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By Pat Flynn

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 Mar 13, 2019


Pat Flynn from The Smart Passive Income Blog reveals all of his online business and blogging strategies, income sources and killer marketing tips and tricks so you can be ahead of the curve with your online business or blog. Discover how you can create multiple passive income streams that work for you so that you can have the time and freedom to do what you love, whether it's traveling the world, or just living comfortably at home. Since 2008, he's been supporting his family with his many online businesses, and he's been openly sharing his wins, his losses, and all the lessons in between with the community of energetic but humble entrepreneurs who follow him. Self-proclaimed "crash test dummy of online business", you'll learn about building authority online, email marketing, building a team and outsourcing, content marketing, podcasting, search engine optimization, niche sites, social media strategies, how to get more traffic, creating online courses, affiliate marketing, and productivity tips so that you create something amazing without burning yourself out. It's a mix of interviews, special co-hosts and solo shows from Pat you're not going to want to miss. Hit subscribe, and get ready to change your life.

Episode Date
SPI 477: How to Launch and Manage a Successful Membership Community with Stu McLaren

#477 Creating a membership community has been one of the best decisions we've ever made at SPI! Maybe you've thought about creating a membership community of your own, or maybe you're just curious. Either way, you're in the right place!

Today's episode is essentially a masterclass in membership communities. I'm honored and thrilled to have Stu McLaren on the show today, someone who has over 10 years of experience launching, cultivating, and empowering people through online membership communities. We're not just skimming the surface or laying out steps for getting started. We get into some advanced strategies and tactics on everything from onboarding to ensuring the longevity and health of your membership. Definitely take notes for this one! Show notes and more at

Apr 21, 2021
Introducing Flops: A New Podcast from SPI Media!

The podcast team at SPI has been cooking up something very exciting: a brand-new podcast called Flops! Flops presents an honest portrait of entrepreneurial failure in its numerous forms. When we hear entrepreneurial stories, we often glorify the big wins and brush over the failures that had everything to do with why success occurred. Flops turns the atypical success story on its head. Here to chat about the concept for the show and how it came about are co-hosts Karen Beattie and Ray Sylvester — after our short conversation you'll hear the first full episode of Flops: "The Pyramid Scheme." Learn more at

Apr 20, 2021
SPI 476: What I Finally Realized That Mattered So Much

#476 We hear phrases tossed out around the word "value" all the time. "Provide value," "give value," "massive value," etc. Sometimes that can sound a bit challenging, but Michael Hyatt — who was an amazing guest earlier this week on episode 475 of the podcast — has taught me a way to provide huge value to people in a really simple way. This isn't a superpower by the way, although Michael is obviously phenomenal at doing this thing (which I'll reveal in the episode). This is something everyone can start doing right now, and I'm going to challenge you to start today. I want to tell you how helpful and amazing Michael has been in my own life so that you can hopefully follow his example. Show notes and more at

Apr 16, 2021
SPI 475: Michael Hyatt's New Book, Win at Work and Succeed at Life

#475 Is it even possible to win at work and life? It's the so-called "double win" — succeeding at work and life simultaneously — and Michael Hyatt's here to explain some of the strategies he uses to achieve it. He has a new book out on this very topic, which he co-authored with his daughter, Megan: Win at Work and Succeed at Life.

In this episode, you'll hear Michael and I talk over strategies and mindsets for achieving balance and freeing yourself from the cult of overwork. Michael details how to embrace constraints, how he structures his workday, and how to curb workaholism. This episode will inspire you to find that crucial balance in your own entrepreneurial journey — let's go!

Show notes and more at

Apr 14, 2021
SPI 474: My First Time Hire Story (And How Much I Tried to Avoid It)

#474 Today we're going to jump back in the DeLorean and go all the way back to when I made my first time hire. Now, this wasn't a long-term hire or a team member, but I learned a lot of valuable lessons in the process (some of them kind of embarrassing, to be honest). Making that first hire was really the unlock for me in a lot of ways. Ultimately, you just can't do everything on your own, and once you realize just how much more you can do by outsourcing, hiring, delegating . . . so many doors open up. So let's sit back, relax, and I'll tell you the story. Show notes and more at

Apr 09, 2021
SPI 473: Assistants, Admins, and Appreciation (with Jess, My Assistant of 7+ Years)

#473 How do you show appreciation for your assistant, who basically acts as an extension of your entrepreneurial self? Or, how do you resolve conflict with an assistant, what do you do if they're not the right fit? We're going to get into all of that, discuss how my assistant's role with SPI has evolved over 7+ years, and a lot more. Jess is such a blast to work with and I'm so grateful that she's on the show with me today. Let's go! Show notes and more at

Apr 07, 2021
SPI 472: My Struggles with Communication

#472 We just had an amazing episode on the podcast earlier this week — SPI 471: How to Become a Better Communicator with Kolarele Sonaike. Definitely listen to it if you haven't had a chance yet. But today I want to share my own journey as a communicator. We're going to hop in the DeLorean and go all the way back to middle school, high school, and college — where I first started honing my communication skills. Sometimes you just have to hit the ground running, and when it comes to learning how to communicate as an entrepreneur, it's not helpful to be "the kid in the back of the class" (like I once was). Hopefully, this episode inspires you to get out there, make mistakes, and avoid the trap of thinking everything you put out there has to be perfect.

Apr 02, 2021
SPI 471: How to Become a Better Communicator with Kolarele Sonaike

#471 Communication is one of the most critical foundations to everything you do as an entrepreneur, in your personal relationships, and so much more. And becoming a better communicator is a lifelong journey — how do we do better? Our guest today is Koralele Sonaike, a Communication Skills Coach with a background as a barrister (England's version of a lawyer). He's here today to talk about approaches for becoming a better communicator, his own journey as a barrister and communicator, and the transformations he helps create in the lives of his clients. This episode can do amazing things for you, so if you want to better your communication and get better results in your business, don't pass it up. Show notes and more at

Mar 31, 2021
SPI 470: I Found It!

#470: What is it I've found, you ask? Let me tell you: a topic that I'm deeply interested in and a way to share it that's unlike what anyone else is doing.

In session 469, I talked to Nick from PokeRev about his Pokemon card collecting and how he's been able to create a community—and earn money—around his hobby. Over the last few months, he and I have built a friendship around our shared love of Pokemon, and I've joined a number of his live streams and even become a moderator for his community, the PokeCave. Seeing what he's doing inspired me to create my own Pokemon-centered YouTube channel, Deep Pocket Monster, where I've found a love for live streams. There I try to bring positivity and energy to inspire other collectors and create a fun space for families to join. I've learned so much doing those live streams, and now I want to share what's making those successful. Let's go! Show notes and more at

Mar 26, 2021
SPI 469: How Nick Turned His Passion into a Diverse Entrepreneurial Goldmine

#469 What if you could turn a hobby or passion — maybe something you loved or were crazy about as a kid — into a thriving goldmine of a business? That's exactly what Nick, AKA PokeRev, has done. Pokemon was his passion as a kid, it's something that's deeply steeped in nostalgia for him. He's managed to turn that joy into a super-successful YouTube channel. Thousands, sometimes tens of thousands of people join him on his live streams and he's been able to grow his subscribers to nearly 300k in just about a year! Whether you're new to the hobby or not, definitely give this one a listen. Show notes and more at

Mar 24, 2021
SPI 468: When I've Failed at Work & Life Balance

#468: In SPI 467, I talked to Kristen at Bearfoot Theory, who took a month-long sabbatical from work at the end of 2020—a whole month disconnected from her business!— and managed to make more money than she had before, even while she was gone. We all need a break from time to time, and for those of us who own and manage our businesses on a day-to-day basis, it can be a real challenge to even think about stepping away for an extended time. This can feel overwhelming and stressful and trust me, I've been there. Finding a healthy work and life balance has not always been easy for me.

After a vacation to Hawaii a couple of years ago, I realized I had a near-impossible time disconnecting completely from work. I even took all my podcasting equipment with me to record an episode while I was there. (Not cool, Pat.) This kept me from fully relaxing and enjoying the precious time I had away with my family.

Since then, I've put a good deal of thought into how my next vacation can be different, and today, I'll take a deep dive into the strategies my team and I have worked on together to set the business up for success for those times when I need to step away, unplug, and recharge.

Find show notes at

Mar 19, 2021
SPI 467: What Going on Sabattical Can REALLY Do for Mental Health and Clarity with Kristen Bor

#467 We talk about a lot of business topics here at SPI, most of them related to moving forward: how to optimize your time, build your business, launch courses, create a podcast. It's a lot of doing. But today we're going to talk about something on a different side of the spectrum: taking time away from your business to think, focus on your mental health, gain new clarity, and reevaluate your relationship with your business or things like social media. On the show with me today is Kristen Bor, a travel blogger at who did exactly that. Whether you've never taken a sabbatical before or the idea is just plain crazy to you, you should listen to this episode. I hope it's as inspiring for you as it was for me! Show notes and more at

Mar 17, 2021
SPI 466: The Moment I Took the Entrepreneurial Leap

#466: We go deep in this episode. We're talking about the entrepreneurial leap—that moment when you accept the risk and truly dedicate yourself to the path of starting your own business. For me, it didn't happen the moment I got laid off or even after I started making more than four times what I'd been making as an architect. It came later, after several eye-opening experiences and conversations with people I trusted. Today, I'll tell you that story. Show notes and more at

Mar 12, 2021
SPI 465: Making the Entrepreneurial Leap with Confidence with Gino Wickman

#465 Today's guest has written some truly incredible books that I wish I'd had on hand at that time. His book Rocket Fuel was a game-changer for me in helping me realize my role in the business. His new book, Entrepreneurial Leap is a powerful book, especially for anyone who's considering making the leap into entrepreneurship. Whether you've made the leap already or need to reassess where you're at, Gino's throwing down a lot of wisdom for us. Here we go! Show notes and more at

Mar 10, 2021
SPI 464: Deep Into the Details of a New YouTube Channel (Our First Follow-up Friday!)

#464: I'm excited to introduce you to our first Follow-Up Friday episode on the SPI Podcast! Over the last couple of years we've had a lot of requests for more solo episodes of the show and now we're finally doing it. I'll be dropping a new episode every Friday to dive deeper into our Wednesday's guest interview. In this case, we didn't have a guest on Wednesday, so today it's just me diving even deeper into the world of YouTube.

In today's episode we'll talk about my newest side project, Deep Pocket Monster, a Pokemon YouTube channel where I document my Pokemon card collecting and investing journey. I've put a lot of thought into strategies to get the most views and gain subscribers, and today I'll share what's working and what's not in hopes it will help you in your own YouTube journey. Welcome to Follow-Up Fridays! Show notes and more at

Mar 05, 2021
SPI 463: Behind the Scenes: My New Hobby YouTube Channel (and How I Pulled It Off)

#463: Starting off in a brand-new space can be hard for anyone but there are some strategies and mindsets you can use to optimize your approach. Today I'm going to break it down for you as I talk about my new YouTube channel . . . in the Pokemon card collecting space. But how did I make some noise in a space that I was essentially coming into for the first time? How did I fit a brand-new project into my life on top of everything else that I do? My foray into the Pokemon card YouTube space is an excellent case study in doing exactly that, so give this episode a listen! Also, make sure you stick around until the very end: I've got a very exciting announcement for you about the future of the Smart Passive Income Podcast. Show notes and more at

Mar 03, 2021
SPI 462: Everything about Podcast Advertising: Growing Your Business and Making More Money with Podcast Ads with Heather Osgood

#462: The cash flow between advertisers and podcasters recently has been insane — some projections say over $1 billion will be spent on podcast ads in 2021. So where do you start, whether you're someone with their own show or an advertiser with a product or service you want to spread the word about? If your curiosity is piqued, you're in the right place. Here to help answer your questions about podcast ads — whether you're a podcaster or an advertiser — is Heather Osgood of True Native Media. Podcast advertising is a massive opportunity and Heather has a ton of wisdom to share on the topic. Don't miss this one. Show notes and more at

Feb 24, 2021
The Surprising State of Podcasting in 2021

If you're familiar with this podcast then you've probably heard me talk about the power of podcasting. Seriously, it can be life-changing. But what's going on out there in the "podverse" — what's the state of podcasting in 2021?

Whether you're new to podcasting or already have a show of your own, today's bonus episode is a must-listen: our guest is none other than Buzzsprout's head of marketing, Alban Brooke. Alban's sharing a ton of insight based on what he's seeing in the industry, where it's going, how to leverage social media to bring more listeners onto your show — there's something in here for everyone!

By the way, I would highly recommend checking out Buzzsprout as a hosting provider, plus you can get some extra time on your plan if you go through [Full disclosure: As an affiliate, I receive compensation if you purchase through this link.] Show notes and more at

Feb 19, 2021
SPI 461: How YOUR Life Experiences Translate into Serving Others Online and on Stage with Darryll Stinson

#461: Darryll was a Division I athlete when his football career essentially... imploded. By learning how to pick himself up from that event, including a serious turning point in his life due to a suicide attempt, Darryll realized an incredible new mission: to help people, specifically athletes, to find their next big passion. He's now a two-time TEDx speaker and the author of an Amazon best-selling book: Who Am I After Sports? An Athletes Roadmap to Discover New Purpose and Live Fulfilled. He's here today to share his story, how he created his foundation, Second Chance Athletes, and his roadmap for finding your next passion in life. He's bringing the heat so go ahead and hit that play button! Show notes and more at

Feb 17, 2021
SPI 460: The Easy Way to Start Freelancing Now to Make Money and Change Your Life with Jay Clouse

#460: So look, I usually don't try to "sell" anyone too hard when it comes to these episodes, but this one might just change your life. Why? Well, if I had to suggest ways to get started tomorrow, this would be one of my top recommendations: start freelancing now. With us today is Jay Clouse, Community Experience Director for Smart Passive Income. He's also the creator of Freelancing School, an incredible resource for anyone who wants to learn how to make money with freelancing. He's going to break down some of the in and outs of freelancing for us: from where to focus early on to landing your first clients and asking for referrals or testimonials. Like I said at the top, this episode could change your life so don't hesitate to give it a listen! Show notes and more at

Feb 10, 2021
Why Community Is Everything In 2021 (and Beyond) — Bonus Episode with

Bonus episodes are a rare occurrence here but we're doing this one because we feel compelled to tell you about an incredible shift happening in our industry and an amazing tool we're using to ride that shift. It's called Circle. Today, we're going to explain why community is everything and why we describe our commitment to the community within SPI as the beating heart of the business. We're so stoked that there are actually three segments within this bonus episode: a one-on-one interview and two roundtables. There's tons of actionable advice through this whole episode, whether you have a community of your own or are just starting to think about it. I can't emphasize enough what an amazing, critical opportunity online communities are for creators; Circle is an invaluable asset in making it happen. Check out Circle at [Full Disclosure: I'm a compensated advisor and an affiliate for Circle]. Show notes and more at

Feb 08, 2021
SPI 459: The Right Formula to Win on YouTube with Derral Eves

#459: Is there a formula to winning on YouTube? We've been getting requests for an episode just like this one for a while, which is why I'm thrilled to bring on Derral Eves, founder of VidSummit. He is an absolute master when it comes to understanding what it takes to grow massive channels on YouTube, which is why he has a new book out: The YouTube Formula: How Anyone Can Unlock the Algorithm to Drive Views, Build an Audience, and Grow Revenue. Today, he's diving into some of his strategies. We get seriously deep today. There's a lot of super-specific, invaluable information here about how to grow your channel, so grab something to take notes with, and let's do this thing! Show notes and more at

Feb 03, 2021
Welcome to the Smart Passive Income Podcast!

This is the podcast for people who want to create and sustain a passive income stream online! Whether you have a side-hustle already in the works, don’t even know where to begin, or just want to crush it with what you got — this show has it all: from expert advice from people like Michael Hyatt, Amy Porterfield, and Gary Vaynerchuck to deep dives on marketing, social media, podcasting, YouTubing, and living a balanced, rewarding life as an entrepreneur.

The guests here share all they can so that you can flourish, no matter what your personal goals are or where you’re at. Tune in every Wednesday!

Feb 02, 2021
SPI 458: Nailing Your Pitch and Growing Your Business with Maria Failla (SPI Pro COTM Winner)

#458: Imagine you got on an elevator today, right now even, with someone who could benefit from your business. You have 60 seconds to convince them. What would you say? To put it bluntly, nailing your pitch is mission-critical. That's why we launched an elevator pitch contest as our Challenge of the Month on SPI Pro back in July. The prize was an appearance on the SPI podcast, which is why we have Maria Failla on the show today! Hopefully, today's episode clues you into the importance of nailing your pitch and inspires you to try this exercise for yourself. If you do, tag me on Twitter or Instagram @PatFlynn. Show notes and more at

Jan 27, 2021
SPI 457: The Secret to Taking Risks & How to Make It Work - Behind the Scenes with Katie Kimball

#457: One event put Katie in a position to ultimately change the lives of tens of thousands of children and families all over the world: An email from a book publisher (whom she actually hasn't heard from since). But Katie's career isn't built on luck. She had to first ask questions — something she's insanely good at. She also describes herself as a "medium-speed" entrepreneur, mitigating risk wherever possible. Take a step behind the curtain of Katie's business with me today. We're diving into her origin story, the ins and outs of the decisions she made along the way, her secret to taking risks, and the strategies she's used to bring her business to the next level. I know that by listening in you'll be inspired to apply these takeaways towards your journey too. Show notes and more at

Jan 20, 2021
SPI 456: From Side Hustle to a Life-Changing Business - How Josh Hall and His Courses Made It Happen

#456: You know those stories that start out "once I was in a rock band . . . " ? It turns out that drumming in a rock band would put Josh Hall in the right place for a major entrepreneurial lightbulb to go off. Fast forward about a decade and Josh would be running his own web design firm and launching wildly successful courses for entrepreneurs hoping to follow in his footsteps. Here's how Josh did it all: you'll learn how Josh transitioned from his first clients to starting his agency, building a suite of online courses, and creating his new membership site. He'll talk you through all the "whys" behind those decisions, some of the hard lessons he learned early on, and the revolutionary effect podcasting has had on his business. There's a lot of ground to cover today — roll tape! Show notes and more at

Jan 13, 2021
SPI 455: How to Build a Trust-Worthy Brand in a Crowded Space with Rob Maurer from Tesla Daily

#455: This might surprise you, but there's really only one show that I absolutely have to listen to . . . every week. Actually, every day. The show is Tesla Daily, which is why I couldn't be more thrilled to have its host Rob Maurer on the show today!

