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By Martin Willis

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 Apr 2, 2020
Martin is a great host and is tireless in seeking accuracy and credibility on this topic. Great guests with respectable credentials.

 Jun 12, 2019
The last review is full of it. you get the first hour for free. Great show.

Mark Swift
 Aug 1, 2018
I used to love this podcast but now that you have to pay I don't even bother with the first free 10mins anymore.


Podcast UFO is place where you can listen to audio podcasts about UFOs, close encounters and people associated with the UFO phenomenon. Witnesses involved in such things as sightings, views on cover-ups and more. Listeners are welcome to interact with guests, visit the website to find out how. Shows are recorded live on YouTube stream every Wednesday evening, 8:00 to 10:00PM EST.

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AudioBlog: UFOs over Finland Redux

Reports of UFO sightings and alien encounters come from all over the world, from Australia to Zimbabwe. Place a finger at random on a globe and chances are some sort of UFO history from that area has been recorded. This week, the finger has landed on Finland, and Finland not only has a UFO history but also has active UFO researchers as well.

The history of UFO reports in Finland is much like that of other countries except that it starts earlier than most, dating back to the early 20th century.  As was the case for much of Scandinavia, Finland had reports in the 1930s and 1940s of mystery lights, aircraft and rockets.

During the winter between 1933 and 1934, many people in Sweden reported seeing mysterious aircraft, some with bright lights (unusual for the period) that were able to fly in harsh weather conditions, day or night.  The Swedish Air Force sent out planes to look for the aircraft, and ski patrols were sent to man mountaintop searchlights.  The Finnish Army sent up their own planes, and the first report of “a shining bright light, just like a blowtorch” came from Kemi, a town just east of the Swedish border. The report received a good deal of press coverage and Finnish authorities declared without proof that the light was from something of Russian origin.  At a 1937 press conference, spokesmen for the Finnish military declared that all the sightings could be explained by weather formations and inaccurate observations. Read more →

Apr 16, 2021
450. Darcy Weir, Jim Goodall, Stephen Bassett & Gary King

Darcy Weir, joined by Jim Goodall, Stephen Bassett, and Gary King discuss the documentary "Crop Circle Realities", UFOs, Ben Rich, Area 51 and much more!

Show Notes

Apr 14, 2021
AudioBlog: UFO April Fool's Jokes

Happy April! While April Fools’ Day will have passed by the time this blog is posted, the writer thought it would be fun to look at UFO related April Fools’ jokes. While hoaxes have long been a bane to UFO researchers, hopefully researchers can put aside their disdain for such activity at least one day out of the year and get in touch with their sense of humor. In fact, some have argued that a sense of humor is essential when looking into the paranormal.

An April Fools’ joke that ended up embedded in the UFO mythos as evidence for the existence of aliens involved a photo depicting what has become known as the “Silverman.” Isaac Koi (real name withheld to protect his profession as a barrister) discusses this photo at length on his website. According to his (male possessive pronoun used due to antecedent male seeming name) research, the photo first appeared in the German publication Neue Illustrierte “on or about April 1, 1950 with the title ‘Der Mars-Mensch.’” It was admitted to be a joke a short time later, but that didn’t prevent the photo from showing up in literature and on websites with the claim that it depicts a real alien. For instance, this description appeared in Brazilian UFO mag, n.18, p.18, dec 1991:

Above, one of the most impressive photos of an alleged extraterrestrial creature recovered from crashed UFOs. For many years it was thought the photo originated from a crash in the USA, but recently it was found it was captured in Germany, shortly before the Second World War. The officers who hold the being are high-ranking members of the SS. Read more →

Apr 09, 2021
449. Irene Previn & Stan Gordon

Australia's Irene Previn on Westall UFO Incident's 55th anniversary (April 6, 1966) for 20 minutes and guest, Stan Gordon on the 1973 UFO-Bigfoot wave in Pennsylvania that his teams investigated and another aspect of the UFO phenomena that has been hardly discussed concerns what he has termed: "Mini-UFOs". Stan discusses all sorts of bizarre cases, and speculates to what we may be experiencing.

Show Notes

Apr 07, 2021
AudioBlog: Father William Gill’s Flashlight: Papua, New Guinea 1959
The 1959 sightings of Father William Gill in New Guinea, then an Australian territory, were well known and much discussed in the 1960s and 1970s. Given the multiple witnesses over two nights, observation of occupants and the credibility of the reporting witness, an Anglican missionary, it made for a sensational encounter. Even more incredible, the craft and occupants sighted seemed to respond to the witnesses throughout the encounter. The story was featured in Dr. J. Allen Hynek’s The UFO Experience: A Scientific Enquiry and The Hynek UFO Report, the double album UFO Encounters (which features Father Gill telling his story and Hynek’s commentary) and in the 4th issue of Gold Key’s UFO Flying Saucers comic book. Although area residents seem to have had minor sightings of a bright light earlier in the year, Father Gill’s sightings begin the night of June 26, 1959. He was at his mission in Boianai, Papau, New Guinea and about 6:45 PM he spotted a white light near Venus in the evening sky. Soon this light descended through cloud cover that had moved in as time passed. The light grew larger until it became obvious that it was some type of craft. Read More: https://podcastufo.com/father-william-gills-flashlight-papua-new-guinea-1959/
Apr 06, 2021
448. Ralph Blumenthal

Guest Ralph Blumenthal discusses his latest book which dives deep into the life of the late Dr. John Mack, a tenured and renown Harvard psychologist. Dr. Mack risked his stellar reputation and career to investigate purported human encounters with alien entities and to give credibility to the bewildering accounts told by people who were utterly convinced they had really happened. Ralph discusses what it took research John Mack, and the people who helped him out.

