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Las Vegas News, Reviews and our Vintage Vegas feature segments that look at the people, resorts and events in history that make Las Vegas the greatest

Episode Date
E-412: Culottes
Random Vegas The stage at “Ka” uses vegetable oil in its hydraulic cylinders, rather than hydraulic fluid, for environment reasons (@VitalVegas)   Twitpic of the week   Diversity.  That’s what this week’s winner brings to mind.  @Misnomer shared a photo of south strip from the perspective of Aria…or one of the buildings in City Center.  It showcases some of the most diverse options available in the market.  Mandalay Bay, Luxor, Excalibur and NYNY all offer unique experiences within a mile of one another.   Capped off by Monte Carlo, known today as Park MGM, and here you see a good example of the great blanding of the strip. Here’s to hoping Hard Rock doesn’t fuck up Mirage   News  


Aug 14, 2022
E-411: JFK Blown Away

Random Vegas

Judges in Nevada have the power to ban someone for up to a year from the strip corridor.  It’s a punishment primarily used against convicted drug charges and prostituting

Twitpic of the week

Not a picture you would normally expect to see win Twitpic of the week but this photo from @pennys4vegasshows a view that is all to common to the Vegas frequenter, air conditioning units on roof tops.  In some cases we get glimpses of Vegas in the view but often you don’t.  But it still feels like Vegas, almost regardless of you room view.  Here we are treated to the warm neon glow of Walgreens, Hennessy’s tavern and slotzilla.  Now you tell me you don’t see those things and think, damn. How much longer to my next Vegas visit?    


Aug 07, 2022
E-410: Monsoonal

Random Vegas

A study found gamblers who follow responsible gaming codes of conduct contribute just 4% of gambling revenues (@vital Vegas via “addiction by design” by Natasha Down Schul)

Twitpic of the weeks


It’s really just the same view as last week, just tweeted at a different angle.  Kind of like a mirror image.  And yet, that was all that was needed to come up with this monologue. @maverickheli shares a view of what is coming to be considered mid-strip properties. These monstrously sized properties somehow magically reduced to miniatures will forever capture my imagination. Did anyone have, or currently have one of those huge train set that winds through a community.  I never did but the scale just enchants me.  If Vegas was an option to build I think I might dedicate a room in my home for it.  An idea almost certain to be vetoed by Mrs. 360 Vegas  


Jul 31, 2022
E=409: Jennifer Grey Nose Job

Random Vegas

The Las Vegas Raiders generated the most net ticket revenue in the NFL in 2021 bringing in $119 million in 2021 (Sportico)

Twitpic of the week

Most likely an enhanced photo but we don’t hold that against pictures. Either way, great job, once again by @maverickheli of capturing just how beautiful the strip is featuring mid to south strip here. Seriously, we need to get off our asses and finally experience this view first hand.  I have a feeling its like the sports book at Circa, pictures just don’t do it justice. You have to see it for yourself to appreciate it.  When we do finally do this, I promise to take my own pictures and share them


Jul 24, 2022
PCP - Evolution of Fremont E-1

Premium Content Preview.

In this installment, we discuss blocks 2 and 3, better known as Golden Gate and Circa

Jul 23, 2022
E-408: Nooks and Crannies

Random Vegas

Mandalay Beach is 11 acres, has 2.700 tons of real sand and a 1.6 million gallon wave pool (@MandalayBay)

Twitpic of the week

Probably the best view of @mandalayBay I’ve ever seen.  It’s a shame this property is located so far south.  True, it has incredible views of north strip but it’s a hike to get any place else.  Here is where the Las Vegas monorail should have started.  Instead, we have retreated underground as plans for the Elon Musk, subterranean Vegas loop continues to progress.  Those plans include stops at the airport and virtually all properties on the strip.  It will even have a downtown station at Circa’s Garage Mahal. While it will help to elevate traffic concerns for the future, this progress will rob people of the experience of seeing the strip while in transit to your selected home away from home, if only for a weekend.



Jul 17, 2022
E-407: Bonus Round

More content from episode 407

Jul 05, 2022
E-407: Homer Simpson Vomit
Random Vegas Cirque du Soleil first played Vegas in a tent in the Mirage parking lot (theringer.com)   Twitpic of the week  It’s a view that does not exist anymore.  I mean the view still exists but most of the things you see in this picture, shared by @summacorp, are gone.  Yes, Treasure Island, Sahara, Circus Circus and Stratosphere are still with us but Treasure Island is now TI, new marquee and all and Sahara isn’t the same.  Frontier, Stardust, Silver Casino, Riviera and El Rancho...the sequel, are gone.  Whether Resorts World and Fontainebleau reverse the fortunes of north strip, remains to be seen.  For now, let's just revel in this otherworldly image of a time passed but not forgotten.   News    


Jul 03, 2022

Listener Feedback from 360VV11

Jun 28, 2022
E-406: 360VV11 Trip Report

Random Vegas

Harry Reid International Airport has had the best capacity recovery of any airport in the world,  reporting a 7% increase from June 2019’s 2.6 million seats when THAT was the highest percentage of the worlds 20 busiest airports. (LVRJ)

Twitpic of the Trip

It’s a view I’m thrilled I was able to have @360Vegas Vacation 11 before we lose the iconic property that started the greatest revolution in Las Vegas gaming.  Virtually everything we have in Vegas today is thanks, in some part, to the Mirage.  I’m sure people who loved the Sands felt the way I feel about losing the Mirage, specifically that volcano.  While a guitar hotel does sound cool it doesn’t add an “only in Vegas” attraction.  The more market continues to gentrify itself the less special a place Las Vegas will become.  Despite still drawing crowds whenever it starts going off, some say this icons lifespan has come to an end.  Doesn’t matter if we agree or disagree with that, the fact of the matter is that we are going to lose her.  Sadly, even the Neon Museaum can’t save this icon.  So, much like a loved one with a terminal diagnosis, its time to enjoy the Mirage as much as you can before she erased from the famous Las Vegas strip.


Jun 26, 2022
E-405: Persnickety

Random Vegas

The Neon Museum was founded in 1996 as a nonprofit organization dedicated to collecting, preservice and exhibiting iconic Las Vegas signage (Neon Museum)

Twitpic of the week

Was it the concept or the fact that it was run by a man who lived in the grey area between truth and misrepresentation? Bob Stupak would refer to it as technicalities.  Vegas World, shared in all her low rolling glory by @deadcolletti, showcases everything the Nevada gaming industry didn’t want associated with the city.  Try as the might, the only thing that would get Stupak out of the market was his own ambition to build Stratosphere, residing in the space were Vegas World used to exist.


Jun 05, 2022
E-404: Vital Verbology

Random Vegas

The Neon Museum campus includes two outdoor exhibition spaces known as the Neon Boneyard and the North Gallery, where the Brilliant! LED light attraction is housed, and a visitors’ center housed inside the former La Concha Motel lobby (Neon Museum) 


Twitpic of the week 

How this view, shared by @maverickheli, doesn’t attract people to Vegas is another reason why I don’t get people.  What more could you want?  Almost any vice you can find legally is available at a person's disposal. Food, booze, gambling, smoking, girls to your room are just a few things that can be enjoyed by all if they are so inclined.  For me its simple, there is no better view of the strip than the one from a Cosmo balcony while having sex on it.  Undisputable.  



EDC 2023 


May 29, 2022
E-403: Return of the Mark

Random Vegas

Kind of Vegas related, it was reported that earlier this month, the Oakland A’s played a home game in front of 2,488 fans in a stadium that seats 56,782.  The Las Vegas Aviators minor league baseball team averages around 6,800 fans per game (LasVegasLocally)

Twitpic of the week

No matter what you think about Caesars Palace its undeniable that it’s a Vegas icon.  True it’s a discombobulated maze cobbled together over years of expansion and renovation, but from the beginning, it drew the masses eager to feel like a Caesar.  Sarno blocks evolved into more appropriately accurate roman architecture, enhancing the theme.  Today, Caesars is a behemoth in the market, attracting high and low rollers alike, lets never forget is origins, show cased here by @_GrandPaD of the property in 1981, visually stunning



May 22, 2022
E-402: Gambley

Random Vegas 

After the Cosmopolitan deal is complete, MGM Resorts will control 40% of all the hotel rooms on the Vegas strip (@LasVegasLocally) 

Twitpic of the week 

It’s a version of the Flamingo that virtually no one remembers or at least does not get talked about.  It’s the motel version of the property that existed just before Hilton started building the high rises we know the property to have to this day.  That evolution began with the erection of the famous plumb signage.  A sign that would be removed during the property's expansion of the casino to the sidewalk. The image, shared this week by @PixVegas777, isn’t the most visually appealing property on the strip during its time but its an important building block in the evolution that made the Flamingo Fabulous. 


May 15, 2022
E-401: Inferiation
Random Vegas The first Vegas resort to have topless showgirls was The Dunes. (@  POVblog)   Twitpic of the week  A single, solitary sultan, standing astride on top of a roof, hands on hips, somehow intimating that he has a large cock.  That last part may be my own inferiation but lets not open that can of worms or acknowledge the fact that I may have just made up a word.  Regardless, this marquee was a bad ass monument to a remarkable gambling den.  The Dunes would later replace said sultan with the iconic turret sign.  The sultan was then relocated to the golf course on property, near the freeway exit until it had an electrical fire destroy it beyond repair.  Which is a shame.  How cool would the sultan be at the Neon Museum.  We, we can only daydream about what could have been.  Thanks to @summacorp for sharing a picture that inspired a monologue. News
May 08, 2022
E-400: Confusing Boner
Random Vegas The iconic Barbary Coast signage designed by Buzz Leming featured Tiffany-style glass, a burgundy and gold color scheme and a 19th century-style lettering that is known as "Barbary Coast Block" (Neon Museum)   Twitpic of the week The Mirage Volcano.  It’s time to enjoy it while we still have it.  As sad as it can be, change is the only constant in Las Vegas.  We’ve lost some legends along the way.  The Sands, the Stardust, the Dunes were all lost in favor of progress, some better than others.  The most concerning point is that those that were creative enough to evolve Vegas into the place we know it as don’t appear to be around anymore, except Derek Stevens.  That guy gets it.  But this monologue is not about that, its about the signature attraction that kicked off a revolution in Vegas, The Mirage Volcano.  She will forever have a special place in my heart.  Thank you @vegasjaydubs for an epic picture of a game changer in the Vegas market.  Cheers to you Mirage Volcano.  Thanks for the memories.  You will not be forgotten. News
May 01, 2022
E-399: T-Rex Arm
Random Vegas In 1999, the Stardust signed a 10-year deal with Wayne Newton for a reported $25 m per year, the largest entertainment contract in Vegas history at the time.  But after 5 ½ years Newton ended his run and was replaced by George Carlin in April 2005   Twitpic of the week  I’ll admit it, this is the first Twitpic of the week that I’m not 100% sure where this is located.  My educated guess is the Stardust but my experiences with her were so limited.  Still, she seems to have the same level of elegance and tackiness as the legend.  Thanks to @VitalVegas, we got to thoroughly reflect on the strips past and present.   News
Apr 24, 2022
E-398: Over Confident Keren

Random Vegas

In France, the movie “the Hangover” was given the title “Very Bad Trip”.  In Spanish-speaking countries, it was called “What Happened Yesterday” (@VitalVegas)

Twitpic of the week

A moment in time capture by @_GrandPaD’s father in 1964 featuring the Stardust, a legend in her prime.  Still sporting the original road marquee as well as the properties original frontage.  Adding to the glamor is a parking lot full of vintage vehicles.  We’ll, back then they weren't vintage but you know what we mean.  It’s a great photo of a great place in the sun.

Apr 16, 2022
E-397: Tony Gets Fired
Random Vegas Private dances at Vegas strip clubs require the dancer to always keep one foot on the floor, preventing straddling, dry humping, and other erotic positions. (@kinziroze)   Twitpic of the week Its about to happen again.  An icon of Las Vegas signage will be going away, making the strip a sadder place.  Of course we are talking about the Mirage volcano, expected to be destroyed to make way for the Hard Rock Brand. In order to bring something even more iconic, the Dunes had to go.  Most lamented of which is the beautiful turret signage.  Without a doubt, the #1 sign I wish I’d seen, shared here by @Las_when. Supplementing that view was the ability to enjoy some drinks at the Top o the Dunes complete with a unique perspective of that marquee.    But Vegas can’t and won’t allow nostalgia to prevent progress.  In the Dunes case, we lost the property to an even bigger marquee attraction, the Fountains of Bellagio.  Rumor is Hard Rock has plans to build a guitar hotel as they have at other locations around the country.  Will this be an upgrade from the volcano?  Only time will tell.   News Downtown Rocks 2022
Apr 10, 2022
E-396: Vroom

Random Vegas

The Mirage hotel’s gold windows get their color from actual gold dust used in the tinting process.