If you want a behind-the-curtain peek at how someone with over 100,000 YouTube subscribers produces a hard-hitting podcast every day, you're in the right place. Even more impressive is how Rob's built a trust-worthy brand in such a crowded space.

What does it take to keep up production with a daily show like this? How do you combine an audio-first podcast with the power of YouTube? And what does Rob do when Elon Musk posts a controversial tweet? All that and more today — press play, y'all! Show notes and more at

Jan 06, 2021
SPI 454: The Most Impactful Podcast Episodes of 2020 (and a Look Forward)

#454: I want you to step into the DeLorean with me for a moment, because we're going back in time all the way to January . . . of 2020.

Think of this episode as a guide to the year, in terms of SPI podcast episodes. From deeply personal and heartfelt stories to actionable advice and expert strategies for everything from email marketing to TikTok, this shortlist of 17 episodes has something for everyone. Show notes and more at

Dec 30, 2020
SPI 453: A Reflection on 2020 and a Chat about Our 2021 Goals

#453: I've been an entrepreneur for over a decade and, oh man, I've definitely never had a year like this one. It's been a serious doozy, so some reflection needs to be done. And that's what this episode is all about. Just you and me today. I'm going to take you through five things — events, decisions, etc — from 2020. We're talking the good, the struggles, the pivots, the lessons learned, all of it, so that we can move forward confidently into 2021. It's not just about what didn't happen this year — the in-person events, for example — it's about what is possible because of the changes we're all having to embrace. And that mindset shift can open up a completely different way of thinking about everything 2020 threw our way. Let's get started! Show notes and more at

Dec 23, 2020
SPI 452: Can You Actually Have It All? How a Mom of 8 Kids Tries to Make It Work (and the Hard Lessons Learned)

#452: How do you balance every 24 hours between business, family or personal relationships, and the rest of it? Well, what if you had eight kids on top of running a business? (Is that even possible?) Like today's guest Lisa Canning says: "the juggle is real," and whether or not you're a parent, I promise you at some point, you're going to be juggling. So many entrepreneurs feel like success comes at the detriment of other areas in their life. Is equilibrium even possible? If you're asking questions like this, I highly recommend listening to this episode. Lisa's going to take us through her own story, from a meltdown in her minivan to finding a more holistic approach to business and life. You'll learn Lisa's three-part framework for balancing work and life, plus a great "litmus test" for checking whether that balance is off. Whether you have eight kids or none, this episode is for you! Show notes and more at

Dec 16, 2020
SPI 451: The Most Insane Journey to Becoming an Entrepreneur I've Ever Heard: Casanova Brooks and Achieving Your Dreams

#451: There's a saying that you're going to hear on this episode that I absolutely love: "Joy wouldn't feel so good if it wasn't for pain." It's a heck of a true statement, and Casanova Brooks, today's guest, has truly lived it.

Today, he's taking us through his experience: from his tough upbringing to how he found his drive, why he decided to pursue real estate, and what he learned from a tough period sleeping next to a water heater. This one is super motivating, super inspirational, and there's a ton of solid advice in here about finding mentorship, discovering your drive, and setting goals for yourself. And the title says it all: this is the most insane journey to becoming an entrepreneur I've ever heard. Let's dig in! Show notes and more at

Dec 09, 2020
SPI 450: Entrepreneur Growth, Self-Discovery, and Pivoting in Tough Times

#450: Can you imagine being in the travel influencer industry when COVID-19 hit? Kristin Addis is the creator at—a site for travelers, especially solo female backpackers. Kristin works with brands and organizes special trips for adventurers. Kristin's no stranger to adversity. Her whole travel adventure started when she was four years deep in a top-notch corporate job that she just knew from day one wasn't going to stick.

How is she innovating and keeping her business thriving? Kristin's going to take us through it all today, from her business's origin story and the decisive moments when she knew to stay with it, to adapting to a post-COVID world, to getting vulnerable and creating new offerings for her audience. A lot of great inspiration in this one—let's go!

Dec 02, 2020
SPI 449: A Blast from the Past and Life's Interesting Journey — Back After 8 Years

#449: It's been 8 years and exactly 400 episodes since Brendan Hufford last joined us on the show. He's back to give us an update on where life has taken him since then. We talk about his experience as an admin for the SPI Facebook community, how the idea for SPI Pro started, and what lessons he's learned as a father of four and an entrepreneur. Brendan is an SEO expert—you can learn more at SEO for the Rest of Us. He's also going to dive into what we should know about SEO and why you don't need a thousand-dollar course to learn SEO the right way. There's a lot to talk about so let's dive in! Show notes and more at

Nov 25, 2020
SPI 448: How to Use Scarcity and Urgency to 10x Your Sales and Marketing with Jack Born

#448: Our job as marketers to help people make decisions, even life-changing ones. Creating scarcity and urgency ("scurgency," as I once heard someone put it) is the name of the game.

Why is scarcity so necessary and what can it do for us? What's the psychology of selling, how do you set deadlines in a genuine way, and how do you help someone commit to life-changing action? Jack Born, today's guest, has the answers to those questions and more, plus a story about kitesurfing that perfectly illustrates the power of deadlines

Nov 18, 2020
SPI 447: The Story of Matt D'Avella and His Rise to YouTube Fame

#447: Matt D'Avella is one of the most entertaining YouTubers I've found in a long time—his videos are engaging and his storytelling is brilliant. He's also the director of the 2015 documentary film Minimalism: A Documentary About the Important Things. In this episode, Matt starts at the beginning and unpacks how he was able to go from $97k in student loans to debt-free with a thriving YouTube channel. He explains how he found his voice in front of the camera, his process for creating high-view uploads, and why he launched his new course platform, Slow Growth Academy.

Whether you're a YouTuber yourself or just want a peek behind the curtain at someone who's doing it really, really right, this one's for you. Show notes available at:

Nov 11, 2020
SPI 446: How to Start and Sustain a Successful Business with Racheal Cook

#446: As an entrepreneur, it's hard to be in it for the long haul, and Racheal Cook has seen a lot of people hit burnout really quickly. Some of the things that make someone a potentially strong entrepreneur—the focus, the hustle—can work against us when we deprioritize things like health. Racheal sees hiring others as a high-leverage opportunity that will help any entrepreneur grow their business to the next level and avoid burnout. We talk about the importance of "firing yourself," and how to set up your business from the start to be sustainable and profitable. Plus, she provides listeners with a special offer— a checklist with her tips for business growth. Podcast show notes available here:

Nov 04, 2020
SPI 445: Courses, Community, and Courage—How Sam and Joe Built a Successful Online Business with Mum

#445: After spending some time trying to figure out a direction to take, today's guests, Sam and Joe Pitcher, ultimately turned their artist-mom's talents into a thriving website and community. Their story shows that with enough experimentation—some of their first ideas completely bombed—you can land on something great. Their site,, is unexpected and surprising, and it's incredible what they've done to monetize it. Plus, there's a sweet story to go with this success—these guys are really proud of their mother. And they're from England, so they call her "Mum," of course. ;) Podcast show notes available here:

Oct 28, 2020
SPI 444: Instagram Reels and TikTok for Business—Yes, It Does Work

#444: Although it might seem like a fad, TikTok has been the most crucial part of brand building for today's guest, Keenya Kelly. She's here to teach us about TikTok and a similar platform out there called Instagram Reels, and how you can use short-form videos on both platforms to take your own brand and business to the next level. She shares what kind of content has worked really well for her, why it's so exciting to be involved with this trend early, and tons more. She's super generous dishing out her secret sauce, has great charisma, and is really fun to talk with and listen to. Podcast show notes available here:

Oct 21, 2020
SPI 443: A New Way to Monetize Your Podcast with Jason from Supercast

#443: A lot of podcasters are struggling to find ways to monetize their shows. Today I'm talking to Jason from Supercast, which provides a way to create a membership opportunity with your podcast. Podcast show notes available here:

Oct 14, 2020
SPI 442: How to Get More Traffic and Exposure for Your Brand with Brittney Lynn

#442: For this episode of the SPI Podcast, I invited my PR agent, Brittney L. Lynn, to talk about how she and her team help people get media attention. Podcast show notes available here:

Oct 07, 2020
SPI 441: Your Relationship with Selling and How to Finally Get Your First Customers with Ramit Sethi

#441: Today I'll be speaking with Ramit Sethi about the psychology of selling. Podcast show notes available here:

Sep 30, 2020
SPI 440: How to Create Bingeworthy Content with Tracy Hazzard

#440: Tracy Hazzard is here to talk about what gives a podcast that "binge factor" (which also happens to be the name of one of her podcasts). Podcast show notes available here:

Sep 23, 2020
SPI 439: The #1 Most Underrated Way to Grow Your Email List and Brand Today (Let Me "Quiz" You)

#439: Randy Rayess is the cofounder of Outgrow, and in this show he shares the different use cases for these email list growth tools, and how they might be useful for you. Podcast show notes available here:

Sep 16, 2020
SPI 438: How IPA Can Lead to The Best Version of You—Productivity, Staying True to Yourself, and More with Eric Partaker

#438: Today's guest, Eric Partaker has dedicated his life to helping others be their best selves in business, relationships, and life. Podcast show notes available at

Sep 09, 2020
SPI 437: Life After Being a High-Performance CEO with Jon Oringer

#437: Jon Oringer is the billionaire founder of Podcast show notes are available at

Sep 02, 2020
SPI 436: How to Become a Valuable Leader with Dave Stachowiak

#436: In this episode, I'm speaking with Dave Stachowiak, and he's the host of the podcast Coaching for Leaders. Podcast show notes available at

Aug 19, 2020
SPI 435: 7 Terrible Traps Entrepreneurs Fall Into (And How to Get Out of Them)

#435: On this session of the SPI Podcast, I give you a heads up about seven terrible pitfalls that entrepreneurs often encounter. Podcast show notes available at

Aug 12, 2020
SPI 434: How to Know What to Fix Next with Mike Michalowicz
#434: Of all the things that seem vital and urgent in your business, how do you know what you should be focusing on right now? You can't address everything at once, so how can you stop putting out urgent fire after urgent fire so you can continue to grow? That's what we're talking about today with Mike Michalowicz. Podcast show notes are available at
Aug 05, 2020
SPI 433: Black Entrepreneurs Speak Out, Volume 2
#433: In June we asked Black entrepreneurs in the SPI community to share their experiences, and we're once again handing them the mic. This episode includes some things Team SPI has especially needed to hear. We're trying to do better and face our unconscious biases so we can make progress in the fight against racism. Warning: this episode includes mentions of violence and prejudice and may not be suitable for younger listeners. Podcast show notes available at
Jul 29, 2020
SPI 432: From Zero Audience to a Successful Podcast-Based Business, with Sophie Walker

#432: In this session of the SPI Podcast I talk to Sophie Walker. Podcast show notes available here:

Jul 22, 2020
SPI 431: Is Writing Still a Viable Content Platform? Medium, Copywriting Tips and More, with Dr. Benjamin Hardy

#431: In this session of the SPI Podcast, I talk to Dr. Benjamin Hardy. Podcast show notes available here:

Jul 15, 2020
SPI 430: Passive Income Success Story: How Jacques Hopkins Finally Made (Significant) Money Online
#430: In this session of the SPI Podcast, I talk to Jacques Hopkins, who started six unsuccessful passive income ventures before finding the right niche. After years of work, Jacques has finally started to make significant money with his course, Piano in 21 Days [affiliate link]. We cover the importance of mapping out the customer journey, what's working well right now for online course creators, and the value of customer feedback. Podcast show notes available here:
Jul 08, 2020
SPI 429: Taking Your Business to the Next Level with SPI Pro
#429: I couldn't be more excited to finally reveal a project we've been working on in secret for almost a year! My business partner, Matt Gartland, joins me to talk about the exciting new SPI Pro Community, a membership community for aspiring entrepreneurs. Online community development, a private network rooted around common goals, focus, ethics, and vision. It all starts with our Founding Members. Will you be one of them? Podcast show notes available here:
Jul 01, 2020
SPI 428: Inside the Start of an Online Membership Community with Kevin Fremon
#428: In this session of the SPI Podcast I speak with Kevin Fremon, an entrepreneur who's just getting started building an online membership community to better serve and support his audience. We discuss why it's so important to test your idea before you commit, the differences between various membership platforms, and what makes a community leader smile like a giddy kid. Podcast show notes are available at
Jun 24, 2020
SPI 427: Since Launching a Physical Product, Here's What We've Learned—SwitchPod Updates
#427: This episode of the SPI Podcast is about the business at SwitchPod, a physical product my videographer, Caleb Wojcik—who joins me—and I created. From an idea in 2017, to a $418K Kickstarter launch in 2019, to building and shipping it, to placement on Amazon and retail stores... It's been awesome, and we want to share what we're learning along the way to help you fast-forward your own physical product success. Podcast show notes available here:
Jun 17, 2020
SPI 426: Black Entrepreneurs Speak Out, Volume 1
#426: In an effort to spend more time listening to and amplifying the voices of SPI's Black community, we invited people to submit a recording via SpeakPipe sharing whatever they felt comfortable. Team Flynn did not disappoint. Numerous Black entrepreneurs responded, sharing their challenges, promoting their businesses, sharing advice and resources, and telling their stories. Podcast show notes available here:
Jun 10, 2020
Emergency Episode #5: A Message From Our Team
We’re pausing our regular content this week to honor and mourn the lives of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, and the countless others in the Black community who have been taken too soon. My teams at SPI Media, Fusebox, Flynndustries, and SwitchPod are taking stock of what we need to do to help bring an end to systemic racism. We’re also opening up a forum for our Black community members and Black entrepreneurs to be heard at
Jun 05, 2020
SPI 425: How to Host a Lower-Priced Workshop to Lead to a Higher-Priced Product, with Rick Mulready
#425: Imagine you sell a valuable premium product—one people aren't buying because of the high price point. How do you get them to buy? In this episode I share an honest, authentic marketing tactic used successfully by my friend Rick Mulready, from The Art of Online Business Podcast and Here is step-by-step guidance on leading people to a higher-priced product using a lower-priced workshop. Podcast show notes available here:
May 27, 2020
SPI 424: The Antidote to Dry Marketing and Sales, with Ann Handley
#424: Ann Handley is a Wall Street Journal-bestselling author who helps businesses escape marketing mediocrity to ignite tangible results—and she's here to talk about how we can best portray our authentic selves to effectively market our brands. Learn why so many people are bad at marketing, an incredibly simple way to approach marketing that turns what most people do on its head, and whether likability is even that important. Podcast show notes available here:
May 20, 2020
SPI 423: A Copywriting Masterclass and Sales Page Components that Convert, with Prerna Malik
#423: In this episode of the SPI Podcast, I talk to Prerna Malik about how to become a better conversion copywriter. You'll learn the elements of Prerna's proprietary copywriting process, how to lead a browser to become a buyer, the difference between a bad testimonial and a great one, and how to get social proof before you even have your first customer. Podcast show notes available here:
May 13, 2020
SPI 422: Email Marketing Audit: Which of These Email Marketing Strategies Are You Actually Doing?
#422: In this solo show, I share a little ten-point quiz you can take to test the strength of your email marketing strategy, and I let you in on some of my email marketing secrets. This isn't the traditional stuff I hope you’re doing already, like writing great subject lines, cleaning your email list, and paying attention to deliverability. No—these are tips from deep inside the Smart Passive Income toolbox. Podcast show notes available here:
May 06, 2020
Emergency Episode #4: Podcasting During Covid-19 (and Your Big Opportunity)
Podcasting has definitely been affected by the pandemic. Numbers are down for some, however, in some industries, the numbers are way up. Why though? Also, why might now be a great time to start a podcast, and how do we, in this environment, best grow our podcast? All that and more in this episode. Check out Buzzsprout, which we talk about in this episode: And download the SPI Podcast Cheat Sheet, which gives you step-by-step guidance on starting your podcast. 
May 04, 2020
SPI 421: Deborah Niemann: Deborah's Online Course Success Story (About Goats—Yes, Goats)
#421: In this episode, I interview Deborah Niemann, who helps people all over the world raise their goats and make cheese and soap via her online courses. We cover how to position yourself as the expert and actually be that expert, ways not to create your online course, and the importance of collecting email addresses early on. Podcast show notes available here:
Apr 29, 2020
SPI 420: How the CEO of Everbowl is Radically Growing and Creating an Amazing User Experience for His Customers
#420: Self-proclaimed serial entrepreneur and childhood classmate of mine Jeff Fenster is here to tell us how he's created multiple successful businesses in an all kinds of spaces. These include a small payroll company, a digital marketing agency, a construction company, and most recently, a healthy-dining establishment. You'll learn about the different "types" of entrepreneurial minds, what it means to "reverse-engineer" a business, and why it's good to be the dumbest guy in the room. Podcast show notes available here:
Apr 22, 2020
Emergency Episode #3: Your Undiscovered Opportunity During This Time of Crisis
At a time when we are craving connection and the ability to connect with others, there's an amazing opportunity in the online world that you may be able to create a business from - membership websites. Memberships right now are thriving, bigtime. In fact, we at SPI are working on one of our own right now, and we wanted to bring Stu McClaren on to talk about this opportunity and even how to validate a membership idea and how to get started today.
Apr 21, 2020
SPI 419: 23 Entrepreneurs Answer: How Do You Run a Business and Raise Kids at the Same Time?
#419: For this special episode, I asked some of my parent entrepreneur friends a few questions about owning your own business and working at home. Then, the unprecedented health crisis of 2020 happened, and they found themselves in even closer quarters with their kids. You'll learn tips, plans, strategies, and tools for juggling family and business, and how to ask for forgiveness when the inevitable ball does fall. Podcast show notes available here:
Apr 15, 2020
SPI 418: How to Get Super High-Profile Guests, with Jordan Harbinger
#418: Jordan Harbinger, often referred to as “The Larry King of podcasting,” talks about the role of luck in business success and how to cultivate relationships with publicists, agents, and others. His podcast, The Jordan Harbinger Show, has been a top 50 iTunes podcast for over twelve years and receives over six million downloads per month. Podcast show notes available here:
Apr 08, 2020
SPI 417: Have a Vision or Be Doomed to Failure. Vision Scripting, with Michael Hyatt
#417: Joining me for this episode is Michael Hyatt. He's been a guest here on the show several times in the past, and he's one of our favorites. He has a book that just came out called, The Vision Driven Leader. In this episode, Michael talks about the ideas in this book and how he came to be such a successful and admired leader. You'll learn: how to figure out which opportunities are relevant and which are distractions, why it is a mistake to take action without first thinking about the vision you have for your business, and what a vision actually is. Read show notes here:
Apr 01, 2020
SPI 416: Before Your First or Next Presentation DO THIS, with Grant Baldwin
#416: On this SPI podcast episode, Grant Baldwin from is here. Grant loves to be up with a microphone in front of a group of people. He just released a book called The Successful Speaker, and he's here to share some great advice about preparing for a presentation. Have a listen. You'll learn, why speaking might be a great gig for you, the most important questions to ask yourself as you prepare your talk, the number one most powerful thing to include in every talk, and more. Read show notes here:
Mar 25, 2020
Emergency Episode #2: Steps to Take When You Get Laid Off
Pat and Matt discuss getting laid off, and the next steps you can take to turn your knowledge into a potential freelancing career, either on the side, or potentially full time. Pat discusses his layoff in 2008 during the recession and how to set yourself up for success mentally, and Matt takes it home to give you specific advice on where to potentially go from here. Read more here:
Mar 25, 2020
Emergency Episode: Covid-19 and Maintaining Your Business
Pat Flynn and Matt Gartland (CFO + COO of SPI Media) come together to chat about the current state of businesses during the COVID-19 pandemic. Health comes first, however almost every business, online and offline, is being affected by what's happening, and Matt and I wanted to come on to share some thoughts about how to navigate these turbulent times with your business. From finances to team culture and mental health, we hope this episode provides some help to you during this time. For more information and other helpful resources Team SPI has put together for you, please visit:
Mar 19, 2020
SPI 415: How to Make Money Through Voice-Over Work, with Mike Russell
#415: If you've ever thought about getting into the world of voice-over work, today's guest is here with a ton of information about how to use your voice to make money. Mike Russell and his wife, Isabella, are co-founders of Music Radio Creative. Today, he shares his story about how he got into voice-over work and built his amazing agency. You'll learn how you can break into the voice-over space, how to get started, and more. Read show notes here:  
Mar 18, 2020
SPI 414: The Podcast Interviewer Authority Strategy that Led to a Six-Figure Business, with Erika Vieira
#414: In this episode, we talk with Erika Vieira who started a podcast because she was curious about the world of successful female YouTubers. She now has a six-figure business and amazing relationships with YouTubers who are helping her grow her own audience and authority. You'll learn about unexpected opportunities that podcasting can create, how you can turn your curiosity into something that pays, and more. Read show notes here:
Mar 11, 2020
SPI 413: The Secrets of Publishing for Profit (Both Fiction and Non-Fiction), With Mark Dawson
#413: In this episode, I talk with Mark Dawson who made more than $1.5 million last year alone from self-published books. Now, he teaches other people how to put out self-published books, and he has very unique strategies and a formula for doing that. Listen in and learn why self-publishing worked better than traditional publishing for Mark, how to position yourself for success when publishing books, strategies for placing Amazon ads, and more. Read show notes here:
Mar 04, 2020
SPI 412: The Power and Pain of Partnerships & The Future of Content on the Web, with Darrell Vesterfelt
#412: In this episode, we're talking with Darrell Vesterfelt who can give us the low-down on all things partnerships. A partnership brings another pro onto your team to focus on what they do best, so you can focus on what YOU do best. And you both have ownership of the venture. Listen in to learn why sole entrepreneurs might consider forming a partnership, the first steps toward bringing a partner on board, and what needs to happen legally to be in a partnership. Read show notes here:
Feb 26, 2020
SPI 411: 5 Market Must-Haves when Building a Business that will Succeed, with Ryan Levesque
#411: Is the market that you are serving viable for a long-term business model? Is it actually possible for you to succeed and make money in that space? Well, that's what we're going to talk about today with special guest Ryan Levesque. You'll learn the two most important things you need to be successful in business, how to not choose a bad market, and how to find a market-size sweet spot. Read the show notes here:
Feb 19, 2020
SPI 410: How Building a Tribe Took this Man from Rock Bottom to Massive Business Success
SPI #410: In one day, Mark Bowness' marriage ended, he lost his job, and he lost his community and sense of self. He was at rock bottom. Now he's a leading authority helping coaches, consultants, experts, thought leaders and entrepreneurs to build purpose-driven tribes. In this episode, you'll learn how to amplify your work and impact through building community, the four key elements of a tribe, and what makes a great leader. Read show notes here:
Feb 12, 2020
SPI 409: An Interview with Jess my Executive Assistant (and How We Choreograph Our Work Together)
#409: If you've ever thought that you don't have enough time to do everything you want to do, listen to this podcast episode. I interview my executive assistant, who has made it possible for me to focus on the big picture items on my to-do list. She's super organized, and, well, it's time for you to get to know her. You'll learn how to work with an executive assistant, how to build a strong relationship, and what tasks to handoff. Podcast show notes available here:
Feb 05, 2020
SPI 408: How to Hire the Right Help and Get More Time Back without Driving Yourself Crazy
#408: In this episode, we're talking with Shannon and Bryan Miles from They have a three-pronged approach to helping entrepreneurs get the support they need— featuring virtual assistants (VAs), bookkeepers, and web assistants. You'll learn how to determine the right time to hire an executive assistant, what the qualities of a great virtual assistant are, and how to take the first steps towards finding help. Read the show notes here:
Jan 29, 2020
SPI 407: How to Raise a Kid Entrepreneur
#407: If you’re a parent and an entrepreneur, or a kid and an entrepreneur, or a parent of a kid-entrepreneur, or just want to be part of a fun conversation, this podcast with Steve Chou is one you’ll want to listen to. Steve and I have come together because our kids are both entrepreneurs. We talk about how our kids got started in entrepreneurship, how much influence we have (or don’t have) on their projects, how we deal with other issues of safety and social media and dealing with haters, and more. Podcast show notes available here:
Jan 22, 2020
SPI 406: The 7 DOs and DONTs of Email Marketing Success
#406: In this episode, we’ll focus on what to do—and what not to do—to drastically improve your open rates and make email marketing that works. We’ll talk about subject lines and why you need to be spending way more time on them than you think. We’ll also cover why I think most of you aren’t sending enough emails, while also going over that all-important question: how much is too much? Read full show notes:
Jan 15, 2020
SPI 405: Gather Your Community or Get Left Behind—Mighty Networks and More with Gina Bianchini
#405: I’m super psyched to have a conversation with Gina Bianchini, the founder of a platform for communities called Mighty Networks. This tool lets you create your own groups and puts you back in the driver’s seat. You'll learn why people crave community, starting small in creating courses, Mighty Networks vs. Facebook Groups, and more! Read the full show notes:
Jan 08, 2020
SPI 404: The 5 Dysfunctions of a Team with Patrick Lencioni
#404: On today’s episode, we have Patrick Lencione, author of the bestselling book, The Five Dysfunctions of a Team. I can’t tell you enough how much of a gamechanger it’s been for me as I’ve been trying to build Team SPI. Don’t miss this episode, because the conversation we have is just mind-blowing in so many ways. Patrick is chock-full of so many great stories and examples to illustrate what a healthy team looks like, and where so many teams go wrong. Read the full show notes at:
Jan 01, 2020
SPI 403: 2 Time Management Strategies to Practice in 2020
#403: This episode is short and sweet, but I talk about two key time management strategies that have really helped me make the most of my time. The first is just in time learning, which is the idea that you only learn the things you need in order to take your next step. Balancing that is the twenty percent itch rule, which is the idea that I set aside twenty percent of my time each week to experiment and try new things. That way I still get to scratch that itch and explore some new things while keeping focused on what I have to do here and now with the other eighty percent of my time. Take a listen to learn more, and happy holidays from all of us here at Team SPI. Read the full show notes at:
Dec 25, 2019
SPI 402: Everyone Needs to Have a Podcast
#402: If you’re not already podcasting, I have just one question for you: WHY?! As I’ve been saying over and over on the Smart Passive Income Podcast, podcasting is just the most rapidly growing way to connect directly your listeners. Learn more at
Dec 18, 2019
SPI 401: Jesse Cole—The Yellow Tux Guy
#401: On SPI 401, Jessie Cole, the Yellow Tux Guy, stops by to share one of the most inspiring and wackiest success stories I've ever heard on this podcast! You'll learn how Jessie has created unbelievable and amazing experiences for his fans, and how you can do the same. Podcast show notes available here:
Dec 11, 2019
SPI 400: Top 10 Things I've Learned Since Recording 400 Episodes of the SPI Podcast
#400: I share the top 10 things I've learned since recording 400 episodes of the SPI podcast. Podcast show notes available here:
Dec 04, 2019
SPI 399: Last Minute Cyber Monday Strategies to Get More Sales
#399: As Cyber Monday approaches I run through 10 strategies you can use to take advantage of the holiday and drive sales, including the kinds of special bonuses people pay attention to and why free shipping can be the best deal you offer. Podcast show notes available here:
Nov 27, 2019
SPI 398: 5 Different Affiliate Marketing Strategies I Use
#398: Today I have 5 strategies for the most underutilized, underrated, underappreciated form of marketing out there: affiliate marketing. Learn how interviewing the creator or founder of the product makes great content that sells, the right way to do product demo videos, and how I turned a time-sensitive challenge into something automated and evergreen. Podcast show notes available here:
Nov 20, 2019
SPI 397: Becoming a Niche Reviewer: The Story Behind Bagworks with Chase Reeves
#397: Chase Reeves is a niche reviewer focusing on travel bags and accessories. You can find his curated best-of lists at and his reviews on his YouTube channel. I first met Chase when he was a web designer for Chase shares how he found his passion for great bag design and what makes for a great product review video, which is a great skill for growing your affiliate marketing. Podcast show notes available here:
Nov 13, 2019
SPI 396: Not So Fun Business Stuff (But in a Fun Way)
#396: Today we're bring my CFO and COO, Matt Gartland, on the show to talk about the changes that are coming to (including how we're getting team members more involved in the content) and the new business fundamentals guide he's writing. Learn the basics of getting started with an LLC and why you need one, the first things you should do when you want to start a business, and the basics of cash flow and what you need to keep track of. There's a ton of great information in this episode! Podcast show notes available here:
Nov 06, 2019
SPI 395: Podcasting in 2020—What You Need to Know
#395: Kevin Finn, the co-founder of Buzzsprout, shares with us what works and what doesn't in the ever-expanding world of podcasting. Kevin and I discuss why Buzzsprout is the podcast host I recommend to people just starting out, and we get deep into how advertising works in podcasting, and why affiliate marketing is the future. Podcast show notes available here:
Oct 30, 2019
SPI 394: Organizing Your Life with April and Eric Perry
#394: April and Eric Perry help people escape the piles of stuff we're all drowning in by re-organizing their lives through their community and courses at Hear how they have created their own superfans, as well as what they learned from Don Miller to transform their messaging. Podcast show notes available here:
Oct 23, 2019
SPI 393: Got Story Brand? An Interview with Donald Miller
#393: Donald Miller is the author of Building Your Storybrand and the founder of He shares how you can spend a few days rewriting your website's copy to dramatically increase your sales. We discuss the key examples of story structure you’ve probably already heard of and how to make your audience the hero of the story. Podcast show notes available here:
Oct 16, 2019
SPI 392: Everything You Need to Know about Membership Websites with Stu McLaren
#392: Stu McLaren from is the founder of Tribe, an amazing community of people building membership websites. He explains the ins and outs of the business, and how you can start something that lasts. He shares examples of people with small communities who have launched successful membership sites, stories of membership sites where the founder wasn’t the expert, and the ways in which courses differ from membership sites and how they can work together.
Oct 09, 2019
SPI 391: FlynnCon1 – The Unexpected Story – A Behind the Scenes Interview with Pat Flynn