Show Notes

Mar 31, 2021
AudioBlog: UFOs and Electromagnetism

A common element of UFO reports is that cars or other vehicles cease functioning during the sighting and often restart on their own after the UFO’s departure. Many researchers have speculated that this is an effect of electromagnetism, possibly related to an advanced system of propulsion. This seems to be a reasonable hypothesis and one that could be tested. All one would need would be a car and a source of electromagnetism. So, the question is, have there been any experiments done in laboratories, and have the results been published in a peer reviewed format?

The case that first brought attention to this aspect of the phenomenon was the 1957 incident involving a series of extraordinary encounters in and around the small farming community of Levelland, Texas. Patrolman Abraham John Fowler was working the evening shift at the Levelland Police Department on the night of November 2, when the first of what would be a series of unusual calls came in.

Just before 11:00 p.m., a farm worker, Pedro Saucedo, called to report a very strange encounter that left him and his co-worker, Joe Salaz, shaken and mystified.  According to Saucedo, they were in his pickup truck on their way to a farm ten miles northwest of Levelland. At 10:30 p.m., they turned off Route 116 (now Route 114), four miles west of Levelland, onto a side road. Off to their right, in a field, they saw a bright, blue flash, which drew their attention. The source of the light was a cigar or torpedo-shaped object around 200 feet long. As they watched, the object, glowing blue-green, lifted up and came towards the truck. As it did so, its color changed to bright yellow-white. Saucedo, thinking there was going to be a collision, jumped out and hit the dirt. Salaz remained inside and, fortunately for him, the object went over the truck. As the object passed over, the truck’s engine stalled, and the headlights went out.

Read more →

Mar 27, 2021
447. Frank Feschino & Alfred Lehmberg

Guests, Frank Feschino & Alfred Lehmberg discuss the bizarre evening of September 12, 1952, what is mostly known as the Flatwoods Monster Incident, but there is a lot more to it.

Show Notes

Mar 24, 2021
AudioBlog: UFOs and Astronauts

As one might expect, astronauts have come upon things in space that they were not able to readily identify. In fact, astronauts have not only reported seeing UFOs, but some, most notably Gordon Cooper and Dr. Edgar Mitchell, have gone so far as to publicly advocate for disclosure and an end to secrecy regarding the subject.

Gordon Cooper described having encounters with UFOs as an Air Force pilot prior to his involvement in the space program. In his 2000 memoir, “Leap of Faith: An Astronaut’s Journey Into the Unknown,” Gordon wrote that he chased saucer-shaped craft when he was stationed in Germany in the 1950s, and that objects flew over the base daily that were faster than known man-made machines. He also claimed to have been given film in 1957 of a saucer that landed at Edwards Air Force Base, which he sent off to the Pentagon and never saw again.

In spite of his alleged UFO encounters in Earth’s atmosphere, Cooper claimed that neither he nor any other astronauts had seen UFOs while in space. According to him, there was nothing to the well-known report that he saw a green glowing object approach his craft during his final orbit in May 1963 aboard Mercury Faith 7 while over Australia.

Read more →

Mar 19, 2021
446. Greg Matloff

Guest Greg Matloff discusses his new book, “Stellar Engineering” in which he explores an intriguing speculation that we might live in a Stapledon/Dyson swarm of alien space habitats within our Solar System’s Kuiper Belt, he further talks on his thoughts on UFOs and more.

Show Notes

Mar 17, 2021
Bonus Podcast: A 2010 with Alan Bean

Martin Willis and Phyllis Kao interview with astronaut and artist Alan Bean in 2010. Alan's beautiful artwork comes from the perspective of someone who was in space and the fourth man on the moon on the Apollo 12 Mission in November of 1969. He discusses his methods, using actual moon dust, moon boots, and more in his creations. He also discusses moon landing and other conspiracies, and had a great philosophy in handling it all. Alan Bean 1932-2018 https://www.alanbean.com/ Check out Alan's message: https://www.alanbean.com/message_from_alan_bean.cfm The sound quality was the best I could do in 2010 recording from a speaker phone.

Mar 15, 2021
AudioBlog: UFOs, Nukes and Abductions

One commonly reported characteristic of UFOs is that they are often seen near nuclear weapons facilities. One would think that this would get the attention of government authorities, and it seems it has. Robert Hastings is a researcher who looked into this aspect of the UFO mystery, and his work caused many people, including those in the media, to take a serious look at it. Then, at the risk of casting doubt on his credibility, Hastings came forward with the claim that he had had an abduction experience. While this upset some of the people who had been encouraged by Hastings to come forward with their stories of UFOs at nuclear facilities, one man told Hastings of abductions reported by men stationed at such facilities.

According to Hastings, he was sixteen when he first became interested in UFOs. He was working as a janitor in the air traffic control tower at Malmstrom Air Force Base in Montana, where his father was stationed. A supervisor called him over to look at a radarscope. When Hastings came over, the supervisor told him they were looking at returns of UFOs. Hastings was intrigued and was told to come back later if he wanted to talk about them, but when he did, the supervisor no longer wanted to discuss the matter.

Hastings later learned from his father that fighter jets had chased the UFOs over the Minuteman missiles that were housed at the base. He then read an article in the Saturday Evening Post about UFOs reported over other nuclear missile sites. He got the impression that what happened at Malmstrom was something real and not unique. He felt there was a connection between UFOs and nuclear weapons, and he began reaching out to military personnel to find evidence. Read more →

Mar 13, 2021
444. Nebojsa Borkovich

Guest Nebojsa Borkovich discusses what it was like sailing across the Pacific Ocean in a 8 meter sailboat and being followed by mysterious objects--UFOs--throughout the voyage.

Mar 10, 2021
AudioBlog: More Metal from the UFO: The Bob White Object

In last week’s blog, we looked at metals associated with UFO reports that were held up as evidence for extraterrestrial visitation. The cases we examined were from the early days of the UFO mystery and in this week’s blog we’ll look at one that is more recent.