Twitpic of the week

An easy way to get my attention is to share a picture of one of Las Vegas’ legendary resorts under construction, like the one shared by @las_when of NYNY in the early stages of construction.  I’ve no handyman skills so construction or renovation of any kind is magical to me.  Watching Vegas resorts evolve and develop their footprint always makes me smile as well as showcases how far we’ve come and how uncreative properties like Resorts World and Virgin are, little more than simply buildings with casinos inside, devoid of any personality.  Thankfully we have photography to document Vegas’ evolution into the number 1 tourist destination in America.



Apr 03, 2022
E-395: Salt Bae & Switch

Random Vegas

  • In the late 40s, ownership of the Flamingo saved 30 cats marked for euthanization and gave them a home and a job
  • Not only did they kill the mice and rats at the Flamingo but overachieved by taking care of them in the surrounding area as well.
  • Eager to show off what a good job they were doing, the cats would often bring the remains of their prey to Flamingo staff who would then have to quickly hide the remains, so guests didn't see.
  • So valued were their services that they learned they would receive leftovers from elaborate meals at the property if they simply visited the back door to the kitchen

Twitpic of the week

It’s a dream like image of a property that lives up to the Hype.  Circa fully light up and reflecting off a puddle, symbolizing the Stevens group domination of the Downtown market.  Not to be forgot is the reflection of the Golden Gate, the oldest property on Fremont St.  It’s hard to come up with the proper way to say this is beautiful but it is and so much more.  You’ve got to see @goldengatevegas photo and this week’s winner.

360VV11 RSVP


Mar 27, 2022
E-934: Coming In Hot

Random Vegas

MSG Sphere @Venetian will be the largest spherical structure in the world at 366-feet tall and 516 feet wide.  The project is expected to be complete in 2023 (edmtunes.com)

Twitpic of the week

Elegant in black and white, legendary at all accounts.  Caesars Palace, unlike Flamingo, is a property that has weathered many storms and still managed to keep attracting high rollers.  Captured by @las_when, this photo from 1971 shows the property after its first expansion tower.  Today, not only does that tower look different, the entire property has gone through a much more appropriate Grecco roman esthetic. Thankfully we have photography to capture this time in history


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Mar 20, 2022
360 Vintage Vegas PCP: Tony Cornero and the Stardust

*Premium Content Preview


While many architecture academics have criticized Las Vegas for its lack of substance, there may be no better example of this elitism than the scorn directed towards the Stardust.  For better or worse, history points to the Stardust as the defining moment when Las Vegas no longer required a jacket and tie to gain entrance to.  Instead of celebrating the brilliance in the Stardust’s minimalism, it was trashed for focusing more on the exterior signage and façade, wrapped around a building that was little more than a massive, non-descript warehouse.  Whether inadvertent or by intention, it seems each time Vegas has successfully evolved to appeal to more diverse tastes, that success is met with opposition; Slut Shaming those who dare to find things appealing like neon signage, themed resorts or anything deemed inferior to "intellectual" tastes.  But the glory that is Las Vegas is knowing that judging people for what appeals to them has never made converts, it alienates; even if supplying that demand is more financially motivated than cultural.  When the majority doesn't see things the way you'd like them to, that doesn't mean they're wrong, it means you don't get it.  The Stardust got it, in a big way. 

Mar 19, 2022
E-393: Appropropriate Juxtaposition
Random Vegas Before Paris/Caesars could do anything to the Eiffel Tower replica, such as the addition of the light show, changes have to be approved by France (@VitalVegas)   Twitpic of the week   It’s a rare occurrence in Vegas but when it happens it's as magical as a neon.  Snow in Las Vegas, the clean and beautiful white dressing everything you know into a winter wonderland.  Contending for even better than the view is the fact that snow doesn’t typically stick around any longer than an afternoon.  So only morning traffic has to deal with it.  Potentially the best looking property in the snow is Luxor, shared by @LasVegasLocally with its juxtaposed onyx glass playing off the pristine white covering the pyramid, sphinx and palm trees.  Thankfully we have photography to capture this unicorn when it magically appears. News
Mar 14, 2022
E-392: Cheese Eating Surrender Monkeys
Random Vegas Del Webb was a private person, egoless.  He wouldn't even allow himself to be paged in any of his properties.  In fact, he remained so anonymous that one former employee tells a story about a time Webb tried to get on a service elevator at the Sahara to go to the offices in the penthouse.  An employee stopped Del, asked who he was and when he claimed he was Del Webb, the employee told him, unless he could prove that, he wasn't allowed to use the service elevator and turned him away.  Later, it was confirmed Del was who he claimed to be, and rather than fire the employee, he was very please that he stopped him since he didn't know who he was because he could have been anyone wanting to burn the place down.   Twitpic of the week   It’s common knowledge that rain doesn’t happen often in Las Vegas.  When it does, neon reflections in puddles are commonly captured.  This time, @RemkoRinkema shared the view from a rain soaked windshield in traffic and it was fabulous.  Noticeable are both Bally’s marquee, the reflection of Bellagio and brake/headlights.  I hate precipitation in any form unless its used for recreation.  But its hard to deny how it captures the beauty of the neon jungle.   News
Feb 27, 2022
E-391: Counter Surfing

Random Vegas

49% of Las Vegas workers are at a high risk of being replaced by robots and other forms of automation technology, according to a new study.  Casino dealers have a “probability of automation” of 96% - highest among all professions in the us. (@LasVegasLocally)

Twitpic of the week

The tweet that brought this picture to our attention, originally shared by @Las_when, came from @Vital Vegas.  It said “Caesars Palace kindergarten picture”.  Not only did it make me laugh but it is a pretty accurate statement.  The photo, taken in 1971, shows both the original Roman Tower, built in 1966, as well as the 1 year old Centurion tower.  Other than the parking lot surrounding, you see a lot of desert surrounding the property.  No matter what your feelings are about Caesars Palace, it’s a fact that its an attractive property, past and present versions.



Feb 13, 2022
E-390: Insanely Astute

Random Vegas

Louie Anderson once lost $80K in an LA card room. That same night he rented a car, drove to Vegas, took out a $2K marker at Bally's, won $110K playing blackjack, tipped the dealer $20K, and flew back to LA to film a TV commercial at 7 am. (@lasvegaslocally)

Twitpic of the week

Debatably the best the Golden Nugget ever looked.  It’s true that its most recent incarnation suits the target market they look to attract but it lost its personality.  It exchanged a vibrant display full of animated neon for a stagnate, poshier exterior.  Today, the only way we can enjoy this exterior is in movies like “Diamonds are Forever” and “Viva Las Vegas”.  Thankfully we have @summacorp's twitter feed to remind us of yesteryear and rejoice.


Jan 30, 2022
E-389: 202022

Random Vegas

Another story about Benny’s Binion’s bravado.  Benny used to drive from Vegas to Texas alone semi regular.  One time he picked up a hitchhiker.  At first the two didn’t say much to each other until the hitchhiker ask Benny “What would you say if I told you I got a gun on me?”.  Benny replied “I’d say we’re even”.  Benny then pulled the car over and the hitchhiker got out

Twitpic of the week

This week, @pixvegas777 shared a reflection that inspires one to reflect on life, neon and chance.  An escape from the norm in exchange for the unforgettable, even if it's hard to remember the next morning.  Quiet contemplation makes one wonder how askew existence would be through the Vegas looking glass.  Perhaps it would have single zero roulette and 3:2 Blackjack. A place where parking would be complimentary and the drink services is prompt and poured from the bottle. What a world we used to live in.


Jan 23, 2022
E-388: Pocket
Random Vegas The slots on a roulette wheel where the balls land are called “pockets” (@VitalVegas)   Twitpic of the week   Contemplation.  A mind set many who listen to this show have no doubt had on multiple occasions while casting a gaze at all the majesty Vegas offers.  @TastyOldMan captured one of those moments, enjoying the view of the strip from in front of Bellagio and her fountains.  There are moments in life when one must stop and smell the roses, or the scent of a casino, and soak in all the glory for recall at a later date, which then turns on the craving to return.  And why shouldn’t you?  You work hard, you deserve a little pageantry in.  Since I can’t state it any better, I’ll quote from @TastyOldMan.  The September of our years will come too soon.  Till then, in neon we play. News
Jan 16, 2022
E-387: Perspective

Random Vegas

The pirate skull signage at Treasure Island was only on display for a decade, from 1993-2003 and is identified as the signature symbol of the Family Friendly marketing concept. (Neon Museum)

Twitpic of the week

This week’s winner is another look behind the curtain.  This time, it’s the Flamingo, the oldest property on the Las Vegas strip.  Although none of the original structure remains, she still sits as an icon.  The views shared by @MaverickHeli continue to show the majesty of Vegas as an adult playground with larger than life landmarks to stimulate the senses.  I seriously need to get off my ass and enjoy the sensory overload one no doubt gets from a helicopter ride.  While that reeks of effort, I’m sure its little more than going to a website and booking.  One day, my friends.  One day.


Jan 09, 2022
E-386: Unpossible

Random Vegas

Vegas casinos won $1.3 billion in November, one of the highest figures ever.  It’s the 9th straight month of casino winning exceeding $1 billion, another all time record.  The previous record was 8 consecutive months between Oct 2006 and May 2007, right before the great recession hit (@lasvegaslocally)

Twitpic of the week

Oh Stardust, how we miss thee.  Frontier can go fuck itself.  No, I’m just kidding about the Frontier.  Here we see former properties on a densely populated north strip, shared by @Las_When.  Today, they are home to large plots of land waiting for the next visionary to come along and reincarnate the space into another hotel/casino. Resorts World took the first steps by building a somewhat forgettable Vegas incarnation on the Stardust site.  Hopefully the projects that pop up in the Frontier and Riviera spaces are somewhat more inspired.  Hope rings again as the Fontainebleau project may actually have ownership that will complete the long dormant eye sore of the strip.  Only time will tell.  In the meanwhile, we celebrate what we have and what we had and what we might have in the future.



Jan 05, 2022
E-385: Mirage Mourning

Random Vegas

58% of restaurant and hotel employees intend to quit their jobs by the end of 2021 (@VitalVegas)

Twitpic of the week

A beautiful picture of a beautiful property.  Balconies and roof top pools were both things you couldn’t do successfully in Vegas.  Cosmopolitan proved that wrong.  At 4.4 acres, it’s the best use of available space in Vegas history and offers one of the best views of strip for people to enjoy via your balcony.  Again, @MaverickHeli gives us a unique perspective as only they can.  It makes one wonder if the person taking all the pictures is a brilliant photographer or if the views are just that great.  Don’t know, super care.


Dec 19, 2021
E-384: Legged and Dangerous

Random Vegas

Dancing dealers at one popular Fremont street casino bring home upwards of $1800 in tips a week, twice what regular dealers make. (@LasVegasLocally)

Twitpic of the week

If you can’t be on the strip at least you get a great view of it.  @MaverickHeli gives us a gods view of the Stratosphere tower.  Well, maybe not a gods view considering you can get a view like this via apple maps.  Either way, it’s a great pic because it showcases all the stuff properties make a concerted effort to hide from guest’s view.  Personally, I’m attracted to said views because its like stepping behind the scenes.  I really enjoy seeing behind the magic.


Dec 12, 2021
E-383: Sticky Floors and Vomit Aromas

Random Vegas

In Bulgaria, if your palms itch, it's considered bad luck and gambling should be avoided. In Serbia, it's the opposite. Itchy hands means luck is on your side, expect a win. (Vital Vegas)

Twitpic of the week

It’s a shame that the Neon Museum didn’t rescue this part of Vegas history and repurpose it like it did the La Concha main lobby, now the main lobby to the Neon Boneyard.  It was right up there with the Flamingo marquee as the best neon sign on the strip.  The only thing that would have made it better was if it was animated.  It’s hard to moan about the lost of this theming when you consider the Cromwell is a vast improvement.  Today, its been replaced by a beautiful view of the strip while dining at Giada’s.  Thank you @VitalVegas for the blast from the not so distant past.



Nov 28, 2021
E-382: Boarder Wars
Random Vegas Giant tall slot machines generate 23% more revenue than the regular kind, per gaming professional (Vital Vegas)   Twitpic of the week  Never has the metaphor “through the looking glass” been more appropriately applied to Vegas than it is in this week’s winner, brought to us by @Fox5vegas.  In addition to the massive amounts of “only in Vegas” experiences, it also has many things you can find elsewhere. But here, they are slightly askew with some special Vegas magic.  Case and point, Mon Ami Gabi and their outdoor dining overlooking the strip and featuring an epic spot to view the fountains of Bellagio.  Whatever it is, it's more special in Vegas including the reflection of a neon sign in a puddle.   News
Nov 21, 2021
E-381: Factualness

Random Vegas

  • When Jay Sarno would play craps downtown at the Horseshoe, Ted Binion, casino manager at the time, would deal the game himself.  It was the only way the game would move as fast as Sarno liked it.  He didn’t want the dice to stop rolling.
  • Fun fact - He always played the pass line even though the odds are better on the don’t pass, Sarno said he didn’t like to bet on failure.