#391: Michael O'Neal, host of the Solopreneur Hour Podcast, turns the tables and interviews me about FlynnCon1 and what's on deck for FlynnCon2. We talk about why FlynnCon is family-oriented and how the SmartBar allowed us to serve our attendees in a unique way.
Oct 02, 2019
SPI 390: Scott Voelker and The Take Action Effect
#390: Scott Voelker from the Amazing Seller brings us insights from his new book, Take Action Effect, to show us how an appreciation for how far we've come can help us achieve more going forward. This episode offers a wealth of advice on improving your mindset so that you can truly take action on the plans you've been dreaming about. Podcast show notes available here:
Sep 25, 2019
SPI 389: How to Get More 1-on-1 Clients with Jenny Shih
#389: Jenny Shih teaches business owners how to earn a full-time income as service-based entrepreneurs. She shares her unique approach to getting more 1-on-1 clients, how to be helpful, and how to avoid coming across as sales-y. Jenny has a dedicated audience—her superfans made this episode happen! Podcast show notes available here:
Sep 18, 2019
SPI 388: Why Everything is Figureoutable with Marie Forleo
#388: The legendary Marie Forleo is here to talk about her new book, Everything Is Figureoutable, and shares her lessons from coaching thousands of people in almost every industry you can imagine. We discuss the variety of jobs she has had, why she started B-School, and why it’s only offered once a year. Podcast show notes available here:
Sep 11, 2019
SPI 387: How to Become Indistractable with Nir Eyal
#387: Nir Eyal returns to SPI to discuss his new book, Indistractable, and teaches us how to be indistractable in lives and in our business. We talk about the problems that run deeper than technology and why digital detoxes aren't a sustainable solution. Listen in to hear why the opposite of distraction is traction, and how to create it. Podcast show notes available here:
Sep 04, 2019
SPI 386: The Upside-Down Content and Product Strategy with Todd Tressider
#386: Todd Tresidder, a financial planning expert and author of How Much Money Do I Need to Retire, explains his unique upside-down content strategy. You may remember Todd from episode 200, where we discussed content audits. In this episode, we discuss content audits again, how he uses keywords in part to determine what content to cover, and how courses fit into his content strategy so that he makes sure he is serving his audience well. Podcast show notes available here:
Aug 28, 2019
SPI 385: The Next BIG Thing for Marketers Is . . . Email
#385: I cover why you can't rely on Facebook, YouTube, and Google to reach your fans, and why email marketing is back in a big way. Learn how the big algorithms get in the way of you actually reaching your fans and how email (plus a few other tools) can help you get your message to the people who want to hear it.
Aug 21, 2019
SPI 384: An Essay to All Entrepreneurs, Business Owners, and Marketers
#384: To celebrate to launch of Superfans, we take this episode to share episodes 6 and 11 from the audiobook so you can get a preview of why this book is so important for any business, large or small. I share lessons I've learned about engaging an audience on all mediums. Podcast show notes available here:
Aug 14, 2019
SPI 383: Income Report: How Much Did "Will It Fly?" Make?
#383: With Superfans launching next week, we look back at the total earnings of Will It Fly? three years later and break down all the numbers. I share the profits breakdown for total book sales, how Kindle Unlimited and Audible audiobooks can help your sales, and how much I made with foreign licensing rights. Podcast show notes available here:
Aug 07, 2019
SPI 382: The Surprising Truth about How One (Self-Published) Author Sold Millions of Books
#382: Hal Elrod explains how his self-published book, The Miracle Morning, sold over 1.8 million copies. Learn the secret behind Miracle Morning’s eighty-two percent conversion rate for email opt-ins and how he developed his book's framework. Podcast show notes available here:
Jul 31, 2019
SPI 381: Self-Publishing versus Traditional Publishing
#381: Thinking of publishing a book? Listen in on the pros and cons of self-publishing versus traditional publishing, hybrid publishing, and publishing tips! I discuss the costs involved and how your choice affects the editorial and marketing processes. Podcast show notes available here:
Jul 24, 2019
SPI 380: 5 Hard Truths About Writing and Publishing Books
#380: If you're thinking about writing and publishing a book, get your notepad out because here are the 5 hard truths about writing and publishing books today. In this episode, I cover the differences between self-publishing and more traditional models, why initial sales numbers aren’t everything, and how to think about your book as part of a larger goal. Podcast show notes available here:
Jul 17, 2019
SPI 379: How Books Increase Our Authority and Leadership with Azul Terronez
#379: Azul Terronez shares how books increase our authority and leadership, build our community, grow our business, and boost our opportunities. Podcast show notes available here:
Jul 10, 2019
SPI 378: Amazon Book Marketing—Everything You Need to Know with Dave Chesson from Kindlepreneur
#378: Dave Chesson from Kindlepreneur shares everything you need to know about Amazon book marketing, book ranking, book cover design, and more! Podcast show notes available here:
Jul 03, 2019
SPI 377: Retail Arbitrage: Buying and Reselling Items from Stores on Amazon (Revisited) with Cliff and Jessica Larrew
#377: I revisit one of our most popular episodes ever to find out what's new with Amazon retail arbitrage from Cliff and Jessica Larrew. Learn how to setup an Amazon Seller account and the hidden costs you should account for when reselling on Amazon. Podcast show notes available here:
Jun 26, 2019
SPI 376: How to Actually Make Progress and Grow Your Business—A Conversation with James Wedmore
#376: James Wedmore is on the show to teach us how to actually make progress and grow your business, maintain self-integrity, focus on committing, and how to get into the genius zone. Podcast show notes available here:
Jun 19, 2019
SPI 375: The State of Podcasting in 2019 with Matt and Pat
#375: Matt Gartland, COO and CFO of Flynndustries LLC, joins the show to talk about the state of podcasting in 2019, including trends, why we think that there's still plenty of room to start your show, and various revenue models for podcasts. Podcast show notes available here:
Jun 12, 2019
SPI 374: The Psychology of Money and Wealth with Ramit Sethi
#374: I walk the streets of New York City with Ramit Sethi to talk about why you need to change the way you think about wealth and money. Podcast show notes available here:
Jun 05, 2019
SPI 373: $100k in Debt to Facebook Ads Expert—Monica Louie and Her Amazing Journey
#373: Monica Louie shares the story of how she paid off $120,000 of debt in just two years and built a boutique Facebook Ads consultancy. Learn the three main elements of a successful Facebook ad and why patience is important when it comes to Facebook ads. Podcast show notes available here:
May 29, 2019
SPI 372: Why People Really Hate Us Online
#372: This episode is about what to do if you're on the receiving end of hate online: why people do it and how you can move past it. I share stories of being the target of online hate, as well as strategies for how to keep your head in the right place. Podcast show notes available here:
May 22, 2019
SPI 371: SEO and Business Growth Today with Glen Allsop
#371: In this episode I talk to Glen Allsop, serial entrepreneur and SEO expert, to learn what you can do to fly up the page rankings. Learn techniques for analyzing and improving your site traffic. Podcast show notes available here:
May 15, 2019
SPI 370: Staying Positive and Building a Business That Matters with Marc and Angel Chernoff
#370: We learn how Marc and Angel Chernoff turned their blog into a business that helped them make a career out of helping others change their lives. Learn how they overcame imposter syndrome and began to create products, including a New York Times bestseller. Podcast show notes available here:
May 08, 2019
SPI 369: Top 5 Major Business Mistakes Entrepreneurs Make
#369: These are the five major business mistakes that entrepreneurs make, why they happen, and what you can learn from them. Get your notepads out and be inspired! Podcast show notes available here:
May 01, 2019
SPI 368: How to Build a YouTube Brand that Makes an Impact with Tim Schmoyer
#368: YouTube master Tim Schmoyer shares the key to sticky videos, what most content creators get wrong, and helps Pat figure out how to fix his YouTube strategy. You'll learn how to approach your video creation process with a plan for success. Podcast show notes available here:
Apr 24, 2019
SPI 367: The Miracle Equation and How to Help You Achieve Your Biggest Goals
#367: Hal Elrod shares his amazing story of not one but two near-death experiences, and how they helped him develop the philosophy behind his book, The Miracle Equation. His passion and insight are truly contagious, so take a listen. Podcast show notes available here:
Apr 17, 2019
SPI 366: Anti-Busy. Pro-Purpose. Talking Work-Life Balance with Chalene Johnson
#366: Chalene Johnson and I talk work-life balance: the mistakes she's made, the lessons she's learned, how she's brought that all together in her book, 131 Method. Lots of lessons here for you no matter what business you're in! Podcast show notes available here:
Apr 10, 2019
SPI 365: Why Staying Small Is the Next Big Thing with Paul Jarvis
#365: Paul Jarvis is here help you build a better, not bigger, business. There can be benefit to keeping your business small. Listen in and learn why growth isn't always the answer. Podcast show notes available here:
Apr 03, 2019
SPI 364: SEO Simplified – with Tim from Ahrefs
#364: Tim Soulo from Ahrefs breaks down a simple, actionable SEO strategy—from the very first steps, to query and keyword research, content planning, SEO competition, and more! Podcast show notes available here:
Mar 27, 2019
SPI 363: Dear Podcasters
#363: No matter where you are in your podcasting journey, I have a message for you. Here's how to avoid "podfade," break through plateaus, connect deeply with your audience, and create massive growth through podcasting. Podcast show notes available here:
Mar 20, 2019
SPI 362: Women and Entrepreneurship with Christy Wright
#362: What unique challenges do female entrepreneurs face? Business Boutique Founder Christy Wright is here to answer that question and dive deep on taking your first steps, connecting with your audience, selling with your heart, and more! Podcast show notes available here:
Mar 13, 2019
SPI 361: Super Simple Segmentation & Web Personalization for Next Level Marketing – with Brennan Dunn
#361: RightMessage Creator Brennan Dunn lays down strategies for understanding and serving your audience through segmentation and web personalization, driving more sales and saving you money at the same time. It's a next-level tool for online business! Podcast show notes available here:
Mar 06, 2019
SPI 360: How to Plan and Manage Projects and Programs Successfully – with Janna Maron from Team SPI
#360: Janna Maron—Team SPI's Editorial Director—breaks down the tips, workflows, and strategies she uses to schedule and organize massive programs and projects and keep overwhelm to a minimum. Podcast show notes available here:
Feb 27, 2019
SPI 359: How to Build a Business You Enjoy Even with Little Time—with Dana Malstaff
#359: Boss Mom Founder Dana Malstaff lays out approaches for building an online following, climbing the business ladder, and optimizing your time—even if you don't have much time available in the first place. Podcast show notes available here:
Feb 20, 2019
SPI 358: Creating Evergreen Funnels for a Sustainable Business – with Nick Stephenson
#358: Author Nick Stephenson unpacks the blueprints he uses to create a sustainable business through evergreen funnels. Plus, he'll share tactics for selling books on Amazon and creating a raving fanbase as a writer. Podcast show notes available here:
Feb 13, 2019
SPI 357: How a Beautiful Mess Became a Beautifully Diverse Business Empire – with Emma and Trey
#357: A Beautiful Mess Co-Creator Emma Chapman and her husband Trey George are a power couple; their secret is diversifying their income streams! Discover how they got their start and how they manage and organize a high-traction blog, apps with millions of installs, their team, and so much more! Podcast show notes available here:
Feb 06, 2019
SPI 356: Everything behind the Launch of My New Invention – the SwitchPod
#356: Get the inside scoop on my first physical product—the SwitchPod—from idea to prototype, marketing, and more, with videographer and co-inventor Caleb Wojcik! Podcast show notes available here:
Jan 30, 2019
SPI 355: How to Build a Successful YouTube Channel in 2019 – with Derral Eves
#355: VidSummit creator Derral Eves breaks down the strategies you need to turn your YouTube channel into a profitable online business, plus what's on the horizon for YouTube in 2019 and beyond. Podcast show notes available here:
Jan 23, 2019
SPI 354: The Next Big Steps in Business with Matt Gartland from Team Flynn
#354: Matt Gartland, an integral member of my team, is here to help me make a huge announcement. Plus, he's digging deep on project management, developing your business's culture, financial planning, and strategies for transitioning from scrappy entrepreneur to organized, focused CEO. Podcast show notes available here:
Jan 16, 2019
SPI 353: How Alex from Travel Fashion Girl Built Her Empire
#353: Data, ads, SEO,  affiliate marketing, and organic connection with your audience can drive massive traffic and revenue for your online business. Today, Alex Jimenez from Travel Fashion Girl breaks down the tools and tactics she used to grow a niche site with almost 1 million monthly visitors! Podcast show notes available here:
Jan 09, 2019
SPI 352: How Powerhouse YouTuber Marques Brownlee (A.K.A. MKBHD) Grew His Massive Brand
#352: What does it take to grow a massive YouTube channel? Marques Brownlee (MKBHD) breaks down his origin story, how he developed his unique style, his interview with Elon Musk, and the advice he'd give newcomers to the platform. Podcast show notes available here:
Jan 02, 2019
SPI 351: The Ten Hardest-Hitting SPI Episodes of 2018
#351: Let's close out 2018 strong: Listen to ten clips from ten of the most impactful and actionable SPI episodes of 2018! Podcast show notes available here:
Dec 26, 2018
SPI 350: Massive Transformation in Six Months—Before/After with Walid Azami
#350: Walid Azami transformed his life and business in just six months, and you can too! In this episode you'll hear two AskPat coaching sessions with Walid—a before and after—so you can get inspired by his journey. Podcast show notes available here:
Dec 19, 2018
SPI 349: Will You Go to P.R.O.M. with Me? Lessons Learned in 2018
#349: What did I learn in 2018? Today I'll share the hard-hitting, powerful lessons and strategies that I learned and implemented this year and how they've changed my life. Podcast show notes available here:
Dec 12, 2018
SPI 348: How to Buy and Sell Websites with Empire Flippers Founder Justin Cooke
#348: Ever wanted to sell your site or buy someone else's? Empire Flippers Founder Justin Cooke is here to tell us what to expect, the risks, and the questions you should ask yourself before you take the plunge. Podcast show notes available here:
Dec 05, 2018
SPI 347: How to Organize a Massive Event (Brick by Brick with Chad Collins)
#347: According to today's guest, Chad Collins, throwing a massive event is the most powerful thing you can do for your audience. Here are some of the strategies he uses to sell out tickets. Podcast show notes available here:
Nov 28, 2018
SPI 346: Booted out of His Own Business & the One Thing Jordan Harbinger Did to Survive
#346: What if you had to start again from scratch? That's what happened to Jordan Harbinger. He's here with strategies for growing and maintaining your network so you can bounce back just like he did. Podcast show notes available here:
Nov 21, 2018
SPI 345: How to Build a Software Company—the Story of JungleScout with Greg Mercer
#345: What does it take to create a successful software tool? JungleScout Founder Greg Mercer shares the inspiration, strategies, and marketing effort that scaled his company to a team of nearly 100, plus what he would do differently if he had to start all over again. Podcast show notes available here:
Nov 14, 2018
SPI 344: How Studio Neat Became Physical Product Rockstars through Kickstarter
#344: Tom Gerhardt and Dan Provost—the brains behind Studio Neat—break down strategies and tactics for a successful Kickstarter campaign. They would know; they've crushed it with over nine campaigns! Podcast show notes available here:
Nov 07, 2018
SPI 343: Some Big Business and Life Updates—Lightning Round Style!
#343: I've got a lot of updates for you! Here's what's going on with my first physical product launch, FlynnCON1, and my income reports, plus what's on the horizon for 2019. Podcast show notes available here:
Nov 02, 2018
SPI 342: What You Need to Know before Hosting a Conference (with Ronsley Vaz)
#342: Want to run a live event? Let the creator of the We Are Podcast conference, Ronsley Vaz, give you the inside scoop—from navigating cashflow challenges to booking speakers and everything in between. Podcast show notes available here:
Oct 31, 2018
SPI 341: How to Become an Inventor Entrepreneur with Ryan Gorman
#341: Ryan Gorman is an entrepreneur with over fifty inventions. He'll teach you strategies for developing a product, selling your ideas, and protecting your intellectual property at every step. Podcast show notes available here:
Oct 24, 2018
SPI 340: How to Build Atomic Habits—with James Clear
#340: Learn how to design permanent habits so you can live your best life, with Atomic Habits author James Clear. James explains his framework, the Four Laws and Cardinal Rule of Behavior Change. He has lots of great advice on how to set yourself up for success when implementing new habits. Podcast show notes available here:
Oct 17, 2018
SPI 339: My First Live Conference—Announcing FlynnCON1!
#339: My first-ever live conference goes down in July of 2019! Here's why I'm doing it, the unique vision I'm structuring it with, and the nitty gritty of how to attend. I can't wait to see you there! Podcast show notes available here:
Oct 10, 2018
SPI 338: Selling a Book? Overlooking This Page Could Kill Sales—Book Marketing with Bryan Cohen
#338: Sell more books with Amazon sales pages that attract customers and maximize revenue, with special guest Bryan Cohen. Bryan covers key tips for converting book sales on Amazon, including how to write compelling sales page copy, how to make your calls to action (your CTAs) successful, and how to use those customer reviews to sell more books. Podcast show notes available here:
Oct 03, 2018
SPI 337: The Riches Are in the Niches—The Advantage of SMALL
#337: Sit back and let me tell you about the five big advantages to starting small and niche with entrepreneurship! I cover the Four Ps, why companies pay top dollar to work with businesses that have niche audiences, and why starting small is great if you don't have a lot of money to get started. Podcast show notes available here:
Sep 26, 2018
SPI 336: The Story of Super Coffee—from Dorm Room to Whole Foods and Beyond with Jim Decicco
#338: Discover the story of Super Coffee: How three brothers and a dorm room blender broke into the bottled coffee niche and earned $5 million in revenue! I speak with Super Coffee CEO Jim Decicco about how they landed Whole Foods as their first account, how they got on Shark Tank, found an industry mentor, and what they did to make the most of these opportunities. Podcast show notes available here:
Sep 19, 2018
SPI 335: Creating Evergreen Sales Funnels (And What to Watch out For) with Amy Porterfield
#335: Considering evergreen sales funnels? Listen in for key strategies, common mistakes, and tools and resources for success with special guest Amy Porterfield! Amy talks about the differences between live and evergreen funnels, and why you may want to consider each. Podcast show notes available here:
Sep 12, 2018
SPI 334: How to Conduct an Unforgettable Interview with Andrew Warner
#334: Ever interview someone for your podcast or YouTube channel? Andrew Warner is here to teach you how to conduct interviews that inspire, demand attention, and make a true impact for listeners. Andrew talks about how he prepares both himself and his guests for live interviews, how he guides the conversation, and what kind of research he does beforehand. Podcast show notes available here:
Sep 05, 2018
SPI 333: Branding Masterclass (and Selling Digital and Physical Products) with the Amazing Seller, Scott Voelker
#333: Get strategies and tactics for creating and selling successful products on Amazon, competing in the marketplace, and building a notable brand in the process with Scott Voelker, AKA the Amazing Seller. Scott talks about why it's important to build a brand outside Amazon as well, and how to use content and social media to promote your products. Podcast show notes available here:  
Aug 29, 2018
SPI 332: How to Build and Scale an Agency Model Business—with Jason Swenk
#332: Have you ever considered transitioning your business into an agency? Learn strategies for growing, hiring your team, positioning and marketing your brand, and pacing yourself with special guest Jason Swenk. Jason talks about what to consider when you think about forming an agency and how to make sure you're not the bottleneck for decision making. Podcast show notes available here:
Aug 22, 2018
SPI 331: The Story You Tell Yourself (That Could Crush You) – with Dr. Shannon Irvine
#331: Your biggest business asset is your mindset. Learn how to rewrite the stories you create about yourself and develop a success-oriented mindset with Dr. Shannon Irvine. In addition to all the great mindset tips, Dr. Irvine also talks about how to take an offline business online, which is great advice for my brick-and-mortar listeners! Podcast show notes available here:
Aug 15, 2018
SPI 330: Building a Personal Brand (Because It’s Your Calling) with Jadah Sellner
#330: Ever wanted to start a personal brand? Here's how to tune into your passion, face the fear, and transform your dreams into a reality with special guest Jadah Sellner. Jadah talks about deciding to leave her Simple Green Smoothies brand to work on what she was really passionate about. Podcast show notes available here:
Aug 08, 2018
SPI 329: One of the Most Important Business Conversations You Need to Have with Yourself—with Dan Andrews