More Metal From the UFO: the Bob White Object
Mar 06, 2021
444. Avi Loeb

Guest astrophysicist, Avis Loeb discusses his recent book: 'Extraterrestrial: The First Sign of Intelligent Life Beyond Earth' which is an openminded theory that the object named Oumuamua that is visiting our solar system may be of Extraterrestrial technological origin. We also discuss Breakthrough Starshot, whose goal is to send a fleet of tiny probes to Alpha Centauri, then Marc D'Antonia joins us for the second hour to add to the discussion.

Show Notes

Mar 03, 2021
AudioBlog: Metal From the UFO

From the days of the earliest citizen UFO investigators, metals associated with UFO reports have been held up as evidence for extraterrestrial visitation. Labs have been employed in testing and claims have been made that the results support a non-earthly origin for the material in question. While some of these claims have been dismissed, others continue to be debated.

The first modern UFO era citizen investigator was Kenneth Arnold, who was also the first modern era UFO witness. Arnold had seen a fleet of UFOs while flying near Mt. Rainier on June 24, 1947. Arnold was offered an assignment by publisher, Ray Palmer, who was looking for a good story for the premier issue of his new venture, Fate magazine. Palmer had received a letter describing a sighting near Maury Island, off the coast of Tacoma, Washington. Six donut-shaped craft were reported, one of which seemed to be having difficulties. It discharged hot material that allegedly injured the witness’s son and killed his dog. Palmer asked Arnold to look into the story, and Arnold asked for $200. Palmer wired him the money and Arnold became the world’s first privately funded UFO investigator. Read more →

Feb 27, 2021
443. Miguel Romero

Guest, Miguel Romero talks about his longtime interest in UFOs, as well as UFOs in Mexico & worldwide incidents, and whether UFOs may have a connection to consciousness plus a lot more.

Show Notes

Feb 24, 2021
AudioBlog: A UFO, Humanoids and Robots Near Cisco Grove, California

In our last blog we looked at reports of 21st century UFO occupants. UFO researchers and investigators have given those that have a roughly human appearance the appropriate name “humanoid.” These creatures seem to be biological, but there have been occasional reports of robots accompanying UFO occupants. A dramatic 1989 report comes from the city of Voronezh in Russia. This involved a 9-12 foot tall humanoid with three eyes, and a small box-shaped robot. They both exited a banana-shaped craft and took a walk in a park in front of terrified onlookers. The incident was reported by the official Tass news agency, picked up by the American Press, and featured in the Oct. 11, 1989 New York Times. An incident that didn’t get much attention from the press, but did get a lot of attention from UFO investigators, was reported in 1964. It involved humanoids and robots in Cisco Grove, California, that displayed actions far more hostile than a stroll in the park.

Blog with Links: https://podcastufo.com/a-ufo-humanoids-and-robots-near-cisco-grove-california/

Feb 19, 2021
442. Ben Hansen & Calvin Parker

Guest Ben Hansen checking in and speaking on the new series that he stars in, Discovery + "UFO Witness". Ben talks about the witnesses and cases, one of which is Calvin Parker of the 1973 Pascagoula Adduction who joined us and stays for the last segment of the show with callers during the last 30 minutes.

Show Notes

Feb 17, 2021
AudioBlog: The 1973 Pascagoula Incident

Narrated by Sarah Maxwell

Note: This particular blog was posted on our original website in 2013. It was the genesis of Calvin Parker speaking out on our show for the first time in decades about the incident. One of the most sensational abduction cases of the 1970s, the Pascagoula Incident remains unsolved to this day. On October 11, 1973 two co-workers out fishing claimed to have been taken by three strange looking aliens into their spaceship, examined and released. The two men attempted to report their encounter to a nearby military base who referred them to the local sheriff. Thinking that the two men could be caught in a lie that would expose a hoax the sheriff left the men together in a room with a hidden microphone after his initial interviews. Much to the surprise of law enforcement, the men did not reveal a hoax but instead had a conversation that just reinforced their claims. The story spread from local media to international wire services and was investigated by Dr. J. Allen Hynek and others. Detractors note that nearby security cameras should have seen the craft the men described but other witnesses have reported seeing the craft on the same night. For the text version with links: https://podcastufo.com/the-1973-pascagoula-incident
Feb 12, 2021
441. Larry Hancock

Guest Larry Hancock discusses the premise of his book: Unidentified: The National Intelligence Problem of UFOs, his involvement in the search for documents, statistics and analysis of UFO crafts reported, as well as encounters with almost all things nuclear and much more.

Show Notes

Feb 10, 2021
UFO Occupants in the 21st Century

by Charles Lear In last week’s blog, we looked at a case that involved an encounter with a UFO occupant that didn’t fit the profile of the iconic Grey-type alien. There were many such cases reported in the press up until the 1980s. Then, the Greys, the Reptilians, and the occasional Insectoids seem to have pushed the others aside, but even these don’t show up too often in the papers. UFO occupants, especially those that don’t fit what has become the standard model, have become personae non gratae for most newspaper editors, and this seems to have created the impression that they haven’t been reported by witnesses. For the full text with links: https://podcastufo.com/ufo-occupants-in-the-21st-century/

Feb 06, 2021
440. Melanie Kirchdorfer

Guest Melanie Kirchdorfer discusses the childhood incident in detail, and what the incident means to her now. She talks about what she experienced prior, her struggle of being told it was her imagination and how she has coped with what happened to her.

Show Notes

Feb 03, 2021
AudioBlog: A Wyoming Elk Hunter Takes a Ride in a UFO

Back in the days before aliens took on the form of the standardized “Grey” model, they came in all shapes and sizes. UFOlogists called them “humanoids,” and there was a wave of them in France in 1954. In 1955 they started popping up in the United States and worldwide. Many UFOlogists, who were trying to convince the scientific community that the mystery was worth studying, tended to reject humanoid reports. Some, such as Coral and Jim Lorenzen of the Aerial Phenomena Research Organization, kept an open mind as long as the humanoids didn’t talk. If a witness reported they had had a conversation and were taken to another planet, that case was tossed into the contactee pile. However, there was a case in the seventies that made the Lorenzens and a lot of other researchers rethink their position.