Twitpic of the week

Two awesome things in the photo.  First, it’s a picture of Caesars early on in its construction and it is wicked to see, not only the progress on the project but how much undeveloped land there is beyond the site.  It may not look like it today but Vegas really was an oasis in the middle of the desert.  Second, the photo was taken from a room at the Dunes.  Two things that together make me smile when I look at this picture shared by @Summacorp


Nov 07, 2021
E-380: Yu So Shellfish

Random Vegas

98% of MGM Resorts salaried employees got the covid vaccine by the Oct 15th deadline.  Only 90 employees nationwide decided to quit due to the mandate. (@LasVegasLocally)

Twitpic of the week

I love this picture but it isn’t inspiring monolog.  I think the only thing I miss at today’s Cromwell is Barbary Coasts exterior neon.  But I can’t lament about it when you consider what significant renovations did to it.  It’s definitely better off.  It may have remarkably more douches in it but for the most part they’re standing in line to get to the pool.  Hey, what do you know, the picture by @Las_when did inspire a monolog?


Oct 31, 2021
E-379: Coincidence Realization
Random Vegas
  • In 1971, the Silver Slipper became the first property on the strip to hire female dealers. (lvstriphistory.com)
Twitpic of the week   Before the giant rainbow signage we previously remember Fitzgeralds having, there was a sign that is remarkably similar to the sign it has today at The D.  I’m in no way insinuating that this sign inspired its current incarnation but in earnest.  This week’s picture from @VitalVegas is what caused this coincidence realization.  Gotta love those huge old sandwich board signs. News
Oct 17, 2021
E-378: Apropospriate

Random Vegas

  • In July of 59, the New Frontier was the only casino in town who let their dealers grow mustaches, a fad at the time.  The property said they did it for two reasons
    • One, it made them look like gamblers
    • Two, they looked different from any other dealers in town

Twitpic of the week

He’s iconic.  Only Vegas could make a cowboy stay relevant by outlining him in neon.  Seeing Vegas Vicki resurrected at Circa to her original operating self only wets the pallet for Vic to return to motion.  However that is probably only slightly less likely than the Fremont Street Experience canopy being removed.  Regardless, this week we celebrate Vic via @las_vegas in all his neon glory.


Oct 03, 2021
E-377: Manneken Pissed

Random Vegas

In April of 1964, the Silver Slipper had its gambling closed on a dice cheating charge.  Gaming officials said that the slipper had been operating a crap game with “flat dice”, dice shaved on one side so that the winning combination of 6 and 1 did not come as often as it should, giving the house an extra percentage over the player

Twitpic of the week

The year is approximately 1972/73 and the original MGM Grand is almost complete.  It would go on to be one of the largest hotels, not just in Vegas but in the world with 2100 rooms.  After its 1980 fire in which 85 people died, it would become the safest hotel in the world.  Then in 1986 it was rebranded Bally’s and that brings us to today.  Rumor has it that another rebranding is on the horizon.  Whether that happens or not remains to be seen.  Thanks to @las_when for sharing the properties origins


Sep 26, 2021
E-376: Concuragement

Random Vegas

  • In April of 1962, the Nevada Supreme Court upheld the dismissal of an $85,000 personal injury suit against the New Frontier
  • The suite was attempting to hold New Frontier liable for a fall the plaintiff had into a planter in the lobby
  • It was decided that the fall was a result of the plaintiff's intoxication and not the negligence of the resort

Twitpic of the week

In a world before color photos, I’ll bet things were even more grand when you saw Vegas in living color.  Not just the neon but everything.  A magical experience in a magical place.  Sadly virtually everything in this picture is gone.  No more Desert Inn, New Frontier, Landmark and Sahara is dead to us after their assault on free speech.  But that’s not what this monologue is about.  Its about this picture, shared by @TonyIllia.  Thank you, once again, for inspiring us.


Sep 19, 2021
E-375: World Crawl

 Random Vegas 

An employee at Wynn Resorts desk stated that the company has received over 12,000 cancelations since the 2nd mask policy was implemented (@svoth1) 


Twitpic of the week 


The Stardust, in all her motel glory.  It’s hard to imagine the casinos we know today as motels but that’s how they did it in the old days.  No property better showcased that than the Stardust shared by @GrandPaD.  Traditional architecture thought so little of it they nicknamed it the Painted Shed. That didn’t seem to impact its success. 



Sep 05, 2021
E-374: Handertucky

 Random Vegas 

Of the million dollars in fines levied so far in 2021 by the FAA, $112k are Vegas related.  7 of the 9 incidents involved passengers flying into Vegas.  Top violations include drinking alcohol not purchased from airline and not complying with the mask mandate.  Fines ranged from $9-$15k. 

Twitpic of the week 

Pretty much every building built since the Landmark topped out at 31 stories was built taller but that doesn’t diminish the feeling the Landmark exudes as a skyscraper.  Something about that pod at the top captures the imagination.  Sadly the casino at the top didn’t last long as gamblers like to get right into the action and didn’t see the point in making the trip to the top.  So they turned it into suites.  Considering its fate, imploded to make way for more parking for the Las Vegas Convention Center, its apropos that existing parking is featured prominently in this week’s winner, brought to you by @PixVegas777 


Aug 29, 2021
E-373: Podcast Power



Random Vegas 

The original Vegas Vicki was a hostess role at the Pioneer Club created in the early 60s, two decades before the famous neon sign of the same name.  (vintagelasvegas.com


Twitpic of the week 

She was a shithole at the end, there is no debating that but the memories Imperial Palace gave so many is invaluable.  Memories of low limit gaming tables, dealertainers and movie quality theming come flooding back when you see the photo shared by @UCVegas.  Just like most properties we’ve lost along the way they live on in the recollections of time past 



Aug 15, 2021
E-372: Aaron Carter Face Tattoo

Random Vegas

It is illegal on Fremont St to consume package liquor within 1,000 feet of the store where it was purchased (@VitalVegas) 


Twitpic of the week 

@maverickheli captured a picture so good it looks like an artist rendering of Circa and not an actual photograph.  Circa is without a doubt the most impressive new casino to open in over a decade and the first to be built on Fremont in 50 years.  She really is the jewel of downtown and one hell of a sexy building. 



Vici Buys MGM Growth

Allen Glick Dies

Vegas Barbie

Aug 08, 2021
E-371: Golden Girls Soundtrack

Random Vegas

MGM resorts employs an estimated 35,000 employees worldwide, less than half the number employed before the pandemic


Twitpic of the week

Shining lights, glowing neon, flashing bulbs, bathed in magic.  Welcome to Fremont St pre-canopy and post many, many drinks.  That special time when you’re in the sweet spot, loving life and enjoying the “Only in Vegas” scenery of your happy place.  @las_when coined it the Fremont Street Glare, we call it mesmerizing.



Aug 01, 2021
E-370: Impressive

Random Vegas

The Cosmopolitan requires unvaccinated employees to test negative for covid every 72 hours (@lasvegaslocally)

Twitpic of the week

Elegant and fabulous, opulent bordering on gawdy, the pool at Caesars Palace plays it right down the line to create an experience like no other.  @mississippirob4 shows us an elevated view of a gorgeous theme embraced fully poolside.  It’s a view that beckons one to join every time you look out your window.


Jul 25, 2021
PCP - 360 POV: Lucky You

PCP = Premium Content Preview

The movie Lucky You, reminds us of a time in Vegas, when people thought the only limits the market had, were the limits of the imagination.  While it isn’t a period piece in the traditional sense, at least not yet, or intentionally, one of the truly fun things about Las Vegas, is how often it changes.  Unlike major cities all around the world, whose landscape typically just expands over the years, Vegas can look radically different from one decade to the next.  That’s, what we get to explore, with Lucky You, to see, just how different, the city looks, from the way it did in 2005, when the movie was being filmed, compared to today, less than 20 years later. 

Jul 24, 2021
E-369: Mourning

Random Vegas 

Resorts World offers players the option to “reserve” their slot machine while they step away to visit the restroom (@VitalVegas) 

Twitpic of the week 


Welcome to the new era of the strip complete with professional sports teams.  The city that has claimed to be the entertainment capital of the world for years now has a legitimate claim to it.  For those of you fans of a sport not currently in Vegas, be patient. It’s coming.  As long as the two teams in operation continue to show their respective leagues how to make destination entertainment, those not a part of the party will desire to become part of the conversation.  @MaverickHeli once again gives us a god like view of how grand and beautiful the incorporation of sports has been. 



FlyOver Las Vegas

Beast Mode Comes to Mandalay Bay

Go Go Claw slot machine

Laurel Lounges Petition

Jul 19, 2021
E-368: Bourbon Mistakes

 Random Vegas 

City Center cost $8.5 billion to build and was the most expensive project in the western world (@vegas_only) 


Twitpic of the week 


Welcome back to the 90s in Las Vegas.  A time apparently before MGM new that Asian gamblers didn’t like to walk under the head of a lion because it’s bad luck or some other superstition.  But for a time, there she anchored the corner of Tropicana and Las Vegas Blvd in all her oversized glory.  @summacorp provides even more context to this week’s winner, clocking that the MGM Marquee sign is shown under construction, which would date this picture early 94, after the introduction of the Hilton marquee was erected as the largest sign in the city and before MGM built a larger sign. 



Jul 11, 2021
E-367: Restless Driving

 Random Vegas 

Wayne Gretzky’s ‘brand ambassador’ deal with BetMGM cost MGM Resorts around $10 million, according to someone familiar with the details.  It also included $1 million in casino Free Play (@lasvegaslocally) 


Twitpic of the week 


It’s here, finally.  The project that started with the closing of the Stardust in 2006 has finally open as Resorts World Las Vegas.  True its location is still a liability but we now have a resort that extends the strip north again to Circus Circus.  It even makes an argument that Sahara and Stratosphere are once again located on the strip.  As always, @maverickheli gives us an ideal view of the newest property to join the Las Vegas strip and captures the hope that it brings to returning the market to the number one tourist destination in the world. 



Jul 04, 2021
E-366: 360VVX Recap

 Random Vegas 

Celebrity chef deals with Caesars Entertainment require the personality to visit his or her Las Vegas restaurant(s) at least once each year for at least 24 consecutive hours.  Contracts also require the chef to be photographed in their restaurant(s) (Vital Vegas) 

Twitpic of the week 


A sizzling photo of just how sexy lightbulbs can be when you group thousands of them all together. Throw a couple mirrors strategically placed to overwhelm the senses in the best way it can be done legally and you get Plaza’s porte cashere, shared by @LasVegasLocally with a hat tip to @Summacorp.  Once your senses get done absorbing all this glowing awesomeness you realize the easter egg, the view down Fremont St as it was before Slotzilla and the canopy came to be.  Since we don’t see the Mint signage it can be determined that this photo is at least post Binion’s 1988 acquisition of the property. 

  News 360VVX Recap
Jun 27, 2021
360 Vintage Vegas PCP: Tropicana LV

Tropicana is the kind of property in Vegas that everyone knows about but most don't spend much time at, which is a real shame.  Its contribution to the experiences available in the market is a unique blend of classic intimacy and affordable luxury.  Many properties in Vegas seek to transport you from everyday life to a personal version of paradise but the use of bright spaces gives it a feeling of warmth and carelessness.  Without excessive ornamentation or theming, Tropicana has succeeded in what can best be described as that happy place on a beach people can retreat to when the stressed of life reaches levels requiring such a place.   A truly transformative experience, all with the convenience of virtually any other imaginable adventure available just outside, brought to you as only the Las Vegas strip can. 

Jun 19, 2021
E-365: The Eureka Effect

 Random Vegas 

June 27, 2002: On the eve of a concert tour by the Who, bass guitarist John Entwistle is found dead in his hotel room at Hard Rock. The coroner determined that Entwistle died of a heart attack caused by cocaine use. (latimes.com) 


Twitpic of the week 


Inspiring, every time I see a shot of the Mint in all her swooping neon glory. It’s the animation that does it.  Taking something as common and as simple as a single light bulb.  Now multiply that by thousands and with some careful choreography you’ve now brought it to life with animation.  Even though we lost the Mint signage, we are fortunate that this animation is a common lighting trick deployed on Fremont St to this day.  Thanks for the reminder @las_when.



