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Category: Performing Arts

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 Jul 22, 2024
Kurt rules. Jimmy and his crew have the only lefty political show out there that isn't completely bonkers.

A Podcast Republic user
 Feb 16, 2024
Did Kurt get bitten by Old Yeller? What the hell happened to him? Frothing nonsense every episode derailing important discussion. Is he on (or off) something?

A Podcast Republic user
 Jan 30, 2024
Kurt gets worse every episode. How does any guest let alone Jimmy stand his constant inane interruptions? Ruining the show.

 Apr 1, 2023

 Aug 21, 2022
You have over a million followers on YouTube. Get an internet connection that works. It can't be that hard. Had to turn it off.


“ Jimmy Dore is outrageous and outraged, bothersome and bothered, a crucial, profane, passionate voice for progressives and freethinkers in 21st century America.” -Patton Oswalt

Episode Date
CrowdStrike CEO Can’t Explain WORLDWIDE Internet Failure!
Jul 22, 2024
Snipers Saw Trump Assassin 3 Times Before Shooting & Did NOTHING! Said He “DISAPPEARED”!
Jul 19, 2024
Biden Renounces HIS OWN Hate Rhetoric Against Trump & MAGA!
Jul 17, 2024
Clear Signs The Trump Assassination Attempt Was A Set Up!
Jul 15, 2024
Dem Rep ADMITS Elites Rigged Primary For Biden Picked Biden!
Jul 12, 2024
Biden’s Team Says He’s Having A “BIG BOY” Press Conference!
Jul 10, 2024
Yes There’s A Miracle Cure For Insomnia & Addiction!
Jul 08, 2024
Incredible Interview w/ The Corbett Report host James Corbett
Jul 05, 2024
Stunning: Media Echoed ALL THE SAME LIES To Boost Biden!
Jul 03, 2024
Jimmy Dore Interview with Candace Owens!
Jul 01, 2024
CNN Host Kicks Trump Press Secretary Off Show!
Jun 28, 2024
No One Shows Up For AOC & Bernie Rally!
Jun 26, 2024
Idaho Cuts Off Water To Farmers! Cobalt Mining Scam Revealed!
Jun 24, 2024
CAUGHT: Pentagon Was Biggest Spreader Of Anti-Vaxx Disinformation!
Jun 21, 2024
Kansas SUES Pfizer For Misleading Public About COVID Vaccines!
Jun 19, 2024
Bombshell Drops: Israel Was In On It! w/ Ben Swann
Jun 17, 2024
Washington Post Tries To JAIL The Grayzone Journalists!
Jun 14, 2024
Bill Maher PROVES He Knows Nothing w/ Wild Accusations Against Palestinians!
Jun 12, 2024
They’re TERRIFYING Us Into Accepting Mass Surveillance! w/ Neil Oliver
Jun 10, 2024
Anti-War Activist Scott Ritter’s Passport Confiscated As He’s Pulled Off Plane By State Dept.
Jun 07, 2024
Chris Cuomo Completely Wrecked In Covid Debate w/ Dave Smith!
Jun 05, 2024
“Anti-Semitism NOT Happening!” Howie Mandel’s MIND BLOWN By Jewish Comedian Ari Shaffir!
Jun 03, 2024
Robert De Niro Has Full-On Meltdown At Trump Trial!
May 31, 2024
Libertarians Choose “Woke” Presidential Candidate!
May 29, 2024
Are We Being Lied To About North Korea?
May 27, 2024
China & Russia Join Forces To Build A “New World Order”!
May 24, 2024
Separating Fact From Propaganda About Life In North Korea
May 21, 2024
U.S. Military Intelligence Guilty Of Human Trafficking!
May 20, 2024
U.S. Economic Wars Are Actually Screwing Americans!- w/Anya Parampil
May 17, 2024
The WHO Is Seizing SWEEPING Global Powers w/ Dr. Meryl Nass
May 15, 2024
Wall Street Is Pulling HUGE Climate Scam On Latin America! w/Whitney Webb
May 13, 2024
Chris Cuomo ADMITS He’s Taking Ivermectin!
May 10, 2024
EPIC Flip-Flop! Chris Cuomo Says He’s Vaxx Injured!
May 08, 2024
It’s Now Illegal To Criticize Israel!
May 06, 2024
Howard Stern Degrades Himself In Tongue Bath Interview With Biden!
May 03, 2024
Colin Jost Applauds “Decency” Of “Genocide Joe Biden” At White House Correspondents Dinner
May 01, 2024
“Mike, You Suck!” Jeers Greet House Speaker Mike Johnson At Columbia!
Apr 29, 2024
Tesla Cybertruck Is A DISASTER!
Apr 28, 2024
U.S. House Approves $95 Billion MORE In War Funding!
Apr 24, 2024
New York Times TRIES To Smear Jackson Hinkle & FAILS!
Apr 22, 2024
NPR Whistleblower SCORCHES NPR!
Apr 19, 2024
The “Iron Dome” COMPLETELY FAILED! – Scott Ritter
Apr 17, 2024
U.S. Gov’t Paying For Ukraine SMEAR Operation Against Jimmy Dore! w/ Lee Fang
Apr 15, 2024
Establishment SUDDENLY Turns Against Israel!
Apr 12, 2024
