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Mike Florio talks about the biggest NFL topics with the people who are most passionate about the game: League execs, players, coaches and the journalists who cover pro football.

Episode Date
Cowboys vs Giants recap

(00:00) Breaking down the Cowboys victory over the Giants

(15:00) Was CeeDee Lamb's up and down redeemed by a late TD?

(28:00) Examining how the Cowboys defense kept Daniel Jones busy in and out of the pocket

Sep 27, 2022
Injury updates on Mac Jones, Myles Garrett and more

(00:00) Mac Jones and Myles Garrett injury updates  

(16:00) Does Devante Adams regret signing with the Raiders?  

(40:00) Charger injury updates: Joey Bosa week to week

(46:00) Todd Bowles asks NFL to explain issue with delay of game clock at end of Bucs v Packers

Sep 27, 2022
NFL Sunday Week 3 + Two GOATs battle it Out

00:00 Ravens def Falcons 37-26 

08:41 Packers def Bucs 14-12 

21:40 SNF Recap 

30:43 Week 3 Superlatives 

39:07 Titans def Raiders 24-22 

42:57 Bengals def Jets 27-12 

45:12 Week 3 Sunday Statement

Sep 27, 2022
How did Tua Tagovailoa Return + Upsets in Miami and Indy

00:00 Dolphins deft Bills 21-19

13:53 NFLPA wants an investigation of the decision to allow Tua Tagovailoa to return to action after an apparent head injury.

36:47 Colts deft Bills 20-17

Sep 26, 2022
Steelers vs Browns recap + Tom Brady faces off against Aaron Rodgers

(00:00) Breaking down how the Browns bested the Steelers at home on TNF  

(27:00) Mike Tomlin dismisses any notion of QB change but when will it become necessary?  

(45:00) Previewing Tom Brady vs Aaron Rodgers and Tua vs Josh Allen 

Sep 23, 2022
NFL Week 3 Preview + Jerry Jones wants QB drama

(00:00) Previewing week 3 matchups and which teams have to prove themselves or step up  

(23:00) Jerry Jones welcomes a QB controversy after Cooper Rush solid performance  

(33:00) PFT Live Draft: week 3 show me something: which teams or players need a big game?

Sep 23, 2022
Week 3 NFL Picks: "First instinct! First instinct!"

(2:15) TNF: Steelers at Browns

(7:00) SUNDAY EARLY GAMES: Saints at Panthers

(11:15) Texans at Bears

(13:40) Chiefs at Colts

(17:00) Bills at Dolphins

(20:30) Lions at Vikings

(24:00) Ravens at Patriots

(26:40) Bengals at Jets

(28:45) Raiders at Titans

(31:25) Eagles at Commanders

(34:25) SUNDAY LATE GAMES: Jaguars at Chargers

(37:10) Rams at Cardinals

(40:00) Falcons at Seahawks

(42:20) Packers at Buccaneers

(46:00) SNF: 49ers at Broncos

(50:30) MNF: Cowboys at Giants

(54:50) Best Bets & Folsom Prison Blues Pick

Sep 22, 2022
Steelers vs Browns preview + Mike Evans suspension upheld

(00:00) Preview of Steelers vs Browns and will Mitchell Trubisky step up the offense?  

(20:00) Browns run game could give Steelers issues with no TJ Watt  

(37:00) How will Brady, Bucs look against Packers with Mike Evans out for a one game suspension?

Sep 22, 2022
Lamar Jackson vs Bill Belichick + Justin Herbert injury update

(00:00) Previewing Patriots vs Ravens: how will Belichick attempt to stop Lamar Jackson and his high power offense?  

(15:00) Tua, Dolphins look to keep rolling against Bills plus other intriguing week 3 matchups

(32:00) Brandon Staley provides update on health of Justin Herbert  

(43:00) PFT Live Draft: Best Week 3 Matchups

Sep 22, 2022
Starting QBs on notice going into week 3

(00:00) Mike Tomlin preaches patience with Trubisky but when will Pickett chants become too loud?

(27:00) Pete Carroll says they need to trust Geno Smith and give him more opportunities but when will he have seen enough?

Sep 21, 2022
Week 3 Power Rankings + Bills Dolphins preview

(00:00) Mike McDaniel looks forward to facing the Bills this weekend  

(11:00) Upon Further Review: breaking down controversial play calls, decisions from Week 3

(35:00) PFT Power Rankings heading into week 3

(49:00) PFT Live Draft: Winless teams you have the most faith in

Sep 21, 2022
Bills trounce Titans and Eagles handle Vikings on MNF

(00:00) How Bills defense stopped Derrick Henry and Josh Allen continues to run high powered offense  

(36:00) Breaking down Eagles victory over Vikings and Jalen Hurts rising up in rankings

(54:00) Analyzing how Vikings offense got stifled by Eagles defense and lack of execution 

Sep 20, 2022
Aftermath of Saints Buccaneers brawl

(00:00) Todd Bowles and Dennis Allen comment on aftermath of brawl, Mike Evans suspension  

(16:50) Panic meter: which teams have cause for concern?

(28:00) PFT Live Draft: Week 2 Goats in a bad way

Sep 20, 2022
Trey Lance Out for the Season with Broken Ankle + A Brawl in the Superdome

00:00 Florio welcomes Myles Simmons as co-host for todays show

03:00 49ers def. Seahawks 27-7

22:36 Buccaneers def. Saints 20-10

Sep 19, 2022
Week Two Big Comebacks + Who Made the Biggest Statement?

00:00 Dolphins def. Ravens 42-38

10:45 Cardinals def. Raiders 29-23 (OT)

18:12 Jets def. Browns 31-30

23:30 Week 2 Superlatives

32:04 Cowboys def. Bengals 20-17

37:54 Broncos def. Texans 16-9

44:52 Packers def. Bears 27-10

51:53 Who Made the Biggest Statement?

Sep 19, 2022
NFL Week 2 Preview: can Tom Brady beat the Saints?

(00:00) Previewing NFL week 2 matchups: which teams need a bounce back and which need a follow up performance?

(19:00) Will Tom Brady finally beat the Saints as a Buccaneer?

(34:00) PFT Live Draft: Show Me Something Week 2

Sep 16, 2022
Chiefs Chargers recap and Justin Herbert's status

(00:00) Recapping Chiefs win over the Chargers and identifying key moments that turned the game around

(22:00) Justin Herbert's status is unsure after receiving multiple hits during last night's game  

(43:00) Jamal Adams out for season with quad injury

Sep 16, 2022
Joe Burrow, Josh Allen want to improve in week 2

(00:00) Joe Burrow wants to start stronger and Josh Allen thinks he can protect himself better while running

(15:00) Previewing week 2 matchups: will the Saints continue their regular season domination of the Bucs?  

(26:00) Lamar Jackson, Ravens to face difficult Dolphins defense

(42:00) Russell Wilson is asked about the controversial decision to go for a FG at the end of regulation vs Seahawks

Sep 15, 2022
Justin Herbert vs Patrick Mahomes preview

(00:00) Previewing Chargers vs Chiefs and the marquee matchup of Herbert vs Mahomes

(16:00) Brandon Staley thinks Chiefs offense still strong without Tyreek Hill

(34:00) Aaron Rodgers says 'he has to play the same way' as his young WR's still learn the ropes.

Sep 15, 2022
Nathaniel Hackett regrets late game decision vs Seahawks

(00:00) Nathaniel Hackett said he 'should have gone for it' in hindsight instead of kicking FG  vs Seahawks

(19:00) Pete Carroll comments on their win, besting his former QB

(31:00) Brandon Staley provides updates on Keenan Allen, JC Jackson injuries ahead of Chiefs Chargers TNF

Sep 14, 2022
Gisele Bundchen breaks silence on Tom Brady's unretirement

(00:00) Gisele Bundchen breaking her silence on Tom Brady's unretirement

(21:00) PFT Week 2 Power Rankings  

(35:00) Updates on TJ Watt, Dak Prescott injuries

(44:00) Von Miller takes issue with Leonard Fournette's chip block on Micah Parsons

Sep 14, 2022
Broncos lose to Seattle after costly decision

(00:00) Analyzing Denver's offensive performance and questionable clock management late in game

(27:00) Hackett, Wilson stand by decision to attempt FG instead of trying more plays  

(48:00) Breaking down what Seattle, Geno Smith did right in their win

Sep 13, 2022
Update on Dak Prescott hand injury

(00:00) Analyzing the packers offense without Davante Adams and Chiefs offense without Tyreek Hill

(18:00) Update on Dak Prescott hand injury: could be sidelined for 6-8 games  

(31:00) Robert Saleh is 'taking receipts' on all the Jets doubters

(36:00) PFT Live Draft: week 1's Goats in a bad way

Sep 13, 2022
NFL Sundays Are Back and What a Week One

00:00 SNF Bucs def. Cowboys 19-3

24:40 Steelers def. Bengals in OT, 23-20

40:20 Chiefs def. Cardinals, 44-21

51:54 Vikings def. Packers, 23-7

Sep 12, 2022
Wild Week One Finishes + We Give out Some Superlatives

00:00 Browns def. Panthers, 26-24

08:16 Giants def. Titans 21-20

09:45 Saints def. Falcons 27-26

12:40 Commanders def. Jaguars 28-22

16:30 Week 1 Superlatives

25:48 Dolphins def. Patriots, 20-7

Sep 12, 2022
Bills blowout Rams in season opener

(00:00) Reviewing Rams v Bills and which determining factors led to such a lopsided victory

(06:00) Von Miller shines against his former team  

(16:00) Comparing Josh Allen, Matthew Stafford's performances  

(30:00) How will the Rams recover after such a loss?


Sep 09, 2022
NFL Week 1 Preview + Lamar Jackson's ongoing contract dispute

(00:00) Lamar Jackson speaks to agents but has no plans to hire one

(16:00) Russell Wilson and Pete Carroll differ on how Seattle's former QB will be received

(32:00) Previewing week 1 matchups

(47:00) Tom Brady won't comment on whether this will be his final year + looking ahead to TBB v DAL

(55:00) PFT Live Week 1 'Show Me Something' Draft

Sep 09, 2022
NFL Kickoff Preview Bills vs Rams

(00:00) Previewing Bills, Rams kickoff: will Matt Stafford's shoulder injury be a concern?  

(25:30) Odell Beckham Jr jokingly tweets he would join whoever wins tonight's game but where could he realistically end up?

(38:00) Lamar Jackson claims to have 'deadline' set on when he wants a new contract but will Ravens reciprocate?

Sep 08, 2022
Kyle Shanahan explains Trey Lance not being named captain

(00:00) Where will each team finish in AFC East?

(10:00) Patrick Mahomes claims it'll be 'someone different each week' getting majority of targets

(25:00) Kyle Shanahan comments on Trey Lance not being named captain

(30:00) PFT Live Draft: Best matchups in Bills vs Rams 

Sep 08, 2022
Seahawks look forward to facing Russell Wilson week 1

(00:00) Mike Tomlin endorses Mitchell Trubisky as starting QB and captain for Steelers

(31:00) Tyler Lockett and Pete Carroll look forward to facing Russell Wilson week 1

(46:00) Reviewing the 2022 Cowboys roster improvements

Sep 07, 2022
PFT Power Rankings + Teams with no chance at making playoffs

(00:00) Which teams sit at the top of the PFT Power Rankings?

(16:00) Report indicates the NFL will 'absolutely' consider taking over discipline for misconduct in joint practices after Aaron Donald helmet swinging incident

(23:00) Where will each team finish in AFC South?  

(32:00) PFT Live Draft: which teams have no chance at making the playoffs? 

Sep 07, 2022
Rams Bills kickoff early preview

(00:00) Matt Stafford, Sean McVay have little concern over Stafford's shoulder injury  

(21:00) Cam Akers, Darryl Henderson and Jordan Poyer all expected to return for week 1

(38:00) Todd Bowles says Tom Brady has been 'all-in' since returning but are offensive line injuries a cause of concern? 

Sep 06, 2022
Mitchell Trubisky listed as Steelers starting QB

(13:00) Determining where each team finishes in the AFC East  

(27:00) Bill Belichick arrives in Miami 5 days before his game vs Dolphins  

(36:00) Determining where teams finish in the AFC North

(47:00) Which player has greatest chance to be first time MVP this season? 

Sep 06, 2022
Russell Wilson's extended contract examination

(00:00) Examining the details of Russell Wilson's contract and it's effect on the Broncos future

(26:00) How will this contract impact other QB's looking for deals?  

(38:00) Wilson speaks optimistically about coming season with Broncos at presser, wants to make Denver a 'destination location'

Sep 02, 2022
Jimmy Garoppolo and Trey Lance speak about their situation

(00:00)Trey Lance and Jimmy Garoppolo speak about their situation in press conference

(23:00) Can the Chargers dethrone the Chiefs in AFC West?

(36:00) Expectations for the 45 year old Tom Brady and who will emerge as Aaron Rodgers favorite target this season?

(48:00) PFT Live Draft: Playoff party crashers 

Sep 02, 2022
Aaron Donald downplays practice fight

(00:00) Aaron Donald downplayed the helmet swinging incident when asked about it by reporters

(31:00) Aaron Rodgers feels more comfortable with his receivers and has praise for Sammy Watkins

(44:00) Mac Jones says he's 'ironed out a lot of things' with the Patriots offense

Sep 01, 2022
Russell Wilson gets contract extension with Broncos

(00:00) Baker Mayfield claims he never made the 'f them up' comment about facing Browns week 1

(13:00) TJ Watt takes issue with a low hit by Detroit TE TJ Hockenson in final preseason game

(23:00) Eagles trade WR Jalen Reagor to Vikings  

(40:00) PFT Mailbag: answering your social media questions

(48:00) Russell Wilson gets extension with Broncos

Sep 01, 2022
Mike Tomlin keeps QB job open + Chris Simms visit with Josh Allen

(00:00) Mike Tomlin remains undecided on who his starting QB will be

(26:00) Kyle Shanahan says it's 'pretty shocking' how the Jimmy Garoppolo signing worked out

(53:00) Chris Simms shares his takeaways from his visit with Josh Allen in Buffalo

Aug 31, 2022
NFL Roster cutdown day reactions

(00:00) Evaluating NFL roster cuts and which teams help/hurt their rosters

(21:00) Which order will NFC South teams finish?  

(28:00) Jon Gruden apologizes for the language he used in emails that resulted in his firing from Raiders

(35:00) PFT Live Draft: Teams with bad vibes going into 2022 

Aug 31, 2022
49ers bring back Jimmy Garoppolo

(00:00)  49ers bring back Jimmy Garoppolo on a one year deal as their backup QB

(22:00) Examining how this signing could benefit Jimmy Garoppolo next season

(35:00) Does this move mean the 49ers have doubt in Trey Lance as their QB of the future? 

Aug 30, 2022
Lamar Jackson expresses contract concerns on social media

(00:00) Ron Rivera gives update RB Brian Robinson's recovery from gunshot wounds, says he is doing well

(35:00) NFC South win total projections

(40:00) Lamar Jackson expresses contract concerns on social media, hints at wanting fully guaranteed contract

(48:00) PFT Live Draft: Teams giving off good vibes

Aug 30, 2022
Tom Brady returns to game action and comments on his absence

(00:00) Reacting to Tom Brady performance in the preseason finale vs Colts

(15:45) Tom Brady evades questions about his absence + denies wanting to play for another team  

(35:00) The Bills release punter Matt Araiza amid rape allegations 

Aug 29, 2022
Mike Tomlin secretive about starting QB + Preseason finale takeaways

(00:00) Mike Tomlin keeping his choice for starting QB close to the vest

(13:00) Seahawks name Geno Smith starting QB for week 1

(24:00) Confidence levels in starting QB's going into the season

(37:00) Sean McVay claims Aaron Donald faced discipline 'in house' for his practice fight

(43:00) Aaron Rodgers clarifies his 'immunization' comment from last year on Joe Rogan podcast

(52:00) Preseason week 3 superlatives

Aug 29, 2022
Aaron Donald heated during Rams Bengals practice fight

(00:00) Video emerged of Aaron Donald swinging a helmet during a Rams, Bengals practice brawl  

(21:00) Sean McVay played it off because no one got hurt but should the league be concerned?

(31:00) Cowboys LT Tyron Smith to have surgery and will be out until at least December

Aug 26, 2022
Trey Lance and Jordan Love performance reviews

(00:00) Reviewing Trey Lance and Jordan Love's performances in their final preseason games  

(30:00) Lamar Jackson won't play in preseason finale, still doesn't have new contract with Ravens

(45:00) Disturbing allegations emerge against Bills rookie punter Matt Araiza after lawsuit  

(50:00) Which players and teams have something to show in preseason week 3?

Aug 26, 2022
Joe Burrow back in action + Chris Simms visits Josh Allen

(00:00) Chris Simms takeaways from his visit with Josh Allen in Buffalo

(21:00) Joe Burrow returns to practice with no limitations after recovering from an appendectomy  

(26:00) Jessie Bates gets franchise tagged by the Bengals but makes it clear he'd rather have a new deal

Aug 25, 2022
Is Aaron Rodgers on another level than Patrick Mahomes?

(00:00) Sammy Watkins said Aaron Rodgers is on another level than Patrick Mahomes  

(44:00) Mac Jones comments on his offensive progression under new management  

(56:00) What to watch for this NFL preseason week 3

Aug 25, 2022
Steelers to determine starting QB after preseason finale

(00:00) Mike Tomlin suggests the Steelers starting QB could be determined by preseason finale  

(22:10) Pete Carroll floating idea of having two starting QB's  

(35:45) John Lynch claims 49ers decision regarding Jimmy Garoppolo 'getting pretty close' 

Aug 24, 2022
Davante Adams calls Aaron Rodgers best QB in NFL

(00:00) Myles Garrett claims there's 'no extra urgency' to face former teammate Baker Mayfield week 1 but wouldn't mind getting a few sacks  

(19:00) RIP Len Dawson Hall of Fame QB who passed away at age 87

(23:00) Davante Adams called Aaron Rodgers 'best QB in NFL' but how will his new QB react?

(35:00) Injury updates from around the league

(41:00) PFT Live Draft: Most impressive rookies so far this preseason

Aug 24, 2022
Tom Brady returns to camp + Baker Mayfield named starter

(00:00) Panthers named Baker Mayfield the starter for week 1 vs the Browns  

(28:00) Tom Brady returns to camp after an 11 day absence  

(35:00) Mark Davis reacts to the Dana White story about trying to get Gronkowski and Brady to the Raiders  

(40:00) Jameis Winston participated in 11 on 11 drills during practice

Aug 23, 2022
Aaron Rodgers dismisses effect of skipping OTA's

(00:00) Aaron Rodgers dismisses idea that his skipping OTA's had an effect on young receivers getting on same page  

(13:00) Ranking offenses and defenses in the AFC East

(29:00) Vikings trade for backup QB Nick Mullens so which QB is the odd man out in Minnesota?

(37:00) PFT Live Draft: Best NFL nicknames of all time  

(45:30) Bengals safety Jessie Bates reportedly returned to the facility 

Aug 23, 2022
Tom Brady hiatus continues

(00:00) Rumor and theories swirl as Tom Brady’s indefinite hiatus continues 

(26:00) Dana White claims he almost had Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski on Las Vegas Raiders

(32:00) Reactions to Daniel Jones preseason performance vs Bengals

Aug 22, 2022
NFL Preseason week 2 review

(00:00) Ravens offered Lamar Jackson more than Kyler Murray according to report  

(24:00) Preseason week 2 review: which QB's showed the most?