On Oct. 25, 1974, Rawlins, Wyoming resident Carl Higdon decided to take the day off from his job as foreman for an oil drilling crew. One of his “key men” was sick with the flu and he didn’t think anything would be accomplished that day. It was the peak of elk hunting season, and he had just bought a 7mm Remington Magnum rifle, so he probably didn’t have to think for too long about how he would be spending the day. He loaded up his company’s two-wheel drive pickup truck and headed for McCarty Canyon in Carbon County.

Complete blog with links: https://podcastufo.com/a-wyoming-elk-hunter-takes-a-ride-in-a-ufo/

Jan 30, 2021
439. Jonathan Lace

One hour segment, Jonathan Lace discuses his interest in the UFO topic, the change in the attitude of the last few years, his thoughts on the Nimitz encounters, and his role as the Public Relations Officer for the Scientific Coalition for UAP Studies.

Show Notes

Jan 27, 2021
AudioBlog: Portage County UFO Chase

In 1966, there was a UFO case that involved a chase and sightings by multiple police witnesses. In addition to their testimonies, there was a reported radar confirmation and a possible pilot witness. Faced with all this evidence, the initial Air Force investigation consisted of two phone calls to a single witness. Based on interviews lasting a total of around four minutes, the conclusion was that the officers had seen a satellite and chased the planet Venus. The case was re-evaluated after a more thorough investigation, thanks to the efforts of an outraged congressman, and the conclusion was that the officers had seen a satellite and chased the planet Venus.

Full blog with links: https://podcastufo.com/the-portage-county-ufo-chase/

Jan 23, 2021
438. Greg Bishop

An interesting discussion with guest Greg Bishop about his thoughts on how UFO encounter experiences can be differing between witnesses, he further talks about different cases and the varying human element of UFO field, good, bad and in between.

Show Notes

Jan 20, 2021
AudioBlog: Injured by the UFO, Part III

This is the third in a series examining the rather grim subject of UFO related injuries. While we don’t want to dwell on this aspect of the mystery too extensively, it would be remiss to leave the subject without exploring what happened in Brazil in 1977. The events there were extraordinary, as was the investigation by the Brazilian Air Force. Fortunately, it was not the start of a trend in UFO contact, for had it been, many of us might be considerably more anxious. From April 1977 into 1978, there was a flap over the Amazon Delta in the northeast section of Brazil. Because it involved reports of attacks and injuries, the Brazilian Air Force was moved to put together a special operation to deal with it. It was designated “Operação Prato”, which is Portuguese for “Operation Plate.” Full Text with links: https://podcastufo.com/injured-by-the-ufo-part-iii/

Jan 15, 2021
437. Dr. Mark Rodeghier & David Marler

Guests, Dr. Mark Rodeghier & David Marler to discuss the recent preservation efforts of the worlds largest collection of UFO case files, the J. Allen Hynek Center for UFO Studies (CUFOS) archives. Interesting revelations of cases and more.

Show Notes

Jan 13, 2021
AudioBlog: Injured by the UFO, Part II

Starting in the 1960’s, UFOs began to interact with witnesses in a most unpleasant manner. In part one of this series, we looked at cases where people were injured by UFOs, specifically by being burned. One case involved an eight-year-old boy in Hobbs, New Mexico in 1964. This week we’ll look at another episode from 1968 that has a lot of similarities. Two other cases will be examined as well. One comes from New York, and the other is a famous case from Canada. All are unexplained and may make one think twice before approaching anything unusual floating in the sky. Full text with links: https://podcastufo.com/injured-by-the-ufo-part-2/

Jan 09, 2021
436. Tim Seanor

Guest Tim Seanor discusses an event that took place on July 5, 2019 at Rockaway Beach Rd NE, Bainbridge Island, WA. He was accompanied by his father, Donald Seanor along along with other family members to witness an event that defies the norm, from Tic Tac UFOs, a disk and much more. Tim Seanor has a background is in Psychology is a writer with the pen name of David Powers and father of five.


Show Notes

Jan 06, 2021
AudioBlog: A UFO & Little Green Men in Emilcin
Every year, around May 10, people from all over the country come together to celebrate the anniversary of a famous UFO encounter. They gather around a monument erected by a group dedicated to all things paranormal and listen to a local tour guide recount the event and the circumstances surrounding it. While this sounds like one of many celebrations in spots throughout the United States, this particular event occurs in Poland, in the little eastern village of Emilcin. The report of a local farmer there, 42 years ago, captured the imaginations of generations of Poles and stirred up a fair amount of speculation and conspiracy theories. For full text with links, click: A UFO and Little Green Men in Emilcin
Jan 02, 2021
435. Thomas Wertman

Guest Thomas Wertman, discusses his investigation over 300 cases in Ohio with one of the most interesting involving two fisherman who experienced over three and one-half hours of missing time. In addition to working Ohio cases Thomas also conducted over 230 investigations in Canada, the United Kingdom, and Puerto Rico for MUFONS Case Assistance Group. He also talks about the strange experiences of his childhood, and the "Jetpack" UFO sightings.

Show Notes


Dec 30, 2020
AudioBlog: Injured by the UFO
Starting in 1947, UFOs seemed to be engaging humanity in a step-by-step process. In the first few years, only the UFOs were reported. Then, there were accounts of occupants showing themselves during what has become known as the 1954 French Wave. An intimate encounter was described by Brazilian farmer, Antônio Villas Boas, in 1957, and Betty and Barney Hill reported that, in 1961,they had been abducted. So far, no one was hurt during any of the encounters, but that would change in 1964. Complete blog with links: https://podcastufo.com/injured-by-the-ufo/
Dec 25, 2020
434. Jack Sliwa

This is our guest Jack Sliwa's debut on the UFO topic. Jack discusses his research including angel hair trace cases, he also touches on some thoughts on propulsion and much more.

