The Disco, Funky and Soulful House Sessions

By Disco77

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Bringing you the best in Disco, Funky and Soulful House from the past, present and future!

Episode Date
The June House Session 2022
Hey! Just before I become half a right angle and a new demographic, it's only right I put out a new mix of music for your listening pleasure! If anyone wants to send me a birthday card....only kidding! Enjoy!
Jun 10, 2022
The Tinkle Me Ivories Session 2022
Hi Folks, this was originally meant to be for my residency on another pod, but I've deicded to put it here as a bonus mix for the month instead! A lot of new Piano House mixed with some classics for good measure! Hope you enjoy x
May 21, 2022
The May Day House Session 2022
Got to love a Bank Holiday over in the UK and a chance to do an impromptu mix of new bits I'm feeling. Hope you enjoy!
May 01, 2022
The Easter Sunday Soulful Session 2022
Happy Easter one and all! Inspired by the lovely weather, I've put a mix together of brand new Soulful and Disco with a hint of House for good measure! Hope you enjoy and catch up with you all soon!
Apr 17, 2022
The March House Session 2022
Thanks for your patience! Due to the delay, I've done a bumper mix of Electronic, Soulful, Disco and House for your listening pleasure! Hope you like, see ya soon!! Disco x
Mar 18, 2022
The February House Session 2022
Here's a mix of new tunes that I'm feeling alongside some very improvised last minute editions! Hope you like!!
Feb 18, 2022
The 'Actual' January House Session 2022
Don't you just love it when you buy a load of new songs, hit record for posterity and it actually all works out first time around?! This is one of those very rare examples. Please enjoy!
Jan 14, 2022
A January House Session 2022
Happy New Year! Here's a new mix of brand new stuff, really old things and me messing around. I really hope you like it!
Jan 07, 2022
The Best of the House Session 2021
It's that time of year where I do a mix of some of my favourite tunes of the year. This year we went a little overboard with the longest House Session ever!! Thank you so much for listening this year and happy holidays to you all!!
Dec 18, 2021
The December House Session 2021
Straight back from the US and straight back in the mix with some old, some new, and some songs I heard when I was away!
Dec 10, 2021
The Essex to LA to Vegas to LA to Essex One
A very impromptu, going in completely cold, want to have something to listen to on a plane, will come back and do it later. Yeah, one of those. Will be back for a best of the year mix soooooon. Thanks so much for listening!
Nov 26, 2021
Friyay Foos Aboot 21
So...this was going to be a main stream entry...but, I decided to take the mix on a tangent. It's a new mix, it's all over the place. Best of the Year Mix is probably next!
Nov 12, 2021
And Now For Something...Completely All Over The Show
I bought a load of new music, decided to play around and it went a little all over the place. It's a little bit different to a usual episode so I hope you enjoy!
Nov 06, 2021
The October House Session 2021
Bedridden for 13 days by the worst flu ever, I decided to get on a mix with the record button on. This is all new stuff that my frazzly brain put back together in this ways. I hope you like!
Oct 15, 2021
Drenching Drizzle Disco Day
The weather is shocking in the UK right now, biblical rain! So I decided to chuck together a mix of some classic disco tunes, remixes and bootlegs to warm the soul. Enoy!
Oct 02, 2021
The September House Session 2021
Hi Folks, here's a brand new mix of some tunes that I'm really feeling at the moment. Hope you enjoy!
Sep 18, 2021
The September Saturday Sod About 21
What happens when you get a silly idea in your head and alcohol and music? An hour of something a little all over the shop?! Enjoy!
Sep 04, 2021
The End of Summer 2021 Mixtape
Evening All, decided to do a mix of new and old stuff. It's the end of summer and I'm a bit sad. So it's always good to have some good music in your ears! Mainline mix coming soooon enjoy!
Aug 29, 2021
Boozy Beach Backroom Beats Bonanza 21
Some beer, a backlog of new tunes and some old music...
Aug 14, 2021
The August House Session 2021
It's August, the weather is nice, so I thought I'd get on a mix of new tunes before the backlog built up too high! Hope you enjoy!