(40:00) Injury updates after week 2 and which teams should worry  

(48:00) Update on Deshaun Watson 

Aug 22, 2022
Deshaun Watson Suspended 11 Games and Fined $5 Million

00:00 Welcome

8:19 Deshaun Watson Maintains his Innocence

29:29 Watson On Telling His Side of the Story

34:02  Jimmy Haslam on Second Chances

Aug 19, 2022
Tom Brady's Return + Mike Tomlin Talks QB1

00:00 Todd Bowles on Brady's Return

11:00 Peter King with Dak Prescott

17:23 Mike Tomlin on Steelers QBs

21:21 Jets Starter

29:00 Best of the Week

Aug 19, 2022
Joe Burrow Reveals Appendix Ruptured + Derwin James New Contract

00:00 Joe Burrow Appendix and Contact

33:32 Packers WRs Meet with Aaron Rodgers

46:17 Derwin James new contract

56:28 Khalil Mack and Joey Bosa

Aug 18, 2022
Lovie Smith downplays “shock the world” comments + Jim Irsay “it’s all about Tennessee”

00:00 buy or Sell

08:00 Grab Bag

18:36 Lovie Smith Downplays Davis Mills Comments

23:41 Jim Irsay “it’s all about Tennessee”

27:30 Pete Carroll on Geno vs Lock

36:03 PFT Draft

Aug 18, 2022
Aaron Rodgers critical of young receivers

(00:00) Seahawks Drew Lock tests positive for Covid, Geno still number 1 guy according to Pete Carroll  

(21:00) Brian Daboll says Tyrod Taylor might get some reps with 1st team offense in preseason

(40:00) Aaron Rodgers tells rookie receivers they've 'got to be way more consistent' 

Aug 17, 2022
George Pickens now OROY favorite

(00:00) Assessing the Rams new offense and viability for another Super Bowl run  

(13:00) Deshaun Watson update: Peter Harvey will refrain from ruling until settlement talks reach impasse

(33:00) PFT Live Draft: Biggest August risers + OROY favorites

(42:00) Mike Zimmer takes job with Deion Sanders at Jackson State, appears in teaser video

Aug 17, 2022
Patriots split offensive play calling duties

(00:00) Bill Belichick is splitting offensive playcalling duties between Matt Patricia and Joe Judge

(27:00) Robert Saleh confident in Joe Flacco as starter week 1 against the Ravens

(40:00) PFT Live Draft: Backup QB's you have most trust in

Aug 16, 2022
Trey Lance takes control of 49ers offense

(00:00) Trey Lance said he understands the 49ers offense and is able to play fast  

(21:00) Will Tom Brady be able to pick up where he left off when he returns from his absence?  

(37:00) New NFL memo reminds teams to negotiate with only players, if they aren't represented by an NFLPA-licensed agent

(45:00) PFT Mailbag: answering your questions from social media on topics from the week

Aug 16, 2022
Deshaun Watson's apology + preseason debut

(00:00) Deshaun Watson publicly apologized in a prerecorded interview before his preseason debut  

(42:00) Robert Saleh's postgame comments after Zach Wilson suffered a non contact injury + next steps for Jets 

Aug 15, 2022
NFL Preseason week 1 takeaways

(00:00) Kenny Pickett, Trey Lance and Kellen Mond impress in their preseason debuts  

(19:30) Lamar Jackson says he'd like to get a new deal 'before week 1'  

(26:00) More on Tom Brady's leave of absence from Bucs

(35:00) NFL Preaseason 1 superlatives

(45:00) Deion Sanders criticizes the Hall Of Fame saying it 'isn't the Hall Of Fame anymore' 

Aug 15, 2022
Tom Brady takes leave from camp

(00:00) Tom Brady will be away from Bucs camp for personal reasons until after 2nd preseason game  

(30:00) Will the league come down with a decision for Deshaun Watson before he plays in the preseason opener?  

(46:00) Report suggests Deshaun Watson would accept 8-game suspension with a $5M fine but is that really enough?

Aug 12, 2022
Dak Prescott wants him some Golden Year

(00:00) Reviewing Malik Willis and Daniel Jones performances from week 1 preseason 

(20:00) Which QB will benefit most from a fresh start this year? 

(30:00) Cowboys RB Tony Pollard is trying out new role as slot receiver + Dak Prescott plans for 'Golden Year' 

(40:00) Which teams, players have to show something week 1 of the preseason?


Aug 12, 2022
Browns plan to start Deshaun Watson in preseason opener

(00:00) The Browns plan to start Deshaun Watson in preseason opener on Friday

(12:00) NFL wants immediate suspension of Deshaun Watson, NFLPA doesn't rule it out

(32:00) Will the Browns force the NFL to make a decision before game time on Friday or does Watson take the field?

Aug 11, 2022
Tua, Mike McDaniel comment on joint practice with Buccaneers

(00:00) Tua, Mike McDaniel claim there was no 'awkwardness' during joint practice with Tom Brady, Bucs  

(20:00) New Broncos CEO Greg Penner mum on Russell Wilson's new contract

(28:00) Previewing week 1 of NFL preseason

(54:00) Joe Burrow remains day-to-day after appendectomy, when will he return to action?

Aug 11, 2022
Owners approve sale of Broncos to Rob Walton

(00:00) NFL owners approve sale of the Denver Broncos to Rob Walton's group

(27:00) Roger Goodell commented on Deshaun Watson saying he committed 'multiple violations'  

(38:00) Will the Browns be able to play Deshaun Watson in a preseason game?  

(50:00) Goodell claims tanking 'clearly did not happen' in Miami contrary to reports

Aug 10, 2022
Roquan Smith requests trade from Bears

(00:00) Roquan Smith wants to be traded from Bears, GM Ryan Poles 'thought they'd be in a better situation by now'

(13:00) Robert Saleh comments on losing Mekhi Becton for the season

(19:00) Looking at the AFC South offensive outlook  

(27:00) Geno Smith will start preseason opening game for Seattle, Trubisky to start for Steelers

(33:00) Kyle Shanahan claims he's heard no trade talk for Jimmy Garoppolo

(41:00) Aaron Rodgers is against playing in preseason games says there's 'no benefit' 

Aug 10, 2022
Raiders deny Josh Jacobs trade rumors

(00:00) Despite the teams optimism it appears Stafford's elbow is cause for concern  

(19:00) When will the 49ers cut Jimmy Garoppolo, if at all?

(30:00) Joe Burrow back at practice after an appendectomy but how long until he is back throwing?

(38:00) Jameis Winston tweaked his ankle in practice according to HC Dennis Allen

(45:00) Josh McDaniels denies rumors that Raiders are shopping RB Josh Jacobs

Aug 09, 2022
Justin Tucker locked in with Ravens + Man getting hit by football

(00:00) Justin Tucker signs a 4 year extension with the Ravens  

(12:00) John Harbaugh denies reports that new Center Tyler Linderbaum is dealing with a Lisfranc injury

(22:00) Assessing needs of NFC West teams + Josh Allen takes low blow from errant football

(36:00) NFLPA backs off notion of an injunction that would let Deshaun Watson play in week 1

(44:00) PFT Live Draft: Best memorabilia you've ever owned

Aug 09, 2022
Kareem Hunt wants trade + Matt Stafford speaks on injury

(00:00) Kareem Hunt requested a trade from Browns management which they declined so what are his options?

(25:00) Matt Stafford speaks to the media about his shoulder injury, downplays the severity

(40:00) Kyle Shanahan says Jimmy Garoppolo is just trying to get his body right for his next situation but where will that be?

Aug 08, 2022
QB battle updates from training camp

(00:00) Matt Rhule won't decide Carolina's starting QB until 2nd preseason game

(17:00) Pete Carroll noncommittal on Geno Smith as starting QB

(27:00) Analyzing offenses in the NFC North  

(49:00) Update on Jon Gruden lawsuit vs NFL

Aug 08, 2022
Hall Of Fame Game recap + Latest on Deshaun Watson appeal

(00:00) Takeaways from last nights Hall Of Game and which team, players surprised  

(22:38) The NFL appoints Peter Harvey to hear Deshaun Watson appeal  

(36:00) Tony Buzbee denounces NFL's punishment for Watson as 'dismal' in press conference

(51:00) Matt Stafford's elbow could be a cause of concern for the Rams despite Sean McVay's optimism

Aug 05, 2022
Matthew Berry's fantasy football outlook

(00:00) Matthew Berry joins the show to discuss his journey and share his top 10 fantasy QB's  

(28:30) Who will be the top fantasy WR? Berry shares his top 10 list of targets

(42:30) Best Of the Week: recapping this weeks biggest stories

Aug 05, 2022
NFL appeals Deshaun Watson suspension

(00:00) Previewing the Jaguars, Raiders in the Hall Of Fame game

(23:30) The NFL will appeal Deshaun Watson's 6 game suspension 

Aug 04, 2022
Tua reacts to Dolphins pursuing Tom Brady

(00:00) More fallout from the Dolphins investigation + Tua reacts to the news in his press conference  

(23:45) Previewing the Raiders season + outlook of contested AFC West

(40:00) What do Jaguars have to prove this year?  

(52:00) Sean McVay gives update on status of Matt Stafford's shoulder injury

Aug 04, 2022
Dolphins punished by NFL for tampering

(00:00) Dolphins owner Stephen Ross suspended, team will lose two draft picks

(20:00) Investigation confirms Tom Brady, Sean Payton were in discussions with the Dolphins in early 2022

(30:00) Reviewing Roger Goodell, Stephen Ross's statements and more

Aug 03, 2022
More on Dolphins punishment + WR injuries plague camps

(00:00) More fallout from the punishment handed to Stephen Ross and the Dolphins by the NFL

(20:00) Injuries cause concern in Dallas after losing newly acquired WR James Washington to injury in camp

(29:00) Broncos also lose two offensive weapons in WR Tim Patrick and RB Damarea Crockett

(33:00) PFT Live Draft: People who were happiest to hear Dolphins discipline

Aug 03, 2022
Examining the Deshaun Watson decision

(00:00) Taking a deep look into the Deshaun Watson decision and examining the conclusion of a 6 game suspension

(23:00) More details from the decision to suspend Deshaun Watson for 6 games


Aug 02, 2022
Reactions to Deshaun Watson decision

(00:00) Reactions to the Haslam's, National Organization for Women's statements + Kevin Stefanski and Baker Mayfield address questions about Watson

(25:00) Baker Mayfield talks about competing for starting QB job + Tom Brady on losing center Ryan Jensen  

(42:00) PFT Live Draft: Most influential people in NFL history

Aug 02, 2022
NFLPA won’t appeal Deshaun Watson suspension + Deebo Samuel's new deal

(00:00) NFLPA suggests Deshaun Watson will not appeal his suspension  
(31:45) 49ers and Deebo Samuel agree to 3yr contract worth $71.55m 

Aug 01, 2022
Deshaun Watson suspended 6 games

(00:00) More fallout from the Kyler Murray homework clause  

(24:00) Bills brawl at practice after a late hit on Josh Allen  

(29:45) Deshaun Watson suspended for 6 games for violating the NFL’s Personal Conduct Policy

(36:30) Aftermath of the Deshaun Watson suspension, what are the next steps for Browns, Watson?

Aug 01, 2022
Kyler Murray's 'homework' clause walked back + DK Metcalf's new deal with Seahawks

(00:00) The backlash towards Kyler Murray's 'homework' clause caused the Cardinals to walk it back, removing it from his contract

(10:00) Kyler Murray holds surprise press conference, says it's 'disrespectful' to think he doesn't study film

(43:00) DK Metcalf signs a 3 year 72mil deal with Seahawks but is the length of the deal an early sign of regime change in Seattle?

Jul 29, 2022
Trey Lance speaks on becoming starting QB

(00:00) Trey Lance commented on being named the starting QB at his press conference as well as his relationship with Jimmy Garoppolo

(15:00) Playing the percentages on McCarthy's time in Dallas, Lamar Jackson's contract and more

(35:00) Daniel Snyder testified for nearly 11 hours before US House Oversight Committee

(42:00) PFT Live Draft: Most scrutinized QB's

Jul 29, 2022
Aaron Rodgers comments on WR core + Packers camp updates

(00:00) Aaron Rodgers jokes about WR core and is seemingly happy with Lazard at #1  

(17:00) Packers place Sammy Watkins on non-football injury list  

(29:00) Packers LT David Bahktiari underwent another knee procedure, no timetable for return

(39:00) Russell Wilson claims he wants to be a Bronco 'for a long, long time' 

Jul 28, 2022
DK Metcalf reports to camp + Carolina QB competition heating up

(00:00) Kevin Stefanksi confident in Jacoby Brissett as the Browns starter if Deshaun Watson gets suspended

(13:00) Baker Mayfield and Sam Darnold are splitting first team reps but who's more likely to win the job?

(19:00) DK Metcalf is holding in and reported to camp amid contract negotiations

(36:00) Cam Heyward responds to Big Ben's critique of 'younger' NFL stars, says it 'rubbed him the wrong way'

(45:30) Daniel Snyder participating in a voluntary deposition under oath with White House Oversight Committee  

(51:50) PFT Live Draft: Best WR Core in NFL

Jul 28, 2022
Joe Burrow to have appendix removed + Julio Jones signs with Bucs

(00:00) Joe Burrow is scheduled to have his appendix removed, how will it effect his camp?

(18:00) The Buccaneers add another weapon in Julio Jones but how much impact will he have?

(23:00) Zach Ertz defends Kyler Murray, saying 'he's the guy who knows the playbook in and out'

Jul 27, 2022
49ers all-in on Trey Lance

(00:00) Kyle Shanahan, John Lynch and 49ers players all excited to have Trey Lance as their starter  

(24:00) Steelers QB competition is Mitchell Trubisky's to lose  

(32:00) Jerry Jones doubles down on Mike McCarthy as his head coach... until he doesn't  

(42:00) Vikings GM Kwesi Adofo-Mensah confident in Kirk Cousins but admits he's no Brady or Mahomes

Jul 27, 2022
Studying details of Kyler Murray's contract

(00:00) Reviewing Kyler Murray's contract and some of the uncommon clauses written within

(39:00) Patrick Mahomes is happy with his  megadeal for now but will the increasing salary cap make him and other QB's regret signing long-term contracts?

Jul 26, 2022
Are 49ers ready for Trey Lance led team?

(00:00) Mike Brown says it'll be a 'challenge' to keep Joe Burrow, Jamar Chase + Roquon Smith unhappy with contract, will hold out

(18:30) Kyle Shanahan thinks it's time to move on from Jimmy Garoppolo and make the shift towards Trey Lance

(33:45) Mike McCarthy isn't worried about job security despite lackluster seasons with Cowboys, could Sean Payton be in play for the HC job?

(49:00) PFT Live Draft: Best alternate/throwback helmet 

Jul 26, 2022
Kyler Murray gets his deal

(00:00) PFT live is back, Kyler Murray signs 5 year $230.5m extension with Cardinals

(29:00) Kyler Murray talks about his new contract + will the Cardinals be happy with this deal down the road?

(45:45) Lamar Jackson reported to training camp 5 days early 

Jul 25, 2022
Davante Adams clarifies HOF comment about Derek Carr

(00:00) Davante Adams clarifies comments suggesting Derek Carr is a Hall Of Fame QB

(13:00) Teams unveil alternate helmet designs for 2022 season  

(25:40) Matt Stafford is throwing in practice while managing an elbow injury

(33:00) Josh Allen talks about managing expectations going into the 2022 season  

(42:00) PFT Live Draft: Most intriguing training camp storyline


Jul 25, 2022
Lamar Jackson talks contract negotiations at press conference

(00:00) Lamar Jackson doesn't rule out a holdout amid contract talks with the Ravens

(15:00) Jackson also dismisses the impact of Deshaun Watson's contract  

(28:00) Lamar asked about Twitter exchange with Chris Simms after taking offense to comment made on OTA absence

(44:00) Jadeveon Clowney wanted to sign wherever Deshaun Watson went + NFLPA defense of Watson will take aim at owners

Jun 17, 2022
Is Ezekiel Elliott set up for his best season?

(00:00) PFT Mailbag: Answering your social media questions on NFL topics  

(16:00) Cowboys punished for physical practice will lose OTA day in 2023 + Mike McCarthy says Ezekiel Elliott is set up for his best season

(24:00) Predicting future headlines from the start of training camp

(32:00) PFT Live Draft: Things you'll watch this summer with no football on

(38:00) 11 NFL stadium picked to host World Cup games in 2026 

Jun 17, 2022
Tom Brady explains decision to unretire + Jets optimistic about season

(00:00) Tom Brady explains decision to unretire on Dan Patrick Show  

(29:00) Robert Saleh impressed with Wilson's growth, says he 'doesn't need to be Brady'

(35:00) Zach Wilson confident he can be one of the best QB's in the league and Mekhi Becton wants to prove haters wrong


Jun 16, 2022
Revealing final four of Chris Simms Top 40 QB Countdown

(00:00) Chris Simms breaks down Joe Burrow and Justin Herbert's place in his QB rankings

(26:30) Where do Patrick Mahomes and Josh Allen rank?  

(46:00) Daniel Snyder declines to appear before House Oversight Committee

(52:00) PFT Live Draft: All-time best of 7 series we would've loved to see

Jun 16, 2022
Reactions to Deshaun Watson press conference

(00:00) Reacting to Deshaun Watson's first press conference since trade to Cleveland

(14:00) Deshaun Watson maintains his innocence in the face of these lawsuits, claims he 'never assaulted, disrespected or harassed anyone'

(35:00) Watson also denies making settlement payments to his accusers contrary to new reports

Jun 15, 2022
Kliff Kingsbury praying for Kyler Murray extension + Dak Prescott to run more in 2022

(00:00) Kliff Kingsbury 'praying' for Kyler Murray extension to be done before training camp

(16:00) Chris Simms Top 40 QB Countdown: Matt Stafford and Aaron Rodgers

(33:00) Mike McCarthy wants Dak Prescott to run more in 2022 offense

(40:00) Report suggests Roger Goodell will likely testify before Oversight Committee on June 22

(46:30) Derrick Henry comments on getting a new contract + Browns, Panthers still in talks over Baker Mayfield

Jun 15, 2022
Lamar Jackson arrives at minicamp

(00:00) Lamar Jackson arrives at minicamp ahead of getting his new deal

(40:00) The Rams continue to be optimistic about re-signing Odell Beckham Jr

(44:00) Chris Simms shares some info about his interview with Joe Burrow

Jun 14, 2022
Sean Payton reportedly offered huge deal to coach Dolphins

(00:00) Report suggests Miami Dolphins offered Sean Payton 6 years, $100 million to be head coach  

(25:00) Chris Simms Top QB Countdown: Dak Prescott, Tom Brady and Russell Wilson  

(45:30) Two more lawsuits will be filed against Deshaun Watson  

(50:30) PFT Live Draft: Best non-QB in AFC North


Jun 14, 2022
Tyreek Hill explains how Cheetah became a Dolphin on podcast

(00:00) Tyreek Hill claims he was 'underutilized' as a member of the Chiefs on his new podcast 'It Needed To Be Said'

(23:00) Hill and his agent Drew Rosenhaus detail more reason's why the star WR wanted out of Kansas City

(40:00) Is Tua more accurate than Patrick Mahomes? Tyreek Hill compares his new and former QB

Jun 13, 2022
Jack Del Rio fined by Commanders

(00:00) Jack Del Rio is fined $100,000 by head coach Ron Rivera for his comments on the Capitol riot

(27:00) Cooper Kupp is campaigning to get Odell Beckham Jr back on the Rams

(31:45) Raiders sign Hunter Renfroe to 2 year extension  

(39:00) Bruce Arians claims he would still be coaching if Brady hadn't come out of retirement

(47:00) PFT Live Draft: Coaches under the most pressure in 2022

Jun 13, 2022
Tom Brady shows pliability at press conference

(00:00) Tom Brady talks about Bruce Arians retirement and reaffirms he had no influence in the matter

(17:00) Brady comments on being recruited to play for the Miami Dolphins  

(28:30) TB12 on improvements that he and the Buccaneers have made for 2022

(35:00) Does Tom Brady think Rob Gronkowski will make another return?

Jun 10, 2022
Davante Adams compares Derek Carr to Aaron Rodgers

(00:00) Davante Adams talks contract negotiations, compares Derek Carr, Aaron Rodgers  

(21:00) Pete Caroll comments on DK Metcalf's absence from mandatory minicamp

(28:00) PFT Mailbag: answering your questions from social media  

(47:00) NAACP President Derrick Johnson calls for Jack Del Rio to resign or be terminated

(56:00) PFT Live Draft: Players under most pressure in 2022

Jun 10, 2022
Cooper Kupps New Deal + Lamar Jackson Expected at Minicamp

00:00 Cooper Kupp Excited about new deal

29:18 Matt Stafford on Training Camp

37:00 John Harbaugh on Lamar Jackson

Jun 09, 2022
Jack Del Rio + Saquon Barkley "Starting to get that swagger back"

00:00 Jack Del Rio's Comments

23:12 Simms Top 40 Continues

36:09 Deshaun Watson Update

46:47 Baker Mayfield Update

50:56 Saquon Barkley Update

Jun 09, 2022
Aaron Rodgers back with the Pack + Kyle Shanahan explains excusing Jimmy Garoppolo from practice

(00:00) (00:00) Happy Birthday Mike Florio

(13:00) Aaron Rodgers speaks to media at practice, claims he wants to retire as a Packer and is at peace with the Davante Adams trade

(48:00) Kyle Shanahan gives an update on Deebo Samuel and explains how it 'didn't make much sense' to have Jimmy Garoppolo participate in practice with a hurt shoulder

Jun 08, 2022
NYT reports more bad news for Deshaun Watson

(00:00) NYT report maps Deshaun Watson's troubling behavioral pattern back to 2020 and implicates the Texans being wary of his massage habits

(21:30) Cam Newton still considers himself one of the top 32 QB's in the league but which team would take him after tumultuous starts in New England and Carolina?  