MGM Resorts Poolside Mobile Ordering

WhiskeyX @Cosmopolitan

Cirque Demand

Cannabis Lounges Approved

Dog Friendly Encore

Jun 06, 2021
PCP - 360 Vintage Vegas: Jackie Gaughan & the El Cortez

*Premium Content Preview


There are a collection of men who helped build the city of Las Vegas during its formative years that didn’t have colored pasts.  Their origins are not linked to organized crime and their stories aren’t the sort of things people make movies about.  However they would become the shining examples that the gaming industry could not only exist without the Mob but could continue to grow. A fact that was established in 1941 and continues to endure to this day.  The El Cortez is the city’s oldest hotel casino to continuously operate under the same name and only the 2nd casino ever added to the nation’s historical preservation list.  It’s also the only casino on that list still open to this day.  This is the story of the people and the properties that shaped Downtown Las Vegas.

May 22, 2021
E-364: Maskless Assholery

Random Vegas 

Flamingo's cascading feathers signage, on display today on the southwest corner of the property, was created by artist and parade float designer Paul Rodriguez in 1976.  He was also the designer of the Clown marquee for Circus Circus Reno (Neon Museum & Research) 


Twitpic of the week 


The Eiffel Tower experience in all her French glory, glowing blue, white and red.  The 2/3rd replica of the arc de triomphe, the Paris balloon, it’s all there.  Its a postcard worthy snapshot from @maverickheli of another resort that has embraced its theme in the wake of detheming.  And doing so shows they know who its audience is and how to cater to them.  Continued thanks to MaverickHeli for providing unique perspectives that inspire impassioned monologues. 



Resorts World Entertainment Calendar

Maskless May

Caesars Slashes Entertainment

May 16, 2021
E-363: Covid Condoms

Random Vegas

  • In 1968, just before his 2-week residency in the lounge at the Riviera was coming to an end, Shecky Greene was informed that plans were to turn the showroom into a Keno lounge.
    • In an attempt to be funny, Greene came to the stage that final night and began chopping up the stage floor and giving out pieces to guests in attendance as souvenirs
    • The next morning, unaware of this antics, ownership informed Greene they were going to extend his run in the lounge for another month. (Vintage Riviera Research)

Twitpic of the week

The legend as I’m sure she’s looked to many of her patrons on many a nights.  This is El Cortez after a case of Coors Light and a tough night at the tables.  Magnificent and frightening.  Somehow sticky too, all communicated via their classic signage and usage of neon.  @zotaramichael shares with us a view askew.  A journey that no doubt comes with a story for the ages.


May 09, 2021
E-362: Question Mark?
Random Vegas Tiesto and Zedd will make $250k per set during their residencies at Resorts World.  The average headliner club set lasts about 2 hours (@LasVegasLocally)   Twitpic of the Week Possibly the best sign in Vegas history, the gold and maroon turret at the Dunes.  The biggest mistake in Vegas history was losing that sign to a publicity stunt as part of the implosion of the Dunes.  We can’t live in the past but thanks to pictures like @summacorp we can visit it.  Don’t lament that they are gone but appreciate what she gave us while she was around.   News


May 02, 2021
E-361: Then You Ruined It

Random Vegas

Mohegan Sun pays Virgin $18 million a year in rent (@VitalVegas)

Twitpic of the week

Only Vegas makes, or use to make, signage that is entertainment in and of itself.  This week’s winner by @Vegasnvrsleeps shows us two classic icons no longer with us, the Imperial Palace and the Flamingo plumb sign.  The two of them are mesmerizing.  Signage, when done right, tells a story about an experience.  In Vegas, that experience typically comes with a story about the best times you’ve had in your life.


Apr 25, 2021
E-360: Recollections & Laughter

Random Vegas

More than 19,000 conventions were held in Vegas in 2011 (@only_vegas)

Twitpic of the week

How do you explain the 70s without saying a word?  Like @pixvegas777 does with this week’s winner.  A postcard that captures the Stardust in all her mobbed up glory.  There are always people who mourn the loss of a Vegas property but I think it goes beyond that with the Stardust.  The closing of the Stardust was one of the biggest mistakes in Las Vegas history.  And what is replacing it isn’t going to be better than what Stardust was.  It will be more expensive and fancy but not better than the strip with the Stardust.  Thankfully much of her glory is still alive today at the Neon Boneyard.


Apr 11, 2021
E-359: Whimsicalness

Random Vegas

2004: Rehab Beach Club opens, pioneering the idea of a daytime club and forever changing the city’s party scene. (latimes.com)

Twitpic of the week

It’s like a reset button.  No matter how things were at the tables the previous day, as the sunrises so does opportunity, oblivious to the past.  The mind begins to plot out your new day and the excitement returns as soon as you are conscious.  Moving from one property to another, a warm glow caresses the skin while the air is still fresh and crisp.  @davidcharnsshares ethereal imagery, infinite possibility; Las Vegas.  Simply said, complex to define.


Mar 28, 2021
E-358 Man Shaft

Random Vegas

Bruce Willis was offered the role of Danny Ocean in Ocean’s 11 remake and he turned it down (Vital Vegas)

Twitpic of the week

The Dunes.  Probably the #1 place I wish I saw before they destroyed it.  I’m sure it wouldn’t live up to the hype I’ve created in my mind over the years but it doesn’t reduce my desire to see it.  Perhaps it’s better I didn’t because I have such an idealized vision of the property that was reportedly a grind joint at the end of its life cycle.  But still, I shall fondly continue to put the property, and specifically that sign, on a Pedi stool.  Forever in love with the concept and the legend that was the Dunes, showcased in all its glory by @summacorp


Mar 14, 2021
E-357: Amateur Cult Follower

Random Vegas

Cosmopolitan has booked 9.3 million room nights since it opened Dec 15th 2010 (Vital Vegas)

Twitpic of the week

It’s such a different experience to drive up to a Porte Cashere; have people rush up to take your keys and bags while welcoming you to whatever property you’ve selected to enjoy.  Their hustle to take care of you as fast as they can is engrained to prevent any further delay in getting you on your way to whatever adventure awaits you this trip.  I know its an experience available at any hotel in the world but in Vegas, it’s just a tad more grand and alluring, as showcased here by @Summacorp of the original Aladdin.  The VIP experience starts right from the moment you get out of your car.


Feb 28, 2021

Random Vegas 

Visitation to Las Vegas was down 55% in 2020 or 19 million people.  The pandemic impacted gambling revenue down by only 34.6% compared to 2019 (Vital Vegas) 


Twitpic of the week 


The Monte Carlo is an interesting story.  It’s an example of a company lost and looking for an identity, unhappy with the one they’ve already established.  It all started with the addition of Diablos, evolved into a reimagining of the frontage and eventually evolved into a rebranding as Park MGM.  The problem is the Vegas market has something for everyone and when you take one of those options away, something has to replace it.  In this case, the needle not only didn’t recast Monte Carlo’s lot in the market, it degraded it.  Taking a property that pulled in $80 million a year and reducing it to $62 million a year after spending $550 million to rebrand.  Park MGM isn’t going anywhere but MGM Resorts didn’t intend for their new brand to be a discount option for visitors.  Thanks to @las_when for reminding us of a better time. 



Feb 21, 2021
PCP - Bob Stupak, Vegas World and the Stratosphere

Today, Bob Stupak is considered just another colorful character in the history Las Vegas and properly credited as the visionary behind Stratosphere.  His tacky taste, public antics and wacky persona are all just part of his legend.  The truth is, Bob embodies everything negative you've ever been warned about gambling and the industry.  He didn't want to just take your money, he wanted to make you look foolish while he did it.  His nickname might as well have been "fine print Stupak” because just about everything he did had a catch to it or a technicality he hoped you would miss so he could exploit.  He preyed on those that didn't know better.  But what's wrong with that?  Most people know there is a mathematically proven way to play some games and yet willfully choose to ignore them in favor of strategies that increase the odds already stacked against them.  Some people believe the earth is flat.  The fact is we all have access to the same information, especially in the Internet age.  The only disadvantage one person has over another is self-imposed.  An intellectual isn't discourage from using their acquired knowledge so why is gambling any different?  Morality, you say?  Well, as Canada Bill Jones said, it's immoral to let a sucker keep his money.  I’m pretty sure Bob just thought it was fun. 

Feb 20, 2021
E-355: Tearing Up Carpet

Pinball Hall of Fame Update, Circa Power Outage, Caesars Stadia Bar, 360 FHE and Listener Feedback.

Feb 07, 2021
E-354: Canopy Conspiracy

Pinball Hall of Fame GoFundMe, 360VVX Update, The Evolution of Vegas Series, Las Vegas Sands New CEO, New Rio Owners and listener feedback.

Jan 31, 2021
PCP - 360 Vintage Vegas: The Great Consolidation of Las Vegas

*Premium Content Preview


Since the creation of modern day Las Vegas, there have always been people lamenting the good ole days, whatever that means to that individual at the time. Determining what is considered “good” is about as subjective as subjective can be.  Most people today will point to the time before the strip was primarily owned by 2 companies, MGM Resorts and Caesars Entertainment.  While the benefits of consolidation are obvious, potentially the best thing about it is the story of how it all happened.  To do that, we are going to have to trace back to how these assets exchanged hands before finally ending up in the corporate portfolio that are currently a part of.  To keep the story clean and the timeline defined, we are only going to focus on the majority owners and only their moves in Las Vegas.  We’re calling this, the Great Consolidation of Las Vegas 

Jan 23, 2021
E-353 Danke Schoen Guy

360VVX Update, Sheldon Adelson Dies, NBA in Las Vegas, CES 2021 and listener feedback.

Jan 17, 2021
E-352: Daddy Issues

360VVX plans, Coming in 2021 and Listener Feedback.

Jan 10, 2021
E-351: Made It Less

Jackpot Threshold Increase, Caesars Loop, More Strip Shows and Park Expansion

Jan 04, 2021
E-350 Would You Rather?

Wynn Rewards, MGM Fuelster partnership and Would You Rather?

Dec 20, 2020
E-349: Admiral Law

Tony Hsieh, Plaza Greyhound Renovation, Palazzo Closes, Boyd Hawaiian Partnership, M-less Resort and directions to secret pizza

Dec 13, 2020
PCP - 360 Vintage Vegas: Billy Wilkerson and the Flamingo (Remastered)

*Premium Content Preview


History hasn’t been fair to Billy Wilkerson.  For years, a myth has lived in romantic Hollywood lour that Bugsy Siegel is the father of modern Vegas.  When in truth, the idea for the Flamingo was stolen and ruined by the notorious gangster who caused the project to cost 6 times more than its original projections.  When it finally opened, it was a disaster of such catastrophic proportions that his partners in the mafia had him killed.   Now it is time to set the record straight about the real man behind the Flamingo.

Dec 05, 2020
360 Legal Lounge E-14: Vital Vegas Anti-SLAPP

A victory for everyone who uses new media to express their opinion.

Dec 03, 2020
E-348: The Monte Carlo Situation

25% Capacity, Cirque Du Murren and the World's Earliest Check-in

Nov 29, 2020
E-347: Empathy

Zumanity Closes, Resorts World Hiring, Wynnless Wynn and "E" @Cosmopolitan FHE

Nov 22, 2020
PCP - 360 Vintage Vegas: Boyd Gaming

*Premium Content Preview


Sam Boyd was a gambler at heart.  Once he discovered his passion for games of chance, he studied them feverously, learning that in every game, the advantage was always in the houses favor.  So Sam decided the best way to gamble was to be the house.  And that’s how his career in gaming began.  Sam’s son Bill was encouraged from a young age to get an education.  So he did and became a lawyer but eventually the father and son would join forces and become a team that grew into one of the most respected gaming companies in the world.  Factor in their inherent desire to do the right thing and give back to the community, and you instantly start to suspect there’s more to the story than what you’re being told.  But dig as deep as you like, there’s no more.  The story of Sam, Bill and Boyd Gaming may be one of the greatest American success stories in history and overwhelming proof that sometimes, nice guys finish first.

Nov 21, 2020
E-346: Stripper Mask

Circus Buffet Closing, Downtown Archway, Rio Reopening, Covid Tourist Infection, Wynn Robot Dog, Nebulaz Coming to Circus Circus and Barry's Downtown Prime FHE

Nov 15, 2020
E-345 Sympotico

More shows returning, Vital Victory, Sands for Sale and Circa

Nov 01, 2020
E-344: Comma Placement

South Point shooting, Cosmopolitan Curfew, New Lake of Dreams, Bally's Brand bought, Encore Closes and the Boring Expansion

Oct 18, 2020
E-343: Throat Punch

Group Gathering Expansion, Caesars Buys William Hill, Flamingo & MGM Shootings

Oct 04, 2020
E-342 Beers Forthcoming

Wynn fights back, Park MGM smoke free, 4 Queens Fire, Las Vegas Raiders tailgating, listener feedback and a tribute to John Williams

Sep 27, 2020
E-341: Frustration

Fight weekend, Fat Tuesday Closed, Circa Benchmarks and 360 FHE Staycation

Sep 13, 2020
E-340: Evolution of Vegas

LVCVA Buys Monorail, Resorts World Food, Burning Man Vegas and the Evolution of Vegas series

Sep 06, 2020
E-339: Ouch

Sahara Sues Vital Vegas, Sahara COVID Complaints, ACLU Sues Rio/LVPD and 4 New Bars @Circa

Aug 22, 2020
E-338: Itch That Scratch

Deadly Stunt, Caesars Release Plan, Aria Restaurant Changes and Las Vegas Raiders Stadium news.