Check out his website:https://www.uapbehavior.com

Show Notes


Dec 23, 2020
AudioBlog: UFOs and Balloons

by Charles Lear

Throughout UFO history, a common explanation for sightings has been that the witness or witnesses saw a weather balloon. This explanation has often been used in a ludicrous manner by authorities seeking an easy means of dismissal, and this causes many UFOlogists to scoff at it in all cases. The truth is that it has been convincingly proven that weather balloons and balloons of all sorts have been mistaken as anomalous flying objects.


Full text with links: https://podcastufo.com/ufos-and-balloons-2/

Dec 18, 2020
433. Tim McMillan

Guest Tim McMillan to discuss the launching of The Debrief website with news focusing on disruptive technology, UFO being part of that. The website thedebrief.org has great factual stories on it that you will not find elsewhere. Tim also discusses his connections with government insiders and his insight on the UFO phenomenon.

Show Notes

Dec 16, 2020
AudioBlog: Pancakes From the UFO

In 1961, Maj. Donald E. Keyhoe, USMC (Ret.) was the director of the National Investigations Committee on Aerial Phenomena. That year, he and his organization were making life difficult for the Air Force with criticism of their UFO investigation, Project Blue Book. This was nothing new, but now they were close to getting open hearings in Congress to address their criticisms.

Then, on April 18, 1961, Joe Simonton, a 54 year-old plumber, handyman and part-time chicken farmer, reported a UFO encounter involving humanoids and offered physical evidence not usually associated with extraterrestrials. This was a strange case with a single witness, but Blue Book Director Robert Friend thought the Air Force should get involved. He mistakenly thought that NICAP would turn the case into a big story and accuse the Air Force of shirking its duties.

Full text with links: https://podcastufo.com/pancakes-from-the-ufo/#more-1215

Dec 12, 2020
432. Ben Smith & Maj David Toon

The first 20 minute segment is with former CIA operative, Ben Smith who is featured in “Roswell: The First Witness” as Part of ‘History’s Greatest Mysteries’ which premieres 12/12 9:00PM ET on the HISTORY Channel, then guest MAJ David Toon on his study of imagery analysis on NASA archived solar satellite photos to determine if there is any evidence of intelligent anomalies or technosignatures (the term NASA uses for intelligent object). He also speaks of sightings related to his military background and more.

Show Notes

Dec 09, 2020
AudioBlog: Broadcasting From the UFO
by Charles Lear It was recently announced that the radio telescope in Arecibo, Puerto Rico, the world’s largest until 2016, is beyond repair and will be demolished. It is an icon of modern astronomy on par with the Very Large Array (seen in the movie “Contact”) located in New Mexico, and the news has stirred an emotional response among many. For UFOlogists, the Arecibo telescope holds a special significance. It was from this telescope on November 16, 1974, that the first, scientist approved message intended for extraterrestrial intelligence was sent. It consists of a series of binary numbers that code for a graphic giving basic information about the chemistry of life on earth, human DNA, human form, and the telescope itself. The message was designed by Cornell astronomy professor Dr. Frank Drake, with input from others including Dr. Carl Sagan. If anyone ever responds, there are many out there listening, from radio astronomers to those specifically searching for extraterrestrial intelligence. But, there are those who believe the call has already been returned...... For full text version with link: Broadcasting From the UFO
Dec 05, 2020
431. Robert Powell

Repeat guest Robert Powell on the release of his book, The Truth About UFOs: A Scientific Perspective which is geared for the young, we also discuss the SCU (Scientific Coalition for UAP Studies) the study of some major cases and more.

Show Notes

Dec 02, 2020
430. Philip Mantle & Dr. David Clarke

SEGMENT ONE: Philip Mantle discusses his latest book, INTRODUCING UFOS: A Young Person’s Guide and gets into behind the scenes of working with Calvin Parker of the Pascagoula Abduction and the latest developments. SEGMENT TWO: Dr David Clarke discusses his thoughts on UFOs in the UK, what his take is on the Rendlesham Forest Incident as well as Calvine Sighting of 1990 and more.

Show Notes

Nov 25, 2020
AudioBlog: UFOs, Contactees, Humanoids and a Thorn in the Side of the Air Force

The year 1957 was a very interesting one in UFO history. In that year, UFO occupant reports were accepted as worthy of investigation by serious organizations such as the Aerial Phenomena Research Organization and Civilian Saucer Intelligence of New York; Contactees were in the spotlight thanks to the Long John Nebel Show; and Maj. Donald Keyhoe USMC ret. became the director of the National Investigations Committee on Aerial Phenomena.

For full text version with links:

UFOs, Contactees, Humanoids and a Thorn in the Side of the Air Force
Nov 20, 2020
429. Whitley Strieber

Guest Whitley Strieber discusses his past, what happened at his cabin in the 1980s up to a new group of encounters starting in 2015, who the visitors may be and his interactions with them. Check out his latest book: A New World

Show Notes

Nov 18, 2020
AudioBlog: Pilots and Planes Swallowed by the UFO

Because the F stands for “flying” in the acronym UFO, it stands to reason that pilots should frequently be UFO witnesses. They certainly are and there is even a specialized reporting center just for them. The National Aviation Reporting Center on Anomalous Phenomena was founded in 1999 by Dr. Richard M. Haines. The organization is dedicated to the study of Unidentified Aerial Phenomena and their effects on aviation safety. By the way, Dr. Haines finds the UFO designation for the phenomena so distasteful, he refuses to appear on Podcast UFO. Most pilots prefer to remain anonymous, as publicly admitting to seeing a flying saucer is not usually an enhancement to their careers.

For full text version with links: Pilots and Planes Swallowed by the UFO


Nov 13, 2020
428. Irene Previn

Guest, Irene Previn joins us from Australia to discuss her research involving the UFO mystery, she speaks on the Westall Incident, Frederick Valentich, The Knowles Case and much more.