(34:00) Broncos announce sale of team to Walton-Penner family for whopping 4.65 billion

(35:30) PFT Live Draft: Best non-QB's in NFC North

Jun 08, 2022
Aaron Donald finally gets his deal

(00:00) Aaron Donald signs a 3 year, $95mil deal with the Rams

(33:30) Cooper Kupp wants a contract that 'makes sense for everyone' but can the Rams afford all these star players?  

(40:00) Sean McVay also optimistic on Odell Beckham Jr returning 

Jun 07, 2022
Aaron Rodgers in Green Bay for minicamp + Jimmy Garoppolo excused

(00:00) 24th lawsuit officially filed against Deshaun Watson, NFL 'no update' on his playing status

(23:00) Aaron Rodgers in Green Bay for minicamp, Jimmy Garoppolo excused from 49ers practice

(38:00) Chris Simms Top QB Countdown: Matt Ryan and Deshaun Watson

(49:00) Reports suggest Matt Patricia could take over offensive play calls for Patriots

(53:00) PFT Live Draft: Best NFL Running Back Tandems 

Jun 07, 2022
Sean McVay sings and talks rings + Which former team could land Odell Beckham Jr?

(00:00) Sean McVay has no desire to chase all-time wins record  

(30:00) PFT Live Draft: Best NFL head coaches right now

(40:45) Odell Beckham Jr is being recruited by former teammates: could he return to the Browns?  

Jun 06, 2022
Ezekiel Elliott has something to prove in 2022

(00:00) Ezekiel Elliott feels like he has something to prove in 2022 after a lackluster season

(12:00) Chris Simms Top QB Countdown: Kirk Cousins and Ryan Tannehill

(27:00) Deshaun Watson faces a 24th lawsuit

(40:00) Jalen Hurts, Jeffrie Lurie and other Eagles players speak out against gun violence  

(46:00) PFT Live Draft: Best current wide receiver duos 

Jun 06, 2022
Ryan Fitzpatrick Calls it a Career

00:00 Ryan Fitzpatrick retiring after 17 seasons

00:22 Tom Brady: 55 percent “yes” and 45 percent “no” to keep playing

00:32 Aaron Rodgers says he thinks about retirement “all the time”

00:54 49ers Center Alex Mack retiring after 13 seasons and 7 Pro Bowls

Jun 03, 2022
Deshaun Watson's "Aggressive" NDA + Peter's Most Influential List

00:00 Deshaun Watson Offered 100K but required "Aggressive" NDA

00:23 Tua Responds to Critics 

00:29 Eric Bieniemy on HC jobs


00:46 PFT Live Draft: Best Journeyman QBs of all-time

Jun 03, 2022
Kyler Murray arrives at OTAs

(00:00) Kyler Murray shows up at OTA's amid contract dispute  

(25:00) Myles Garrett and other Browns teammates show support for Baker Mayfield  

(45:00) Reports emerge of Seahawks, Panthers showing interest in Cam Newton

(52:00) Commanders 'look forward' to responding to House Oversight Committee on request for Daniel Snyder testimony

Jun 02, 2022
Chris Simms Top QB Countdown: Mac Jones and Baker Mayfield

(00:00) Aaron Rodgers works on his golf game but Matt LaFleur would prefer him at OTA's

(14:00) Chris Simms Top QB Countdown continues with Mac Jones and Baker Mayfield

(26:00) A tribute to Marion Barber III 

(30:00) PFT Live Draft: Best Non-QB's in AFC South

Jun 02, 2022
More Deshaun Watson accusers file suit

(00:00) Deshaun Watson is facing more lawsuits after the Real Sports segment inspired others to come forward

(34:30) Kenny Pickett doesn't expect to walk in and be the starting QB in Pittsburgh, will earn it  

(41:00) Najee Harris reportedly bulked up for training camp but denies it on Twitter

Jun 01, 2022
Nick Saban begrudgingly regrets singling out programs

(00:00) Patriots praise Mac Jones at OTA's plus Ken Dorsey speaks on his relationship with Josh Allen

(24:00) Simms Top 40 QB Countdown continues with Daniel Jones, Jimmy Garoppolo and Daniel Jones

(46:00) Nick Saban reiterates regret for singling out programs for cheating the other week

(53:00) PFT Live Draft: Best Non-QB's in NFC South

Jun 01, 2022
Without new contract Aaron Donald hints at retirement

(00:00) Aaron Donald says he is 'at peace' with career if no new deal is done, does this mean retirement?

(25:00) What did Chris Simms say that Lamar Jackson took issue with on Twitter?

(40:00) Jameis Winston shown running drills in OTA's with knee brace on

May 31, 2022
George Kittle, Travis Kelce and Darren Waller on TE contract outlook

(00:00) George Kittle, Travis Kelce and Darren Waller discuss their contract outlook

(29:00) Chris Simms Top QB Countdown: Trevor Lawrence, Justin Fields and Zach Wilson

(49:00) Condolences to the family of Jeff Gladney, gone too soon at the age of 25

(51:30) PFT Live Draft: Best non-QB's in AFC East

May 31, 2022
Colin Kaepernick impressive at Raiders workout

(00:00) Josh McDaniels comments on Colin Kaepernick's workout for Raiders  

(21:45) Which other teams will give Kaepernick a look?

May 27, 2022
Sashi Brown unworried about Lamar Jackson's absence

(00:00) Patrick Mahomes on offensive spread, Sashi Brown unworried about Lamar Jackson's absence plus Aaron Rodgers not present at Packers OTA's  

(26:00) Budda Baker says Cardinals got 'comfortable' last year before season collapse

(38:00) Reports that Carolina Panthers wanted Browns to pay 13-14 million of Baker Mayfield salary if acquired

(48:00) PFT Live Draft: Best sports movies of all time

May 27, 2022
Colin Kaepernick works out with Raiders

(00:00) Reactions to reports that Colin Kaepernick worked with Raiders but does he have a realistic chance to make the team?

(35:00) Judge denies NFL's motions to dismiss Jon Gruden lawsuit

May 26, 2022
Lamar Jackson skips OTA's

(00:00) Lamar Jackson, Kyler Murray remain absent from OTA's  

(25:00) Ryan Tannehill clarifies his comments on Malik Willis, regrets how it was received

(32:00) Real or fake? Tom Brady's 'hole in one' + Chris Simms Top 40 QB Countdown  

(50:00) PFT Live Draft: Best non QB's in NFC East

May 26, 2022
Reactions to tragedy in Texas and Real Sports interview with Deshaun Watson's accusers

(00:00) Reflecting on the tragic event that unfolded yesterday at a Texas elementary school

(40:00) Reacting to Roger Goodell's comments on Deshaun Watson and takeaways from the Real Sports interview with his accusers 

May 25, 2022
Roger Goodell comments on Deshaun Watson and more at NFL Annual Meeting

(00:00) Mitchell Trubisky wasn't aware the Steelers would draft a QB + new GM in town: Steelers hire Omar Khan

(12:00) Roger Goodell addresses Deshaun Watson, Daniel Snyder and more at his NFL Annual Meeting press conference

(27:00) Matt LaFleur claims Aaron Rodgers is in 'good spirits' despite not being at OTA's

(34:00) Kyle Shanahan expects Jimmy Garoppolo to be traded

(39:00) Tyreek Hill is surprised by Tua's throws at practice

May 25, 2022
Cardinals selected for in season Hard Knocks

(00:00) Will the Cardinals face another 2nd half season collapse under the Hard Knocks cameras?

(30:00) Kyler Murray, Deebo Samuel aren't present for voluntary OTA's

(45:00) Sean McVay doesn't seem concerned Aaron Donald isn't at Rams OTA's

May 24, 2022
Bill Belichick mum on coordinators roles

(00:00) Who's job is it anyway? Bill Belichick refuses to answer which coordinators are in charge of what positions

(13:00) Chris Simms Top 40 QB Countdown: where do Marcus Mariota and Mitchell Trubisky rank?

(30:30) Nathaniel Hackett looking forward to building offense around Russell Wilson  

(42:00) Washington Commanders buy land in Virginia but does it mean a new stadium is coming?

(48:00) PFT Live Draft: Best non-QBs in AFC West

May 24, 2022
George Kittle weighs in on Jimmy Garoppolo and Trey Lance

(00:00) George Kittle says it's a 'toss up' between Trey Lance and Jimmy Garoppolo

(21:30) More comments from George Kittle in defense of Garoppolo 

(42:30) What are the after effects of all this 49ers uncertainty?


May 23, 2022
Chris Simms Top 40 QB Countdown: Tua Tagovailoa and Jared Goff

(00:00) Congratulations to PFT's Charean Williams for being inducted into the Texas Sports Hall Of Fame  

(21:00) Chris Simms breaks down Tua and Jared Goff's positions in his Top 40 QB Countdown

(31:00) Assessing the fallout from the Jimbo Fisher, Nick Saban fued

(41:00) Reports suggest NFL owners  are 'counting votes' towards possible ousting of Dan Snyder

(48:00) PFT Live Draft: Best non-QB's in NFC West

May 23, 2022
The new Hatfield-McCoy: Jimbo Fisher vs Nick Saban

(00:00) The new Hatfield-McCoy: Nick Saban and Jimbo Fisher trade accusatory jabs through press conferences

(24:00) More on Saban attacking NIL agreements, his 'apology' and Deion Sanders reaction to being called out

May 20, 2022
Daniel Jones on his future with Giants

(00:00) Giants decline Daniel Jones 5th year option so what's next for Danny Dimes?

(25:00) Josh Allen and his teammates hold a charity benefit for victims of Buffalo shooting  

(31:00) Peter King expounds on his conversation with Jerry Jones

(43:00) PFT Live Draft: Best NFL coaching feuds

May 20, 2022
Florio's Flu Game + Chris Simms Top 40 QB Countdown

(00:00) James Bradberry gets deal with Giants + Chris O'Connell talks about being a first time head coach

(23:00) Bobby Wagner speaks on adjustments since joining the Rams

(47:00) Chris Simms Top 40 QB Countdown: breaking down Sam Darnold and Trey Lance

May 19, 2022
Boom roasted: Tom Brady gets deal for Netflix roast

(00:00) Postscript on the 'best names in NFL' draft + Tom Brady claims to 'block out the noise'  

(15:00) More on Tom Brady's roast special: will the GOAT be a good sport?

May 18, 2022
Joe Burrow has his swagger back

(00:00) Joe Burrow speaks on shedding his knee brace and outlook for the season

(22:00) Chris Simms Top 40 QB Countdown: where do Tyler Huntley and Geno Smith rank?

(36:00) Sean McVay would like Odell Beckham Jr back but is it feasible for the Rams?

(49:00) Update on Deshaun Watson case  

(54:00) PFT Live Draft: NFL figures you'd like to roast 

May 18, 2022
NFL Officials to meet with Deshaun Watson this week

(00:00) NFL officals to meet with Deshaun Watson this week but when will a decision on punishment be handed down?

(45:15) Dennis Allen thinks Drew Brees comments were in jest + who is coaching what for the Patriots? Coordinators mum on their roles with the team

May 17, 2022
Packers extend Jaire Alexander + Jessie Bates holdout

(00:00) Chris Simms quarterback rankings: #37-35  

(13:45) Packers extend Jaire Alexander + Bengals safety Jessie Bates has no plans to sign franchise tag  

(26:00) Nick Saban warns about 'loss of parity' in CFB with NIL deals

(34:00) PFT Live Draft: best football names inspired by Oklahoma transfer General Booty


May 17, 2022
Drew Brees back in the Bayou? If not, then who?

(00:00) Drew Brees opens door for return to football but would he return to the Saints or wait to see where his former head coach Sean Payton ends up?

(31:00) Matt Rhule speaks on the Sean Payton, Carolina Panthers rumors  

(44:00) Dan Campbell happy to not have any primetime games meanwhile the Broncos have 7 stand-alone games

May 16, 2022
Chris Simms Top 40 QB Countdown: first 3 names revealed

(00:00) New report suggests the Raiders are plagued by 'financial disorder'  

(14:00) Chris Simms reveals #40-37 of his Top 40 Quarterback Countdown

(30:00) Malik Willis says everything is cool between him and Ryan Tannehill after mentor comments

(38:00) Tyreek Hill defends Tua after people criticize practice video 

May 16, 2022
NFL Schedule Release: teams poised to win or lose early + toughest schedules and more

(00:00) Looking at the 2022 NFL schedule release and assessing which teams could be in for a rough September

(24:15) Previewing marquee matchups and big expectations for last years divisional favorites in Rams, Bills and Bucs

May 13, 2022
NFL Schedule Release: previewing Primetime games and best matchups

(00:00) Breaking down the Chargers schedule release video + AFC West schedules

(21:20) Taking a look at the 2022 primetime games + holiday games

(37:30) Previewing matchups to look foward to: Carson Wentz faces both former teams + immaculate reception rematch

(49:00) PFT Live Draft: Games you can't wait to see

May 13, 2022
The Evolution of Aaron Rodgers and Matt LaFleur's Relationship

(10:00) How does DJ Reader feel on not being the favorite to win AFC North

(20:12) Matt LaFleur and Aaron Rodgers Relationship

(39:39) John Elway on Russell Wilson Being the Piece the Broncos Needed 

May 12, 2022
Mahomes vs Brady highlight SNF Week 4 Schedule Release

(00:00) Howie Roseman joins Florio to talk about the Jets Upcoming Season

(23:40) Scott Fritter joins Florio to talk about Panthers Upcoming Season

(34:30) What is Jermaine Johnson mindset coming into his rookie season?

(42:00) SNF Preview

(53:15) Draft: Fresh Faces you want to see in Primetime

May 12, 2022
Foxy Brady: Tom Brady lands huge broadcast deal with FOX

(00:00) Tom Brady reportedly has lucrative deal with FOX to broadcast games after he retires but can he live up to the expectations his deal set?  

(26:00) Byron Leftwich and QB Coach Clyde Christensen think Brady will thrive in the broadcast booth  

(48:00) Bucs coaches don't seem to mind Brady skipping OTA's

May 11, 2022
Who will be Tom Brady's backup?

(00:00) Buccaneers coaches preview this years offense with or without Rob Gronkowski and whether Kyle Trask or Blaine Gabbert will be Tom Brady's backup

(25:00) Nelson Agholor talks about being in year 2 of the Patriots offense  

(33:00) Josh Lambo sues Jaguars over Urban Meyer's behavior as head coach  

(45:00) PFT Live Draft: Current players we'd like to see in the booth

May 11, 2022
Kayvon Thibodeaux gets number 5

(00:00) Kayvon Thibodeaux gets his number 5 jersey

(14:30) Giants release veteran corner James Bradberry 

(31:15) Dolphins pick up RB Sony Michel 

(36:00) Denver Broncos had potential buyers visit the team on Monday, when will the sale happen and for how much? 

May 10, 2022
Live with Jets HC Robert Saleh

(00:00) NFL announces Xmas matchup between Broncos and Rams  

(13:35) Jets Head Coach Robert Saleh joins the show to talk Zach Wilson and drafting Sauce Gardner  

(31:00) NCAA releases new guidelines for NIL regarding boosters  

(42:00) PFT Live Draft: Best 2021 last place teams

May 10, 2022
The Browns is the Browns

(00:00) Pete Carroll claims Drew Lock would've been 'first' QB taken if he was in this year's draft

(22:00) Baker Mayfield claims Browns tried to make him look hopeless vs Steelers in week 17

(32:00) What's next for Baker Mayfield and how can the Browns remedy this situation?

May 09, 2022
How do Zach Wilson, Justin Fields prove their franchise QBs?

(00:00) Raiders fire President Dan Ventrelle after he allegedly reported a hostile work environment created by owner Mark Davis

(18:05) Ryan Poles stands by Justin Fields and Robert Saleh impressed by Zach Wilson's physique but can these sophomore QB's prove their franchise QB's?

(35:00) Is Trey Lance ready to start and what will it mean for Garoppolo?

(46:00) PFT Live Draft: Rookie's we can't wait to see in action

May 09, 2022
Tom Brady speaks on tuck rule + Is Trey Lance ready to start?

(00:00) Tom Brady posts cheeky video about tuck rule game + Baker Mayfield's bad situation

(43:00) John Lynch claims Jimmy Garoppolo's shoulder surgery silenced trade talks + Is Trey Lance ready to be the week 1 starter? 

May 06, 2022
Peter King shares stories from Ravens draft night

(00:00) Tom Brady tweets about tuck rule + Baker Mayfield's bad situation  

(43:20) John Lynch says Jimmy Garoppolo's surgery brought trade talks to a halt + Is Trey Lance ready to start?

May 06, 2022
Big Expectations for NFC East QBs + Kayvon Thibodeaux's Fit in NY

(09:30) Jalen Hurts on Having the Support of the Eagles

(14:36) Joe Schoen Talks With Florio About Daniel Jones 5th Year Option

(27:55) Joe Schoen Talks With Florio About Drafting Kayvon Thibodeaux

May 05, 2022
Kenny Pickett is Coming Home + Will Matt Ryan Make an Impact in Indy?

(02:00) Kevin Colbert Talks with Florio About Why They Drafted Kenny Pickett

(29:00) Reggie Wayne ON Matt Ryan

(43:40) Chris Ballard Talks With Florio on the Carson Wentz Trade

(56:00) Tryann Mathieu Signing with the Saints

(1:00:00) George Paton Talks with Florio About "Eff Those Picks" Philosophy

May 05, 2022
Ryan Tannehill talks mental health, mentoring Malik Willis + Jerry Jones reveals draft board

(00:00) Ryan Tannehill talks to the media about dealing with mental health after playoff loss and why he doesn't feel responsible for mentoring Malik Willis

(59:00) Jerry Jones revealed his draft board at a press conference and twitter deciphered it, so what did it reveal? 

May 04, 2022
Update on Hue Jackson's tanking claim

(00:00) May the 4th tribute + Bart Scott's comments on Devante Wyatt and needing a player with "felonies"  

(11:00) Update on Hue Jackson tanking claim: it focused on a 4 year plan that didn't incentivize winning

(19:00) Speaking with Terry Fontenot about Matt Ryan, Desmond Ridder  

(25:00) PFT Live Draft: Rookies with biggest immediate impact

May 04, 2022
DeAndre Hopkins suspended 6 games

(00:00) DeAndre Hopkins faces a 6 game suspension after testing positive for PED's

(30:00) Cardinals GM Steve Keim would like to get a deal done with Kyler Murray but how does Hopkins suspension effect negotiations?

(53:00) Which sophomore QB received the most help from the draft?

May 03, 2022
John Lynch speaks on Deebo Samuel, Jimmy Garoppolo

(00:00) John Lynch made comments on the status of Deebo Samuel and Jimmy Garoppolo but does anyone believe him?

(13:00) Interview with Brandon Beane about Diggs and the Bills offseason

(20:00) Update on the Hue Jackson tanking allegations  

(26:00) PFT Live Draft: Biggest losers of 2022 Draft

May 03, 2022
Reviewing 2022 NFL Draft: which teams addressed their needs

(00:00) Desmond Ridder, Malik Willis and Matt Corral will compete for starting QB spots on their respective teams

(53:00) Reviewing all the WR's taken in the 2022 draft  


May 02, 2022
No deal for Deebo Samuel + Seattle QB Competition

(00:00) Kyle Shanahan claims no deal was 'even close' to a Deebo Samuel trade

(14:00) Recapping memorable moments from the draft

(27:00) How will the QB's selected in this draft fair with their respective teams?  

(33:00) PFT Live Draft: biggest winners from 2022 Draft

May 02, 2022
NFL Draft Round 1 Recap: AJ Brown, Hollywood Brown traded while Packers avoid WR

(00:00) Recapping round 1: Eagles acquired AJ Brown in a trade with the Titans, Hollywood Brown traded to the Cardinals and Lions trade up to get Jameson Williams

(45:30) How did Green Bay manage to avoid all WR discussions and end up drafting two defensive players and how will Rodgers react?  

Apr 29, 2022
Steelers take QB Kenny Pickett + Giants, Jets draft marquee players

(00;00) Peter King joins the show from Philly to share his thoughts and reactions to the Eagles draft night

(13:00) The Steelers end up drafting a QB in Kenny Pickett, what does it mean for Trubisky?  

