states and will use these migrants to get it done. The Biden administration has only allowed the media into one facility and they barely pushback at the lack of transparency.
Mar 26, 2021
Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 3/24/21
On Wednesday's Mark Levin Show, the anti-democratic, unconstitutional proposal known as the For The People Act (House Resolution 1/Senate Resolution 1), which will change elections for generations, is being pushed in a Senate Committee. Sen. Chuck Schumer is likening any opposition to the bill as efforts that are akin to the Jim Crow laws. To his credit, Sen Mitch McConnell is fighting this. This bill seizes power from states and eliminates election safeguards like accurate registration lists, eliminating precincts, and no longer requiring citizenship to vote, all to ensure that absolutely anyone can vote - even if they're not supposed to. This destroys one's franchise because illegal votes cancel out legitimately cast votes. The Democrat lies of Jim Crow comparisons will destroy the American electoral system. Then, Sen. Mike Lee joins the show to discuss the HR-1 bill which is a perpetual political domination by the Democrat Party. Lee calls the proposed law the Illegal Voting Act and likened it to the 100-year reign of one political party in neighboring Mexico due to similar political gamesmanship in the previous century. Lee contends that HR-1 can be stopped and explains what's on the line. Later, Biden's insatiable quest to become the biggest neo-Marxist President with aims to outdo FDR and Barack Obama is a raw thirst for his own legacy. Democrats are using a web of non-profit political groups to slowly destroy the filibuster and so much of our country by painting everything they can as 'racist.'
Mar 25, 2021
Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 3/23/21
On Tuesday's Mark Levin Show, President Biden said that America is systemically racist and xenophobic and that Americans are hateful people when speaking of the shooting in Georgia. Biden, the Democrats, and the media have become so pernicious, notice how they ignore the background of the Colorado shooter and the backgrounds of the victims because they don't drive their narrative. Biden shifts gears from race to gun control; if they can't racialize and exploit and tribalize people, they're not interested. All one has to do is look at the mass shootings of African Americans that occur each weekend in Chicago, New York, and Los Angeles to name a few. Biden has obscured these gun control bills and is in a rush to pass them before anyone can read them because he's taking advantage of inflamed emotions over these horrific recent events. Corporatists have embraced socialism, they sided with the left on free speech and now they're on their own. Later, the media has not explored the fact that the Colorado gunman traveled 20 miles from his home to get to the King Sooper grocery store where he murdered 10 people in the Table Mesa section of Boulder, Co. Given Andy Ngo's reporting, the Colorado shooter, Ahmad Al Aliwi Alissa supported radical Islamist elements. Was there any significance in the fact that King Sooper's sells Kosher foods and has a Kosher Bakery?
Mar 24, 2021
Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 3/22/21
On Monday’s Mark Levin Show, when America was founded the purpose of government was to be quiet and out of our way, but now it’s all about what the government wants to do to us. Now President Biden has a $3 trillion spending plan that he wants to get passed fast before we know what’s taking place. They’re in a hurry to sign all these massive bills with hidden stuff that will change our lives forever before we even know what’s in them.  What they’re doing is going to damage the country and forever change America. Biden is destroying future generations because of the narcissism of the Democrat party. Not only do they do what they do knowingly, they lie with impunity. This entire effort is led by one political party in Washington DC, who don’t care about what happens to the citizens in border states or even about the children that are coming across illegally. They won’t even allow media access into the reception centers to see how bad this crisis is. The democrat party has become an evil anti-American party, and the media is their tyrannical mouthpiece. Also, Janet Yellen is promoting a global minimum tax. Other countries are salivating at how we are destroying our economic system. There is nothing the Democrat party won’t do to this country to empower themselves. The US Chamber of Commerce has gone to the dark side and endorses this disastrous policy. Later, J Christian Adams calls in to discuss shocking information about the Pentagon’s radical transformation under the Biden administration.
Mar 23, 2021
Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 3/19/21
On Friday's Mark Levin Show, President Biden pretends to be the great uniter while he does everything he can to divide this nation. Biden gave a speech laying blame on Donald Trump for the horrific murders of six Asians and two Whites at a massage parlor. Biden's speech to racialize this horrific Atlanta shooting is the latest attempt to further divide this nation despite the FBI saying that the shooting was not a racially-motivated crime. State and local law enforcement do not believe that race was a motivator in this attack, but the suspect's mental illness, yet the Democrat's evil demagoguery continues. Then, China has no respect for Biden and they don't fear America with him as President. At a meeting in Anchorage, AK the Chinese propagandists came prepared with CNN quips and regurgitated Democrat talking points to insult America in face of Secretary of State Blinken. Biden's approach to foreign policy is amateurish. Later, Admiral Brett Giroir, M.D. joins the show to explain how the Trump administration contracted for 900 million vaccine doses, retail distribution, 70,000 vaccine sites, partnerships with private pharmaceutical companies, and lined up support from the National Guard to administer and deliver the vaccines. Giroir added that he held over 300 transition meetings in Washington, DC, and left all of this work ready for the Biden administration to just "press a button" to activate the distribution plan. Giroir was clear, "there's infection control and then there's what's good for the country...President Trump was the best thing for saving lives and the numbers prove that."
Mar 20, 2021
Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 3/18/21
On Thursday's Mark Levin Show, But for Donald Trump, the American people wouldn't have a vaccine right now. President Biden is taking credit for Trump's Operation Warp Speed because he can't take credit for what he's actually done - nothing. Biden's policies are hurting America; he’s siding with teacher unions while keeping kids out of school. Pushing mask mandates that even doctors like Rand Paul have called out for being political theater. Once an individual has a vaccine there is no evidence to suggest a re-infection of COVID. Other experts like the epidemiologist, Dr. John Ioannidis, who was right all along about herd immunity, were initially accused of being inaccurate. As Rand Paul points out, Anthony Fauci is following the science of conjecture not the science of facts. Then, Joy Reid falsely claimed that Republicans are afraid of brown people coming to America, not immigration, per se. Would it then be logical to ask if Democrats want brown kids to be raped and imprisoned in the Biden Administration's shipping containers? Why do these neo-Marxists like Reid keep stereotyping minorities? Later, Chris Horner, senior fellow at the Competitive Enterprise Institute, joins the show to discuss how Democrats are circumventing everything from the electoral college to implementing the Green New Deal in through the back door. Horner adds that all of the changes democrats seek wouldn't reduce global or atmospheric temperatures. Afterward, critical race theory is a hateful, anti-Semitic, racist ideology that attacks 'whiteness' and is now being accepted by Gov Chris Sununu and other left-wing politicians pushing it into public school curriculums.
Mar 19, 2021
Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 3/17/21
On Wednesday's Mark Levin Show, the IRS has distributed 90 million stimulus checks to 158 million households totaling over $240 Billion. This was completely unnecessary and the democrats have another vote-buying scheme lined up to distribute even more wealth. These tyrannical fascistic Democrats are at war with the American way of life. Then, President Biden breaks his silence in an interview with George Stephanopoulos, of all people, and contradicts his 2019 statements that the border-crossers need to surge the border so they can be heard. Now in the friendliest interview ever, Biden tells Stephanopolous that he never told any migrants to come to the border. Later, Julie Kelly from American Greatness calls in to discuss how bail is being denied for some of those arrested for involvement in the January 6th riots. Kelly reports that the charges are an overreach as they're charging people felonies instead of misdemeanors. The prosecution even went as far as outrageously saying that because the defendants didn't accept the outcome of the election, they are flight risks and will not accept the laws of the US as a result either. Afterward, US Senator Ron Johnson joins the show and explains how the left is attacking him with out-of-context smears. Johnson added that the left is trying to paint all of the voters that supported President Trump as armed insurrectionists and he refused to allow these lies to go unanswered.
Mar 18, 2021
Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 3/16/21
On Tuesday’s Mark Levin Show, Democrats want big, bold, fast change so they can re-make the country. They will label all who oppose eliminating the filibuster rule as racists. Yet it's the Democrats that are the party of racism, Jim Crow, and the KKK. The filibuster rule is a bulwark for liberty and is used by politicians on both sides for the purpose of debate. Democrats want to end this so they can make power-grabs in Congress and not have to explain themselves to anyone. Then, the real pandemic is the Democrat Party. Chuck Schumer aims to bring legislation to require background checks for the loaning of firearms. This is in addition to the federal background check that is imposed at the purchase of the firearm. Later, artifacts found in Israel, and in what the media erroneously calls "the occupied West Bank" show that coins and other items date back to ancient Israel. This discovery proves this land is not occupied. Afterward, Sen. Ted Cruz calls in to discuss Biden's border crisis which now has more unaccompanied minors in federal government custody than ever before. This dangerous border crisis falls squarely on the shoulders of Biden. Cruz also mentioned that the US needs to go to the next Olympics in China and kick some butt!
Mar 17, 2021
Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 3/15/21
On Monday's Mark Levin Show, the general will and the common good were the basis for the French Revolution which destroyed its society, unlike the American Revolution which stood to defend our society against monarchic tyranny. Marxist autocrats have spent a generation trying to undo our Constitution and they attack the first, second, and tenth amendments savagely and it continues today. The US Constitutional system is the only legitimate form of government in our nation. The farmers relied on the separation of powers to avoid mob rule and rule by the monarchy, this is why they gave power to the people through the legislature and it's exactly why legislatures are being usurped when it comes to voting laws. Then, the US federal government is the largest employer and debtor in America and President Biden and the Democrats want to raise your taxes just to make it bigger. The failures of Democrat-run cities and states have just been financed by all taxpayers. Later, 40% of small business owners can't find workers because of stimulus payments and add-ons. Biden and Democrats have used the virus as a pretext to create these permanent entitlements. This is the Cloward-Piven strategy of overloading the system and crashing the system, so they can blame the system as they grab power. Afterward, the Washington Post has been forced to be honest and publish a retraction. It turns out that the story that Trump pressured State officials to "find the fraud" was false. The conversation was recorded by a state investigator and the investigator deleted the recording of the call. The audio file was retrieved from the state investigator's trash bin.
Mar 16, 2021
Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 3/12/21
On Friday’s Mark Levin Show, Ben Ferguson of WREC fills in for Mark. We’re 50 days into the Biden administration, and we’ve got a border crisis, skyrocketing gas prices, stagnant unemployment rates, rising opioid deaths, and back into wars in the Middle East. Our schools are still shut down but our borders are wide open, with more kids in cages than ever before. The $1.9 trillion Covid relief bill is paid for by us; the government just robbed us so we can get 9 cents for every dollar spent, and we’re supposed to say thank you. In his news conference, Joe Biden said he might give us the right to celebrate the 4th of July with our families in our backyards. It’s insane if you believe government can allow you to celebrate a holiday. If Biden wants us to get vaccines, he can’t give us conditions on what we can and can’t do afterward. Also, Andrew Cuomo is now an outsider to the Democrat insider family, just like in the Godfather movies he’s out of the circle. None of this is about the sexual assault allegations, but politics and figuring out what they’re supposed to say. This isn’t about right and wrong or cleaning things up for the left, but to take his power.
Mar 13, 2021
Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 3/11/21
On Wednesday's Mark Levin Show, do we as a country love our children? This is the most selfish generation and we are destroying their futures. This COVID ‘relief’ bill will lead to massive tax increases and other unintended consequences. This money they are giving away isn't free, it has consequences, this insane reckless spending isn’t necessary. Then, the General Accounting Office (GAO) has examined Trump's Operation Warp Speed and has determined that it was a remarkable success. The report confirms that Trump's administration ordered 800 million doses of the vaccine from various pharmaceutical companies. Going a step further the Trump administration secured partnerships with pharmacy chains like CVS and Walgreens to fast-track the distribution of the vaccine. The Biden Administration has done little-to-nothing of value regarding the vaccine. The truth is that the Trump Team saved millions of American lives. Later, Congressman Thomas Massie joins the show to discuss the left's latest assault on the Second Amendment. Massie also noted that the model used for Operation Warp Speed was successful and that it should be used for other products to combat the virus. Massie said that the amount of money spent in this bill should have afforded $85,000 per family and instead these families will be $85,000 in debt. Afterward, House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy calls in and warns that absolute power corrupts absolutely. Biden and Congressional Democrats are putting up fences around the Capitol while trying to tear down the border wall. They are opening the border and shutting down schools.
Mar 12, 2021
Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 3/10/21
On Wednesday's Mark Levin Show, President Biden and the democrats are promoting massive changes to the culture and our society with no scrutiny from the media. People claim to be tired of the news about the British monarchy, yet no one is discussing the American monarchy that's hard at work right in front of us. Biden has signed one executive order after the next. Then, Biden tries to include the vaccines as part of his American Rescue Plan when the whole world knows that it was President Trump's Operation Warp Speed that produced these vaccines. What's been developed under Biden is an immigration crisis and a national security crisis with China. Later, Donald Trump Jr joins the show and says that the teacher's unions are now what drives 'science.' He added that illegal immigrants have more rights in this country than citizens. Trump Jr. blasted Biden for signing more executive orders in his first year than Trump or any other President thus far. He also noted that he isn't ruling out a future run for office. Afterward, a seventh woman has now accused NY Governor Andrew Cuomo of aggressively groping her under her blouse after luring her to his office under the pretext of claiming he needed assistance with his mobile phone. Cuomo denies any wrongdoing. Finally, the President of Mexico has called Biden the "migrant President" blaming him for the increases at the border which provide opportunities for cartels and human traffickers.
Mar 11, 2021
Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 3/9/21
On Tuesday's Mark Levin Show, everything President Biden is doing is undermining America and empowering the Democrat party with his neo-Marxist agenda. Biden and the Democrats reject federalism, individualism, and liberty. Democrats embrace monarchical fascism, authoritarianism, and central power. HR 1 is a perfect example of a power-grab of central authority. Democrats want nothing to do with Edmond Burke, Montesquieu, de Tocqueville, or Locke instead they worship Marx, Engels, and Bell. Also, the American media is not independent or righteous, they are propagandists dedicated to spreading tyranny in America. Then, Bernie Sanders says that 'extremist Republicans' are behind the movement to recall California Gov. Gavin Newsom. Afterward, Nancy Pelosi is the least popular politician in America according to an NRCC poll.
Mar 10, 2021
Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 3/8/21
On Monday's Mark Levin Show, under House Resolution 1 (HR-1) and Senate Resolution 1 (SR-1) Democrats aim to impose the most corrupt voting system ever. Democrats went into battleground states in 2020 and destroyed their electoral systems, not to protect minorities, but to protect the Biden campaign by usurping the federal Constitution. Legislatures are pushing back to regain their laws and President Biden is using segregationist rhetoric on them for it. If people are not on board with torching your electoral system Biden will call you a bigot. Biden is now seizing authority from the states to change voting laws and processes, in effect institutionalizing fraud, and it does nothing to help minority voters. Then, the US Supreme Court is corrupt and cowardly. Justices Roberts, Amy Coney-Barrett, and Brett Kavanaugh have turned out to be huge disappointments that have succumbed to threats of pressure from the left. Later, the media has been covering up for Democrats for decades. Now, they're covering for Biden despite his inability to serve as President. Biden can't even remember who runs the military! Afterward, equality and equity are dissimilar, so why do Democrats focus on it so much? In order to institute equity, one can't treat people equally as human beings. Instead, they are recognized for their skin color, for their genitalia, and what they do with their genitalia. This focus on inequity is where Democrats thrive and Biden is having a field day with Executive Orders to address the "systemic bias" they promote.
Mar 09, 2021
Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 3/5/21
On Friday’s Mark Levin Show, we have an absolute disaster on the southern border and the Biden administration doesn't consider it a crisis. President Biden has created open borders, effectively eliminated ICE, and is allowing illegal aliens to pour into border towns, some of them infected with COVID. He is creating anarchy on the border and making it impossible to secure this nation. Biden has created this situation, and Washington Democrats are thrilled. Biden is a human wrecking ball, destroying our institutions, with the media cheering it on. Energy prices are already rising and pressure on inflation is on the horizon. Our schools and health systems will be overrun with this kind of immigration, and we will be the ones to suffer. The country is going down the tubes all so the Democratic party can take total control. If Biden were to run for president again today, after weeks of lying to America from his basement, he’d lose in a landslide. Later, Gordon Chang speaks with Mark about the likelihood of China attacking Taiwan and if America should help Japan arm up their military.
Mar 06, 2021
Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 3/4/21
On Thursday's Mark Levin Show, Why aren't the DC Metro Police having their funding slashed? Is it because politicians' lives are more important than any other citizen's? Weren't the riots of last summer much worse than the January 6th riot? Unlike last summer, not a single firearm has been recovered by the FBI in their investigation into the Capitol Building riot. While the left calls this an "insurrection" there were no firearms. Yet, the DC Police are getting an increase to their budget in addition to the 6,000 National Guardsmen and razor wire fences currently protecting the Capitol. Nancy Pelosi called federal law enforcement officers "storm troopers" except when they're protecting her. Then, the latest installment of the 2 trillion dollar COVID relief bill was passed straight down party lines with Kamala Harris making the tie-breaking vote. Similarly, the H.R. 1 Bill is fashioned the greatest voting reform effort of modern times, likely because it guts the country's voting system. Anthony Fauci says schools need to update their heating ventilation and air-conditioning systems so the COVID funding is warranted. Yet, in July 2020 several pediatricians said they'd send their kids back to school, and that was before there were therapeutics and vaccines. Afterward, Dr. Marc Siegel joins the show to discuss the latest coronavirus developments in Texas and other parts of the country. Siegel praised Governor DeSantis for his leadership in managing the infection in the state of Florida and pointed to the hypocrisy of the Biden Administration.
Mar 05, 2021
Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 3/3/21
On Wednesday's Mark Levin Show, 108 illegal immigrants at the border have tested positive for the coronavirus and President Biden is letting them into the United States. Biden hasn't done a damn thing to fight this virus. Democrats sit back and regulate honest taxpaying citizens while allowing communicable diseases to enter the country. Then, Democrats reject our economic system and want to blow out the filibuster. Stacy Abrams falsely says Republicans want to go back to the Jim Crow era while they work to destroy the electoral college. The H.R. 1 Bill is wrong and misstates the filibuster rule which dates back to the debate in ancient Rome. Later, Republican Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy joins the show to explain that Democrats are now pushing for a voting age of 16 years old and increased public funds for future elections. Afterward, Benjamin Netanyahu continues to be targeted by activist prosecutors. The tyranny and persecution against Jews in that region rages on, while the Israelis have the firepower to flatten Gaza they show restraint.  
Mar 04, 2021
Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 3/2/21
On Tuesday's Mark Levin Show, President Biden is trying to get in front of the coronavirus to create the appearance that he's ramping things up with vaccine production. Biden claims all adults will be vaccinated by end of May 2021. The reality is that Donald Trump bought hundreds of millions of vaccines from 7 different companies, including Johnson & Johnson and Merck to hedge against potentially ineffective vaccines from each vendor. Biden and his aide, Ron Klain, are clueless about what needs to be done and what was done by the Trump Administration. Then, if the left is offended by Dr. Seuss, Curious George, the Muppets, or Mr. Potato Head they can go to hell. Cancel culture is ruing our society and that is what must be canceled. Later, the left increase property taxes to pay for the salaries, pensions, and medical benefits of teachers that are not in class. Dr. Jill Biden knows Joe isn't capable of running the United States and she does nothing about it. Afterward, HR 1 bill is the actualization of the Cloward-Piven strategy to overwhelm the system. This new law would register multiple ineligible voters including illegal aliens since there'd be no voter ID requirements. The Democrats got it wrong on slavery, then the Holocaust, and now this.
Mar 03, 2021
Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 3/1/21
On Monday's Mark Levin Show, Kathy Hochul is the luckiest Lieutenant Governor in America; she is first in the line of succession for Governor in NY. The left wants to push Andrew Cuomo out and replace him with one of their more radical democrats. Also, the media has largely failed to accurately report on the mishandling of the Biden Administration's vaccine distribution. Then, Democrats' open-borders immigration policies incite lawlessness and coyotes to smuggle kidnapped children across the border. Assimilation has been replaced by 'Critical Race Theory' and the notion of 'White Privilege.' Later, the news of Jamal Khashoggi's death by the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia has been leaked out so that the Biden Administration can weaken US ties with Saudi Arabia and strengthen ties with Iran. Iran is a grave threat and cannot be ignored. Afterward, former President Trump took to the stage at CPAC 2021 pushing back on the Democrats calling them anti-job anti-science, anti-family, anti-borders, and anti-women. Highlighting Biden's reversals of his most successful policies.
Mar 02, 2021
Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 2/26/21
On Friday’s Mark Levin Show, the Republican Party is still Donald Trump’s party! Never Trumpers, RINOs, and the media despise this but it doesn’t matter because it’s not their party. The longer Joe Biden is president the clearer it becomes how many outstanding things Trump did as president, and the further left Biden goes the more people miss Trump. The media and the Washington establishment don’t understand that Trump’s contempt for them reflects our contempt for them. They’re so concerned about Trump and CPAC, but why? Because Biden is a screwup, lying about vaccines. The majority of the American people are smart enough to see what’s going on. Also, the proposed $1.9 Trillion Democrat Coronavirus bill would give Federal employees $1400/week for 15 weeks to stay home with their kids and have them attend virtual school, and we would be paying for all of it. It is the politicians, mostly left-wing politicians, who are creating an impossible future for this country, and it’s all wrapped up in the sake of righteousness. There is no reason for such a massive bill when the economy is on the rebound, which will be destroyed by more government spending. Later, Mark talks with Matt Schlapp about the CPAC conference and the future of the Conservative Party. Finally, Sen Mike Lee calls in to discuss his great speech at CPAC today.
Feb 27, 2021
Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 2/25/21
On Thursday’s Mark Levin Show, Barack Obama and Bruce Springsteen are preaching reparations as a way to redistribute wealth to people that mostly vote Democrat. Obama has never led any movement to unify the country. We can’t allow this kind of blatant racism to be passé and normalized. If we’re ever going to have reparations, it’s the responsibility of Democrats, since they were the party that supported slavery. The Democrat party has surrendered whatever integrity they have and decided that critical race theory and race training is their new base. They will surrender the working class for illegal immigrants, who will then become future Democrat voters. The Left has corrupted our institutions and schools and we’re paying for all of it. Also, there is a push for TV companies to stop service for some news networks, like Fox News, Newsmax, and OANN, because of how they cover certain topics like election fraud and the events on January 6th. These attacks on a free media is unbelievable. Later, little kids should not be able to decide if they get a sex change operation. Rachel Levine, who has transitioned from a man to a woman, is become Biden’s nominee for the department of health and human services, which shows exactly what he’s all about. A society and culture who believes that minors should make decisions about hormones and operations without parental consent is in decline.
Feb 26, 2021
Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 2/24/21
On Wednesday's Mark Levin Show, Liz Cheney is positioning herself as a Republican in order to sabotage Donald Trump insisting that Trump has no place attending CPAC. Cheney is affable, however, her autocratic position on Trump is wrong. Then, Tiger Woods is an example of American exceptionalism in our society. Woods' career is an American success story that exemplifies how hard work merits the accolades he's garnered, not his race. Later, Jewish people are under attack in New York City and throughout our culture. Anti-Semitic tropes, and those that utter them, are becoming more frequent in today's media and entertainment as well as in key government positions. NBC's 'Saturday Night Live' and one of their dramas 'Nurses' partook in a mockery of the Jewish people and their faith this week and the media is silent. Afterward, Andrew Cuomo has been accused by a former staffer of sexual harassment, which is a credible allegation just like the allegations made against Joe Biden by Tara Reade. What Biden allegedly did doesn’t come close to what Cuomo did, so why was the media silent on Biden?
Feb 25, 2021
Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 2/23/21
On Tuesday's Mark Levin Show, pro golfer Tiger Woods was in a car accident and is undergoing leg surgery at one of Los Angeles' top trauma hospitals. Then, the deadly riot at the Capitol on January 6th was led by a small group of agitators hidden within a large crowd. According to one expert military strategist, these organized provocateurs were well prepared and had few barriers to overcome amidst the siege. Later, there's a liar in the White House and he's protected by allied propagandists in the media. Contrary to popular Belief Anthony Fauci is only in charge of infectious diseases not all medical science in America. Dr. Francis Collins, Fauci's boss, says that he gives a lot of credit to the Trump Administration for Operation Warp Speed. Afterward, John Kerry and other wealthy politicians will prostitute any issue they can to further enrich themselves while undermining their office and the American people. Meanwhile, Peter Doocy is one of few reporters in the White House asking Jen Paski the tough questions that need to be asked on illegal immigration and other critical matters.
Feb 24, 2021
Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 2/22/21
On Monday's Mark Levin Show, President Joe Biden is addressing the nation because coronavirus deaths are reported to have surpassed the half-million mark. A virus from communist China that's unleashed in America was not our choice, but for many Democrats, abortion is their choice. Donald Trump has consequently been one of the strongest pro-life presidents in history. Biden is celebrating a 100 million vaccine milestone based on Trump's Operation Warp Speed success. Biden only cares about his legacy; he wants to be more radical than FDR and Obama with his massive spending and overreaching executive orders. Then, the US Supreme Court refused to intervene in several cases today; the Pennsylvania election lawsuit and a question on whether the government can access a former president's taxes. Justices Clarence Thomas, Sam Alito, and Neil Gorsuch are the only members of the Court that have upheld the Constitution. Later, the Democrats are trying to steal this country; change the citizenry and voting base by opening the borders, they'll do anything for power. Democrats want a one-party country just like they created a one-party state in California. That's why they've filled the latest coronavirus bill with all sorts of pork from student loan debt relief to public health surveillance.
Feb 23, 2021
Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 2/19/21
On Friday’s Mark Levin Show, WPHT Radio host Rich Zeoli fills in for Mark. Joe Biden is failing miserably as President on schools, vaccines, and the Constitution. The vaccine distribution has been a disaster and Biden is still blaming Donald Trump, even though Trump bulldozed regulations to get multiple vaccines developed in record time. Vaccine rollouts have been the worst in Democrat cities and states. Instead of blaming Trump, why not look at what Andrew Cuomo and Phil Murphy did? Teachers unions across the country are in control because Democrats are beholdened to them. Parents are losing their minds because they’ve had it with how poorly Biden and Democrats have handled reopening schools. Democrats are holding our kid’s future hostage while playing political games over Covid. Also, Americans need vaccines, so Biden pledged $4 billion for global vaccines. It isn’t selfish or a bad thing to want to vaccinate our own country before we vaccinate the rest of the world.