Aug 09, 2020
E-337: The Author Opines

360VVX Canceled, Palazzo Closes, Vegas NHL Hub City, G2E and LVCVA Monorail Purchase

Jul 19, 2020
PCP - 360 Vintage Vegas: Kirk Kerkorian and MGM Resorts

*Premium Content Preview


Intensely private, Kerkorian’s legacy may not be as well known as Steve Wynn’s but is unarguably one of the most important in Vegas history.  Some will criticize MGM as the shinning example of the faceless corporate machine that has taken over the city but without the corporate evolution of the market, the expansion of gaming around the United States, and the world for that matter, would have never been possible.  Corporations removed the negative stigmatism the gambling industry had for eons and made it a viable, bordering on respectable business model, now regarded as just another form of entertainment.

Jul 18, 2020
E-336: Misstep

CoronaVegas Update, Resorts World Preview, Discopussy, Lucky Day coming, Kamu Ultra Karaoke, Circus Circus Sues AIG

Jul 12, 2020
E-335: Happy Delicious Cocktails

MaskUpNV, The Station Situation, The Caesars Bribe, Culinary Union Sues, Cirque-ruptcy, Circa Update, BetMGM: After Hours.

Jul 05, 2020
E-334: Fat Tony

Boring Expansion, CoronaVegas Update, Wynn's New Buffet, New LGBT Option, Circa Early and Masks Required.

Jun 21, 2020
E-333: Plum Gum

Now Open, Coming Soon, Boyd Buys Station Casinos Rumor

Jun 14, 2020
E-332: Esshance

Vegas Reopens

Jun 07, 2020
E-331: Yodaed it

COVID reopening, Golden Knight Community, Hard Rock Return, Red Rock Reopening and RWLasVegas.com

May 31, 2020
PCP - 360 Origins: Alistair

PCP = Patreon Premium Content Preview

Alistair was originally the co-host of 360 Vegas Reviews.  He's a proper English man, a snarky prick, possibly the most thoughtful person I've ever met, and one of my closest friends.  He's also the most traveled person I've ever met in my life, seeing more of the United States than 99% of the people that call it their country of origin.  During one of this visits to Vegas, it seemed like the perfect opportunity to record the origin story of the man who classes up 360 despite my natural tendency to directly oppose such measures.

May 23, 2020
E-330: Vegas Drank

Sisolak - Man without a plan, Venetian Plan, El Cortez Blackjack Shields, 360VVX Postponed, Local Casino impact, 360 Fantasy Football

May 10, 2020
E-329: Unboreded

COVID19 updates, 360VVX, M00nshot, Battleborn and we discuss better times.

Apr 26, 2020
PCP - 360 Vegas POV: Casino E-7

In this installment, we continue our analysis of Martin Scorsese's movie Casino by analyzing the scenes showcaseing Ace's Den and his licensing hearing before the Nevada Gaming Control board.

Apr 17, 2020
E-328: No Have On Display

Hilton/Resorts World Deal, Sammy Hagar Residency @Strat, 360 Hockey Jersey, 360 VVX, Sam's Town Crazy, Coronapocalyspe

Mar 30, 2020
E-327: AVN Flu

Whitney Houston Hologram Residency, Fremont Renovation Update, Las Vegas Arches, Future of AVN, New Star Wars Attraction, 4 Queens Slot Hack and 3:2 Blackjack finder

Mar 08, 2020
E-326: Bluff Financing

Maid Sets Fire to Excalibur room, MGM Resorts gets Hacked, Zappo's Proposes Gate Project and 360 FHE: Able Baker and Crafthaus Brew pubs

Feb 23, 2020
E-325: Reach for the Stars

Jim Murren leaves MGM, Patreon Benefits, Tex Mex Delay, Draft Grievances and 360 FHE: FLIGHTS @Planet Hollywood

Feb 17, 2020
E-324: Peaches For You

360VVX, Evolution of Vegas Video Series, 2020 NFL Draft, Circa Restaurant Lineup, Virgin Hotel/Casino Preview, Atari Hotel, SLSahara, Cashless Gaming Expands, Vegas New Slogan and Fremont East Renovation FHE

Feb 02, 2020
PCP - 360 Vintage Vegas: Steve Wynn

*Premium Content Preview


Steve Wynn is probably the biggest name in modern gaming.  He’s definitely one of the biggest in gaming history.  Like Walt Disney before him, Steve Wynn saw the way things were and dreamed of how they could be better, then brought them to life.  He’s a visionary with a gift for promotion, a legacy of world renowned landmarks and a charm that can make him instantly likable.  This is the story of an icon.

Feb 01, 2020
E-323: Straight Godfather

MGM/Mandalay Bay Deal Done, Allegiant Stadium Updates, Eldorado Sells a Legend, Club 512 Shutdown, 360 FHE 4DX Movies @Red Rock

Jan 20, 2020
PCP - Evolution of Vegas E-1: El Rancho

PCP - Patreon Content Preview

The "Evolution of Vegas" is a companion series to our 360 Vintage Vegas podcasts. They take advantage of the documentary format we use to tell our Vintage segments and bring the stories to life via actual photos and video from the time. While the Vintage Vegas podcasts tell the story of this evolution, they don't tell it in chronological order. That is exactly how we will present the Evolution of Vegas series. 

For more on the El Rancho...

Jan 14, 2020
E-322: An Uncomfortable Conversation

Patreon Pregame, 360VVX Mic Drop, Luxor Light Bright, Downtown Grand Comedy Club, Silver City Sold, Sexual Misconduct Forgiveness and Fergusons 2.0

Jan 12, 2020
E-321: Lake Charles Water Spout

360 Vegas Vacation 10, Can Can Room Lawsuit, Ruff Plans for Circus Circus, New Flamingo Food Options and the Craps Fire Bet

Jan 06, 2020
PCP - 360 Vegas POV: Casino E-8

*Premium Content Preview


In this installment, we continue our analysis of Martin Scorsese's movie Casino by analyzing the scenes showcaseing Andy's Warning to Ace and the view of Fremont St from the restaurant at Plaza.

Jan 04, 2020
E-320: Allegedly Redacted

Wynn's House of Glass, Vintage FSE and Tony saves 360 Vegas LLC from itself.

Nov 26, 2019
E-319: I Am Bipolar

Mark is diagnosed Bipolar and what that means for the show, we discuss Rock n' Roll Marathon 2, M Resorts/Raiders Deal, FSE Renovation Completion, Palms Place Penthouse Sold, "Live in Vegas with Kelly and Ryan" and Sheldon Adelson DOSEN't own the RJ?

Nov 17, 2019
E-318 Cannery

KAOS and Disorder @Palms, Winnebago parking at the Cannery, Ms. Las Vegas, Diablos 2, Signage Updates, R.U.N. Stopped and the Homeless Eradication Bill

Nov 10, 2019
PCP - 360 Vintage Vegas: Landmark

The Landmark existed for 34 years, 1961-1995, and during that time, sat empty and unused for a 3rd of its life.  Make no mistake, the Landmark was a great idea.  It just never had the support it needed to reach its potential.  It resembles everything that is great about Las Vegas.  Any grand idea can live here, if only here.  Want to build Paris in the desert, sure; Recreate ancient Roman decadence, why not; put a casino in the sky, give it a shot.  The sobering reality is it takes much more than a visionary idea to succeed in Vegas and there are many examples to prove that.  Rather than lament it’s passing we should celebrate the fact that it had a chance. There are literally dozens of visionary projects planned for Las Vegas that never make it beyond the concept phase.  Currently north strip is home to 3 of them in various stages of incompletion.  Regardless of it’s inability to become a financial success, the Landmark was able to literally live up to it’s name, establish itself as one of the most memorable properties in the landscape of Las Vegas history.

Oct 26, 2019
E-317: One of Those Two Statements is True

MGM Sells Bellagio, NGC Looks to Ban Steve Wynn, Vegas Celebrates 25th Anniversary of Friends, Battle Born Pin "Sam's Town"

Oct 20, 2019
E-316: Facebook Plus

No More Enhanced Podcast, Caesars Increases Resort Fees, Nevada Opens a Pot Lounge, Golden Nugget Restaurant Remix, Able Baker Opens, Neonopolis Evolution Continues and a Millennial Kicks Ass.

Oct 13, 2019

MGM Resorts Settles, Atomic Saloon, Wynn Round 2 and a Historian is Crowned.

Oct 06, 2019
E-314: Party Bits

Rio & Circus Circus Sold, Hooters becomes OYO, Resort Fee Legislation, Cabs Consider Not Stealing, Death of Pokezarian, Plans for Sahara, Can't Stop Crazy, No More Peep Shows, Debbie Reynolds Drive and Banks for Weed

Sep 29, 2019
E-313: #360VV9 Fall 2019

Enjoy our recollections from 360 Vegas Vacation 9

Sep 22, 2019
E-312: McLean

Patreon & Podcast Players, Monorail Woes, MSG Sphere, Pedestrian Repercussions, Exhibition City, Trustworthy Brewing Co & BBQ, New M00nshot.com shirts, #savethemirage, Forum Shop Fountain Removal, Block 16 killing it, Coming Attractions and Listener Feedb

Aug 25, 2019
E-311: Hugh Grant Related

Gordon Ramsey Ban has been lifted, FBI Busts Vegas Prostitute for Extortion and lots and lots of babble.

Aug 18, 2019
E-310: Crack Shake Friend Chicken

Ante Up Returns, Monorail concerned about Musk's Loop, Caesars Concerned about Resort Fees, Art District Pub Crawl, Hackers for the People, WNBA Less Than Aces, Bluetech Park Project, Doozers, Virgin Trains and attempts at sarcasm

Aug 11, 2019
E-309: Resting Asshole Face

Vegas Grasshopper Apocalypse, New BattleBorn Pins, Moulin Rouge Plans (that won't happen), Vegas Podtoons and m00nshot.com and Why We Hate Eataly

Aug 04, 2019
E-308: Under the Influenc-er

360 Vegas Vacation RSVP General Availability, Apache Hotel Reopens @Binion's, Comedy Works opens @Plaza, Sheldon Adelson Misses Earnings Call, Murren Integrity Move and holy shit Tony is hammered.

Jul 28, 2019
E-307: The Heathers Room

NFL Draft Dream/Nightmare Scenario, Wynn Boston Sued for 6:5 Blackjack, m00nshot.com Integrety Check, Mandalay Bay's Happy Place and we make each other laugh.

Jul 21, 2019
E-306: Cream of Nut Spread

Earth Limos Partnership Ends, Employee Parking at the D, Area 15 Emporium, Eldorado Employee's Strike, DC DA Sues Marriott Over Resort Fees and lots of babble

Jul 14, 2019
E-305: The Face

360 Vegas Vacation 9 details, Strip Gaming Woes Continue, Spinkles Cupcakes @LINQ Closes, 360 Vegas FHE: Restaurant Week and featuring special guest host, born and raised Las Vegan, Laci Cerrone aka @LasVegasGal on Instagram and YouTube

Jul 07, 2019
E-304: Virgining Market

Eldorado/Caesars Merge, Sahara Returns, Harrah's PizzaCake w/Cake Boss and Stations Union "problems"

Jun 30, 2019
E-303 Have You Seen Minority Report?
Jun 23, 2019
E-302: 360 Vegas Vacation 8

Recollections of memories not erased at 360 Vegas Vacation 8

Jun 09, 2019
PCP - 360 Vintage Vegas: Luxor

*Premium Content Preview


Luxor changed my life.  It can be credited as the property that brought me to Vegas for the first time with a theme that made me say "I have to go see that". The inspiration for this show, my love for just about all things involving the city including becoming a student of it's history can all be traced back to this property.  While it’s true, over the years, I’ve not spent a lot of time at Luxor.  In fact, I haven’t stayed at the property since my first trip.  I can still say with no exaggeration that I love Luxor.  This is the story of the 1st pyramid built in the desert in over 6,000 years.

May 25, 2019
E-301: Highest Functioning Autistic EVER

360 Vegas Vacation 8 Eve, Neon Museum Expansion Plans, Residencies Coming to Gran Sahara, Cirque announces refresh plans for "O", Pro Sports Vegas Impact, Eataly is run by morons, Wynnification, Eldorado's Caesars Purchase Plan, Drug Amnesty Dro

May 19, 2019
E-300: FSE Dimmer Switch

4DX Movies @Red Rock, Ruffin Wants a Piece of Caesars, MGM Takes Over for Hakkasan, Arcade City @Fashion Show Mall, LOOK @Stratosphere and listener feedback.