Aug 03, 2021
The July House Session 2021
It's been a while? Thanks so much for your patience! Finally back with a new mix of Soulful, Disco and House I'm feeling at the to work on that backlog of tunes I've picked up!
Jul 10, 2021
The May Bank Holiday House Session 21
Here's a mix of some old and new Soulful, Disco and Funky House for the Bank Holiday Weekend and beyond!
May 28, 2021
The May House Session 2021
Happy Bank Holiday Weekend! Here's a mix of some of the new bits I've been feeling the last few weeks. Hope you like!
May 01, 2021
A Bonus House Session: March 21
Here's a bonus mix of tunes I like at the moment...still didn't fit all of them in, maybe in the next one?!
Mar 28, 2021
A Soulful Sunday Session 2021
Here's a mix of some new Soulful and Disco bits perfect for a Sunday.
Mar 21, 2021
The WTAF Session
Monitor speaker broke, Ex wished me death. Here are a couple of things I received when having a mix this evening. I recorded it. Brain in shreds but you might enjoy it!
Feb 21, 2021
The February Mini House Session 2021
Happy New Year! Thanks for your patience with the new episode. Life is very complicated at the moment and I realise I needed to give you all something new. So here's a quick mix of things. Speak soon, much love xx
Jan 31, 2021
The Best of the House Session 2020
Merry Christmas one and all. Here's a mix of some of my fave songs of the year.
Dec 24, 2020
The December House Session 2020
A little later than planned, here is the December 2020 House Session!
Dec 21, 2020
The November House Session 2020
Is this late? Or is it early? I'm as confused as you all. As we approach another lockdown. Here's a mix of new tunes I like at the moment. Soulful, Disco, House innit! Enjoy!
Oct 31, 2020
The September House Session 2020
So as it starts to get a bit darker of an evening. Here's a new mix of Soulful, Disco, House with a dash of UKG. Enjoy!
Sep 26, 2020
The Filler House Session - 4 Abz 19-09-01
So..So, I'm a bit delayed recording this months's House Session due to some exciting music things...but I've just found another mix I recorded on vinyl 19 years ago. The sound quality isn't great (it's from a tape!) but I hope it will keep you going!
Sep 18, 2020
The August House Session 2020
Better late than's a mix of new bits, old bits, and some tunes made by mates. I hope you enjoy!
Aug 28, 2020
The July House Session 2020
Normal service is resumed! Here's an all over the place mix of new things. Hope you like!
Jul 19, 2020
10 Years of the Sessions - The First House Session July 2010
10 Years today, this current mix was posted up as a new podcast. I don't think I ever anticipated that a decade later, I'd be posting it again to those who may not have heard it before! A big thank you to everyone for listening and support over the years!
Jul 14, 2020
10 Years of the House Session - Live@World Groove Dec 2004
Another mix from the archive, taken from a DAT recording of an event I played in 2004. I was ever so wibbly. My fave thing about this is late on when you can hear the crowd singing so loudly it goes through the needle of the deck! Enjoy.
Jul 05, 2020
10 Years of the House Session - 1998 4 Da Gyalz
To celebrate 10 years of doing this! I'm going to put up a load of mixes that I''ve didn't come out here. Exclusives for worldwide radio stations, private mixes or live. Here's one from 2 decades ago, a tape convert of something I did for a girl I liked.
Jul 03, 2020
The June House Session 2020
Hope you're still all doing OK in this mad world we live in? Here's some Disco and Funky House Music for June. I realise we're nearly at a decade with these things, so thank you for listening so much!
Jun 14, 2020
The VE75 Ramen & Beer Lockdown Session 20
It's VE75. I ate a lot of Ramen, drunk a load of Beer. Chucked on some old bits, some new bits and went all over the place. Proper House Session to follow shortly. Enjoy.
May 08, 2020
The Lockdown House Sessions 2020 V.1
Crawling the walls so thought I'd stick a new mix out early. Bit of Soulful, bit of Disco, bit of House, bit of UKG. Enjoy innit!
Apr 25, 2020
What Day Is It? House Session (April 2020)
Hi All, Hope You're Safe and Well? As we lose track of time and self isolate, here's a load of tunes from the last month that I really like in a mix. STAY IN SAVE LIVES!!!