Trump Tries To Have It Both Ways On Abortion!
Apr 10, 2024
The View Is A “Rabies-Infested Henhouse!” – Joe Rogan
Apr 08, 2024
Aid Workers TARGETED For Rocket Attack By Israel!
Apr 05, 2024
Ben Shapiro & Dave Rubin DESPERATELY Defend Canceling Candace Owens
Apr 03, 2024
Jon Stewart Committed SAME FRAUD He Accused Trump Of!
Apr 01, 2024
What’s The Real Cause Of The Baltimore Bridge Disaster?
Mar 29, 2024
Political Prosecution Of Trump Derailed & Corrupt Prosecutor EXPOSED!
Mar 27, 2024
“The CIA Doesn’t Do Coups Anymore!” Say Both TYT Hosts
Mar 26, 2024
This Is Why Nobody Trusts Corporate News Anymore
Mar 22, 2024
TikTok Ban Is A TROJAN HORSE For Mass Online Government Censorship! w/ Dr. Robert Malone
Mar 20, 2024
Don Lemon Unwittingly Reveals He HATES Free Speech!
Mar 18, 2024
Ben Shapiro Wants You To Work Until You Die!
Mar 15, 2024
Robert DeNiro Reveals TERMINAL Trump Derangement Syndrome On Bill Maher Show
Mar 13, 2024
Biden Spreads PURE Lies & Misinformation At State Of The Union!
Mar 11, 2024
The Intercept RIPS OFF The Grayzone’s Reporting On NYT Hamas Rąpe Hoax Story
Mar 08, 2024
MSNBC Says Rural Voters Are Destroying Democracy!
Mar 06, 2024
Breakthrough Cancer Treatment Using Keto Diet! w/ Dr. Thomas Seyfried
Mar 04, 2024
Anderson Cooper PANICS When Guest Brings Up Gaza Slaughter!
Mar 01, 2024
EPIC Taylor Lorenz vs Libs Of TikTok Debate Over Teaching Gay Sex In Schools!
Feb 28, 2024
“Disgusting Subways Are The ‘Price Of Freedom’” – Jon Stewart
Feb 26, 2024
Kevin O’Leary Demolishes CNN Host Over Trump Verdict!
Feb 23, 2024
We've Been Lied To All Along About WTC Building 7!
Feb 21, 2024
TV Liberals Repeat EXACT SAME SCRIPT To Defend Biden’s Dementia!
Feb 19, 2024
Bill Maher Is A Cartoon Of A Rich Out Of Touch Guy!
Feb 16, 2024
Liberals Tie Themselves IN KNOTS Pretending Biden’s Not Demented!
Feb 14, 2024
Biden Is Demented Says U.S. Justice Department!
Feb 12, 2024
HEADS EXPLODE Over Tucker Interviewing Putin!
Feb 09, 2024
Anti-War Politician Abandons Democrats & Announces INDEPENDENT Run For Congress! w/Dennis Kucinich
Feb 07, 2024
Roger Waters DROPPED By Music Publisher Over Phony Antisemitism Slurs
Feb 05, 2024
“Safe & Effective” Is The Biggest Lie In History! w/ Ed Dowd
Feb 02, 2024
Doctors Were BRIBED To Push Covid Vaccines!
Jan 29, 2024
Kentucky To Legalize “Deadly Force” Against Homeless On Your Property!
Jan 26, 2024
Marianne Williamson BLOWS OFF Due Dissidence’s Russell Keaton!
Jan 25, 2024
Julian Assange’s Last Chance To Avoid Extradition! w/ Stella Assange
Jan 22, 2024
We REFUSE To Show Trump Winning Anything! – Rachel Maddow
Jan 19, 2024
ISRAEL Is Co-opting MLK Jr.’s Legacy!
Jan 17, 2024
South Africa’s Slam Dunk Case Against Israel!
Jan 15, 2024
Max Blumenthal & Aaron Mate TURN TABLES On Washington Post Propagandist!
Jan 12, 2024
The View Host FLIP-FLOPS On The Vaxx – But Doesn’t Realize It!
Jan 11, 2024
Celebrity American Idiots Push The Establishment’s Agenda
Jan 05, 2024
Jimmy Dore & Alex Jones Recall INFAMOUS Spitting Incident!
Jan 03, 2024
“My TV News Station FIRED Me For Telling The Truth About COVID!” - Anita Krishna
Dec 29, 2023
Censorship Originated To Stop Trump & Brexit From Happening Again! w/ Whitney Webb
Dec 27, 2023
Bill Maher Should Have To Shut Up About Ukraine After Saying This!
Dec 22, 2023
Blockbuster Interview - Vivek Ramaswamy & Jimmy Dore!
Dec 20, 2023
“THIS Is Why Fox News Fired Me!” – Interview With Tucker Carlson
Dec 15, 2023
MSNBC Host Spins WILD Fantasy About The U.S. "Free" Press!
Dec 08, 2023
Krystal Ball & Ryan Grim HUMILIATE Themselves While Lying To Protect AOC!
Dec 01, 2023
MSNBC’s Jaw Dropping Lie About Trump Prosecuting His Enemies
Nov 24, 2023
House Speaker DEMANDS Israel Keep Bombing Gaza!
Nov 17, 2023
Twitter Suppressing Jackson Hinkle & Jake Shields For Exposing Israel Propaganda!
Nov 10, 2023
Trump Goes Full Warmonger - Promises VENGEANCE Against Hamas!
Nov 03, 2023
“Free Speech Warriors” Turn Into SNOWFLAKES Over Palestine!
Oct 27, 2023
Israel Wants All Palestinians Permanently EXPELLED
Oct 20, 2023
The Palestinians Had NO OTHER OPTIONS – Norman Finkelstein
Oct 13, 2023
Matt Gaetz Sends McCarthy Packing!
Oct 06, 2023