May 12, 2019
E-299: Lesidency

MGM Sundries Surge Pricing, Cirque's R.U.N. coming to Luxor, Light Rail Transit System Defeated, The Masschusetts Manze, Wynn Resorts Eliminates parking fees, Paula Abdul Vegas Residency, Weed Lounged approved and FHE

May 05, 2019
E-298: Icahnification

Lucky Dragon Purchased, Life is Beautiful 2019 Lineup, Burger 51 Drive-In, Hunger Games Attraction Problems and listener feedback

Apr 28, 2019
E-297: Does Mom Know?

Multi-Line Video Poker, Nightclub News, Virgin Hotels Releases Rendering and Cosmopolitan for Sale

Apr 21, 2019
E-296: Bill Cosby Head Shake

Wynn/Crown Deal Off, Vegas for Sale, More Proposed Vegas Transportation Options, California Visitation to Vegas Down, FHE and Listener Feedback

Apr 14, 2019
E-295: Anticahn


Vegas Visitation in Decline, Astral Vegas, Cirque Downsizing, Zappo's Office Building for Sale, KAOS Opens @Palms, Lots of Prop Bets and Coming Attractions

Apr 07, 2019
E-294: Patting the Soft Helmet

Elon Musk Underground Loop to Nowhere, 2019 Oscars Betting, Wynn Resorts Received Record Setting Fine, Sports Betting History...ish, MGM Booze Dispensing Machines, Neon News and Palms' Crushes

Mar 17, 2019
PCP - 360 Vintage Vegas: Bill Bennett & Circus Circus

*Premium Content Preview


He took a property that failed almost the day it opened and turned it into the most successful gaming company in Vegas history. Despite all he accomplished, most have never even heard of the man referred to by many as one of the most influential in the e

Mar 02, 2019
E-293: Icahnic Evil

Carl Icahn wants Caesars to Sell Itself, Starbucks Closes at Bally's Grand Bazaar, LVCVA Selling Strip Frontage, Tattoo'd America Coming to LINQ and Listener Feedback.

Feb 24, 2019
E-292: It's Magnets, Keren

360VV8 GA, More Monorail Delays, Skywalk Details and 360FHE @Bouchon & Sara's in Mabel's BBQ @Palms

Feb 17, 2019
E-291: Liquor Up and Down

Above Them All, The Strat Rebrand, Binions Renovates, Coming Attractions, 360FHE Eataly & Cafe Hollywood and LIstener Feedback

Feb 10, 2019
E-290: The Betty White Affair

360VV8 Details, Barbershop Cuts & Cocktails, Wynn/Genting Settle Out of Court, More Wynn Legal Shit, Xtina Residency, Hard Rock Neon @Neon Museum, Coming Attractions and 360FHE where Keren meets Morimoto

Feb 03, 2019
PCP - 360 Vegas POV: Casino E-6

In this installment, we continue our analysis of Martin Scorsese's movie Casino by analyzing Ace & Gingers wedding, when Nicky gets put in the black book, the location listed as "Back Home" and when Ace catches Ginger with her former pimp.

Jan 26, 2019
E-289: The Grand Lie

18 Fremont now Circa Vegas, Resorts World Responds to Wynn Lawsuit, Eataly Opens, MGM Grand Strip Renovations, "Demon with Bowl" Coming to Palms, Downtown Grand Expansion Begins, Iheartradio Fremont St Experience, 360 FHE Yardhouse @LINQ, Triple George Grill @Downtown Grand, Frankies Tiki Room and Best Friend @ParkMGM

Jan 20, 2019
E-288: Opening of the Virgin

Tim Burton Neon Museum Exhibit Coming, Hard Rock Closing, Nevada's Black Book Gets New Members, Wynn Resorts Sues Resorts World, Palms Replaced Vandal with Greene St, The RJ Lies about MGM Grand and 360FHE Boulder Highway/Boyd Inspired

Jan 06, 2019
PCP - 360 Vegas POV: Casino E-5

In this installment, we continue our analysis of Martin Scorsese's movie Casino by analyzing the view from Ace's Penthouse at night.  

Dec 22, 2018
E-287: Litter of Pigs

18 Fremont Update, Melvin Dummar Dies and 360FHE - Bazaar Experience with Jose Andres

Dec 16, 2018
E-286: Caviar on a Pop Tart

Core Arena Opens at Plaza, Terrible Herbst's founder dies, Vital Vegas is full of shit...Michael Symon's 2nd Vegas Restaurant, Bond Barbarshop coming and Keren joins Mark for 360FHE

Dec 09, 2018
E-285: Short Spurts

Absinthe's Green Fairy Garden, Robert Woodruff Exhibit, GaGa Raises the Bar, Listener Feedback and Patreon Exclusive content

Dec 02, 2018
E-284: The Password Is...

Paradise Park Scrapped, Palms Progress, Plans for Paris, Lyfts Art Park, 360FHE including the details of our conversation with an MGM Resorts President and the COO of Park MGM

Nov 18, 2018
PCP - 360 Vintage Vegas: Howard Hughes

Even if what he accomplished was nothing more than a symbolic shift in the gaming industry, Howard Hughes will forever be known as one of the most important people involved in the evolution of Las Vegas.

Nov 10, 2018
E-283: Et Tu Brute?

Caesars Distracts from the real problem, No One Wants the Lucky Dragon and lots of 360FHE

Nov 04, 2018
E-282: O'Sphere Irish Bar

Caesars/Golden Nugget Merger Rumors, Stratospheric Activity, Fremont Hotel Expansion, On the Record @ParkMGM, Stevens Group Sportsbook Plans and listener feedback.

Oct 28, 2018
E-281 - De-WTFing

Total Rewards Rebranding, Cats Meow @Neonopolis, Jimmy Kimmel Comedy Club, The Future of Craps, 360FHE and Listener Feedback

Oct 14, 2018
PCP - 360 Vegas POV: Casino E-4

In this installment, we continue our analysis of Martin Scorsese's movie Casino by analyzing the view from Ace's Penthouse when Nicky comes to visit and the car ride Ace and Nicky take around Fremont St.  While we do that, we'll compare the films version of Vegas to the one that actually existed at the time as well as today

Oct 06, 2018
E-280: Flat Billed Baseball Hat...Slightly Eschew

Celine Dion's Residency Ends, Park MGM's Best Friend, Michael Symon's Mabel's BBQ at Palms, MGM Park Micro-Films, Pop Up Pizza @Plaza, Taco Bell Cantina FSE, LINQ Evolution continues and the adventures of a 40 year old and his skateboard

Sep 30, 2018
E-279: Straw Snorkeling

Jack Casinos 4 Sale, More Bollard's Coming, Not So Lucky Dragon, Las Vegas Stadium, Listener Feedback and amusing opinions about Las Vegas

Sep 23, 2018
E-278: #360VV7

#360VV7 Trip Report

Sep 16, 2018
E-277: Shark Cancer

#360VV7 Event Changes, I Love the 90 - Vegas Residency @Paris, Lego Vegas Released, Uber Express Pool Expands to Vegas, CG Technology Settlement Rejected, 360 FHE and Mark breaks Keren

Aug 26, 2018
E-276: Delicious Irony

360VV7, 360FSE, MGM Resorts Social Experiment, New Fremont St Experience and Listener Feedback

Aug 19, 2018
E-275: Downtowny

MGM Sues Victims (Not Really), Kind Heaven Crypto Currency, T-Mobile Arena Tours, Pinball Hall of Fame Relocation, Grand Sahara Resort, MGM/NBA Partnership, Criss Angel's new Planet Hollywood Residency, new Welcome to Downtown Signage, Batali Leaves Las Vegas

Aug 12, 2018
E-274: Run a Train of Nuzzle

We Moved to Las Vegas

Aug 06, 2018
PCP - 360 Vegas POV: Casino E-3

In this installment of 360 Vegas POV, we continue our analysis of Martin Scorsese's movie Casino by analyzing the scene when Andy Stone asks Ace to run the Tangiers as well as the introduction of Ginger, Ace's future wife.  While we do that, we'll compare the films version of Vegas to the one that actually existed at the time as well as today. 

Jul 28, 2018
E-273: Totally Watching My Dick

Shaq's "Big Chicken" Restaurant, Hospitality Robots, Digital Rape Whistle and Keren is a little bit tipsy.

Jul 15, 2018
E-272: Blood Content Level

Sports Betting Hierarchy, Fries N' Pies, Weed Exceeds Projections, Divas Live Closes, Britney Spears Park MGM Residency, Resorts World Progress, Replica Royalties and listener trip report

Jul 08, 2018
PCP - 360 Vegas POV: Casino E-2

In this installment of 360 Vegas POV, we continue our analysis of Martin Scorsese's movie Casino by breaking down two scenes that will help to establish the geographic layout for the movie's version of the city of Las Vegas.  While we do that, we'll compare the films version of Vegas to the one that actually existed at the time as well as today.  But before we do that, lets reestablish the rules. 

We want to see how close the movie storyline matches what really happened.  We'll start by assuming both are exactly the same and analyze the movie to either confirm this or establish that they're different.  As we encounter moments that conflict with the chronological events, we'll acknowledge them, then remove them from the equation so we can move on connecting the moments in time that still match up.  We'll continue doing this until we're finally shown something that breaks the last connection we have, to the continuity of the real events.  

Regarding the landscape, we will allow it to help us progress in the timeline but not to establish a break in it.  Conflicts will simply be documented differences between the movie landscape and the real one.  That being said, one rule we will make is you can only reconfigure, either in location or in its evolution.  The moment something can't simply be reconfigured to explain what you are seeing, the game is over.  That includes making changes to the infrastructure.  IE, things like roads and landmarks exist exactly as they are, or were, in the Las Vegas until something is shown to force us to relocate them.  So if we are driving along the strip and after the Flamingo we see the Golden Nugget, then that's where the Golden Nugget exists in films version of Las Vegas.  It doesn't become a problem until we see the Golden Nugget shown again but located in a different geographical location 

Jun 29, 2018
E-271: Vancouver Bay

Mandalay Bay Flood, Palace Station Expansion, On the Record @Park MGM and Listener Feedback

Jun 24, 2018
E-270: The Howard Hughes of Podcasting

360VV7 Details, Stevens Group Expands again, Solar Powered Casinos, Lego Vegas 2.0, Sports Betting Dilemma, Wynn Drops Parking Fees, The Hangover Experience @Madame Tussauds, LINQ Renovation Plans, More Convention Center Parking for LVCVA and a trip report from Steve O.

Jun 17, 2018
E-269: 360 Vegas Vacation 6

The documented misadventures of the best time humans have had in Las Vegas.

Jun 10, 2018
PCP - 360 Vegas POV: Casino E-1

Ace's Car Bombing - It begins the movie but its a flash forward to the climax of the film, so you'll get to see it again at the end as well. In it, we see the 1983 attempted murder of fictional character Sam "Ace" Rothstein, via car bomb.

May 25, 2018
E-268: Shots...In My Mouth

Final 360 Vegas Vacation 6 Prep, Wynn Picasso Damanged, Cosmopolitan New Restaurants Announced, Sugarfina Opens, CNF Charges Reminder and 360 Vegas Tony arrives early.

May 20, 2018
E-267: Didn't Be Like

I Love Sugar to LINQ, FLYLINQ, Tag Sports Bar & Margaritaville Casino News, Vegas Water Conservation and Listener Feedback.

May 13, 2018
E-266: Acceptable Cuntery

18 Fremont = Grandissimo, New Peppermill Signage, Palace Station Signage Dismantling, Fly LINQ Zipline, Start Wars Attraction @Venetian, Hard Rock to purchase Cosmopolitan rumors and Coming Attractions

May 06, 2018
E-265: Fun Cunts

Wynn Resorts Rundown, LVCVA Plans Released, Podcasters After Dark Tickets, Vegas Golden Knights News, Ichan Sells Tropicana and now I can finally get back to working on 360 POV.

Apr 29, 2018
PCP - 360 Vintage Vegas: Imperial Palace

Imperial Palace.  Never have two words meant such polar opposites to people, depending on what side of the globe they live on.  To the Japanese, it is the elegant residence of the Emperor; a sprawling park like area with Edo (E-Doe) Castle as its centerpiece.  Originally build in 1457, in the 1980s, it's value was greater than that of the entire state of California.  For the record, that's real estate about the size of Disneyland.  Also in the 1980s, the Imperial Palace came to be known as a hotel casino on the Las Vegas strip.  Unlike its namesake, while inflation would increase the monetary value of the property, time would give it the reputation as one of the worst kept properties in the market, competing for the title year over year with Circus Circus.  And just like the property it shared that dubious distinction with, Imperial Palace’s ownership didn’t care.  Why should they?  They knew exactly who their demographic was and how to cater to it and they didn't seemed to be complaining.  Seeking the approval of those that looked down at their customer base wasn’t part of the business plan. 