Apr 02, 2020
The March House Session 2020
Disco! Disco! Disco! Some new stuff I like, I hope you like?
Feb 28, 2020
The Valentine House Session 2020
I got blown out, I got a card, no idea, did a mix of new tunes! Enjoy!
Feb 14, 2020
The February House Session 2020
Here's a mix of some of the new stuff I'm feeling at the moment. Enjoy!
Feb 02, 2020
The January House Session 2020
New Year, New Decade! Some new bits and some remixes of some classics. Enjoy!
Jan 03, 2020
The Best of the House Session 2019
So here's a bumper mix of some of my favourite tunes of the year. Thanks for the kind support and feedback. Have a fab Xmas and see you in the New Year!
Dec 08, 2019
The Sunday Night Sod About 3
A quick bonus mix to get in some new bits before the usual best of the year mix - Enjoy!
Nov 24, 2019
The November House Session 2019
New Mix of Soulful, Disco and Funky House. Best of the Year will be coming soon!! Enjoy!!
Nov 14, 2019
The October House Session 2019
Here's some new Soulful, Disco, House and Garage tunes that I'm loving at the moment! Enjoy!!
Oct 08, 2019
The Sunday Night September Sod About
I pressed record going through some new tunes. It's more me messing around to amuse myself than a proper one, so sod it enjoy!
Sep 22, 2019
The September House Session 2019
A mix of Soulful, Disco and House wirh a load of classics and a snip of UKG! Enjoy
Sep 05, 2019
Funky Fridayz 16-8-19
Here's a recording of half of my set from Funky Fridayz. Much love to Alex & Sarah for having me down!
Aug 17, 2019
The August House Session 2019
More Soulful, more Jazz, more Latin, before succumbing to the classic. Enjoy!
Jul 30, 2019
The July House Session 2019
Here's a little all over the show impromptu mix of all the new song in my bag. Hope you like!
Jul 07, 2019
The June House Session 2019
New mix that I forgot to post before I went away! Load of Disco, Soulful and Latin House. Enjoy!
Jun 13, 2019
The Sodding About With New Tech Mx 2019
So, I decided to have a play with some new kit I've invested in and ended up pressing record. This is what happened. All promos and over flange! Enjoy!
May 19, 2019
The May House Session 2019
New mix of Disco, Soulful and House from past, present and future! Enjoy!
May 04, 2019
The Easter House Session
Here's a quick bonus mix, because it's Easter. Choc'd full of eggscellent Soulful & Disco House!
Apr 21, 2019
The April House Session 2019 - Part Two
Back as promised with the second half of the April House Session. This one has more of a Soulful and Disco Vibe. Enjoy!
Apr 05, 2019
The April House Session 2019 - Part 1
Some Soulful, Disco and Funky House. This is the first of 2 this month, so watch out for the second dropping really soon!!
Mar 29, 2019
The March House Session 2019
Here's a new mix of Disco & Soulful House sprinkled with a few old songs and some brand new tunes made by friends. Enjoy!
Feb 28, 2019
The February House Session 2019
New mix of the Disco Trix! Feeling like a Soulful One next time. Thanks for listening!
Jan 31, 2019
The January House Session 2019
New Year, new tunes, let's go!
Dec 31, 2018
The 20 Years Ago House Session 1998
Merry Xmas! Here's a bonus double mix of a C90 cassette (sides A/B) I made back in 1998 when I was still on vinyl and a GM25 mixer! This is a digital conversion from an old cassette so sound quality is not the best, but please enjoy!
Dec 25, 2018
The Best of the House Session 2018
Took a few attempts but here is most of my favourite tunes of the year in one mix! Thanks for listening in 2018, I really appreciate it! Stand by, Xmas Day there might be something from the mists of time....
Dec 16, 2018
The November House Session 2018 Part 2
Here's an extra mix of new stuff before I get the traditional Best of the Year Mix in for December. Some Soulful, some Disco, some Cheese, some Classics. Enjoy!
Nov 09, 2018
The November House Session 2018
A little early, but gives me some time to put something else out before the usual end of the year mix! Disco, Soulful, House enjoy!