Feb 20, 2021
Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 2/18/21
On Thursday's Mark Levin Show, it's important that Andrew Cuomo be investigated, and scrutinized by the media. The question is why didn't the left within the media say something when this program exposed Cuomo's deadly decision. Now, New York State Assemblyman Ron Kim says that Cuomo has berated him for asking for the true amount of nursing home deaths. Then, Joe Biden is at war with America from within. The Democrats seek to redistribute wealth through reparation. Most Americans' ancestors weren't even alive during the civil war. This is the exact opposite of what Lincoln wanted. This is a pretext to make permanent the power they currently have. It's the same with immigration, why would America open up its borders amid a pandemic? Democrat policies are hurting America. Later, Mayor Bill deBlasio says that threatening phone calls, like the one received by Kim, are "classic Andrew Cuomo." Intimidation and mob-like tactics are par for the course within NY politics. Teachers' unions do the same, which is why Biden and the CDC succumb to their demands to delay the opening of schools which will only further hurt children. It is tax-payer funded teachers that now stand in the school doorway preventing our children from entering the schoolhouse. Parents all across America must organize by the thousands and demand that schools open or demand a voucher, school shut-downs must not be allowed to continue. Afterward, Victor Davis Hanson joins the show and explains that Biden was a virtual candidate and now president. Hanson says that the neo-socialist movement has crept its way into all areas of US culture including sporting events, investments, and web searches. Biden is trying to outdo what Obama did in an even shorter time. 
Feb 19, 2021
Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 2/17/21
On Wednesday's Mark Levin Show, it's a sad day in America as we grieve the loss of our great friend Rush Limbaugh. Rush was a cultural phenomenon that changed broadcasting, utterly and completely. Rush blazed the path for many. He was the greatest advocate for free speech and was the go-to for many Americans. He loved his family, his country, and his audience. There will never be another Rush Limbaugh. Then, in 1995 Mark would fax information to Rush's producer, Cookie, who would bring them to Rush, and eventually Mark forged a friendship with Rush that launched Mark's own radio career. Rush's team was terrific as was his audience whom he respected immensely. Mark also shares a heartfelt story about some very valuable advice Rush gave him when he wrote: "Rescuing Sprite." Later, the reason Rush Limbaugh loved Donald Trump was because they understood one another. Both of them were initially dismissed, undermined, and eventually attacked and this was the basis for their special kinship.
Feb 18, 2021
Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 2/16/21
On Tuesday's Mark Levin Show, Republican Leader Mitch McConnell has bitten off more than he can chew. McConnell's political power must be eviscerated because he's clawed his way to the top and has held on by scheming and destroying those that oppose him. In a statement released today, Donald Trump blasted McConnell. If McConnell had his way, Rand Paul, Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, and Mike Lee, would not be in the Senate today because McConnell attacked all of these tea party candidates. If McConnell were around in 1860 he would have opposed Abraham Lincoln. If McConnell wants a criminal investigation, perhaps he should be the one facing it. Afterward, Peter Schweizer joins the show to discuss Mitch McConnell's wife's ties to the communist Chinese government through her family's shipping business which has earned them millions of dollars. One particular deal quadrupled their net worth and explains why McConnell has never taken a strong position against Beijing. Then, Anthony Fauci is a liar! He now defends Kamala Harris when she says the Biden team was starting from scratch on the stockpile of vaccines. Should he be fired for failing the Trump administration? After all, the Biden Administration says that there was no plan in place, wasn't it Fauci's job? Later, President Biden wants to be greater than FDR and has become the leader of Marcuse's Critical Race Theory movement. Biden is leading the charge on controlling the economy and natural resources through industrial unions embracing the European Marxist idea of climate change known as the Green New Deal. Biden's also destroyed women's sports for America's daughters by allowing more than biological girls to compete in them.
Feb 17, 2021
Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 2/15/21
On Monday's Mark Levin Show, the Senate impeachment trial was unconstitutional and now Republicans can impeach VP Kamala Harris based on this precedent when they regain the House, however, they won't. Mitch McConnell's comments after Trump’s acquittal are a disgraceful disaster. His goal has always been to take down conservatives which is why he promotes establishment candidates. Yet, Harris gets a pass for providing aid and comfort to the rioters in the form of a bail fund. Then, Republicans will not take the Senate until they remove McConnell or We The People won’t give them the majority. McConnell is the Anthony Fauci of the Republican Senate. Later, Fauci has received a million-dollar prize for defending science. Interestingly, the virus is no longer front and center on the cable news screens once President Biden was elected. This is the same Fauci that said Andrew Cuomo's pandemic response was exemplary. Cuomo is defending himself saying only certain nursing homes prioritized the admittance of COVID-19 positive patients. Cuomo further patronized the public with his Marxist approach to governing and shifted the blame even further saying that medical professionals in New York did their best.
Feb 16, 2021
Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 2/12/21
On Friday's Mark Levin Show, Gov Andrew Cuomo remains in the spotlight for his deadly decision to sign an executive order directing COVID infected patients to convalesce in nursing homes with the nation's most medically vulnerable citizens. But for, Elaine Healy, MD a brave whistle-blower that runs and represents an association of nursing home managers who called this program In March 2020 to blast Cuomo and his deadly decision, it may have gone largely unnoticed. Yet, all of the media organizations that monitor this program failed to report on this critical caller's complaint of Cuomo. Then, Doanld Trump was very well represented in today's impeachment trial by Michael Van der Veen, David Schoen, and Bruce Castor. Each attorney brilliantly presented video evidence of democrats calling for violence and challenging the 2017 Electoral College vote count. Presenting evidence that is not in context, as the Democrats have, would be thrown out of any court of law for being tainted. Democrats have failed to meet the evidentiary standards that any lawyer or judge would expect. Later, a national sex offender operation has been interrupted at the southern border as a result of President Biden's lax immigration policy. New policies allow illegal immigrants to remain in the country and avoid deportation even if they're arrested for drunk driving. Trump Advisor Stephen Miller calls in to discuss how benching Trump's immigration policies helps criminal alien gang members while hurting law-abiding US citizens. Afterward, another Lincoln Project founder, Steve Schmidt, resigns after using Trump to revive their failed RINO consultancies.
Feb 13, 2021
Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 2/11/21
On Thursday’s Mark Levin show, calling Donald Trump the "great betrayer" negates all the betrayals of Presidents Woodrow Wilson and FDR. Wilson was extremely racist, even by the standards of his time. The racist behavior of this man set back race relations by a hundred years. FDR's internment of Americans of Japanese descent was appalling. Also, the Lincoln Project has raised $90M and only one third has gone to making ads, the remainder has been divided by the founders of the organization and subcontracted consultancies that they control, according to the Associated Press. One founder, John Weaver, is facing multiple allegations of sexual harassment. They focus on Trump and ignore the crisis in their own organization. Later, a significant number of individuals want to contort the Constitution so that they can impeach a private citizen. Using their logic, former presidents and the deceased can be impeached as well. Of course, this is not what the framers intended which is why the impeachment clause is so unambiguous. Afterward, Andrew Cuomo aide admits that they hid nursing home data so feds wouldn’t find out. This is called a cover-up. Dr. Elaine Healy who called this program to shed light on this issue deserves a freedom award.
Feb 12, 2021
Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 2/10/21
On Wednesday's Mark Levin Show, Sen. Ted Cruz says the question of whether a private citizen can be impeached is a close legal question. This program disagrees and rejects the premise that such a trial is Constitutional and that a private citizen can be tried by the US Senate. Then, Mark Cuban has quietly done away with playing the National Anthem at Mavericks games. The NBA has since reversed that decision but that didn't stop White House press secretary Jen Psaki from saying that America hasn't lived up to its highest ideals when asked about it. Later, the New York Times is taking a swipe at conservative talk radio and this program alleging that culpability lies with listeners of talk radio. The media lays cover for the Democrats' outlandish claims. The House Managers haven't made a case against Trump, they've made a case against the riot. This is how Democrats operate; they change whatever rules or laws get in their way whether they're allowed to or not. Afterward, the Biden Administration has set a "bold and ambitious" goal of 50% of schools being reopened only one day per week. This is similar to their initial response about vaccines when they were called out for Trump having already surpassed the goals set by Biden before he left office. Perhaps, the teacher's unions that are pressuring Biden should pretend the schools are a vacation spot and then they'll be able to re-open them all.
Feb 11, 2021
Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 2/9/21
On Tuesday's Mark Levin Show, the Senate impeachment trial was a spectacle. The Democrats showed zero proof to support the Constitutionality of impeaching a private citizen or to prove that Donald Trump caused an attack that we already know was pre-planned. The House managers Hollywood video left out critical information and it was based on emotion, not facts. The plain text of the impeachment clause is clear, and no president has ever been treated this way since the inception of the Constitution. Trump is charged with inciting an insurrection, yet it was Trump that called for 10,000 national guard troops to be at the ready to protect the Capitol. This case would have been thrown out in any court of law. Then, the Senate is destroying its credibility; its actions are incongruent with the original intent of the founders. The Senate is using their power to walk on the faces of the American people. At America's founding, the vast majority of the original congress fought in the revolutionary war. Sadly, today's congress is well versed in Marxism, not Americanism. David Schoen made a legitimate and effective case against this unconstitutional process in the Senate. Democrats including Joe Biden, have repeatedly called for violence and fighting and have gotten a complete pass. Afterward, the coronavirus continues, and accountability for failed state-level vaccine roll-outs and waiting lists does not.
Feb 10, 2021
Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 2/8/21
On Monday's Mark Levin Show, Chuck Cooper, who is in effect Joe Biden and the Democrats attorney, penned an op-ed in the Wall Street Journal surmising that Bill Clinton's private offenses were not impeachable but alleges that Donald Trump has committed offenses and these allegations are impeachable. Cooper erroneously reimagines the constitution to make the case for trying and removing a private citizen in a Senate removal trial. However, not a single founder at the Constitutional Convention ever suggested that the impeachment clause was for anyone but those currently sitting in public office. Then, even Nancy Pelosi had prior knowledge of a planned riot at the Capitol, and she did nothing. What did Pelosi and Mitch McConnell know and when did they know it? Later, Liz Cheney who voted to impeach President Trump does not deserve to be in leadership. Her home state of Wyoming has censured her, and she may not politically survive re-election. Afterward, the Biden Administration's attack on American energy independence continues to cost more pipeline jobs. Solar energy creates new opportunities for Chinese manufacturing of solar panels.
Feb 09, 2021
Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 2/5/21
On Friday's Mark Levin Show, the Manchurian candidate, Joe Biden, and the Democrats spent another quarter of a trillion dollars to appease the teachers' unions, not the American people hurting from coronavirus. The majority of the money is to help democrats close budget gaps that existed before the coronavirus. Biden has destroyed thousands of key jobs by shutting down one pipeline and are considering shutting down all pipelines. This relief bill isn't about helping small businesses, or anything else, it's about massively transferring wealth. Also, Raheem Kassam from the National Pulse calls to react to the Time Magazine article that admits that a cabal of corporatists, activists, and politicians changed election laws and more to "secure" a victory for Biden. Hundreds of millions of dollars were invested by foundations and other organizations to influence the election for Biden through uprisings for racial justice. Even details like putting election drop boxes on streets that are frequented by Democrats more than republicans were part of the overall plan to beat Trump. Later, Sen Ben Sasse says Trump lied and is responsible for inciting the riot at the Capitol. Similarly, Rep. Dean Phillips whines about his white privilege. Afterward, Dr. Marc Seigel joins the program to elaborate on the latest coronavirus stats. Seigel says lockdowns spread the virus even more because people are huddled in their homes more than usual.
Feb 06, 2021
Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 2/4/21
On Thursday's Mark Levin Show, teachers' unions are the biggest scam going. Confiscatory taxes are taken through property tax so that teachers can be paid and now they don't want to show up to work and educate our children. Teachers' unions are insisting that teachers should stay home for fear of the coronavirus adding that both students and adults must be vaccinated before they return to work. Meanwhile, the facts and the science show that kids don't spread the virus as much as adults. In an attempt to bribe another constituent group, Sen. Chuck Schumer wants to forgive $50,000 in school debt to look out for the little guy, unless that little guy works for a pipeline. Elizabeth Warren and other leftists adore the idea of financially bolstering the propaganda mills that support and spread their ideology. Mitt Romney is proposing a new welfare program that pays people a national basic income and this includes children. Romney is the new George McGovern. \Then, the New York Times continue their attempts to lump all conservatives into the 'conspiracy theorist' category, essentially alleging that all Republicans and Trump supporters are domestic extremists. Democrats and their shills in the media are experts in disinformation therefore they attack free speech when others disagree with them. Yet, it's the Marxists that attack the fabric of our nation. It's the leftists that attacked the White House and more than a dozen cities across America this past summer. Later, former Clinton lawyer Marc Elias is now claiming that voting machines in New York miscalculated votes for his client. Will the media say he is delusional, dishonest, or unhinged? Will the voting machine manufacturer threaten to sue Elias for his comments? Afterward, Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene has been voted out of her committee assignment in Congress because of her previous statements on controversial issues, despite her election with 75% of the vote. There was no defense of her because she was a woman. There was no vote to remove Ilhan Omar from her committee assignments because of her past controversial comments while serving in Congress.
Feb 05, 2021
Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 2/3/21
On Wednesday's Mark Levin show, there was never an organized concentrated effort focused on the hate from Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib, and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. Their history of antisemitic commentary precedes them and they've never been held to task by Pelosi or the media for it. Yet, Rep Marjorie Taylor Greene is threatened by all for pushing back when provoked. Also, new reports from CNN indicate that the medical examiner's office found that the reports that Officer Brian Sicknick was struck in the head with a fire extinguisher at the Capitol Building riot are unproven. Then, a far-left female-led domestic terrorism group bombed the US Capitol in 1983 and past presidents pardoned them. No one has ever discussed impeaching those presidents. Afterward, Anthony Fauci's doublespeak on the virus is catching up with him and his defense is incoherent. Later, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis joined the show to outline how Florida has taken a lead to hold Big Tech companies accountable when they violate the rights of Floridians by interfering in the state's electoral process via censorship and de-platforming due to political bias. DeSantis also highlighted his record of handling COVID-19 vaccinations debunking the misinformation shared by the White House Press Secretary.
Feb 04, 2021
Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 2/2/21
On Tuesday's Mark Levin Show, the Biden administration is the most radical in American history, only we’re only 2 weeks in. President Biden has signed more executive orders than his predecessors and these actions have serious consequences on America's energy industry and industrial base. The Gallup poll has Biden's favorability plummeting beneath 50%, especially when compared to his predecessors at the same points in their respective Administrations. Also, Democrats are really good at lying and using propaganda. They intend to use footage of the siege on the US Capitol to sway public opinion away from President Trump to smear him and the upcoming impeachment trial. Then, Biden press secretary Jen Paski points to the border and family separation yet again. Ignoring the fact that children can't be housed with adults for safety concerns. Psaki also pivoted to figuring out the root causes of migration as a way to dodge questions on Biden’s latest executive order. Later, Trump's attorney Bruce Castor joins the show to explain the President's response to the unconstitutional impeachment charges. Castor indicated that the charges from the Democrats seemed to be prepared in a rushed manner and that the whole idea of trying a former president who is now a private citizen is a disgrace. Castor submits that there was no illegality otherwise Trump would have been arrested as a private citizen and he was not. Afterward, it's appalling that establishment Republicans like Karl Rove praise Liz Cheney for attacking President Trump. But it's RINO's like them and Mitch McConnell that are hurting the Party and America. Finally, Claudia Tenney calls in to discuss her NY congressional race where she is currently leading by 123 votes after one hundred days of recounts, but a judge won’t certify her win.
Feb 03, 2021
Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 2/1/21
On Monday's Mark Levin Show, Donald Trump saved the Republican Party! Neo-Marxists like Chuck Schumer want to turn America into California suggesting that America needs big bold changes. Why would the greatest country on the face of this earth need such a radical transformation? The framers presumed that the people of this country would have some sort of virtue, sadly the Congress and much of the country is run by a Marxist mob. Using this power is one step closer to destroying capitalism in the name of socialism disguised as racial and economic inequality. Rhetoric like Schumer's was once considered crackpot radicalism and today it's taught in the Ivy League. Then, the Democrats are waging a political war with our freedom, our constitution, and our society, they are the ones inciting hatred. We the people want to be left alone, not a system that is fixed violates our Constitution and run by one party. When critical race theory intersects with Marxism, movements like Black Lives Matter are born. BLM seeks to destroy individualism while dividing one group versus another group. Later, Project Veritas strikes again this time releasing a video of Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg. The video is a meeting of Facebook leaders where Zuckerberg praised Biden saying, “In his first day, President Biden already issued a number of executive orders on areas that we as a company care quite deeply about and have for some time..” Afterward, Rep. Elise Stefanik (R-NY) calls in to discuss the mess in New York caused by Gov. Andrew Cuomo and why Harvard University removed her from one of the advisory committees for its school of public policy.
Feb 02, 2021
Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 1/29/21
On Friday's Mark Levin Show, Gov. Andrew Cuomo, and other governors who made the deadly decision to commingle COVID-positive patients with the elderly and infirmed in nursing homes, should not have immunity. Why do they get a pass? Because they're Democrats. They all blame Trump for coronavirus but of course, there wouldn't be a COVID-19 vaccine but for the Trump Administration. The good thing about having a republic of states is that we can see what works and what doesn't when it comes to the coronavirus across the country. Some states haven't shut down their schools or their small businesses while others have. Later, lawmakers introduced legislation to massively increase mail-in voting. The bill is disguised as "reform" and election "security" and any pushback is viewed by the left as questioning the electoral system. It's the Democrat Party that turns diversity against the people and has historically incited hatred based on race. Afterward, MyPillow CEO, Mike Lindell, calls in to share how Twitter shut down his account. Lindell speculated that Big Tech would come after podcasters next and encouraged all Americans to stand up for liberty during this time of cancel culture.
Jan 30, 2021
Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 1/28/21
On Thursday’s Mark Levin Show, there is a positive revolution going on in the finance world with the GameStop stock soaring benefitting the little guy instead of benefitting the hedge fund managers. The Wall Street big wigs lost their shirts trying to drive down the stock while average people reaped the rewards of the increase, in a Trump-like populist uprising if you will. Then, Dr. Elaine Healy, the whistleblower from the New York Association of Nursing Home Medical Directors, calls in to react to the New York Attorney General's report on underreported COVID-19 deaths in nursing homes. The report reveals that as much as 50% of the deaths that occurred in New York state nursing homes were not reported. Later, why are parents paying to send their kids to a school so that they can be taught to hate America, hate their family and hate their genitalia? A California school district wants to rename several schools because some of the names are now controversial.  Also, Joe Biden's climate czar, former Secretary of State John Kerry, - whose family owns a private jet - says that America is the second-biggest emitter of carbon dioxide and suggests ending energy independence, natural gas jobs, and other energy until our economy is destroyed. Afterward, the FBI's investigation of the US Capitol break-in on January 6th indicates that various social media sites (Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter) were used in planning the riot but Parler was not among the sites released in the current report. Yet that information isn't widely reported.
Jan 29, 2021
Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 1/27/21
On Wednesday's Mark Levin Show, the Biden monarchy is an example of statism, not Americanism. It promotes sweeping anti-energy and race-equity plans without even passing a single law, without having a debate, or having a single deliberative hearing. Like a king, Biden took Obama's pen and turned it into Mussolini's pen by signing close to 40 executive orders without even attempting to go through Congress to pass any legislation. Later, Biden isn't eliminating jobs in government, he's crushing union jobs and small businesses too. Tyranny comes in many forms but it always attacks the founding of our country. Then, Sen. Ted Cruz joins the program and explains that the District of Columbia was carved out by the founders to be a territory that does not belong to any state. Cruz also discussed how China conducts espionage through technology and American higher education. Of particular concern is Biden's pick for US Ambassador who has made favorable remarks about China suggesting that the US should become more like the communist Chinese Party. Afterward, the Posse Comitatus act allows for the use of federal military troops to assist with law enforcement during an insurrection. While there is no insurrection in Washington, DC, there are still thousands of national guard troops there.
Jan 28, 2021
Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 1/26/21
On Tuesday's Mark Levin Show, equality has now evolved into equity and President Biden will mention it often, but he rarely mentions the word freedom. One can have equity in poverty but that's not helpful. Constitutional amendments and the civil rights movement paved the way for equality for minorities under the law and the issue of equity is a farce. The denial of school choice in communities of color is the simplest test to prove what Biden or any other Democrat truly care about, the education of kids in urban areas or teachers' unions. Then, Marxism seeks to eliminate history, the founding, and eventually all Americanism. The identity politics movement upsets genuine Marxists who argue that all things relate to materialism, not to mention that Karl Marx was a racist. This is why Marxists reject the concept of distinction and individuality so that all people will focus on the all-provident central government, the state. The goal must be to treat individuals as human beings not as part of a group, caste, or class as Marx suggests. Groupthink and bigotry promote government power to make decisions on race or sex, this gives the government power they must not have. Later, Biden is taking off where Obama left off; he is the new imperial President. Biden has now passed 28 executive orders surpassing the 6 orders previously signed by Presidents Trump and Obama at the same time in their first weeks in office. Also, Chuck Schumer suggests declaring a climate 'state of emergency' so that Biden could use presidential power to usurp the Constitution. Afterward, Rand Paul joins the show, to explain that the impeachment trial to remove President Trump is dead on arrival. It's an illegitimate process that is unconstitutional and has no chance of success. Paul again rejected how irresponsible it was to even suggest that Trump had anything to do with the pre-planned attack on the Capitol. He also reiterated the importance of adhering to the Constitution for impeachment and the creation of voting laws.
Jan 27, 2021
Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 1/25/21
On Monday's Mark Levin Show, Big Media, Big Tech, and the democrats are perpetuating a fraud impeachment trial on the American people. What is the purpose of impeachment? It has its roots in British common law and exists to remove public officials from office, to undo an election. It does not exist to impeach a private citizen. Then, the Chief Justice is the only person that has any Constitutional authority to preside over any impeachment trial. No one else has such authority. The logic of the founders is clear on impeachment. Later, section three of the 14th Amendment gets misrepresented regularly. Anyone looking to this amendment with respect to the current impeachment has already found someone guilty of an insurrection and has no place serving in public office.  Afterward, President Biden routinely misstates coronavirus facts and tries to take credit for the Trump Administration's achievements.
Jan 26, 2021
Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 1/22/21
On Friday's Mark Levin Show, the Constitution is the Constitution and that's a fact! Republicans must use parliamentary tools to ensure that they keep Kamal Harris in the Senate breaking ties, for the rest of her tenure.  Democrats are running circles around Republicans and Republicans are allowing a dangerous precedent to be set in their attempt to illegitimately impeach a former President while they are a private citizen. If any president wanted to wage an insurrection, as commander in chief, they would have a lot more than a few hundred anarchists taking selfies, they would have the entire US military at their disposal. To suggest that Trump incited anything is false! The 10 Republicans that voted for impeaching Trump without any hearing or witnesses must be challenged in their primary elections. Later, impeachment against a private citizen completely changes the impeachment clause of the Constitution. It's simply not what the founders intended. If Supreme Court Justice John Roberts doesn't preside over the Senate impeachment trial, Kamala Harris can't either. Then, Joe Biden's plan for vaccine distribution doesn't exist. Even, CNN's Chris Cuomo and Anthony Fauci admit that this reporting is unreliable. Afterward, Democrats want to destroy the economy and that which fuels it. Petroleum fuels most of our transportation and it’s used for products like plastic which will rise in cost.
Jan 23, 2021
Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 1/21/21
On Thursday's Mark Levin Show, the media is now painting the false narrative that the Trump administration had no vaccine distribution system in place, the only problem is that the Trump Administration has averaged one million vaccines per day through the public-private partnership. Even Dr. Anthony Fauci was speechless when asked to respond to these leaked lies and contradicts the biased questions from CNN. Public perception of the media is at an all-time low and that's according to polling done after the election. Then, the obsession to convict Trump has partisan attorneys fabricating legal theory that is not based on the constitution. The federalist society said Trump can be convicted as a private citizen but private citizens can't be tried under the impeachment clause of the constitution. Later, it's been revealed that Nancy Pelosi requested crew-manned machine guns in DC during inauguration day. This weaponry is designed to destroy; she is sick.
Jan 22, 2021
Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 1/20/21
On Wednesday's Mark Show, unlike Trump's 2017 inauguration, today’s didn’t have any riots and other antagonists. The peaceful transition of power was focused on unity. In particular, unity around self-hate, open borders, and the re-writing of our history. The new administration is unified around tax-payer funded abortion-on-demand, appeasement toward foreign enemies like the Palestinian Authority, Iran, and the communist Chinese. The left seems to be united around instituting the Biden-Sanders Unity Task Force (manifesto). Biden isn't about unity, he's about conformity and making those that object persona non grata in society.  Then, for the sake of unity, did Biden ask for his party to stop the malicious impeachment of the 45th President? Did he ask that his former Senate colleagues not seek to eliminate the filibuster rule? In the name of unity did Biden ask the people and Congress to respect the independence of the Supreme Court and to avoid packing it? Of course not. it's about conformity, not unity. Later, this is the third term of Barack Obama and the democrats never want Trump to get in their way again. The left has embraced RINO's like Mitt Romney and corporatists like Mitch McConnell, who is at war with constitutional conservatism. Media personalities are comparing Biden's speech to Abraham Lincoln's, yet they trashed Trump as Hitler. Lincoln, however, delivered what many consider to be one of the best speeches by a statesman, ever. In one of Biden's first acts as president, he's added a bust of produce-workers activist Cesar Chavez who called illegal immigrants "wetbacks." Afterward, Washington Post, The Chicago Sun-Times, and other media outlets continue misrepresenting the facts as they editorialize and pass off their lies for objective journalism. This is how the left operates, to attack, libel, and silence their critics. It's a shameful disgrace.
Jan 21, 2021
Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 1/19/21
On Tuesday's Mark Levin, Democrats want unity in tyranny. Speech that hates America is tolerated by the media and Democrat party and speech that loves America isn't. Calls for peaceful and patriotic speech are considered hate speech but speech that denigrates America or Republicans is acceptable to the Democrat Party and the left within the media. Violence and destruction on the streets is applauded when it's convenient. Democrats used a phony pretext to go after President Trump and others in his orbit. Then, Joe Biden has destroyed many careers and is not a statesman of unity. This program implores you to ignore the inauguration. Unity? When did Obama, Pelosi, or Schumer ever stand up for unity and promote peace? Now they will hold a trial to condemn the former President and Mitch McConnell is happy to assist. Later, America is going to miss President Trump. His farewell speech wasn't played by much of the media but this program will always bring you the truth. Trump remarked, "We must never forget that while Americans will always have our disagreements, we are a nation of incredible, decent, faithful, and peace-loving citizens who all want our country to thrive and flourish and be very, very successful and good. We are a truly magnificent nation." Afterward, the media is attacking Trump's 1776 Commission because of its focus on educational initiatives that support the founding of our nation and patriotism.  Finally, Allum Bokhari joins the show to discuss his book, #DELETED: Big Tech's Battle to Erase the Trump Movement and Steal the Election.