#329: Ever considered exiting your business? Before the Exit author Dan Andrews is here with the questions and thought experiments you should use to make a smart decision without regrets. Podcast show notes available here:
Aug 01, 2018
SPI 328: 3 Ways to Use YouTube to Grow Your Business & Make Money with Sean Cannell
#328: Learn how to harness the power of YouTube to create cashflow, build your brand, and grow your reach with Sean Cannell. Sean discusses how to use affiliate marketing for monetization, how to create powerful product review videos, and how to negotiate brand deals. Podcast show notes available here:
Jul 25, 2018
SPI 327: How to Write Copy that Sells with Ray Edwards
#327: Learn techniques and foundations for powerful, success-driven sales copy with copywriting master Ray Edwards. You'll learn how to connect with your readers, prove the value of your product, and create bonuses to help with your pitch. Podcast show notes available here:
Jul 18, 2018
SPI 326: From $50k in Debt to Business Success in Less than a Year—How to Be Mindful and Ruthless
#326: How Full Stack Designer Sagi Shrieber overcame debt and created an amazing community and lifestyle by taking massive action. Sagi discusses the investments he made into his business, even when he didn't have a regular salary and was $50k in debt. Podcast show notes available here:
Jul 11, 2018
SPI 325: How to Be an Amazing Coach with Michael Bungay Stanier
#325: Ditch the rescuer mindset and become more coach-like with the author of The Coaching Habit, Michael Bungay Stanier. Michael has an amazing wealth of information to share on how to be a better coach, as well as the ways those skills transfer to other activities, such as hosting a podcast. Podcast show notes available here:
Jul 04, 2018
SPI 324: From College Nerd to Wildly Successful Personal Brand with Thomas Frank
#324: Get ready for a masterclass in YouTube strategy, personal branding, and niche blogging with College Info Geek creator Thomas Frank. Thomas has a wealth of strategies, techniques, and tools to help you grow. Podcast show notes available here:
Jun 27, 2018
SPI 323: How to Get Affiliates and JVs to Promote for You with Matt McWilliams
#323: Uncover best practices for planning and launching an affiliate program for your business with affiliate marketing master Matt McWilliams. Matt shares how to start an affiliate marketing program for your product or service, how to encourage your affiliate to promote your product, and how to prepare for product launches. Podcast show notes available here:
Jun 20, 2018
SPI 322: How “The Rideshare Guy” Created a Business Helping Uber and Lyft Drivers
#322: Hear how Harry Campbell—The Rideshare Guy—quit his day job in aerospace engineering, monetized his business, and helped millions of drivers have better experiences with Lyft and Uber. Harry has great promotion advice for anyone with a niche site. Podcast show notes available here:
Jun 13, 2018
SPI 321: Earn More Media Exposure (At Any Level) with Christina Nicholson
#321: Learn how to connect with media outlets, pitch effectively, and master PR with Christina Nicholson of Regardless of the size of your business, Christina has lots of great strategies you can use. Podcast show notes available here:
Jun 06, 2018
SPI 320: How to Run a Contest to Build Your Email List and Grow Your Brand with Noah Kagan
#320: KingSumo creator Noah Kagan teaches how to grow an explosive online following and brand using viral giveaways. You'll also learn how to convert the subscribers you get during a giveaway into customers. Podcast show notes available here:
May 30, 2018
SPI 319: How to Work Less & Make More with James Schramko
#319: Learn how to design a fulfilling business and lifestyle with James Schramko, author of Work Less, Make More. James shares his philosophy for reinvesting in your business, the business models he uses, and how to get comfortable with selling. Podcast show notes available here:
May 23, 2018
SPI 318: Modern Mindfulness with Melissa Monte—An SPI Student and Her Successful Start
#318: Power-Up Podcasting student Melissa Monte shares the strategy behind the successful launch of her show, Mind Love, tips for taking action, and what she's learned in her journey so far. Podcast show notes available here:
May 16, 2018
SPI 317: Make Money with Your Skills—Creating Awesome with Roberto Blake
#317: Learn the strategies and mindset you need to create a personal brand, prove your expertise in your industry, and be a successful creator with special guest Roberto Blake. Roberto has lots of outstanding advice for cultivating creativity. Podcast show notes available here:
May 09, 2018
SPI 316: The Art of Scaling with Nathan Chan from Foundr
#316: Discover the strategies and mindset behind Foundr Magazine's explosive growth with its creator, Nathan Chan. We discuss scaling a company and creating courses. Podcast show notes available here:
May 02, 2018
SPI 315: How to Disrupt Yourself & Grow a Company with Whitney Johnson
#315: Disruption expert Whitney Johnson shares her strategies for disrupting your life and business in order to change and grow. Whitney shares her journey from music major to entrepreneur, investor, and innovator. Podcast show notes available here:
Apr 25, 2018
SPI 314: From Clients to Passive Income—Productize Your Business with Brian Casel
#314: Learn tips and strategies for productizing—making your client-based business streamlined and scalable—with special guest Brian Casel. Brian shares examples of productizing, advice for hiring staff, and why delegation is the key to a successful productized business. Podcast show notes available here:
Apr 18, 2018
SPI 313: Building a Strong and Healthy Brand with Michelle Tam from Nom Nom Paleo
#313: Hear the story of Michelle Tam, creator of Nom Nom Paleo, plus learn strategies for getting started in online business and launching a book or product. We also discuss taking book pre-orders and the strategy she used to make sure her cookbook launch was a success (and it was—it landed on the New York Times bestseller list!). Podcast show notes available here:
Apr 11, 2018
SPI 312: This “Hole” Can Cost Entrepreneurs Thousands—Let’s Fix It
#312: Learn how to recover thousands of dollars from failed subscription payments and prevent them from happening, thanks to today's guest, Casey Graham of Gravy. Podcast show notes available here:
Apr 04, 2018
SPI 311: How to Build an Audience with Your Hobby
#311: Hear a conversation with Phil Lichtenberger, who built a podcast and audience out of a niche hobby, scanner radio. Phil and I discuss his experience with Power-Up Podcasting, why podcasting was helpful for his business, as well as tips and strategies for taking your own podcast to the next level. Podcast show notes available here:
Mar 28, 2018
BONUS: How to Focus on Just One Thing at a Time (Special Episode)
In this bonus episode, I coach long-time listener Jackie Bolen through her question, "What one thing should I focus on?" Listen in for prioritization tips!
Mar 23, 2018
SPI 310: The Secret to Superfans in Two Words
#310: Learn my strategies for building a thriving community of superfans, hear a special interview with Matt Barnett and Oli Bridge from Bonjoro, and find out about a special giveaway! Podcast show notes available here:
Mar 21, 2018
SPI 309: How to Create a Marketing Funnel That Works (with Molly Pittman)
#309: Learn how to optimize your customer journey, simplify your sales funnels, and motivate customers to be ambassadors for your brand with special guest Molly Pittman. Learn how to keep your funnel simple and upsell at the right moment. Podcast show notes available here:
Mar 14, 2018
SPI 308: Sunny Lenarduzzi on Bad Dream Jobs, Building a YouTube Empire, and Using Video for Business
#308: Sunny Lenarduzzi is here today to talk about how her journey led her to online business, as well as to lay out tactics for using YouTube and other content to drive email subscribers, engagement, and traffic for online business. This is a great session for all YouTubers to listen to! Podcast show notes available here:
Mar 07, 2018
SPI 307: Copyright Infringement and DMCA (with my Attorney)
#307: Hear legal strategies from attorney Richard Chapo for dealing with copyright infringement and protecting yourself legally when you allow others to post to your website. We discuss the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DCMA) and how it applies to an online business. Podcast show notes available here:
Feb 28, 2018
SPI 306: Rise of the Youpreneur with Chris Ducker
#306: Today I'm going deep with Chris Ducker about his burnout, personal branding, and his new book, Rise of the Youpreneur. Podcast show notes available here:
Feb 21, 2018
SPI 305: The Funnel After the Funnel with Nicole Walters
#305: Nicole Walters is here today to talk about how she built a powerful membership community and seven-figure business, all while being an amazing mother too. We discuss her viral videos, why she moved her business from Facebook to her own membership portal, and her process for hiring a Head of Operations. Podcast show notes available here:
Feb 14, 2018
SPI 304: Building an Online Course From Start to Finish
#304: Online courses have been an incredible experience for me, and today I'm sharing the ten steps you can take to create life-changing online courses for your audience. I discuss how to validate your course in advance, how to pre-sell the course, how to create course materials, and how to get over the fear of selling your online course. Podcast show notes available here:
Feb 07, 2018
SPI 303: How a Loan Signing Agent Built a $30K per Month Business
#303: A simple idea turned into an online business that's changed lives and earned Mark Wills and Roman Rosario over $30K per month—hear the story and their strategies on today's episode! Hear how the strategies in my book, Will It Fly?, helped them validate their business idea for Loan Signing System, and how Facebook advertising helped them get started. There are great online course and YouTube strategies in this episode! Podcast show notes available here:
Jan 31, 2018
SPI 302: Coaching vs. Teaching—What I’ve Learned Since Investing in the Art of Coaching
#302: What's the difference between coaching and teaching, what are the seven questions you need to ask when coaching, and why is this important for you and your business? Whether you're just getting started with coaching or looking to improve, this episode is critical listening! Podcast show notes available here:
Jan 24, 2018
SPI 301: How a Data Scientist Pivoted into a New Brand (And Won a Tesla Roadster)
#301: Today I'm talking to Ben Sullins, the founder of, who listened to the signals, pivoted into the Tesla space on YouTube, and won a Tesla Roadster! Ben shares his knowledge of how the YouTube algorithm works. Podcast show notes available here:
Jan 17, 2018
SPI 300: Meet the Mastermind Members in “The Green Room”
#300: To celebrate Episode 300, I'm speaking with the other five members of my mastermind group, The Green Room: Leslie Samuel, Michael Stelzner, Cliff Ravenscraft, Mark Mason, and Ray Edwards. Learn what they've been up to, what's on the horizon, and some takeaways that you can apply back to your own business journey. Podcast show notes available here:
Jan 10, 2018
SPI 299: The Humble Beginnings of Hmong Baby
#299: Hear a special conversation with Hmong Baby founders Mykou and Touger Thao, about what they've learned after marketing and successfully launching their products. They used the pre-selling method that I advocate in my book, Will It Fly? You'll hear about their experience with a giveaway that went wrong, Facebook Messenger, and ManyChat. Podcast show notes available here:
Jan 03, 2018
SPI 298: Before Your New Year Begins . . .
#298: The end of the year is an opportunity to reflect, and this episode will inspire you, going forward, to be vulnerable and courageous in 2018. Podcast show notes available here:
Dec 27, 2017
SPI 297: Looking Back at 2017—What Went Well, What Did Not
#297: This week I'm revealing what did not go according to plan in 2017, what I learned, and what lessons you can take away from my experiences. Podcast show notes available here:
Dec 20, 2017
SPI 296: What’s Coming in 2018 for the Podcast and SPI
#296: In today's episode, I'm revealing my plans for an exciting, fresh, and higher-value 2018, including YouTube, an accelerator program, and how I'm changing my blog content. Podcast show notes available here:
Dec 13, 2017
SPI 295: 35 Quick Life Lessons from 35 Years of Life—Plus a Pencils of Promise Birthday Challenge!
#295: Today, I'm turning 35: I'm celebrating by sharing the 35 most important life tips that I've learned in my business and personal life (so far). Podcast show notes available here:
Dec 06, 2017
SPI 294: 21 Top Places to Include an Affiliate Link
#294: In this episode I'm revealing the twenty-one best places to link to affiliate products or services, including in evergreen or pillar content, in your email, and the best places outside of your website. This episode is a must-listen for anyone interested in affiliate marketing. Podcast show notes available here:
Nov 29, 2017
SPI 293: My Top Performing Affiliate Marketing Products, and Why They Performed So Well
#293: Today I'm sharing the top-performing affiliate marketing products that I'm an affiliate for, and breaking down exactly why they've performed so well. I share a case study, why creating a demo works so well, and how webinars help with sales. Podcast show notes available here:
Nov 22, 2017
SPI 292: The Dark Side of Affiliate Marketing (and How to Do It Right!)
#292: It's always important to understand both sides of the coin; that's true of affiliate marketing as well, so let's talk about the dark side of affiliate marketing. This episode will help you make decisions about what to promote and how to promote in an ethical manner. Podcast show notes available here:
Nov 15, 2017
SPI 291: A Blueprint for a Successful Short-Term JV (Joint Venture) Affiliate Campaign
#291: Learn how to create a successful blueprint for a short-term joint venture (JV) affiliate promotion. You'll learn how to plan your promotion, how to stand out, and which tools I recommend for keeping track of your progress. Podcast show notes available here:
Nov 08, 2017
SPI 290: Affiliate Marketing: An Insider Look at My Most Successful Long-Term Campaigns
#290: In this episode I break down my process for getting started with affiliate marketing, and explore some of my most successful long-term affiliate marketing campaigns. I review a case study and share my blueprint for affiliate marketing success. Podcast show notes available here:
Nov 01, 2017
SPI 289: How Live Video Can Play a Role in Your Business (and How It’s Helped Mine)
Let's talk about live video: Why it's important, how to get started, and more! I discuss my setup for livestreaming, which equipment I've chosen to invest in, and why your live videos don't need a ton of production. Podcast show notes available here:
Oct 25, 2017
SPI 288: Interview with Bec and Joe from The 4 Blades
#288: Hear the story of how Bec and Joe Winston built their niche site and community around cooking with the Thermomix. We talk about why they decided to launch a digital magazine for their brand, their experiences with digital publishing, and how they use Facebook Live. Podcast show notes available here:
Oct 18, 2017
SPI 287: Should I Create a Personal Brand? Pros and Cons
#287: Today I'm exploring, in depth, the pros and cons of creating a personal online brand. I cover personal branding success stories to inspire you. Podcast show notes available here:
Oct 11, 2017
SPI 286: How to Build a Brand that Stands Out from the Crowd
#286: Today we're talking about how to build a brand that stands out from the crowd: How to speak your audience's language, grow your community, and create a brand that's an experience. Podcast show notes available here:
Oct 04, 2017
SPI 285: Accidental Entrepreneurship and Design Commerce with Jeff Sheldon from
Today I'm talking to founder Jeff Sheldon about his story, all things Kickstarter, and how he recently launched a campaign that earned close to $500,000. Jeff shares lots of great advice on planning all the little details of a Kickstarter campaign. Podcast show notes available here:
Sep 27, 2017
SPI 284: Crowdfunding Secrets for Success with Clay Hebert
#284: Crowdfunding expert Clay Hebert shares his best advice for validating and building a successful crowdfunding campaign. Clay shares how to determine what your Kickstarter goal should be, how to set your perks, and what you need in your campaign video. Podcast show notes available here:
Sep 20, 2017
SPI 283: Six-Figures in an Obscure Niche with Cassidy Tuttle
#283: Cassidy Tuttle joins me to discuss how focusing on a very narrow topic helped her build a profitable niche website. Hear her strategies for making a living. She gives great advice for finding new content topics when you've been blogging for a long time, as well as Pinterest strategies and book publishing. Podcast show notes available here:
Sep 13, 2017
SPI 282: How Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls Rocked the Kickstarter Scene
#282: Hear the story of one of the most daring and successful Kickstarter campaigns of all time—Goodnight Stories for Rebel Girls—from one of its creators, Francesca Cavallo. Hear about launching a children's app in the app store, building a pre-launch community, and their PR strategy. Podcast show notes available here:
Sep 06, 2017
SPI 281: How Coach Glitter Built Her Affiliate Business and Launched a Product
#281: Coach Glitter reveals how she transformed her career as a makeup artist into a thriving online business. She shares how she naturally evolved an affiliate marketing business, built a brand, and overcame self-doubt to build a thriving business. Podcast show notes available here:
Aug 30, 2017
SPI 280: Noah Kagan on Personal Challenges, Business Validation, and the Mindset of Starting from Scratch
#280: Noah Kagan has returned to the Smart Passive Income Podcast, and we cover it all: rebounding from rejection, asking for what you want, plotting your next move, and the mindset challenges all entrepreneurs face. Podcast show notes available here:
Aug 23, 2017
SPI 279: Finding Fringe Hours and Work-Life “Balance” with Jessica Turner
#279: Jessica Turner, author of The Fringe Hours, joins me to talk about finding more hours in the day to achieve the work-life satisfaction you crave. We talking about scheduling, managing expectations of others, networking as a new blogger, and using sponsored content and influencer marketing as a revenue stream. Podcast show notes available here:
Aug 16, 2017
SPI 278: List Building Made Easy with Special Guest Amy Porterfield
#278: List building expert Amy Porterfield explores how to build your audience, fine-tune your sales funnel, and craft a successful sales pitch for your latest and greatest product. Learn why she uses free resources to build her audience, how she delivers content upgrades, and how she has experimented with live video. Podcast show notes available here:
Aug 09, 2017
SPI 277: Buying Push-Button Solutions vs. Taking Real Action—A Coaching Call with Amy Torres
#277: Listen in on a very special coaching call with entrepreneur Amy Torres, who's wondering how to take her online course to the next level. We talk about scaling her business in ways her audience will appreciate, how to make use of Facebook Live, and why staying authentic is important. Podcast show notes available here:
Aug 02, 2017
SPI 276: The Art of Significance with Dan Clark
#276: Legendary speaker Dan Clark joins me for an inspirational conversation on success, service, and leading a life of significance. Podcast show notes available here:
Jul 26, 2017
SPI 275: Real Stories and Results from 3 Brand-New Podcasters
#275: Joining me today are three star students from my latest course, Power-Up Podcasting, to share their incredible journeys from newbie to podcasting pro. We talk about strategies for using a podcast to grow your audience, obstacles they had to overcome, and strategies for launching when you haven't got an existing audience. Podcast show notes available here:
Jul 19, 2017
SPI 274: How to Avoid the Slimy Sell with Chalene Johnson
#274: The brilliant Chalene Johnson explores how to "serve, not sell," and shares her strategies for pitching your products with confidence. Learn how to overcome your fear of selling! Podcast show notes available here:
Jul 12, 2017
SPI 273: 7 Powerful Things That Can Happen as a Result of Starting a Podcast
#273: Starting a podcast changed my life and my business. In this episode of the SPI Podcast, I walk you through seven ways a podcast can change your business. Podcast show notes available here:
Jul 05, 2017
SPI 272: Starting and Running a Business as a Couple Featuring the Bakers
#272: Joining me today are Bryan and Erika Baker, a husband-wife entrepreneurial duo who've built a thriving online business as relationship coaches. They have great advice for working with a family member, how to stay organized, and how to get started with live video. Podcast show notes available here:
Jun 28, 2017
SPI 271: An Interview with The Five-Minute Journal Founders UJ Ramdas and Alex Ikonn
#271: Here today are UJ Ramdas and Alex Ikonn, who are the co-founders of The Five-Minute Journal, a product that's changed the lives of its users by turning gratitude into a daily habit. We talkboth about mindset and the process of designing the product. Podcast show notes available here:
Jun 21, 2017
SPI 270: What You Need to Know Before You “Get Physical” with Richie Norton
#270: I'm joined today by Richie Norton, founder of Prouduct and master of building, validating, refining, and distributing tangible products. Learn about working with overseas manufacturers, mistakes to avoid when creating your first product, and how a product gets from the manufacturer to your customer. Podcast show notes available here:
Jun 14, 2017
SPI 269: How to Build a Massive Community Behind Your Physical Product with Tom from Chubbies
#269: Today, I'm joined by Chubbies co-founder Tom Montgomery to talk about selling a physical product with help from a massive, engaged community of fans. We talk about creating a unique brand voice with the help of video, using social to build community (not to sell), and using fan content in marketing. Podcast show notes available here:
Jun 07, 2017
SPI 268: How to Up Your Online (and Offline) Game with Jordan Harbinger
#268: I'm joined again by the host of The Art of Charm Podcast, Jordan Harbinger, who sheds light on building better relationships and improving your non-verbal communication. Learn how to improve your non-verbal communication, why "keeping score" in relationships doesn't help, and how to improve your interview skills. Podcast show notes available here:
May 31, 2017