(24;30) The Jets and Giants had seemingly good draft nights, getting their marquee players in Sauce Gardner and Kayvon Thibodeaux

(38:00)  Assessing the Jaguars taking Travon Walker with first overall pick then trading back into the first round

(46:00) Update on Lamar and Hollywood Brown: did he know all along?


Apr 29, 2022
Who goes first overall in the 2022 draft?

(00:00) Who will be the number 1 overall pick? Odds makers shift around as the draft approaches

(26:00) Reviewing draft scenarios for teams with multiple picks in the first round  

(46:00) Will the Saints and Panthers both take a QB in the first round?

Apr 28, 2022
First round draft predictions + Darren Waller trade rumors

(00:00) Darren Waller trade rumors surfaced but Raiders said they wouldn't trade him

(13:00) Cardinals pick up Kyler Murray's 5th year option  

(17:00) How many QB's will go in round one of the NFL draft?

(23:00) PFT Live Draft: What we want to see happen in round

Apr 28, 2022
Which QB needy team strikes first in the draft?

(00:00) Panthers eying several QB's with the 6th pick plus Falcons aim to bolster QB room  

(48:30) Packers claim Aaron Rodgers will be 'heavily involved' in development of WR's  

(1:05:00) Bears GM Ryan Poles doesn't like the 'rebuild' label

Apr 27, 2022
Chris Simms 2022 Draft Offensive Line Rankings

(00:00) Reviewing Chris Simms 2022 Draft Offensive Line Rankings

(11:00) Jerry Jones speaks on draft decisions and not re-signing Randy Gregory

(24:00) Will the Giants exercise the 5th year option on Daniel Jones by Monday?

Apr 27, 2022
John Lynch answers questions about Deebo Samuel

(00:00) Reacting to John Lynch's comments on Deebo Samuel, Jimmy Garoppolo and Trey Lance

(47:00) Do Mike Tomlin and Kevin Colbert covet the QB position enough to take one in the first round?

Apr 26, 2022
Latest on Commanders investigation

(00:00) Chris Simms reviews his 2022 Mock Draft

(29:00) DC Attorney General announces it's been investigating Washington since 2021

(38:00) PFT Live Draft: GM you'd want to be in 2022 draft

Apr 26, 2022
Brady to Miami in 2023?

(00:00) Tom Curran joins the show to preview the 2022 draft and more 

(42:00) Tom Brady's restructured contract makes him a free agent in 2023... could Miami be back in the mix?

Apr 25, 2022
Jets, Lions and Packers interested in Deebo Samuel

(00:00) Looking over Peter King's mock draft

(17:00) Jets, Lions and Packers are reportedly interested in Deebo Samuel  

(32:00) PFT Live Draft: best draft picks under Bill Belichck

Apr 25, 2022
Najee Harris looking forward to next season + Matt Corral's draft expectations

(00:00) Kyler Murray and Deebo Samuel continue to hold out despite front office claiming everything's fine

(35:30) Interview with Najee Harris on his second year in NFL and his passion for professional wrestling

(49:00) Sit down with Ole Miss QB Matt Corral about the upcoming draft and his expectations

Apr 22, 2022
Tony Dungy and Paul Allen talk Kirk Cousins, Baker Mayfield and more

(00:00) Paul Allen joins the show to talk Kirk Cousins and assess Vikings offseason so far

(22:07) Tony Dungy stops by to weigh in Baker Mayfield's situation and more

(42:30) Update on the Brian Flores lawsuit

Apr 22, 2022
Deebo Samuel's next team?

(00:00) Deebo Samuel has asked the 49ers for a trade, Mike Florio and Chris Simms discuss possible landing spots for the dynamic WR  

(49:00) Amari Cooper speaks about Deshaun Watson and the movie Draft Day plus Kevin Stefanski comments on Baker Mayfield's situation

Apr 21, 2022
Saquon Barkley wants to change narrative + Tua doesn't feel pressure

(00:00) BS Meter: Tua doesn't feel pressure, Saquon Barkley claims narrative about injuries is BS and Frank Reich is happy with his wide receivers  

(24:00) Looking at draft needs for the NFC West  

(37:00) Von Miller praises his new teammates in Buffalo 

Apr 21, 2022
Deshaun Watson reports to camp + Sean Payton denies Tom Brady connection

(00:00) Browns report to training camp amidst snow including Deshaun Watson

(23:00) Kyler Murray not present for voluntary workouts with Cardinals  

(33:00) Sean Payton, Jason Licht deny Tom Brady possibly going to Miami rumors  

(52:30) Looking at contract scenarios for Deebo Samuel and Cooper Kupp

Apr 20, 2022
Sean McVay stands up for Raheem Morris

(00:00) Is Justin Fields on a 'prove it' year?  

(10:00) Assessing the daft needs of teams in the AFC West

(23:45) Sean McVay says the fact Raheem Morris isn't a head coach is a crime

(29:00) PFT Live Draft: Best Oklahoma Players in NFL

Apr 20, 2022
Denzel Ward signs new deal and AJ Brown waits for his

(00:00) Denzel Ward signs 5 year extension with Browns, AJ Brown being called 'diva' for trying to get new deal, Diontae Johnson disputes contract dispute

(53:00) Commanders update: Mary Jo White investigating Hue Jackson's retracted claim of tanking by Browns

Apr 19, 2022
Marshawn Lynch hits the ice

(00:00) Assessing draft needs for the NFC South  

(16:30) Chris Simms discusses his 2022 Draft Offensive Lineman rankings

(25:00) Marshawn Lynch drives a Zamboni as new part owner of the Seattle Kraken

(30:00) PFT Live Draft: Best Ohio State platers in NFL


Apr 19, 2022
Could Mayfield have new home in Carolina?

(00:00) Panthers reportedly have inside track to land Baker Mayfield  

(45:00) Recapping highlights and notable moments from USFL opening weekend

Apr 18, 2022
Cardinals impasse with Murray

(00:00) The Cardinals have reportedly not made a contract offer to Kyler Murray

(22:45) AFC South draft needs  

(40:00) Kyrie Irving flipped the finger to bitter Boston fans  

(47:00) USC WR Drake London refuses to run a 40 before the draft

Apr 18, 2022
Could Kyler Murray leave Arizona?

(00:00) Cardinals told Murray they would take care of this summer but the lack of an offer suggests otherwise

(48:30) Discussing possible landing spots for Baker Mayfield 

Apr 15, 2022
Packers sign Sammy Watkins

(00:00) Which QB goes first in the draft and to where? Discussing overall sense of 2022 QB class with Peter King  

(15:30) Packers pick up Sammy Watkins for a one year deal but is that enough to make Rodgers happy?

(21:00) Early Happy Birthday to Bill Belichick turning 70 on Saturday  

(29:00) What happened to Brady's 'final' TD ball that sold for 515k?


Apr 15, 2022
Mayfield speaks out + Carr extended

(00:00) Baker Mayfield spoke about his relationship with the Browns and his future in a podcast appearance

(57:00) Derek Carr gets 3 year extension with the Raiders 

Apr 14, 2022
Previewing 2022 Draft and assessing team needs

(00:00) Which QB needy team will take a QB in round 1?  

(08:35) Big Phil cooking lesson then assessing NFC North team needs in the 2022 Draft

(21:00) PFT Live Draft: Best Alabama offensive players in NFL 

Apr 14, 2022
Congress shares details of alleged Commanders scam

(00:00) More details emerge on alleged Washington financial scams

(45:00) Aaron Rodgers is not expected to attend voluntary offseason programs

Apr 13, 2022
New faces energizing new places

(00:00) Lawrence speaks highly of Doug Pederson + Courtland Sutton excited to work with Russell Wilson

(17:00) What should the Bengals look for in this draft?

(25:00) Looking at the Browns, Ravens 2022 draft needs

(30:00) PFT Live Draft: Best supporting casts in NFL

Apr 13, 2022
Cam's regrettable comments + Cousins on new deal

(00:00) Cam Newton expressed an archaic perspective about women on a podcast

(41:00) Kirk Cousins ‘would like to retire as a Vikings’

Apr 12, 2022
Jordan Love's future + Chris Simms Edge Rankings

(00:00) NFC East team needs

(13:30) Chris Simms 2022 Draft Edge Rankings

(21:00) Mark Murphy comments on Jordan Love's future with the Packers

(28:00) PFT Live Draft: QB's with most to prove next season

Apr 12, 2022
Remembering Dwayne Haskins

(00:00) Remembering Dwayne Haskins who tragically passed away on Saturday

(27:30) Deebo Samuel scrubbed 49ers from his IG + Commanders haven't made offer to McLaurin yet

Apr 11, 2022
USFL ditches chains, favors tech

(00:00) Assessing the remaining needs of AFC East teams  

(17:00) None of the 22 lawsuits against Deshaun Watson will go to trial during the 2022 NFL season

(24:00) USFL uses technology over chains to do measurements  

(30:00) PFT Live Draft: Best WRs from 2019 draft

Apr 11, 2022
Steve Wilks, Ray Horton join Flores lawsuit

(00:00) Steve Wilks, Ray Horton join the Flores lawsuit, Horton claims he had 'sham' interview with Titans in 2016  

(47:00) More on the lawsuit: Flores documented takings concerns back in 2019 memo

Apr 08, 2022
Vrabel shuts down AJ Brown trade rumors

(00:00) Texans and Brandin Cooks agree to 2yr extension + Deebo Samuel unfollowed 49ers  

(08:30) Dan Campbell praises Kayvon Thibodeaux  

(17:30) Vrabel claims AJ Brown won't be on the trade block as long as he's coach  

(26:00) Tyrann Mathieu had virtual visit with the Eagles 

Apr 08, 2022
DK Metcalf trade rumors + Arians speaks post-retirement

(00:00) Rumored DK Metcalf trade offered to the Jets  

(28:00) Bruce Arians made comments about his retirement on an Arizona podcast

(51:30) Attorneys general from 6 states warn NFL that it could be investigated for workplace harassment 

Apr 07, 2022
McDaniel energizes Dolphins + Darnold proven at QB?

(00:00) Xavien Howard and Emmanuel Ogbah give praise to Mike McDaniel and his new energy  

(12:00) Sam Darnold says he proved himself as a good QB in the NFL

(18:30) Reviewing top draft prospects Pro Days

(30:00) Simms 2022 Draft Running Back Rankings

(35:00) PFT Live Draft: Guys we want to see make an NFL comeback?

Apr 07, 2022
Stefon Diggs extended with Bills

(00:00)  Will the Panthers use their 6th overall pick on a QB? 

(51:30) Bills sign Stefon Diggs to 4 year extension

Apr 06, 2022
Gronk not ready to commit

(00:00) Update on Deshaun Watson case: Judge wants Watson to answer questions

(12:30) Gronk not ready to commit to an NFL return

(21:00) Which teams will have legit QB competitions this year?  

(30:00)Teams most likely to make a draft trade

Apr 06, 2022
Eagles, Saints swap picks + Bobby Wagner speaks

(00:00) Eagles, Saints trade picks + DK Metcalf weighs in on trade rumors  

(51:00) Bobby Wagner addresses the media as a Ram; talks about Seattle and being his own agent

Apr 05, 2022
Update on Commanders investigation

(00:00) Update on Commanders investigation

(11:30) Which young QB is in a "prove it" year?

(22:00) Chris Simms 2022 Draft CB Rankings

Apr 05, 2022
DeVante Parker traded to Patriots

(00:00) Miami trades DeVante Parker to New England for 3rd and 5th round pick next year  

(43:00) More trouble for Dan Snyder as new investigation alleges financial improprieties 

Apr 04, 2022
Kaepernick throws at Michigan spring game

(00:00) Reviewing AFC win totals  

(12:00) Taking a look at NFC win totals

(21:00) Colin Kaepernick throws for NFL scouts at Michigan spring game  

(32:00) Pete Carroll delivered passionate speech on minority hiring during league meetings  

(41:00) Frank Gore plans to retire with 49ers

Apr 04, 2022
Bruce Arians steps down + Rams sign Bobby Wagner

(00:00) More on Arians stepping down as Buccaneers head coach with Peter King  

(58:30) Rams sign Bobby Wagner to reported 5 year deal

Apr 01, 2022
Congressional investigation into Commanders pivots

(00:00) Second Congressional investigation into Commanders launched after potential financial improprieties uncovered

(13:50) Buying or selling storylines from the week  

(28:00) PFT Live Draft: New head coach in best situation

Apr 01, 2022
Bruce Arians retires from coaching

(00:00) Bruce Arians retires from coaching, Todd Bowles to take over as head coach of Buccaneers 

(45:00) More on Arians abrupt retirement

Mar 31, 2022
Lamar Jackson staying? + Kraft wants playoff wins

(00:00) Lamar Jackson dismisses claims of his wanting out of Baltimore over new deal  

(27:00) Robert Kraft upset over lack of playoff wins  

(40:00) Chris Simms 2022 Draft WR rankings + Jameson Williams pro day

(43:00) Biggest Ramifications of Bruce Arians retirement

Mar 31, 2022
New overtime rules + Watson clips leaked

(00:00) New overtime rules pass and Troy Vincent tries to clarify taunting  

(43:00) Clips leaked from Deshaun Watson depositions 

Mar 30, 2022
John Harbaugh extended + Goodell on Watson, Snyder investigations

(00:00) Ravens extend John Harbaugh and talk contract extension progress with Lamar Jackson

(15:00) Pete Carroll intends on having DK Metcalf on the roster, until he doesn't

(20:00) Goodell speaks on Dan Snyder, Deshaun Watson and Brian Flores at press conference 

Mar 30, 2022
49ers keeping Jimmy G? + New coaching staff rules

(00:00) John Lynch doesn't foresee the 49ers cutting Jimmy Garoppolo so what's next?

(47:00) NFL now requiring every team to have minority or female offensive assistant coach for 2022 season

Mar 29, 2022
NFC coaches speak at NFL Annual Meetings

(00:00) Matt Rhule says Panthers aren't locked into QB with the 6th pick

(11:45) Shanahan declines to name 49ers starting QB

(19:30) Matt LaFleur says he'll continue to add talent to around Aaron Rodgers

(30:00) Seahawks still in QB business 

(36:30) Eagles excited about Hurts going forward

Mar 29, 2022
Browns eager to trade Baker + Packers get traders remorse?

(00:00) Browns reportedly would like to trade Baker Mayfield sooner rather than later  

(35:00) Shoulder surgery may result in Garoppolo being cut  

(48:00) Traders remorse? Matt Lafleur says trading Davante Adams was "tough for [him] personally"

Mar 28, 2022
Updates from 2022 NFL Annual Meeting

(00:00) John Mara fights back against Flores lawsuit claims  

(16:00) Kevin Stefanski expects Watson in offseason program

(32:00) John Harbaugh confident in settling Lamar Jackson contract

Mar 28, 2022
Tyreek Hill speaks highly of Miami + Update on Deshaun Watson investigation

(00:00) Tyreek Hill speaks highly of Miami at first press conference

(45:00) Update on Deshaun Watson investigation

Mar 25, 2022
Kyler Murray speaks on future with Cardinals + Packers leave gap at WR

(00:00) Kyler Murray speaks on future with Cardinals

(11:00) How will Packers fill void at WR after losing Adams and now Valdes-Scantling?

(21:00) PFT Best Of The Week

(24:00) PFT Live Draft: Most untouchable players in NFL

(29:00) 2023 NFL Draft host city announced

Mar 25, 2022
Fallout from Tyreek Hill trade to Miami

(00:00) Discussing how the Tyreek Hill trade to Miami changes the AFC once again

(41:00) More fallout from the blockbuster move


Mar 24, 2022
Matt Corral Pro Day + Kaepernick talks with Seahawks

(00:00) Falcons claim they discussed trading Matt Ryan before Deshaun Watson news

(13:00) Takeaways from Matt Corral's Ole Miss Pro Day  

(20:00) Kaepernick speaks to Seahawks, still hopeful to return

(30:00) PFT Live Draft: biggest winners from Tyreek Hill trade

Mar 24, 2022
Matt Ryan, Davante Adams media sessions + Carroll, Snead comment on offseason

(00:00) Takeaways from Matt Ryan and Davante Adams first press conference with their respective teams

(52:00) Pete Carroll remarks on Wilson trade and Les Snead talks about re-signing Donald

Mar 23, 2022
Malik Willis pro day review + Miami spends big on o-line

(00:00) Reviewing Malik Willis pro day

(09:00) Dolphins sign Terron Armstead to 5yr deal and Za'Darius Smith to Vikings

(15:00) Name or Game? Which FA's are more name than game  

(20:00) PFT Live Draft: Best NFC Quarterbacks

Mar 23, 2022
Matt Ryan latest QB to AFC + Trade for Jimmy G?

(00:00) Matt Ryan latest QB to AFC and Falcons sign Marcus Mariota  

(45:00) Saints re-sign Jameis Winston and John Lynch claims trade calls coming in for Garoppolo

Mar 22, 2022
Pickett's pro day takeaways + Simms 2022 draft QB rankings

(00:00) Teddy Bridgewater declines to share about his role with the Dolphins  

(14:00) Kenny Pickett had his pro day but what did his hands measure at?  

(20:00) Chris Simms reveals top 5 QB of the 2022 draft class

(44:00) PFT Live Draft: Best AFC QB's 

Mar 22, 2022
Browns officially announce Watson trade

(00:00) Browns officially announce Watson trade, when will he speak?

(46:00) Some think Baker Mayfield "needs to be humbled"

Mar 21, 2022
Robert Woods traded to Titans + Bengals, Chiefs load up offense

(00:00) Rams make moves: Stafford extended, Robert Woods traded to Titans  

(12:00) Bengals agree to deal with Lael Collins and JuJu Smith-Schuster to the Chiefs

(25:30) Reports of Falcons fielding trade calls for Matt Ryan ahead of bonus deadline  

(39:00) David Ojabo's injury shows ugly side of NFL with callous reaction from onlookers

Mar 21, 2022
Davante Adams traded to Raiders + Watson decision down to Saints, Falcons

(00:00) Davante Adams traded to the Raiders, reunites with college teammate Derek Carr


(47:00) Deshaun Watson decision is now down to Saints, Falcons according to new reports

Mar 18, 2022
Mayfield wants trade, Browns shut it down + The Rams get richer

(00:00) Baker Mayfield asks Browns to trade him, Browns reject it

(19:00) Allen Robinson signed by the Rams  

(23:00) PFT Superlative Awards for week 1 of free agency

(33:00) Matt Ryan delays bonus but will the team keep him long enough to collect it?

Mar 18, 2022
Watson "torn' over next move + Mayfield, Browns break up?