Jan 20, 2021
Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 1/18/21
On Monday’s Mark Levin Show, in Marx's time, some thinkers challenged his views, such as philosopher Richard M. Weaver author of "Ideas Have Consequences." In today's times, we have pseudo-scholars who prolong conflict for the sake of argument. One example is the current push to continue President Trump's impeachment beyond his time in office. This is unconstitutional and reminiscent of Stalin and Trotsky who punitively chased down former government officials. This is not justice, it's the type of political stunt one typically sees in third-world countries.  Then, the media is ignoring the anti-trust violations alleged against Big Tech. The press hasn't mentioned tech censorship against one's speech. They simply don't care because Marxist corporatists only push a political agenda that eliminates their competition, even it if comes at the cost of 'We The People.'  Finally, Daniel Horowitz calls in to why he thinks free speech is about to criminalized.
Jan 19, 2021
Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 1/15/21
On Friday's Mark Levin Show, one-party rule is becoming the norm, and even worse most forms of communications (big tech and big media) are run by the left. The idea of progressivism has its roots in the philosophies of Hegel, Marx, and Rousseau and concentrates on egalitarianism and autocratic government. Progressives don't hold on to any permanent truths and seek to rewrite or recreate history. From Cicero's teaching, it's known that virtue is the cornerstone of good government in our Constitutional system and that is not possible when corruption and immorality abound. Later, propaganda is the invisible arm of corrupt governments. Mao, Stalin, and other followers of Marx don't believe in half-Marxists; they destroy what exists and attack the history that came before to promote their revolution. Does anyone know that it wasn't Pelosi who set off these fanatics (who had their attack planned well in advance of Trump's comments)? The BLM bail fund endorsed by Kamala Harris refuses to disclose who they bailed out and she's never apologized for supporting it. When and if Republicans regain power in Congress, the House of Representatives must vote to repeal this unconstitutional impeachment of an innocent man. Then, patriots must stay away from Washington, DC. President Trump has authorized 25,000 National Guard troops and the use of lethal force to protect the Capitol against any violence during the January 20th inauguration. Afterward, Economist and Presidential Advisor Steven Moore call in to discuss Joe Biden's proposed 1.9 trillion-dollar stimulus plan. Moore calls the plan fiscal atrocity and a wish list of liberal, programs stating that the current unemployment rate is equal to the rate for most of the Obama administration and trillions of dollars weren't spent then. Moore argues that 2/3rds of workers will make less money at work than they would if they stay home.
Jan 16, 2021
Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 1/14/21
On Thursday's Mark Levin Show, there is a full-on assault on the American way of life. We The People believe in virtue and the civil society. Yet, historically Mark Levin has been threatened by Klansmen, neo-confederates, and radical militia-types. But, overall most Americans don't support those radicals; they just want peace and tranquility. The truth is that one can support a wall and legal immigration without being a racist. One can support voter ID laws without being a racist. One can support law enforcement without supporting any abuses of power and not be a racist, but the media will have to think that you can't. A distinction must be made between those that peacefully marched in Washington and the insurrectionists that broke into the Capitol building because they are not one and the same. Then, the left within the media has been inciting and normalizing violence for quite some time. In a new recording released by Project Veritas, reveals that Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey admits that Twitter is actively focused on silencing President Trump and then shifting their attention to his supporters in order to control the "divided" national conversation. Meanwhile, New York City Antifa and the Ayatollah's Twitter account has not been tagged, flagged, or removed, despite their calls for death to America. Nor was Joe Biden suspended from Twitter for comparing two US Senators to Nazi propagandist Joseph Goebbels. Later, Joe Biden's irrational big-Government speech offering a few billion dollars to be distributed amongst the people will only hurt Americans. This plan will not work once a city or state is bailed out by the democrats because they will never reform their spending. This mass distribution of wealth will ultimately result in inflation. Afterward, the violence of Antifa and Black Lives Matter must be put down. Democrats don't mind violence if it's for their cause. They didn’t call to defund Capitol Police that protects them, the way they called to defund the cops in major cities. The Democrat mob caused riots at Trump's inauguration in 2017 and President Obama didn't call in the National Guard for it. Conservatives reject all violence.
Jan 15, 2021
Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 1/13/21
On Wednesday's Mark Levin Show, today the Democrats unconstitutionally impeached an innocent man in the House. Jerry Nadler was the point man in today's impeachment and he was also the man that, years ago, requested that President Clinton pardon domestic terrorists from the Weather Underground. Even the Washington Post timeline proves that the attack on the Capitol building occurred before President Trump concluded his speech, which called for a peaceful and patriotic protest. Chief Steven Sund, the outgoing Police Chief of the US Capitol Police, says his requests for help were hamstrung by the House and Senate leadership who directed their respective Sergeants-At-Arms. Then, Jake Tapper questions combat veteran and amputee, Brian Mast's, commitment to America. Also, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez suggests a media literacy commission so that more Americans can better understand the media. Later, Google, Amazon, and Microsoft hold thousands of contacts with the US military and federal law enforcement, yet former employees say they prefer to not deal with the military. In effect, the American taxpayer is subsidizing these tech companies. Google is considering a censored version of its search engine called project Dragonfly specifically designed for China.
Jan 14, 2021
Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 1/12/21
On Tuesday's Mark Levin Show, the media continues to cause more and more damage with their lies. This program has always insisted on adherence to the Constitution. All violence should be condemned, all efforts to block the free exercise of speech, not even the first amendment, but simply speech overall should be condemned. The 2020 election had serious constitutional issues, and it's legitimate and necessary to raise those issues, and our elected officials in government need to correct it and follow the Constitution. Then, as outlined in "The Liberty Amendments”, the Convention of States movement is a civil and Constitutional way to bring about change in our government. Mitch McConnell always gets good press in The Washington Post because he plays ball with the Democrats; he supported Gerald Ford instead of Ronald Reagan, he went to war with the Tea Party, and now he's supporting Nancy Pelosi's impeachment effort. Later, Pollster to President Trump, John McLaughlin joins the show to discuss new polling that shows that 70% of those surveyed believe technology companies have too much power and need to be regulated. McLaughlin says that the President has been steadily gaining support despite the smears by Washington politicians and the media. Afterward, Secretary Mike Pompeo has indicated that Iran is on the move funding operations to secretly ramp up their nuclear program and fund proxy antagonists. One of the lead brokers of the controversial Obama-era Iran deal is now being floated for CIA Director.
Jan 13, 2021
Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 1/11/21
On Monday's Mark Levin Show, the Washington Post and the New York Times are reporting that this program's network has pressured Mark to tamp doen election fraud talk – but that never happened. The Washington Post’s article was a complete fabrication and their reporter never contacted this program. These media companies are intent on interfering with this program and it's a disgrace. Then, it's advisable to not attend the Biden inauguration for the sake of avoiding violence which is predicted by the FBI. The electors have been counted, it's over! But there's 2022 and 2024. We must fight to take the house and the senate back in 2022. Corporatists, banks, and other companies are on the attack and Americans must be aware of where they spend their money. Later, did Nancy Pelosi call the Capitol Police, the DC Metro Police, or the National Guard "stormtroopers" when they showed up to save her and other members of Congress during the Capitol riot? No. Violence is on the rise in big Democrat cities yet the media was silent and echoed calls to defund the police in 2020. Interestingly, there is no talk of systemic racism in the law enforcement community in Washington, DC. Congress needs them for their own personal safety so they don't call to defund the DC Metro police. Afterward, Brandon Straka of the walkaway Movement calls in as his Facebook account, email service, and fundraising platform have been canceled. Straka says this is an opportunity for conservatives to break their toxic reliance on the political left with the tech industry and build their own platforms and services to become self-sufficient. Regarding the censorship of Parler, big tech does what Communist China does with speech it disagrees with, it quashes it. 
Jan 12, 2021
Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 1/8/21
On Friday's Mark Levin show, free speech is under attack. Twitter has suspended President Trump's account indefinitely and Apple is threatening to suspend Parler from its App Store. Parler investor Dan Bongino joins the show to explain how today's digital town square is under siege. Publishers like the New York Times are liable for what they publish. Platforms like Twitter and Parler are currently exempt from liability due to Section 230. The left favors monopolies and hates competition. So in response to the fascistic policies at Twitter, Mark Levin has voluntarily suspended its Twitter account. Then, in one of Nancy Pelosi's last political breaths, she and the Democrats are now insisting on impeaching Trump for a second time falsely claiming that he has called an insurrection on Capitol Hill. Yet, Pelosi incited an insurrection calling federal police "storm troopers" and assaulted our Constitution by allowing the attack on federal courts. Kamala Harris called for continued riots this summer, should she be impeached too? Marxist progressivism is incompatible with Constitutionalism. Marxists reject the principles of God-given rights, private property, and the founding of our country. Tens of millions of Americans support our country, the Constitution, and President Trump who won the White House in 2016, fair and square. Their goal is to silence all dissent and weaken our liberties like free speech and self-protection. Constitutionalists reject violence, and the neo-Marxists welcome the overturning of America's Constitutional system. Later, Jason Whitlock, founder of the sports and culture website Outkick, agrees that Trump was part of the reason for Wednesday's chaos, but that it wasn't solely Trump. Whitlock added that Trump supporters have been ostracized and that big tech and others are drunk on the power they have.
Jan 09, 2021
Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 1/7/21
On Thursday's Mark Levin Show, nothing has changed in the last 24 hours following the Capitol building siege, yet Democrats and Republicans alike are turning on President Trump. Some going as far as calling for the removal of the President in his last 13 days in office by way of the 25th Amendment, as well as threats of another impeachment. Plus, Cabinet Secretary Elaine Chao has announced her resignation just eight days shy of the administration's end.  The media is falsely claiming that Trump incited an insurrection. These vile remarks by the media are cancerous to our republic. One publisher has gone as far as canceling the book deal of one Republican Senator for his support of the constitution at yesterday's electoral vote count and certification.  Later, the double standard of the Democrats and RINO’s for only calling out violence when they don’t agree is appalling. The fact is President Trump did not make any calls for violence, period. Afterward, Ben Domenech of The Federalist calls in to discuss the consequences of the capitol assault.
Jan 08, 2021
Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 1/6/21
On Wednesday's Mark Levin Show, anarchy is not to be accepted and those that broke into the Capitol building are lucky they were not all shot upon breaking the doors and rushing into the building. This violence must be denounced not excused. Storming the capital building was stupid and accomplished nothing. All this does is give the left and the media fodder for their attack on President Trump and conservatives. Meanwhile, the hundreds of thousands of people that assembled did not storm the Capital but peacefully assembled. All summer long Antifa was criticized by conservatives for their attacks on federal buildings and anyone breaching the Capitol must be equally criticized. There is no defense for people that take it amongst themselves to break the law and break into Congress. Then, the media is desperately trying to tie the President to this violence. The mob that breached the Capitol Building does not represent all of the supporters that peaceably assembled in support of Trump. Challenging the electoral count is worthy of the time it takes on the floor of Congress to deliberate. Later, the Senators fulfilling their duty by objecting to the electoral college vote count are not to blame for the actions of an unscrupulous few. Ideas have consequences but arguments based on principles are important. The Pennsylvania State Legislature has requested that Congress stop counting their electors' votes because of new information obtained and their inability to convene because they are statutorily out of session.
Jan 07, 2021
Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 1/5/21
On Tuesday's Mark Levin Show, the country is crumbling because the neo-Marxists and statists have been relentlessly attacking our Constitutional system for over a decade. The vast majority of Republicans in Congress are affixing their seal of approval to this lawlessness. Surrender is not an option; we have future generations of our families and men and women in uniform that are counting on America. The media, the democrats, and establishment Republicans want every American to roll over and accept this. Each American must reject this new 'squad' of radicals and become their own Paul Revere. Then, the framers rejected the judiciary having a role in the selection of the President of the United States and precisely opted for what they outlined in Article II, Section I granting all authority over the selection of the electors for the President to each state's legislature. This was done specifically to prevent state executive or the courts from being involved in the selection of the electors for the presidency. Later, the lawyers representing the Republicans in the Pennsylvania state legislature are the same lawyers representing Mitch McConnell via the National Republican Senatorial Committee. The national Republican establishment is diabolical and wants all GOP votes but not the voters' input. This is one very deep swamp.
Jan 06, 2021
Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 1/4/21
On Monday's Mark Levin Show, the Constitution was systematically targeted and attacked by those in the Democrat party who embrace the 1619 project. The radical extreme left hates the Constitution and wants to eviscerate it because it prevents the grandiosity and power they seek. If America has a Democrat party that has circumvented Article 2 Sec 2 of the constitution, should those electors' votes be counted even though they're tainted because those states chose to not comply with the federal Constitution? Of course not, because willfully and brazenly changing election laws outside of the federal Constitution violates the Constitutional election process in that state. Then, no member of Congress may be sworn in without taking an oath to defend the Constitution. Therefore, it is understood that the votes counted must be obtained Constitutionally. "Shall" count does not mean that Congress is compelled to count votes that were cast extra-constitutionally. Later, five nerds at The Wall Street Journal editorial board just normalized and conflated the spying on the Trump campaign with the fraud being legitimately challenged in Congress. Afterward, Sen. Ted Cruz joins the show to reiterate why the Constitution outlines how a Constitutional challenge should be conducted by the Vice President and Congress.
Jan 05, 2021
Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 1/1/21
On Friday’s Mark Levin show, we bring you the best of Mark Levin. Communist China's Manchurian candidate is Joe Biden. America has known about Joe Biden, his son, his brother, and all of the individuals he will bring to the table in the name of China. It's no surprise that the Biden’s are under federal criminal investigation. China is on the ascendancy and America will be on the decadency if Biden becomes President. Then, Rudy Giuliani, Peter Schweitzer, the New York Post, and others have exposed the Bidens' corrupt connections with China and others. Big Tech and Big Media run the cover-up for the Chinese and thanks to James O'Keefe's Project Veritas we know that CNN and the left in the media are complicit in all of this. Later, in the 1990s China donated to Bill Clinton and now Biden has brought in lots of dark money from all over, why not from China? Rep. Eric Swalwell cannot answer if he had sex with Fang Fang, the Chinese spy that he's been accused of being involved with. After, Nancy Pelosi has admitted to delaying an aid package for coronavirus relief while dismissing Swalwell's China scandal. Meanwhile, the radical Raphael Warnock supports known anti-Semites and has railed against Israelis in the past. Happy new year!
Jan 02, 2021
Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 12/31/20
On Thursday's Mark Levin Show, we bring you the best of Mark Levin. Two-time Attorney General William Barr has given his resignation letter to President Trump. He fought for the law, and the president and was no Jeff Sessions. Barr was prevented by rule 6.e which prevents the Attorney General from releasing information about ongoing grand jury investigations, which included Hunter Biden. Barr was an excellent Attorney General, a real class-act and this program salutes him. Then, on January 6th, 2021 the Archivist of the United States will transfer the electoral votes to a joint session of the US Congress. In 1960 Hawaii challenged the electoral votes in the race between John F. Kennedy and Richard Nixon. The fraud was evident but Nixon chose not to rock the boat, per se. Finding the 2020 election fraud is like a game to the media and Democrats akin to hide-and-seek. Also, Americans cannot become pollyannas. The Democrat Party and the US media are defending China. America is beginning a decline and the greater the power amassed by the left within the Democrat Party, the faster the decline. America is fighting a two-front war; internationally and internally. China is ascending and the United States is descending. The hate on for America's economic system is reaching a fever pitch. The system that has created the greatest amount of wealth for the greatest amount of people, more than any other economic system ever has. The American free-market reflects human nature, allowing for fewer and fewer people to make decisions. Later, Marxism is an abstraction built on poverty which teaches its adherents that they must go broke, to take handouts, or get crushed. Sadly American children are not taught to love capitalism, they are taught to hate it. This has brought us to a time of systemic lawlessness where liberty is destroyed in the name of liberty. The franchise of the American citizen is being destroyed in the name of suffrage and Democrat bureaucrats are happy to use the name of the constitution to destroy the actual constitution. Afterward, the Pennsylvania legal matter based on constitutionality may be taken up by the US Supreme Court. SCOTUS should rule that Pennsylvania violated the Electoral College, violated the Pennsylvania State Constitution, and unconstitutionally contravened the process of choosing electors outlined in Article II.
Jan 01, 2021
Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 12/30/20
On Wednesday’s Mark Levin Show, Doc Washburn of KARN fills in for Mark. January 6 is the day we learn whether our Constitution will hold and whether congressional Republicans care. It is not asking too much for the Republicans to uphold the United States Constitution and to fight to preserve and protect the plain words set forth in Article II. They must make the case to and on behalf of the American people, and they must make it clear to the Democrats that we the people will not roll over. Send Josh Hawley announced today that he will object the certification of electors on January 6th, the first Senator to do so. Also, we have always been told that voting machines cannot and are not connected to the internet, but that was again proven false today in a Georgia fraud hearing. While presenting evidence of fraud, Stanford researcher Jovan Pulitzer informed the committee that they had hacked into a voting machine while the hearing was underway. What is it going to take for this evidence to be treated with the severity it deserves?
Dec 31, 2020
Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 12/29/20
On Tuesday’s Mark Levin Show, Brian Mudd of WJNO fills in for Mark. The next election cycle has already begun, and if we’re going to get new election systems in place we need to start today. Demanding a paper ballot trail, removing corrupted systems like Sequoia, and holding local officials accountable will drive the change. If it can be done in Democrat strongholds like Broward and Palm Beach Counties in 2018, it can be done anywhere. President Trump was the beginning of the end of the establishment, and now we decide if we want to continue the fight. The Georgia senate runoff election needs as much transparency and attention to make it impossible to steal. We will accept results if they are honest and fair, but we’re upset because we don’t have honest and fair elections anymore. Also, Chuck Schumer said the fastest way to help Americans is to give them their money back. A better relief would be if they didn’t collect the tax to begin with. The best way to help Americans isn’t bailout packages, tax cuts are.
Dec 30, 2020
Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 12/28/20
On Monday’s Mark Levin Show, Brian Mudd of WJNO fills in for Mark. The election integrity of the U.S. is the worst in the developed world, specifically in six states that have the potential to change the outcome of the Presidential election. The Harvard Electoral Integrity Project found that the US ranked second to last among democratic countries. President Trump is too much of a threat to corrupt government officials at the highest levels to be re-elected, so a multi-headed effort was launched against him. The Comeys and Muellers and people who spent decades in government creating this deep state culture have blocked Trump at every turn. Also, the coronavirus won’t go away January 1st and neither will the restrictions on our freedom. Governor Andrew Cuomo signed an executive order taking away freedoms until May 1st, and who knows if it’ll end there.
Dec 29, 2020
Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 12/25/20
On Friday's Mark Levin Show, we bring you the best of Mark Levin and wish you a very Merry Christmas! In 2005 the Carter-Baker Commission report on election integrity warned about the disastrous election that could result if mail-in ballots were used and voter ID requirements were not. The report cited absentee ballots as the main source of potential fraud and called for the elimination of third-party handling of ballots or ballot harvesting. Duplicate registrations, deceased voters on the rolls, voting machine irregularities, and the media's role in calling elections for a particular candidate are also prominently mentioned in the Carter-Baker Report of 2005. The prosecution of election fraud is the final point in the Commission's report. Then, Georgians must get out and vote for the Republican candidates in Georgia. Hearings in Georgia revealed surveillance video of what appears to be suitcases of ballots being transported. In Nevada it was discovered that 2,468 votes were by voters that legally changed their address to another state or country, 42,000 voters who voted twice in NV, 1,500 voters were listed as deceased by the SSA, and approximately 6,000 USPS red flags on vacant addresses. Later, if mask-wearing was 100% effective the coronavirus wouldn't spread. It's obvious that masks help, but a mask won't stop the virus because it's a virus. Anthony Fauci expects to remain on the public payroll if Joe Biden takes office in January. Afterward, the Holocaust Museum is white-washing President FDR's abandonment of European Jews. As the Nazis rose to power, officers on their warships enjoyed a cordial and friendly relationship with the Roosevelt Administration. In many ways, FDR was America's first modern dictator.
Dec 26, 2020
Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 12/24/20
On Thursday's Mark Levin Show, we bring you the best of Mark Levin. The press has provided almost no coverage of the rulings on the Trump cases, or the multiple hearings that have taken place with dozens of witnesses. They have all but ignored President Trump's speech where he laid out the facts of the irregularities, the elimination of signature matching, and postal requirements, as well as the extension of ballot deadlines other rule changes for mail-in ballots. The fraud abounds and the yet establishment media and government types say and do nothing. Then, the economist and columnist Walter E. Williams has passed away. Williams was a huge icon for liberty, the constitution, and humanity. Armed with an excellent sense of humor and superior intellect, Williams lived a graceful life and kept the company of fellow conservative intellectuals Milton Friedman and Thomas Sowell. Later, the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania is out of control. What Pennsylvania has done at the state level affects the Electoral College. A state court cannot change or create election laws, only the PA legislature can. Republicans must stand up to this lawlessness. This cowardice must end because the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania is stepping all over the legislature. If the US Supreme Court doesn't fix this rogue state court we will have a federal Constitutional crisis. Afterward, CNN is further exposed in newly released tapes from Project Veritas revealing more of their bias. CEO Jeff Zucker even went as far as saying that Trump was a bigger threat to national security than election fraud.
Dec 25, 2020
Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 12/23/20
On Wednesday’s Mark Levin Show, Mr call screener and WABC host Rich Valdes fills in for Mark. We’re under attack by Iran, Russia, and China, but the overall attack is by an ideology that rejects God. People are kneeling at the altar of big government but liberty is making a comeback. We absolutely have to take this election fight all the way and go as far as we have to go. That’s what we do in any fight, whether it’s a boxing match or an election. Also, President Trump deserves tremendous credit for standing up for Americans once again by calling for an end to waster and more money for Americans in the COVID Relief Bill. Trump stuck up for small businesses, who are getting hit hard. Later, Paul Manafort, Roger Stone, and Charles Kushner have all been pardoned by President Trump. The only crimes they were guilty of were being part of Trump world.
Dec 24, 2020
Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 12/22/20
On Tuesday’s Mark Levin Show, Ben Ferguson fills in for Mark. Government lockdowns and shutting down businesses does nothing to stop the spread of COVID, but only suck the life out of the economy and kill small businesses. The elite don’t even follow their own rules - Dr. Deborah Birx traveled to see family for Thanksgiving, going against her own orders. We were sold on stopping the spread and flattening the curve, but it’s been almost a whole year. Biden is providing an even bleaker outlook, today saying in his holiday message that the darkest days are ahead of us, not behind us. Also, President Trump is standing up for Americans again, telling Congress he will veto the COVID Stimulus Bill unless they remove billions in wasteful spending and the direct payout to citizens is increased. Hundreds of billions of dollars shouldn’t be given in federal aid while Americans are suffering and their businesses are shut down. This is socialism and everyone knows it, which is why Trump is taking a stand.
Dec 23, 2020
Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 12/21/20
On Monday's Mark Levin Show, KARN radio host Doc Washburn fills in for Mark. China relies on its Marxist roots to wage information warfare on adversaries. China and the Marxists keep their focus on using the system to dismantle the system. Then, President Trump’s acting Secretary of Defense, Christopher C. Miller, made comments at the anniversary celebration of the Space Force last week and remarked that he'd undergone some of the most complex military operations of his career recently along with Vice President Mike Pence. Later, Trump has invited all of his supporters to Washington, DC on January 6th, 2021. Washburn's working theory is that this may turn out to be a big street party to celebrate a Trump win. Afterward, former Congressman Trey Gowdy has made disparaging remarks about election fraud and suggests that candidates ought to move on. Gowdy erroneously makes the case that the 2020 election was free of irregularities.
Dec 22, 2020
Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 12/18/20
On Friday's Mark Levin Show, a new report by Phill Kline shows that Facebook CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, donated hundreds of millions of dollars to various organizations to help Joe Biden win. Facebook is an evil diabolical platform that advances the propaganda of the left under protection from the federal government. Washington Republicans should support 'We The People' instead of the robber barons like Facebook. Kudos to Trump for having the courage to veto the pork-filled defense bill in order to defend all Americans from a poor piece of legislation. Also, the media is attempting to paint President Trump as if he's not taking this Russian cyber threat seriously. However, it was Trump that built up the military and added a new branch, the Space Force. America spends trillions on its massive bureaucracy, but it's never held to account. There's never a merit-based system where people are held accountable for their actions. Then, both Russia and China are enemies of the United States yet the politicians in Congress dodge responsibility for everything, and they are never held to account. Later, late-night personality Stephen Colbert conducted a softball interview with Joe Biden. Jill Biden interrupted to assist Biden from making any gaffes. Joe Biden says that Hunter is a grown man and is the smartest man he knows. Afterward, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo joins the program to discuss how American media companies are beholden to the Communist Chinese Party and often repeat their propaganda in American streaming services and news organizations. It's becoming more evident that China was not transparent regarding the outbreak of the coronavirus in Wuhan. Pompeo also acknowledged that Russia is a legitimate threat to the American Republic and feels strongly that the Russians were responsible for the recent cyber-attack on third-party software used by US government agencies.
Dec 19, 2020
Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 12/17/20
On Thursday's Mark Levin Show, the media had a completely different reaction to a government shutdown versus private businesses being shut down via lockdown orders. The left has shut down businesses, created edicts to wear masks everywhere including inside one's home, and endangered the livelihoods of so many Americans that rely on the free market for their survival. In a period of less than a year, the Democrat party's unconstitutional mandates are driving America into massive debt. That's the private sector fighting to survive. However, there are government employees that don't care about the economy because they continue getting paid in the public sector. Now, the bureaucrats want to cover up the damage with a new 'stimulus' bill under the guise of coronavirus relief. So, why isn't the government shrinking the way the private sector is? Then, Ambassador Ron Dermer calls in to discuss the Abraham Accords and the latest nation to join the peace agreement - Morocco. Dermer clarified that Iran's terror proxies are an existential threat to the survival of the State of Israel and lauded the Trump Administration for reinstating sanctions. Later, Washington can focus on China but can't ignore other threats to the United States. This country has many enemies and to think otherwise is both simplistic and dangerous. Despite reassurances from Homeland Security cybersecurity specialists, the US Government has been massively attacked by hackers suspected to be Russian intelligence operatives. 