SPI 267: An Introduction to Video Advertising with Gideon and Anja from Veeroll
#267: Here today are Veeroll's Gideon Shalwick and Anja Kicken to offer a beginner's guide to video advertising for your online business. They share a step-by-step walkthrough for creating a YouTube video ad campaign, a five-part structure for honing your video ad's unique message, and the three things you don't want to get wrong with your video advertising. Podcast show notes available here:
May 24, 2017
SPI 266: How to Start Selling on Amazon with Ryan and Nick from Online Selling Experiment
#266: Online Selling Experiment's Ryan and Nick have built their thriving business selling products through Amazon, and they're here today to explain just how they did it. We discuss the Fulfillment by Amazon program, who this type of passive income is right for, and how to get started. Podcast show notes available here:
May 17, 2017
SPI 265: Shane and Jocelyn Sams and Their Awesome Advertising Strategy
#265: Jocelyn and Shane Sams teach me their awesome advertising strategy. Learn how to use highly focused ads across platforms to build traffic for your business, even if you're a beginner; tips for choosing keywords and improving niche targeting; and their favorite platforms for attracting new business. Podcast show notes available here:
May 10, 2017
SPI 264: How to Win with Paid Traffic with Rick Mulready
#264: Here today is online advertisement expert Rick Mulready, sharing the secrets and strategies behind growing your business with Facebook ads. Rick addresses common misconceptions and hesitations surrounding Facebook ads, what you should prepare before getting started with Facebook ads, and strategies for finding and tracking your target audience. Podcast show notes available here:
May 03, 2017
SPI 263: Laddering Up: How to Build a 7-Figure Business by Building a $7K per Month Business
#263: Here today is Clay Collins, LeadPages CEO and co-founder, dropping expert knowledge on how to build a seven-figure business, step by step. Clay shares the concept of a "minimum viable audience," strategy for growing a business from six to seven figures, and how to learn to "ladder up." Podcast show notes available here:
Apr 26, 2017
SPI 262: Habit Forming Products with Nir Eyal, Author of Hooked
#262: Here to talk about building habit forming products is Nir Eyal, author of Hooked and expert on how the mind creates habits. We talk about the triggers that lead users to products, how popular products can teach us about habit formation, and the difference between habits and addictions. Podcast show notes available here:
Apr 19, 2017
SPI 261: SEO Self-Audit Checklist – An Interview with My Recent SEO Hire
#261: Meet the mastermind behind the most recent SEO audit of, and learn what a pro like Sam McRoberts does to optimize search engine rankings. Sam shares tons of tools and resources for analyzing and improving your site's SEO. Podcast show notes available here:
Apr 12, 2017
SPI 260: Undergoing a Website Overhaul with Rocket Code
#260: The masterminds behind the Smart Passive Income site redesign talk through what makes a successful web design and how business owners can better communicate with their development teams. Podcast show notes available here:
Apr 05, 2017
SPI 259: How to Set Up Your YouTube Channel to Win
#259: Two expert YouTube travel vloggers share how to build a successful YouTube channel and their tips for creating video content viewers will love. Their advice will help you find your YouTube niche, get comfortable in front of the camera, and keep your viewers watching. Podcast show notes available here:
Mar 29, 2017
SPI 258: The Productivity Project with Chris Bailey
#258: Productivity expert and author Chris Bailey shares his research on the true nature of productivity and the habits that help us do more with our days. Learn how to improve your daily productivity! Podcast show notes available here:
Mar 22, 2017
SPI 257: The Incredible Story Behind Kelsey Baldwin’s Business, Paper and Oats
#257: On this episode of the SPI Podcast, Kelsey Baldwin shares the incredible story of how she built her business in the middle of a turbulent time in her life. Hear about the ins and outs of selling digital products on Etsy, why she switched to selling courses, and project management tips for solo entrepreneurs. Podcast show notes available here:
Mar 15, 2017
SPI 256: Productivity and Frameworks with Mike Vardy from Productivityist
#256: Productivity master Mike Vardy shares his favorite tools, tips, and frameworks for getting even more done with your workdays, including managing email, keeping meetings productive, and why you should theme your days. Podcast show notes available here:
Mar 08, 2017
SPI 255: Deep Work with Cal Newport
#255: Cal Newport explores the concept of "deep work," reveals his strategies for practicing it, and shares more of his favorite tactics for improving focus and productivity. Cal also shares advice for studying and choosing a career. Podcast show notes available here:
Mar 01, 2017
SPI 254: Lessons Learned While Testing and Launching My First Online Course
#254: Launching my first online course, Smart from Scratch, feels like the perfect time to look back on my previous launch experiences and explore what I've learned about creating, testing, launching, and maintaining a product. Podcast show notes available here:
Feb 22, 2017
SPI 253: How to Build Relationships with Influencers with Selena Soo
#253: Here today is relationship-building expert and PR mastermind Selena Soo with advice for approaching influencers and forging connections with entrepreneurs you admire. Selena also shares tips and resources for marketing your next book. Podcast show notes available here:
Feb 15, 2017
SPI 252: Live Streaming Video and the Data that Proves Its Worth with Michael Stelzner
#252:'s Michael Stelzner joins me to explore the future of live streaming video, its exciting applications, and the tools you can use to get started. Michael also shares how live video has transformed Social Media Examiner. Podcast show notes available here:
Feb 08, 2017
SPI 251: (In the Middle) Launching a New Course with New Entrepreneur, Sarah Argenal
#251: I've had the pleasure of getting to know and mentor Sarah as she builds her online course for working parents, and today, we're going to check in on her progress. Hear my advice for how Sarah can improve her course and take its success to the next level. Podcast show notes available here:
Feb 01, 2017
SPI 250: Stories of Failure that Turned Into Something Great
#250: How often do you get to hear entrepreneurs open up about their failures? That's what I'm exploring in today's episode, thanks to ten brave folks who submitted stories about their darkest moments. Podcast show notes available here:
Jan 25, 2017
SPI 249: Pivoting: How, When, & Why to Do It with Jenny Blake
#249: Entrepreneur and pivoting expert Jenny Blake joins me to talk about her book, PIVOT, a handbook for navigating life's big turning points. Learn how to know when you've arrived at one of life's pivot moments. Podcast show notes available here:
Jan 18, 2017
SPI 248: The Art of Giving Gifts with John Ruhlin
#248: Today's guest is John Ruhlin, professional gift-giver who has built a career teaching others how to give better gifts. Learn how intentional gift-giving can transform your business relationships and reputation as an entrepreneur. Podcast show notes available here:
Jan 11, 2017
SPI 247: The Epic Origin Story Behind The Walker Stalkers Brand
#247: Joining me today are Eric and James of The Walker Stalkers, two guys who've built a massive, fan-driven business around their love of the hit AMC show, The Walking Dead. Hear how Eric and James established rapport with sought-after guests, how they built buzz around the brand by serving their biggest fans, and how The Walker Stalkers planned a fan convention with a limited budget and no experience. Podcast show notes available here:
Jan 04, 2017
SPI 246: SPI Podcast Best of 2016
#246: The Smart Passive Income Podcast has captured some fantastic conversations this year, so before the new year arrives, I want to revisit a few of the best ones. Podcast show notes available here:
Dec 28, 2016
SPI 245: How Sol Orwell Builds Successful Businesses by Solving His Own Problems
#245: Entrepreneur Sol Orwell joins me today to share his totally unique approach to business, and how he transforms obstacles into business opportunities. This episode is a must-listen for learning about strategy for niche sites. Podcast show notes available here:
Dec 21, 2016
SPI 244: Bootstrapping a Startup with Nathan Barry from ConvertKit
#244: ConvertKit Founder and CEO Nathan Barry shares his journey in bootstrapping a business and growing a software company from the ground up. Learn about how Nathan and his team work to grow ConvertKit, how rejection and criticism have been helpful, and how the company uses advisors. Podcast show notes available here:
Dec 14, 2016
SPI 243: How to Create Your Life Vision Plan with Michael Hyatt
#243: Today's episode is all about goals: setting them, achieving them, and knowing when to change them. And who better to talk about achieving great things than Michael Hyatt? Podcast show notes available here:
Dec 07, 2016
SPI 242: How to Master Your PR with Christina Nicholson
#242: PR professional Christina Nicholson shares her tips, tools, and resources for attracting coverage from media outlets and publicizing your business. Christina shares her experience as a TV anchor and reporter, as well as why she decided to get into PR. She shares tips for crafting a newsworthy story around your business and why you need to embrace "tooting your own horn" when reaching out to media outlets. Podcast show notes available here:
Nov 30, 2016
SPI 241: My Top 10 Most-Used Apps in 2016
#241: Chris Ducker and I review our favorite business and productivity apps of the past year. Podcast show notes available here:
Nov 23, 2016
SPI 240: Tips and Tricks for Getting the Most Out of the Conferences You Attend
#240: Conferences can be a thrilling, unforgettable way to connect with fellow entrepreneurs and learn from the online business community. Today, I'm answering questions about how and where to find the best conference experiences. Podcast show notes available here:
Nov 16, 2016
SPI 239: Mentors and Masterminds with Ellory Wells
#239: Ellory Wells is a passionate advocate of something too many entrepreneurs take for granted: mentorship. He's here today to explain why you should be surrounding yourself with business role models, supportive peers, and a network that holds you accountable to your goals. Podcast show notes available here:
Nov 09, 2016
SPI 238: How Marco Schwartz Built a Business Based on the Internet of Things
#238: Today's guest is another SPI listener success story, here to share how he built a unique online business around his home automation tutorials. Learn the strategies and tools Marco uses to monetize his website. Podcast show notes available here:
Nov 02, 2016
SPI 237: An Online Business Success Story. . .in Knitting, with Lauren from Girly Knits
#237: Today's guest has built a booming online business creating totally awesome knitting patterns, and she's here to tell us how it's done. Lauren shares the platforms and tools she used to monetize her passion, how she stands out in a crowded field, and how to give your best work away for free and still make money. Podcast show notes available here:
Oct 26, 2016
SPI 236: Secrets and Science to Living the Good Life with Jonathan Fields
#236: My guest today is my friend and mentor Jonathan Fields, creator of and author of How to Live a Good Life. Jonathan is here to teach us, among other topics, how to say no. Podcast show notes available here:
Oct 19, 2016
SPI 235: Beyond the Gumball: How Matt Miller Built a Successful Vending Machine Business and Franchise
#235: Today's guest, Matt Miller, has taken vending machine passive income to a whole new level, growing a hugely successful franchise, and helping schools in the process. Matt shares his advice for anyone considering franchising as a route to entrepreneurship. Podcast show notes available here:
Oct 12, 2016
SPI 234: Teens Can Be Entrepreneurs Too, with Eva Baker
#234: Eva Baker is one special entrepreneur. She runs a successful blog. She started her own conference. She does consulting. And did I mention she started it all while still a teenager? Eva shares tips for parents who want to nurture their kids' entrepreneurial spark. Podcast show notes available here:
Oct 05, 2016
SPI 233: A Not-So-Overnight Entrepreneurial Success Story with Shayna from Espresso English
#233: Espresso English founder Shayna didn't give up when success didn't arrive overnight. Learn how she achieved online business success through steady progress and perseverance. Shayna shares her experience with online courses and YouTube. Podcast show notes available here:
Sep 28, 2016
SPI 232: How Lucas Hall Built and Sold an “Ultimate Resource” Blog
#232: Today's guest has another passive income success story to share. Lucas Hall tells me how he built the "ultimate resource" for rental property owners, and how he made the decision to sell it. Lucas shares advice for knowing when you've found the right buyer for your site. Podcast show notes available here:
Sep 21, 2016
SPI 231: Attorney Roundtable: Money and Legal Considerations for Starting Out
#231: I'm joined today by two lawyers, Richard and Alena, to talk through common legal considerations for entrepreneurs and the best ways to protect yourself as a business owner. Among other topics, we cover privacy policies, terms and conditions, trademarking, fair use, and disclaimers. Podcast show notes available here:
Sep 14, 2016
SPI 230: From Deathly Afraid to Cool and Confident: My 5-Year Public Speaking Journey
#230: In today's episode, we're going back to 2011, the first time I ever spoke in public. I'll break down all the things I got wrong about that first presentation, and everything I've done since to become a cooler and more confident public speaker. Podcast show notes available here:
Sep 07, 2016
SPI 229: Tips for Building a Simple and Effective Website and Brand with Jess Catorc
#229: Web designer and SPI listener Jess Catorc is here this week to share her web design tips for entrepreneurs, plus her own entrepreneurial journey to success. Jess shares the most common mistakes entrepreneurs make with their websites and how you can show off your personality through your website. Podcast show notes available here:
Aug 31, 2016
SPI 228: Taking Care of Yourself as an Entrepreneur with Jeff McMahon
#228: Joining me today is my own virtual personal trainer, Jeff McMahon, with advice for getting active and setting your own fitness goals. Jeff shares the benefits to your business that you'll find when you focus on your health. Podcast show notes available here:
Aug 24, 2016
SPI 227: 15 Entrepreneurs Answer: “What I Wish I’d Known Before Starting My Own Business”
#227: In this week’s episode, I’ve asked 15 of my fellow entrepreneurs for to share their advice on starting a business with you. Here's what each of them wishes they had known before they started their business. Podcast show notes available here:
Aug 17, 2016
SPI 226: Defeating the “Curse of Knowledge” and How Jason Brown Built His Successful Online Business
#226: In today's episode, it's my pleasure to introduce you to another Smart Passive Income success story. Meet Jason Brown of, a site where Jason where teaches ordinary people how to start investing in the stock market. Jason shares the tools, platforms, and resources he used to build his business, which includes instructional webinars. Podcast show notes available here:
Aug 10, 2016
SPI 225: Meet the Flynn Family (the ones who really run the show), with April, Keoni, and Kailani
#225: My guests today are the reason I do what I do. They're what motivate me to dream big, follow through on my goals, and maintain a balanced life. Here with me are my wife and my two kids: April, Keoni, and Kailani. Podcast show notes available here:
Aug 03, 2016
SPI 224: Hack Teaching—A Discussion about Education and Getting Results with Mark Barnes
#224: My guest today is Hack Learning's Mark Barnes, an educator and author who wants to transform how we teach. Mark share education hacks you can adapt for your small business. Podcast show notes available here:
Jul 27, 2016
SPI 223: Over the Shoulder—How John Lee Dumas Launched a Successful Kickstarter Campaign
#223: My guest today is none other than John Lee Dumas, host of Entrepreneur on Fire, here to talk about his remarkable success selling a product through Kickstarter. We talk about planning the campaign, publicizing the campaign, and the tools he uses for product distribution. Podcast show notes available here:
Jul 20, 2016
SPI 222: The Right Products at the Right Price Point with Ramit Sethi
#222: Ramit Sethi is back, with more insights on designing the perfect online product at the ideal price point for your audience. We discuss the power of adopting a value-driven, rather than price-driven, view of your product. Podcast show notes available here:
Jul 13, 2016
SPI 221: An Unknown Way to Boost Sales and Increase the Size of Your List—Back with an SPI Student
#221: My guest today is a Smart Passive Income "student," here to share the innovative strategy he's used to earn affiliates and grow his business. Ken shares great advice for how to turn offline, "techno-phobic" business owners into online partners. Podcast show notes available here:
Jul 06, 2016
SPI 220: An Interview with Make-A-Wish Co-Founder, Frank Shankwitz
#220: I'm honored to introduce you to Frank Shankwitz, one of the founders of an extraordinary non-profit called the Make-A-Wish Foundation. Frank shares what he has learned from leading a non-profit, what the non-profit and for-profit business worlds have in common, and the key to successful non-profit fundraising. Podcast show notes available here:
Jun 29, 2016
SPI 219: How Meghan Telpner’s Culinary Nutrition Academy Makes You Rethink Traditional Online Courses
#219: My guest today is Meghan Telpner, creator of an incredibly successful online certification course for aspiring nutritionists. She shares the tools and platforms that she uses to run her course, incentivize enrollment, and foster accountability within her course. Podcast show notes available here:
Jun 22, 2016
SPI 218: Starting an Online Course? Best Practices and Getting People to Follow Through with Ankur from
#218: My guest today is the founder and CEO of, a platform that helps online course creators like me make money providing valuable instruction to their audience. We discuss how to create and sell online courses. Podcast show notes available here:
Jun 15, 2016
SPI 217: Brik Book and How Brett Miller Quit His 6-Figure Job to Build LEGOs
#217: Brett Miller, creator of Brik Book, joins me to discuss selling physical products, from testing and marketing to manufacturing and shipping. Learn how to validate a business idea through Kickstarter. Plus, we have a surprise just for SPI listeners! Podcast show notes available here:
Jun 08, 2016
SPI 216: Your Habits and the Story Behind Pavlok with Maneesh Sethi
#216: Maneesh Sethi joins me today to talk about Pavlok, a wearable device that helps you break unwanted habits. Listen in as we discuss both the science of habit formation and the process of building a hardware product. Podcast show notes available here:
Jun 01, 2016
SPI 215: How to Keep Up With Your Editorial Calendar (and How to Get Ahead)
#215: I'd like you to meet Janna, my Managing Editor, who's had an incredible impact on the consistency and quality of the content I make here on We discuss the editorial process, the importance of banking content, and how to plan we go about planning content out. Podcast show notes available here:
May 25, 2016
SPI 214: How to Master Content Marketing with Neil Patel
#214: Neil Patel is back for another awesome episode, and this time he's sharing content marketing advice every single blogger should hear. We discuss the entire writing process from research to publishing and the promotion that comes afterward. Podcast show notes available here:
May 18, 2016
SPI 213: Gary Vaynerchuk on “Why Snapchat Matters”
#213: This business mastermind, author, and host of The #AskGaryVee Show is here to teach me everything he knows about the explosive new social platform, Snapchat. We discuss strategies for managing your social platforms and experimenting with new ones. Podcast show notes available here:
May 11, 2016
SPI 212: Inside a Coaching Call with Pat—Redesigning USA Weightlifting
#212: In this episode, John Filippini joins me in a coaching call. We review his weightlifting business to determine how best to help it move forward. In this call, we discuss how to figure where to start improving his business, strategies for attracting new audiences, and how to tailor content to niche audiences. Podcast show notes available here:
May 04, 2016
SPI 211: How to Know What You Were Born To Do with Chris Guillebeau
#211: This week, it's my pleasure to introduce Chris Guillebeau, author of Born for This and inspiring role model for living a rewarding, purpose-driven life. We discuss side hustles, when to leave a day job for self-employment, and how to foster productive writing time. Podcast show notes available here:
Apr 27, 2016
SPI 210: How to Automate Your Business to Save Time and Make More Money with Dana Malstaff
#210: Joining me this week is the amazing Dana Malstaff, CEO and founder of, a community that provides online resources and support for entrepreneurs who also happen to be moms. Dana shares great automation tips, including tools, strategies, and resources. Podcast show notes available here:
Apr 20, 2016
SPI 209: The Power of Community—How Noah Bradley Made Art Camp
#209: Today's guest is Noah Bradley, an incredible visual artist and founder of a phenomenal community and online school called Art Camp. Hear how Noah validated the idea before he started to sell, how he picked his price point, and how he has positioned his business to stand out from his competitors. Podcast show notes available here:
Apr 13, 2016
SPI 208: Smart Passive Income Gets a Makeover! Why I Redesigned a Website That Wasn’t Broken
#208: Last summer, I asked you guys how I was doing. I took that feedback to heart, and now, I get to share some of the very exciting results of that work with you. Podcast show notes available here:
Apr 07, 2016
SPI 207: The Voice Within and Jess Lively’s Journey from Jewelry to Over $200k in Online Business Revenue
#207: Jess Lively is here to explore what can happen when entrepreneurs listen to their own intuition—and how it's impacted her journey to a successful career as a business coach. Jess and I discuss managing the inevitable highs and lows of life as an entrepreneur. Podcast show notes available here:
Mar 30, 2016
SPI 206: How SPI Reader Robert Duff Is Building Passive Income with Books on Amazon
#206: Here with me this week is Robert Duff, Ph.D., a psychologist who's supplementing his income by selling his books on Amazon. We discuss how to create and sell books for print, digital, and audio. Podcast show notes available here:
Mar 23, 2016
SPI 205: How Simple Green Smoothies Used “Challenges” to Grow from 0 to 200k Subscribers in a Year
#205: Meet Jadah Sellner, co-founder of Simple Green Smoothies, a truly exciting online business that's transforming the health of its community. Hear how an e-book kickstarted Jadah and Jen's business, how they've built a strong relationship as business partners, and how listening to their audience changed their business. Podcast show notes available here:
Mar 16, 2016
SPI 204: Snack on This—How Sean Kelly Built SnackNation (and the Bigger Meaning Behind It)
#204: Meet Sean Kelly, the founder of a very special company, SnackNation, that's changing how we snack. We discuss the SnackNation business model and how Sean has adapted it to be a source of passive income. Podcast show notes available here:
Mar 09, 2016
SPI 203: How to Command Any Conversation, Meeting, or Interaction You Have with Michael Port
#203: Michael Port is the author of Book Yourself Solid and the new Steal the Show, and he's a master of commanding conversations. Learn how to approach life's high stakes situations as performances and tips for strategies for reducing performance anxiety. Podcast show notes available here:
Mar 02, 2016
SPI 202: How SPI Helped Zephan Blaxberg Make the Leap
#202: Zephan Blaxberg took a leap of faith, chased after his passion, and found himself achieving more success than he ever dreamed. Hear how Zephan found his first freelancing clients, and how he breaks down goals into small, achievable success. Podcast show notes available here: Podcast show notes available here:
Feb 24, 2016
SPI 201: How Chef Allison Schaaf Built a Newsletter-Based Business—The Story of PrepDish
#201: Allison Schaaf took something she loves—helping people create amazing meals in their own homes—and turned it into a sustainable online business. Hear how Allison built her newsletter-based business buy building a community of engaged, supportive fans. Podcast show notes available here:
Feb 18, 2016
SPI 200: How Deleting a Third of Your Content Can Triple Your Traffic—How to Do a Content Audit with Todd Tresidder
#200: For my 200th episode, Todd Tresidder joins me to tell you all about the awesome power of content auditing. Learn why deleting content can help your search rankings, and how to identify which items you should delete. Podcast show notes available here:
Feb 11, 2016
SPI 199: The Marketing Effort Behind Will It Fly?
#199: Will It Fly? has launched, and I want to introduce a few of the people who made its release such a success. I share how to create a book launch marketing schedule by working backwards, tips and tools to keep the schedule organized, and strategies for rallying influencers to help with the launch. Podcast show notes available here:
Feb 03, 2016
SPI 198: Building a Book Launch “Street Team” (Plus Pre-Order)
#198: Meet Daniel Decker, the man behind the Will It Fly? launch team. Daniel shares how a launch team can help your next book or project get the attention it deserves and the method to use for recruiting them. Podcast show notes available here:
Jan 27, 2016
SPI 197: Behind the Scenes of Writing Will It Fly?
#197: Today, I'm talking about the "why" and the "how" of writing my new book, Will It Fly? I share how I knew I'd stumbled onto the topic for my next book and the self-publishing strategies I used to launch my route. Podcast show notes available here:
Jan 20, 2016
SPI 196: How to Level Up Your Life with Steve Kamb
#196: Steve Kamb from Nerd Fitness joins me to talk about his new book, Level Up Your Life. Hear the story behind Steve's devoted, close-knit following, how he put his personality into his business, and how he has built an incredibly close-knit following. Podcast show notes available here:
Jan 13, 2016
SPI 195: Carrie Clark and Her SPI Reader Success Story
#195: I'm kicking off 2016 with an incredible success story from a very special guest, Carrie Clark. Hear how Carrie built and monetized her online speech therapy business. We discuss how Carrie built her membership program, and how she provides value to her members. Podcast show notes available here:
Jan 06, 2016
SPI 194: (Updated Recording) Types of Passive Income Generated Online and What to Expect From Each – Part 3
#194: Learn how to explore passive income business models that will help you break free from trading your time for money once and for all. In this episode, learn how to make money with membership sites and software products. Podcast show notes available here:
Dec 30, 2015
SPI 193: (Updated Recording) Types of Passive Income Generated Online and What to Expect From Each – Part 2
#193: Part two of my updated episode regarding generating passive income online, plus wisdom I've gathered from my own experiences with passive income. Learn how to generate passive income from affiliate marketing, advertising, e-books, podcasts, and online courses. Podcast show notes available here:
Dec 23, 2015
SPI 192: (Updated Recording) Types of Passive Income Generated Online and What to Expect From Each – Part 1
#192: Get my updated information regarding generating passive income online, plus wisdom I've gathered from my own experiences with passive income. Learn all the ways you can generate a passive income online, the crucial difference between passive income and other types of business, and strategies for building your audience, however broad or niche-focused. Podcast show notes available here:
Dec 16, 2015
SPI 191: When a Product Launch Doesn’t Go as Planned: Inside a Coaching Call with Pat and Robert Kibbe
#191: On today's show, I'm sharing a coaching call with Robert Kibbe about everything that happens when a product launch doesn't pan out. We cover strategies for troubleshooting your launch problems, key signs your product is viable and worth launching, and the three-phase process I develop with Robert to build his audience and drive sales. Podcast show notes available here:
Dec 09, 2015
SPI 190: Step-by-Step Product Creation with Bryan Harris
#190: Today I've got Bryan Harris on the show to talk about his step-by-step formulas for designing, launching, and maximizing profit from your online product. Learn how to get your first 1,000 email list subscribers, the three questions to ask yourself when building your first product, and Bryan's Poster Boy Formula. Podcast show notes available here:
Dec 02, 2015
SPI 189: Entrepreneurship and Life with Aaron Walker
#189: On this episode, I have Aaron Walker with me. He offers up a lifetime of wisdom on how to thrive—both professionally and personally—as an entrepreneur. Aaron shares advice for staying proactive and holding yourself accountable as a business owner, the danger of the word "can't," and the qualities of a great business coach. Podcast show notes available here:
Nov 25, 2015
SPI 188: Patreon: A Potential Alternative for Generating an Income Online
#188: On this episode, I speak with Patreon founder Jack Conte and podcaster Tom Merritt about funding your business through recurring donations from fans. Learn what sets apart Patreon revenue from other kinds of income, how to pitch your patronage program to your audience, and unique ideas for showing supporters your appreciation. Podcast show notes available here:
Nov 19, 2015
SPI 187: How to Run a Successful Affiliate Marketing Campaign (as the Product Owner) with Lewis Howes
#187: Lewis Howes joins me to discuss how to run an affiliate program as the product creator. He shares his favorite strategies and tools for a successful launch. You'll learn how product owners can best serve their affiliates, strategies for incentivizing involvement from your affiliate partners, and how to fire up your affiliates in the days leading up to a product launch. Podcast show notes available here:
Nov 12, 2015
SPI 186: How to Become a Successful Affiliate Marketer
#186: In this episode, I cover my top rules for becoming an affiliate marketer, three tools you should have in your toolbox, and some common affiliate myths. You'll learn how to find an affiliate for your industry (no matter what your niche is), how to get a company to sign you on as an affiliate, and how to build trust with your audience. Podcast show notes available here:
Nov 04, 2015
SPI 185: Solving a Problem by Building It Yourself—The Story Behind ConvertKit with Nathan Barry
#185: Today's guest is Nathan Barry, creator of ConvertKit, the email system designed specifically for bloggers. Nathan shares tips for surveying clients and building trust over time, how to find your niche in a competitive market, and why it's a good idea to pair your software product with training and education. Podcast show notes available here:
Oct 29, 2015
SPI 184: Psychological Strategies to Get More People to Open Your Emails, Read Your Copy, and Click on Links with Derek Halpern
#184: Derek Halpern from Social Triggers is back to share strategies for getting more people to open your emails, read your copy, and click your links. Derek dives deep into the psychology of what makes people want to engage. Podcast show notes available here:
Oct 21, 2015
SPI 183: Listener Success Story: From Masters Degree to Maestro of Online Business with Julian Bradley
#183: In this listener success story, jazz musician Julian Bradley shares how his online business grew out of his successful YouTube tutorials and ebook sales. Learn strategies for keeping YouTube subscribers engaged. Podcast show notes available here:
Oct 10, 2015
SPI 182: Frameworks for Writing Copy That Converts with Ray Edwards
#182: I struggle to write great copy that drives conversions without sounding sleazy. On this episode, my friend Ray Edwards shares actionable tips for writing great copy that converts. Ray shares his toolbox of strategies, the difference between persuasion and manipulation, and the key ingredients of a successful sales page. Podcast show notes available here:
Oct 07, 2015
SPI 181: From Welfare to Nearly $1 Million with Kimra Luna
#181: Kimra Luna went from living on welfare to running a thriving online business. Join us to hear her tips for growing an online business from scratch. Hear why she expanded her business beyond blogging, tools for hosting webinars, and strategies for running Facebook ads. Podcast show notes available here:
Sep 30, 2015
SPI 180: Two Woodworkers and How They Make a Full-Time Income from Their Craft with David Picciuto and Bob Clagett
#180: Today I'm talking with woodworkers David Picciuto and Bob Clagett about how they have been able to build successful businesses with their craft. Hear how to transform your part-time hobby into a full-time business, how they built a following through their YouTube channels, and tips for selling and distributing merchandise. Podcast show notes available here:
Sep 23, 2015
SPI 179: New & Underused Methods for Building Your Email List (on Your Podcast & Other Content Platforms) with Tim Paige
#179: My guest today is Tim Paige, an email list-building expert, and the host of the ConversionCast podcast. He shares tips you can apply to any channel of your business, including how the right lead magnet can mean huge growth for your email list, lead magnet ideas to adapt for your business, and how to use mobile text messages as an opt-in tool. Podcast show notes available here:
Sep 16, 2015
SPI 178: The Ask Formula—How to Discover Exactly What Your Audience Will Buy (Even If You Don’t Have a Following) with Ryan Levesque
#178: Ryan Levesque is the survey master. In this episode, he walks you through his in-depth, super-actionable strategies for asking your audience what they want to buy. Learn how to uncover your audience's unspoken needs and challenges, the four kinds of emails your survey should include, and how to ask the perfect questions. Podcast show notes available here:
Sep 09, 2015
SPI 177: Periscope—Another Fad or the Next Big Thing?
#177: Chris Ducker is back, and he wants to tell you about all things Periscope. It's a whole new frontier for interacting with your community. Learn why Periscope is great for building person-to-person connections, tips and strategies for using Periscope as a content tool, and the unique ways Periscope fosters community and holds you accountable to your audience. Podcast show notes available here:
Sep 02, 2015
SPI 176: Backlinking—What’s Working and Is It Even Still Important with Brian Dean from
#176: Brian Dean of Backlinko is here to share his expertise on backlinking, including what's working, what's not, and why backlinking matters. Learn what backlinking and interlinking are, how to get your website to rank higher in Google, and which search engine optimization (SEO) strategies are (and are no longer) working. Podcast show notes available here:
Aug 26, 2015
SPI 175: The 8-Year Hobby Blog That Quickly Transformed into a 6-Figure Per Month Business with Kirk Du Plessis
#175: Listen to Kirk Du Plessis of chat about how his hobby blog transformed quickly into a business that's earning him six figures per month. Kirk talks about building a thriving membership community, making money while giving content away for free, and how to improve customer retention. Podcast show notes available here:
Aug 19, 2015
SPI 174: How to Invest the Passive Income You Earn from Business with Ryan Moran
#174: Ryan Moran stops by the show to talk about maximizing business earnings, how to invest, diversified income streams, building wealth for the future. He talks to me about choosing stocks, managing an emergency fund, and how he got his Tesla for free. Podcast show notes available here:
Aug 12, 2015
SPI 173: Tips for Staying Consistent with Your Editorial Calendar with Garrett Moon from
#173: Listen to Garrett Moon of CoSchedule talk about making your editorial calendar work for you—no matter what kind of content you create for your followers. You'll learn how to make the most of your published content across channels, content management mistakes, and strategies for managing blogging procrastination. Podcast show notes available here:
Aug 05, 2015
SPI 172: Game Changing Business Growth with Peter Voogd
#172: I can’t wait for you to meet today’s amazing guest: He’s Peter Voogd, and he’s the leading authority on Gen Y entrepreneurship. As CEO of, Peter has trained nearly 5,000 young entrepreneurs. He draws on the wealth of experience he’s gathered from his own career (which started before he even hit high school) to teach aspiring business owners how to take charge of their lives, their money, and their aspirations. Podcast show notes available here:
Jul 30, 2015
SPI 171: A Crash Course on Copywriting with Nikki Elledge Brown
#171: I’d like you to meet Nikki Elledge Brown, a.k.a. your Communication Stylist. If you’re ready to get serious about your writing and communication skills, this is the episode for you. As a self-declared Communication Stylist, Nikki is an expert at helping people uncover their unique voice and become smarter communicators. Like any top-notch stylist, Nikki’s approach to coaching isn’t about changing who you are or what you sound like. Instead, she provides strategies and tools to help you stay 100% authentic, whether you’re writing a from-the-heart blog post or a page of sales copy. Podcast show notes available here:
Jul 22, 2015
SPI 170: The Secrets of a Successful Product Launch with Ramit Sethi
#170: Ramit Sethi is here again, and this time, he’s offering up everything you need to know to launch an online product. Today, you’ll get all the dos and don’ts of preparing for a successful launch, as well as expert advice on how to generate both maximum profit and maximum impact in those crucial first days. Podcast show notes available here:
Jul 15, 2015
SPI 169: How Nathan Chan Built a 6-Figure Digital Magazine and the Marketing Strategies We Can All Use
#169: Just about every business owner starts from scratch. Today’s guest did, too, but in a totally unique way. He’s Nathan Chan, creator of Foundr Magazine, an entirely digital publication. When Nathan first built Foundr Magazine, he knew he was headed into unique, unfamiliar territory. Without tried-and-true methods to fall back on, Nathan found himself learning through experience every step of the way. Podcast show notes available here:
Jul 08, 2015
SPI 168: Multiple Successful Businesses in Multiple Niches with Scott Turner
#168: Running a successful online business takes serious effort. Today’s guest doesn’t just run one successful online business—he runs several! I first connected with Scott Turner through his company Green Building Education Services when I was just starting out, building my own Green Exam Academy. When I re-connected with him at the 1-Day Business Breakthrough, I realized that Scott hadn’t just stopped there. He’d launched several businesses across a variety of niches. Podcast show notes available here:
Jul 01, 2015
SPI 167: Chalene Johnson and the Lowdown on Lifers
#167: You might know today’s guest as a fitness guru. But Chalene Johnson hasn’t stopped there—she’s also an inspiring entrepreneur and the leader of a tribe of amazing, committed fans. Chalene’s career has grown beyond the fitness industry to include all kinds of businesses, lifestyle coaching, and podcasts like Build Your Tribe. When Chalene invited me to her event, The Success Summit, I didn’t know what to expect. What I found was incredible: an amazing event full of raving fans that Chalene calls her “Lifers.” I knew I had to have her on the show to share her insights on building a following. Podcast show notes available here:
Jun 24, 2015
SPI 166: The 2015 Halfway Point—Goal Status and Future of SPI
#166: Let’s take a break from strategy to check in with ourselves. We’re halfway through 2015. What progress have you made on your goals for this year? What have you learned? What else does 2015 have in store for you? In this episode, you’ll hear my own, personal answers to those questions. I’ll walk you through my year so far, the goals I’ve reached, and the lessons I’ve learned. I’ve got a few announcements, too, that I’m eager to share with you. Podcast show notes available here:
Jun 17, 2015
SPI 165: Susan Petersen from Freshly Picked on Selling Moccasins and Her BOOMING Online Retail Business
#165: I can’t wait for you to meet today’s guest, who’s an incredible success story from the online retail world: Susan Petersen of Freshly Picked. Since starting out as an early Etsy entrepreneur, Susan’s had an amazing journey, including an appearance on Shark Tank, a partnership with Nordstrom, and now, a million-dollar online business selling baby moccasins. Podcast show notes available here:
Jun 10, 2015
SPI 164: Michael O’Neal from Solopreneur Hour Talk Shop—His Success Journey and Actionable Tips for Interviews
#164: Michael is the host of Solopreneur Hour, a podcast with a totally unique style—a style I’m borrowing from today. Michael has mastered the art of interviewing. His approach as an interviewer allows his guests to reveal surprising sides of themselves they might not usually get to share on industry podcasts. He’s an expert at establishing a rapport, asking questions, entertaining his audience, and simply allowing his guests to have a great time. If you’d like to hear a great example of top-notch interviewing, listen in. You’ll hear Michael’s podcasting tips, his journey to creating Solopreneur Hour, and the amazing stories he’s collected along the way. Podcast show notes available here:
Jun 03, 2015
SPI 163: Michael Hyatt on the Secrets of Team Building and Leadership
#163: It’s such a pleasure to have Michael Hyatt as my guest this week. Michael is a truly inspirational leader, and he brings an amazing wealth of wisdom and experience with him. He’s talking with me today about something close to home for every entrepreneur: being a leader and building your team. Podcast show notes available here:
May 27, 2015
SPI 162: A First-Timer’s $130,208 Product Launch
#162: My guest today, Nick Stephenson, heard David Siteman Garland talk with me about creating online courses back in Session 136. Nick took action, and by the time his product launch rolled around, he was crushing it. Just how much was he crushing it? The answer’s right there in this episode’s title—his online course for fiction writers,, launched at over $130,000. Nick’s here today to reveal just how he did that. He’ll share the tools he used and steps he took to conceptualize, develop, and launch his online course. Podcast show notes available here:
May 20, 2015
SPI 161: How to Stand Out of the Crowd with Dorie Clark
#161: My guest today is a woman who knows what she’s talking about when it comes to finding great ideas. Dorie Clark is a phenomenal writer, speaker, and business professor—but she didn’t get there overnight. Starting out as a marketing consultant, she spent years writing book proposals and facing rejection. It wasn’t until her blog post “How to Re-Invent Your Personal Brand” appeared in the Harvard Business Review that she knew she’d found something special—her breakthrough idea. Podcast show notes available here:
May 13, 2015
SPI 160: People Over Profit with Dale Partridge
#160: My mantra for the next few years is “Think bigger.” How can I think beyond business and profit toward bigger causes and social good? I find it so exciting that I’ve met so many amazing people who help me think bigger every day—people like Lewis Howes, Adam Braun, and today’s guest, Dale Partridge. Dale is the author of a brand-new book called People Over Profit, as well as the founder of a host of incredible online businesses. In the midst of a successful career as an entrepreneur, Dale started to ask himself how he could do something bigger with his business. He found that the answer didn’t have to do with bigger profits—it was all about helping other people. Podcast show notes available here:
May 06, 2015
SPI 159: The Best Practices for Increasing Sales with Your Autoresponder Email Series
#159: This week, we’re talking about a simple thing that can have a huge positive impact on your business: email marketing and the power of an autoresponder series. Dan runs, a consultancy he started after building his martial arts training business from the ground up. Dan’s become a master of building a subscriber base, sequencing emails, and sending the right messages to the right audience. Podcast show notes available here:
Apr 29, 2015
SPI 158: How to Productize Your Service-Based Business