Show Notes

Nov 11, 2020
AudioBlog: The Weird Entities of the UFO

For text version with links:

The Weird Entities of The UFO
Nov 07, 2020
427. Paul Stonehill

Pre-recorded guest Paul Stonehill discusses the research involved in his latest book, Russia’s USO Secrets: Unidentified Submersible Objects in Russian and International Waters, and lots more.

Show Notes

Nov 04, 2020
Halloween Bonus: True Ghost Stories
True ghost stories by Martin Willis Happy Blue Moon Halloween!
Nov 01, 2020
AudioBlog: ‘Apol’ and Princess Moon Owl of the UFO

‘Apol’ and Princess Moon Owl of the UFO

By Charles Lear

Click here for text version with links: https://podcastufo.com/apol-and-princess-moon-owl-of-the-ufo/

Oct 30, 2020
426. Mike Heston Rogers

Guest Michael Heston Rogers to discusses driving the truck during the 1975 Travis Walton UFO Incident, what they went through and the aftermath, he also briefly discusses his take on The Phoenix Lights Incident.

Show Notes

Oct 28, 2020
AudioBlog: The Asparagus Creatures of the UFO

Check out the text version with links:

The Asparagus Creatures of the UFO
Oct 23, 2020
425-B. Charles Lear

Podcast UFO blogger and author, Charles Lear joins us to discuss historic UFO cases as well as UFO field personalities that he has researched and written about over the last recent years. During a power outage, Bill takes over from KGRA Radio, thank you Bill!

Oct 21, 2020
425-A. James Fox

Guest James Fox discusses the trials and tribulations of making The Phenomenon, plus some fun behind the scenes stories and discusses why this film is so important including historic footage. An excellent interview with a fun guest. Go to thepheomenonfilm.com for all the information. If you want to purchase with the extras, Vimeo and iTunes are the way to go.

Oct 21, 2020
AudioBlog: UFOs, Flying Saucers and the Bender Mystery
UFOs, Flying Saucers and the Bender Mystery read by author, Charles Lear Text version with links: https://podcastufo.com/ufos-flying-saucers-and-the-bender-mystery/

Oct 16, 2020
AudioBlog: UFOs, Flying Saucers and the Bender Mystery
UFOs, Flying Saucers and the Bender Mystery read by author, Charles Lear Text version with links: https://podcastufo.com/ufos-flying-sa... SHOW MORE

Oct 16, 2020
424. Jan Aldrich, Project 1947

Dedicated longtime UFO researcher, Jan Aldrich joins the show to discuss Project 1947, which is a world-wide effort to document the origins of the modern UFO phenomenon. Research for the project has yielded many early-era UFO reports via the FOIA, newspaper articles and contemporary accounts. Dave Marler joins us for 15 minutes in the second hour.

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Oct 14, 2020
AudioBlog: Edward J. Ruppelt and the UFO Myth

AudioBlog: Edward J. Ruppelt and the UFO Myth

Read by author, Charles Lear


For the text blog with links visit:

Edward J. Ruppelt and the UFO Myth
Oct 10, 2020
423. Timothy Brigham, PhD

Guest Timothy Brigham discusses topics such as: What can Psychology, particularly Jungian Psychology, tell us about the meaning of the UFO experience? He further talks about examining the psychic dynamics involved in the experience of high strangeness, and discusses how an investigation of the social and psychological context of the witness can illuminate the meaning behind UFO encounters.

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Oct 07, 2020
AUDDIOblog: Michigan UFOs on Radar


AUDDIOblog: Michigan UFOs on Radar

For Text Versian with links: https://podcastufo.com/michigan-u-f-o-s-on-radar/

Oct 02, 2020
422. Chris Cogswell

Guest Christopher Cogswell, Ph.D. as the Chair of the Science Advisory Board of SkyHub, discusses SkyHub's worldwide search for UFOs using a global network of machine learning, smart cameras, and sensor arrays built by you with their open-source software for the largest observational science project in history. Chris encourages everyone to get involved and has a great philosophy about the UFO mystery.

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Sep 30, 2020
AUDIOBLOG: Monster of the UFO

Read by author, Charles Lear

For text version with links: Monster of the U.F.O.

Sep 25, 2020
421. Thom Reed, Berkshires UFO

James Fox & Lee Speigel stop in to announce the October 6th release of the long-awaited UFO film, The Phenomenon, then Thom Reed discusses the details of his family's encounter on September 1, 1969, what it was like and how it changed his life. Hour two, Judge Kevin Titus joins us to speak on his own sighting the same night in the flight pattern, his involvement with the UFO Park in Sheffield, MA, and a lot more.

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Sep 23, 2020
AUDIOBLOG: Before They Were UFOs

By Charles Lear Text blog with links: https://podcastufo.com/before-they-were-u-f-o-s/


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Sep 17, 2020
420 Ben Moss & Tony Angiola

Guests Ben Moss & Tony Angiola discuss their forthcoming book: "Not of This World The Socorro UFO Landing with Humanoids, Witness Lonnie Zamora". They discuss working with Ray Stanford, going to Socorro for additional evidence, and more.

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Sep 16, 2020
AUDIOBLOG: U.F.O.s Over Michigan and the Swamp Gas Explanation
Sep 10, 2020
419. Guest Paul Dean

Guest Paul Dean discusses what he has uncovered through Freedom of information documents, un-mined sources of government entities that have detected, tracked and made conclusions on anomalous aerial objects. There have been extremely unusual aerospace events; plus, the results of FOIA work into historical records of the USAF Space Command; NORAD; the FAA, and more.

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Sep 09, 2020
AUDIOBLOG: The U.F.O. Baptism of James Moseley
Click here for the text version with links: The U.F.O. Baptism of James Moseley
Sep 04, 2020
419. Tom Warner

If you watched NETFLIX Unsolved Mysteries, Episode 5 Berkshires UFO, then you saw our guest, Tom Warner and heard him tell part of his unheard of encounter. Tom tells what happened 51 years ago that night, September 1, 1969, in great detail, and how it effected his life, the aftermath and more.