(00:00) Deshaun Watson "torn" over next move, no timetable set 

(50:00) Addressing reports of Browns and Baker Mayfield breaking up 

(56:00) Latest defensive free agent signings and more

Mar 17, 2022
Russell Wilson, Seahawks contradict each other + new overtime rule proposals

(00:00) Russell Wilson, Seahawks contradict each other in their press conferences  

(17:40) The latest FA signings: Von Miller and OJ Howard to Buffalo 

(25:00) New Overtime rules proposed by Colts, Eagles and Titans

(30:00) PFT Draft: NFL's best pass rush duos 

Mar 17, 2022
Baker Mayfield Unhappy With Browns Plan to Meet With Deshaun Watson + Why Randy Gregory Chose Broncos Over Cowboys
Baker Mayfield Unhappy With Browns Plan to Meet With Deshaun Watson + Why Randy Gregory Chose Broncos Over Cowboys
Mar 16, 2022
Sportsbook Calls Investigation For Inside Information On Brady's Unretirement Wager + Best Remaining Free Agents
Sportsbook Calls Investigation For Inside Information On Brady's Unretirement + Best Remaining Free Agents + PFT Draft: Who is Unhappiest by Free Agency So Far?
Mar 16, 2022
Happy Playmakers Release Day + Free Agent Signings Around the League + Mitchell Trubisky to Steelers
Happy Playmakers Release Day + Free Agent Signings Around the League + Mitchell Trubisky to Steelers
Mar 15, 2022
Deshaun Watson to Meet With Browns, Others + Free Agent Signings + More on Brian Flores Lawsuit
Deshaun Watson to Meet With Browns, Others + Free Agent Signings + More on Brian Flores Lawsuit + PFT Draft: Who Is Happiest After Day 1 of Free Agency?
Mar 15, 2022
Deshaun Watson To Meet With Teams + Davante Adams Won't Play On Franchise Tag + Amari Cooper Traded to Browns
Deshaun Watson To Meet With Teams + Davante Adams Won't Play On Franchise Tag + Amari Cooper Traded to Browns + PFT Draft: Biggest Collateral Damage From Brady's Return
Mar 14, 2022
Tom Brady Is Back + Kirk Cousins New Contract
Tom Brady Is Back + Kirk Cousins New Contract
Mar 14, 2022
Previewing Free Agency with Peter King + Grand Jury Hears Deshaun Watson Evidence + Which GM Would You Want To Be In Free Agency
Previewing Free Agency with Peter King + Grand Jury Hears Deshaun Watson Evidence + Which GM Would You Want To Be In Free Agency
Mar 11, 2022
Recapping this weeks NFL trades with Peter King + Kaepernick's workout video and likeliness of a return
Recapping this weeks NFL trades with Peter King + Kaepernick's workout video and likeliness of a return
Mar 11, 2022
Teams Looking to Upgrade at QB + Which QBs Stay With Their Teams + Best Offensive Free Agents
Teams Looking to Upgrade at QB + Which QBs Stay With Their Teams + Update on Brian Flores Lawsuit + Best Offensive Free Agents
Mar 10, 2022
Wentz Traded to Washington + Colts eye Jimmy Garoppolo + Destinations for Free Agent QBs
Wentz Traded to Washington + Colts eye Jimmy Garoppolo + Destinations for Free Agent QBs
Mar 10, 2022
Potential Landing Spots for QB Free Agents + Franchise Tag Designations + latest on Deshaun Watson + Winners of Wilson Trade, Rodgers Signing
Mar 09, 2022
Russell Wilson traded to Denver + Aaron Rodgers responds to contract reports
Mar 09, 2022
Aaron Rodgers decision coming? + Free Agency Preview + PFT Draft: QBs Starting For Different Team Next Season

(00:00) Aaron Rodgers has yet to make a decision on where he will play next season

(20:00) Von Miller may want to return to Denver plus other free agents likely to move this offseason

(38:00) PFT Live Draft: QB's that will start for different teams next season

Mar 08, 2022
Fallout from Calvin Ridley suspension + Franchise tag deadline reports

(00:00) Reviewing Calvin Ridley's suspension and whether the punishment fit the crime

(43:30) Discussing which players will receive the franchise tag by 4pm deadline

Mar 08, 2022
Most impressive Combine performances + Amari Cooper's likely release + franchise tags + PFT Live Draft: teams you want to see Rodger's on

(00:00) Most impressive performances and takeaways from the NFL Combine 

(20:00) Cowboys 'likely' to release Amari Cooper 

(27:00) Discussing which players will and won't receive a franchise tag

(39:00) PFT Live Draft: Teams you want to see Aaron Rodgers on next season

Mar 07, 2022
Aaron Rodgers trade rumors and destinations + Lamar Jackson contract talks stall

(00:00) The latest on Aaron Rodgers possible destinations if traded or released

(38:00) Lamar Jackson not engaging with Ravens on contract talks 

(53:00) Washington Commanders make a strong offer for Russell Wilson 

Mar 07, 2022
Miami closes door on Deshaun + Kingsbury contract confirmed + Lamar still silent | 3/03/22 #1
Chris Grier confirms that the Dolphins called the Saints about Sean Payton, denies interest in Tom Brady. Pete Carroll: We have no intention of trading Russell Wilson. Cardinals extend Kliff Kingsbury & GM Steve Keim through 2027 season. Ravens GM Eric DeCosta: “We are ready to be there for Lamar at any point when he decides that he really wants to work on an extension.”
Mar 03, 2022
Future NFL OL interviews + Brandon Staley talks strategy + Baker Mayfield's competition | 3/03/22 #2
Chris Simms and Mike Florio talks to future offensive lineman at the NFL Combine. Brandon Staley joins PFT and talks about the 2021 Season as well as the future of the LA Chargers.
Mar 03, 2022
Potential Brady return + QB importance + Carson Wentz, leaving or staying? | 3/02/22 #1
Bruce Arians talks about whether or not he'll help Tom Brady join another team if he choses to return to the league. Broncos GM George Paton talks about his priority on how important the QB position is to him and whether or not it needs to be filled, and filled by who? Frank Reich and Chris Ballard talk about their experience with Carson Wentz and what they see with their future with the starting QB.
Mar 02, 2022
Kyler Murray still not have extension + Next Steelers QB + College prospect combine interviews | 3/02/22 #2
Steve Keim not concerned about Kyler Murray holding out without a new deal. Where will the next Steelers QB come from? Join Chris Simms and Mike Florio as they interview with various college athletes participating in the NFL Combine.
Mar 02, 2022
Short-term deal for Rodgers + Murray sent contract proposal + Brady, minority Miami owner? | 3/1/22 #1
The Packers are working on a short term deal for Aaron Rodgers if he choses to stay in Green Bay. The deal would make Rodgers the highest paid quarterback in the NFL on a per year basis. Rodgers will make his decision before the free agency deadline. Kyler Murray said he wants to be the Cardinals long term quarterback. He sent in a contract proposal to the organization and asks them to speak with actions not words. This will be Murray's 4th year on his 5th year rookie contract. The Miami Dolphins planned to pursue a Tom Brady/Sean Peyton combination for the 2022 season. It was discussed behind the scenes that Tom Brady would be a minority owner of the Dolphins if this were to occur.
Mar 01, 2022
Start of the Combine + Stephen Jones, no comment + NFL OT rule | 3/1/22 #2
The NFL Combine starts today in Indianapolis. Florio and Peter King will discuss some of the athletes they are looking forward to see and the lack of candidates at the QB position this year. Stephen Jones declines to comment on the cheerleading scandal in Dallas, but cites "solid culture". Playing the percentages: Peter King and Mike Florio give us their odds on some of these scenarios. The Colts submitted a proposal to change the OT rules due to the complaints received during the playoffs.
Mar 01, 2022
Payton-Brady package deal + Aaron Rodgers, seeks 50 million + Davante Adams, franchise tagged | 2/28/22 #1
The Dolphins had plans to pursue Tom Brady and Sean Payton in a package deal for the 2022 season. The deal fell through after the Brian Flores lawsuit. The Dolphins had an internal discussion to bring in Brady as a minority owner. Brian Gutekunst claims he never promised Rodgers to trade him after this season. Reports have been coming in that Aaron Rodgers is seeking $50 million to stay in Green Bay. The Packers are expected to franchise tag Davante Adams, he'll be making roughly $19 million.
Feb 28, 2022
Sean McVay, still wants to coach + Kyler Murray on good terms w Cardinals + Jerry Jones settlement w cheerleaders | 2/28/22 #2
Sean McVay says he's not pursuing any TV jobs, he still wants to remain in LA to coach for the 2022 season. Michael Bidwell reports that he had a good conversation with Kyler Murray. Eric Bieniemy returns as Chiefs offensive coordinator. Jerry Jones paid a $2.4 million settlement to 4 cheerleaders in their suit against the Cowboys for allegations of voyeurism. Join Florio and Simms as they decide who they want to hear from at the Combine.
Feb 28, 2022
Takeaways from Kevin O'Connell's press conference, Dak Prescott wants to "help the team make decisions" and biggest offseason questions | 2/18 #1

Vikings: Mike Florio and Charean Williams discuss the biggest takeaways from Kevin O'Connell's press conference, including Kirk Cousins, offensive play-calling, and how far the Vikings are from winning a Super Bowl.

Cowboys: Dak Prescott says he wants to “help the team make decisions” this offseason. Also, NFL declined to comment on the Cowboys voyeurism scandal.

Biggest offseason questions: How and when will Aaron Rodgers' situation be resolved? Will Aaron Donald be part of the Rams' plan to run it back? What prominent QBs will be on the move?

Feb 18, 2022
Congress wants more documents from Washington investigation, PFT Live Mailbag, and what the 2021 season be remembered for | 2/18 #2

Mailbag: Mike Florio and Charean Williams answer fan questions like what blockbuster trades they expect in the offseason and who will be the starting quarterback for the Saints. 

Washington: Congress released a statement that the NFL must stop hiding the results of the Beth Wilkinson investigation and comply with the Committee's request or further action will be taken. 

Draft: The 2021 season will be remembered for ____

Feb 18, 2022
Rams Super Bowl Parade Recap, Kevin O'Connell named Vikings head coach, and who is at fault for the Bengals' failed final drive in the Super Bowl? | 2/17 #1

Rams Super Bowl Parade: Sean McVay's "run it back" chant at the Rams Super Bowl parade leads to Aaron Donald saying "why not?" Florio and Simms debate whether the star defensive end will return next season.

Vikings: Kevin O'Connell is finally named Vikings head coach and Florio explains why this is an underwhelming hire. 

Bengals: Florio and Simms discuss whether Zac Taylor should be held responsible for the team's failed game-winning drive against the Los Angeles Rams in Super Bowl LVI. 


Feb 17, 2022
Which doesn't belong and why: Sean McVay's coaching tree, and things we didn't see coming when 2021 began

Which doesn't belong and why: Sean McVay's coaching tree, and NFC West and AFC West teams that weren't in the Super Bowl. 

PFT Live Draft: Florio and Simms discuss things they never saw coming when 2021 began. 

Mailbag: Answering some of the best questions about Super Bowl LVI. 

Feb 17, 2022
Joe Burrow won't need surgery, McCarthy calls Payton rumors "unusual" and new coach-QB marriages| 2/16 #1

Joe Burrow: After being sacked nine times in the Super Bowl and suffering a knee sprain, the Bengals QB reportedly will not need surgery. 

Mike McCarthy: The Cowboys head coach said on The Rich Eisen Show that the rumors that Sean Payton will be taking his job next season are unusual. He also talks about Dan Quinn being on the sidelines is best thing for the Cowboys.

Word Association: Florio and Simms pick one word to describe some of the new coach-quarterback marriages

Feb 16, 2022
Super Bowl LVI officiating, possible overtime rule changes this offseason, and most egregious Super Bowl MVPs | 2/16 #2

After Further Review: Florio and Simms break down some of the penalty calls (and non-calls) in Super Bowl LVI and debate the overall officiating of Super Bowl LVI. 

Rule changes: The NFL may re-examine its emphasis on taunting penalties this offseason, as well as make possible changes the overtime rules. 

PFT Live Draft: Florio and Simms make their picks for most egregious Super Bowl MVPs in history. 


Feb 16, 2022
Aaron Donald's legacy if he retires, Kyler Murray speaks out, and the latest on Stephen Ross tanking allegations | 2/15 #1

Super Bowl LVI: Florio and Simms debate whether Aaron Donald could really retire and what his legacy would be if he did. They also react to Sean McVay saying "we'll see" about whether he'll be the Rams head coach next season. 

Kyler Murray: The Cardinals QB put out a statement saying he's not about "all of this nonsense" in regards to rumors swirling after he scrubbed his Instagram profile.

Stephen Ross/Brian Flores: Dolphins owner Stephen Ross could be forced to sell the team if found guilty of offering Brian Flores $100K per loss in 2019. Also, Brian Flores will amend his lawsuit to include a claim against the Texans for retaliation. 


Feb 15, 2022
Colts likely to trade or release Carson Wentz, Bucs could keep Tom Brady on roster indefinitely, and who made the biggest statement in Super Bowl LVI? | 2/15 #2

Carson Wentz: Florio and Simms react to a report that says the Colts are likely to trade or release Carson Wentz.

Fill in the Blank: Super Bowl LVI Edition

Sunday Statement: Who made the biggest statement in Super Bowl LVI?

Feb 15, 2022
Rams defeat Bengals 23-20 to win Super Bowl LVI, Cooper Kupp wins MVP, Aaron Donald finally gets his ring | 2/14

Mike Florio and Chris Simms give their instant reactions to Super Bowl LVI, including Cooper Kupp's MVP performance, Aaron Donald getting his first ring, and Joe Burrow's seven-sack night.

Feb 14, 2022
Super Bowl Picks with Peter King, Aaron Rodgers wins MVP, and interviews with Clyde Edwards-Helaire and Travis Kelce | 2/11 #1

Mike Florio and co-host Peter King preview Super Bowl LVI, how big of a factor defense will play in the game, and what a Super Bowl win would mean for Aaron Donald.  

After Aaron Rodgers said he’ll be making his decision soon about his future, Mike Florio and Peter King discuss his latest season with the Packers and why the Denver Broncos could be his next team.

Clyde Edwards-Helaire explains why he knows the Kansas City Chiefs have the talent and chemistry to make a Super Bowl run next season.

Travis Kelce joins Florio on site at Super Bowl LVI to discuss the feeling of winning and losing a Super Bowl, as well as falling short of the big game. 

Feb 12, 2022
Interviews with Emmitt Smith, Sean Payton, Derrick Henry, and Ron Rivera | 2/11 #2

Emmitt Smith sits down with Mike Florio to discuss his rushing record, the state of the Dallas Cowboys and their playoff struggles, and who he thinks will win Super Bowl LVI.  

After 16 years of coaching the New Orleans Saints, Sean Payton talks about his future plans and how he feels about the team in Dennis Allen's hands.

Derrick Henry joins the set of PFT to discuss his recovery from a broken foot, Ryan Tannehill's abilities, Mike Vrabel winning NFL Coach of the Year, and more. 

Ron Rivera discusses about the different options the Washington Commanders are looking into at the quarterback position and how the team is trying to begin a new chapter in its history. 

Feb 12, 2022
Super Bowl LVI picks, interviews with Justin Jefferson, Mecole Hardman, and Jay Glazer | 2/10 #1

Super Bowl LVI: Florio and Simms preview the big game and give their predictions on who will lift the Lombardi Trophy on Sunday night.

Mecole Hardman gives insight on what happened in the AFC championship against the Bengals and explains what he wants to prove in his last contract year with the Chiefs.

Justin Jefferson joins the show to discuss his successful first two years in the NFL with the Vikings and who he's rooting for in the Super Bowl. 

Jay Glazer sits down with Florio to talk about his new book, Unbreakable, and his mission to help people through their mental health issues.

Feb 11, 2022
Interviews with Mike Evans, Micah Parsons, CeeDee Lamb, Adrian Peterson, and Eli Manning | 2/10 #2

Eli Manning joins Mike Florio to talk about his old teammate Odell Beckham Jr. and what he loves about the quarterbacks in the Super Bowl.

CeeDee Lamb shares what he's learned in his first two NFL seasons, the Dallas Cowboys' ill-fated quarterback draw call in the NFC divisional round and more.

Micah Parsons reveals how he became such an effective edge rusher and how he found success early in his NFL career. 

Adrian Peterson joins the show to reflect on his career, discuss if he could go into coaching and who he's been looking out for in the league.

Mike Evans shares the conversation he had with Tom Brady earlier in the season that made him suspect the Buccaneers' quarterback was ready to call it a career after the 2021 season. 

Feb 11, 2022
Roger Goodell press conference, interviews with Deebo Samuel and Cam Jordan | 2/9 #1

Roger Goodell: Biggest takeaways from the NFL Commissioner's press conference, including the Washington investigation, Brian Flores lawsuit, and diversity in the NFL. 

Cam Jordan: the Saints defensive end joins the show to talk about how his former coach, Sean Payton, impacted his career, and his thoughts on the hiring of Dennis Allen as the Saints' new head coach. 

Deebo Samuel: The 49ers star wide receiver stops by to talk about his success this season and why playing running back caught him by surprise. 

Feb 10, 2022
Interviews with Jonathan Taylor, Aidan Hutchinson, Jerod Mayo, and Brandon Marshall| 2/9 #2

Aidan Hutchinson: The Michigan defensive end stops by to talk about the draft process and why he thinks he will flourish in the NFL.

Jonathan Taylor: The Colts star running back sat down with Florio and Simms to discuss his record-breaking season, and the team's expectations for next season.

Jerod Mayo: The Patriots inside linebackers coach joins the show to talk about his journey to coaching and why he hopes the Brian Flores lawsuit will hopefully bring transparency to the  NFL.

Brandon Marshall: The former wide receiver drops in to talk about his special relationship in Denver with Simms and being a role model for athletes regarding post-retirement projects. 

Feb 10, 2022
Tom Brady: "Never say never" about playing again, Lovie Smith introduced in Houston, and are Mike McDaniel wants greatness out of Tua | 2/8 #1

Tom Brady: A week after announcing his retirement, Tom Brady is already talking about whether there's a change he will play again.

Lovie Smith: The Texans new head coach is introduced and Texans GM Nick Caserio says the Brian Flores lawsuit did not affect their hiring process.

Dolphins: Mike McDaniel says he wants to get "greatness" out of Tua Tagovailoa. Florio and Simms give their thoughts on what impact the new head coach could have on Tagovailoa.

Feb 09, 2022
Interviews with Justin Herbert and Eric Dickerson and Christopher "Mad Dog" Russo joins the show | 2/8 #2

Justin Herbert: The Chargers QB joins the show to talk about his performance this season and what he plans to improve on for next season.

Mad Dog: Christopher "Mad Dog" Russo stops by to talk about what rules the NFL should change, his favorite Super Bowl, and whether he's going Rams or Bengals on Sunday.

Eric Dickerson: The former Rams running back drops in to discuss his new book Watch My Smoke, about his life and career, and preview Super Bowl LVI


Feb 09, 2022
Texans hire Lovie Smith as head coach, Kyler Murray unfollows Cardinals, and Joe Burrow advice to young athletes | 2/8 #1

Coaching carousel: Lovie Smith, former defensive coordinator for the Texans, has been named head coach of the team. Rich Bisaccia is expected to become the Packers' special teams coach. The Raiders are reportedly interested in Joe Judge for their special teams coordinator.

Kyler Murray: The Cardinals quarterback has scrubbed his Instagram page of all photos with the Cardinals and unfollowed the team's account - Florio, Simms, and Charean Williams debate if there's a deeper meaning to it.

Ja'Marr Chase: "Preseason drops didn't worry me, I knew what I could do." How will the star rookie wide receiver perform against the Rams secondary?

Feb 08, 2022
Alvin Kamara arrested, Super Bowl MVP Odds, and most exciting defensive players in SB LVI | 2/8 #2

Alvin Kamara: Saints RB Alvin Kamara was arrested on battery charges in Las Vegas. Florio explains the potential discipline he'll face from the NFL under the Personal Conduct Policy.

Super Bowl Odds: PointsBet Head of Trading Jay Croucher joins the show to give his analysis on MVP odds and prop bets for the big game.

Draft: Florio and Simms pick their top three defensive players they're most excited to see play this Sunday.

Feb 08, 2022
Roger Goodell memo on Brian Flores lawsuit, Doug Pederson introduced as Jaguars head coach, and will Aaron Rodgers be a Packer next season? | 2/7 #1

Roger Goodell: The NFL Commissioner put out a memo acknowledging the lack of progress in diversity among head coaches and vowing to examine the current guidelines and initiatives. But Brian Flores' lawyer says the memo is a "public relations ploy."

Jaguars: The biggest takeaways from Doug Pederson's introductory press conference as the Jags' new head coach, including how he plans to work with Trevor Lawrence.

Aaron Rodgers: Mark Murphy says the Packers want Aaron Rodgers back, but does Rodgers want to come back?

Feb 07, 2022
Dolphins hire Mike McDaniel has head coach, Jim Harbaugh done chasing NFL jobs, and best Super Bowl cities | 2/7 #2

Dolphins: Dolphins hire 49ers offensive coordinator Mike McDaniel as their new head coach

Buy or Sell: Will Tom Brady own an NFL team? Did Washington pick the right team name? Is Jim Harbaugh really done chasing NFL jobs?

Draft: Florio and Simms give their picks for best Super Bowl cities.

Feb 07, 2022
Jaguars hire Doug Pederson as head coach, Giants deny Brian Flores' allegations, and new claims against Washington owner Daniel Sndyer | 2/4 #1

Coaching carousel: Doug Pederson has been named the Jags' new head coach, the Texans say Brian Flores is still a finalist, and who will end up as head coach for the remaining teams?

Brian Flores/Giants: The Giants released a statement denying the allegations made by Brian Flores, saying that they are "disturbing and simply false", and also insist Bill Belichick wasn’t told of decision.

Daniel Snyder: New sexual harassment claims against Washington owner Daniel Snyder emerged during a congressional roundtable, which Snyder calls "outright lies"

Feb 04, 2022
Best Super Bowl LVI storylines and Fill in the Blank | 2/4 #2

Bengals: The Bengals finished last in AFC North in 2020 after going 4-11, so how did Zac Taylor turn the team around so quickly?

Fill in the Blank: % chance Aaron Rodgers will be a Titan, the Pro Bowl is __, and who was most excited about Tom Brady's retirement.

Super Bowl Storylines: Florio and Peter King take their picks on the most interesting storylines of Super Bowl LVI.