Dec 18, 2020
Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 12/16/20
On Wednesday's Mark Levin Show, if sworn in, Joe Biden will be an illegitimate president. The states of Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Georgia, Michigan, and Arizona, all had changes made to their election laws that violated the federal Constitution. These states represent 73 electoral college votes. It's a travesty that the Supreme Court has abdicated its duty to uphold the Constitution. Then, Biden and the Democrats lied to America and the media helped them do it. The press covered for Hunter Biden but now they've been exposed. This election has been exposed by Sen. Ron Johnson, Chairman of the Senate Homeland Security Committee, who brought in a host of witnesses to highlight the importance of election integrity. Later, Peter Schweizer calls in and explains that Joe and Hunter Biden aren't the only Washington insiders with close ties to China. Sen. Mitch McConnell's wife's family owns a transportation company linked to China. Afterward, Rep Eric Swalwell should be expelled from Congress for his close personal interactions with a Chinese government spy. China has conducted multiple influence operations on the United States and Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe reiterates that China interfered in the 2020 US election. 
Dec 17, 2020
Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 12/15/20
On Tuesday's Mark Levin Show, Joe Biden is off to Georgia to support a racist anti-Semite, Raphael Warnock. Biden went from embracing White separatists in the 1970s to embracing Black separatists in 2020. Democrats and media lie when they embrace nullification like confederates did and embrace secession with their sanctuary city policies. There's a growing wing of anti-Semites on the Democrat left just looking for new minorities to attack. Then, RINO establishment Republicans like Mitch McConnell have used President Trump just like they used the Tea Party in 2010. Ronald Reagan and Trump are the two greatest Republican presidents since Calvin Coolidge and RINO bureaucrats can't wait to undo all of their hard work. Later, they call the Trump lawyers crazy yet Joe Biden himself said we have to avoid situations where machines and records can be manipulated. Civil litigation requires a reasonable basis in fact and law and that all true inferences favor the plaintiff when dismissed, in particular when injunctive relief is sought. Afterward, but for Trump and Operation Warp Speed, America and the world would not have a coronavirus vaccine. Some critics of Hydroxychloroquine at the American Medical Association have now miraculously reversed course. Plus, the Biden campaign is incestuously connected with tech-fascists at Facebook.
Dec 16, 2020
Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 12/14/20
On Monday's Mark Levin Show, two-time Attorney General William Barr has given his resignation letter to President Trump. He fought for the law, and the president and was no Jeff Sessions. Barr was prevented by rule 6.e which prevents the Attorney General from releasing information about ongoing grand jury investigations, which included Hunter Biden. Barr was an excellent Attorney General, a real class-act and this program salutes him. Then, on January 6th, 2021 the Archivist of the United States will transfer the electoral votes to a joint session of the US Congress. In 1960 Hawaii challenged the electoral votes in the race between John F. Kennedy and Richard Nixon. The fraud was evident but Nixon chose not to rock the boat, per se. Finding the 2020 election fraud is like a game to the media and Democrats akin to hide-and-seek. Later, the founders feared two kinds of tyranny -- the mob (pure democracy) and the monarchy (the central government)! The Democrats are systemically destroying the Constitution on a state by state basis since they don't have the momentum to get a constitutional amendment passed in Congress. So they have used unconstitutional means like lawsuits and judicial activism to circumvent the rules and now there isn't a court in America with enough courage to stand up for the Constitution because so many of them have been compromised.
Dec 15, 2020
Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 12/11/20
On Friday's Mark Levin Show, the Democrat Party is in bed with Communist China. These issues involving Hunter and James Biden are really issues involving Joe Biden. The idea that Joe Biden didn't know his son was under federal criminal investigation for tax fraud and money laundering is a flat out lie. Hunter Biden knew that he didn't reveal $400,000 from Burisma on his financial disclosure. The buck here stops with Joe Biden. Notice the difference that the democrats created a reason to investigate Trump when he came into office, Joe Biden's family members are already under investigation before he even gets into office. Communist China will have a permanent seat at the table in a Biden presidency. Then, authoritarian leftists within the Democrat Party seek to destroy the two-party system. Corporations, universities, professional sports, the media, and even public restrooms have all been compromised by the neo-Marxist movement which gets them to attack their own history, their own economy, and their country. Later, the United States Supreme Court has rejected the Texas lawsuit. They have in effect, institutionalized fraud that violated the constitution and changed elections laws that will continue without offering any relief. Afterward, the United Kingdom and Canada are giving out Pfizer and Moderna vaccines, funded by US taxpayers through Operation Warp Speed, to their citizens instead of Americans. The media ignored this because it goes against Trump and his wishes to give the vaccine to Americans first.
Dec 12, 2020
Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 12/10/20
On Thursday’s Mark Levin show, Communist China's Manchurian candidate is Joe Biden. America has known about Joe Biden, his son, his brother, and all of the individuals he will bring to the table in the name of China. It's no surprise that the Biden’s are under federal criminal investigation. China is on the ascendancy and America will be on the decadency if Biden becomes President. Then, Rudy Giuliani, Peter Schweitzer, the New York Post, and others have exposed the Bidens' corrupt connections with China and others. Big Tech and Big Media run the cover-up for the Chinese and thanks to James O'Keefe's Project Veritas we know that CNN and the left in the media are complicit in all of this. Later, in the 1990s China donated to Bill Clinton and now Biden has brought in lots of dark money from all over, why not from China? Rep. Eric Swalwell cannot answer if he had sex with Fang Fang, the Chinese spy that he's been accused of being involved with. After, Nancy Pelosi has admitted to delaying an aid package for coronavirus relief while dismissing Swalwell's China scandal. Meanwhile, the radical Raphael Warnock supports known anti-Semites and has railed against Israelis in the past.
Dec 11, 2020
Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 12/9/20
On Wednesday's Mark Levin Show, KARN host Doc Washburn fills in for Mark. Texas has brought a legal matter to the Supreme Court charging the states of Michigan, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and Georgia with hurting the Texas election because of those states' unconstitutional changes to existing election laws. Afterward, new congressional testimony reveals a potential cure for COVID-19. The CDC has edited its website to indicate that they no longer believe that COVID-19 was transmitted through contact with dry surfaces although that was disputed. There was also the controversy over mask-wearing, non-mask-wearing, and the efficacy of vaccines. Yet people were told to go and vote even if they were symptomatic, but Thanksgiving with families was scaled back. The latest is that mask-wearing might be more effective at allaying anxiety than at preventing COVID-19 in public spaces where people physically distance and spend less than 15-minutes next to one another.  Later, Dr. Pierre Kory testified in front of the US Senate's Homeland Security Committee and blasted members that doubted the science he was presenting. Kory reiterated that he was appalled that the drug research that he and his colleagues conducted on re-purposed drugs was not being considered or fast-tracked. He touted the evidence on Ivermectin as miraculous and declared that "if you take it, you will not get sick."
Dec 10, 2020
Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 12/8/20
On Tuesday's Mark Levin Show, the Supreme Court has institutionalized chaos and lawlessness. Just forty minutes after the last brief was filed the US Supreme Court denied the Pennsylvania case brought by Representative Mike Kelly and Congressional Candidate Sean Parnell. Similar to Justice Owen Roberts who served during President FDR’s administration, this Supreme Court is fearful of the media chaos. This Court could have stood up before the election compelling states to adhere to state election laws under the state and federal Constitutions. But of course, they did not. The campaign can still make a future request for certiorari. In effect, and as of now, any state supreme court can now legislate from the bench because of their cowardice to uphold the federal constitution. Then, there would be no coronavirus vaccine but for President Trump, operation warp speed and his administration. The nuance of his management style would be the topic of books if he were a Democrat. But the media will do anything to prop up Joe Biden's Administration as it aims to be the most radical leftist government in American history. Later, the Georgia Secretary of State is a coward and has agreed to a deal with Stacy Abrams to significantly weaken the signature requirements that the state's election law calls for. Afterward, China has made inroads with many Democrats. among them Rep. Eric Swalwell and based on a year-long investigation from Axios, Swalwell has some embarrassing spy problems fitting the mold of a useful idiot for China.
Dec 09, 2020
Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 12/7/20
On Monday's Mark Levin Show, at America's constitutional convention the framers spent five months brainstorming how to make and keep a republic. The Democrats have spent this entire election trying to remake America. It would help America if citizens could get information and decide for themselves on the various election cases, but the dishonest media says that everything is frivolous. The Pennsylvania case before the Supreme Court is solid and important. No one knows how the court will handle the case, but it remains extremely important nonetheless. Then, the plenary power of states must be defined so that its limits are clear otherwise a lawful election process will remain unknown. Plenary power does not mean a state can violate its own state constitution in order to influence or affect an election. This case is not about disenfranchising 2.4 million mail-in voters, it's about disenfranchising the more than 4 million other PA voters and more than 70 million other American voters who are negatively impacted by the decisions of the state in this case. Also, if this PA case arrives in Congress they will sort it out because they have a job to do, just like the US Supreme Court has a job to do too. Beyond chiming in on the next cultural case where they can stifle religious liberty. Ultimately, the mob will not rule. Outside of the abortion issue, the left doesn't advocate for choice because ultimately they're totalitarians. Additionally, it’s the anniversary of Pearl Harbor and it’s important to recognize it. If a people lose their history, they will lose their country. Later, some establishment Republicans and publications like National Review no longer have any purpose. They compare Constitutionalists to the extreme radical left. Yet, how many constitutional conservative patriots have burned down a storefront, punched a police officer, or condoned ballot fraud? Imagine if George Washington or Abraham Lincoln listened to critics saying he's lost the confidence of the troops and that they should just move on. These pseudo-conservatives are more concerned with positioning themselves for the future and how newsrooms will view them. Afterward, Mitt Romney says that Washington needs to plead for people to wear masks and social distance. Meanwhile, other countries have become complete police states and it has not impacted the spread of the virus. However, the fascistic media makes viewers believe that you're either for Anthony Fauci or against him, or that you're either for Trump or against him.
Dec 08, 2020
Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 12/4/20
On Friday's Mark Levin Show, Americans cannot become pollyannas. The Democrat Party and the US media are defending China. America is beginning a decline and the greater the power amassed by the left within the Democrat Party, the faster the decline. America is fighting a two-front war; internationally and internally. China is ascending and the United States is descending. The hate on for America's economic system is reaching a fever pitch. The system that has created the greatest amount of wealth for the greatest amount of people, more than any other economic system ever has. The American free-market reflects human nature, allowing for fewer and fewer people to make decisions. Then, Marxism is an abstraction built on poverty which teaches its adherents that they must go broke, to take handouts, or get crushed. Sadly American children are not taught to love capitalism, they are taught to hate it. This has brought us to a time of systemic lawlessness where liberty is destroyed in the name of liberty. The franchise of the American citizen is being destroyed in the name of suffrage and Democrat bureaucrats are happy to use the name of the constitution to destroy the actual constitution. Afterward, the Pennsylvania legal matter based on constitutionality may be taken up by the US Supreme Court. SCOTUS should rule that Pennsylvania violated the Electoral College, violated the Pennsylvania State Constitution, and unconstitutionally contravened the process of choosing electors outlined in Article II.
Dec 05, 2020
Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 12/3/20
On Thursday's Mark Levin Show, in 2005 the Carter-Baker Commission report on election integrity warned about the disastrous election that could result if mail-in ballots were used and voter ID requirements were not. The report cited absentee ballots as the main source of potential fraud and called for the elimination of third-party handling of ballots or ballot harvesting. Duplicate registrations, deceased voters on the rolls, voting machine irregularities, and the media's role in calling elections for a particular candidate are also prominently mentioned in the Carter-Baker Report of 2005. The prosecution of election fraud is the final point in the Commission's report. Then, Georgians must get out and vote for the Republican candidates in Georgia. Hearings in Georgia revealed surveillance video of what appears to be suitcases of ballots being transported. In Nevada it was discovered that 2,468 votes were by voters that legally changed their address to another state or country, 42,000 voters who voted twice in NV, 1,500 voters were listed as deceased by the SSA, and approximately 6,000 USPS red flags on vacant addresses. Later, if mask-wearing was 100% effective the coronavirus wouldn't spread. It's obvious that masks help, but a mask won't stop the virus because it's a virus. Anthony Fauci expects to remain on the public payroll if Joe Biden takes office in January. Afterward, the Holocaust Museum is white-washing President FDR's abandonment of European Jews. As the Nazis rose to power, officers on their warships enjoyed a cordial and friendly relationship with the Roosevelt Administration. In many ways, FDR was America's first modern dictator. 
Dec 04, 2020
Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 12/2/20
On Wednesday's Mark Levin Show, the press has provided almost no coverage of the rulings on the Trump cases, or the multiple hearings that have taken place with dozens of witnesses. They have all but ignored President Trump's speech today where he laid out the facts of the irregularities, the elimination of signature matching, and postal requirements, as well as the extension of ballot deadlines other rule changes for mail-in ballots. The fraud abounds and the yet establishment media and government types say and do nothing. Then, the economist and columnist Walter E. Williams has passed away. Williams was a huge icon for liberty, the constitution, and humanity. Armed with an excellent sense of humor and superior intellect, Williams lived a graceful life and kept the company of fellow conservative intellectuals Milton Friedman and Thomas Sowell. Later, the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania is out of control. What Pennsylvania has done at the state level affects the Electoral College. A state court cannot change or create election laws, only the PA legislature can. Republicans must stand up to this lawlessness. This cowardice must end because the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania is stepping all over the legislature. If the US Supreme Court doesn't fix this rogue state court we will have a federal Constitutional crisis. Afterward, CNN is further exposed in newly released tapes from Project Veritas revealing more of their bias. CEO Jeff Zucker even went as far as saying that Trump was a bigger threat to national security than election fraud. 
Dec 03, 2020
Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 12/1/20
On Tuesday's Mark Levin Show, it's clear that the US supreme court is unwilling to act on the constitutional questions regarding the election but we must advocate nonetheless. Everything is on the line and everything is at stake. There is also absolute lawlessness going on in the state of Pennsylvania and their supreme court! Then, the media is focused on President Trump's legal expenses but didn't care when taxpayers were footing the bill for the Mueller witch hunt. The media should be focused on exposing the truth not criticizing the Trump campaign. Later, concerning Attorney General Bill Barr, the US DOJ does not have the foggiest idea if there is election voting fraud or not. The AG relies on the US Attorneys for that and they have been extremely passive.  Plus, investigative reporter James O’Keefe, President of Project Veritas, calls in with bombshell recordings from CNN's morning meetings where CEO Jeff Zucker dictates what will and won't be covered in their biased and propagandistic coverage of Trump. Zucker makes it clear that this is a concerted effort to attack Trump from multiple angles and normalize propaganda with CNN's viewers. Afterward, Rep. Rashida Tlaib retweeted a tweet using a phrase often associated with the demise of Jews. Anti-Semites using this phrase have referred to Israel as cancer that must be eliminated. Despite having been criticized for Anti-Semitic remarks in the past, Tlaib has gotten a pass on this trope from her allies in the leftwing media.
Dec 02, 2020
Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 11/30/20
On Monday's Mark Levin Show, under the state constitution of Pennsylvania, the voting system can only be changed by the legislature. These changes require two consecutive sessions of the State Assembly and the public must be informed - this did not happen in this election and disenfranchised the citizenry and the voters. An omnibus bill known as Act 77 circumvented the legal process and was challenged but was rejected by the rogue state Supreme Court because the Court claimed the Republicans waited too long to bring the case (latches). This is problematic because the plaintiffs had no standing until the election occurred. This problem must be posed as a federal question and the plaintiffs must appeal this issue directly to the US Supreme Court. This must be fixed in Pennsylvania now or it will resurface in the future and no remedy needs to be fashioned by the US Supreme Court, but for the existing law to be upheld. If not, the electors will statutorily present their votes to Congress on January 6th and their votes will be recorded. This will not end if we do not return to a lawful and constitutional voting practice. Then, Joe Biden's choices for his would-be cabinet are a choice between Trotskyites and Stalinists, not between progressives or moderates. Later, President Trump got more votes than any other President and 11 million more votes than he did in 2016. Trump's support among Black voters grew by 50% and he made tremendous gains with Hispanic voters as well. These stats simply don't add up to a Trump loss. Afterward, Sidney Powell gets maligned by the Washington Post as a conspiracy theorist when it's that very publication that perpetuated the Russian hoax conspiracy theory in its pages. Yet the media is happy to discuss would-be President Joe Biden breaking his foot playing with his dog.
Dec 01, 2020
Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 11/27/20
On Friday’s Mark Levin Show, WABC radio host Rich Valdes “Mr. Call Screener” fills in for Mark. Regressive progressives are trying to raize the republic. They are trying to get the election over with as fast as possible, which is why there is such a push by the media to ignore evidence of voter fraud. Mail-in ballot fraud was used to affect the 1864 election to try and remove President Abraham Lincoln, just like what the Democrats are trying to pull off in the 2020 election. Even worse was the 1876 election of Rutherford B. Hayes, which saw Democrats go so far as to kill political opponents in order to steal the election. The “hate America” first crowd cannot be allowed to take over, or else we are screwed. The media is on an all-out assault on our republic, trying to destroy the aspects of democracy that we love and pervert them for their purposes. Also, we have turned a blind eye to what Barack Obama has done. The divider and demagogue in chief pitted Americans against each other, and is now openly hating evangelicals and Latino Trump supporters. He spent 8 years creating racial division, which paved the way for BLM.
Nov 28, 2020
Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 11/26/20
On Thursday’s Mark Levin show, we bring you the best of Mark Levin! The reporting on the Trump campaign's legal challenges is just as bad as the reporting on the Russia hoax. CNN and MSNBC don't care about the facts at all. America deserves better. There are two types of challenges being brought: Constitutional challenges citing the 14th Amendment's equal protection clause as referenced by SCOTUS in Bush v. Gore; if there's disparate treatment of votes it's unfair. Period.   Also, regarding election evidence and those ignorant of civil litigation, expedited discovery can be ordered by the court as an immediate remedy. Discovery has not even occurred in this case. Affidavits from credible individuals that raise a reasonable question are enough to establish a need for expedited discovery per the rules of civil procedure. Concerning the Constitutional challenges, per Article II Section II Clause II, each state's legislature has the power over election laws. State courts, County officials, Governors, or their appointees do not. Moreover, all voters must be treated the same under the equal protection clause of the 14th Amendment. How will history remember us during this time? Will history say that we are judicious and wise or that we abdicated our responsibility to protect our republic?  Finally, Harvard Law Professor Lawrence Lessig joins the program to discuss Lessig's column critiquing this program's comments on Article II of the Constitution. Lessig agreed with Mark Levin's point that Article II grants the state legislatures the power over the manner of the selection of electors.
Nov 27, 2020
Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 11/25/20
On Wednesday’s Mark Levin Show, Brian Mudd of WJNO fills in for Mark. Before the election, Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama told Joe Biden not to concede under any circumstance because they knew. In 2016 they attacked Trump with a bogus collusion narrative, and it took decades of entrenched government corruption to allow it to happen. The media refuses to report election fraud because they want you to be ignorant, which is why it’s important to be informed. When the media repeats the lie that Biden is President-elect, they discredit the recounts and audits underway in multiple states. This is mostly not about changing the outcome of the election, but the Republic going forward. Also, most of what’s being discussed about Dominion voting systems isn’t the full picture. Issues with Smartmatic and Sequoia systems in the 2000s found that systems could be manipulated and votes could be flipped from one candidate to another. Because of the worldwide attention, Smartmatic sold Sequoia in 2006, which is the root of the Venezuela conspiracy owning Dominion. We need to root out bad software and corrupt actors manipulating the outcomes of our elections.
Nov 26, 2020
Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 11/24/20
On Tuesday's Mark Levin Show, this is the greatest hijacking of an election in American history. Joe Biden is an illegitimate President-Elect. Attorneys like Marc Elias, who once represented Democrat Hillary Clinton, took advantage of partisan Democrat activists in state judiciaries and various county election boards. Most Americans don't believe this election was genuine and Joe Biden and the media could care less about it. All while, spineless Republicans and Supreme Court Justices turn a blind eye and fail the country. Yet the media, and critics, continue spreading lies about a lack of evidence like the super spreaders they are. Then, Democrats in the executive branch of several contested states rushed to certify electors even before their state legislatures could even hold a single investigatory hearing. Michigan has certified their votes despite the legislature's request for an investigative hearing. Yet for Democrats, the bar is extremely low. A phone call, the emoluments clause, or any other sham they could come up with. However, they see blocking inspectors, double votes, and unconstitutionally changing state election laws as appropriate to prevent another 2016. Later, re-imagining is the new buzz word being pushed in Biden speeches because it’s a positive-sounding, innocuous-feeling term that's been used by Marxists in writings and classrooms for decades. Biden and Kamala Harris have served in the senate and are not new to this. They could have made changes in Washington if they wanted to, but they didn't. Now they want to reimagine? A reimagined America, or a cabinet that might look like America, might stink like Castro and think like Putin and acts like Xi once it's been reimagined. Afterward, Dr. Robert Epstein calls in with an update on data he collected on ephemeral experiences showing a very strong liberal bias for election-related searches. Epstein's group is investigating data from the current Georgia senate election. Finally, journalist Sharyl Attkisson joins the show to discuss her new book, Slanted: How the News Media Taught Us to Love Censorship and Hate Journalism.
Nov 25, 2020
Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 11/23/20
On Monday's Mark Levin Show, this is the time where it's most dangerous to have an irresponsible media. All would be wise to tune out the disinformation from the Russia-hoax-media. In 2000, there was a rogue supreme court in Florida just as there is one now in Pennsylvania. One nuance, between the two, is that the Pennsylvania Supreme Court changed the State's voting laws right before the election. Then, the right to vote is protected in more than the initial allocation of the franchise. Equal protection applies as well to the manner of its exercise. Having once granted the right to vote on equal terms, the State may not, by later arbitrary and disparate treatment, value one person's vote over that of another. There must be at least some assurance that the rudimentary requirements of equal treatment and fundamental fairness are satisfied. What's more, the Governor of Pennsylvania and their supreme court made changes: 1. extending the receiving and counting of ballots beyond 8:00 PM on Election Day. 2, they eliminated the requirement for matching signatures. 3, they stopped requiring postal marks on the mailed-in ballots. The Pennsylvania Supreme Court violated Article II, Section II, Clause II of the federal Constitution acting as if they were the State's legislature. Later, just because the media doesn't agree with the presentation of Sidney Powell's case doesn't mean they have to destroy her or that RINO Republicans have to pile on. It may be difficult to win fairly because of judicial bias, but the case for fair elections must be made irrespective of the electoral outcome to ensure free and fair elections moving forward. Afterward, Fox News Host, Pete Hegseth, joins the program to discuss his new book "Modern Warriors: Real Stories from Real Heroes."
Nov 24, 2020
Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 11/20/20
On Friday's Mark Levin Show, regarding election evidence and those ignorant of civil litigation, expedited discovery can be ordered by the court as an immediate remedy. Discovery has not even occurred in this case. Affidavits from credible individuals that raise a reasonable question are enough to establish a need for expedited discovery per the rules of civil procedure. Concerning the Constitutional challenges, per Article II Section II Clause II, each state's legislature has the power over election laws. State courts, County officials, Governors, or their appointees do not. Moreover, all voters must be treated the same under the equal protection clause of the 14th Amendment. How will history remember us during this time? Will history say that we are judicious and wise or that we abdicated our responsibility to protect our republic? Also, it's not easy to take on the government, but Sidney Powell has done it before and she's doing it again. It's bad enough when the usual enemies try to destroy someone like Powell, but it's unconscionable when others do the same thing. We need to let her do her job and let the chips fall where they may. She deserves our thanks, not our disdain. Then, even the ancient philosophers like John Stuart Mill never imagined communism or anything like it ever succeeding. Forcing the will of the government on the people is only supported by the worst parts of human nature. Later, Joe Biden will not support any funding for government-run schools like charter-operated public schools or school choice. Teachers' unions support these limitations on parents and students. Afterward, former Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker calls in to discuss election results and irregularities in Wisconsin.. Walker added that absentee ballots must be requested, not handed out as they were in certain counties.
Nov 21, 2020
Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 11/19/20
On Thursday's Mark Levin Show, the reporting on the Trump campaign's legal challenges is just as bad as the reporting on the Russia hoax. CNN and MSNBC don't care about the facts at all. America deserves better. There are two types of challenges being brought: Constitutional challenges citing the 14th Amendment's equal protection clause as referenced by SCOTUS in Bush v. Gore; if there's disparate treatment of votes it's unfair. Period. Plus, there are Article II challenges with respect to who has the authority to make election laws. This can have an effect on results states across the country. Secondly, there are fraud allegations and the quantity of fraud is not the test. The Trump team has multiple affidavits and there isn't even another case in history that even comes close to having this many sworn affidavits. The mere fact of fraud lends itself to voter disenfranchisement and the Court can create a remedy to address that. Then, Sen. Tom Cotton calls in to highlight the importance of truth in American history, unlike the revisionist charlatans who wrote the 1619 Project. Cotton also pointed out how dangerous consent decrees are to the republic. Afterward, President Trump defied the odds, while not only following the science on coronavirus but making strides in science with Operation Warp Speed to accelerate the China virus vaccine creation and distribution.
Nov 20, 2020
Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 11/18/20
On Wednesday's Mark Levin Show, while the legal challenge is an uphill battle there are still serious legal issues pending. The premise of the equal protection clause argument in some of the Trump legal challenges has yet to be heard - specifically by the Supreme Court of the United States. There is no incentive to relent at this time. Conversely, giving up prematurely would be immoral and can impact all future elections. Then, for months it was reported that President Trump was sabotaging the election by suppressing USPS and removing/replacing mailboxes - this was a lie. The media turns a blind eye to the DOJ's warning that Russia was attempting to influence the election in favor of Joe Biden. There is virtual silence on the success of Trump's Operation Warp Speed to accelerate the testing of a COVID-19 vaccine. Interestingly, Biden and the media have no explanation as to why is there an uptick in coronavirus cases when most Americans are wearing masks. Later, Daniel Horowitz of the Blaze called in to discuss the anomalies in Georgia's vote totals where their previous ballot rejection rate was 6.5%. Oddly, the 2020 election, with mail-in ballots, only had 0.2% and had many more ballots cast and still had a lower rejection rate. Horowitz added that the Constitution precisely names which day Presidential elections can be held and no state court has the power to alter that. Afterward, Sen. Kelly Loeffler calls in with an update on her runoff campaign in Georgia. Loeffler confirmed that anyone caught moving to Georgia just to vote will be referred to the State's Attorney General. Finally, Harvard Law Professor Laurence Lessig joins the program to discuss Lessig's column critiquing this program's comments on Article II of the Constitution. Lessig agreed with Mark Levin's point that Article II grants the state legislatures the power over the manner of the selection of electors. 