Sep 02, 2020
AUDIOBLOG: The Kelly, Kentucky UFO Goblins: Part 2
To read the text blog, click here: The Kelly, Kentucky UFO Goblins: Part 2
Aug 30, 2020
AUDIO BLOG: The Kelly, Kentucky UFO Goblins, Part 1
Read by author, Charles Lear, read the article here: The Kelly, Kentucky UFO Goblins
Aug 30, 2020
418. Geraldine Sutton Stith

Guest Geraldine Sutton Stith joins us to speak about her family legacy, the Kelley-Hopkinsville Encounter of August 21, 1955, the horrific situation her family endured and the aftermath.

Show Notes

Aug 26, 2020
AUDIOBLOG: UFOs and Automotive Interference in Levelland, Texas

UFOs and Automotive Interference in Levelland, Texas read by author, Charles Lear

Text blog with links: https://podcastufo.com/ufos-and-automotive-interference-in-levelland-texas/

Aug 21, 2020
417. John Michael Greer

Guest John Michael Greer speaking on his new book, The UFO Phenomenon: Fact, Fantasy and Disinformation and more. JMG goes into his thoughts on what they may be as we discuss several UFO incidents, military & civilian.

John Michael Greer is a widely respected author and blogger in the fields of nature spirituality and the future of industrial society. He is the author of more than fifty books and his blog,: Ecosophia

Aug 19, 2020
AUDIOBLOG: UFOs vs. Flying Saucers in 1957
Aug 15, 2020
416. Tom Conwell

Lee Speigel joins us for the first part of the show, then guest Tom Conwell discusses his latest book Earthquakes & UFOs as well as his series of books, They Are Here, UFO encounters, possible messages abductees say they are hearing and what they may mean.

Show Notes

Aug 12, 2020
415. Linda Zimmermann

Guest Linda Zimmermann to discusses the reactions of animals during UFO sightings, which may provide clues to the nature of the phenomenon and how to conduct better research. So many sightings occur because the witness was alerted by a dog barking, or barnyard animals making sounds of alarm, but that aspect is usually just a brief mention in reports. Animals have keen senses and don’t have an imagination, so their reactions prove that something real is happening. Linda goes into several cases and examples, plus explains the possibilities.

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Aug 05, 2020
AudioBlog: Friends From the UFOs

Read by author, Charles Lear. See to text version here.

Jul 31, 2020
414. Paul Hynek & Don Schmitt

Paul Hynek discusses growing up as the son of Dr J. Allen Hynek including what the household was like, adventures and more along with the return of Don Schmitt discussing what it was like working with J. Allen Hynek. They go into some of the known cases behind the scenes and more.

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Jul 29, 2020
Bonus Audio Blog

The UFO Dark Side, by Charles Lear, bonus audio-blog.

Jul 24, 2020
413. Michael Schratt

Guest Michael Schratt discusses his new illustrated book, DARK FILES: A Pictorial History of Lost Forgotten and Obscure UFO Encounters. This book covers the work he did between 2008 and 2009, as he meticulously reviewed a minimum of 50,000 cases which were preserved at the CUFOS (Center for UFO Studies). He discusses several unusual cases in his book and much more.

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Jul 22, 2020
412 Nigel Watson

Our guest is longtime UFO researcher, Nigel Watson discusses his latest book, Captured by Aliens?: A History and Analysis of American Abduction Claims and gets into the details of what he researched and his interesting takes on the incidents.

Show Notes

Jul 15, 2020
411 Tom Carey & Don Schmitt

A packed full show! The first five minute segment, Anthony Lappé , the Executive Producer of the HISTORY Channel's Unidentified discuses the upcoming season premiere. FIRST TWO SEGMENTS: Tom Carey and Don Schmitt discuss their latest book, Roswell: The Ultimate Cold Case: Eyewitness Testimony and Evidence of Contact and the Cover-Up Don drops off early,  Tom continues on. SEGMENT THREE: A fun interview with the creator and actor for the film debut of July 7th, a sci-fi film ELVIS FROM OUTER SPACE. Tracy Wuischpard, Writer/Director and George Thomas, Star, Elvis Tribute Artist.

Show Notes

Jul 08, 2020
410. Professor Matthew Szydagis

What is the possible connection between UFOs and Dark Matter? A fascinating guest, Matthew Szydagis, discusses his thoughts on nearly 25% of the universe being composed of a mysterious substance known as dark matter (while 70% of the cosmos is something called “dark energy”) and how craft, terrestrial or otherwise, might also be able to tap into this as the real-life “zero-point vacuum energy,”.Much is discussed about the cosmos, from Big Bang, to space travel and a lot more.

Show Notes

Jul 01, 2020
409. John Greenewald, Jr & Alejandro Rojas

John Greenewald on for the first 20 minutes to speak about his deep dive into the Wilson Leak documents, and his conclusion,  then Alejandro Rojas joins us for the last 30 minutes. Note, this is a short podcast, our featured guest, Michael Busby had audio issues, see the show notes to listen on YouTube.

Show Notes

Jun 24, 2020
408. Ken Fortenberry

Alejandro Rojas checks in for the first 25 minute, then guest Ken Fortenberry on his book, "Flight 7 Is Missing: The Search for My Father", which has a really interesting UFO connection. Ken's dad was a copilot aboard Flight 7 when it crashed in November 1957, which is known as the "Great Sighting Week" (There are great callers relating to this incident). His dad was also involved in a noted UFO sighting in 1952, the first over head sighting, the Nash-Fortenberry UFO Sighting

Show Notes

Jun 17, 2020
407. Matt Kresal & Bryce Zabel Show

FIRST SEGMENT: Matthew Kresal on his book, Dark Skies and talks about his research into the making of the series, how he delved into the history of the UFO phenomenon and how the history of government disinformation comes into play and much more. SECOND SEGMENT: Co-creator of Dark Skies, Bryce Zabel joins is to discuss behind the scenes of Dark Skies, and then a new project he has in the works, featuring the Betty & Barney Hill Incident. Check out the show notes for links.