Feb 04, 2022
NFL to investigate cash-for-tanking allegations, Vikings expected to hire Rams OC post-Super Bowl, and Bears hire defensive coordinator Alan Williams | 2/3 #1

Brian Flores: Flores’s allegations of racial discrimination in NFL led to a call for a congressional hearing. Dolphins' owner Stephen Ross puts out a statement, calling Flores' allegations "false, malicious and defamatory."

Head Coaching News: Jim Harbaugh says he's staying at Michigan, and the Vikings are expected to hire Kevin O'Connell after the Super Bowl, Bears hire Colts DB/safeties coach Alan Williams as defensive coordinator

Fill in the Blank: Florio and Big Cat give their takes on the Bengals Super Bowl uniforms, the Washington Commanders new name, and what the NFL will look like without Tom Brady.

Feb 03, 2022
Washington employees speak out, Josh McDaniels on Derek Carr, and Big Cat's worst 2021 predictions | 2/3 #2

Washington: On the eve of the Congressional roundtable, Mike and Big Cat react to the disturbing stories from former Washington employees about the toxic workplace.

2021 Season Predictions: Florio rips on Big Cat for some of the )way-off) predictions he made before the 2021 season, including that the Cowboys would win the Super Bowl.

Super Bowl LVI: Big Cat gives some of his favorite Super Bowl LVI prop bets.

Feb 03, 2022
Brian Flores files lawsuit against NFL and 3 teams, Stephen Ross tanking allegation, and Belichick accidental text message to Flores | 2/2 #1

Brian Flores: Mike Florio and Peter King dive into the class action lawsuit Brian Flores has filed against the NFL for its racial hiring practices.

Stephen Ross: The Dolphins' owner could be in trouble following Flores' allegations that Ross offered former head coach Brian Flores $100K for every Dolphins loss in 2019.

Bill Belichick: Florio and King discuss the text messages that Bill Belichick mistakenly sent Brian Flores that are being used to show that the Giants had decided on Brian Daboll before interviewing Flores.

Feb 02, 2022
Washington reveals new name: Commanders, and will we see Tom Brady play again? | 2/2 #2

Washington: Mike Florio and Peter King share their thoughts on the Washington Football Team's new name: The Washington Commanders.

Tom Brady: After announcing his retirement, Florio and King debate whether we could potentially see Tom Brady play again.

Vikings: With Jim Harbaugh interviewing for a second time this Wednesday, a report says that Harbaugh is "confident" he will be the Vikings next head coach.

Feb 02, 2022
Brian Daboll, Josh McDaniels, Matt Eberflus introduced, AFC/NFC Championships postmortem, and Lamar Jackson injury update | 2/1 #2

Giants: Florio discusses some of the key points from Brian Daboll's introductory press conference, including his answer about who will call the plays, and what his plans are for Daniel Jones as he heads into his fourth year.

Raiders: Josh McDaniels is introduced as head coach of the Las Vegas Raiders and why this was the right place and right time leave New England.

Bears: Matt Eberflus explains his plan to build the offense around Justin Fields and that he will not be calling defensive plays.

Chiefs/49ers: Florio shares his opinion on what Andy Reid and Kyle Shanahan be losing sleep over this offseason following their teams' losses on Championship Sunday.

Feb 01, 2022
Jim Harbaugh gets second interview with Vikings and PFT Mailbag | 2/1 #2

Vikings: Vikings' radio play-by-play broadcaster Paul Allen joins the show to discuss Jim Harbaugh getting a second interview for Minnesota's head coaching job and if he and Kirk Cousins are a good match.

Best of January: Relive some of the funniest and most entertaining moments on the show during the month of January.

Mailbag: Myles Simmons stops by to help Florio answer some of your best questions from the PFT Mailbag, including what they think really happened with Odell Beckham Jr. in Cleveland?

Feb 01, 2022
Bengals, AFC Champions + 2 different Chiefs| 1/31 #1
Bengals vs Chiefs: Being the ultimate underdogs this season, the Bengals brought down the Chiefs and claimed their crown in the AFC. Patrick Mahomes and Andy Reid talk about what happened in the second half.
Jan 31, 2022
Rams, NFC Champions + Tom Brady is still undecided + Josh McDaniels moves to Las Vegas| 1/31 #2
Rams vs 49ers: At home, the Rams won it and will continue onto the super bowl. Will the "all in" philosophy work out for the Rams. Tom Brady: With so many stories going around this weekend about Tom Brady, he has not officially made any statements about his status for next year. Super Bowl First Impressions Las Vegas Raiders: Josh McDaniels gets his second chance as a head coach, with the Las Vegas Raiders. Minnesota Vikings: Jim Harbaugh gets a second interview with the Vikings.
Jan 31, 2022
Bears hire Matt Eberflus + McDaniels leaving New England? + Sean Payton's future endeavors| 1/28 #1
Chicago Bears: Matt Eberflus will be the next head coach of the Bear. Josh McDaniels: Rumors around the league are spreading of Josh McDaniels leaving the Patriots for a head coaching job at the Raiders. Sean Payton: Sean Payton has given his notice to the Saints, but does this mean he's done from coaching for good?
Jan 28, 2022
Ja'Marr Chase vs. Who? + Shanahan and McVay, real story + Jaguars start to rebuild| 1/28 #2
AFC Championship Preview: What can we see in this upcoming matchup? Who on the Chiefs can keep up with Ja'Marr Chase? What's Andy Reid's plan for the Bengals? NFC Championship Preview: How real is the Shanahan vs. McVay narrative? Can the Rams hold off the 49ers run game? Can Matthew Stafford remain undefeated in the post season? Jacksonville Jaguars start the rebuild with their front office. The New York Giants have a GM, who will be their head coach? Championship Sunday Draft
Jan 28, 2022
Broncos hire Nathaniel Hackett + McVay, Shanahan rivalry + Andy Reid's revenge| 1/27 #1
Denver Broncos: Nathaniel Hackett, offensive coordinator of the Green Bay Packers, is now the head coach of the Denver Broncos. Can this increase the chance of Aaron Rodgers going to Denver? Rams vs 49ers: McVay is 0-6 against Shanahan over the past 3 years. Does Shanahan have McVay's number? Does he own real-estate in McVay's head? Chiefs vs Bengals: A coupe weeks ago, these two team faced off and the Bengals came out on top. Will the story be different this time around in the AFC Championship?
Jan 27, 2022
Giants stand behind Jones + Matthew Stafford, playoff rookie + Deebo does it all| 1/27 #2
NYG: Joe Schoen and John Mara in their press conference yesterday, made statements saying that they stand behind Daniel Jones. Ja'Marr Chase was told by Les Miles that he couldn't play receiver coming out of high school..... LA Rams: Is this game a redemption game for Matthew Stafford? With it being his first time in any conference championship, will we see some nerves coming from Stafford? Kyle Shanahn gushes over Deebo saying, " of the best players in the NFL". PFT Prop Bets Most important non-QB drafts.
Jan 27, 2022
Sean Payton leaves Saints + Ryan Poles, new Bears GM | 1/26 #1
Sean Payton: Yesterday, the 16 year Saints head coach announced that he is "stepping away" from the Saints. He stressed that he is not retiring as a coach, just leaving that role for now. Chicago Bears: Ryan Poles is the new GM of the Bears. Minnesota Vikings: Kwesi Adofo-Mensah has been named the new GM. He is coming off of 2 years as the Browns VP of Operations.
Jan 26, 2022
Worst calls of divisional round + Aaron Rodgers' future | 1/26 #2
After Further Review: Take a look at some controversial calls and no calls from the divisional round. Aaron Rodgers: In his weekly appearance on Pat McAfee show, Rodgers attempts to explain what he's thinking about for the 2022 season. Florio and Simms takes a moment and looks at some moments that we may have missed from this past weekend. Who needs a super bowl win the most?
Jan 26, 2022
Aaron Rodgers, staying or leaving? + Tom Brady hanging it up?| 1/25 #1
Aaron Rodgers: Matt LaFleur told the press that he wants Rodgers to stay, but Rodgers needs some time to think about his future. Tom Brady: After years of saying he'll play until he's no longer good, Tom Brady shocked the football world by no committing to the 2022 season. Rob Gronkowski: If Tom Brady retires, will Gronk still stay?
Jan 25, 2022
Best of divisional weekend + Teams ask for 2nd interviews + Worst of divisional weekend| 1/25 #2
Best of Divisional Weekend: Best QBs, Best non-QB offensive players, Best defensive players, and more. Head Coach News: Packers, Giants, Bears, and Jaguars all go into 2nd round interviews with potential candidates. Sean Payton: Saints owner Gayle Benson says she doesn't even know whether or not Sean Payton will come back. Arizona Cardinals: Kliff Kingsbury has a track record of not being able to win the big game, will this affect his future at Arizona? Worst of Divisional Round: Most disappointing team, Worst QB performance, Worst non-QBs, Worst coaching decision.
Jan 25, 2022
Chiefs defeat Bills in OT + Rams walk-off FG vs Bucs| 1/24 #1
Bills @ Chiefs: In the much anticipated match of the weekend, the game needed to go into overtime to settle the score. Mahomes takes his team to the AFC Championship for the 4th year in a row. Rams @ Buccaneers: Matthew Stafford will go to his first ever NFC Championship and he does so by defeating the living legend, Tom Brady. What is next for Tom Brady? There's uncertainty between him and the upcoming 2022 season.
Jan 24, 2022
Brady's Uncertain for 2022 + 49ers win over Packers + Bengals defeat Titans| 1/24 #2
Tom Brady: After being asked if he'll come back for 2022, Brady gave a very brief response that neither confirms or denies his return. 49ers @ Packers: Aaron Rodgers will not be in the NFC Championship, even after a second MVP season. Will we see Rodgers in a new uniform next season? Bengals @ Titans: With the world thinking they're the "underdogs", Joe Burrow and the Bengals made a statement by beating the #1 seed. Joe Burrow stated that they are no longer the underdogs in his post game interview.
Jan 24, 2022
Randall Cobb, off IR + Brady's future, uncertain + Derek Henry, day to day | 1/21 #1
49ers @ Packers: Nick Bosa is questionable and Randall Cobb got activated off of IR. What will the 49ers need to do to pull off this upset? Rams @ Bucs: Leonard Fournette participated at practice this past Thursday, but is he healthy enough to play? And will the Rams be able to continue their success against the Buccaneers? Reports from inside the Bucs organization said that this could be Brady's last year... Bengals @ Titans: Joe Burrow succeeded in his first playoff game, how well will his second play out? Will the recover of Derek Henry prove fatal for the Bengals defense? Bills @ Chiefs: In an AFC championship rematch, will Buffalo get revenge for their loss last year? Or will the Chiefs leave the Bills with yet another taste of defeat?
Jan 21, 2022
Dak Prescott, $25,000 fine + Kliff Kingsbury's downside + Which defense will dominate? | 1/21 #2
Dak Prescott: Due to his words in his postgame conference this past week, the league has slapped Dak Prescott with a $25,000 fine. Arizona Cardinals: Are late season games too much for Kliff Kingsbury? His track record going all the way back to college may give us some insight. Houston Texans: Josh McCown gets interviewed for the head coaching position. Divisional Round Fill In the Blank Show Me Something Draft
Jan 21, 2022
McCarthy, job security + Jim Harbaugh's potential NFL return + Derek Henry is back | 1/20 #1
Dallas Cowboys: Mike McCarthy talked to the press this past week feeling pretty confident about his job with Dallas. Is this just a front? Will Jerry Jones look for another head coach? Jim Harbaugh's name has bene tossed around the NFL this year in a potential return to head coaching position. Tennessee Titans: Since he broke his foot in week 8, Derek Henry has been out. He was seen participating at practice this past week and is expected to make an appearance against the Bengals this week.
Jan 20, 2022
Best coaching matchups + Baker after surgery + Jalen Hurts' future | 1/20 #2
Divisional Round Coaching Matchups: Which of these coaches has an edge over the other? Which one does Florio and Simms trust the most? Baker Mayfield: Baker Mayfield underwent shoulder surgery and now he is on his way to recovery. Will we see Baker get resigned in 2022? Philadelphia Eagles: Howie Roseman and Nick Sirianni back up Jalen Hurts as the starter in 2022. Didn't they say the same thing about Carson Wentz right before they drafted Jalen Hurts? Divisional Round Prop Bets Most important non-QBs in Divisional Round: Florio and Simms draft the most important non-QB aspect for each of these teams.
Jan 20, 2022
Steelers next QB + Possible Deshaun Watson return + Busy week for assistant coaches | 1/19 #1
Pittsburg Steelers: With Ben Roethlisberger expected to announce his retirement, who will be the next starting QB for the Steelers? Will is be Mason Rudolph or Dwayne Haskins? Or will they look outside of the organization? Houston Texans: Nick Caserio talks about the potential of Deshaun Watson's return. Divisional Weekend: Along with planning for their upcoming matchups, some assistant coaches have to deal with job interviews for their potential next career move. Should the NFL ban the interview request for coaches that are still coaching?
Jan 19, 2022
Divisional round matchups + Dak Prescott apologizes + Wild Card weekend, bad calls | 1/19 #2
Divisional Round preview: Bengals @ Titans 49ers @ Packers Rams @ Bucs Bills @ Chiefs Dak Prescott went to Twitter to convey his apology to the NFL officials for supporting the throwing of trash. After Further Review: Florio and Simms take a look at some of the worst calls made during Super Wild Card weekend. Wild Card In Case You Missed It Divisional QB Confidence: Which QB are Florio nd Simms most confident in, going into the next round of playoffs.
Jan 19, 2022
Rams eliminate Cardinals + Raiders fire Mayock | 1/18 #1
LA Rams vs Arizona Cardinals: In what seems to be a blowout game, the LA Rams advance onto the divisional round of the playoffs and Kyler Murray and his Cardinals head back home. Las Vegas Raiders: GM Mike Mayock gets fired. Requests have been sent for potential future GMs.
Jan 18, 2022
Dak approves trash throwing + Bruce Arians gets physical | 1/18 #2
Dallas Cowboys: Mike McCarthy's job is still uncertain for 2022. Dak Prescott gives credit to the fans who started to throw trash onto the field in protest of the officials. Wild Card Losers Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Bruce Arians hits Andrew Adams to prevent a penalty.... Wild Card GOATS (in a bad way)
Jan 18, 2022
Cowboys lost to time + Chiefs advance to Divisionals | 1/17 #1
Cowboys vs 49ers: In a dramatic fashion, the Cowboys tried to do too much and ended up running out of time. The game ended with San Francisco on top in a 23-17 win. Chiefs vs Steelers: Even with a slow start, Patrick Mahomes and Co. was able to get it done against the retiring Big Ben.
Jan 17, 2022
Buffalo Bills, perfect game + Bengals break 31 year streak + Bucs dominate Eagles | 1/17 #2
Bills vs Patriots: Josh Allen took his revenge on the Patriots by scoring on every single drive he came out to the field for. Bengals vs Raiders: Bengals win first playoff game in 31 years. Buccaneers vs Eagles: Bucs begin their title defense in the playoffs by eliminating the Eagles. Unsung Hero Draft: Who were some superstars in this Super Wild Card Weekend?
Jan 17, 2022
Texans fire David Culley + NYG, undesirable destination | 1/14 #1
Houston Texans: Only after 1 year as head coach, David Cully gets fired with a head coaching record of 4 wins, 13 losses. New York Giants: The Giants are without a GM and without a head coach once again. This is not the first time that a head coach gets fired after only 2 seasons with the organization. Where do the Giants go from here?
Jan 14, 2022
Super Wild Card weekend predictions + Can Allen breakdown Belichick? + Burrow's tradition | 1/14 #2
Wild Card Rip Through: Florio and Peter King take a look at some of the Wild Card games. Will Joe Burrow and the Bengals be as explosive as they are known for? Does Josh Allen know the Patriots defense well enough going into round 3 against Belichick? Are the Chiefs going to play the football they've bene known for, or will it be a potential upset game? Speed Round: Which road QB should we trust the most? Who can we see throw 4 interceptions? Which one of the coaches need a win the most? Can we see a dominating defensive performance from anyone? Wild Card Show Me Something: Florio and Simms tell us who they want to see have a standout performance this weekend amidst all of the playoff games.
Jan 14, 2022
Big Ben wants to have fun + Eagles vs Brady's unbreakable wall + John Mara, family first | 1/13 #1
Steelers vs Chiefs: When asked about the Chiefs this weekend, Big Ben was more than comfortable praising his opponents. "We don't have a chance. Let's go out and play and have fun." Eagles vs Buccaneers: Can Jalen Hurts beat Tom Brady and the Bucs in his first ever playoff appearance? Or will Tom Brady come out on top in another playoff win to mark down in his career. John Mara explicitly says that his family has no influence on final decisions. This is contradictory in the face of having several executives with the Mara last name.
Jan 13, 2022
Patriots vs Bills, round 3 + McVay's reservations on Stafford + Pressure of playoffs | 1/13 #2
Patriots vs. Bills: Having faced each other twice in the regular season, these two conference rivals will meet again in the first round of the playoffs. Cardinals vs. Rams: The Cardinals had a hot start, but now, not so sure. The Rams are all in this year, but is McVay all in on Stafford still? The Bengals have had 8 straight post season losses since 1990, will this be their year to win? With a playoff win, does this guarantee Rich Bisaccia a full time offer? Mahomes talks about his life at home and raising his daughter.
Jan 13, 2022
Joe Judge fired + Broncos closer to selling | 1/12 #1
New York Giants: After a record of 10-23 through 2 seasons, Joe Judge gets fired. Who should the Giants look at for their next head coach? Denver Broncos: After a court appeal to sell the organization, a new owner should be set in place before the 2022 season. Cleveland Browns: Baker Mayfield will enter the 2022 season without a new contract in place.
Jan 12, 2022
Controversial calls from Week 18 + Mahomes vs Roethlisberger + Enticing head coach vacancies | 1/12 #2
After Further Review: Simms and Florio look at some controversial calls from the Week 18 games. Week 18 was full of OT wins, what can we expect from these teams coming into the playoffs? Only 3 teams from the NFC are returning to the playoffs; Packers, Rams, and the Buccaneers. Week 18's Oh What a Catch Most Enticing Head Coach Openings: Florio and Simms will go deeper into the head coach openings throughout the league.
Jan 12, 2022
Stephen Ross fires Brian Flores + Harbaugh back to the NFL? | 1/11 #1
Miami Dolphins: Stephen Ross fires yet another coach from the Dolphins organization. Where can we see Brian Flores next? Will he be a head coach at another organization, or does he go back to being a coordinator under someone else?
Jan 11, 2022
Vikings & Bears clean house + Brandon Staley critical mistake + Nick Saban denied another ring | 1/11 #2
Minnesota Vikings: Head coach Mike Zimmer and GM Rick Spielman gets fired. Chicago Bears: Head coach Matt Nagy and GM Ryan Pace gets fired. Now That It's Sunk In: How did the Steelers make the playoffs? Did Brandon Staley mess up by calling a timeout with :38 left in the game? Should B. Staley have gone for a 2pt conversion before end of regulation? College Football Championships: Georgia beat Alabama, denying Nick Saban his 7th National Championship. New York Giants: Joe Judge continues to find ways to anger the NYG fanbase. Week 18 GOATS in a bad way Hall of Fame WR Don Maynard dies at 86.
Jan 11, 2022
Raiders clinch 5th seed + Steelers clinch 7th seed | 1/10 #1
In an overtime win against the Chargers, the Las Vegas Raiders have knocked out the Chargers and got themselves in as the 5th seed. Could Rich Bisaccia be the Coach of the Year? Another overtime game was between the Ravens and the Steelers. With Lamar Jackson still out, Tyler Huntley had to step up for the Ravens. The Steelers took the win in the end of overtime and got themselves in the playoffs as the 7th seed.
Jan 10, 2022
49ers clinch 6th seed + Mike Zimmer, job uncertainty + Titans #1 in AFC | 1/10 #2
49ers vs LA Rams: The 49ers won in overtime, which secured them their 6th seed. Even though the Rams lost, they still clinch the NFC West title due to the Cardinals losing. Broncos fired Vic Fangio as head coach. Mike Zimmer on his job: "It's not my choice. It's not my decision." Titans were able to come back and defeat the Titans which helped them clinch the #1 seed in the AFC. The Bills defeat the Jets at home solidifying their 2nd AFC East title. Week 18 Sunday Statements
Jan 10, 2022
Antonio Brown released + Hub keeps MVP vote | 1/7 #1
Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Antonio Brown has officially been released from the Buccaneers. He will be able to get claimed by other teams at 5:00 PM today. Hub Arkush: The associate press will not be taking away Hub Arkush vote for MVP.
Jan 07, 2022
Russell Wilson's future outlook + Austin Ekeler brings the hype | 1/7 #2
Russell Wilson: Will we see Russell in a Seattle jersey next year? Baker Mayfield: Does Cleveland give Baker one more chance next year? Ben Roethlisberger: With his retirement around the corner, how will the Steelers find a replacement...2022 draft or seek out a veteran looking to move? Chargers vs Raiders: Whoever wins gets themselves and their teams into the playoffs, who's taking it? Week 18 Speed Round Rip Through Week 18 Show Me Something: Florio wants to see Brandon Staley and the Chargers prove why they deserve to be in the playoffs. On the other hand, Peter King wants to see Derek Carr show up the Chargers after a rollercoaster of a season, and even make the playoffs.
Jan 07, 2022
Antonio Brown breaks silence + Hub Arkush backlash | 1/6 #1
Antonio Brown: After a couple days of silence, Antonio Brown released a statement claiming several things against the Buccaneers. All of them could be summed up to him claiming a "cover-up" is occurring within the organization. Hub Arkush: With his comments on why Aaron Rodgers will not be getting his vote this year for MVP candidate going viral, Hub has released an apology statement for his comments. Rodgers and head coach Matt LaFleur also commented on this matter. Do you think MVP should solely be based on one's actions on the field? Or should voters consider actions off the field?
Jan 06, 2022
Derrick Henry rejoins practice + Kirk Cousins, no regret | 1/6 #2
Week 18 Previews: Take a look at some of the matchups for week 18 and what some possible outcomes for these games mean in the bigger picture. Tennessee Titans: Derrick Henry has rejoined the team at practice. The Titans organization has designated his return form the Injured Reserved list. Minnesota Vikings: Kirk Cousins missed Sunday's game due to COVID. The Vikings resulted in a loss to the Packers, which knocked out the Vikings for a playoff berth. Kirk Cousins claimed that his vaccination status did not have any affect to his status of participation in the game... Aaron Rodgers on Adam Schein Podcast.
Jan 06, 2022
Jalen sidesteps negligence + Antonio Brown still a Buccaneers | 1/5 #1
Jalen Hurts: After almost getting injured from a collapsed bleachers, Jalen Hurts wants to make sure this doesn't happen again. He sends a note to the league and to the Washington Football Team to make sure actions are being made from this negligence. Antonio Brown: After leaving the field mid game, Antonio Brown was seen attending a Nets game in New York. What exactly is his status with the Buccaneers?
Jan 05, 2022
MVP Qualifications not met + Week 17 Officiating + Season awards predictions | 1/5 #2
AP Voter, Hub Arkush: After appearing on a talk show, this particular voter said he will not be voting for Aaron Rodgers with his MVP vote due to the actions of Rodgers off the field this season. Should an MVP just be about numbers and on-field play? Or should we consider all facets of the year? After Further Review: Simms and Florio take a look at Week 17's controversial calls and gives us their take. Week 18 Motivations: Which of these teams should be most motivated to win in week 18? Oh What a Catch: The best catches from week 17. PFT LIVE Draft: Some end of year awards that Simms and Florio are most confident in.
Jan 05, 2022
Big Ben, last home game + Baker Mayfield surgery + Aftermath of Antonio Brown | 1/4 #1
Browns vs Steelers: In Ben Roethlisberger's much anticipated last game, he was able to keep his playoff season alive by getting a win. TJ Watt got a career high of 4 sacks during the game. Baker Mayfield: "I'm pretty damn beat up to be honest with you" Antonio Brown storms off the field shirtless, what's next for him?
Jan 04, 2022
Fedex Field breaks + Joe Judge doubles down |1/4 #2
FedEx Field: After the Eagles win this past Sunday, fans tried to celebrate Jalen Hurts as he walks back into the tunnel. During this interaction, the stands collapsed, along with those that were along the railing. During all of this, the Eagles denied any onsite medical check for those fans. Coaching Hot Seat: What teams are on the market for a new coach, and what coaches need to look for a new job? Week 17 GOATS in a bad way
Jan 04, 2022
Cincinnati Bengals clinch AFC North + Dolphins win streak stopped by Titans + LA Rams win 5th straight | 1/3 #1
Bengals vs Chiefs: By beating the Chiefs, the Bengals have now clinched the AFC North for the first time since 2015. Titans vs Dolphins: Titans clinched the AFC South and moves to the #1 seed in the AFC. Raiders vs Colts: With their win over the Colts, the Raiders stay alive by moving up o the 8th seed. Cardinals vs Cowboys: Cardinals snap losing streak by beating the Cowboys at AT&T Stadium. Rams vs Ravens: By beating the Ravens, the Rams have now won 5 straight games.
Jan 03, 2022
Antonio Brown meltdown + Eagles clinch + Trey Lance starts | 1/3 #2
Antonio Brown: During a live play in the game, Antonio Brown ran across the endzone while stripping away his uniform. He then proceeded to leave into the locker room. Bruce Arians and Tom Brady makes comments after the game. Week 17 Superlatives: Mike Golic gives credit to the Tennessee offensive line. Mike Florio gives the league of boom award to the NFL honors for John Madden. NFC Wildcard Race: Eagles clinch playoffs, 49ers currently 7th seed, Saints keep playoff hopes alive. Sunday Statement Draft: Florio gives the Seahawks his first pick. Golic chooses Kyle Pitts who has broken some rookie records this year.
Jan 03, 2022
Joe Burrow gets praise from Patrick Mahomes + Big Ben's last home game? + Russell Wilson, last game as a Seahawk? | 12/31 #1
Joe Burrow: Patrick Mahomes and Steve Spagnuolo give praise to Joe Burrow. Baltimore Ravens: Tyler Huntley may get another start this week with no appearance of Lamar at practice on Thursday. Big Ben: With so much talking throughout the season, this weekend could be Big Ben's last game not only at home as a Steelers, but in the NFL. Russel Wilson: "I hope this isn't my last game in Seattle.....but know it won't be my last NFL game"
Dec 31, 2021
The legacy of John Madden continues + Carson Wentz still on COVID list + Tua Tagovailoa ignores the chatter | 12/31 #2
More John Madden moments that changed the NFL. COVID-19 List: Along with Carson Wentz, there are still plenty of others that have been placed on the COVID list this late in the season. Week 17 Rip Through Speed Round: Dolphins or Titans, Eagles or Washington, who does Florio and Peter think will take these matches? Week 17 Show Me Something: Florio wants to witness Justin Herbert go off again. Peter King wants to see the Kyler Murray we saw earlier in the season.
Dec 31, 2021
John Madden, more than a coach + Kyler Murray not worried about losses + Aaron Rodgers talks about his future | 12/30 #1
John Madden: What we didn't know about John Madden, and all the things he helped develop. Kyler Murray: "There's nothing crazy that needs to be done". Aaron Rodgers: "Playing next year will definitely be in the thought process". Ryan Tannehill: "No ill feelings" towards his old team, the Miami Dolphins.
Dec 30, 2021
Joe Burrow overtaking the Chiefs? + Matt LaFleur favorite for Coach of the Year | 12/30 #2
What's More Likely: Simms and Florio discuss which of these scenarios are more likely. Will Joe Burrow break through the Chiefs defense, or will the Chiefs hold their top position in the AFC? Can Matthew Stafford keep the Rams going, or will the big bad Ravens take it to LA? PFT Props: Florio and Simms pick some prop bets for Week 17. Coach of the Year: Matt LaFleur is currently in the lead for COTY according to points bet, who's close behind him?
Dec 30, 2021
Remembering the late great John Madden + Unvaccinated Carson Wentz on COVID list | 12/29 #1
The great John Madden passed away last night. Join Florio and Simms as they go over some of the best parts of not only his career, but his personal achievements as well. Week 17 COVID-19 List: Here are some updates on who is on the list going into week 17.
Dec 29, 2021
Week 16 officiating review + Jaguars start their coaching search + Best of John Madden | 12/29 #2
After Further Review: Join Florio and Simms as they discuss some controversial calls and non-calls in the week 16 games. Jacksonville Jaguars: The Jaguars requested to start being able to interview assistant coaches for the head coaching position for Jacksonville next season. Oh What a Catch: Week 16's best catches. Join Simms and Florio as they remember some of John Madden's best moments.
Dec 29, 2021
Dolphins get 7th straight win + Jimmy G sidelined, Trey Lance in | 12/28 #1
Dolphins vs Saints: Tua Tagovailoa and the Dolphins have won their 7th straight game. If they win out their remainder of the season, they will be able to clinch the playoffs. San Francisco 49ers: Jimmy Garoppolo injured his hand this past week. Later on, tests revealed that he has a chipped bone, and a torn ligament in his thumb. Trey Lance will be the starter for Week 17 against the Texans.
Dec 28, 2021
Pete Carroll, 'no need to rebuild' + John Harbaugh, Karma's a... | 12/28 #2
Mike and Chris discuss some coaches who may be looking for a new hob next season. John Harbaugh vs Zac Taylor: Remember back in week 4 when the Ravens did a running play with :03 seconds left in the game instead of victory formation? Well, it seems like karma sure does like to keep a balance. Zac Taylor called for a garbage time deep ball play so that Joe Burrow would break that 500 passing yard mark. COVID 19 updates for Week 17. Week 16 GOATS in a bad way.
Dec 28, 2021
Bills get revenge at Foxboro + Joe Burrow throws for 525 yards + Chiefs clinch playoffs | 12/27 #1
Bills vs Patriots: Last time these two divisional rivals met, the Patriots won by only throwing 3 passes all game. This time, Josh Allen came into Foxboro and came out with a win. Bengals vs Ravens: Joe burrow threw for 525 yards, which puts him down as the 4th most yards thrown in a reg season game. He threw for 4TD and walked away with a win against the Baltimore Ravens. Chiefs vs Steelers: The Chiefs defense seemed like it was going to shutout Big Ben and the Steelers. In a late game attempt, the Steelers got 10 points on the board, but at that point, the Chiefs had already won. With a win against the Steelers, the Chiefs clinched the first spot in the AFC West.
Dec 27, 2021
Washington Football Team, fighting within + 4 straight wins for the Rams + Aaron Rodgers, most TD passes in team history | 12/27 #2
Cowboys vs Washington: Dak Prescott showed off to all the nay-sayers and put on a show against the Washington Football Team. Throwing for 330 yards and 4 TDs, Dak got the win for the Cowboys. If losing wasn't bad enough, the Washington Football Team had a little internal fighting amongst two of their defensive players. Rams vs Vikings: Even though Matthew Stafford threw 3 interceptions, the Rams still won. Buccaneers vs Panthers: Trying to bounce back from a disappointing week 15, Tom Brady wanted this win. With Antonio Brown back in the lineup, Brady used him as much as he could. In the end, the Brady and Brown combination linked up for 10 completions to win it for the Buccaneers. Aaron Rodgers passes Brett Favre for most TDs thrown in Packers history.
Dec 27, 2021
Jimmy G leading the league in yards per passes thrown + Lamar Jackson, 'wait and see' | 12/23 #1