Oct 26, 2018
The October House Session 2018
Back with a new mix for October, some Soulful and some Disco House with the odd bootleg chucked in for good measure! Enjoy!
Oct 07, 2018
The September House Session 2018
Here's a new mix of Soulful, Disco and House for your listening ears....Enjoy!
Aug 31, 2018
The August House Session 2018
Some Soulful, some Disco, some Disco House, some Latin House, some more Disco House. Enjoy!
Aug 16, 2018
The July House Session 2018
Here's a mix of some brand new Soulful, Disco and Funky House music. Hope you like!
Jul 20, 2018
The Bonus June House Session 2018
Decided I'd go back to basics and stick out a mix of Soulful, Disco and House. Some brand new bits with some old. Enjoy!
Jun 23, 2018
The June House Session 2018
A new mix of bits that went a little all over the show! Next month, I think I'm going to have to reset this back to a Soulful groove haha!
Jun 08, 2018
The May House Session 2018
Left it late this month, but here's a new mix of some songs I'm feeling at the moment. Enjoy!
May 22, 2018
A Bonus April House Session 2018
So I finally clawed myself away from video games to listen to some new music. Here's some new bits, always bootlegs and some tunes from back in the day - Enjoy!
Apr 19, 2018
The April House Session 2018
A new mix of new bits, old bits, bootlegs and stuff I like!
Apr 04, 2018
The March House Session 2018
Here's a new mix of Soulful, Disco, Latin for your years. Chucked in some cheeky bootlegs and remixes for good measure. Enjoy!
Mar 02, 2018
The February House Session 2018
Another month, another new mix of new and old with a few cheeky bootlegs for good measure. Enjoy!
Feb 17, 2018
The January House Session 2018
Happy New Year All! Here's a new mix of some songs I'm liking at the mo. Tons of Disco, Hip Hop and Souful influences a go go on this one. Enjoy!
Jan 19, 2018
The Best of the House Session 2017
Merry Christmas Folks! Here's 21 of my favourite new tunes, bootlegs and remixes of 2017. Thank you so much for listening this year, see you all in 2018!
Dec 25, 2017
The November House Session 2017
It's been a while, I blame video games! Anyway, here's some new bits and some secret weapons I played in the 00's. Best of the year mix sooooon! Enjoy!
Nov 11, 2017
The Bonus House Session 2017
So this is what happens when you get left all alone for a weekend, a no firills, new mix of bits I like! Enjoy.
Sep 02, 2017
The August House Session 2017
A new mix of some bootlegs and bits from the last few weeks that I like. Enjoy!
Aug 24, 2017
The July House Session 2017
Here's a new mix of some new bits as ways of an apology for the lack of activity over the last couple of months. Enjoy!
Jul 22, 2017
The June & July House Session 2017
Apologies for the delay, some server issues gremlins which have now been ironed out. Here's an all over the place mix of stuff I've liked over the last few months. Enjoy!!
Jul 12, 2017
The May House Session 2017
I said it was the end, and to quote Arnie 'I LIED!' So here's another mix with some old, some new and some bootlegs.
May 07, 2017
The April House Session 2017
Back with another mix, this time heading into Soulful House territory old and new alongside some Disco bits and bootlegs. Enjoy!
Apr 04, 2017
The March House Session 2017
Here's a new mix with some new bits and some classics from back in the day! Enjoy :)
Mar 16, 2017
The February House Session 2017
A mix of House Music for your listening pleasure. More to come very soon, thanks for taking the time to listen!
Feb 15, 2017
The January House Session 2017
Happy New Year! Here's a new mix with a touch of Disco, a whole chunk of Soulful House, bootlegs and 80's shizzle in one. Still flying through the backlog so more stuff on the way. Enjoy!
Jan 12, 2017
The Best of the House Session 2016
So here's a trip through 25 odd of my favourite tunes from 2016. Thank you to everyone who listened to the podcast over the last 12 months, hope you all have a Happy Holiday!
Dec 18, 2016
The December House Session 2016
As the year draws to a close, there's just enough time to drop another House Session of some new and old bits. Enjoy!