Nov 19, 2020
Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 11/17/20
On Tuesday's Mark Levin Show, the government doesn't have the power to cancel Thanksgiving or Christmas; they were never intended to have this power. Government doesn’t have a right to tell you not to assemble. The Pollyanna’s who can't see how President Trump wins this election - they are missing the point - this is about defending the American republic - not about politics. Then, as our history teaches, the Stamp Act, the Boston Massacre, and the Boston Tea Party are all examples of the British imposing tyranny upon the Americans. This sounds eerily similar to all of the edicts that Democrat governors are demanding as of late. Later, esteemed Attorney, and Trump Legal Team member, Lin Wood calls in to discuss his lawsuit against the State of Georgia challenging a consent agreement that was entered in by the State's Secretary of State and the law firm Perkins Coie which has previously represented Hillary Clinton's campaign and the Democrat Party. Wood is filing a motion to stop the sham recount that's currently occurring. Wood says that the law is clear and that this election was stolen from President Trump. This is a coup disguised as an election and both Democrats and Republicans are complicit in it.
Nov 18, 2020
Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 11/16/20
On Monday's Mark Levin Show, Dominion Voting System was recently profiled by PBS as part of their reporting on making elections more secure. However, Democrats filed multiple lawsuits prior to the election to weaken the safeguards protecting elections in all of the battleground states. Alex Halderman, a white-hat hacker checking for vulnerabilities, found that glitches in the programs caused candidate names to disappear. There were several systemic issues with the Dominion Voting System that affected the election and they were known at least three weeks prior to the election. Yet, federal judge Amy Totenberg allowed the State of Georgia to use this system anyway even after the vulnerabilities were known and a last-minute patch was issued to repair it. Then, Federal litigator Sidney Powell calls in to discuss an affidavit from a witness that has come forward to testify of their involvement in using this software to change vote counts in Venezuela and at least one other country. Powell re-iterated that there is plenty of opposition from all sides to end this litigation. Sen.'s Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) and Sen. Ron Wyden (D-KS) have issued letters in the past requesting information on the security of this software. Powell believes that Dominion Voting System has negatively affected several million votes in favor of Joe Biden. The people attacking the recount are undermining our constitutional system. Those trying to eliminate Trump's due process are showing their fascistic colors. Later, Paramilitary Democrats like BLM and ANTIFA must be brought to justice and investigated to the fullest extent. Afterward, Dinesh D’Souza calls in to discuss his new movie - Trump Card The Movie.
Nov 17, 2020
Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 11/13/20
On Friday's Mark Levin Show, Dr. Anthony Fauci and others say to wear a mask and people are complying. Yet, according to the media, infection rates are spiking. Joe Biden never had a coronavirus plan, he pretended to have a plan. President Trump did have a plan to accelerate a vaccine and therapeutics. Associate Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito says the coronavirus is negatively affecting individual liberty by politicians. Alito added that the lockdowns also impact religious liberty. Then, Michigan Assembly Speaker Lee Chatfield joins the show to express why both parties must fulfill their constitutional duty to ensure free and fair elections. He added that there were too many irregularities to 'just move on' so they have subpoenaed some evidence. Later, former President Obama says that Trump is delegitimizing democracy. Yet it was the party of Obama that went into state courts asking to eliminate signature verification on ballots, eliminating the need for postmarks on ballots, and not allowing republicans to cure their ballots while allowing democrats to cure theirs. Afterward, Dominion voting software has been problematic in the past and this is why these various audits and investigations are necessary. Yet the media continue obfuscating from the truth. One media type, CNN's Christiane Amanpour, even went as far as comparing the President to Hitler while discussing Kristallnacht, the pogrom against Jews known as the Night of the Broken Glass.
Nov 14, 2020
Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 11/12/20
On Thursday's Mark Levin Show, the media's pressure on President Trump to give up this election fight is in full throttle. The left camouflages its lawlessness with righteousness. The democrats created this election, lawyers and leftwing groups went into these states and changed rules in states and many were unconstitutional. Their plan to use mail-in ballots, changing ballot due dates, and eliminating signature verification was an idea they know would draw ire. They commit the deeds then they blame the victim. It has only been nine days and the Democrats are growing weak in their resolve; calling for an end to any counting and recounting. Democrats are committed to eliminating electoral safeguards. Then, in 1982 Illinois was the scene of a hotly contested election and it was the subject of over 100,000 fraudulent votes. Adlai Stevenson ran against James Thompson and alleged vote fraud. The race initially came down to 5,000 votes for Thompson. A single worker came forward and told the FBI and the media about the voter fraud he witnessed. Later, politicians, mayors, and governors are now dictating whether or not you can have Thanksgiving in your own house. Any government that has the power to tell you how many people can eat in your home is a government with unlimited power. Families are prohibited from gathering but BLM and ANTIFA can gather with no repercussions. Finally, Dr. Marc Siegel calls in and explains that we need to go to our family's houses and celebrate Thanksgiving.
Nov 13, 2020
Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 11/11/20
On Wednesday's Mark Levin Show, this program offers a big thank you to all veterans of the US Armed Services. Then, the New York Times says that they've contacted election officials nationwide and find no election fraud. Yet these same election officials are defendants in multiple legal matters right now. The fraud is in the fundamental transformation of election laws. The fraud is in the courts that make decisions they don't have the power to make. President Trump's challenge is a process that is both Constitutional and statutory, unlike the litigation that eliminated the liberty and franchise of citizens wishing to vote lawfully. Ballots and machines have to be inspected. Yet, the left within the media continues misleading the public into thinking that Joe Biden is the President-Elect despite the pending disputes, recounts, and litigation. Later, Richard Hopkins, a USPS worker, has come forward as a whistleblower and the Washington Times is trying to discredit him instead of interviewing him and verifying his claim. Hopkins has stated that he's overheard superiors discussing illegalities with respect to ballots. Afterward, Andrew Yang, Thomas Freidman, and the Democrats are urging people to move to Georgia just to vote. Democrat courts are removing the safeguards to protect our votes. The Democrat party never embraced the Declaration of Independence, they never embraced the constitution, and they've never embraced Americanism. Finally, the Democrat Party works in cycles whether it is pro-slavery, for the confederacy or its promotion of the Ku Klux Klan. Somehow, today they claim to be the party of the people but they're against free speech, especially in Big Tech and the other media that they run. They don't care about winning elections fair and square, nor do they care about due process or the Constitution.
Nov 12, 2020
Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 11/10/20
On Tuesday's Mark Levin Show, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has become the George Soros of Big Tech and is using its users' data for political purposes. The media, including social media, is changing the election narrative from no fraud at all to no evidence of fraud at a major scale. They went from alleging the Trump campaign not having any evidence to the Trump campaign not having enough evidence. Then, the latest lawsuit filing in Pennsylvania is over 100 pages chronicling institutionalized fraud in major Democrat cities. There will never be enough examples of fraud for the media because the media is a fraud. Interestingly several PA counties failed to comply with an emergency order from the court requiring poll watchers to have "meaningful access to serve ballot counting”. The Constitution protects a citizen's right to equal protection under the law and it also delineates that only the legislature of a given state can dictate a state's election laws and to do otherwise is unconstitutional. Later, Daniel Horowitz from Conservative Review calls in to re-state that nobody is saying to rush into this final election result. It's the Biden camp that is rushing to short-circuit a count on a style of balloting that necessarily takes several weeks to verify and that he pushed for. Horowitz suggests that the legislatures must convene hearings and investigations to shadow the litigation in court and the Supreme Court must cure the ill caused by the lower state court. Afterward, USA Today misrepresents this program's commentary and claims to have reached out to this show, but it has not. The media positions itself to prop up Biden and takedown Trump every chance they get. Finally, Media Research Center President Brent Bozell calls in to discuss censorship in the media. Bozell said media coverage on Biden and allegations of foreign corruption remain fundamentally non-existent. 
Nov 11, 2020
Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 11/9/20
On Monday's Mark Levin Show, not a single state has certified any electoral vote yet. President Trump has every right to call for a recounting of votes, but the media is doing everything to prevent him from doing so. The Democrats want earlier and earlier voting along with later and later counting. Not only does the President have every right to do what he's doing, but he has an obligation to do it. Then, White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany joins the program to discuss the willingness of the Democrat party to cheat the election. It's common sense that their opposition to the recalling of votes means they have everything to hide. This is about the future of elections in this country, and if we don't fight back we are submitting to the leftist takeover. The Trump campaign is fighting back. The Democrats want to turn the entire country into California. What this party did is corrupt and the leftist media refuses to report on it. Next, Pfizer's Coronavirus vaccine is reportedly 90% effective. The only reason we have a vaccine ready so quickly is because of Trump and his Operation Warp Speed. Nonetheless, Joe Biden is trying to slap his name on it and take all the credit. Finally, Sean Parnell calls in to discuss his House run for Pennsylvania’s 17th congressional district. 
Nov 10, 2020
Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 11/6/20
On Friday's Mark Levin Show, Justice Samuel Alito has issued an Order that any ballots received after 8 pm on election day in Pennsylvania be segregated and secured - and if counted, counted separately. There is a petition pending before SCOTUS and Alito has ordered the opposing side to reply by 2 pm Saturday. How long will Republicans support Trump in this election legal battle? That's what the media wants to know, however, the media can’t declare the next president. Only the state legislatures can submit their electoral votes to the US Congress. American's are being pressured and propagandized to accept the results of an election before they've even been finalized. Then, the Democrats never accepted Trump's presidency, they tried a soft coup, they attacked from the Manhattan DA's Office and the NYS State Attorney General. They attacked his family, his children, and his businesses. If it wasn't for Trump Republican candidates wouldn't have won as they did, maintaining all Republican incumbents in the House, keeping their majority in the Senate, and flipping two state legislatures. Later, it's fraudulent to unconstitutionally change the deadlines for an election, use the court to change state election laws, or change rules on ballot signature verification. Their goal is to overload the system, crash the system, seize power, then blame the victim, and claim victory. Democrats want earlier voting and later ballot-counting, fewer security measures to protect election integrity. Afterward, Joe Biden should be treated exactly how Trump was treated by the media. The media is eager to misstate the facts regarding commentary on this program. Al Gore spent 37 days litigating.
Nov 07, 2020
Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 11/5/20
On Thursday's Mark Levin Show, the courts must not dictate election law! Under the federal Constitution, only the legislature of each state has all power over the times, methods, and procedures to choose their electors. A president wins a state when electors, as made lawful by state legislatures, declare a candidate the winner on December 14th and certify their respective state's electoral votes for that candidate. The Constitution provides no "public health emergency" exception that enables governors or judges to override them and create a new system for elections as noted by Daniel Horowitz. The Pennsylvania Supreme Court violated the U.S Constitution. Then, Adam Laxalt calls in to explain how the Democrats changed Nevada's electoral system in the last 80 days with problems matching signatures and notes receiving multiple ballots by mail. Laxalt joins the Trump campaign in filing lawsuits to challenge unconstitutionally changes and extraconstitutional statutes. Later, Victor Davis Hanson joins the show to discuss why active litigation over contested ballots should prevent further ballot counting and states from being called for either candidate. Afterward, Republicans have held the senate and didn't lose a single incumbent in the House. Yet, President Trump who was ahead is now behind in states that other Republicans won. This is what happens when mail-in ballots are dumped overnight and new election statues are unconstitutionally created by bureaucrats and judges that are part of the establishment. 
Nov 06, 2020
Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 11/4/20
On Wednesday's Mark Levin Show, the Democrats have been litigating in various states for months to change election laws to favor Joe Biden and Democrat candidates. The Pennsylvania Secretary of State fundamentally altered her guidance and was asked to resign by Republicans. She changed the rules for ballots after telling the state Supreme Court she'd separate any ballots received after 8 pm on election day. She then co-mingled those ballots defying, undermining, re-writing the existing election statutes that she told the court agreed to uphold. Then, Kimberly Strassel from the Wall Street Journal editorial board calls in to explain something strange that happened in Wisconsin’s election results from last night and today. Wisconsin has same-day voter registration. With turnout at 71%, Wisconsin would have needed 900k same-day registrations yesterday to reach the numbers being reported. Later, delays in counting votes occurred like never before as the Democrats waited for mail-in votes to arrive. Some states have extra days, why don't all states have extra days? Why don't we do our taxes this way? Afterward, House Minority Leader, Kevin McCarthy calls in to discuss key house victories across the country. McCarthy also explained why it's so important to unseat Nancy Pelosi as Speaker.
Nov 05, 2020
Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 11/3/20
On Tuesday's Mark Levin Show, it’s election day, the polls are open and the turnout in key states is close. Every American must get out and vote because every seat in the House and Senate counts. Then, Democrats are thirsting to get more power so they can pack the courts, end the filibuster, and take full political control. The suburbs and the auto industry will pay a high price if Democrats win tonight. Later, as polls continue to close this program broadcasts the results in real-time.
Nov 04, 2020
Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 11/2/20
On Monday's Mark Levin Show, according to President Reagan's diaries in June of 1987, Joe Biden was a demagogue trying to reverse the Reagan doctrine. Others have criticized Biden as a transactional politician. Even Bernie Sanders sees Biden as malleable and urged “the squad” to ensure that Biden becomes the most progressive President if elected. The Democrats have given it all they've got and are spent, now it is time for patriots to go and vote to save the republic. Later, Facebook has an antiquated business model similar to those used in communist China, and as such, they are censoring the Mark Levin Show using phony fact-checkers from leftists such as Politifact. Then, Ron DeSantis calls in with an update on Florida's election turnout and the increase in republican registrations indicating that President Trump may not need to win Pennsylvania and Michigan. DeSantis pointed out that President Trump is in better shape in 2020 than he was in 2016 with a possible increase in Black and Hispanic voters in Miami-Dade County. Also, the books on liberty and natural law that informed the founding of America should be burned if the manifesto known as the Biden Sanders Unity Task Force document becomes the law of the land. Democrats are pushing for a one-party system where the country is ruled by the Democrat Party, not the US Constitution. Afterward, Stanley Kurtz joins the show to reiterate the importance of stopping the Obama-era initiative known as AFFH (Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing) which allows the federal government to take over local zoning and effectively bring the city into the suburbs. 
Nov 03, 2020
Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 10/30/20
On Friday's Mark Levin Show, Joe Biden acts as if Americans never had health insurance before Obamacare. Obamacare is not the gold standard of health coverage. Sadly, Obamacare has priced many people out of the market because the ACA law replaced existing plans with new plans with crushingly high premiums. Then, this is the most important election since the election following the civil war. Despite the failures of the Obama-Biden Administration, Biden still claims he has a plan to handle coronavirus. Later, Sen Kamala Harris is radical and has called for a national standard on the use of force with police. Harris never supported this as Attorney General but now she wants to take control away from the people in individual states and hand it over to the federal government. Afterward, House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy calls in with an update on House races and the 2020 presidential election.
Oct 31, 2020
Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 10/29/20
On Thursday's Mark Levin Show, polling locations are being closed in red states and election day is being extended in many blue states in what appears to be an underhanded way to help Joe Biden gain more votes. If the legal issues surrounding this election aren't resolved on an emergency basis it will be very cumbersome to handle after the elections when there are hundreds of thousands of ballots. Then, what's at stake in this election is court-packing, eliminating the electoral college, and the filibuster rule, attacking free speech to limit advocacy in elections, and aspects of the free press and the free exercise of religion, the 2nd amendment. But it is also the democrat's purpose to take over the government, to change our culture, country, and render the Constitution useless. Democrats don't own this government, we the people own this government. Marxists have hijacked the Democrat Party to take over the federal government. Later, threats against Justice Amy Coney Barrett have surfaced. Democrats are warning they'll impeach her if she sits in on a case related to counting ballots. Afterward, the media has ratcheted up their partisan support for Joe Biden with negative coverage of Trump soaring. The radicals driving the leftwing movement are intent on surrounding themselves with big government types and creating an American oligopoly.
Oct 30, 2020
Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 10/28/20
On Wednesday's Mark Levin Show, the Supreme Court of Philadelphia has seized authority which it arguably does not have under the federal Constitution to change existing election laws, something that only the state legislature can do. The US Supreme Court agreed to review if they'll take up this case, but not on an emergency basis. Justices Thomas, Alito, Gorsuch, and Kavanaugh opined that the case should be brought and that the schedule should be shortened. Then, today's hearings on the oligopoly that big technology has become, revealed the bias that tech CEO's have for dissenting political opinions. When questioned by Senators, Twitter's CEO Jack Dorsey admitted that calls for violence from the Ayatollah were not against Twitter's terms of service but the NY Posts reporting on Hunter Biden was. Dorsey also said the NY Post was able to tweet from their account, this statement is not supported by fact. Later, the materials submitted to the Senate Committee on Homeland Security by Tony Bobulinski have been vetted and are considered to be credible. This documentary evidence includes the creation of a shell corporation and an unsecured forgivable loan to the Biden’s, which is in effect a gift. Afterward, Blaze TV videographer, Elijah Schaffer, calls in to describe his coverage of the Philadelphia race riots. Schaffer was attacked by a mob of looters and explains how he feared for his life during the attack.
Oct 29, 2020
Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 10/27/20
On Tuesday's Mark Levin Show, historically the media has hated successful Republican Presidents. Abraham Lincoln inherited a nation in crisis with the American public blaming him for the country being on the brink of civil war. Some in the media criticized Lincoln's speeches including the Gettysburg address and went as far as calling him a gorilla. Yet, Lincoln won re-election despite being mocked. Many great presidents including the late great Ronald Reagan achieved success despite smears from critics in the media. Then, the Supreme Court has long been the topic of court-packing conversations amongst Democrats that have wanted to expand the number of justices on the Supreme Court since the days of FDR. The activists in the streets are just the same as the activists in Congress, the only difference is that some dress up as senators. Chuck Schumer is Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez in a suit because the Marxist wing of the Democrat Party has taken over. Progressives are adamant to dismantle the Constitution whether through repealing the filibuster, adding more justices to the court, or legislation that focuses on protecting the government rather than the people. Sadly, they are voting for the permanent dissolution of our Constitution. Later, Democrats are using the Constitution to destroy the Constitution. They don't serve the people, they serve the Party. If Democrats become the majority they will take control of America and give power to whomever, however, they want. Afterward, Rep Chip Roy calls in to discuss how Nancy Pelosi wants to hurt small businesses and healthcare. Finally, John James calls in to discuss his campaign for the US Senate.
Oct 28, 2020
Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 10/26/20
On Monday's Mark Levin Show, Amy Coney Barrett is confirmed as Supreme Court Justice without a single Democrat vote, creating another precedent towards destroying the Supreme Court. While the leftist Democrats lie and say that Barrett’s confirmation was rushed there are plenty of historical examples of confirmations that occurred in just days and some being confirmed on the same day they were nominated. Not a single President has ever abdicated their responsibility to nominate in an election year when a vacancy has occurred at the end of their term. The Constitution limits the power of the federal government so that the individual is empowered by their God-given rights. Then, despite their three million dollar home, the Biden’s gave an average of $369 to charity, according to USA Today in 2008. Later, President Trump will go down in history as one of the greatest presidents and the idea that the American people will cut his time short is a shocking possibility. Afterward, US House candidate Madison Cawthorn calls in with an update on his campaign for North Carolina's 11th congressional district. Cawthorn also invited the nation to pray for the upcoming election.
Oct 27, 2020
Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 10/23/20
On Friday's Mark Levin Show, President Trump drew out lie after lie from former VP Joe Biden at last night's debate. Trump brilliantly called Biden to the carpet for not implementing any of his grandiose plans when he had the opportunity to implement them during his 47 years in public office. Then, the most glaring fact-check was when Biden claimed that he's never called to end fracking and challenged Trump to put the video of him saying it on his website. Trump tweeted it. Biden's 110-page manifesto known as the unity task force document on his campaign website was taken to task. The radical energy plan, co-authored by Rep. AOC, will cripple our economy and dramatically raise costs. It will also destroy our energy-production capacity. Later, former President Barack Obama lied more than 36 times saying that people who had health insurance would be able to keep it. This was false. Yet, Joe Biden told that same lie at the final presidential debate and it went unchecked by the moderator. Plus, one question that was obviously missing from the debate was the one regarding any formal denial of the Hunter Biden laptop. Biden won't say that it's not Hunter's laptop, and even Hunter has come forward to deny that it's his. This is the most corrupt media in American history. Afterward, Senator Lindsey Graham joins the show to discuss the 100 million-dollar attack on his campaign. Graham has fought hard to support Trump and now the DNC is after him. Finally, Senate candidate Daniel Gade calls in with an update on his campaign against Mark Warner, his military service, and how he's being outspent by the Democrats.
Oct 24, 2020
Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 10/22/20
On Thursday's Mark Levin Show, serious allegations and evidence have emerged indicating that Joe Biden knew about his son's dealings and lied to the American people about it. This information has been corroborated by the CEO of Biden's shell company to collect money from China. Tony Bobulinski came forward to verify that the email is authentic and that he witnessed Joe and Hunter Biden discuss influence peddling. Democrats in the government and the media have falsely claimed that the laptop is part of a Russian disinformation campaign. This has been debunked by the Department of Justice, the FBI, and Bobulinski's statements that he was a party to the emails published and those were in fact the conversations he had with Hunter Biden. While Joe Biden claims this is a smear, Hunter Biden has not denied ownership of the laptop. Then, Author Peter Schweizer joins the show to detail his discussions with Tony Bobulinski. Schweizer added that the communist Chinese government-controlled energy company made a forgivable unsecured loan to Biden which equates to more of a gift than anything else. Later, Biden will hurt our economy and cost Americans their jobs. Biden's tax plan will strangle paychecks, and his energy policies will make gasoline prices skyrocket. Biden's anti-fracking platform will cause electricity costs to increase, along with black-outs and brown-outs. Afterward, Sen. Joni Ernst calls in with an update on her campaign and discusses how she's being challenged by a candidate hand-picked by Sen Chuck Schumer. Ernst described this election as the battle for America. 
Oct 23, 2020
Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 10/21/20
On Wednesday's Mark Levin Show, we don't know if the polls being released every day are accurate, but we do know that the race is tightening and that is because of you Levinites. Then, why doesn't anyone ask Joe Biden why he's dodging Obamacare taxes? The Federalists' Christopher Jacobs digs deeper. Contrary to The Federalist, the New York Times is a soviet-type media. If we only had an honest press, this country would be so much better off. Next, Kristen Welker is not fit to moderate Thursday's presidential debate, as she is clearly in Joe Biden's corner. Also, Biden has an extensive history of racially charged conduct and comments, even having past ties with known segregationists. Lying to the American people has always come easy to Joe Biden, and he continues to do so regarding the legitimacy of the Hunter Biden Laptop Scandal. Afterward, Senator Thom Tillis joins the program to discuss his Senate race in North Carolina. Finally, Nick Freitas calls in to discuss his Congressional race in Virginia.
Oct 22, 2020
Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 10/20/20
On Tuesday's Mark Levin Show, talk radio pioneer Rush Limbaugh announced that his lung cancer is progressing so he is advancing his treatment. Rush is the Babe Ruth of conservative talk radio and said that this was a play to round third base. Then, several former national security analysts that were not appointed by Trump have penned a letter to provide cover for Biden by spreading their own disinformation campaign and went to POLITICO to help spread their propaganda to the masses. Neither former VP Joe Biden nor Hunter Biden have denied that it is his laptop or that he'd ever been there. The DOJ and FBI agree that the laptop is authentic and the property of Hunter Biden. Later, In light of Chief Justice Roberts' siding with liberal-leaning justices concerning a recent case in the Pennsylvania Supreme Court, the PA legislature must draft a resolution and present it to their state Supreme Court indicating that they must comply under article II of the US Constitution enforcing existing laws which gives the legislature, not the courts the power over elections. Afterward, US Sen.Dan Sullivan joins the show to discuss how far-left groups are attacking him in his bid for reelection in Alaska. Finally, House candidate August Pfluger calls in with an update on his campaign for Texas' 11th Congressional district.
Oct 21, 2020
Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 10/19/20
On Monday's Mark Levin Show, the media says President Trump's character is defective, even though there are Presidents that have used the FBI against newspapers and political opponents in the past. Yet, people criticize President Trump for Tweeting. In fact, our 2nd President John Adams jailed his dissenters, and JFK used the IRS and FBI to go after political opponents. LBJ took it a step further using the CIA against critics. Still, critics are obsessed with Trump's Tweets. Then, just two weeks before an election Dr. Fauci was on 60 minutes to hurt President Trump's chances. Fauci and Biden oversaw the Swine Flu pandemic and way more people were infected than with coronavirus. While the coronavirus is more deadly it hasn't spread as much as the Swine Flu did, and if it were just as lethal the casualties on Biden's watch would have been catastrophic. Even VP Biden's then Chief of Staff, Ron Klain, says that Obama and Biden dodged a bullet concerning the lethality of the disease. Later, Hunter Biden isn't the issue, Joe Biden's lies to the American people are the issue. The left inside of the media rushes to cover Biden by ignoring the story. Even the US Director of National Intelligence has stated that the information found on Hunter Biden's laptop is not part of any Russian disinformation campaign. John Ratcliffe added that politicians like Adam Schiff are politicizing the intelligence community to lie and cover-up for Joe and Hunter Biden. Biden has a history of lying that cost him an earlier run for the presidency and he has kept up the lies for 47 years. Afterward, Sen. Steve Daines calls in to discuss what's at stake in the Montana US Senate race. Finally, House candidate Yvette Harrell calls with an update on her campaign for New Mexico's 2nd congressional district.
Oct 20, 2020
Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 10/16/20
On Friday's Mark Levin Show, if Democrats win it will be due to senior citizens and those in the suburbs who are voting for Biden to destroy the supreme court, to destroy the Electoral College, and to destroy American life as we've known it. America has achieved the long-desired goal of being energy independent from foreign oil and Joe Biden would destroy that. Biden will continue the Obama Administration legacy of federal government control over zoning and schools in suburbs across America. Doing this allows the federal government to use suburban tax dollars to fund the larger cities in the area. Then, President Trump has more in common with President Lincoln than is commonly thought. Lincoln published his speeches and thoughts so voters would have access to them because the media called him a demon. Trump is similar with his rallies and tweets. Trump will be considered one of the greatest Presidents in American History. Later, Biden was in the US Senate for 39 years and did nothing to fix immigration, supported segregationists, and has the nerve to ask Black Americans for their vote. Biden was Vice President for 8 years and also did nothing to correct the injustices he harps on in his campaign. Plus, FCC Commissioner Brendan Carr joins the show to discuss section 230 of the Communications Decency Act and how it shields big tech companies from liability and from being treated like any other business when they stifle speech These protections were designed for antiquated internet platforms of the 1990s, not the digital juggernauts they've become today. Afterward, Congressman Lee Zeldin calls in to discuss illegal voting in New York's first district as he heads into reelection with President Trump. Finally, Congressional candidate Randy Feenstra calls in with an update on his campaign for Iowa's 4th district.