49ers vs Titans: What can we expect to see tonight, will Jimmy G lead his team to a victory proving that he is undoubtedly the starter in San Francisco? Or will Ryan Tannehill prove that he doesn't need Derrick Henry to take home a win?

Lamar Jackson: Head coach John Harbaugh said to the media that Lamar did not participate in Wednesday's practice, he's a "wait and see".

Teddy Bridgewater: After being released from the hospital on Monday, Teddy B will not be the starter this weekend. Drew Lock is set to step in for week 16.

Dec 23, 2021
Cincinnati nightlife benefits Joe Burrow + Josh McDaniels, 2022 Jaguars HC? | 12/23 #2
COVID Latest: Joe Burrow says the reason why the Bengals aren't COVID heavy is because of the lack of nightlife in Cincinnati. Multiple head coaches tests positive for COVID. Trevor Lawrence: When asked about the next head coach, Trevor keeps on dodging any real responses. Could we see an offer being thrown at Josh McDaniels? Speed Round Fill in the Blank: Florio and Simms gives us their grievances and some matchups their looking forward to. Week 16 Show Me Something: Josh Allen needs to show up in this rematch against the Patriots. Florio thinks its time for Kyler Murray to prove that he is one of the best.
Dec 23, 2021
Sean McVay, 4th season with 10 wins + Cooper Kupp on pace to break multiple records + Eagles back to .500 | 12/22 #1

L.A. Rams vs Seattle Seahawks: Cooper Kupp breaks an NFL record, 10th straight game with 90+ rec yards, to help get their win against Seattle. The Rams defense proved too much for Russell, and shutting him down to a QBR of 55.3.

Washington Football Team vs Philadelphia Eagles: Jalen Hurts was struggling in the first half of the game, but after an intense "conversation" between him and head coach Nick Sirianni, Hurts turned it around. In the end Hurts racked up 296 passing yards and 3 total touchdowns.

Dec 22, 2021
Week 15 After Further Review + Cole Beasley blaming league rules + Tom Brady loses multiple weapons | 12/22 #2

After Further Review: Take a look at some controversial calls from Week 15 games.

Cole Beasley: "Just to be clear, COVID is not keeping me out of this game. The rules are."......or you know, just get vaccinated.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers: With so many injuries occurring during their game this past Sunday, Leonard Fournette, Chris Godwin, and Mike Evans were just a couple of them. What will Tom Bray due now when 3 of his favorite targets are out?

Week 15 GOAT (in a bad way): Tom Brady getting shutout this past weekend gets the top spot on Florio's list. Simms doesn't agree with Brandon Staley's constant 4th down try, and that's what places him on Simms' list.

Dec 22, 2021
Browns fall to last in AFC North + Bears couldn't keep the ball against the Vikings | 12/21 #1

Las Vegas Raiders vs Cleveland Browns: With both QB1 and QB2 out, Nick Mullens steps in. The Browns ran for most of the game but the Vikings ran away with the win. Myles Garret gets injured during the last quarter of the game.

Minnesota Vikings vs Chicago Bears: Kirk Cousins threw for only 87 yards, but still won the game with 2 TD passes.

Dec 21, 2021
Antonio Brown is back + Monday COVID list up to 51 players + An apology from Bill Belichick? | 12/21 #2

Tampa Bay Buccaneers: With Chris Godwin gone for the season, Bruce Arians decided to keep Antonio Brown. Even though in the past Arians had made it clear he wouldn't deal with any nonsense from Antonio Brown, it looks like when push comes to shove, Bruce gave in to the talent that is AB.
Tom Brady also goes on his podcast to discuss how to NFL should deal with below the knee hits.

COVID-19 List: After the Sunday games, 51 players from across the league was tested positive for COVID.

Bill Belichick: The man, the myth, the legend, apologizes to the media for being "a little short" after Saturday's game.

Dec 21, 2021
Saints shutout Tom Brady + The Lions beat the Cardinals??? + Bengals on top of AFC North | 12/20 #1

New Orleans Saints vs Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Prior to this game, Tom Brady has yet to win a game against the Saints as a Buccaneer. The Saints defense won it for them by keeping Tom Brady out of the endzone the entire game. It didn't help Brady and the Buccs that they lost Godwin, Fournette, and Mike Evans.

Detroit Lions vs Arizona Cardinals: With the upset of the season, the Detroit Lions defeated the Arizona Cardinals.

Green Bay Packers vs Baltimore Ravens: Lamar Jackson was out this week, so Tyler Huntley took the field. With another week of a tight late game, the Ravens was faced with another 2 point conversion. Yet again, they couldn't convert, and the Ravens lost.

Cincinnati Bengals vs. Denver Broncos: By beating the Broncos, the Bengals are now first in the AFC North. Head Coach Kliff Kingsbury praises his defenses effort and execution during the game.

Dec 20, 2021
NFL postponed 3 Week 15 games + Trevor Lawrence talks about his new coach | 12/20 #2

NFL COVID protocols were changed due to the massive amount of players being placed on the COVID list. This results in two games on Monday and Tuesday.

Patriots vs Colts: The New England defense couldn't stop Jonathan Taylor and the Indianapolis front guards. The Patriots win streak comes to an end with Jonathan Taylor's 170 yard game.

Jacksonville Jaguars: Trevor Lawrence talks about the new regime in Jacksonville and his relationship with the Darrell Bevell.

Saturday and Sunday Statement Draft: Jonathan Taylor made a statement against the Patriots defense, racking up 170 yards on the ground. Jared Goff trying to prove that he wasn't a waste of money by beating the Arizona Cardinals.

Dec 20, 2021
Travis Kelce wins it in overtime + Browns QB3 set to start | 12/17 #1

Chiefs vs Chargers: Travis Kelce caught the game winning TD and weaved through the Chargers secondary to run it into the endzone for a walk-off win for the Chiefs. Brandon Staley sticks by his method of going for it on 4th downs, could he have won if he kicked the field goal on one of those attempts?

COVID Latest: The NFL updates their protocol to allow for quicker return for vaccinated players. Baker Mayfield and Case Keenum are both out due to COVID. This means the Browns 3rd QB, Nick Mullens, is set to start.

Dec 17, 2021
Darrell Bevell, interim Jaguars head coach + Lamar Jackson missed Thursday's practice + Dak Prescott in a slump? | 12/17 #2

Jacksonville Jaguars: After Urban Meyer gets fired, new interim head coach Darrell Bevell talks to the media. More comments made by the rest of the team about Urban's firing.

Packers vs Ravens: Lamar Jackson did not participate in Thursday's practice. He's a day-to-day ahead of Week 15 matchup. Aaron Rodgers yet again talks about his toe, and how it won't be a problem.

Joe Burrow says every game is a must win.

Week 15 Rip Through: Join Florio and Myles Simmons as they enter the speed round and pick their favorite matchups to win.

Week 15 Show Me Something: Myles wants to see a Dak comeback and Florio thinks this could be another showcase for Russell Wilson to the teams looking for a superstar QB.

Dec 17, 2021
Urban Meyer finally got fired + Deandre Hopkins, torn MCL | 12/16 #1

Jacksonville Jaguars: Urban Meyer finally gets fired as the head coach of the Jaguars. After months and months of issues, a story came out about Urban kicking former kicker Josh Lambo in the leg. This final act of workplace abuse was the last straw in Urban's career in the NFL.

Arizona Cardinals: Deandre Hopkins was sidelined in the last couple minutes of the Monday Night game. It wasn't until MRIs after the game that confirmed a torn MCL. Hopkins is expected to undergo surgery that will have him out for 6 weeks. The NFC Championships is in 6 weeks 3 days.

Dec 16, 2021
Roger Goodell stands behind Dan Snyder + Mahomes vs Herbert, who's taking the win? | 12/16 #2

Roger Goodell: After releasing a statement to the Washington Post, it seems as if Goodell and the league are not going to pursue further on Dan Snyder allegations. Other reports and stories say different, who's telling the truth?

NFL COVID-19 Latest Protocol: NFL has no plans to cancel or postpone games due to COVID. They are considering allowing vaccinated players who have tested positive but are asymptomatic to be able to rejoin sooner.

Chiefs vs Chargers Preview: Join Simms and Florio as they breakdown tonight's Thursday Night Football matchup.

Week 15 Matchups: Saints Defense s Tom Brady, can Brady win against the Saints? Can the Patriots front 7 stop Jonathan Taylor?

Dec 16, 2021
75 players tests positive in 48 hours + NFL protects Dan Snyder | 12/15 #1

In the past 48 hours after Sunday Night Football, a total of 75 players have tested positive. Yes, these players played on Sunday/Monday and they tested positive the day after.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers: What's going to happen to Antonio Brown? Will he stay in Tampa, or will he need a new team? Bruce Arians answers some questions hanging above AB's future.

Dan Snyder is accused of several misconducts throughout the year, and it seems as if the NFL is protecting him. He is being accused of obstructing the investigation and providing false information to the league during the Washington Football Team investigation.

Dec 15, 2021
Week 14 officiating reviews + Bruce Arians isn't hopping on the Micah Parsons train | 12/15 #2

After Further Review: Join Simms and Florio as they review some referee calls from Week 14 games.

Week 15 Power Rankings:
4 - LA Rams
3 - Tampa Bay Buccaneers
2 - New England Patriots
1 - ???

Week 15 Feats of Strength: Simms and Florio take a look at some incredible plays that show off some incredible strength.

Bruce Arians: When asked about the comparison between Lawrence Taylor and Micah Parsons...."slow down a little bit".