Dec 01, 2016
The November House Session 2016
Another new mix of some of the stuff I'm loving at the moment. Enjoy!!
Nov 14, 2016
The October House Session 2016
So I was deliberating putting this out, but I really want you all to hear some of the great tunes that are out at the mo. Hope you enjoy!
Oct 14, 2016
The September House Session 2016
Hot off the press, here's a new mix for September! This month I've thrown the kitchen sink at it, so expect Hip House, Soulful House, Disco House, Deep House, House and maybe a smidgen of other stuff too! Enjoy!
Sep 01, 2016
The August House Session 2016-2
Here's a bonus mix for the month, where I'm dropping some new and old Soulful, Disco and Latin House. Enjoy!
Aug 17, 2016
The August House Session 2016
Here's a new mix with an infusion of summer tunes, Latin vibes and a wedge of Disco. Enjoy!
Aug 01, 2016
The July House Session 2016
Here's a mix of some old and new with a spot of Soulful and a hint of Disco!
Jul 17, 2016
Socialize 11-06-16
Bonus Podcast Alert! So here's a recording of the set I played at Socialize last night....
Jun 12, 2016
The June House Session 2016
Getting in the June mix early for the Bank Holiday Weekend! Some new bits, some bootlegs, some old stuff. Enjoy!!!
May 28, 2016
The May House Session 2016
Summer is nearly here, so here's a new mix with a spot of Disco, a lashing of Soulful, and lots of funky beats. Enjoy!
May 12, 2016
The April House Session 2016
A new podcast of some Soulful and Disco bits I'm feeling at the moment. Apologies for the delay, hope you enjoy!
Apr 07, 2016
The February House Session 2016-2
Here's an extra mix this month with some new bits and some classics - Enjoy!
Feb 14, 2016
The February House Session 2016
Another quick mix of my chosen tracks for this month...enjoy!
Feb 04, 2016
The January House Session 2016
I thought I'd drop a mix with some tunes I was playing in the bars and clubs about 10-15 years ago. If you like it I may do another!!
Jan 11, 2016
The Best of the House Session 2015
Here's some of my favourite tune of 2015, thank you for listening over the last year.
Dec 23, 2015
The December House Session 2015
Here it is ! The December 2015 podcast...enjoy!
Nov 30, 2015
The November House Session 2015
Here it is ! The November 2015 podcast...enjoy!
Nov 06, 2015
The October House Session 2015
Just enough time to drop another podcast this month...Enjoy!
Oct 25, 2015
The September House Session 2015
Hi Folks....September already ! Enjoy this months mix!
Sep 25, 2015
The August House Session 2015
Hi folks, sorry for the delay. I did record a part 2 to the 5 years of the House Session, but didn't like it and felt I'd save your ears from it!
Aug 21, 2015
5 Years of the House Session - Part 1
Just over 5 years ago, one of my oldest friends said to me 'You should really put some the mixes you do out as a podcast.' I replied, 'Yeah but how on earth do I do that?' He said, 'Don't worry, I'll sort that out for you.'
Jul 03, 2015
The June House Session 15-2
Just enough time to drop another podcast this month, where I thought I'd drop some new bits alongside some tunes from way back, and finish with another cheeky bootleg from Max Huneyz - Wonder who that is?
Jun 17, 2015
The June House Session 2015
Hi folks, still on catch up so here are some new bits, some old bits, and some bits I missed. Enjoy!
Jun 02, 2015
The May House Session 2015
Here's a mix where I tried to chuck in half the stuff I missed over the last couple of months alongside some new bits. Spot of Soulful, Disco and House for your ears. Enjoy!
May 01, 2015
The April House Session 2015
Massive, massive apologies for the delay with this mix.
Apr 22, 2015
The January House Session 2015
I don't usually put out a mix in January, but I had such a backlog of great songs it seemed stupid not to do one. Here's an across the board mix of stuff. Hope you like!
Jan 09, 2015
The Best of the House Session 2014
So here we are at the end of another year, and here's a mix of some of my favourite tunes from the year. I'd like to thank you all for listening to my podcast in 2014, and hope you have a great Christmas and New Year. See you in 2015!