#158: This episode is all about productizing your service-based business. With me this week is productization all-star Brian Casel, founder of If you’re curious how to go about productizing your service, what service you should choose, or what’s worked for others, Brian has answers for you. He’s drawing on his own experience as a web developer to bring you advice for delegating, streamlining, and standardizing your service. Podcast show notes available here:
Apr 22, 2015
SPI 157: The Art of Rejection with Jia Jiang
#157: I first saw today’s guest on a TED Talk. His name is Jia Jiang, and his talk was titled, “Surprising Lessons from 100 Days of Rejection.” It’s one of those TED Talks you start watching and find you can’t stop—it’s that good. I bet a lot of us can relate to Jia’s struggle with rejection. It’s the kind of fear that keeps us from taking risks and seeking out life-changing opportunities, because we’re so afraid of hearing the word “no.” That’s why I had to bring him on to share his story with you. Podcast show notes available here:
Apr 15, 2015
SPI 156: The Story Behind Abel James and the Success of Fat Burning Man
#156: This week’s guest comes to us from the fitness world. He’s Abel James, who I got to know last year when he won an award for his incredible podcast, Fat Burning Man. Abel didn’t just stop at podcasting—his Fat Burning Man brand also includes a wildly successful book and mobile app. He’s built a multimedia franchise in an extremely saturated field, and he’s done it all without any of the sleaze that plagues so much of the fitness industry. Podcast show notes available here:
Apr 08, 2015
SPI 155: Inside One of My Weekly Mastermind Meetings
#155: Joey Korneman runs, an online resource for motion designers, and he’s been working hard to grow his business. Joey brought his questions and challenges to the mastermind group, and we offered our insight and advice. A few months later, I reconnected with Joey to see how things were going. What I heard was amazing—Joey had taken what he learned from that mastermind group and used it to create incredible results, all in a few months. Podcast show notes available here:
Apr 01, 2015
SPI 154: Behind the Scenes of SPI TV with Caleb Wojcik—Gear, Numbers, and Production Tips
#154: This week’s guest is the amazing Caleb Wojcik, the video mastermind behind and the videographer for my latest project, Smart Passive Income TV. Caleb’s sharing his expert knowledge on the gear and techniques you need to make killer video content. He’ll give his advice for launching a video podcast of your own, creating an efficient workflow, and producing high-quality video week after week. Podcast show notes available here:
Mar 25, 2015
SPI 153: Systematizing—Pat and Mindy Talk AskPat and Our Productive Workflow
#153: Back in Episode 138, I had a blast introducing you to the amazing people of Team Flynn. I got a ton of responses about one team member in particular: Mindy Holahan Peters. Mindy has an amazing brain for building and improving a workflow. She knows how to systematize and automate to keep things simple, time-saving, and super-effective. She’s also a master of podcast production, and she’ll be sharing the tools and tricks she uses to keep AskPat running at full steam. Podcast show notes available here:
Mar 19, 2015
SPI 152: How a Guest Post Became a Product and The Story of Cole’s Classroom
#152: When I met this week’s guest, Cole Humphus, two things stood out: the amazing story behind his online business and his generosity. Cole is the owner of Cole’s Classroom, an online resource for photographers. Cole had been offering his photography tips and videos for free when he stumbled upon a brilliant way to monetize his products. Just last week he left his day job to focus full time on his online photography business and the passive income lifestyle, all thanks to a passion project that turned into an incredibly successful online business. Podcast show notes available here:
Mar 11, 2015
SPI 151: How to Put on a Successful (and Profitable) Virtual Conference with Lain Ehmann
#151: This week’s guest comes up a lot on this podcast, and rightly so—she’s got one amazing success story. Remember Lain Ehmann, who turned her scrapbooking hobby into a six-figure online business? She’s back with another crucial lesson for all you online entrepreneurs: the power of the virtual conference. A big part of Lain’s success has come from her virtual conferences, where hundreds of scrapbookers gather online to connect, trade ideas, and learn from invited instructors. Lain’s here to share what goes into creating a virtual conference, as well as the victories and challenges she’s faced along the way. Podcast show notes available here:
Mar 04, 2015
SPI 150: A Day in the Life of Pat—My (New) Routine, Schedule, and Habits Shared
#150: A few months ago, I added something new to my life: a morning routine. The results have been so dramatic that I had to share them with you all. That’s what this week’s episode is all about. I put together this routine after interviewing Hal Elrod, author of The Miracle Morning in SPI Podcast Session #140, and after continually hearing other successful people rave about the power of their morning routine. They talked about how many aspects of their lives it transformed, from their productivity and focus to their health and personal life. I figured I had to give it a try. Podcast show notes available here:
Feb 25, 2015
SPI 149: Dane Maxwell Interviews Pat Flynn
#149: We’re doing something different today on the Smart Passive Income Podcast. Dane Maxwell is back on the show for his third time, but he’s not the guest—I am! As many of you know, I recently started something new in my approach to passive income: software. It’s been an exciting process, and I wanted to share with you why I decided to create a software business, how I did it, and what my results have been so far. Podcast show notes available here:
Feb 18, 2015
SPI 148: (By Popular Demand) The Story Behind The Success of Food Blog Pinch of Yum with Lindsay and Bjork
#148: My two guests today are here by popular demand. That’s right—so many of you told me to get these two on the show, and here they are! I’ve got Lindsay and Bjork here to talk about their hugely successful food blog, Pinch of Yum. In this episode, Lindsay breaks down exactly when and how she quit her job as an elementary school teacher—a job she loved—to pursue her passion for cooking and sharing recipes. Bjork shares how he jumped on to the project, maintaining and monetizing the site. You’ll hear specific numbers on traffic, monthly income, and how long it took to get there. Podcast show notes available here:
Feb 11, 2015
SPI 147: Behind the Scenes of a Thriving and Active Membership Site with Corbett, Chase, and Barrett from
#147: Corbett Barr, Chase Reeves, and Barrett Brooks are the masterminds behind one of most well-run, engaged, and high-quality membership sites out there. You might remember Corbett from our interview back in 2012, where he talked about his project Since then, he’s joined forces with Chase and Barrett to create, a membership site that provides a huge library of resources to aspiring business owners. Podcast show notes available here:
Feb 04, 2015
SPI 146: Product Validation and Pre-Selling—A Real Life Example with Jarrod Robinson
#146: I’m so stoked for you to meet my guest this week. He’s Jarrod Robinson of, and he’s had amazing success with his digital products thanks to pre-selling. Jarrod’s here to walk you through just how he’s able to guarantee a profit before the product is out the door. Jarrod has built over 60 iOS apps, but he’s not a software developer—he’s a PE teacher. Jarrod has a passion for integrating technology into physical education in meaningful ways, and he builds his products for other educators like himself. Talk about a niche within a niche within a niche! But as Jarrod reveals in this episode, you don’t have to have an audience of millions to create a successful product. Podcast show notes available here:
Jan 29, 2015
SPI 145: How to Become a Contributing Writer on Large Media Sites—From Bread Delivery to Content Delivery with Kimanzi Constable
#145: Ready to hear an amazing story? Because that’s what Kimanzi Constable has brought with him today. I can’t wait for you to hear how this guy went from delivering bread to becoming an author with 82,000 books sold. Before he got published, Kimanzi worked a job he hated. While working late nights, he listened to podcasts like this one and kept a journal of thoughts and ideas. He got inspired to turn those ideas into an eBook, and he set out to self-publish. Podcast show notes available here:
Jan 23, 2015
SPI 144: Building a Million Dollar Business in 12 Months with Ryan Moran
#144: Here with me this week, by popular demand, is e-commerce superstar Ryan Moran from Freedom Fast Lane. Ryan’s going to walk you through building a business selling through Amazon, using one of his own companies as a model. You’ll get the nitty-gritty details of choosing a product, creating your inventory, and making Amazon work for you. Podcast show notes available here:
Jan 16, 2015
SPI 143: Actionable Email Marketing Strategies and How to 3X Revenue Using Your Autoresponder with Steve Chou
#143: I’ve got an amazing guest this week, and he’s brought tons of great, actionable advice along with him. He’s Steve Chou from If you use autoresponder sequences in your online business, you know that strategy is everything. Steve’s here to share how a few email sequencing tweaks yielded massive results for his business. You’ll be able to use these actionable strategies to promote your own online course or product and start seeing results. Podcast show notes available here:
Jan 08, 2015
SPI 142: How Paying Attention Paid Off for Joseph Michael, the Scrivener Coach
#142: Welcome to 2015, everybody! I can’t think of a more perfect time to talk with Joseph Michael, the Scrivener Coach. He’s another passive income success story I can’t wait for you to meet. If getting focused and finding your next big idea are some of your New Year’s resolutions, you’ll want to hear Joseph’s story. Figuring out your particular expertise can be the biggest hurdle in getting your online product out the door. Listen to what Joseph has to say about smart listening and paying attention. I guarantee he’ll give you the boost you need! Podcast show notes available here:
Jan 02, 2015
SPI 141: The Biggest Lessons I Learned from 2014 and How We’re Going to Crush 2015
#141: As 2014 rounds out, I didn’t want to miss the opportunity to reflect on this year with you all and share what’s on my mind. This week, I’m speaking from the heart. I’m going to talk through the big life lessons I learned this year, and how we—you and I—are going to kill it in 2015. With that inspiration in mind, here are my 10 Biggest Lessons from 2014. Podcast show notes available here:
Dec 26, 2014
SPI 140: Productivity and the Early Morning Routine with Hal Elrod
#140: I can’t wait for you to hear the amazing story this week’s guest has to share. He’s Hal Elrod, a best-selling author, keynote speaker, success coach, and all-around inspiring guy. Hal’s here this week to share how he became a productivity master, and bounced back from huge life setbacks, with the help of a morning routine. Podcast show notes available here:
Dec 18, 2014
SPI 139: How to Work a Room and Socialize for Success with Susan RoAne
#139: I am so excited for you to meet this week’s guest: Susan RoAne. She’s generous, she’s brilliant, and she’s been a huge inspiration to me—she even manages to make me blush in this episode. Her superpower? How to work a room. Susan was one of 1,200 teachers who lost their jobs during a massive layoff of San Francisco public school teachers. She got the idea to start a career change workshop, designed specifically for teachers. The next thing she knew, she had 100 people on her waiting list. That workshop became a book, and that book led to many more books. Now, she’s helping thousands of people network, mingle, and feel comfortable in any room. Podcast show notes available here:
Dec 10, 2014
SPI 138: Meet Team Flynn—My Trip to Columbus and a Big Decision I Need to Make by 2015
#138: This week, I’m giving you a little glimpse behind the scenes and into the future of Smart Passive Income, and I’m doing it in the style of a podcast that I’ve recently been pulling inspiration from—Startup by Alex Blumberg. Many of you know I recently made a trip to Columbus, OH to meet my team and plan for 2015. On the trip, I decided to turn on the voice recorder on my iPhone and capture some of those conversations, and after hours of editing (seriously, this style of podcasting takes a load of time!), I’m excited to share this story, this account of my trip with you. Podcast show notes available here:
Dec 04, 2014
SPI 137: A Product Launch Sequence That Works—How to Create a 3-Part Video Series with Amy Porterfield
#137: This week, I’m joined by none other than Amy Porterfield! You might know Amy for her social media strategies or from her podcast, Online Marketing Made Easy, where she dishes out the insight and expertise that’s made her the Facebook Queen. In this episode, she’s here to share her secret weapon for creating a killer launch: the 3-Part Video Series. Podcast show notes available here:
Nov 27, 2014
SPI 136: How to Build an Online Course That Sells with David Siteman Garland
#136: In this session of the podcast, David treats us to his invaluable advice on creating and selling your own online course, something he’s helped loads of people in all different niches do already. Podcast show notes available here:
Nov 20, 2014
SPI 135: How an Animator Built an Online Business by Being Transparent
#135: My guest this week is Morr Meroz, an animator who runs As an animator straight out of art school, Morr wasn’t used to thinking about his creative career in business terms. He created film after film, attracting very little traffic on his YouTube channel, until the day he tried something different: he posted a video called “How to Make an Animated Movie”. The overwhelming response stunned him. He had attracted an audience simply by being transparent about his process. Podcast show notes available here:
Nov 13, 2014
SPI 134: Crucial and Common WordPress Mistakes and How to Avoid Them with Dan from WP Curve
#134: I’m very pleased to welcome Dan Norris to this week’s Smart Passive Income Podcast. Dan is the co-founder of WP Curve, a company every WordPress user needs to hear about. Even if you’re not on WordPress, there’s still a lot of great information to take away from this episode to improve your website experience and usability. Podcast show notes available here:
Nov 06, 2014
SPI 133: Gary Vaynerchuk on “Right Hooks,” Physical Products, Book Publishing, App Marketing, and More
#133: I’m incredibly excited to welcome back Gary Vaynerchuk to the show! Gary Vee has had a significant impact on my business personally, from the moment I picked up and read Crush It, to when I interviewed him for SPI Podcast Session #89 and he called me out on some things I wasn’t doing on social media. Since that point, I implemented his tips and have seen drastic results from them ever since. Podcast show notes available here:
Oct 31, 2014
SPI 132: Social Media Strategies and Automation Tools with Laura Roeder
#132: Over the past three months, I’ve been experimenting with a new social media automation tool and have been extremely pleased with the results. The tool is called Edgar, and I’m happy to welcome the founder, Laura Roeder, to the SPI Podcast today to talk all things social media and the principles behind her new automation and scheduling tool. Podcast show notes available here:
Oct 23, 2014
SPI 131: Creating Creativity: Success Outside of the Box with Jason SurfrApp
#131: I brought Jason of SurfrApp on today to talk about his creative (and different) approach to his work, and give us inspiration to be creative and be okay with the risks involved with being creative. Podcast show notes available here:
Oct 16, 2014
SPI 130: Booking Yourself Solid: The Sales Process, Pricing, and More with Michael Port
#130: Today I have the honor of welcoming Michael Port to the Smart Passive Income Podcast! If you don’t know the name, then you might know the book: Book Yourself Solid. For the past several years, Book Yourself Solid has become almost required reading in the world of business and entrepreneurship, and the principles from the book have become the standard. In today’s episode, we dive into elements of his book which include the fundamentals of the sales process, pricing strategies, and we also talk about public speaking as well—something I’ve been doing a lot of lately too. Podcast show notes available here:
Oct 10, 2014
SPI 129: How to Scale Up Your Service Based Business with Josh Shipp
#129: Today’s guest is Josh Shipp, a former at-risk foster kid turned successful entrepreneur who has appeared on CNN, Good Morning America, 20/20, and was named to Inc. Magazine’s 30 under 30. He has a service-based business traveling around the country speaking to kids and families, and at one point he almost burned himself out from all of the travel. Luckily, he’s been able to scale his service-based business in a smart way that has allowed him to earn a 7-figure income, but more importantly, make a bigger impact with his target audience. Podcast show notes available here:
Oct 02, 2014
SPI 128: [CASE STUDY] Manu Kalia—Taking an Offline Business and Productizing It Online
#128: In today’s session, we have a chat with Manu Kalia, a physical therapist and exercise science specialist who shares how he successfully took his offline business and physical therapy practice online. Podcast show notes available here:
Sep 25, 2014
SPI 127: Building a Successful E-Commerce Business and Private Labeling with Ryan and Daniel
#127: Today I connect with Ryan Coisson and Daniel Audunsson from They sell items on Amazon too, but have a completely different business model and are generating over $1,000,000 per month in revenue with a profit margin over 50 percent. Podcast show notes available here:
Sep 19, 2014
SPI 126: How to Get Paid for Your IDEAS
#126: You may have heard people say (including me) that ideas aren’t worth anything. An idea just sitting in your head can’t truly help anyone, and you definitely cannot make money from it until you execute and create. Well, today’s guest on The SPI Podcast, Stephen Key would most likely disagree, because you can get paid for your ideas. He has, and with over 30 different ideas that he’s licensed to other companies, he’s making millions. Podcast show notes available here:
Sep 11, 2014
SPI 125: Small Secrets to Stay Mentally Focused and at the Top of Our Entrepreneurial Game
#125: I have Shawn Stevenson on the show today to help us discover a few things we can do to maximize our output as entrepreneurs, and help us become our best selves and stay at the top of our game. Podcast show notes available here:
Sep 05, 2014
SPI 124: Your Author Empire—Pick a Niche and Publish for Profit with Steve Scott
#124: Like most communities that you’ll create online, there always seems to be a few standouts—people who rise to the top as the most helpful and active in the forum. One clear standout in this particular group is an author named Steve Scott, who is always offering his advice, responding to questions and sharing his success. Podcast show notes available here:
Sep 02, 2014
SPI 123: Turning a So-So Blog into a So-Profitable Brand—Gretchen and Jason from Woodland Bakery
#123: In this session of The SPI Podcast, I’m excited to welcome Gretchen and her partner Jason from Woodland Bakery Blog—a brand that Gretchen started out of a passion for baking. At first, things were fun and exciting but then after the “honeymoon period” ended, she kept it going but with less than stellar results. Some traffic, some income, but that’s it. That’s when she connected with Jason, who took her so-so brand and turned it into something extremely profitable. Podcast show notes available here:
Aug 21, 2014
SPI 122: From Teachers to Totally Rocking It Online—Shane and Jocelyn Sams Share Their Success Story
#122: Today I’d like to share an incredible success story packed with valuable strategies and actionable tips from not just one, but two people—a husband and wife combo who each have their own respective successful online businesses in completely different niches. Shane and Jocelyn Sams were teachers (Shane a teacher and football coach and Jocelyn a librarian) before they discovered the Smart Passive Income Podcast and gave online business a shot. Podcast show notes available here:
Aug 15, 2014
SPI 121: A Crash Course on Charisma—A Guide to Winning In-Person Encounters with Jordan Harbinger
#121: There’s an art to being charismatic, which is why I’m super excited to welcome Jordan Harbinger from The Art of Charm and The Art of Charm Podcast to the show today. He’s got an incredibly successful business teaching people how to be confident and put their best self forward, and he shares a TON of tips and strategies for us to help us do the same. If you’re going to any conferences or meetings anytime soon, this is definitely a podcast episode you should listen to. Podcast show notes available here:
Aug 07, 2014
SPI 120: How to Create the Ultimate Flagship Product—From Research to Launch and Beyond with Ramit Sethi
#120: The last time Ramit Sethi from was on the SPI Podcast he dropped some huge knowledge bombs on us about the psychology of selling, and also gave us great, actionable advice on pricing our products. I invited Ramit to come back on the show for two specific reasons: A high demand from the audience; and to get into the deep details of one of his most successful products. Podcast show notes available here:
Jul 31, 2014
SPI 119: What Is the “Minimum Marketable Event?” (And How Did LeadPages Use It To Go from Zero to 25K Customers in Less Than Two Years?)
#119: In this episode, we recap a couple of the strategies that were talked about the last time (namely the ones I’ve implemented myself and the results), and we also get into some launch strategies as well, which were very interesting because he talked about things I’ve never heard of before, including something called the minimum marketable event. Podcast show notes available here:
Jul 24, 2014
SPI 118: How to Raise Capital for Your Startup with Bill Glaser
#118: The world of raising capital and startup funds is completely unknown to me, which is why I’m extremely happy to welcome Bill Glaser to the show today to tell us all about it. You may have an amazing idea in your head for a product or business that could only come to life if you had the funds to make it happen. If that’s the case, then this episode is for you. There are a lot of lessons to be learned here, even if you’re already established and simply want to grow and expand. Podcast show notes available here:
Jul 17, 2014
SPI 117: Broke on a Friend’s Couch to Successful Entrepreneur with Dwight Peters of BackersHub