Oct 17, 2020
Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 10/15/20
On Thursday's Mark Levin Show, this election is about the American people versus the Democrats and the media. The media won't go after the facts on Hunter Biden but they will go after Rudy Giuliani who was the 3rd highest ranking in DOJ under Ronald Reagan, they will go after the owner of the computer repair shop just to delegitimize them. The information was not hacked, or stolen it was shared with Giuliani's attorney. As of this broadcast, the New York Times and Washington Post have not even asked for copies of the emails on the hard drive. Former VP Biden insists that he never asked or knew anything about his son Hunter’s overseas business dealing, but the emails show that this isn't true and the media and silicon valley are covering up for the Biden’s. Unfortunately, Hunter Biden's signature is on the contract for the computer repair and his signature is easily verifiable. However, Biden's campaign simply denies that there was any such encounter, but would not rule out any informal meetings. If Biden ever becomes president this hard drive filled with DNA should be the basis for his impeachment. Afterward, Sen. Martha McSally joins the program and shares that her opponent in the Arizona senate race is still employing a spokesperson who called police "F-ing pigs." Finally, Congressional candidate Troy Nehls calls in with an update from his campaign for Texas 22nd district.
Oct 16, 2020
Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 10/14/20
On Wednesday's Mark Levin Show, there is a huge breaking news story from the New York Post which is being censored by Twitter and Facebook. Newly discovered emails reveal that Hunter Biden introduced his father, the sitting Vice President at that time, to his colleagues at Burisma to leverage his influence to stop an investigation into the company. Soon after, VP Biden threatened to withhold a billion dollars in US loan guarantees unless the Ukrainians fired the special prosecutor that was investigating Burisma. The media will run with unvetted, unmanned sources, and books by authors that hate President Trump. The NY Post’s information has multiple named sources and actual emails to corroborate their report. VP Biden is on the record saying he's never had a single conversation regarding his son's business dealings. Then, author Peter Schweizer calls in to explain how Hunter Biden's claim to fame was access to the VP, his father. The media never stopped to censor or block false stories about Trump so that they can be fact-checked. Nor did the media ever block any stories containing feloniously leaked information as a source, but they are comfortable covering it up to protect the Biden campaign. Later, Dan Bongino joins the show to discuss his new book, Follow The Money: The Shocking Deep State Connections of the Anti Trump Cabal.
Oct 15, 2020
Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 10/13/20
On Tuesday's Mark Levin Show, Americans must choose between liberty and tyranny. The Democrats do not embrace movements for the people, they are for the government. We the People must never accede to the terms of our economic and political surrender and servitude. Americans must never abandon their children and grandchildren to a dark and bleak future. Never accept a fate that is alien to the legacy we’ve inherited from America's ancestors. Never accept social engineering by politicians and bureaucrats who treat us like lab rats, rather than self-sufficient human beings. Those who choose tyranny will vote for Joe Biden and the Democrat Party. The rest of America choosing liberty will vote for Donald Trump. Then, Biden has been sucking at the government teat for 47 years. Trump gave up his life of luxury to serve in Washington, meanwhile, Biden gave up nothing to make a living on the taxpayer's dime. Later, The New York Times printed that the experts believe the pandemic will end sooner than expected and the President's efforts have been working with remarkable efficiency. Americans ought to be proud of what America has done. Trump has brought this country through the most dangerous pandemic in 100 years by embracing science, while critics were maligning him and trying to remove him from office. Trump didn't kill 200,000 Americans he saved millions because of his decisive action and Operation warp speed. Afterward, Dr. Mark Siegel, author of the new book COVID: The Politics of Fear and the Power of Science, joins the show to stress the dangers of lockdowns and how it undermines people's liberties. In fact, CDC data now indicates that 79% of COVID infections occurred in mask-wearers. Siegel referred to masks as fear-props adding that people that stay home will spread the virus amongst the people in their homes. Finally, Congressional candidate Wesley Hunt calls in with an update on his campaign for Texas' 7th District.
Oct 14, 2020
Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 10/12/20
On Monday's Mark Levin Show, the individual mandate portion of the Obamacare law (Affordable Care Act) was removed by a vote in Congress at the behest of the President of The United States. Six justices are likely to uphold it for the sake of severability and with the individual mandate severed from the ACA, the law is likely to stand. The Democrats know this yet they turned today's hearing into a theatrical campaign commercial. Joe Biden is going to pack the Supreme Court and Congressional Democrats are subsequently intent on destroying it. Then, Anthony Fauci claims he's being taken out of context in the latest Trump campaign ad when he says that Trump's coordinated response was "impressive" and that the President has always "followed the science." Fauci was unequivocal in his statement to Mark Levin on "Life Liberty and Levin" during the height of the pandemic. Later, RINO's and other radical leftists like AOC and renowned communist Angela Davis are excited about a Biden Presidency and have signed on to endorse Biden. Afterward, Sen. Lindsey Graham, chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee joins the show to discuss today's hearing to confirm federal judge Amy Coney Barrett to the US Supreme Court. Graham also discussed using federal grants to get states to take control of their own healthcare. Graham stresses the importance of re-electing Trump in November. Finally, Congressional candidate Matt Rosendale calls in with an update on his campaign and why Democrats and Nancy Pelosi must be defeated.
Oct 13, 2020
Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 10/9/20
On Friday's Mark Levin Show, President Donald Trump joins the show! Trump discussed how the suburbs are at stake if Democrats win in November and will advance their plan to jam high-rise public housing into suburban communities zoned for single-family homes. Trump said he feels strong following his recovery remarking that "you need to meet people to run a country, you can't just hide in the White House residence." Trump, then reflected on Joe Biden's inability to lead and his 47 years of poor political and foreign policy saying, "This is not Joe's prime time, let's not kid ourselves." Plus, Trump shared that he's seeing more enthusiasm now than he did in 2016, because voters don't want to vote with phony mail-in ballots. He said it's going to be really difficult to beat this enthusiasm, but Democrats cheat, so we have to work hard. Despite the attacks, Trump decided to take the lead on peace in the middle east. With three Nobel Peace Prize recommendations as a result of his leadership as President. He went on to say that Nancy Pelosi is setting the stage to put in Kamala Harris in place as President under the 25th amendment commission. Pelosi wasn't all there and is hatefully obsesses with the 25th Amendment since removing Trump via impeachment didn't work. Then, the Commission on Presidential Debates is reportedly non-partisan but Bob Dole says he knows all of them, and none of them like Trump. Trump criticized the debate commission for their unfair treatment. Finally, State Senator Pat Fallon calls in to discuss his run for Texas’s 4th congressional district.
Oct 10, 2020
Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 10/8/20
On Thursday's Mark Levin Show, the major difference in this election is that one Party wants to replace the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution with Karl Marx's Communist Manifesto. While Mike Pence proved that he was qualified to serve as Vice President, Sen. Kamala Harris failed to even demonstrate that she was even qualified to be a U.S Senator. What's more, the Commission on Presidential Debates continues to move the goal post on its rules for upcoming debates. Similarly, Speaker Nancy Pelosi continues lobbying bogus threats of invoking the 25th Amendment on President Trump to remove him from office for mental illness. This will not happen. House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy calls in and says that Pelosi knows this will not be a reality, and what's in question is whether she should remain Speaker. Making such egregious allegations just before an election begs the question of whether Pelosi has the mental capacity to hold the office of Speaker. Afterward, Gov Gretchen Whitmer is using a horrible event aimed at her to blame the president of the united states. The plot to kidnap and harm her was sick and it's equally as sick to blame Trump for the actions of others. The president has denounced the KKK and has done more in his first term for American Americans than any other president in modern history. Trump made lynching a federal hate crime. Now the hacks at the NY Times are gearing up to blame the plot on Whitmer on Trump, by saying that he's a White supremacist. Finally, candidate Dale Crafts for Maine’s 2nd congressional district calls in with an update on his campaign.
Oct 09, 2020
Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 10/7/20
On Wednesday's Mark Levin Show, NBC's latest poll of registered voters, not likely voters, indicates that Joe Biden will defeat Donald Trump in a landslide. Does anyone really believe that? Republicans are outnumbering new voter registrants in key battleground states, yet these polls are indicating that Biden wins by 16 points, something that not even Barack Obama pulled off. Meanwhile, Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats are taking cheap shots at the President for not agreeing with her blackmail scheme which would include Billions of bail-out dollars unrelated to the coronavirus relief bill. Pelosi wants to reward the cities and states that reward unions for political activity and this would have nothing to do with unemployment or business recovery or bankruptcy. This is a massive redistribution of wealth equivalent to the amount spent on the federal spending budget. Then, Kamala Harris has a stellar record on support for the Green New Deal which would eliminate our economic system as we know it. She supports the de-funding of police despite being a former prosecutor. Based on her voting record, she'd be the most radical politician to ever run for the presidency. Later, Jane Fonda says that COVID-19 is God's gift to the left. However, Anthony Fauci himself called Trump's immediate coordinated response to the virus was "impressive" adding that no one could have done more, way back in March at the height of the pandemic. Finally, Congressional candidate Mary Miller calls in with an update from Illinois' 15th district.
Oct 08, 2020
Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 10/6/20
On Tuesday's Mark Levin Show, the Democrats lack virtue and are exploiting the coronavirus. The media makes angels and devils of people, but former First Lady Michelle Obama will get a pass and won't be criticized for her hateful comments about President Trump. John Adams famously said. "Liberty can no more exist without virtue and independence than the body can live and move without a soul." Then, Kamala Harris wants Plexiglas at the VP debate to advance the Democrat narrative that Trump killed all of the people that have died from the viruses. But for President Trump, states that squandered their budgets and failed to prepare would have been short-handed on PPE, ventilators, and six Trillion in emergency stimulus cash. Plus, Stanley Kurtz joins the show to request that Nikole Hannah-Jones from the NY Times be stripped from any consideration for a Pulitzer Prize for her 1619 project. Afterward, Joe Biden's bigotry is on display again. This time he said he was able to stay sequestered in his home because some Black woman stocked the grocery shelves. Finally, candidate Bob Good for Virginia’s 5th congressional district calls in with an update on his campaign.
Oct 07, 2020
Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 10/5/20
On Monday's Mark Levin Show, the American media is corrupt. All they do is promote narratives to attack the president's response to the coronavirus as downplayed. Yet, it was President Trump that ramped up production of PPE, ventilators, deployed Naval hospital ships, passed immediate cash relief to citizens, and launched Operation Warp Speed (OWS). The OWS initiative has brought about numerous therapeutics and a possible vaccine in record time. That's not downplaying, that's taking decisive action. Then, in the three days that Trump was hospitalized, he's proved that a 74-year old man can be treated with Zinc, Vitamin D, Aspirin, and the new therapeutic drug Remdesivir on a 72-hour period and be released from the hospital. This just wasn’t' possible six months ago. So to suggest that Trump downplayed or delayed the response to this pandemic is insulting. Later, historically, experts have repudiated the concept of normalcy indicating that there is no practical way to contain the infection of a respiratory virus. A stark reminder of how the media has changed since the times of JFK and FDR where they concealed their illness and liability. Today, the media pleads that they have a right to know every detail of President Trump's medical condition. Afterward, Dan Bongino calls in to discuss new developments with this health, his upcoming book - Follow The Money, and big tech censorship. After, Facebook recently limited the distribution of the Mark Levin Show Facebook account for sharing articles that "lack context" in the opinion of the Facebook fact-checkers. Finally, Jeanne Ives calls in to discuss her run for Illinois 6th Congressional district.
Oct 06, 2020
Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 10/2/20
On Friday's Mark Levin Show, President Trump has been diagnosed with coronavirus and gave a thumbs-up as he waved and boarded Marine-1 helicopter to head over to the presidential offices at the Walter Read Naval medical Center as he recovers. Data for recovery is very strong. Despite this virus, Trump has worked 20 hours every day, dealing with challenges most presidents never have to confront, as well as running an election in which he travels to the states to earn the public's vote, all while dealing with an extremely hostile press, Democrat Party, and federal bureaucracy -- and it is truly remarkable he did not get this virus earlier. Despite his critics, those who work with Trump know that he follows the science and the advice of doctors, he social distances and wears a mask whenever appropriate. Then, Dr. Marc Siegel calls in to discuss the progress that's been made with different drug combinations that are being used to treat the virus. Siegel added that the president's use of these medications is a good way to prevent any potential negative reactions to the treatment. Later, loathsome radical leftists within the media are more vicious than usual. Jim Acosta criticized the President for not stopping for questions on his way to the hospital. While Rep. Chris Murphy told his Democrat allies in the press that Trump's top campaign surrogate Vladimir Putin would campaign for Trump while he is in quarantine. Afterward, Congressional candidate Amanda Adkins calls in to discuss her campaign for Kansas' 3rd congressional district.
Oct 03, 2020
Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 10/1/20
On Thursday’s Mark Levin Show, it was Joe Biden that first broke the debate rules and repeated the same beleaguering behavior that he displayed throughout the debate. Video from Biden's 2012 debate with Paul Ryan shows over 85 interruptions by Biden. Biden has made a career using tactics to prevent his opponent from responding. Then, White supremacy is repeatedly pushed on President Trump to denounce, despite his 17 previous disavowals. As the election nears, leftists in the media and the Democrat Party are again attempting to frame Trump as a racist. Later, Democrats are trying to change the rules to replicate California across all 50 states. This would allow packing of the Supreme Court and increases their chances of gaining more senate seats as they target the District of Columbia. Ending the filibuster would quash debate and allow the passage of laws with little pushback if there is a majority. Similarly, ending the Electoral College would weaken the least populous states negating any reason for even being part of the Union or getting fair representation. Afterward, Jason Whitlock of calls in to discuss how the media is race-baiting and polarizing their audience for the sake of political divisiveness, God, one's faith, masculinity, and American culture. Whitlock says that being an American and having those freedoms is a privilege. Finally, Jim Marchant calls in to discuss his run for Congress in Nevada’s 4th congressional district.
Oct 02, 2020
Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 9/30/20
On Wednesday’s Mark Levin Show, only one candidate called the other candidate names at the Presidential debate – Joe Biden. The Commission on Presidential Debates organized a poorly moderated debate. Biden is a brawler that doesn't use facts, he uses insults, lies, and interruptions. Biden failed to make the case of who he was, what he's done, and why he'd be a better President than Trump. Later, John Adams versus Thomas Jefferson was the birth of negative campaigning. Adams and Jefferson were friends but party politics played a heavy role at that time and a sitting vice president ran against a sitting president. Then, Biden has failed to criticize Democrat Governors for the deadly decision of putting patients that tested positive for Coronavirus in nursing homes which cost the lives of so many elderly Americans. Now, NY Governor Andrew Cuomo denied that this ever even happened.  Afterward, former FBI Director James Comey took the virtual hot seat in front of the US Senate Judiciary Committee where Comey minimized his role in signing fraudulent FISA warrant applications. Finally, Congressman Matt Gaetz calls in to discuss his new book - Firebrand: Dispatches from the Front Lines of the MAGA Revolution.
Oct 01, 2020
Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 9/29/20
On Tuesday's Mark Levin Show, even in their reporting, the New York Times reports that President Trump has paid more than $24 million in taxes through the alternative minimum tax, not just $750. Joe Biden benefitted from tax laws that he passed in the senate to avoid payroll taxes like the Medicare tax. Joe Biden is more concerned with the President's taxes than he is with your taxes. Biden will raise your taxes if he wins in November. Later, newly declassified information provided to Senate Judiciary Chair Lindsey Graham indicates that in late July of 2016 US intelligence agencies obtained information that then-candidate Hillary Clinton's campaign was planning to embroil the campaign of then-candidate Donald Trump in a scandal with Russia. This information was presented to then-President Obama by CIA Director John Brennan. It was also revealed that the FBI knew back then that this unverified information was prepared by a former Russian spy. Finally, Dr Rich McCormick calls in to discuss his campaign for Georgia’s 7th Congressional district.
Sep 30, 2020
Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 9/28/20
On Monday's Mark Levin Show, the media's timing of President Trump’s tax returns is incredibly well-timed to influence the first Presidential debate. The corrupt New York Times has refused to release their documents which were obtained illegally. The NY Times seeks to impact this election and remove a president they disagree with. This activism is political campaigning, not a free press. Then, Joe Biden and his wife exploited an S-Corporation loophole to avoid paying payroll taxes on speaking fees. These IRS codes were passed when Biden was a voting member of the Senate. While his family enriched themselves by selling Biden's name to Russians, Ukrainians, and the Chinese. Later, Religion cannot, must not, be used as a disqualifier to prevent anyone from serving in public office. However, many Democrats are pushing their anti-Catholic bigotry in their politics and through their partners in the media. Democrats, including Speaker Pelosi and Biden, will do anything to sabotage Judge Amy Coney-Barrett. These partisan anti-Catholics strictly worship at the altar of the church of liberalism. Afterward, James O'Keefe and Project Veritas have obtained an undercover video of ballot brokers selling mail-in ballots in Ilhan Omar's district and the Minneapolis Police are investigating. Finally, Congressional candidate Lauren Boebert calls in to discuss her for office in Colorado’s 3rd district.
Sep 29, 2020
Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 9/25/20
On Friday's Mark Levin Show, the Obama-Biden administration is responsible for the biggest political scandal in American history. Newly filed court documents include FBI employees messaging one another admitting that "Trump was right" about being set up by rogue FBI leaders. They were also said to have a "get-Trump" attitude when investigating President Trump and advisors in his inner circle like Gen. Michael Flynn. Afterward, Sidney Powell, the attorney for Flynn, joins the show to discuss the latest court filing. Powell expects more documents to be declassified before the next oral argument over the government's and the defense's request to dismiss charges against Gen. Flynn.  Then, Joe Biden tells troops to "clap you, stupid bastards" at a 2016 speech at the al-dhafra airbase. Biden went on to insult the group further calling them a "dull bunch" and “slow.” Later, Trump has released a new Platinum plan to support African Americans including designating the KKK and ANTIFA as terrorist organizations. Finally, Madison Cawthorn calls in to talk about his congressional run in North Carolina’s 11th district.
Sep 26, 2020
Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 9/24/20
On Thursday’s Mark Levin Show, the response from Republicans should be - of course, the President will accept the peaceful transition of power, which the Democrats refused to do in 2016. But first, we have to make sure there is a transition of power given the institutionalized corruption and vote fixing that is going on in battleground states. Democrats are the ones who are changing election laws in these battleground states. Democrats are telling Joe Biden not to concede on election night if he is losing. Democrats are practicing for scenarios that they will trigger should they lose the election, they have no intention of accepting a Trump victory. Later, Democrats are preparing a bill to limit Supreme Court justice terms to 18 years. This is similar to what Mark proposed in the Liberty Amendments. The constitution will have to be amended to do this, this cannot be done by statute. Then, Sen Lindsey Graham calls in to talk about his Senate race in South Carolina and his thoughts on Trump’s Supreme Court nominee. Finally, Bill O’Reilly joins the show to discuss his new book, Killing Crazy Horse: The Merciless Indian Wars in America and what to look for at the Presidential debates next week.
Sep 25, 2020
Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 9/23/20
On Wednesday's Mark Levin Show, no officers were charged in the shooting of Breonna Taylor, who was killed after her boyfriend shot at police officers serving a warrant on him. Sadly, the media misinforms the masses, and those that prey on the misinformed stoke further division. Then, Democrat Judges are on the move to help Joe Biden in battleground states. In most cases, a single Judge in various states including Pennsylvania are redefining election day for political purposes. This is antithetical to the federal Constitution which grants each state's legislature such power. Later, it’s the opinion of this program that the Democrats will soon launch a public relations campaign to demand that any justice that President Trump appoints must recuse themselves from anything regarding the 2020 election. Similarly, former President Obama and other demagogical Democrats are warning that the election isn't about Joe Biden it’s about democracy itself. Afterward, Governor Ron DeSantis calls in to discuss how voter registration has increased in Florida and his anti-mob act, “combatting violence, disorder and looting and law enforcement protection act.” Finally, Chip Roy calls in to discuss the democrat party’s radical agenda and his run for Texas’ 21st congressional district.
Sep 24, 2020
Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 9/22/20
On Tuesday's Mark Levin Show, there is no indication that there will be any serious focus on international affairs or national security at the first presidential debate with President Trump and Joe Biden. Instead, there will be a focus on racism, the coronavirus, the Supreme Court, and mail-in voting, according to Axios. Later, Vice President Mike Pence joins the show to warn Americans of how important and decisive it was for Trump to have suspended travel from China. Pence also reiterated how big of an achievement it was for the United States to be roughly a month away from having the first coronavirus vaccine in the world. The media is dangerous and has celebrated and encouraged the disassembly of America. The Democrats say they love Justice Ginsburg but they refuse to listen to her. Even Ginsburg was against packing the Court for partisan purposes. Additionally, Rep. Matt Gaetz has called on the Florida Attorney General to look into Mike Bloomberg paying off $20 Million in back fines so that convicted felons can regain their voting rights. This comes on the heels of Florida Governor Ron DeSantis winning a decisive court case keeping felons off of the voter rolls. Also, Sen. Tom Cotton calls in to discuss Joe Biden and China. Finally, Candace Owens calls in to discuss her new book, Blackout: How Black America Can Make Its Second Escape from the Democrat Plantation, and why Joe Biden is not entitled to the votes of Black Americans.
Sep 23, 2020
Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 9/21/20
On Monday's Mark Levin Show, the Democrats seek to destroy the core principles and liberty of America. Nothing in the Constitution supports anything that the democrats are demanding. Nothing. Nominating a Supreme Court Justice in an election year has occurred on 29 other occasions and the sitting president filled the vacancy. That's 23 of 45 presidents who have obeyed the duty to comply with the constitution. Yet the Democrats insist that President Trump break this historical tradition for their partisan political benefit, or risk more riots. Then, Marxism and adherents of communist philosophy like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Chuck Schumer seek to eliminate opposition so that their party can pursue absolute power. They are making a move on our system of government, by eliminating the filibuster, eliminating the electoral college, and taking over the Supreme Court. Later, leftwing radicals continue attacking the history of America by pushing the 1619 project and packing the Supreme Court with leftwing activists posing as judges. Democrats complain of systemic racism but our education system has systematically become filled with Marxist hate and propaganda for the sake of indoctrination. Afterward, Joe Biden distorts the truth when he says that Trump only called on him to release his list of SCOTUS nominees after the death of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. The Trump campaign had requested it nine days before her passing. Biden is afraid to release his list because the radical names on it will appall the American people. Biden also continues spreading his big lie that Trump didn't react fast enough to the coronavirus and the media doesn't even call him on it. Finally, Congressman Lee Zeldin calls in with an update on his campaign for the House of Representatives.
Sep 22, 2020
Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 9/18/20
On Friday’s Mark Levin Show, WABC host Rich Valdes, Mr. Call Screener, fills in for Mark. The government didn’t build America – we the people did. The people used the free market to build the America that we love! You don’t look to the government to provide for you when you’re thankful for and able to receive the blessings that America offers. When was the last time you heard a leftist thank God for America? Also, a poll shows that most people want ‘Blue Lives Matter’ laws to protect police. Cops need to be protected because they have a target on their back thanks to the democrats. Democrats no longer support law and order and we are paying that price. Then, Joe Biden and the Democrats have not been a friend to Hispanics and Puerto Rico. Alexandria Ocasio Cortez is part of the reason that Biden is suffering from a lack of Hispanic support. Later, Ruth Bader Ginsburg has passed away at 87 from metastatic pancreatic cancer.
Sep 19, 2020
Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 9/17/20
On Thursday's Mark Levin Show, the first legal shot has been fired in Pennsylvania at the 2020 election. Mail-in voting catches steam in 10 states and the Pennsylvania Supreme Court has ruled that the state can count ballots for up to three days following the election and that mail-in ballots can’t be discarded over a signature. In effect delaying election night for all of America. There needs to be immediate action by the PA state legislature to stop this. Later, Joe Biden fails to support Israel's sovereignty and his democrat friends are politicizing a coronavirus vaccine. Despite the experts guaranteeing that they are not cutting corners on safety and would never release an unsafe vaccine. Afterward, Pastor Darrell Scott joins the show to discuss his new book, Nothing to Lose: Unlikely Allies in the Struggle for a Better Black America. Pastor Scott shared the President's achievements for Black Americans and the importance of school choice. Finally, Leo Valentin, the Congressional candidate for Florida's 7th District calls in to describe the district and the importance of winning the predominantly Latino district for Trump.
Sep 18, 2020
Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 9/16/20
On Wednesday’s Mark Levin Show, the Democrats and their unions have destroyed the public school system in many communities. The great civil rights issue of our time is whether children from poor areas, many of them ethnic minorities, should receive the best quality education available. When it comes to our daily lives we want as much competition as possible to ensure we get the best value. Sadly, when it comes to educating children in failing public school districts, the militant teachers' unions prevent kids from getting the best education available in order to maintain the power and profit of their public school positions. Joe Biden is an anti-school choice and fervently oppose charter operated public schools. Then, the china virus vaccine spearheaded by President Trump's Operation Warp Speed may be available sooner than expected. AstraZeneca and nine other pharmaceutical companies have penned a letter ensuring that the vaccine will be safe. Later, AG Bill Barr says that America is at a fork in the road between liberty and socialism. Barr added that mob violence is a disconcerting development effectively heading toward sedition. Barr has instructed federal law enforcement to charge individuals attempting a violent insurrection with sedition. Afterward, don’t Hispanic lives matter? Hispanics are the largest voting minority in the US and Biden has ignored them. Finally, Congressional candidate Dan Rodimer calls in to discuss his race.