Dec 14, 2014
The Disco Mess About
Here's a mix that I recorded a little while ago, that I'd forgotten I'd not put out where I was mucking about with some new kit. It's far more Disco than usual and a little more over the place, but I love the songs so thought I'd share.
Nov 29, 2014
The November Soulful House Session 2014
Hi Folks, back with another mix. Thought I'd keep this one a little more Soulful & Deeper than usual. A more Discofused mix to come shortly. Enjoy!
Nov 19, 2014
The October House Session 2014
This month, a little bit of everything! Well, some Deep, Soulful and Disco shizzle anyway. Enjoy!
Sep 29, 2014
The September Disco House Session 2014
Hi folks, realised I'd not put out a real Disco mix in ages so here's some old bits alongside some new releases. Enjoy!
Sep 13, 2014
The August House Session 2014
Hi folks, realised I'd left it late for this month but better late than never!
Aug 25, 2014
July Muck About 14
Hi folks, here's a bonus podcast for July. I was messing about with some new kit testing some tunes and thought I 'd record it. Maybe I should've stayed off the FX pads for some of it, but I thought I'd share it anyway.
Jul 24, 2014
The July Soulful House Session 2014
So this marks the 4th anniversary of the podcast! Thank you so much for everyone who's ever downloaded the podcast, and I appreciate the support! This month takes in a more Soulful feel with a couple bits of Disco near the end - Enjoy!
Jul 12, 2014
The June House Session 2014
Bd tack for another mix, anhis time I've decided to head on a bit more of a commercial tip thanks to some fantastic remixes from Mark Di Meo, Rob Hayes and Shane D. We then head into some of the back catalogue of Liquid People
Jun 06, 2014
The May House Session 2014
Hi folks, back for another more soulful excursion of the session this month. Here's a few tunes I'm loving at the mo. Hope you like!
May 13, 2014
The April House Session 2014 - Side B
Hi folks, back as promised with a second mix for the month of April! I had a bit of feedback from the last instalment and as a consequence I've chucked in a bit more Disco along side some Deep and Funky Beats! See you in May for another :)
Apr 25, 2014
The April House Session 2014 - Side A
Hi Folks, Welcome to the first of two House Sessions for April 2014. I'm on a bit of a backlog with the mixes at the moment and with it being Miami season the only thing to do was to put out two!
Apr 06, 2014
The March House Session 2014
Hi folks, sorry for the delay I've been on a bit of a break from all things House music and I'm slowly trying to bring myself up back to speed! Here's some tracks from earlier this year that I was feeling, normal service should now resume!!
Mar 04, 2014
The Best of the House Session 2013
Hi folks, here with what will probably be the last mix from me for 2013. I decided for a change that I'd do a mix which incorporated my favourite tracks from the last year, which proved far harder than I thought to get into under an hour! So enjoy!
Dec 17, 2013
The November House Session 2013
A new mix for November from a stack of new tracks assembled this month. More on the way!
Nov 08, 2013
The October House Session 2013
Hi Folks, as promised back with another mix this month. It's ended up being a bit of everything as there was just so much good music about. Hope you like, and I'll see you in November.
Oct 28, 2013
The October Soulful Session 2013
It's getting darker and colder out (well it is here in the UK) but here's some soulful infused tunes that'll make you feel like it's summer all over again! New Disco House mix to follow in a few weeks. Enjoy!
Oct 02, 2013
The September House Session 2013
Hi folks, sorry it's late but I literally ran out of time this month. Here's a few of my fave jams in September, enjoy!
Sep 23, 2013
The August Disco House Session 2013
Just about enough time to cram in one more mix for August, and this time we've hit full scale Disco mode! Here's a few bootlegs, current tunes and some old bits I've hastily assembled for your listening pleasure.
Aug 21, 2013
The August House Session 2013
Another great month for new tunes, and there's far more where this came from! Hope you like it :D
Aug 13, 2013
The July Soulful Session 2013
Right back into things with a more soulful styled mix for July, hope you enjoy!
Jul 28, 2013
The July House Session 2013
Hope you're having a great Summer! Back with another mix and the first of a few this month. There's so many good tunes out at the moment, but I wanted to stick something out that was quite stompy, disco and vocally for the first session.