Apr 14, 2018
E-264: Savory Yogurt

Zorkfest Individual Events Available, MGM Explores Wynn Acquisition, Yogurteria Coming to Palazzo, Aria Esports, Park MGM Pool Prices Points, Kind Heaven Coming to LINQ, Chocolate Chair @Bally's Grand Bazaar, Knights Vow and why they call it a Brazilian

Apr 08, 2018
E-263: Now I Know Why We Drink

SLS Plans, Virgin Buys Hard Rock, Esports Arena Opens, Palms Scotch 80 Prime Steakhouse, É Price Increase and Thoughts on Stuff

Apr 01, 2018
E-262: Because My Name is Keren

Lee Canyon Ski Vegas, Wynn Sells Wynn, Slot Drink Service @Westgate, Grand Sierra Approved to Buy SLS, Blvd Market Expands, Monte Carlo Money Line Sports Bar, Vegas Drivers Unite and Tony's Back!

Mar 25, 2018
E-216: Elton John's Asshole Experience

RSVP NOW for 360 Vegas Vacation 6, Neon Museum Lands Hard Rock Sign, Vegas Rapes Visitors, ZorkAir 2018, Unruley Fan Stops Elton John Show, Geisha House Coming Soon, Wynn Loses it, ZorkFest Charity Craps Game and Casino Ambience.

Mar 11, 2018
E-260: Rape Face

360 Vegas Vacation RSVP & Merch, Wynn's Rape Face, Palms Accelerates Renovations Plans, Giada's Wine Bar @Pronto, More Sphere Details & CNF Charges

Mar 04, 2018
PCP - 36 Vegas POV: Casino E-6

In this installment, we continue our analysis of Martin Scorsese's movie Casino by analyzing Ace & Gingers wedding, when Nicky gets put in the black book, the location listed as "Back Home" and when Ace catches Ginger with her former pimp.

Mar 02, 2018
PCP - 360 Vintage Vegas: The Thunderbird

The Thunderbird is a property I've never paid much attention to, for no particular reason.  I wasn't offended by it's Native American theme, that's not really my style.  That being said, I will say the theme was about as interesting to me as the cowboy motif at the El Rancho or the Last Frontier.  Being a child of technology, harkening back to a day when it didn't have anything isn't my idea of a vacation, it sounds like torture.  One of the most fascinating things about Las Vegas is its unique ability to take things I normally wouldn't find interesting and make them appealing.  The Thunderbird might be the perfect example of that phenomenon. 

Feb 24, 2018
E-259: Dementing

360 Vegas Vacation 7 news, Fontainebleau becomes the Drew, Wynn Gives Up Control, MSG Sphere, Fremont St Experience Upgrades and other noteworthy items

Feb 18, 2018
E-258: March of the Sheep

Murderous Thoughts, Steve Wynn Resigns, Idiots Proclaim Victory, Lego Vegas Delayed, The Mall 2.0, Zorkfest 2018 Details, Brilliant! is Brilliant! and Listener Feedback

Feb 11, 2018
E-257: Investa-Gators

Zorkfest 2018, Enhanced Podcasts 101, Steve Wynn Sexual Misconduct Allegations, Wynn - Art Collector, Front Yard @Ellis Island, Wreck Room Vegas, Caesars Forum @LINQ and more Patreon Exclusive Content

Feb 04, 2018
E-256: Schedule to Completion

360 Vegas Patreon Launch, #360VV6 Update, Brilliant! @Neon Museum, Speakeasy @Mob Museum, Wynn West, Elton John Retires...Coming Soon and Additional Content Only Available to Patreon Subscribers

Jan 28, 2018
360 Vintage Vegas: PCP-The El Rancho: The 1st Resort on the Strip

*Premium Content Preview*

Isolated gambling clubs existed on Highway 91 before 1941 but the concept of a full scale resort with overnight accommodations, gaming, dining, entertainment and shopping all in one vacation destination wasn’t conceived as something anyone would want in the harsh desert climate.  The El Rancho not only offered something Highway 91 had never seen, it set a precedent by creating a themed vacation destination that would shape what would later become the Las Vegas Strip.  This is the story of the El Rancho Vegas.

Jan 24, 2018
360 Vintage Vegas: PCP-Billy Wilkerson and the Flamingo

*Premium Content Preview*

History hasn’t been fair to Billy Wilkerson.  For years, a myth has lived in romantic Hollywood lour that Bugsy Siegel is the father of modern Vegas.  When in truth, it was stolen and ruined by the notorious gangster who caused the project to cost 6 times more than its original projected cost.  When it finally opened, it was a disaster of such catastrophic proportions that his partners in the mafia had him killed.  Now it is time to set the record straight about the real man behind the Flamingo. 

Jan 24, 2018
E-255: Mic Drops...Plural

360 Vegas Vacation 6 Details, ZorkFest 2018, Shark Fin Soup Ban, Patisserie Rebranding, Las Vegas Sun Subscription, Wynn Manze Trump?, Nuclear Testing Returns and some truely delightful banter. 

Jan 20, 2018
E-254: The Value of the Worthless

Exclusive Access with Patreon, Xmas in Las Vegas, UnLucky Dragon, Lady GaGa Vegas Residency and the rage of white noise

Jan 06, 2018
PCP - 360 Vintage Vegas: Wayne McAllister

Architecture, if done well, is much more than just the designing of a building; its creating a durable structure that is not only functional but beautiful.  Every building is designed by an architect however it takes vision and skill to transcend the steel, concrete and glass jungles of major metropolitan cities to create things that stands out in someone’s mind, and in some cases in history, as exceptional representations of the craft, inspiring future generations to take architecture to the next level; to continue to evolve with science and create something timeless.  While the best to ever live are often unknown to the public at large, their creations are known around the world and live on for decades and in some cases centuries after they are gone. 

Dec 22, 2017
E-253: Tears For Fears of Cirque

Caesars Sells Harrah's, MGM Hires Sexual Predators, the Auto Collection is Closing at LINQ and we ramble, in some cases, coherently 

Dec 16, 2017
E-252: Box Turtle

Wynn Buys Alon, 2017 Vegas Lyft Awards and 360 Legal Lounge: Group Gambling and the W2G

Dec 09, 2017
E-251: Pressed Juices

Reno Shooting, Bellagio Robbed, Palms Renovation Details, Dice Slider Arrested at Flamingo and Listener Feedback

Dec 02, 2017
E-250: Kevin Spacey's Little Darlings

M Resort Robberies, Palms Gets a Face Lift, Golden Nugget Opens Hippy Bar, Bonnano's Expands Ability to Disappoint, Las Vegas Stadium Breaks Ground, LVCVA Real Estate mismanagement 2.0, Moulin Rouge Resurrection part 17, MGM Resort Vegas Reinvestment & Neonopolis has big plans

Nov 25, 2017
PCP - 360 Vintage Vegas: The Dunes Hotel & Casino

In 1955, the Dunes Hotel and Casino was the 10th property to open on the Las Vegas strip.  This is her story.

Nov 11, 2017
E-249: Kevin Spacey's Fun Dungeon

Wynn Paradise Park Plans, Excalibur 4-D, The Voice: Neon Dreams and we kid.

Nov 04, 2017

Bally's gets a new resident, Luxors unveils Esports arena, Caesars Palace Tower renovations and return of the theme.

Oct 28, 2017
E-247: Valvalidity

MGM Buys a WNBA Franchise other stuff about Vegas

Oct 21, 2017
E-246: Queen Elizabeth in the Closet

Future of slots, Park MGM Pool Progress, Wynn Temporary Policy Changes, Renovated Cosmopolitan Rooms and we heep scorn on media coverage

Oct 14, 2017
E-245: Asian Grab N Go

Enhanced Podcast Returns, Mandalay Bay Shooting, Fountains of Samsung, No Phase 2 @Tropicana, Notoriety Coming to Neonopolis and Zorkfest Atlantic City

Oct 07, 2017
E-244: Superimposed Memories

Cafe Hollywood  replaces Planet Dailies, Wynncore Nightclub Changes, Raiders may stay in Oakland in 2020 and false Vegas memories.

Sep 30, 2017
E-243: Truest

Fontainebleau Actually Sold, Sports Betting & Cannabis, Satan's Kitchen, Monte Carlo Update, NHL Begins in Vegas, 24/7 Weed, 18 Fremont Progress Report and Listener Feedback

Sep 23, 2017
E-242: 360 Vegas Vacation 5 Fal 2017

Enjoy another installment of our misadventures in Vegas with some kick ass listeners. 

Sep 19, 2017
E-241: I Don't Know Margo!

White Castle Fremont Signage, Taxicab Authority Pretends to Address Long Hauling...again, Palazzo Casino Renovations, More Week Regulations, Wynn Secures Wynn Resorts, Listener Feedback and on #360VV5 Eve

Aug 26, 2017
E-240: UnAnticipation

Ride Sharing Woes, Weed Advertising, Crimes & B&B, Vegas Teflon Retail, Serial Security Guard Stabbings and Wynn's new Sports Book

Aug 12, 2017
E-239: Dur, Math

Park MGM Renderings Revealed, 360 Archives, Chandelier Bar Renovations, Neonopolis Questionable Business Practices and Real Talk about Anxiety and Depression...in a good way.

Jul 29, 2017
E-238: Lego Porn Slapper

Golden Gate Renovations Revealed, Weed Shortage, Free Downtown Shuttle Service, Wynn Stuff, More Mirage Restaurant News, Uber Tipping, Vegas Vicki Plans, Kerkorian Estate Sells MGM Assets.

Jul 22, 2017
E-237: Neon Jesus

Downtown Grand, Recreational Blaze, Burning Man Dragon Art Car, 99 Happy Hours and listener feedback

Jul 08, 2017
E-236: Pun & Loathing

360VV5 Details and RSVPs, Giada Expands, Bally's Mini Golf & Las Blazus

Jul 01, 2017
E-235: Return of the Ramble

Slot Drink System, Palms remodel, New Frontier for sale, Las Vegas Club Project Gears Up, 6.4 acres behind Plaza, Downtown Grand Plans, North/Off Strip Ownership changes, SLS Dining Changes, Fremont Food Emporium and New Caesars Forum Shops Marquee

Jun 25, 2017
E-234: MIArk #360VV4

Because of coure he did, hear some of the details behind what happened at 360 Vegas Vacation 4

Jun 17, 2017
E-233: 360 Vegas Vacation 4 Trip Report Summer 2017

Lives were changed, memories were made...and lost

Jun 10, 2017
E-232: Zoinks!

#360VV4 Eve News, Resorts World Resurrection?, Ninja Contractors, Death with Dignity, Caesars Entertainment announces old plans and cat like reflex injuries for the stupid.

May 20, 2017
E-231: The Fork of Doom

Still No Golden Knight Jersey's, Weed Conventions, IRS Jackpot Limits, Paradise Park Phase Plans and friends make each other laugh.

May 13, 2017
E-230: Two Puppets Deep

Hell's Kitchen Returns, Raiders Buy A Vegas Home, Frontier Air Expands, The Dome Opens and our listeners to very supportive

May 06, 2017
360 Vegas Review: Golden Gate Hotel and Casino Spring 2016

It is literally the original hotel in Las Vegas, built in 1906 and given the address 1 Fremont St.  It was originally the Hotel Nevada, then in 31 it became a casino and was renamed Sal Sagev, Las Vegas backwards until 1955 when a group of Italian-Americans from San Francisco rethemed it into the Golden Gate. 

Fast forward to today and this isn’t what you would expect out of a 110 year old property.  This is the very definition of classic.  It’s old without being dated, it’s small without feeling cramped and it's themed without being gaudy.  Much of that can be attributed to it’s most recent owners, Greg and Derek Stevens.  Their 2012 renovation may be the most subtle and functional ever in a place that doesn’t really have any space to grow.  With 122 rooms Golden Gate is the smallest hotel/casino in Vegas on Fremont or the Strip but again, that somehow adds to it’s charm. 

And the future looks even brighter.  The Stevens group’s recent acquisition of La Bayou next door seems to indicate plans for expansion of the Golden Gate.  And the purchase of the Las Vegas Club, Glitter Gultch and Mermaids across the street makes it clear that they are making their claim to shape Fremont St as they see fit.  Those who are fans of the D have reason to believe a players club card that connects all 3 properties is coming soon. 

Apr 30, 2017
E-29: Shat Show

MGM/Cosmopolitan Rumors, Skill Based Gaming @Planet Hollywood, Light Rail to Fremont and someone Shat's the bed.

Apr 22, 2017
E-228: Millennial Serpent Theory

The Fires of Bellagio, Win Wynn (Sorry), Mob Bar Museum, Monte Carlo Update, The Nerd Opens, Plaza Pool Renovations, Mekka Robot Beer, All Inclusive Rio Deal and lots of listener feedback. 