Sep 17, 2020
Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 9/15/20
On Tuesday’s Mark Levin Show, energy independence was once inconceivable, now it’s a reality in the United States. ISIS once brutalized parts of the middle east but President Trump defeated ISIS early on his administration. The previous administration gave Iran cash when they were looking to gain nuclear capability, but Trump reversed it. Trump stood up to Syria when they gassed their citizens and he ended diplomatic relations with the Palestinian Authority because they refused to acknowledge our strongest ally in the middle east. It took an outsider to achieve this, yet the Democrats just want to attack Trump. Then, Democrats are creating unique complications with respect to the upcoming election. The Constitution (Article 2, Section 2, Clause 2) leaves it to the state legislatures to choose the electors. A Pelosi presidency is unlikely but a possibility if the 270 electoral vote threshold isn't met and the voting moves from state legislatures to the House of Representatives. Later, Joe Biden has still not condemned Cuomo, Murphy, and other Democrats that made the delayed decision to comingle COVID-19 patients with the elderly in the nursing homes. We've seen Biden's record on a pandemic response and his delivery time for a vaccine doesn't begin to compare to Trump and there likely would have been tens of thousands of more deaths as a result.
Sep 16, 2020
Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 9/14/20
On Monday's Mark Levin Show, the war on police continues as two cops were ambushed in an attempted assassination. Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are not connected to this, but they sure as hell have been passively silent on this violence. Then, the left relies on the public's ignorance and the Democrats and their allies in the media are blaming President Trump for the systemic racism, coronavirus deaths, riots, looting, and now wildfires in California are being blamed on Trump too. The problem is that Democrats have run Oregon, Washington, and California into the ground, in many cases having one-party control, following Clinton era anti-logging policies, yet they blame Trump. Later, football ratings are down 28% because patriots have taken a knee to the NFL. This is the result of politicizing a sport when Americans just want to enjoy watching a game not get insulted by Marxist, anarchist, and anti-Semitic rhetoric. Afterward, House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy calls in to discuss the House agenda, Commitment to America. Finally, former NFL player and now Congressional candidate, Burgess Owens joins the show. 
Sep 15, 2020
Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 9/11/20
On Friday’s Mark Levin Show, on the anniversary of the 2001 9/11 attacks, America mourns the loss of innocents and first responders who were murdered by foreign enemies. For months America has witnessed how police and law enforcement have been demonized and character-assassinated by enemies from within. Then, former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani joins the show to remind listeners of what New York was like on September 11th. Giuliani warned that America must focus on law and order and embrace the police in order to move forward into a safe and healthy future. Later, professional athletes are disrespecting the country with their 'moment of unity' against America. This is the country that broke Hitler, Mussolini, and Yamamoto. Americans are awake and they will not give up because there is not another constitutional republic that upholds a free market system that empowers humanity more than the United States. Afterward, wildfires are consuming western states because they don't properly clear the underbrush. Finally, Congressional candidate Sean Parnell calls in to discuss his crucial race in Pennsylvania.
Sep 12, 2020
Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 9/10/20
On Thursday's Mark Levin Show, the NFL continues to balkanize their sport and many Americans won't be participating as they resume their season. Marxists in the media are obsessed with their notion that all human distinction comes from systemic racism, not individuality. Similarly, Joe Biden has no coronavirus plan to share with Americans, just as he had no plans when he managed previous pandemics as Vice President. Then, ABC News' John Karl asked President Trump a question alleging that he "lied" to the American people. Yet it was the Democrats who downplayed, misled and lied to America about Obamacare, Islamist terrorism, the Iran deal, Russian collusion, and the 'mostly peaceful' rioters that have killed dozens in recent months. Afterward, several DOJ officials claim they accidentally wiped 15 phones during the Inspector General's investigation into their potential wrongdoing. They claimed that they entered the wrong passwords into the phones while in airplane mode thus disabling them. Finally, Sarah Huckabee Sanders calls in to discuss her new book, Speaking for Myself: Faith, Freedom, and the Fight of Our Lives Inside the Trump White House.
Sep 11, 2020
Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 9/9/20
On Wednesday’s Mark Levin Show, we have another pseudo-event. This time from a different anti-Trump author, Bob Woodward, accusing President Trump of downplaying the coronavirus to prevent panic amongst the people. These leftists and disgruntled former administration officials want to beat Trump and will use media to do it. Sadly, Woodward's attack on the president is not surprising. This is the very same media that played down the virus and echoed Anthony Fauci's claim that the virus was comparable to the seasonal flu. Then, Trump has been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize by a Norwegian. If not for the Wuhan China virus, Trump's re-election would be a cakewalk. Yet some generals think that they, not the president, are the commander in chief. Later, do Hispanic lives matter to the democrats? A new Miami Herald poll shows Trump gaining traction as does the latest NBC poll. The truth is that Joe Biden did nothing for minority communities while he was VP or for 40 years before that. Afterward, Congressional candidate Alek Skarlatos, one of the hero's that helped topple terrorists that attacked a train in France, is running for Congress in Oregon. He highlighted policy differences between him and Rep. Peter DeFazio.
Sep 10, 2020
Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 9/8/20
On Tuesday's Mark Levin Show, America is a partially occupied country and if the democrats win in November their 'brown-shirted thuggery' will occupy all of our land. When you're no longer safe to have free speech and walk the streets, America is no longer free. Then, George Soros funded the campaigns of scores of candidates for mayor and prosecutors knowing that they intended to be soft on crime and had no intention of enforcing the law. This is in sync with the long history of the Democrats which have shunned civil rights and skirted the system to achieve their political goals. Later, Democrats are power-hungry American-Marxists. Herbert Marcuse was a Marxist philosopher in France and together with Saul Alinsky and others, they have been fundamentally transforming America with their teachings on colleges and universities across the country. Their goal is to break the American social contract. Afterward, Kamala Harris says she's proud of accused rapist Jacob Blake. Joe Biden remains mostly silent of the violent riots still plaguing some American cities.
Sep 09, 2020
Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 9/7/20
On Monday’s Mark Levin Show, we bring you the best of Mark Levin on Labor Day! America is rounding the corner on the China virus. Hospitalizations are down, fatalities are down, and testing has significantly increased. President Trump's Operation Warp Speed initiative has enabled the CDC to possibly have a vaccine as soon as November 1, 2020. Yet, Joe Biden remains critical of America's success in fighting the virus when he in fact has a poor track record with pandemics. Then, an activist at a leftwing publication, owned by a Biden mega-donor, has falsely accused Trump of trashing dead soldiers. Even fellow leftwing writers have questioned why the piece only cites anonymous sources. Well-known Trump enemy, John Bolton, says he was there and that the decision to not visit the graves of the soldiers was made by Gen. Kelly due to the weather. Later, the media got a reality check when Special Envoy Richard Grenell took them to task over their inexperience and bias regarding news of Kosovo and Serbia. Grenell challenged reporters to study their history and questioned whether they could even find Kosovo on a map. Finally, Donald Trump Jr. calls in to discuss his new book, Liberal Privilege: Joe Biden And The Democrats' Defense Of The Indefensible.
Sep 08, 2020
Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 9/4/20
On Friday's Mark Levin Show, America is rounding the corner on the China virus. Hospitalizations are down, fatalities are down, and testing has significantly increased. President Trump's Operation Warp Speed initiative has enabled the CDC to possibly have a vaccine as soon as November 1, 2020. Yet, Joe Biden remains critical of America's success in fighting the virus when he in fact has a poor track record with pandemics. Then, an activist at a leftwing publication, owned by a Biden mega-donor, has falsely accused Trump of trashing dead soldiers. Even fellow leftwing writers have questioned why the piece only cites anonymous sources. Well-known Trump enemy, John Bolton, says he was there and that the decision to not visit the graves of the soldiers was made by Gen. Kelly due to the weather. Later, the media got a reality check when Special Envoy Richard Grenell took them to task over their inexperience and bias regarding news of Kosovo and Serbia. Grenell challenged reporters to study their history and questioned whether they could even find Kosovo on a map. Afterward, a bipartisan group of elder statesmen agreed 15 years ago that that mail-in ballots would present a myriad of challenges. The issues cited were related to supply chain weaknesses within the United States Postal Service to vulnerabilities for voter fraud with unsolicited ballots.
Sep 05, 2020
Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 9/3/20
On Thursday's Mark Levin Show, the Democrat Party hates America, they want to destroy our country as we know. They hate the country that has lifted up people of all backgrounds; Blacks, Hispanics, Whites, Asians can all prosper without asking for government handouts. Then, Joe Biden has been silent on the riots. That's the Democrats partys America and now they want to steal the election! The diabolical genius of Marxist socialism is that it provides the emotional and intellectual roadmap for autocrats to persuade millions of people to support their own enslavement to government. This is why we fight for liberty and individualism. Later, the rise of Anti-Semitism in the Black community is shocking. Jacob Blakes's father has made some loathsome, bigoted comments about Jews, yet Joe Biden met with him anyway. Can anyone name one positive thing that Biden has done for the Black community in his 5 decades in Washington? Afterward, Donald Trump Jr. calls in to discuss his new book, Liberal Privilege: Joe Biden And The Democrats' Defense Of The Indefensible.
Sep 04, 2020
Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 9/2/20
On Wednesday's Mark Levin Show, radio host Ben Ferguson fills in for Mark. While hair salons have been closed in San Francisco, Speaker Nancy Pelosi has been caught going to a shut-down hair salon without a mask covering her mouth or nose. In fact, Pelosi's assistant may have booked the private appointment in the shuttered salon despite salon's not being allowed to open for any indoor services. The owner of the salon was offended that Pelosi and her independent stylist would take advantage of the salon during the pandemic. Then, CNN is reporting that people who consume conservative media, including conservative talk radio, are less likely to wear masks and portray such viewers as a danger to society. Later, in a poor attempt at satire, a Starbucks employee made a viral video of how to make a Blue Lives Matter drink which included bleach, the "blood" of innocent Black men. Afterward, football players are idolizing an alleged rapist with stickers of Jacob Blake's name on their helmets.
Sep 03, 2020
Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 9/1/20
On Tuesday's Mark Levin Show, KARN radio host Doc Washburn fills in for Mark. America dodged a bullet with Hillary Clinton, but America is not out of the dark just yet. Democrat Mayors have their police on stand-down orders. Despite the nearly 100 days of violence they've endured in Portland, Mayor Wheeler still won't ask for federal help. Then, the CDC has released information stating that only six percent of all coronavirus deaths were solely attributable to the COVID-19 disease. The New York Times was forced to acknowledge this new data in their reporting of the virus. Gov. Ron DeSantis says that many more people are suffering from a lack of care and attention to other medical issues. Later, Speaker Nancy Pelosi showed up at a salon to get her hair done with no mask on. This indicates that not even Pelosi, who is 80 years old, believes in the efficacy of mask-wearing. Afterward, President Trump used the term "dark shadows" in a Fox News interview and it took Twitter by storm. Trump is an expert at playing the media like a violin, giving them fodder to then control the narrative. Additionally, Trump more than hinted at on-going investigations into ANTIFA and other violence.
Sep 02, 2020
Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 8/31/20
On Monday's Mark Levin Show, WJNO radio host Brian Mudd fills in for Mark. Historically, the Democrats' leftist policies have a negative impact on minorities. Radical governors chase away those that have financial means and take advantage of those that don't. This is why citizens need to know their information and their history. Then, Seattle Seahawks coach Pete Carroll blames old white Europeans for America's founding and using slaves. Carroll's comments suggested that slavery never ended. Later, failures in education are why so many people are getting duped throughout the pandemic. New data suggests that 64% of students are learning less than they did before the lockdown. This information shines a light on how distance education is negatively affecting most students. Afterward, the attack on Senator Rand Paul following the RNC highlights the importance of safety and security in our daily lives. This perspective on security is reflective of how in control we feel over our daily lives. Rioting and looting negatively impact the inner calmness of most citizens.
Sep 01, 2020
Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 8/28/20
On Friday's Mark Levin Show, WPHT radio host Rich Zeoli fills in for Mark. The RNC Convention is a wrap but the violence from Biden's Democrat mob continues. However, a new poll shows that Black Americans actually favor more police in their communities. This is forcing Biden to leave the basement and actually do some campaigning. Then, Pennsylvania is enthusiastically still Trump country. The fracking industry is huge and all of its associated businesses will back Trump. Biden and the Green New Deal which would kill American energy independence. On top of that, Biden's support for China hurts American manufacturing. This won't help him in Pennsylvania. Later, Sen. Rand Paul was rushed by an angry mob after leaving the RNC Convention at the White House last night. Despite being the author of the Senate's Breonna Taylor bill to end no-knock warrants, the BLM anarchists did not relent until police shoved them back. Afterward, Democrats avoid calling off the agitators because too many voters associate the riots with the protests. Condemning one would be to condemn both, and the Democrats need the destruction so that they can blame it on Trump.
Aug 29, 2020
Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 8/27/20
On Thursday's Mark Levin Show, Speaker Nancy Pelosi calls for Joe Biden not to debate President Trump. In truly fascistic fashion she claims Trump doesn't deserve a debate because he hasn't comported himself appropriately. They fail to realize that these presidential debates are for the American people. Then, Kamala Harris is giving the response to the President's speech at the Republican convention, which is odd given she's not the president's opponent. The Biden / Sanders Unity document on Biden's website is a damnable document that reveals the Democrats' true agenda. They continue to portray Biden as the candidate that doesn't campaign because he follows the science. Later, Trump has done an extraordinary job handling the coronavirus; the mortality rate in the United States is one of the lowest and the testing rate is the highest. Attorney General Bill Barr is now investigating mortality rates in several states across the U.S. Plus, Liberty provides every citizen the opportunity to make it in this country. Some athletes, like Malcolm Jenkins and others, take to the media to spew nonsense when not a single one of them has given up their wealth to live among the poor they claim to defend, yet they're quick to take up Marxist rhetoric on these issues. Afterward, Carter Page, former Trump campaign advisor and Author of the new book Abuse and Power: How an Innocent American Was Framed in an Attempted Coup Against the President, joins the show. Page discusses how the media and corrupt democrats in the Department of Justice set him up, doctored documents, and lied in order to spy on him and the Trump campaign. Finally, former Israeli Ambassador to the U.S, Michael Oren, author of the new book, The Night Archer: and Other Stories calls in. Oren lauded the Trump peace deal as unprecedented since it’s the first peace deal negotiated where Israel didn't have to give up any land and where Arab partners are looking to get more involved.
Aug 28, 2020
Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 8/26/20
On Wednesday's Mark Levin Show, it's not controversial to support due process and justice. A new video emerges in the case of Jacob Blake showing a scuffle with police before making his way to the car. Rioting, looting, and arson in Kenosha put people on alert to defend their life and property. This also gives room for other radicals that are not leftists to come in and take the law into their own hands. The insurrection act must be triggered and the individuals causing all of this havoc must be rounded up and removed from society. Then, Jacob Blake's mother, Julia Jackson, publicly denounced the rioting, looting, and arson in Wisconsin as "disgusting" and was upset that it was being done in his name. Joe Biden made a video echoing her sentiments since he hasn't spoken out about the violence himself he relied on Julia Jackson's comments to end the violence. Later, LeBron James is launching a multi-million dollar campaign to recruit poll workers in urban areas. Interestingly, LeBron's goal is to combat systemic racism at the polls, however, it’s the Democrats that control these urban cities with mostly minority populations. Afterward, sportscaster Stephen A. Smith calls in to discuss the Kenosha shooting. Smith argued that police are quicker to shoot black people while attempting an arrest than they are non-blacks who are subdued and arrested without incident.
Aug 27, 2020
Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 8/25/20
On Tuesday's Mark Levin Show, School Choice vouchers have a long-fought history in the courts. The basic principle of school choice is the allocated tax dollars assigned to a student follow the student at their choice of schools, hence the term school choice. Empowering parents to send children to the best school they choose not just the government school in their neighborhood. This enhances educational opportunities for low-income earners, middle-income earners, and high-income earners regardless of where they live. Similarly, the Landmark Legal Foundation fought these battles at the national level for years. Then, Hillary Clinton said Joe Biden needs a massive legal team and their own workers to counter the intimidation from Republicans. Clinton implored Biden to not concede the election as she did on the night of her loss to Trump. Later, citizens made some of the most powerful presentations on the first night of the Republican Convention. Afterward, following the shooting in Kenosha Wisconsin, lawyers are now demanding the immediate arrest of the officers involved in the shooting of suspect Jacob Blake, without conducting an investigation. White young people wearing black, carrying umbrellas, and launching fireworks at police have been rioting and committing arson for the past two nights.
Aug 26, 2020
Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 8/24/20
On Monday's Mark Levin Show, Joe Biden is pretending that he is not campaigning because he is 'following the science.' Biden is incapable of campaigning in a manner similar to President Trump. Biden is proving that he will not be able to withstand the demands of the presidency. He resists any scrutiny on his 110-page manifesto to destroy America. Then, the democrats are desperate to eliminate the filibuster which would radically weaken the bi-cameral system of the American legislative branch. Speake Nancy Pelosi continues attacking Trump as an enemy of the state as she spreads lies about the post office. Later, Anthony Fauci, and the federal bureaucracy have long opposed new or off-label uses for medications. Back in the 1980s during the AIDS crisis, Fauci was skeptical of treatments that many of his peers were prescribing. It’s the same approach he's taking with Hydroxychloroquine. Afterward, Police in Wisconsin fatally shot Jacob Blake as he allegedly evaded them. The facts remain to be seen as the investigation is on-going. However, Democrats have pounced on the issue and began blaming it on Trump. Finally, Kevin McCarthy calls in to explain that Pelosi has already shown how reckless she is with all the rules that the democrats have re-written from proxy voting. Even Democrats say that the Postal Service is sufficiently funded and has a line of credit through the recent CARES act. Yet that doesn't satisfy the Democrats because their goal is it jam up the mail system with ballots. 
Aug 25, 2020
Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 8/21/20
On Friday's Mark Levin Show, WABC radio host Rich Valdes "Mr. Call Screener" fills in for Mark. Patriotism is under attack and it’s up to us to restore it. One common theme at the DNC convention was a lack of patriotism. President Reagan in his farewell address reminded us that informed patriotism is one of our responsibilities and one of the ways we maintained that was through the important dinner table conversations that was a focal point to the family unit. Now that the family unit has taken a back seat, patriotism is under attack. So we as Americans need to step up when it comes to patriotism and pray for the Country. Also, while Joe Biden sees America in darkness, President Trump sees American greatness. Then, at the end of Biden’s DNC speech, he didn’t say God Bless America. This wasn’t by mistake, this is where the democrats are coming from. They want to take God out of America.
Aug 22, 2020
Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 8/20/20
On Thursday's Mark Levin Show, the Biden-Sanders unity task force recommendations are laced with words about American inequity, massive control over neighborhoods, and how they plan to negatively impact every single job in the country. Biden has plans to financially bail out every poorly-run city, new gun confiscation programs, and expanded rights for illegal aliens. This is not a people's movement because the people have nothing to do with it! It's a top-down centralized government that Karl Marx would be proud of. Later, in future a Biden administration Hunter Biden won't have an office in the West Wing, he'll have an office in Beijing. While Biden campaign staffers claim that the Obama-Biden was scandal-free, Americans know that Obama and then-CIA Director John Brennan authorized spying on members of Congress as well as reporters. It seems that they've forgotten about Tara Reade too. Then, Steve Bannon has been arrested yet the media seems to be more interested in connecting President Trump to Bannon than with anything else. The media gave Barack Obama a pass whenever he brought the Muslim Brotherhood into the White House. Obama had a love fest with the Castro's and Abbas in Syria and the media never covered that.
Aug 21, 2020
Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 8/19/20
On Wednesday's Mark Levin Show, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez claims we have a right to work, a right to a free education, and guaranteed healthcare paid for by the state. These demands sound exactly from chapter ten of Stalin's Soviet platform for "democracy." Totalitarians like Joseph Stalin are role models to Marxists like Cortez and the Democrats. Her speech made no mention of liberty or individualism. Later, Barack Obama lies just like his Party and blames Trump for U.S. coronavirus deaths yet nine of the top ten states leading the death toll are led by blue-state Democrats. This must be clearly articulated by the Republicans at the RNC Convention next week! Afterward, an anonymous employee at Goodyear was told what they could and couldn't wear; allowing Black Lives Matter, but rejecting Blue Lives Matter apparel. As this information was leaked, Goodyear tried to backtrack saying that they didn't support political speech in the workplace. Despite the company's support for BLM which is still political speech, it disallowed Blue Lives Matter which in much the same way is an equity issue like BLM supporting the lives and safety of law enforcement.
Aug 20, 2020
Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 8/18/20
On Tuesday's Mark Levin Show, former First Lady Michelle Obama addressed the delegates at last night's Democrat National Convention with a demagogic speech. Mrs. Obama harped on "empathy" as BLM rioters beat a man to a bloody pulp in the street. Then, Sen. Bernie Sanders wants to transform the government by taking over the entire federal leviathan. The left plans to stack the courts, and change America by fiat. Later, Governor Andrew Cuomo spoke at the DNC convention to promote himself and to continue the cover-up of his incompetent executive actions that may have killed 11 million New Yorkers living in Nursing homes. Afterward, a nationwide manhunt is underway for the BLM rioter that savagely attacked a man in Portland. This is what the leftwing Democrats refer to when they say they seek unity? Finally, Professor Paul Kengor calls in to explain how cultural Marxism is taking over large American cities. America now has Mayor that cite Marx and use Leninist tactics. Kengor also provides historical context through his new book "The Devil and Karl Marx Communism's Long March of Death, Deception, and Infiltration."
Aug 19, 2020
Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 8/17/20
On Monday's Mark Levin Show, American cities are depopulating as a result of the China virus. Liberals are moving to the suburbs in red states to escape over-taxation and overt criminality of their blue-state enclaves, which have become breeding grounds for illegal immigration. Then, the left in the media are trying to portray the post office as a central part of electing a president — it's not and it never has been. In fact, most Americans receive and return mail that was erroneously delivered. Later, former Vice President Al Gore egregiously says that President Trump is putting his knee on the neck of the voters in this election. Meanwhile, Nancy Pelosi keeps lying and saying that Trump is sabotaging the election. Afterward, the Cloward and Piven playbook is still at play as the democrats continue to use the system to try and destroy the system. Whether it's overloading the postal service with more mail-in ballots than it can handle, or flooding the suburbs with multi-unit housing that drastically increases population by abolishing single-family zoning. The country is coming to a boiling point. People won't put up with this for long and eventually, the law of the jungle kicks in, and criminal Marxists, cartels, and uncivil violent forces take over.
Aug 18, 2020
Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 8/14/20
On Friday's Mark Levin Show, KARN host Doc Washburn fills in. The very first indictment from the investigation into the origins of the Russian collusion investigation came down today. FBI attorney Kevin Clinesmith was indicted and pled guilty to falsifying government records to fraudulently obtain a FISA Court warrant to spy on the Trump campaign. Mark Levin sounded this alarm back in March 2017. Then, Anthony Fauci says he sees no reason why Americans cannot vote in person. Mail-in voting is the easiest way to expose the 2020 election to fraud. Later, a private company in Cleveland was raided by the FBI and it turns out that the company was the holding company for a private bank that was affiliated with Ukrainian energy company Burisma. Afterward, the tragic murder of five-year Cannon Hinnant goes largely under-reported. Hinnant was allegedly shot at point-blank range in his head by his 25-year-old neighbor.
Aug 15, 2020
Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 8/13/20
On Thursday's Mark Levin Show, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris keep trying to fool smart, thinking Americans that President Trump is responsible for coronavirus deaths. Even though, nine out of ten states with the highest deaths-per-million in the country are states run by Democrats. Nearly one-third of all US deaths occurred in New Jersey and New York. Then, Anthony Fauci, who is to blame for so much of this pandemic, agrees with Joe Biden who says wearing masks until the election would save 40,000 lives, despite the claim having no basis in science. With respect to mask-wearing, a government that can control what you wear and what you do when you're outside is a government that has no limits on its power. This is not about science. It has never been about science — it’s a power grab. Later, US Ambassador David Friedman calls in to discuss a once-in-a-generation peace plan. The achievement of normalizing diplomatic ties between Israel and the Arab nations of the United Arab Emirates (UAE). The plan suspends annexation of Israeli territory to protect its sovereignty. Friedman reiterated that the Trump administration's support help advance this agreement noting that the Obama-Biden administration did not accomplish anything on this issue in their tenure. Afterward, Israeli Ambassador to the United States, Ron Dermer, joins the show to explain that the UAE is now the third Arab state to join a peace agreement with Israel and the first with no territorial concessions. Dermer said more Arab states are expected to join this peace accord but they must all eventually have cooperation with Palestine. Dermer was optimistic that this deal would bring an end to rejectionism and broader peace to the region.
Aug 14, 2020
Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 8/12/20
On Wednesday's Mark Levin Show, President Trump held a press conference to discuss the latest demands from the Democrats. Given the unreasonable nature and exorbitant dollar amount requested by Congressional negotiators, Trump says he will stick with the executive orders he issued. Then, the left in the media wants you to celebrate what they are calling a historic first presidential ticket. The same party and media that rejected Kamala Harris when she ran for President want you to celebrate what they rejected. Harris could have been the first Black woman running for president, but they chose Joe Biden instead. Despite Harris' criticism of Biden’s' record as a segregationist, Harris now makes the phony claim that she admires Biden. Afterward, Kamala Harris is as progressive as they come and trashes ICE like the rest of them. In a 2018 hearing, Harris grilled an ICE nominee and even went as far as pushing her own perception of ICE as similar to Ku Klux Klan to make her point. Later, teacher's unions are keeping schools closed. If parents are doing the majority of the teaching at home then they should keep the majority of the money they spend on school taxes. Yet, neither Kamala Harris and Joe Biden support school choice which would overwhelmingly benefit communities of color.
Aug 13, 2020
Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 8/11/20
On Tuesday's Mark Levin Show, Sen. Kamala Harris is the first woman of color ever nominated to run for Vice President, however, it's her own party, the Democrat Party that rejected her before they even cast their very first vote in the primary. Congressman James Clyburn and the Democrat Party chose Joe Biden over Harris and will now enlist her to be the Democrats' very own Spiro Agnew. Then, the press is no longer free and undermines the republic. Reporters that prefer to be analysts are exactly the problem America faces; they give you their opinions disguised as facts. Later, civil society has collapsed in many American big cities. Now it's the law of the streets that reigns. The looting in Chicago has reached new heights with the Mayor, Jesse Jackson, and fathers condemning the criminality of it. Yet, one Black Lives Matter (BLM) protester said looting was okay because it was a form of reparations. Afterward, the Associated Press is reporting that the death toll resulting from New York Governor Andrew Cuomo's executive order forcing nursing homes to accept patients that tested positive for China's COVID-19 virus is "cloaked in secrecy." The reporting reveals that the death toll only includes patients that died in the nursing home, not those that were infected in nursing homes and transferred to hospital ICUs. Oddly, New York is reporting that only 20% of its death were nursing home related while neighboring states are reporting that north of 44% of their states' deaths came from nursing homes.