Jul 12, 2013
The June Soulful Session 2013
As promised, here's my more Souful mix for 2013. Hope you like!
Jun 21, 2013
The June Disco House Session 2013
So we've reached the half way point of the year and the music just keeps coming! This time round we're going into the Disco side of things, but it will be the first of a couple for this month, so keep it locked for something for more Soulful next time!
Jun 06, 2013
The May House Session 2013-2
Back again for a second May Podcast for your listening pleasure, and trying to catch up on the vast backlog of quality tunes around at the moment! Hope you enjoy!
May 27, 2013
The May House Session 2013
Hi Folks, back with another mix for May. So many good new tunes out I couldn't squeeze them all in, so there will be another one later in the month!
Apr 30, 2013
The April House Session 2013
Hi folks, music come thick and fast at the moment so here's the first of a few House Sessions for April! Enjoy :)
Apr 06, 2013
The March House Session 2013 Part 2
It's that time of year where the number of quality tunes released reaches fever pitch, so it was only ever going to mean a second house session of the month! Here's 45 minutes of Soulful and 45 of Disco for your listening pleasure. Enjoy!
Mar 23, 2013
The March House Session 2013
Back again for March...sorry for the delay !
Mar 06, 2013
The February House Session 2013
Hi folks! Back for 2013 after a break with a bumper House Session to kick things off!We've got a few classics then into some Soulful grooves followed up with a second hour with a Disco flavour. Hope you like!
Feb 07, 2013
December Disco House Session
So here we are at the end of another year and the final mix from me. This time we're heading into Disco House territory with a few of the joints that are rocking my world at the moment. I hope you have a Merry Christmas and I'll see you all in 2013!
Dec 20, 2012
The December Soulful Session
First of two mixes for December, and after receiving feedback I know that some of you wanted a mix that was a little less heavy. This one should please you, it's got Soulful vibes galore along with some cheeky bootlegs. Hope you enjoy!
Nov 30, 2012
The November House Session 2012
The November House Session 2012
Nov 02, 2012
The October House Session 2012
Hi Folks, thought I'd put out the harder/funkier mix of the month out before the Soulful one this time, which will be out in a couple of weeks. Hope you like!
Oct 14, 2012
The September House Session
Hi folks, back with another mix for your listening pleasure. This month I've decided to combine my Soulful & Disco mixes into one as I'm not sure I'll have time to put another one out.
Sep 06, 2012
The August Disco House Session
Back with another mix for the month of August, this time taking in some of the Disco House Joints rocking my world at the moment - Enjoy!!
Aug 17, 2012
The August Soulful House Session
Here's the first of two mixes from me this month, with this taking in some of my favourite Soulful Joints from the last month or so. Enjoy!
Jul 31, 2012
The July Soulful House Session
After some delays, here's the first podcast in a couple of months. This time we're on a more Soulful tip, a Disco House mix will follow shortly. Thanks for listening!!!
Jul 13, 2012
The May House Session Part 2
This mix was orginially recorded back in April and was to be that month's House Session.
May 22, 2012
The May House Session 2012
So after a delay in April, we're back on the mix front thick and fast!
May 04, 2012
The March House Session 2012
So Miami's just around the corner, and the quality tunes are flying out left, right and centre! Here's a few of my current faves at the moment - Enjoy!
Mar 07, 2012
The Feb House Session 2012
Here's the second installment of the House Session for 2012 - Enjoy!
Feb 16, 2012
The January House Session 2012
Happy New Year!! Hope you had a great holiday period, and sorry for the delay with this mix. Thought we'd keep it Soulful & Funky but go tougher a lot earlier than usual this time around...hope you enjoy!!
Jan 20, 2012
The Xmas Soulful Mini Mix
OK, I decided to knock together an Xmas themed mix. As you'd gather, there is not a lot of Xmas Soulful House about, hence why the mix is rather short!! Some other mixes on the way for the month so keep locked and they'll be with you very soon!!
Dec 17, 2011
The November House Session 11-2
Running out of time to cram as many good tunes into this year before we head into Xmas! Hope you like this one - Enjoy!