Show Notes

Jun 10, 2020
406. Chris Styles

Jordan Bonaparte chimes in about the night's the topic of discussion, featured guest Chris Styles discusses his longtime investigation of the Shag Harbour Incident, plus a more recent sighting on Cape Sable Island, Nova Scotia. Justin Brown joins in the conversation about filming the Cape Sable UFO, his documentaries on Chris Styles and the Rift, the ongoing incidents in Shag Harbour and more.

Show Notes

Jun 03, 2020
405. David Halperin

First we have guest/listener Jacques from Canada to discuss an incredible childhood encounter, then featured guest, UFO skeptic, David Halperin to discuss his latest book; INTIMATE ALIEN: THE HIDDEN STORY OF THE UFO, He discusses his belief that UFOs are a manifest from within.


Show Notes

May 27, 2020
405. Randall Nickerson

Guest Randall Nickerson discusses the future release of his long-awaited film, Ariel Phenomenon. Special guest, Ariel School Incident witness, Francis Chirimuuta joins us for a few minutes. Randall further discusses some of the hundreds of interviews of the Ariel School experiencers, and of recently connecting to a witness he has looked for since the beginning of his filming. He talks about recent events, the bigger picture/higher issue of what may be going on, plus his own personal sighting while working on his roof last summer.

Show Notes


May 20, 2020
404. Marc D'Antonio

Repeat guest, astronomer Marc D’Antonio discusses the new finding of a nearby blackhole, near miss asteroids that can be undetected, what the heck is dark matter/energy? There is lots of discussion about the moon and cosmic happenings that we know of, the possibility that we may be visited currently by extraterrestrial UFOs and much more. He also discusses his book, The Populated Universe


Show Notes

May 13, 2020
403. Sarah Scoles

FIRST SEGMENT: Alejandro Rojas to check in and announces the SCU's livestream, Philip Mantle discusses the new series; "Alien Autopsy, The Search for Answers". SECOND SEGMENT: Sarah Scoles to discusses her book, "They Are Already Here: UFO Culture and Why We See Saucers", Sarah is a healthy skeptic and makes several good points. She shares what it was like to jump into the UFO topic in 2017 and what she learned.

Show Notes

May 06, 2020
402. Curt Collins

Guest Curt Collins discusses the Cash-Landrum UFO Incident of 1980, some historic UFO incidents that time forgot, less than perfect characters of the past and more contemporary times of Robert Bigelow's Pentagon contract to research UFOs and more. Please check out the upcoming SCU livestream information in the show notes.

Show Notes

Apr 29, 2020
401. Dean Alioto & Zelia Edgar

SEGMENT ONE: Filmmaker and UFO researcher Dean Alioto talks about the new remastered 30th Anniversary release of his enigmatic alien abduction film “The McPherson Tape” aka “UFO Abduction.” He shares secrets about how he made this famous film at 24 years old, which became the first found footage movie ever — ten years before The Blair Witch Project. SEGMENT TWO: Guest Zelia Edgar discusses UFOs and paranormal activity in Wisconsin and more.

Show Notes

Apr 22, 2020
400. PJ Hughes

Celebrating our 400th show, guest PJ Hughes shares his thoughts on USS Nimitz 'Tic Tac' UFO event, how he witnessed first hand the confiscation of hard drives with pertinent data, his friend Roger's first hand account and much more! Witness to the full "Tic Tac' video, Jason Tuner calls in.

Show Notes

Apr 15, 2020
399. Raymond Szymanski

Guest, Raymond Szymanski, a Wright-Patterson Air Force Base Insider discusses his latest book: Fifty Shades of Greys: Evidence of Extraterrestrial Visitation to Wright-Patterson Air Force Base and Beyond as well as his own personal sightings. We get into the discussion on Incident at Exeter, 1965, Travis Walton abduction of 1975 and Rendlesham Forest Incident of 1980 and more.

Show Notes

Apr 08, 2020
398. Travis Taylor & Leslie Kean

THE FIRST SEGMENT of the show is with Dr Travis Taylor who discusses the HISTORY Channel's: The Secret of Skinwalker Ranch, the series Premiere Tuesday, March 31 at 10/9c. For the first time ever, HISTORY is gaining full, unprecedented access to one of the most infamous and secretive hotspots of paranormal and UFO-related activities on earth, Skinwalker Ranch. FOLLOWING TWO SEGMENTS: Journalist Leslie Kean joins us for an interesting discussion of behind the scenes of co-authoring the article in the New York Times, December 16, 2017 that brought the world's attention to UFOs, and what has changed since that time. Intro music by Kerry Lloyd Whitehouse, bumper music by caller, Bruce Rainier.



Apr 01, 2020
397. Dr. Kevin Randle

Guest Dr. Kevin Randle discusses interesting UFO cases as, as well as his latest book: The Best of Project Blue Book, and so much more.

Show Notes

Mar 25, 2020
396. Listener Call In Show

Call in show prevailed when KGRA Radio went down, a show with interesting callers discussing, sightings, current events, thoughts on the Tic-Tac UFO and more.


Mar 18, 2020
395. Kevin Knuth, PhD.

A fascinating discussion with guest, Kevin H. Knuth, Ph.D. about his recent peer-reviewed scientific paper called: Estimating Flight Characteristics of Anomalous Unidentified Aerial Vehicles, his own personal sighting and his quest for a scientific answer to the UFO problem. A treat at the end, listener Moot Davis with his 2013 song, 25 Lights!

Show Notes

Mar 11, 2020
394. David Marler

Guest David Marler with a premier discussion of his most recent research of a UFO Burn Victim Case - New Mexico 1964. There are early audio excerpts of an original witness and a bonus clip at the end of the show of an on camera interview with victim, Charles Davis after he has tracked down 56 years after the incident. Triangle UFOs briefly discussed. https://davidmarlerufo.com/

Mar 04, 2020