Draft: Predictions of Yearly Awards

Dec 15, 2021
LA Rams kept Kyler Murray out of the endzone + NFL Updates COVID-19 vaccination requirements | 12/14 #1

Rams vs Cardinals: In a very much anticipated Monday night football matchup, Matthew Stafford and the Rams headed over to Arizona. This game was a must win for the Rams as they are still in the hunt for a playoff spot. With this only being Kyler's 2nd game back, much was still expected from the sophomore QB. In the end, Kyler Murray couldn't get the ball into the Endzone and was reliant on the run for most of their scores. Rams win 30-23.

COVID 19 List for Week 15: Take a look at some notable players that are currently on the COVID 19 list due to positive testing's.

Dec 14, 2021
Potential Tyler Huntley start + Baker Mayfield and Kevin Stefanski not on the same page | 12/14 #2

QB Injuries: Rodgers has a nagging toe, Josh Allen was seen in a walking boot, Lamar Jackson sprains his ankle.

Cleveland Browns: After Sunday's game, Baker made a comment to the media that suggested that him and the coaching staff have communication issues.

Urban Meyer: More issues are arising with Urban and his staff. How much longer can we see Urban in the league?

Week 14 GOATS (in a bad way): Simms was disappointed in the pregame show the Raiders gave by storming the Chief's logo, so they made the top of Chris' picks. Chase Claypool and his lack of situational awareness tops Florio's list.

Dec 14, 2021
Bucs win 4th straight + Aaron Rodgers plays with 1 less toe + Lamar Jackson gets carted off | 12/13

Buccaneers vs Bills: After a devastating loss to the Patriots last week, the Bills had to come into Tampa to take on Tom Brady and co. After a couple rushing attempts by Tom Brady, it looked like the Bills could take this from under them. The game went into overtime and Tom Brady threw for his 700th TD pass (reg. season and post season) to win the game.

Packers vs Bears: Aaron Rodgers yet again complained about his toe, but still got it done against the Bears.

Ravens vs Browns: Lamar Jackson got carted into the tunnel on the first drive of the second quarter. With the franchise QB out, Tyler Huntley had to step in. Myles Garrett and the Browns defense stepped up to get the win.

Dec 13, 2021
Defense won it for the Cowboys + Karma catches up to the Raiders + Urban Meyer threatens own staff | 12/13 #2

Cowboys vs Washington: The cowboys defense held the Washington offense to only 224 yards, forced 4 turnovers, and reached the QB several times for a recorded stat of 5 sacks.

Chiefs vs Raiders: In the pregame walkout, it looked as if the Raiders roster wanted to make a statement by marching across the Chiefs logo. That would soon be the regret of the Raiders as they got defeated 49-9.

Urban Meyer: The dysfunctionality of the Jaguars organization started way before this past week. Urban Meyer heard reports of his own staff leaking information out to the press and other sources. He told the press that he will fire any in-house leakers. After the shutout loss to the Titans, the Jaguars are officially out of the playoffs.

Week 14 Sunday Statements: Rashaad Penny made more than a splash this weekend. The Bucs employee went above and beyond to try and prevent another betting war.

Dec 13, 2021
Dalvin Cook ran the Steelers + Remembering Demaryius Thomas | 12/10 #1

Vikings vs. Steelers: The Vikings were up by more than 3 scores at half time. The Steelers came out in the third ready to get back in it. Everything was looking great for a Steelers comeback, but the Vikings defense stood their ground and kept Big Ben out of the Endzone to end the game.

Demaryius Thomas: Former Denver Pro Bowl wide receiver has been announced deceased this past evening. Demaryius Thomas was beyond a spectacular player on the field, he was a genuine good person off the field. Players, coaches, fans, throughout the NFL community are sending their regards to the Thomas family. He was a respected player among all of his peers and his memory will not be forgotten.

Dec 10, 2021
Russell Wilson may not be in Seattle in 2022 + Mike McCarthy already predicting win | 12/10 #2

Russell Wilson: During an interview, Wilson was asked about his future in Seattle.

Cam Newton: After losing 2 games, Cam Newton is being more realistic about what he wants to accomplish and what the team can accomplish.

Cowboys vs. Washington: Ahead of Week 14's matchup, HC Mike McCarthy already locks in the win against the WFT. Ron Rivera later on in his own interview replied to McCarthy's comments.

Week 14 Rip Through: Baker Mayfield knows its "Crunch time" and it all starts against the Ravens. And some more matchups that could be interesting.

Week 14 Show Me Something: Josh Allen needs a bounce back game, and Florio wants him to Show it this weekend against Tom Brady and the Bucs. Charean wants to see the Chiefs offense really explode this week and show her something.

Dec 10, 2021
Will the Vikings comeback after loss to Lions? + Aaron Rodgers has no remorse to Bears fans + Tom Brady's retirement | 12/9 #1

Thursday Night Football - Vikings vs. Steelers: The Vikings gave the Detroit Lions their first win in week 13, and the Steelers took down the Ravens in a battle between new dog and old dog. Will the Vikings figure it our in week 14, or will the Steelers continue their winning streak.

Aaron Rodgers: During their week 6 game against the Chicago Bears, Aaron Rodgers scored a touchdown and then proceeded to mock the opposing fans and shouting "I still own you". Rodgers addresses his actions yet again, and this time he still doesn't feel bad, or have any regrets.

Tom Brady: The future hall of famer, the greatest of all time, the "Dad", is thinking about when he should retire. He will be 45 at the end of this season and it may look like Tom wants to call it soon.

Dec 09, 2021
Joe Burrow and Taysom Hill only need 4 fingers to throw + Bill Belichick, 2021 Coach of the Year | 12/9 #2

Week 14 Injury Updates: Taysom Hill still has finger issues, and Joe Burrow will play just a week after dislocating his pinky.

What's More Likely?: Simms and Florio answer some odds as to what they think would be more likely in these week 14 scenarios.

Bill Belichick: After an impressive win on Monday Night, Bill Belichick is now in talks for coach of the year. Everyone knows how skilled Belichick is, year after year, he proves it with his team. Can Belichick win another Coach of the Year award?

NFL owners decided in October to allow coaching interviews to begin as of Week 17 of regular season.

Week 14 Matchups: What are some of the best matchups to look out for in week 14? Join Florio and Simms as they give us their answers. Ravens or Browns? Josh Allen or the Bucs Defense? And more....

Dec 09, 2021
Jamal Adams OUT for rest of season + Week 13 Controversial Officiating | 12/8 #1

Aaron Rodgers: While on the Pat McAfee Show, Aaron Rodgers gives us an update on his nagging toe injury.

Jamal Adams is out for the season with a torn labrum.

After Further Review: Join Chris Simms and Mike Florio as they break down some of this weeks worst calls or non calls.

Dec 08, 2021
Sean McDermott questioning Brian Daboll's performance + Arizona Cardinals on top of week 14 rankings | 12/8 #2

Buffalo Bills vs New England Patriots: Sean McDermott talks about his offensive coordinator's performance and how they missed opportunities. Does Bill Belichicks performance on Monday give him the edge in this years Coach of the Year voting?

Week 14 Power Rankings: Arizona Cardinals on top while the AFC leader, the New England Patriots, follow second.

Oh What a Catch!: Take a look at this weeks most impressive catches. Everything from one-handed to diving toe dragging interceptions.

Which teams does the playoff bye help out the most? Join Florio and Simms as they give us who they think could benefit most from being first in their conference.

Dec 08, 2021
Patriots only need 3 throws to win a game + Panthers fire Joe Brady | 12/7 #1

Patriots vs Bills: Prior to the start of Monday Night Football, reports indicated that the game could be disrupted by gusts that reached up to 60 mph. The Patriots decided to take it to the ground and run nearly every play, except for 3 throws. The bills on the other hand decided to let Josh Allen loose through the air. The game ended with a low score of 14-10, Patriots win.

Carolina Panthers: Its Week 13 and Matt Rhule decides to fire his offensive coordinator, Joe Brady. Is that really what the Panthers need?

Dec 07, 2021
Joe Burrow discusses dislocated finger + Bruce Arians too lenient on Antonio Brown + Avoidable season ending hits | 12/7 #2

Joe Burrow: After dislocating his finger in the first series, Joe Burrow threw for 300 yards against the Chargers. The Bengals ultimately lost in the end. Burrow and Zac Taylor talk to the press about the injury. Will this affect Burrow for the rest of the season?

Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Antonio Brown is still on his 3 game suspension for giving the league a fake vaccination card. Bruce Arians talks to the press about it, but it seems as if he's being too easy towards the actions of Brown.

Logan Thomas: Ron Rivera believes that the Logan Thomas injury sustained by a low hit was "avoidable".

Kenyan Drake: In a scary looking tackle, Kenyan Drake takes it to Twitter to tell the league to update their tackling criteria.

Week 13 GOATS (in a bad way): They lost to the Lions, and that's why the Vikings Defense is Florio's first pick. Vic Fangio was disappointing enough to be Chris' first pick.

Dec 07, 2021
Lamar Jackson couldn't complete 2 point conversion in 19-20 loss against the Steelers + Joe Burrow plays with a dislocated finger + George Kittle's 'craziest' game | 12/6 #1

Steelers vs Ravens: In what seemed like the start of Big Ben's farewell tour, he still proves he still has it with a win over Lamar Jackson and the Ravens. Instead of kicking a field goal for the tie, the Baltimore Ravens chose to go for the win, but couldn't convert on the 2 point conversion.

Chargers vs Bengals: In a battle between first round QBs, Justin Herbert takes home the win. Joe Burrow dislocated his finger on the first drive and attempted to play through the pain.

Chiefs vs Broncos: Patrick Mahomes comments on the Chiefs offense about being a little bit off still, 'not as explosive as last year'.

49ers vs Seahawks: In a game full of turnovers, trick plays, and deep throws, George Kittle said that this was the "craziest game I've been apart of".

Dec 06, 2021
Jared Goff won his first game with Detroit with a walk-off TD + Last minute addition to Raiders roster leads to last minute win | 12/6 #2

Week 13 Superlatives: Jonathan Taylor gets recognized by Golic and Florio loved watching Gardner Minshew prove himself. Look at more superlatives from Week 13.

Lions vs Vikings: Jared Goff won his first game without head coach Sean McVay. Dan Campbell gets his team their first win of the 2021 season, moving the lions to 1-10-1.

Raiders vs Washington Football Team: Brian Johnson, the kicker for the WFT, joined the team 5 days ago and proceeded to kick the go-ahead FG for the win.

Week 13 Sunday Statements: Tom Brady is still trailblazing the league with his Sunday statement, still undefeated against the Falcons in his career. Dallas Goedert proved himself and gave a solid statement with his solid performance in the Eagles win against the Jets.

Monday Night Football Preview: New England Patriots at Buffalo Bills.

Dec 06, 2021
Dan Quinn steers the Cowboys to 8-4 + Antonio Brown remains on Bucs roster, even after lying??? | 12/3 #1

Cowboys vs Saints: Head Coach Mike McCarthy wasn't able to lead his team last night due to being placed on the COVID list. Defensive coordinator Dan Quinn took over the reigns one night and secured the Cowboys 8th win.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers: With the news of Antonio Brown lying about his vaccination status, the NFL gave him a 3-game suspension. Why has Bruce Arians still kept AB on his roster? Didn't Antonio Brown "only have 1 chance"? Or at least that's what Arians said himself....

Dec 03, 2021
Lamar Jackson needs to step up after his 4 interception game + The beginning of a rivalry, Joe Burrow vs Justin Herbert | 12/3 #2

Ravens vs Steelers: Lamar Jackson threw 4 interceptions in a single game for the first time in his career. Does this performance concern Baltimore fans? Big Ben lost more than a step this year, what does Pittsburg need to do looking forward to the 2022 season?

LA Chargers vs Cincinnati Bengals: Joe Burrow got drafted 1st overall and Justin Herbert 6th overall in the 2020 Draft. This will be the first time these two young franchise QBs face off in the league. Could this be the start of an intense rivalry we will be watching for the next decade?

Week 13 Speed Round: Giants or Dolphins, WFT or Raiders, and more matchups will be looked at. Join Florio and Peter King as they pick some outcomes.

Week 13 Show Me Something: Kyler Murray is back after 5 weeks and Florio wants to see something from the potential 2021 MVP. Peter King on the other hand wants to see Josh Allen show why its the Bills time in the AFC East, but does Mac Jones and the Patriots have other things in mind?

Dec 03, 2021
Cowboys will have to face the Saints without Head Coach Mike McCarthy + Adrian Peterson is now an official Seahawks | 12/2 #1

Thursday Night Football, Cowboys vs Saints: Mike McCarthy is out due to COVID along with other members of the staff and roster. Amari Cooper should be back, but will he be missing a step after missing 2 weeks? Taysom Hill is also set to start as of now, pending any injuries or rapport from Sean Payton.

Seattle Seahawks: With a very disappointing season thus far, Coach Pete Carroll brought in veteran running back Adrian Peterson. What kind of usage could Adrian see in Seattle? Will this be any impactful to the lackluster Seattle offense?

Dec 02, 2021
Baltimore is favored to win against Big Ben and the Steelers + Is Baker Mayfield the future of Cleveland? + QB injury updates going into Week 13 | 12/2 #2

Baltimore Ravens @ Pittsburg Steelers: Ever since Big Ben has been QB1 in Pittsburg (Drafted: 2004), this will be the first time that Baltimore will go into the game as the favorite. Can Lamar win it for the family, or will Big Ben prove that he's still got it?

Cleveland Browns: Baker Mayfield is set to play this weekend, but after getting thoroughly hit throughout the season, is this a wise option? Can Baker push past his injuries and get a win?

Week 13 Fill in the Blank: What's the most shocking coaching move? The Patriots will in 7th straight if...? What do they Broncos have to do to end their 11 game losing streak?

QB Injury Updates: Join Florio and Simms as they dive into the injury reports.
Daniel Jones - in
Jalen Hurts - in
Kyler Murray - in
Justin Fields - questionable

Week 13 Matchups: Florio wants to see JC Jackson vs Diggs, and Simms wants to see a battle between coaches with Harbaugh and Tomlin.

Dec 02, 2021
Aaron Rodgers is hoping to avoid toe surgery + Urban Meyer does not want to be tied with Notre Dame rumors | 12/01 #1

New York Giants: Daniel Jones is on a week to week with a neck strain. Daniel Jones has sustained tons of hits this season and it could lead to future issues with the QB1 spot.

Green Bay Packers: Aaron Rodgers will make his decision early next week on whether to get surgery on his toe or not this season.

Pittsburg Steelers: Chase Claypool may be new, but maybe he shouldn't joke around about "practice music".....or at least not in front of Head Coach Mike Tomlin. Here's some of the things that Coach Tomlin and Cameron Heyward had as a response to Claypool's suggestion.

Dec 01, 2021
Officiating discrepancies thus far in 2021 + Week 13 Power Rankings | 12/01 #2

After Further Review: In this weeks segment where Florio talks about some of the NFL's more questionable calls, Florio and Simms take a closer look at some discrepancy calls thus far in the 2021 campaign.

Week 13 Power Rankings:
5 - Baltimore Ravens
4 - Tampa Bay Buccaneers
3 - Green Bay Packers
2 - ???
1 - ???

Fill in the Blank: Florio and Simms give out their picks for 'coaches you trust most that haven't made it to the playoffs', 'the week 12 loser you're least concerned about', and more.

Mike and Chris pick their top 3 QBs who they think have most at stake going into the final 6 weeks of the season.

Dec 01, 2021
Washington Football Team hands Seattle their 3rd straight loss + COVID accumulates on the Cowboys roster yet again | 11/30 #1

Seahawks vs Cowboys: With this being Russell Wilson's 2nd game back, we hoped more of the rust would have been dealt with. In a pretty much defensive battle last night, Russell Wilson couldn't do much with the Washington defense. Seahawks lose 15-17 and drops to 3-8 while WFT advances to 5-6.

Dallas Cowboys: After a shocking positive COVID test resulted in Amari Cooper's absence from 2 games, head coach Mike McCarthy has now also been placed on the COVID list heading into Week 13.

Pittsburg Steelers: TJ Watt gets placed on COVID list.

Nov 30, 2021
Taysom Hill is more than just the utility player + Injuries from Week 12: Dalvin Cook, Christian McCaffrey + Kliff Kingsbury leaves us in limbo after not commenting on Oklahoma job | 11/30 #2

New Orleans Saints: Taysom Hill is getting another shot at QB1. Sean Payton needs to make a choice between Trevor Siemian and Taysom Hill and this week Taysom is getting his shot.

Week 12 Injuries: Dalvin Cook was seen carted off, but Mike Zimmer stated during his conference that Cook is on a day-to-day basis. Christian McCaffrey is out for the season.

Kliff Kingsbury: Rumors' have spread about Arizona Cardinals head coach possibly leaving the NFL for Oklahoma head coaching job.

Week 12 GOATS (in a bad way): Maathew Stafford with his 3rd pick 6 tops the list. Even though he won, Lamar Jackson makes it on the list as well for his 4 interception performance.

Nov 30, 2021
Patriots Wins 6th Straight Game + Ravens Remain Top Seed in AFC + Packers Fend Off the Rams | 11/29 #1

Patriots vs Titans: In a much anticipated AFC matchup, Mac Jones and the Patriots took care of business and walked away with the win at home. Mac Jones threw for a career high of 310 yards.

Ravens vs Browns: In a rough start on Sunday, Lamar Jackson brought his team back after giving up 2 interceptions in the first half.

Bengals vs Steelers: Even with double coverage on Jamarr Chase all night, Joe Burrow found the rest of his receiving core in last nights win against the Steelers.

Packers vs Rams: With a nagging toe injury, Aaron Rodgers still got it done against the super charged LA Rams. OBJ caught his first TD in a Rams jersey, but the outcome was still disappointing for LA.

Nov 29, 2021
Buccaneers Defeat the Colts in a Nail-Biter + Cam Newton Got Benched in the 4th + Injury Updates | 11/29 #2

Week 12 Superlatives: Golic thinks Tua looked good this past weekend. Bourne had his TD this past weekend, but does it come at a cost?

Buccaneers vs Colts: During their win this past weekend, Tampa Bay tackle Vita Vea looses his front tooth during a play.

Dolphins vs Panthers: Before he could finish out the game, Cam Newton was benched by backup PJ Walker. This outcome seemed inevitable given the score and the fact that Cam had already thrown 2 INTs.

Week 12 Statements: Leonard Fournette and Joe Mixon showed us what it means to be an RB1 in the NFL.

Monday Night Football Preview: It's Seahawks vs Washington, will we see another 5TD game form Russell Wilson on his Birthday?

Nov 29, 2021
After Further Review + Week 12 Power Rankings | 11/24 #2

After Further Review: Errors and more controversies from officiating staff this week. Join Florio and Simms as they break down some of these calls.

Week 12 Power Rankings:
5 - Tampa Bay Buccaneers
4 - Green Bay Packers
3 - LA Rams
2 - ???
1 - ???

What's More Likely?: The NY fans will be booing at halftime, or cheering a revitalized offense?

Week 12 Matchups: Florio picks McVay to go against Florio and Simms picks Mike Vrabel against Bill Belichick. Join Florio and Simms as they more of the week 12 matchups they want to see.

Nov 24, 2021
Jason Garrett Gets Fired as Giants' Offensive Coordinator + Could We See Another Head Coach in Chicago Next Year? + Amari Cooper Update with Dr. Jones | 11/24 #1

New York Giants: After multiple disappointing showings in play-calling, Jason Garret has been fired by the Giants. What happened to the ex 'Coach of the Year'?

Chicago Bears: Chants, online posts, and a couple of other forms of media are the many ways Chicago fans are calling for the resignation (or termination) of HC Matt Nagy. What does Matt Nagy have to say about these rumors?

Dallas Cowboys: The Cowboys lost to the Chiefs this past week and owner/self proclaimed doctor, Jerry Jones talked about the missing Amari Cooper and how he's not being 'part of the team'. Amari is set to miss the Cowboy's Thursday Night Game as well due to being placed on the COVID list this past week. In total, he is set to miss 2 games due to COVID.

Nov 24, 2021
The Bucs Are Back! + Baker Mayfield Brushes Off Cleveland Fans | 11/23 #1

Buccaneers vs Giants: After winning against the Giants to end their 2 game win streak, another one of Brady's streak continues. Tom Brady still has not lost 3 straight games in a row since 2002.

Cleveland Browns: Even though they won in their Sunday Matchup, some Browns fans gave Baker a standing ovation....of Boos. Did Baker handle his emotions and reactions to right way towards his own fans? Take a look at his (post) post-game press conference.

Nov 23, 2021