Nov 20, 2011
The November House Session 11
So we step ever closer to the end of another year, but the music never stops! Here is a bumper mix from me - Enjoy
Nov 02, 2011
The October House Session 11
The tracks keep on coming, so here's some of the stuff I've been playing recently. Enjoy!
Oct 09, 2011
The September House Session 11...part 2!
So much new music about, I just had to do another one this month. Here's some upfront stuff from some of my favourite producers right now!
Sep 16, 2011
The September House Session 2011
So Summer's coming to end, so here's an across the board mix of some of the things I've been playing out recently - Enjoy!
Sep 06, 2011
The Latin House Session
Hi Folks! I've been meaning to do a Latin House Mix for some time, seeing as it's what I used to be known for playing at the back end of last century. So here it is, in time for Carnival Weekend some Latin House, Disco style - Enjoy!!
Aug 21, 2011
The August House Session
A bumper mix for this month as there are so many good tunes out there, along with a smattering of classics - Enjoy!
Aug 07, 2011
The July House Session Part 2
Hi Folks, what with it being summer there is an absolute ton of great new music out there that I couldn't resist putting out another mix this month!! Hope you enjoy!
Jul 18, 2011
The July House Session
Hi Folks, so we finally reached the first year of the podcast! Thanks for taking the time to d/l, subscribing and listening!
Jul 03, 2011
The Bonus House Session Pt1
Managed to get enough free time to put out an additional mix for your listening pleasure. I've hit my Jackin/Funky/Disco House back catalogue for this one, so hope you enjoy!
Jun 20, 2011
The June House Session
Hi folks, sorry it's late this month - By means of an apology I've done an extra hour in the mix!!
Jun 13, 2011
The May House Session
Hey Folks, back once again for another House Session! Thank you for subscribing/downloading my mixes and for the kind feedback - Hope you enjoy this one!!
May 08, 2011
The April House Session
Hi, and welcome to the first fully live iTunes edition of the House Sessions! This month I've decided to go across the board in terms of tracks, so should be something for everyone here!! Until next time, enjoy!!
Apr 07, 2011
The March House Session
Back with the first of maybe two House podcasts this month. Miami's imminent and there's so many good new tunes about at the moment you just can't fit them all in! So here's some fresh new beats alongside some older less known tunes I really rate!
Mar 10, 2011
The February House Session
OK, while we wait for Miami and the big tunes of 2011 to drop on us, here's another trip back through the archives with some old stuff and a couple of new bits - enjoy!
Feb 17, 2011
The January House Session 2011
OK - I said I wasn't coming back for a while....I LIED! Here's a little trip into the archives, and a couple of brand new tunes. Hope you like it - Follow me on Twitter @disco_77 for more info etc....
Jan 14, 2011
The Final House Session 2010
Just time to squeeze one final mix out of the year! Hope you enjoy!!!
Dec 31, 2010
The December House Session
So here we go, penultimate mix of the year! Thanks for downloading it, I hope you enjoy!!
Dec 14, 2010
The November House Session
Follow me on Twitter at Disco_77 for more info drivel and rants!
Nov 14, 2010
The October Soulful House Session
Hi Folks, back with October's selection of soulful house cuts for your listening pleasure! So much good stuff out this month, that there's more music in the bag for another session this month, so stay posted. Hope you enjoy!!
Oct 14, 2010
The September Soulful House Session
Finally....after 10 years. The Disco has come back to Soulful House!
Sep 14, 2010
Jackin Disco House
Welcome to the first podcast made exclusively for iTunes! Every couple of weeks, I'll go into the mix to bring you some of the best Soulful, Disco and Funky House music from the past, present and future!
Aug 14, 2010
The July House Session Part 2
The July House Session Part 2. My re-discovery of house music continues...some old stuff, some new stuff, hell I might even come out of retirement if the disco sound has returned...
Jul 14, 2010
The July House Session
The July House Session - OK, it's my second house mix in 5 years. Heard some new bits and pieces and decided to buy and put into a mix...spans your standard Hed Kandi style and then diverts into a more jacking sound. Hope you enjoy - Disco!
Jul 14, 2010