Aug 12, 2020
Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 8/10/20
On Monday's Mark Levin Show, Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Sen. Minority Leader Chuck Schumer are blackmailing America. They are demonizing President Trump for a payroll tax holiday, similar to President Obama's cut to the payroll tax in his 2011 Jobs Act. Meanwhile, Social Security won't last past 2034 so Joe Biden wants to gut it immediately and let the system bleed out by lowering the age limit. All three of these hypocrites supported Obama's executive order and payroll tax cuts in 2011 without sounding any alarms regarding Social Security. Then, in breaking news, President Trump was interrupted by the Secret Service during a press briefing at the White House and temporarily moved to a more secure location. Trump returned after the shooting outside the White House was swiftly dealt with by the Secret Service. The safety of any president must never be politicized. Trump faces a staggering and frightening amount of death threats. Later, media critics take baseless shots at conservative talk radio in an attempt to discredit tens of millions of listeners. An online news aggregator despicably pushes never-Trump narratives insinuating that Trump is considering Gettysburg, PA for his RNC Convention speech because of its "confederate" history. Afterward, Attorney General Barr sat for an interview with Mark Levin on Fox News' Life Liberty and Levin program. Barr reinforces that ANTIFA uses fascistic tactics to promote Bolshevik-styled socialism. Barr called the communistic rioters a secular religion that gets off on their lust for power. The AG also noted that objective truth has been replaced with one narrative or another leading to these violent masked-thugs to overthrow our civil society with deliberate malfeasance via mail-in voting.
Aug 11, 2020
Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 8/7/20
On Friday's Mark Levin Show, Democrats are never satisfied! They want to control the people whether they win elections or not. Candidates like Joe Biden make contemptuous racist statements about Black voters being a monolith and the media just aids and abets him in doing it by deflecting his racist comments onto President Trump. Then, Trump announced that 1.8 million jobs have been restored per today's jobs report cutting the unemployment rate by nearly half to 10.8%. More than half of all counties in the US reported less than 20 cases last week. Later, sportscaster Stephen A. Smith joins the show to talk about sports and culture. Smith says that politically he is an independent and a capitalist that likes to earn money but hates how much he pays in taxes. Afterward, Rep. Chip Roy to discuss his run against Democrat Wendy Davis.
Aug 08, 2020
Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 8/6/20
On Thursday's Mark Levin Show, Mitch McConnell is pouring money into the Tennessee US Senate race, outspending conservative Dr. Manny Sethi by four-to-one. Meanwhile, Joe Biden showed his true colors saying that, apart from some exceptions, African Americans all think the same when commenting on the diversity of Latinos. Then, the media covers for Biden just like Twitter covers for ANTIFA, better yet, Twitter has become the ANTIFA of the media. In 1946, the Hutchins Commission on Freedom of the Press warned that the media risked permanent damage if they didn't focus more on the facts and less on opinion. Later, Democrat Governors across America are responsible for hurting, and in some cases, for the deaths of many citizens because of coronavirus. Along with the pandemic, there was a well-orchestrated plan to shut down the country. They dispirited the American people, ban worship, ignite hatred, and allow riots across the country while they support the abolish the police mob. Yet despite the closures of schools in every state, not a single teacher has been furloughed or laid off. Afterward, House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy joins the show to discuss how Democrats will continue to push chaos, such as defunding the police and destroying small businesses if they win in November.
Aug 07, 2020
Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 8/5/20
On Wednesday's Mark Levin Show, President Trump is attacked for having stamina and mental fitness. Trump has traveled the country for work, his re-election campaign, leisure, and vicious interviews with the hostile media. Joe Biden, however, is missing in action and he only appears digitally because he rarely leaves his house. He eliminates any opportunity to be tested or questioned in a tough manner by the media. The media hasn't even given any close examination to Biden’s possible VP choices, Kamala Harris and Susan Rice, either. Sadly the Democrat Party is like the Communist Party, choosing Party and power over people. Then, Trump announces a $10 Million bounty on hackers interfering with the upcoming 2020 elections. Computer fraud will not be tolerated, although fraud from the FBI and the CIA doesn't seem to bother Democrats. Later, Michelle Obama might be one of America's best capitalists and simultaneous Marxists. Running for any public office would open her up to scrutiny over her finances. Notwithstanding the fact that Michelle Obama has accomplished nothing. Afterward, ANTIFA has historically sought to destroy capitalism and subvert and overthrow the American government. They claim to be against fascism but use it to achieve their goals. 
Aug 06, 2020
Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 8/4/20
On Tuesday's Mark Levin Show, the Democrats want to use the Cloward-Piven strategy to overwhelm the system with mail-in votes. Mail-in voting will overload the Post Office, it will overload the localities, and it will overload the country's entire electoral system. The Democrats want to break the electoral system and take control through lawsuits and they are doing it all under the cover of the pandemic. Democrats are laying the foundation to recreate how a president is elected and how it gets paid for through emergency coronavirus relief bills that include much more than aid for the virus. This is the fundamental transformation they speak of. Afterward, ANTIFA is the enemy of the people. It is made up of cowards that hide their faces and are part of networked groups that overwhelm systems with violence. Their goal is to damage and blame the police for responding to their violence, then describe the police's reaction as fascist. In Germany, their goal is a communist world order that actually uses fascism to destroy capitalism. Later, using the 2000 Florida election as precedent, state courts will be the first line of recourse to challenge an election. Supposing there is a chaotic situation in the 2020 election a state legislature may intervene and appoint the number of entitled electors for their state. There was not then, nor is there now, a need for a US Supreme Court to get involved in a certified state election. This responsibility falls to both houses of the US Congress. The House of Representatives gets one vote for their state's delegation and as of today, Republicans have more votes than Democrats, thus handing the win to President Trump. The caveat is getting the 270 electoral votes needed otherwise the recount vote must go to the House by January 6th or states will forfeit their right to have their electoral certifications and objections heard.
Aug 05, 2020
Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 8/3/20
On Monday's Mark Levin Show, what is the purpose of government? To protect you. Yet, nobody wants to live in a major democrat city anymore because they don’t feel protected. CNN spent the weekend trashing President Trump as if it were actual news. Meanwhile, murders have increased by double digits in cities across America; the same cities that are slashing police budgets. Americans must vote the Democrats out of office and rollback all anti-gun laws. Then, what a twisted world we live in where young pro-life activists are arrested for writing in chalk on a public sidewalk, Black Pre-Born Lives Matter. The politicians don't care and the Democrats are united in being legislative storm troopers to advance the loss of liberty that we are witnessing. Later, Sean Hannity joins the show to discuss his new book "Live Free or Die: America (and the World) on the Brink." Hannity focuses on the rise of radical socialism and how it is hurting America. The left has ratcheted up their assault on religious liberty and Hannity reiterated the strength of the commitment that Trump has on religious freedom from standing up for churches in America to allies in Israel.  Afterward, Democrats Jerry Nadler and Debbie Wasserman-Schultz have both gone on the record years ago to say that paper ballots are highly susceptible to fraud. Yet, the democrats are pushing for voting by mail with paper ballots, not with voting machines that leave a paper trail. Will Joe Biden accept the outcome of the election? If so, then why did he hire 600 lawyers for his campaign?
Aug 04, 2020
Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 7/31/20
On Friday's Mark Levin Show, it's amazing as the country listens to Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi, and Dr. Anthony Fauci as they share their plans to remake the world — from the air we breathe to the way we vote. They claim to care about people and businesses but their actions say otherwise. This is legislative terrorism! Fauci is a bureaucrat that knows more than he lets on. Then, cities like Portland, OR, and Seattle, WA are predominantly White in their demography with protesters averaging the age of 28 years old. This further proves that White liberals are the main agitators in these protests. Later, US Senate candidate, Dr. Manny Sethi (R-TN) calls in to discuss the smear campaign that his RINO opponent is running against his family. Sethi noted that other RINOS like Mitt Romney and Mitch McConnell have endorsed his opponent. Sethi has the endorsement of Mark Levin, Sen. Ted Cruz, former Sen. Jim DeMint, and Sen.Rand Paul. Afterward, the President is right; mail-in voting is detrimental and can jeopardize the integrity of our electoral system. In-person voting and qualified absentee ballots should be the only methods allowed for casting ballots.
Aug 01, 2020
Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 7/30/20
On Thursday's Mark Levin, Herman Cain was the American dream. Cain maintained his honor, loyalty, and courage throughout his career and his campaign. He was a beloved patriot that fought with a smile and he will be missed. While some Americans couldn't even have funerals during the pandemic due to strict social distancing guidelines imposed by Democrats, yet Congressman John Lewis was able to have a very well-attended funeral although it was politicized by former President Barack Obama using demagogic attacks while eulogizing the late civil rights icon. Obama used Lewis' funeral to advance the agenda of the Democratic Party instead of advancing the civil rights agenda. Then, Georgia State Representative Vernon Jones calls in to discuss the media's bigotry and dishonesty when it comes to independent or conservative-leaning African Americans. Jones says the left can keep their plantation and their bigoted agent provocateurs. Later, mail-in voting is problematic and CBS News conducted their own mail-in test with mock ballots. The minority voters interviewed by CBS preferred and felt more secure with in-person voting to mail-in voting. Afterward, HUD Secretary Ben Carson joins the show to explain the dangers of the Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing (AFFH) regulations and how they're being twisted to enhance the size and power of the federal government. Secretary Carson says that it is up to the American people to protect their country against socialism because the media has been compromised and is no longer objective.
Jul 31, 2020
Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 7/29/20
On Wednesday's Mark Levin Show, Hydroxychloroquine is a drug that has been used safely for more than half a century. Yet, Anthony Fauci has come out against using it as a treatment for COVID-19, despite his lack of experience in actually treating patients with this medication. Rather than sit with America's Frontline Doctors, Fauci would rather ignore them and criticize the group's experiences on cable news. Social media tyrants were quick to remove a video from a press conference where nearly a dozen licensed physicians held to support Hydroxychloroquine as a treatment and prophylactic. Then, conservatives have to fight like hell to keep what they earned at the ballot box. The left will use every part of the government and its power to reverse the results of an election. They will turn to the courts and the bureaucracy to fundamentally change America just like they'd shut down websites they'd like to censor. Later, who is ANTIFA? Teachers, bureaucrats, and college students all seem to have the time to be down with 'the revolution' by day and riot by night, all while getting paid. Afterward, Rep. Devin Nunes joins the show to discuss new revelations in the Russian collusion hoax. Namely, the source for the Christopher Steele dossier was born in Russia but was actually a previous employee of the left-leaning Brookings Institute and an employee of Steele's who was in turn employed by the Hillary Clinton campaign, not the Russian Government. Nunes reiterated that it was the Democrats that initiated this, not the Russians as they falsely and maliciously leaked to their accomplices in the media.
Jul 30, 2020
Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 7/28/20
On Tuesday's Mark Levin Show, the hearing with AG Bill Barr today was like the Portland mob inside the hearing room. Not only did Democrats attack Barr, but they didn't even let him answer the questions they asked. The Democrats also seemed to support the ongoing violence occurring in several American cities. They have embraced an ideological change toward radical violence and have abandoned liberty and the American founding in favor of the para-military wing of their Party. Later, supporters of communist Cuba and Black Lives Matter have found common ground in Marxism. The purpose of Marxism is to change or overthrow the way of life and economy in a country. Some would argue that obliterating a country's standard of being is traitorous. Afterward, tech tyranny is in full swing as Facebook and Twitter censor the physicians of Americas Frontline Doctors who gathered for a Capitol Hill press conference supporting the effectiveness of Hydroxychloroquine. Finally, Fox News Host Greg Gutfeld joins the show to discuss his new book, The Plus: Self-Help for People Who Hate Self-Help.
Jul 29, 2020
Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 7/27/20
On Monday's Mark Levin Show, if the media believed in America and gave President Trump a chance we’d all be celebrating tonight. There is a coronavirus vaccine under phase three trial in just six months, this is an unheard of achievement. Anthony Fauci who has had nothing to do with the vaccine, says the vaccine will be available soon. The United States has tested more people than any other country in the world. All of this was done under Operation Warp Speed to accelerate the development and distribution of a COVID-19 vaccine led by the HHS, FDA, DOD, and other federal agencies and private labs. Somehow the President's critics in the media missed all of this. Then, the President's decision to nominate Col. Douglas Macgregor (Ret.) is disappointing. Macgregor has been soft on Iran in the past; he's no Richard Grenell. Iran is now negotiating with China for inter-continental ballistic missiles (ICBM's). Later, there isn't a single Democrat that has condemned the riots and anarchy. Not Nancy Pelosi, not Joe Biden, nobody. Afterward, the Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing (AFFH) is becoming part of the national dialogue as it should. If Americans are unaware of this attack on suburbs that this is occurring they will be caught by surprise once it's too late.
Jul 28, 2020
Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 7/24/20
On Friday's Mark Levin Show, the media is pushing polling but doesn't realize that citizens across America see this election as a battle for the soul of America, for one's way of life, and the future of families across the country. Those that hate America expect Americans to sit still while a virus is politicized, history is erased, and a cognitively-impaired candidate runs for office. All of America's enemies are rooting for the Democrats. If Republicans lose the Senate or worse the White House, the republic will be irreparably harmed. Then, President Reagan's inaugural speech reminds us that a price has been paid for our freedom. Reagan reminds Americans that no arsenal can beat the resolve of free people and that peace is the citizen's highest aspiration. America is still the America that fought and won wars in the name of liberty, and Americans will be damned before they surrender to a bunch of Marxists. Later, former Westchester County Executive and State Senate candidate, Rob Astorino, joins the show to explain how the Democrats are pursuing the nationalization of local zoning boards and housing decisions by suing suburban towns with civil rights lawsuits. This will allow the left to take over local schools, parks, streets, and transportation; choices that individual communities currently make on their own. Their goal is to eliminate single-family homes in exchange for multi-unit dwellings and public housing. Afterward, NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio chooses BLM over any other cause. Meanwhile, Dr. Anthont Fauci doesn't wear a mask or social distance while he attended the baseball game in New York. Plus, House Republicans have called for the name of the Democrat Party to be canceled due to its racist origins
Jul 25, 2020
Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 7/23/20
On Thursday's Mark Levin Show, America doesn't need another stimulus bill, especially not a welfare bill. Washington is funding the wrong things and Senate Majority Leader McConnell is not to be trusted. The government cannot just print money out of thin air. Awarding billions to public schools that will not physically be in session or giving a bailout to universities to teach more Marxism isn't a good use of taxpayer dollars. If we incentivize unemployment no one will get back to work. In turn, this will hurt small businesses. Then, having two types of justice isn't justice at all. Rioters in Portland get away with blinding police and hurling fireworks at them, while others get arrested for painting over a BLM sign in NYC. Biden, Hillary, and RINO's will say anything to paint Trump as a fascist, seeking to use martial law to remain in power. Meanwhile, it's leftist Democrats that foment the violence, hate, and anarchism occurring. RINO race-baiters like Michael Steele misrepresent facts to portray Portland as a Black or Brown city. Later, the new Cato Institute/YouGov poll shows that 62% of Americans are afraid to express their political views. Afterward, a civil lawsuit has been filed against several personalities at Fox News and the media runs with the allegations rather than with the facts. One claimant's allegations are inconsistent regarding her scheduled appearances and undermine her grievance. 
Jul 24, 2020
Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 7/22/20
On Wednesday’s Mark Levin Show, President Trump has been hitting it out of the park on the coronavirus and explaining the duty of federal law enforcement in the field to protect citizens and federal property. The mainstream press is working to create a "surge" when it's really a media-created myth. Their main goal is to make it appear that Trump is a disaster and that he must be defeated, but the "surge" numbers are compounded and no records are being broken. Later, Dr. Simone Gold calls in to explain how Democrat Governor's in coronavirus hot spots have limited the use of Hydroxychloroquine in the China virus era. Gold added that there is no reason to limit such a safe and effective treatment other than potential financial considerations from pharmaceutical companies. Meanwhile, filmmaker Ami Horowitz calls in to give a live update from Portland, OR. Horowitz described the violence and skirmishes with ANTIFA as worse than is being reported. Afterward, Acting Deputy Secretary of Homeland Security, Ken Cuccinelli joins the show to explain that the Federal Protective Service Officers will continue protecting federal property and preventing the building from being burned.
Jul 23, 2020
Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 7/21/20
On Tuesday's Mark Levin Show, President Trump was cool, clear, and concise in his coronavirus press briefing. Despite the topic being the federal government's response, the reporters only asked about his mask-wearing habits and how often he gets tested. Trump subjects himself to the hostile Democrat Party media, yet candidate Joe Biden never presents himself to anyone in the conservative media. Then, the media keeps driving the false narrative that any federal action to protect federal buildings and courts is a tyrannical move to steal the November election. Also suggesting that Trump will reject the outcome of the election to paint him as a dictator. It's sick! Later, Steve Schmidt is one of the four Washington stooges that trash President Trump and the American people through the questionable Lincoln Project. Their entire goal is to assassinate the character of the President of the United States. Meanwhile, the media asks Trump if he's responsible for the virus, but no one asks Anthony Fauci if he's responsible for giving floundering information. Will anyone in the media ask Fauci or Barack Obama if they were responsible for the deaths from the H1N1 pandemic? Afterward, economist John Lott calls in to discuss his new book, Gun Control Myths: How politicians, the media, and botched "studies" have twisted the facts on gun control.
Jul 22, 2020
Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 7/20/20
On Monday's Mark Levin Show, the Democrat Party has more and more in common with the confederacy than we think; it’s the same Party attacking the same country. White Marxist mayors across the country are allowing their citizens and cities to be destroyed, the Portland federal court is under attack and being damaged every night. Rep. James Clyburn wants to know who ordered federal law enforcement and suggested that the local authorities should be protecting the federal courts and buildings, not federal personnel. Clyburn also complained that federal officers should not be masked when doing their job. Meanwhile, Anthony Fauci praises New York as an example of how to deal with COVID-19. Earlier this year Fauci, who's been in office for 37 years, had no response to the pandemic until President Trump ramped up the federal response. Afterward, Sen. Ted Cruz joins the show to explain that the U.S Civil Rights Act can be used to sue cities and states that don't protect their citizens during these demonstrations. Cruz adds that this is a close election and if we lose Texas the country will see a generation of socialism.  Also, when then-Governor Ronald Reagan faced the UC Berkley riots in the 1960's he took swift decisive action using the state police and national guard. The media is on the side of the militarist leftist; so we can't wait for them to promote peace, because they won't. Finally, Craig Shirley calls in and explains that Joe Biden should remember that Reagan was the underdog in 1980.
Jul 21, 2020
Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 7/17/20
On Friday's Mark Levin Show, Marxism is traitorous. Tyranny is here and it's staring us in the face. Nancy Pelosi says that the Confederate Generals were traitors for seeking to destroy and divide our country. If that is so, isn't Marxism traitorous? Haven't the Marxists made it clear that their movements like ANTIFA, Black Lives Matter, and the Democrat Party are all traitors based on Pelosi's logic. Statues and flags aren't destroying professional sports, ruining major cities, attacking cops, and destroying schools. Then, this election will determine if the press is consequential or not. The left in the media are spreading a separatist message that weakens America from within. Just like the flat-earth Democrats, the government bureaucrats don't complain because they enjoy public sector largesse and continue getting paid while the private sector is shut down and the rest of America is hurting economically. Later, this program calls for a defund movement for colleges and universities that are indoctrinating America's youth. Biden and the teacher's unions push to keep kids out of school despite the scientific evidence proving their risk is minimal. Afterward, Dr. Manny Sethi, a candidate for the US Senate in Tennessee calls in to discuss the campaign.
Jul 18, 2020
Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 7/16/20
On Thursday's Mark Levin Show, even though Medicare is going broke, Sen. Bernie Sanders says we should lower the age for Medicare eligibility. Sanders brazenly lies forgetting that Medicare was going to take care of healthcare for poor people, then Obamacare was supposed to fix everything but it didn't, now medicare is the cure-all but it’s not. It's just more massive government regulations. Then, Joe Biden's plan to legalize illegal immigrants, give instant asylum, free education and healthcare will flood the United States beyond capacity and destroy the current way of life. Later, major American cities, run by Democrats have in effect seceded from the country. At first, they were sanctuary cities, however, the Democrats have always been about secession and segregation. Afterward, Jason Whitlock from calls in to explain how America's enemies have infiltrated sports because sports are such a big deal in American culture. Adding that communist China and "the puppet masters" are pulling the strings on professional sports and its players so that they can smear America. Finally, GOP Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy joins the show to announce new legislation to protect American monuments and statues.
Jul 17, 2020
Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 7/15/20
On Wednesday's Mark Levin Show, when someone uses deadly force against a police officer, hitting them in the head repeatedly with a stick, it should be met with deadly force. When violent revolutionaries seek to transform America by overthrowing institutions across the country it becomes a federal matter. James Madison noted that citizens of all cities and states are also citizens of the United States and the federal government has a responsibility to protect all citizens when Marxist-sympathizing mayors don't. Then, the New York Times is a disgrace and Bari Weiss accurately points out that the objectivity of journalism can't be abandoned in exchange for tweeting hatred toward President Trump. Even veterans newsman Ted Koppel recognizes that Trump is correct when he says that the media is biased against him. Sadly, the media have thrown out the rulebook on objectivity and replaced it with emotion. Later, while the left in the media blames Trump for the scientific response to the Wuhan virus, Anthony Fauci is portrayed as infallible. Despite his nearly four decades in Washington as the nation's top doctor for infectious diseases Fauci's lack of preparedness for this pandemic is still largely overlooked. Afterward, Nancy Pelosi's remarks today that "the anxiety deepens” each day prove that she is the modern-day George Wallace stopping children from going to school and to keep families broke. Has anyone questioned Pelosi on her endorsement of Ilhan Omar and her openly anti-Semitic behavior?
Jul 16, 2020
Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 7/14/20
On Tuesday's Mark Levin Show, progressivism is Marxism designed for America just like China has decimated freedom in Taiwan. Using Americanized Marxism, the left uses freedom itself to destroy freedom as we know it. President Trump remarked that former VP Joe Biden plans to eliminate all charter-operated public schools, ending any competition or educational equality. Similarly, Biden is pushing for open borders, increased immigration, and free college and healthcare for illegal aliens. This is accomplished through propaganda delivered through assemblies at school, television shows, and other media. In this post-constitutional scenario, power is moved away from "We The People' to the unelected portions of our government such as the courts and bureaucracies. Then, anti-semitism is running rampant in professional sports like never before. The Black Lives Matter organization is openly antisemitic and turns a blind eye to anti-Jewish crime. Later, Governor Ron DeSantis calls in to discuss how Florida is testing more than 90,000 residents per day. DeSantis added that the Florida Health Department found instances of negative tests not being reported at all which has skewed the overall infection rate. Afterward, Joel Pollack from Breitbart joins the show to discuss Joe Biden's many failures, the war on American culture, and his new book Red November: Will The Country Vote Red for Trump or Red for Socialism
Jul 15, 2020
Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 7/13/20
On Monday's Mark Levin Show, Dr. Anthony Fauci has stated that Coronavirus wasn't very serious, yet he's offered high praise to the President, and has even said that masks weren't necessary. Now Fauci has different positions, yet he is leading the science that President Trump has been following. Fauci himself says that Trump has never challenged 'the science' and has always followed his recommendations. So what culpability does Fauci have in all of this? If Fauci was a medical practitioner he'd be sued for malpractice. What's worse is the irregular reporting of coronavirus numbers on the CDC website which seem to keep changing. Later, the outrage continues over the commutation of Roger Stone, yet no one batted an eye when Barack Obama pardoned FALN terrorists, convicted a CIA Director and a General that was found guilty. Bill Clinton was even worse, pardoning family members and more. Yet Stone is the problem. Afterward, billionaire leftists like George Soros are plentiful on the left and remain focused on starting and funding racial justice organizations. These groups promote and normalize anti-semitism spreading propaganda to liberal jews and others. It's as if the left and BLM are pushing for a race war in America.
Jul 14, 2020
Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 7/10/20
On Friday's Mark Levin Show, the CDC numbers online indicate that in the week of July 4th there were very few deaths nationwide. While some may find this celebratory, the leftists in the media want to focus on infections instead of a significantly decreased mortality rate. Yet, in a look back at 2009 during the Barack Obama presidency, the media forgot that Obama and Biden called for states to end testing and stop counting individual cases during the H1N1 pandemic; citing the resources it would take to accomplish such widespread testing — a goal that President Trump is making more headway on than did his predecessor. Then, the domestic terrorist Oscar Lopez Rivera, leader of the FALN group that bombed police buildings and killed people, was given a Presidential Pardon by both Presidents Clinton and Obama. Yet, Trump is being scrutinized and criticized for his commutation of Roger Stone, who didn't kill anyone. Finally, Rick Harrison calls in to discuss Obama's use of Hydroxychloroquine in 2008.
Jul 11, 2020
Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 7/9/20
On Thursday's Mark Levin Show, seven justices violated the Supremacy Clause of the Constitution ruling that a sitting President can be indicted by a state court. This damages the Office of The Presidency. Now a President can be subpoenaed under a pretext and can be used to politically embarrass any President under this precedent. The Supreme Court has two justices and seven politicians now. Regarding the House Democrats' request for President Trump's taxes, the Court should have not even taken up that case since it had nothing to do with legislative oversight. Then, it’s shocking how far the rogue Judge Emmet Sullivan has taken his opposition to the ordered writ of mandamus with Gen. Mike Flynn. Later, Joe Biden who has been discredited for lying and plagiarism for many years has taken to Pennsylvania for a campaign stop. Bide announced his new plan from Sen Bernie Sanders which limits any form of school choice and leans heavily on the federal government for control over state issues.
Jul 10, 2020
Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 7/8/20
On Wednesday’s Mark Levin Show, Philadelphia Eagles player DeSean Jackson tweeted anti-Semitic quotes from Hitler and none of his NFL colleagues are denouncing it. Although the NFL forced Jackson to apologize, there remains a high tolerance for bigotry and Jew-hatred on the left. ESPN Sportscaster Stephen A. Smith calls in and explained the what Jackson tweeted was uncalled for but the Eagles shouldn’t release him for it. Then, Marxism and anarchism are turning this country inside out and America must defund the left and start with challenging Professor tenure. People that hate our country and teach this doctrine. Later, Joe Biden is encouraged to decline any debates with President Trump unless he meets demands that he knows President Trump will reject. In fact, a NY Times columnist is suggesting that no debate be held until Trump presents his tax returns. This program suggests that perhaps an equally acceptable condition could be for each candidate to submit a brain scan before the debates. Another such pre-condition might be for the American people to first hear from Tara Reade before any debates occur.
Jul 09, 2020
Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 7/7/20