Apr 16, 2017
E-227: Murrenization

NEW 360 Vegas Merchandise, Raiders Approved to move to Las Vegas, Japonais Closes, WarMachine Down, Rolex Robbery @Bellagio, Cosmopolitan Shooting, Vegas Weed Lounges, Neon Museum Expansion and the Murrenization of Las Vegas

Apr 02, 2017
360 Vegas Review: NYNY Hotel & Casino (aka Kayotay Tackos)

Infamously known as the Kayotay Tackos episode

The themed resort is one of the things that makes Vegas so special.  If you just want to gamble, you can find casinos all over the place.  Only in Vegas can you walk from an Egyptian pyramid to a Mid-evil Castle to New York City without even traveling a mile.   

Enter NYNY, MGM’s contribution to the Vegas themed offerings.  Located on the corner of the busiest intersection in the United States, Tropicana and Las Vegas Blvd, NYNY was a huge hit from day one.  It aimed for the mid-market right out of the gate and they came.  Some have argued that the property has an identity crisis with Cirque’s most provocative production in residency while also offering a huge arcade and a roller coaster, clearly aimed at entertaining those not old enough to gamble. 

Today, it’s one of the anchor properties of MGM’s outdoor promenade “The Park”, a play off of New York’s central park, if only in general concept and location to the themed resort, complete with a 20,000 seat arena and home to the cities first professional team.  Coming up on it’s 20th anniversary, it doesn’t appear to be going anywhere anytime soon.

Mar 25, 2017
E-226: To Be Fair

360 Vegas Vacation V details, Criss Angel Blacks out, Atlantic Club Water Park and Tony is back.

Mar 18, 2017
E-225: Big Chief Talkin' Shit

360 Vegas Vacation 4 & 5 updates, Vegas Takes Your Money, Hard Rock Buys Taj, Vegas Extreme Park Pretends to Return, Cromwell Rebranding, Tipsy Robot Bar, Sands Bethlehem Sold, Vegas gets 2nd NASCAR event and Alastair is mean

Mar 13, 2017
360 Vegas Review: Bazaar Meat @SLS Spring 2016

When the fabled Sahara casino closed its doors on May 16th 2011, many were sceptical as to whether new life would be breathed into this grande dame of the strip. Fast forward to August 23rd 2014 and SLS, a shiny white concept of ‘LA in the desert’, was born kicking and screaming into the world. Replete with Olympic mascot lookalike Sam, the shiny silver cyclops welcomed the non-existent foot traffic to the property. Would SLS succeed? Or would it be buzzed off stage faster than Tony Snyder at an America’s got talent audition.

The jewel in the dining crown at SLS was ‘James Beard Award-winning chef’ Jose Andres’ Bazaar Meat. Already a known quantity in Las Vegas through his presence at The Cosmopolitan with Jaleo, e and China Poblano, expectations were high. Fortunately, whilst the rest of SLS seemed to struggle with stores, restaurants and casino layouts coming and going, Bazaar Meat built a solid and growing reputation.

After reading a glowing recommendation in a magazine (but not listening to the constant verbal love fest that Alastair has been having with the place), Keren finally decided to head out to the wasteland of north strip to discover the truth for herself


Mar 04, 2017
E-224: Down to the River

The Real Du-Par's Story, Monorail Mistake, Fremont Resort Resurrection and jokes

Feb 25, 2017
E-223: Yuge

#360VV4 update, Du-Pars Closes, Club Neonopolis Coming Soon, More Linq VR, New Gaming Age Bill, 2 Die @SpeedVegas, Lucky Dragon Expands, Golden Gate Renovations and Tony falls into a bottle of Bourbon.

Feb 19, 2017
360 Vegas Review: Giada's @Cromwell Spring 2016

Okay, she’s hot.  No one is going to argue that.  She is also Italian so the odds of her being batshit crazy is also pretty probable.  All those things aside, this women couldn’t have gotten famous as a chef if she wasn’t actually good at it to begin with; right.  Well this is her first restaurant ever anywhere so if you want first hand knowledge, here's your chance 

Giada’s is Cromwell’s only dining option and it is brilliantly located on the 2nd floor, basically in the same spot the famous Barbary Coast/Bill’s cascading neon signage formerly resided.  As has become the newest fade in Vegas, that this show can’t encourage enough, it offers outdoor dining, right on the strip…well, elevated above the strip. 

The restaurant is described as Italian cuisine with refreshing California influences.  To encourage perfect pronunciation, the menu phonetically spells out how to pronounce bastardized words like Spaghetti and Rigatoni. But let’s not focus on the pretentious and let's get to the f

Feb 11, 2017
E-222: Sullied Memories

Raiders tell Adelson to suck it, Plaza's Brightside, Vegas' Innovation District and listener feedback

Feb 04, 2017
E-221: Real Reality

Hooters Gets Work Done, Free Shake Shack, Alto Lounge Opens and we explain...again...how to play Stadium Blackjack

Jan 28, 2017
E-220: Just Like You

Cautionary Uber Tale, Milk Bar opens, Parasol Up Re-opens, Raiders File for Relocation to Vegas, Sammy Davis Jr: The Movie, Keith Sweat Residency Extension and babble

Jan 21, 2017
E219: Recreational Us

#360VV4 RSVP, More Vegas Weed News, Rio Pays Electric Bill, Stadium Blackjack @Venetian, Hard Rock Entertainment Shift and we disagree...a lot

Jan 15, 2017
360 Vegas Review: Broadway Burger @NYNY Spring 2016

It’s a burger, right?  Sure, some are better than others but how do you justifying charging $10-20 for it.  Well, once you taste it, you’ll understand why.  Apparently there really is such a thing as a gourmet burger and Broadway Burger is a good example of one.

You wouldn’t expect much from a restaurant with a name that fits the theme of the hotel/casino it resides in but you would be wrong to overlook this experience.  Broadway Burger showcases the concept that the whole is more than the sum of it’s parts because, while each element is well taken care of, the combination is something special.

While the concept isn’t new the simplicity of their build a burger is something to be enjoyed, appearing to be inspired by the Chipotle concept, if only in menu layout.  Pick your protein, cheese, veggies, meats and even fry styles.  I know your listening to this and thinking, lots of people do this, it isn’t anything new.  Let me assure you, Broadway Burger doesn’t do burgers like everyone else does.

Jan 08, 2017
E-218: Testosteroney

Asgard Update, Free Parking Lost, Crown's New Vegas Plan, Mike Ensign Dies, Vegas Golden Knights, Ramsey Outbreak, Las Vegas Raiders Update, Level Up MGM and listener feedback.

Dec 26, 2016
360 Vegas Review: Hash House A Go Go @Plaza Spring 2016

In a city known for excess, the idea of a restaurant who’s entire concept is gigantic portions of food seems like a no brainer.  Hash House A Go Go has made that their thing and they’ve been so successful at it that they’ve got a location on the strip at LINQ, Off Strip at Rio, Downtown at Plaza, a Reno spot and 2 for the Vegas locals.  However you might be surprised to know, Hash House didn’t start in Vegas, it stated in San Diego California.  Now they have locations in Illinois, Connecticut, Florida and Texas as well as the aforementioned. 

Twisted Farm Food is how they describe their food.  A Bacon, Bacon, Bacon, Lettuce & Tomato sandwich, waffles with either bacon or sausage inside and a one pound burger are just a few examples of the delicious excess that can be ordered at Hash House A Go Go.  But do huge portions of familiar favorites equal a quality food experience? Let's discuss.

Dec 04, 2016
360 Vegas Review: Hugo's Cellar @4 Queens Spring 2016

The Four Queens isn't exactly where you would think of when you think of an evening of fine dining on Fremont St. Never heard of Hugo's Cellar? Don’t be surprised. It’s literally in the basement of the property.  It’s probably the best place to eat at 4 Queens but the fact that I had to use the word says something but that isn’t saying much in a place with only 3 places to eat and one is a coffee shop. 

It’s described as one of those places that capture the “old school ambiance” of high end dining in Vegas.  Each woman receives a rose, the sommelier visits each table to help find the perfect wine to pair with your meal and even the salad is prepared table side, a la cart.  Charm, wit and customer service served in small portions are all apart of the dining experience at Hugo’s Cellar.  In a word, romantic.

Nov 27, 2016
E-217: Grief Pizza

Private Trip, Paris Power Outage, Recreational Week Legal in Nevada, Hakkasan Level Up, Hard Rock Cafe Closing and some 2nd Tier Feedback

Nov 20, 2016
360 Vegas Review: Du-Par's @Golden Gate Spring 2016
Sunrises and sunsets can suck it.  Nothing, and I mean nothing, is more magical, and dare I say romantic, than seeing the reflection of neon signage in water; a sight that 
Nov 05, 2016
E-216: Kitten Bandy
Steven's Group Expands Again, Bonanza Sold, Cirque Du Avatar, Vegas Pioneering Driverless Technology, BAR coming to Grand Bazaar, Murren Wants NBA and Adelson Ready to Walk from Stadium/NFL Deal
Oct 31, 2016
E-215: Special Needs Haircut
Park Theater News, Miracle Mile Shops @Planet Hollywood Sold, Vegas Stadium Approved, Vegas Deal and Listener Feedback.
Oct 22, 2016
E-214: 360 Facial Experience
360 Vegas Vacation 4 details, Evel Pie Recreational Weed in Vegas, New Las Vegas Logo, Bruno Mars Vegas Residency, More New LINQ promenade and life changing news
Oct 17, 2016
360 Vegas Review: LINQ Promenade Summer 2014

Las Vegas’ continuing success is its ability to reinvent itself when the market needs it to.  Unlike urban developments in established cities, Vegas doesn’t venerate the old, the past or history in general.  Nothing is so sacred that it can’t be imploded to make way for the next thing. While it can be sad to lose that history, it is unarguable that for Vegas, it works.  

As much as I’ve fallen in love with the cities history, it was it’s current incarnation that drew me to it for the first time.  Properties like Luxor, Excalibur, NYNY and Paris are what caught my attention and cultivated the desire to experience Las Vegas.  In a very short period of time, I’ve learned about her history and enjoyed her evolution.

That brings us to now and Vegas’ current incarnation, retail.  It started with shopping malls and have transformed into outdoor dining and shopping experiences.  The Linq promenade was a brand new experience to the market and has already been mimicked by Bally’s Grand Bazaar and MGM’s The Park.  Vegas properties are finally understanding that the guests of today aren’t trying to get out of the desert heat; they want to spend lots of time in it. 

Oct 08, 2016
360 Vegas Review: Jean George Steakhouse @Aria Summer 2014

Is there anything more rewarding that a great steak dinner?  Of course I can't speak for the whole world but there is something very American about steak. It seems to embody what it feels like to be successful.  Like a beer at the end of hard days work, steak is how you cap off a special occasion and steak makes an occasion special.

So you agree, steak is great; but have you ever had a steak in Vegas?  Vegas steaks make the exceptional ordinary and boring, actually disappointing.  We’ve actually described a steak as “good I wasn’t eating it in Vegas”.  Vegas offers steaks like you didn’t know it could taste in dining environments that actually somehow compliment the dining and elevate the experience.  If you can only do it once in your life, do your homework, pick wisely and treat yourself.

Oct 01, 2016
E-213: Observive
360 Vegas Indulgence, Future of Tournament of Kings, Revel to Reopen as TEN, Golden Nugget Fire, Absinthe Stuck @Caesars Palace, Skill Based Gaming Coming and Why Lucky Dragon Could work.
Sep 24, 2016
E-212: Personal Exploration
Wayniac, Planet Hollywood's Revolt LGBT Nightclub, Vegas VR and the greatest Twitpic of the week in the history of the show.
Sep 17, 2016
E-211: Peasant Food
Neon Museum Attendance Record, Millennial Esports @Neonopolis, Lucky Dragon Grand Opening, Vegas Fanboy Deals and you show us some love.
Sep 10, 2016
E-210: Indecent Deception
More Stadium Drama, Finishing Cosmopolitan, Cracking the Timeshare Code and boring opinions on iTunes
Sep 03, 2016
E-209: Vital MIA
Vital Lack of Basic Technology, E Parry Thomas Dies, Hakkasan Seized, Chandelier Bar Reopens, Pawn Plaza Turnover, Big Rig Jig Arrives and people don't like us.
Aug 28, 2016
E-208: Pokemon Gooooooooal
Riviera No More, New York Shames Vegas, Beauty and Excess, Vegas Fanboy Deals and Listener Feedback.
Aug 20, 2016
E-207 Icahnarma
Nitrogen Leak Scare @Luxor, In-N-Out Burger @LINQ Details, Neonopolis Continues to Develop, Trump Taj Mahal Closing, Fremont Nightclub Coming, Monte Carlo Renovation Details and Listener Feedback
Aug 13, 2016